, . ~ ..


A, a$.m:.A,a (tke first Utter 1)( the Romanian alpbabet). ® A mare hi~/cap'ita] A: a mic s~all/little a. '(Ill de la A la Z from A to Z; from

Deginning to end. ' ," '

1.1 p'artic,,14 !.J info l~g to.® -pieta

to paint. " ,',

a~ 41". hot. fern. the. Ii) ...... doua the second (one). ()j) ee« ' de·- patra the fourtb (ODe); schi/a I"'>Icincea

the fifth sketch. '. '

a3 p~on~ demo f~m. +'oF that; > the. ® .... ik' ,colli the one '(over)

there. , '

81al'l. pos. ffem.of (saugen. tr.l 's}, ® - lui jon of John, John's, ~ pliior.-of John's; "! mea rnine ; ~ , noaalrii' OUl'Il ; '~ , voas tra yours. ([) aceastli mwel(t r..( e£ this shortstory of hers; mama ~doicopii mother ot two children] l'iispun· eurile ,.., trei dintre ei tll" answers

of three of them.' ,

a"!'b., aux; (s~1'I'efte' la [ormarea pcrfec,tului.comiri.$ pel'S. 3sg.) has, fnp.-+hath. ® [el} nu '''-/ scris acest ramen. he has not written this novel; he did not write thiS: novel.

Qa prep. [introduc« ~ 1Ium .• distributio] 'each; apiece. Ciil trei volume ,.... 100 pagi",;, (fiecare) three vohrmes 100 pages each, three 10{l,page

volumes. , '>, '

&7 prep. 1. (cxpi'imii un rapol'lde comparatie sau asemanare) of i .like. ,2. (t.n $~mn' de J, in 'sign of. 8. ',(pe) on. <llL4e-- di'capta on thfl rIght (side). @, ad,u~e ...." pOl'elUe that sounds like ~ fairy-tale; se pregatef te "!, fltf'tuna.~ P there is a seormgatl1ering/brew~ng; cesimt e,unu-_i ,.:. buna my heart/mind ~isgives we,. I ha .... !l strange niisgiv~ mgs/forebodmgs; pwopea ,_, butot it smelt of the cask; seamiina ,_

pl~(Jil!it looks like rain; sun~ ....

gol it .seunds hollow, ' " .

ao inter], 1. (er;:pr.im(f. difel'ite iitari e1/l0, #P.B)' oh I r f);lJ,fl" rim~ >,Ju.r,l1ti~ea l1au"m~la) ahl 2. (elCpmn/jdurereaj p{h)! ah! 3. (foqrte., bine] Y~ry WeIll F all right r 0, K. r :t. v,a h a.

aba s.], 1. (I1tofii.) trieta" flushiJJ.g, drooanought: (11I4i ]!u1i", 8J1qcific) rough wool. j!. ,(kaina)" >tI;le;,;e coat; r_ough Woolle~ coat; (Jlfflton) bearskin overcoat. '

abaes.n.mat. abilcus, beadJcpUllt-

ing frame. " " .

aba.c4 ii,'. 1. (l1'h#. abacna, ~. text. abaca. 11' (grafio) graph" .diagram, 4. mat. v, ab a c. o. 'QP.~bacus. abltglu 8.m.t-.t/w. draper; weaver. Ilbiljur s.n. (lamp) shad\l, (lamp) screen; {de hlrtie] paper shade.

abandon $."'. 1. jU1'. abando ... ment o fdomicile, 2~jlU"' desertion/renu nciatiE?~ of rig~ts. 8~ jUl', deserfion of wite .01' children. 4. com., na!'. abandonment-,D. psih, abandon. 6. sport giving .up; retirement.

abandon. I "b.t,.. (a pal'dsO to abandon, to desert, to leave, to quit; (a. renunJa fa) to abandon, to give up, to renounce; mil. to abandon; to surrender; (drepturi, pretentii etc '), ,to relin, quish; [un joe ete.} to throw' up; {un bolnav etc.] to give over/up. n .. "b,imr. 8pO,.t 'to abandon, to, give up.,

abandonare,s..f. (parasireJ ahaadonmsnt , abandoning, deserti()ll, leaving; [renuntare}. (1.1I.)relinquishin,g, relinquishment, giving ; up (pI).

almnos . «.m, 1. ~o t, . ebony. tree (Diospyros ebenum]; 2. ,(lemn) ebony. (J),ca -ul; ,~e -ebo~y; negru. ea ~ulehony (black), Jetblack, poetic-tebon @.a 8tajasB line '"'"" ~F to qal'l'Y one's age well,


sbata] s.n. 1. min. [loe} (coal) face, stope, working, ~ workings. 2. min. [actiune} mining, cutting, hewing. 3. eilo: felling. 4. [sacri[ieare a animalelor} slaughter. o. nav. careening. ® '" frontal min. longwall; '" normal min. normal face.

abate 1 s.m. abbot, Father Snperior; (ca titlu} Father.

abate • I. vb , tr, 1. (din drum) to turn off/aside/away, to divert {from his etc. course); {prin forfli) to push/to drive away. 2. (de la o linie dreapta; .~ fis.] to deflect. s. [ig . (a distrage) {de la] to divert, to call off, to draw/to turn off, to distract (from); (prinpova{d) to dissuade (from). 4. (a-dobQr!) to knock/to break/to p~Jl/to beat down; ~ sill'. to felL 6. nav. to steer off. 6. (a aduce, a lndrep ta] to bring. 7. (a deprima] to depress; (a mthni} to sadden, to make grieve/sad. ® a ,._ de la (prin motioare) to reason ... out of. © a '" aten tia euiva de la to call away/to divert smb, 's attention from; to call/to draw/to turn orr smb. 's attention from; a ,._ cursui unui rtu to turn the course of a river; a '"'" gindurile cuipa de - la to turn/to divert smb. 's thoughts from; vintul '" grindina in altii parte the wind drives the hail away; a ,._, pe cine{}a de la calea (cea) dreapta/drumul (eel) drepe a. to lead smb. astray; to show srnb, the wrong way. b. fig. to Jead smb, astray, to turn smb. from the path of duty. to hold a candle to the devil; ee IIlnt te ,_, pe aici? F what (business) brings you here? a "'" de La Mutura to wean from his drunken habits. n. pb. refl. 1. (a iua <) alta direetie} to go out of one's way, to change the direction. to take another direction. to swerve, to bear off. 2. fig. (de la) to deviate (from); .to digress. to wander (from). 8. fiz. to deviate. 4. nail. to deviate from the right course; (bruse) to sheer, to yaw. o. »-ra» (a elidea) to fall (down). ® li se

