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Type of error Light pattern Recommended action

No power - The printer is not connected to a Plug the printer into a power
power supply. supply.

If the printer lights do not turn

on, contact HP.

Ready - The printer is ready to print. No action is necessary.

To print a configuration/self-test
page, press and release the GO
button on the printer control
Processing - The printer is receiving or Wait for the job to print.
processing data.

Manual feed - The printer is in manual feed Verify that the correct media is
mode. loaded.

To continue printing, press and

release the GO button.

To turn off the manual feed

mode, change the printer
property setting.
Out of Memory - the printer is out of memory. The page currently printing
might be too complex for the
printer memory.

To continue printing, press and

release the GO button.
General error (door open, media out, no print Check that the print cartridge
cartridge, or media jam) - The printer is in an door is completely closed.
error state that requires operator intervention or
help. Load media into the correct input

Check that the print cartridge is

correctly installed in the printer.

Clear any media jammed in the

printer paper path.

Remove and reinstall paper into

the input tray to ensure that it is
loaded correctly.
Printer initialization/Cancel Job/Cleaning mode No action is necessary.
- A printer initialization is taking place. If all
lights blink for .5 of a second or longer in a
sequence, refer to the following:

• The printing is initializing.

• All previously sent print jobs are being
deleted from the printer memory.
• A cleaning page is being printed.

Fatal error - The printer has a fatal error. All Turn the printer off and then
lights are on. back on.

Unplug the printer for five

minutes, plug it back in, and turn
it on.