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17th Annual “Take Back the Night” October 28, 2010 Franciscan Sisters, St. Francis Gym In Little Falls 1in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetim 11m 4 will be a viesim of domestic violence. ev ‘Take Back the Night is a national event held in honor of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The event is held to raise awareness and to be an outlet for victims and survivors to reclaim their lives against the violence. For the first time, Hands of Hope will be sponsoring a clothesline project for victims and survivors. ‘The shirts represented on this clothesline will be made by vietims, survivors, and friends or family members affected by domestic violence and sexual assault in our local community. If you or someone you know would be interested in creating a shirt for the clothesline proje:t, please contact Hands of Hope. There is no fee for creating the shirt and this service will be confidential. Clothesline shirt creation 5 pm. Social Hour will begin at 6 pm Clothesline and other visual displays will begin at 6 pm Speakers will begin at 6:45 pm Candlelight Vigil and March for Peace will be weather permitted immediately following the speakers Main Speaker: Grant Watkins A story of courage and triumph, offering hope for every man and woman who have suffered sexual ‘assault and abuse. Grant Watkins tells, == _unflinchingly of the horrors he went through and. SS the courageous journey he took to unleash his, ‘own spirit. 320-632-1657