16 ,... asupra (cu gen.) a. to fall/to rush (up)on. b. (d. otnt etc .} to 'burst upon; a se "'" de La a. to be an exception to (a rule, etc.}, II. jU1'. to infringe, to violate, to transgress (cu acus.}, c. v. 11., 2.; a se "'" pe la a. [cineoa] to call on, to call at smb Js house. II. (circiuma etc.) to drop in at; a i se ""' a. cd to occur to smb., to strike smb., to come/to get into smb.'s head that. b. $a to have a mind to. to be seized with a desire. to; to feel inclined/disposed to. © a se "'-' de la ade"lir to depart/to swerve from the truth; a se ~ de La datorie to depart/to swerve from one's duty, to fail in one's duty: a Se ,....., de la drumul (eel) dreptfcalea [cea] dreaptii.a. to go astray. b. fig. to go astray/adrift, to €let off the right way; a se ""' de la subiect to digress from the matter/subject, .to make a digression, to ramble; to wander in one's speech; nu te ,._ de la subieet keep to the subject, don't ramble' a nu· Be "'"' din cuotntul. cuipa t~ obey smb. blindly; a. se "'"' din drum to go out of one's way; ce ti s-a aMiut? a. (ce vrei sa spui?) what do you mean? b. (eeidee/) the idea (of such a thing) I what an idea' how could such an idea g~t into your head? c. (nu !i·e oinet } F what possesses you? nu stiu ce i s·a abiitu: I don't know what's come to/over him. III. vb, intr, v. ,.., 11., 1., 5.®a-i -:»,

a i s e ,._.

abatere s.f. 1. turning off/away, diverting etc. (»: a bat e' ). 2. deviation; digression. 3. jur, trespass( ing}; violation; infringemen t; transgression. 4. [morald ete.} misbehaviour; misdemeanour. i. (de la regula) exception; anomaly; nonconformity. 6. mar., [is, departure, deviation, deflection. 7. (a unui ria etc.) diversion. ® "'"' de la datorie breach of duty, dereliction of one's duty; ,... de la I'eguld exception (to the rule); ,._, disciplinara infraction of disciplilie.


abatfzi s.], mil. abattis.

abator s.n. 1. slaughter house, shambles, butchery; (public) abattoil'. 2. fig. shambles; scene of carnage; bloodshed.

aba~ie s.f. 1. (manlistire) abbey. 2. (fune/ie) abbacy, abbotship.

aMtnt adj. {deprimat] depressed, low-spirited. downcast, dejected, (heart-) heavy , F-->downsome, out of sorts, mop ish ; [desourajat} disheartened, discouraged, crest-fallon, dispirited; (melancolic) melancholy, gloomy.

abees s.n. abscess, boil, aposteme. aMiea lib. intr.1. to abdicate, to give up the crown, to resign the crown. 2. (a se retrage} to retire, to resign; (a renunta} to renounce. ® a. ~ de la (a renunta La) to

·give up, to ren.oun~e (eu ~euz.). alldic8J.'e s.t. abd ication, abdicating etc. v. a b d i ca.

abdomen s.n. abdomen. belly. abdominal adj. belly ... , abdominal, hypogastric,S coeliac. ® caoitate ~d abdominal/visceral cavi ty; durere -a abdominal complaint.

abductor adj. anal. abducent. @ muschi ~ abducent muscle, abductor (muscle).'

abduetie s.f. [iziol; abduction. abseedar s.n. primer, ABC book, (first) spelling book.

aberant ad]. aberran t; anomalous;

(grefit) wrong. .

aberatle s-f. 1. as/"., opt ., biol . aberration; {deoiere ) deviation. 2. psih. (mental) aberration, mental derangement; insanity. 3. [absurdilate) absurdity, nonsense; fallacy.

abla ado; l. (cu greutate} hardly; with U much) trouble/difficulty/ ado. 2. (t. puJin) hardly, scarcely; very little; (mai nimio ) next to nothing; (nu tocmai ) not quite/ wholly. 3. (numai) only, but, just, merely; no more than. 4. (legal de notiuni temporale} only; not later than; [prea ttrziu, tntr-un. moment trecut] no longer ago than; not before/till/until, as late as. 5. [cei putin} at least. 6. (de indaui ce} as soon as. ® -, - v . -:--1;


..... acum only now; not till now; [chiar acum} just now; .- atunei only then, (then and) not till then; '"'" peste doua zile not for another two days; ,._, ... :;i ... scarcely ... when .... no sooner ... than ... @ de - v. - © - acum ftiu aderoarul only now do I know the truth; ~ ajunge it is hardly/scarcely enough; ~ [dacd} avea au ee sli traiasca he had barely enough to live (up)on, he lived from hand to mouth; "'"' intrase tn casd he had just stepped inside; - no puteam tine de 1'18 we could scarcely keep jrefrain from laughing; ~ poate sd citeascd he can hardly f scarcely read; he reads but indifferently; un biiiat care - terminase scoala a boy fresh from school; - lIenise he had on ly just come; era ~ de einci ani ctnd she was scarcely five (years old) when; l-am vlizut ,.... ieri I saw him only yesterday, I didn't see him before yesterday, I saw him no longer ago than yesterday; "oi afla - mtine I shall only know tomorrow.

abll I. ad]. 1. (in sens pozitio } [lndcminatic} skilful; adroit; (iute) quick; (destept} clever, F-->cute: [usor de mind) handy, light-handed, F .... natty; [inteleetualiceste} versatile; [cu experiensa ) (in) experienced, expert (in). F-->a dab (at); (t datoritd educatiei etc.) dexterous, ready, shifty; {capabil } capable, able; (competent) fit, competent; qualified; [ingenios} ingenious, inventive, resourceful; artistic. 2. (in sens negatio] [subtii} subtle, sharp, F-->smart, deep; (viclean} sly, artful, crafty, cunning; [d: un true etc.) clever, F .... neat, P--+clean. II. ad". skilfullY,etc. v. ,...., I.

