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Fourth Grade Weekly News

Miss Meyer
October 18-22 (408)578-4800 ext. 212

Memory Work
Date Numbers
Tuesday, October 19 Reformation #1 & 2
Thursday, October 21 Reformation #3 & 4
Friday, October 22 Hymn 429:1-2

 Mission Offerings – A mission envelope was sent home today and may be
brought back anytime this week.

 Spelling Words – Spelling words for Unit 8 were sent home today.

 Tests – On Wednesday we will have a math test. The students were given an
optional practice test today. I highly recommend that they complete this practice
test so they are well-prepared for the actual test.

 Parking Lot Safety – This Tuesday thru Thursday, Apostles will be hosting the
AZ/CA WELS Pastoral Conference. There could be up to 125 pastors here for the
conference. This means that there will be many additional vehicles in the parking
lot. Please be careful as you come and go throughout the day.

 School Picture Retakes – If you are unhappy with your child’s school picture,
retakes will be next Wednesday, October 27th.

 Fall Musical – Next Friday, October 29th, at 7:00 p.m., students in grades 1-3 will
perform the fall musical “Everybody Has Music Inside!” The dress rehearsal is
Thursday, October 28th, at 9:45 a.m., which all students will be attending.

 Used Book Fair/Reading Week – This will be held November 15-19. If you
have any used books that you’d be willing to donate, there’s a box on the table just
inside our classroom where you can drop them off.