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1. Caleulate the slab of Pls that disses in 100 mi of 2x10°M KL Gp ofPol= 7x10 (Seeks 2 EMAblih wheter a precipitate can be expected when 25 m of 0.3 M. 1HIO, are nixed wi'3$ ml of solution ta 310° KCL, Whee Ky oki al ‘Gere » aise nis WPkigtlnft atdae Set prt for BatlO3)sis 15710 Saari Www. stalaqsa. GLA Soba and este 2. A. potusiom thiocyanate solution was prepared by dissolving Approximately 10g o€ KSCN in about 1 ler of water, Taaton of 2 56 ‘ml ligue of this sltion eequiea 41-37 ml of 0.1244 M AgNO> ') What isthe mor concanaticn ofthe KSCN soltion? 2 marks) 1) Whatis the porentage of pry of te KSCN subance’( 2 marke ©} What volun of thi soluton would Be nee to ite 025m ligt of 0.08300 M AgNO? ‘Gmvts Calelate the PE ofthe ston tha rete upon mixing 40 mi of 1M. ‘ammonia (NE), where K,~ 1 76x10” with 20 ml of To water mats 2 025MHeL 5 maka! 3. 020MHeI (25 morky 4 connec. 25m) 5. 020 MNCL 23 marks) Qurston (13 mars) 1. Draw the 3. dimension igure of metaEDTA ciate marks) 2, Calculate the pe value fr the tation of 50 mf of 0015 M Ni er he dition of Vaora ml of 03 M EDTA in 8 soluion butfered t pH = 7 (Gerd x10", Ky = 2.1110") 29) Vinra~ rom DS mars) ) Vore= 10m Bs ont ©} Vora 25m 2S mats Vigra 35m Dima Question $40 maris) Tr Wa th affr solution and how docs it work? Give an example ofeach ‘ype ‘Gnarls 2. For the butt solution 002M NM! 03M NHLCI, where Ky of NE = 176xi0" 2 cari ibeAAMRRSS-MCt (2 por 1) Cuan ng pty cate et npc ven 1 loco ot Won sin! gokancn T-Geets 2 ten itn rps Si Dog icis dlept 100 mle beta feksgn. mar asl aay Gant Ske Gigan dun hs Bh I 8, 3.19 ono ex elt So