I\biIita ob, tr, 1. to qualify, to capacitate. 2. unill. to establish as a (university) lecturer.

abilitate s.f. 1. ability, capability; [competentd} competence; [iscusintii, indeminare} ~k!ll; address; dexterity; (de{ltep lac lane ) cleverness; ("furinfd) facility, ease; [urta} art; talent; craft; [inoentioitate} ingenuity, resourcefulness; genIUs.

- -- - - -

--~=~--..~~~~~-~~-=:=-=-=-.-:-- ~-=---:_~ _-


9. (tact) tact (fulness). 3. pl. (fmecherii) tricks,.stJ·atagems.

abts s.n. 1. [priipastie] abyss, chasm, gulf; (adlnc) depth; (rlp!i adincii) precipice; rav.lne. 2. fIg. deep/ bottomless PIt, poetlC-tabysm; (iad) abyss, hell; [mister} Il!Ystery. C1Y lo.jpe marglnea ......,ulu! at the. edge of the abyss; on the

brink of the precipice. .

abisal adj. abysmal. @ regiune]

zona "'a abysmal zone. ..

abisinian adj., 8.m. Ahysain ian, Ethiopian.

abltaclu s.n. nap. binnacle. abltatie s.], 1. jur. occupancy (of a house). 2. zoot. etc. habitat.

abitlr ado : @ mai ...... a. (mai mult) more. b. [mai bine} better. c. [mai repede ) quicker; more quickly. d. {maitare] stronger, more strong-

ly. . bi t (. . ) b

abject I. ad). a ject ; Josntc ase,

mean; [respingiitor] loathsome, repulsive; (infam) infamous, Ioul ; [seroii] servile, cringing; (deci'!zut moraliceste ) depraved, . (morally) abandoned. II. ad~. abjectly etc. v. '" 1.

a",eetie s.f. 1. abjection, (piece of) meanness; [infamie] infamous action. 2. [degradare] abasement, degradation, humiliation.

ardura ob, tr. 1. rel . to abjure, to deny (by oath). 2. (a renun ta 1,,) to abjure, to rencunce, to give up. a"Jurare s.f. abjuration, abjur-ing etc.v. a b j u r a. '

ablativs.n. gram. ablative (case). (ii) "" absolu.t ablative absolute. _blatiune s.f- geogr., med. ablation. ablaut s .n , gram. ablaut, (vowel) gradation.

abnega.tie s .], self-denial f-aJ:megat lonj-sacrlflce, abnegation, @ plin de ,.., selfless, self·denying/-sacri. ficing; spirit de '" spirit of abnegation, selflessness.

aboU ob . tr, (a desfiin]a} to abolish; to annul;

abolire e .f. (desfiin/are) abolition, abolishment; annulment. abolitionism S.n. ist . ahol it ionlsm. a·bolitJonis( s.m, ist: abolitionist.

abomtnabtl I. adj. abominable, dreadful, dirc; rank ; (resp ingii lor ) loathsome, repulsive; (oribit} horrible, execrable; [odios} hateful, detestable. II. ado; abominably etc. v . ......,'1.

abona I. cb. tr, to enrol in 2 list of subscribers: (la) to subserlbe (to a pap~r etc.} for [smb .}, to take out a subscription (to a paper etc.} in favour of {smb i}, II, "b. refl, ria) to subscribe (to), to become a subscriber (to); to take (in) a paper elc.; [la teatru. etc.) to buy a season-tlcket/a subscriber's ticket (at); (Ia restaurant) to buy (a book of) luncheon vouchers!amel'. meal tickets; to take one's meals regularly (at a restaurant) at reduced prices; (la telefon) to become a (telephone) su bscriber,

abonamant s .n. 1_ (la un ziar etc] subscription (to). 2. rca prei] subscription price; subscription rate (for periodicals etc.); [ia restaurant) reduced price for regular customers. 8. [ca bilet} [la teatru, lrampai ete.} season ticket, F ... season; [la tren , amer . ~i) commutation ticket; (la restauran t ) luncheon 'Voucher; book of luncheon vouchers, amer . (reduced-price) meal ticket. ® ,.... anual [eroo, annual ticket. © a face un ,.,_. [La] v, n s e a bon a (Ia); au flieul lUi ~ colectio la un ziar they took in a newspaper between them.

abonare sf. enrolling in a list of subscription etc. v , abo n a.

ahonat I. adj., part. tr . enrolled in a list of subscribers; with a season, ticket etc, @ a j'i ,.,_. la un sial' to be a subscriber to a newspaper', to take in a newspaper. II. s.m . [la un ziar , la teleoisiune etc .} subscriber; (la tramcai etc.) season ·ticket holder; regular traveller; [la electricitate etc.] consumer [telefonic} telephone user; (la restaurant) luncheon-voucherjzoxe», meal-ticket holder.

ahorda L I!b. intr . 1. liar. (a trage la Jllrm) to land, .to put ashore; (a acosta) to moor. 2. nav. (a s e


alatur« ltngao na~&l. to hoard. n. vb, tr, I. naP. (un vas) to collide with, to. run foul of, to come into collision with; n ca inamic} to board. 2. fir!'. (pe cineva ) to accost, to address (oneselfto),to approach, to speak to. 8. fig. (0 problema ete.] to tackle, to deal with, to attack; [un subieet} to hroach ; (a incepe sa discute etc.) to begin discussing etc.; to en ter upon; to come to. III. ~b. refl. naiJ .. te collide.

aliordabU adj. accessible, approach- 301e; (numai d. persoane} affable, accostable, F-tcome-at·ahle, getat-able, Qll u,l'or ~ easy of accesa/appreach.

Ilbordaj 8.n. nap. collision;( ~ ostil} boarding.

abordare s.f. landing etc. v. a b I) rd a; (a un~i probleme] approach (to), tackling (of).

aborigen adj .+-rar aboriginal, native, autochtouous.

allortiv I. adj. med.; bioi. abortive. n. sen. mea. abortive medicine. abrueadabra e.], abracadabra, F-t Mumbo Jumbo.

abraeadabrant adj _ 1. extraordinary ; bizarre; fantastic, odd, 2. (de neinteles] un in telligible, incornprehensible : abstruse.

abradant s . m. grinding material. abra~ adj. 1. (d. cai] vicious. 2. (d. cineca] peevish, fractious, crusty, F grumpy; [riiu] wicked; [periculos) dangerous; [violent} violent, vehement. 3. (d. ac#uni etc.) unsuccessful; vain, fruitless; abortive. 4. (de piazii rea) ominous; inauspicious; ill-fated. @ a iesi]« ramtne ,_ to fail, not to succeed; to be unsuccessful; are 0 gurii ",it he is a prophet of evil, F-the is a croaker.

abrazlune s.], tehn i, geogr. abrasion. allrazlv I. adj. abrasive; grinding.

