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Powerful data cleansing, correction and conversion tools.

ActiveDataTools is a Hundreds of Time Saving

Windows-based application Data Correction and
that helps you quickly load, Cleansing Features
fix, tidy-up and cleanse
data from a wide variety of Effortlessly correct problems
formats. in your data, remove padding,
split and join columns, de-dupe,
remove non-printable characters
It is the perfect tool for anybody and much more...
who needs to frequently manipu-
late, analyse and convert data.

• Financial and Accounts Teams

• Sales and Marketing Teams 14 Day Trial Version
• Developers and Technical Teams
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• Human Resources

Group and sort your data, create Powerful Management

queries and filters and visualize
Information, Stats and
your data quickly and easily.
Reporting Capabilities
With its advanced query builder,
powerful report writer and
easy-to-use pivot grid features,
Why do I need ActiveDataTools helps you find
the answers you’re looking for,
quickly and easily.
If you’ve ever been left frustrated ActiveDataTools Supports
when trying to work with data, Dozens of Data and File
ActiveDataTools is for you.
• Easily split people’s names in to
separate columns (title, first, last)
• Validate email addresses and
bank details
• Generate incredibly realistic test
data in seconds
• Convert data from one format
to another More Features Online
• Split and merge huge CSV, Pipe Watch demonstration videos and
and Tab files learn more at

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