II. s-m, abrasive, abradant ; grlnding material.

abrazor s.n; tehn, .abrasive blade, disc etc.

abrilmeascll. s.f.bot-. hitterwort , yellow gentian [Gentiana. lutea }, abrevia vb . tr, to abhreviate; (a


pT'l!f;curta) to abridge, to shorten abreviat ad], abbreviated; abridged shortened.

abrevilltIe s ], abbreviation; abridg meMo

ahreviere s.], 1. abbreviation, abbre. viating etc. v, a b rev i a. 2. v. a b I' e v i a tie.

abroga jut'. I. vb, 11'. to abrogate, to annul, to repeal. II. vb . refl: to be abrogatedfannulledjrepealed. abrogare s.], JUT'. abrogation, annulrnent, abrogating.

abrupt I. adj. 1. abrupt, steep, arduous, precipitous, F4breakneck ... 2. Iig. (d. stil} abrupt, harsh, fl. fig. [nelegat] disconnected, disjointed. II. s.m. geogr. steep slope. III. adl.'. 1. abruptly; precipitously. 2.j'iq. abruptly; [brusc} s. uddenly, (all) of a sudden.

abrutlza I. cb, tr . to brutalize; to brutify, to imbrute; . [mintea , simtiree] to stupefy; (~pin bdttturd) to besot. n. vb . refi, to grow brutal, to become brutalized etc. V. ""I; to sink into a brute/an animal.

abrutizant adj. brutalizing, brutifying; stupefying; besotting. abrutizare s.f. brutalization, brutalizing etc. v , a b rut i Z a. abrutillat adj. brutalized, bruti-

fied; stupefied; besotted.

abseisl e.], mat. abscissa. absciziune s.], med, abscision. abseons ad} _ abstruse, recondite. absent I. adj. 1., (d. cineca] (de In)

absent, missing (from); not present (at); [plecat din) away (from). 2. [d; ceva} (din) absent, missing, wanting (from); {omis din) omitted (from); (pierdut etc.} lost, predie, gone. 8. fig. [distrat} absentminded; [neatens} inattentive; (cu[undat In gtnduri ) .abstractsd , withdrawn in thought. F ... woolgathering; [indiferent} indifferent. 4. interjectiona: absent! wantingl © a fi ....., to be absent etc.; (a nu [i acasa} 10 be away from home, to be out/away. II. ad". absently, absent-rnindedly ; inattentively. III. s .m, absentee, person absen t/rnissing. @ lisui. de absenti list of absencefabsentees.


ahsenta !'b. intr . to be absen t/rnissing' (a fi plecat de acasii ) to be away (from home); (de la $coallt) to absent oneself (from).

absentaro s.f. being ahsen tjmissing; absence; keeping away.

absentelst s.m. jur. absentee; remittance man.

a~senti s.], 1. (lipsa la apel). abo senee ; non-attendance. 2. (hpsd, neooie} absence, want, lack, shortage. 8. [neatentie] inattention; absence of mind, F-+brown study. ® '" de la domieiliujur. nonresidence, absen tceism ; ~ nemo ticata absence without leave/permission. @ tntr-un moment de ina fit of absence; apro«, in an unthinking

. moment.

absidli s.], arhit . apse, apsis. absints.n. 1. absinth(e). 2. bot. worm,

wood (Artemisia absinthium).

absoluU. adj. 1. [in diferite sensuri} absolute. 2. [deeavtrsit] absolute, perfect; finished. 3. [complet} cornplets, en tire, thorough. 4. (s,c_ur) absolute, sure, POSItIve, unequrvocal, categorical, unmistakable. Ii. {nemarginii ) boundless, unbounded, unlimited. 6. [liber} absolute, unrestricted. 7. (autocratic) absolute authoritative; [sever] strict, seve~e, imperative; coercive. 8. (pur) absolute, pure. 9. [necontestat) absolute, unchallenged. 10. [inalienabit) absolute, inalienable. II. adp. 1. [com pletametite] absolutely, completely.quite, thoroughly. altogether, utterly. 2. (ne· aparat) unfailingly, without fail, by all means. 3. (categoric) absolutely, (definitely and) positively, unmistakably; [sigur} surely, certainly. 4. interjectional absolutely!' to be sure! quite I there is no doubt about it I III. sn; -ul the absolute.

absolutism s.n. absolutism. absolutist s.m. absolutist. absolutiza I. ob . tr. to absclutize,

to uphold as absolute; to render absolute; to generalize. II. Db.refl. to be ahsolutized or generalized.

all80lutizare e.], absolutization ; generalization.


absolvent 8.m., absolventa s.f. (de scoala } school-ieavcr, amer . graduate; (de [aculeate ete.} graduate. abso]ven*it s -f. completion of a course of studies (without a final examination), amer , graduation.

absolvi I. ob, tr . 1. to finish one's studies at, unip. to graduate (from). 2. rel . (de) to absolve (from/of), to give absolution to smb . (from/of]. 3. [ur . to acqui t , to find/to pronounce not guilty. 4. fig. to absolve; to forgive, to excuse.

absolvire s.], 1. rel: absolution. 2. jur. acquittal. 3. fig. release, liberation, enfranchisement; (do obiigatii, datorii etc.) acquittance; exoneration; [iertare] forgiveness, excuse, pardon. 4. [cu. gen.) cornpletion of a course of studies (at); amer . graduation (at). @ examen de ~ final/leaving examination.

absorbant I. adj. 1. ab~orbent. 2. fig. ahsol·bing,. engrossing: capt ivating, fascmatmg. II. s.m, absorb-, ent,

absorbi I. ob, tr . 1. to absorb, to suck (in), to drink in/up; (a inhala} to inhale; to breathe in. 2. fig. to absorb, to engross; to captivate to fascinate; to transport. 3. fig.' (a'fi tnsusi} to drink in, to imbibe. II. "b. refl. to.be absorbed

etc. .

allsorbire s.], absorption, absorbing etc.

absorb it adj. 1. absorbed, sucked (in), drunkin/up ; inhaled; breathed in. 2. fig. « intensely) preoccupied; captivated, fascinated.

absorhltor adj. 1. absorbent, absorbing, sucking-in. 2. fig. absorbing, engrossing; captivating, fascinating.

absorbtia s]. absorption. @ capacitate de ~ absorption capacity.

abstinent I. adj. abstinent; (Ia mincare ri Mutura) abstemious; (~ la bdutura) temperate, teetotal; [seaiuaiioeete] continent, chaste. II. s.m. (la br'1.ulura) abstainer, teetotal(l)er, F--+water drinker; [seaualiceste} chaste person.

abstinenti e.]: (! periodioa) abstinence; (~ de durata] abstemious-


ness; (de la bauturii} tell'!perance, teetotal(l)ism; (post) fast(mg); (sexuala ) continence.

abstract I. adj. 1. (ant. cone l' e t) abstract. 2. [teoretic) abstract, theoretical; ideal; not practical. 3. arte abstract; not representational. 4. {ubscons] abstract, abstruse. not easy to understand. @ idee _a abstract idea, abstraction; s ubstaniiv ~ gram. abstract noun. II. ado: abstractly, in an. abstract way/manner. m.s.n. abstract(ness}. ® ~ verbal gram. verbal noun. <lil in ~ in the abstract, lat. in abstracto.

abstractiza ob, tr.lI; intr, to abstract. Bbstra.ctizare s .f. abstracting . abstractie s.f. abstraction. @ {aeind

"",de leaving aside, leaving ... aside; apart from, barring, ... excepted; [nemaioorbind de) to say nothing of. © a face ~ de to leave ... aside, to exclude, to ignore, not to take ... into account.

abstrae1ionism s.n, arte abstractionism.

abstracponiBt e.m, arte abstractionist,

ab8trae~inne s.f. abstraction. abstrage ob • Jr. to abstract; to separate; to detach.

abstragere e .f. abstraction; separation; detachment; abstracting. abstrus adj. abstruse; [confuz] confused; [complicai] intricate.

absurd I. adj. absurd, nonsensical; [nelogic} illogical; {nerasional} irrational; [contrar naturii sau bunului. simi} preposterous; senseless; (scoe din minti ; etaptni: de 0 idee) infatuating; [prostese, nesabuit ) foolish, unreasonable, silly; [ridicol} ridiculous, laughable; (care este ° aberatie) fallacious. n. s.n. absurdity; "'ul the absurd. QlI prin ,..., contrary to all reason, against all reason; reducere la '" lat. .... reductio ad absurdum; teatrul ,,"ului the theatre of the absurd, the absurdist theatre. © a reduce cepa la ....., to drive smth. to absurdity; to show the absurdity of smth., to demonstrate the ab-


surdities of smth. m. ado: absurdly, illogically etc.

absurditate e.], 1. absurdity; irrationality; unreasonableness; preposterousness; foohshnesstnonsense; [aberatie] aberration, fallacy. 2. [ea act) piece of folly, foolish thing; (idee absurdd) foolish oiotion; nonsense. © e 0 .....,/ it's an absurdity I it's perfectly ridiculousI F~stuff and nonsense I

ablibild s.n. 1. transfer (picture). 2. pl. [nimicuri} trifles; trifling matters. 8~ pl. (,mecheri i) tricks,

dodges. . .

abfine vb . refl. 1. (de lay to abstain (from); to refrain (from), to forbear [cu acue.}; (a refuea] to refuse, to decline (cu acus.] ; (a nu participa la) not to participate, not to take part (in); (a-II i stapini pa· siunile eta.] to. subdue/to control/to master one's passions etc.: (a se staptni} to refrain oneself. 2. (de La pot) to abstain (from voting). © a se ....., de la bd.utu.ra to abstain from drinking; nu m-am putut ~ sa nu rid I could not help laughing; ~-te! F what a story! tell that to the marines I tell that to others/to your granny] that won't do for mel (tacif)shutupJ (pros/ii/}stulf and nonsense!

abulic med, I. adj. ab(o)ulic. n. s.m. ab(o)ulic person.

abulle s.f. med, ab(o)ulia.

abunds cb, intr; to abound, to be plentiful, to be in plenty/abundance. @ a '" in. to abound in/with, to be rich in; to teem/to swarm/to bristle with.

abundent i. adj. abundant, plentiful, exuberant; {bogat} rich, < copious; (luxuriant) luxurious; (am. plu) ample; [implictnd ~iideea de risipii) profuse, lavish; {excesio ] excessive. @ recolui -<1. bumper crop, ample harvest. II. ado; in abundance, abundantly etc. v. '" I.

abundentli. s.], abundance, plenty, exuberance; (bogiJ.!ie) richness, opulence, < copiousness; [implictnd pi ideea de risipii] profuseness, lavishness. @ cornul. abundentei the horn of plenty, cornucopia;din ....


in ahundanoejplcnty, abundaf!tl~.

abur s.m. 1. (de apa] steam; [lichid sau solid oaporizat} vapour; (idem, puternic mirositor) fume, J fumes j [eaulare ) exhalation, reek; (cea(a umedd } damp; (al piimintului] damp, exhalation of the eart h ; (eeata rara} haze; (fum) smoke. 2. (suflu) breath of air/wind, puff, breeze. 3. (rasuflare) breath; breathing. 4. fig .. (nliluca) mere phantom/phantasm. Ii. fig. [cantitate [, midi) idea, bit, shade. ID baie de ~i staamrvapour bath; eorabie cu -i steamship, steam vessel; masina. cu -i steam engine. @ a ~cllate ~i to steam; to fume; to exhale/to emit vapours; (a fume- - ga) to throw out/to emit smoke ; to smoke; to fume j a seoate ,..;" pe gura F to talk at random, to talk throu~h one's hat : a se transforma In ,.._., to vaponze,

aburca<-P I. ob , tr, to lift up. II. cb, refl, 1. (a lie cMara) to climb (up), to clamber (up). ~.(a se ridiea In zbor] to take wmg, tony up.

abureare s.f . .;,..;.P lifting up etc. v , a b u rc a;

abureall s], [etcalare] exhalation; (produsii de lie hide ) steam, vapour j Iurne ; (miasma) miasma; reek; (care ee depune pe lucruri) damp, vapour. 2. [adiere] gentle/mild/soft wind/breeze, poetic gale.

aburt I, fib. 11'.1. (a eapune la aburi} to steam, to apply steam to; (a expune la fum) to expose to smoke; (a umple cu aburi} to fill with steam; to disinfect by fumes/v~-

. pours' (a curii# cu fum) to fumigate, 'to disinfect or to _purif~ by smoke; (a umplecu parfumul-I) to fill with a sweet odour/perfume. 2. (a exala) to exhale; to give out. II. vb. 1'efl.1. {a seacoperi cu aburi} to steam" to be covered with steam, 2. {d. stidii, olflinzi etc.] to cloud/ to mist/ to fIlm over. 8. (a se umezi] to sweat, to be(come) damp. 4. (a de(Jeni neclar] to grow d~lIf dim. 5. (d. persoane, a se tnflerbtnta} to become healed, to become/to get/to grow hot; [la fafii)

to flush i (La (ata, J de rusine}: to blush. III. ob . intr , v. a s co a te a b 1I r i. ® abureete [adie} there is a gentle/soft breeze on, the air) breeze is very soft.

aburlre s], 1. steaming, fuming etc. 2. v. a bur 1 -- R.

abur lt adJ. 1. [acoperit en abu"i) covered with steam; reeky, smoky. 2. [aprins fa fafii) glowing, red in the face; (de emoiie] flushing.

aburttur s.n. tehn, steamer.

ahuros ad], 1. (pUn de aburi} steamy; reeky.2. [productnd aburi} vapoury, steam-engendering. 8. [vaporos} vapoury; {cetos} foggy, hazy.4. [ca aburul) steam-like. 6. fig. {nedeslusit] hazy .. 6. fig. [va« pores]. vaporous, airy, ethereal,

flbuz B.n.I. [excee] abuse, excess; intemperance. 2; {tntrebuiruare grefitd) abuse, misuse, perversion.S. (obicei riiu]: abuse, corrupt practice. 4. (£n,eliiciune) abuse, deceit, fraud. 6. {inciilcare} encroachment, transgression j [ilegaiitate] illegal action. ® - de alcool excessive use of alcohol; r«, de tncredere breach of trust, abuse of smb.'s trust/confidence, F-+con(fidence) game; _ de putere misuse of authority; ~ de termeni abuse of terms. @ a face ,._ de to make too free a use of, to indulge too freely in; a face ,._ de putere to override one's cornmission,

abuza I. 9b. intr, (a exagera] to exaggerate; (a face abuz de ceoa) to indulge too freely in srnth, ® a ~ de II. [cineoa] to take an U.nfair advantage of; (a-ft bale Joe de) to make fun/sport/game of. b • {cineoa} v • a ,..... de a m a b il i-

t a t e a j b u n a t a t e a c u i v a,

c. (alcooletc.}v. a face a h uz de. d. (a (olosi grefit) to misuse (cu acuz.), to make ill use of, to abuse (cu. aouz.); (a aplica grclIit) to misapply (cu aeia.). e. (un privilegii: ete.} to abuse, to stretch [cu. acus.}, f. (a exagera) to exaggerate (eu acuz.).g. (aprejudicia)to encroach (up)on; to prejudice [cti acuz.); " ,.._, de amabilitatealbunalatea cuif}a to impose/to presume



upon smb!s kindness, to intrude upon/to abuse smb.ts good nature; a _, de o [emeie to lead a woman astray; a ,.." de [ortele sale to overexertoneseif; a '"" de medicaments to take too much medicine; a ~ de rnbdarea cui9a to presume upon smb.'s patience; to tax smb.ts ~atience ; a - de ttmpijl C1HPa to mtrude/to trespass [upjon smb.ts time. n. ob, refl, ® a se ...., de v. ® ® s-a ...... t de bunatatea lui his kindness has been imposed/pre-

sumed upon, his good nature has been intruded upon/abused; se abuzeaza de cUf}inle words are made too free a use of; there are (~ far) too many words; se abuzeaza de medicamente people take too much me-

dicine. .

abn1:lv I. adj. 1. abusive, fo~nded on abuse; improper. 2. (arb mar) arbitrary; (ilelfal) illegal. II. ad~. 1. abusively : Improperly. 2. arhitrarily; illegally.

ae S.n. 1. needle; (eu gamaliel pin. 2. bot. (frunza !lcicularil) needle (leaf), pointed/aCICular leaf; (ghlmpe] prickle, thorn, spike ; (de eao~us) spine. S. zool . (de ariel etc.) spme ; (de pore spinos} quill. 4. entom, sting. 5. med. needle, acus,stiletto. 6. [eroo: shunt(ing), siding, (turn-out) switch; (de macaz) switch blade. 7. (inJepii,turij) sting, 8. fig. (9timul~t) sting, spur, goad. O. fig. [durere} pang. 10. flg.(lmpunsi1lura) hit(F dig (at smb.); [prococare ironicii] taun t. 11. fig. (al constiintei} prick. 19. text ; comb. 13. (de eeas] hand. H. (de patefon} needle; (de pit:up) stylus, .® ~ de alb ilia sting of a bee; '" ae busolii compass needle; - de cale ferata V. "" 6; ,..., de craoatii tie pin; ,..,., de crosetat crotchet (needle) j ,.._, de cusut (sewinir). needle; ,.._, de gheatii ice needle j icicle ; "": do tmpleiit ImitLing needle; ,.._, de macaz [eroo . switch blade, point rail, rail tongue : ,..., de mare ihi, needle Iish, gar(fish), great pipefish (Syngnatus aeue}; """ de patefon gramophone needle; - de par hair pin/ needle; - de picup stylus; '"'" de


siguran{<'t safety pin; ...., magne!i magnetic needle ; ~ oral' hour hand; "-'ul pamlntului hot. maidenhair, Venus's hair (Adiantum capillus Veneris). OJ) ea pe ....... e on thorns j tenterhooks, (like. a cat) on hot bricks; gamiilie de ""'" pin/pin's head; tmpuns(lturade ,..., needle prick; pin prick; lucriitor cu -ul need leman, needle hand j lueru Cij -cu; needlework; pu:ni/ii cu "-'II pin cushion j ureehea -ului ear/eye of a needle, needle eye/ear. © a cauta -u1 In carul cu [tn to seek a needle in a haystack, to look/to seek for a needle in a bottle!blln~ dIe of hay; a lucra cu _ul to do needlework; a prinde]« lii£iZ eri Wi ,...., to ~ixlto fasten with a pili or a needle; to pin (up) ; a sta C4 pe ,...,e to sit (up)on pins (and needles! j to be on (the) tenterhooks, to Sit (upjon thorns, amer, to be on the anxious seat/bench; a scapa ea prin. urechile ~ului to make a hair. breadth escape, to escape by the skin of one's teeth.

ijcadea s .f. caramel; sweetmeat. academic I. ad). 1. academic, scholarly; of an academy. 2. academical, of a university' univerSi.ty ... 3, (d. stil etc.] academic j solemn. 4. filoz. Academic. @ cu studii ""e having receiveda university education ; sfer; "" a. quarter of an hour's allowance (previous to a lecture], b. fig. pardonable unpunctuality, © a conferi cuii'a un titlu ,... to confer a degree on smb.; a primi un titlu: "-' to obtain/to receive a degree, II. ado, academically. III. s.m.+-inp. academician.

aeademielan s.r», academician, membero! an Academy.

aeademle s.f. 1. fi univ. academy. 2. [iloz; Academy, poelic4Academe. @ Academia Rep ublicii Socialiete Romania the Academy ot the Socialist Republic of Homania; ....., de arle [rumoase academy ot Cine arts; ~ eomerciala (higher) commercial school j - de muzicii academy of music; """ de ftiin{e academy of sciences; ,.... militara. military aca-


demy; '" napalii naval academy /college.

academism s,n: 1. academi{ci)sm. 2. formalism.

scaju s.m. 1. bot. mahogany (tree) (Swietenia Mahagoni). 2. bot. cashew [Anachardium occidentale). 3. '(temn) mahogany (wood).

II.calmie s.f. 1. nav. lull, calm at sea. 2. (lini~te) lull, quiet, abeyance; (pauza) pause; rest; {riigaz) respite. 3. [armistitiu] armis-

tice, truce. .

aeana adv.+-P aside; on the side;

out of the way.

scant S.n. orbit, acanthus,

aeentacee s.f. pl. bot. acanthaceae, acants s .f. 1. bot: acan thus (Acan-

thus sp i}, ,2. arliit; acanthus.

aeapara ob, tr, 1. com. to buy up; (pt. a urea vi controla preturile] to forestall, to corner; (0, monopoliza}, to monopolize. 2. fig. to monopolize; (a absorbi} to absorb, to swallow up; (a punc stdptnire pe] to sei~e ~ to take hold of; to secure; (a rap! tot timpul cuiva) to take up all the time of.

aeaparare s], buying up etc. v. a cap a r a.

aeaparator I. adj. 1. com. forestal· . ling; monopolizing. 2. acquisitive; {lacom] greedy, grasping. 3. fig. absorbing, engrossing. ll. s.m, 1. com. buyer-up; monopolizer; speculative buyer; (de alimente] food hoarder; peior . grabber, shark. 2. fig. monopolizer.

acari S.m. 1. (fabricant de ace) needler, needle maker; pinner, pinmaker. 2'. [eroo . pointsman , switchman, signalman, shunter, switch tender.

aear" s .n . [cutie] needle/pin box/case; (pernila) pin cushion.

aearet sn, 1. (dependintii) outbuilding, annex. 2. [cladire .mare. eu dependinte] premises, a big huilding/a mansion with its annexes. 3.pl. household implemen ts , belo!lgings, 1 agrICultural/farmmg Implements.

acariozli s], enlom. acarine disease. acarnita s.], v. a car.


aeasi ado, [static} at home; within, in (doors) ; [spre casu) home (wards).® co, ~ very much as at home, in a family way; cei de ,.._, one's family /rclations/parentage/F people. ® a ajunge ,.._, to reach/to arrive/to come home; a conduce pe cinepa -- to take/to see srnb. home; e ~? is heat home? is he in? nu e -- he is not at home, he is not about, he is away; a se tntoarce ,.... to come/to get home/in, to return home; nu-i stnt [toti] boii ,..., F he is out of sorts, he feels cheap, he is feeling all nohow, he's like a cat on hot bricks, sl. he has the hump up; a eta ,..., to stay/to reo main/to stop at home, to stay back/behind/in; (mai mulz timp) to keep indoors; trebuie sa slea, '" he must keep indoors/within doors; a veni ,._ to come home; to return home; a veni tlrziu - to come home late; (de abicei} to keep bad hours; a fi dus de - a. to be (away) from home; (a fi in orav ete.} to be abroad/out/out of doors. b. fig. to be wool-gathering, to be in the clouds; nu pleca niciodaui de '" he was a home-bird, he was a regular stay-at-home, he never went/ stirred out; a eerie ,... to write home, to write to one's family; a veni de '" 11.. to come from/home. b. fig. to twig, to tumble; asa mai vii de->« F now you are talking! [asta e alta poveste} F that's another pair of breeches.

Bestina s.], bot. common matrimony vine (Lycium halimofolium}, Bcatlst S.n. bis, prayer for the dead; service with prayers and hymns to the Holy Virgin.

acatarii adj. predic, 1. (d. oineoa} (judieios) sensible; < wise; (de nadejde) reliable; [vrednic} worthy. 2. (d. ceca} as it should be; atrib, meet and proper; proper; decent, becoming; (bun) good; (rrumos) beautiful.

aecelera I. pb. tr . 1. l tehn, to accelerate to speed (up), to increase the speed of. 2. (a precipita} to precipitate; (a grdbi} to hasten, to quicken; (a urgenta} to dIS'


patch, to expedite, II. cb, refl. pas. to accelerate, 10 increase in speed; to become faster; to he accelerated etc. v. ,... I. III. ob . intr, tehn . to accelerate; auto. to step on the gas.

aecelerando ado . ital . muzo accelerando.

accelerares.f. acceleration; speeding, hastening etc.

aeceterat I. adj. 1. accelerated, quickened. 2. fast, quick, brisk, rapid. II. s.n. [eroo; express train.

accelerator I. adj. accelerating, accelerative. II. S.n. 1. tehn: accelerator; auto. accelerator (pedal), throttle. 2. ohim, accelerant, promotel'.

accelera~ie s .f. acceleration.

accent S.n. 1. [on . accent; stress.

• 2. [particularitate lingoistica] accent; (pronunfie) pronunciation. S. (ton) accent, tone. 4. muzo accent. o. [subliniere} emphasis, stress, acoentruation) , ® '" MCUlit acute/sharp accent; -- circumflex circumflex accent; "" gra« grave accent; ,..., gresit wrong accent or pronunciation; ,...., metric metricaJ/rh;rthmical accent/stress, ictus; ,..._. principal principal/primary ac· cent; ,... secundar secondary accent; ~ tonic tonic/syllabic accent. ® are un ..... [oarte pronuntat he has a very broad accent; a nu avea ,..._. to speak without any peculiar accent; a pune =-ul pe, fig. v. ace e n t u a 4.

aeeeutua I. ob . tr , 1. (8 ilabe ) to accent, to stress, to lay the stress on. 2. [cuointe] to stress, to emphasize. 3. (a pune accente pe) to mark with an accent or accents.

! 4. fig. (a sublinia] to emphasize, to lay stress (up Jon , to underline, to accentuate; (a intari} to strengthen; (a relief a) to point out; to hring out; to render conspicuous, to bring into prominence. II. "b. ref]; 1. pas. to be accented etc. V. -- I. 2. to become more prominent or conspicuous or striking. 3. (a se agrava} to change for the worse; to worsen, to grow worse. 4. (a spori} to increase.


acoentuare s.{. accen tua tion , accen ting etc.

aeeentuat adj, 1. (d. silabe} accented, stressed. 2. (d. cuointe} emphasized, stressed. 3. fig. stressed, underlined; [pronuruat] marked, pronounced; [izbitor } striking; conspicuous; prominent.

accept s.n. ec , acceptance.

aeeepta I. ob, tr. 1. to accept; (tacit) to acquiesce in; {as primi ] to' receive; (a lua] to take; (a adopta ) to adopt; (a rmbri1/~a) to embrace; to espouse; (0 cerere, o rugaminte etc.) to agree/to accede/to assent/to consent to; (0 ofertit etc.} to accept, to agree to, to close with; (0 prooocare] to accept, to take up; (un ri1ma/Ulg) to accept, to hold; (0 sousa} to accept, to receive; [un. sfat } to take; [un. proiect de lege) to adopt, to pass. 2. (a presupune } to admit, to assume. S. ee. to adopt. ® a fi _t de cineca to be accepted by srnb., to find acceptance with smb. ll. vb.reft. pas. to be accepted etc. v. ,._ I; (a trece}: to pass. m. vb . intr; to accept, to agree, to acquiesce, to come round, to (nod) assent, F--+to okay.

aoceptabU I. adj. acceptable; satisfactory; [admieibil} admissible; [pasabit] passable; tolerable; (d. mdncare] palatable; [plauzibil } plausible; [resonabii} reasonable; (d. pre/uri etc .] reasonable, fair.

.11. ado . acceptably; passably (well); tolerably etc. v. ...... 1.

acceptant s.m. ec . accepter, acceptor. aeceptare s.f. acceptance; (tacita) acquiescence; accepting. accep~i(un)es f. aecept(at)ion; [sens} sense, meaning, signification.

aeees-a.a. (41) access, admittance (to); (inlrarlf) entrance; entry. ® -ul interzis no entry; no admittance. @ rampd de ~ constr . ramp of access. @ are,... peste tot he is welcome everywhere; a a~ea '" in casa cuiaa to have (free) access to srnb.ts house, to be free of smb.'s house; (continuu) to have the run/ the entree of smb.'s house; II


a(!erz - lo. buciWirie to have (free) access to the kitchen.

ll~ces2 B.n. 1. med, attack, access, stroke, touch; (brusc} (sudden) sei?,Ure; [brusc $ i violent] outburst, fit, bout; [izbucnire a unei boli ) outbreak; (reoenire a unei boli etc.} relapse. 2. (impuls) impulse, fit, outburst. ® ~ de friguri attackf fit of fever, ague fit; cold; chill; ~ de gelozie fit of jealousy; '"" de tuse coughing bout/fit. @ a fi apucat d8 un .- de to be seized with an attack/a fit of.

aeeeslhll I. adj. (d, persoane si lucruri ) accessible, approachable; (d. cineca} affable, F ..... come-at-able, get-at-ahle ; easy' of access. @ greu ~ difficult of access/approach; usor -- easy of access/approach. II. ado . accessibly.

accesibilitate s.f. access; accessibility, accessibleness, approachability.

aeeeslune s.f. accession.

aeeesotln I. adj. accessory: [incidental) incidental. accidental, adventitious; [secundar} secondary, collateral, subsidiary, subordinate. {lll cheltuieli accesorii incidental expenses. n. s.n. 1. accessory. secondary consideration. 2. pl. [dependinte] outbuildings, outhouses. 8. pl. (dichis uri) accessories. 4.11. tehr; .. appliances, gear, tool an machinery, parts, accessortes.

accident I. S ,n. 1. acciden t; {tnttm-' plare neprevi1zuld) casual event; chance; (Inllmplare nenorocitd] mishap. mischancej] misfortune; (moarte, pierdere} casualty; (eu un oehicuI) breakdown. 2. (fenomen treciitor] accident. happening, event. 8. med, unexpected symptom, Inv. -s accident. 4. gram. accident; pl. ,i accidence. 5. muzo accidental. iii) ~ de automobil. motoring acciden t , - de muncd labour accident; ~ de teren accident of the ground, inequality of the soil, pl. rise and fall of the ground, unevenness; ,.." de tren. train/railway accident. © a suferi un ...... to meet with/to have an accident. U. B.m. mus, accidental.


accidenta I. vb . tr . to wound (by acciden t/in an accident); to hurt; to cause an accident to. II. ob. refl, L to meet with/to have an acciden t; to be hurt/wounded in an acciden t; to be the victim of an accident. 2. (a se rani) to hurt oneself.

accidental I. adj. 1. accidental, casual, adventitious; chance.... random .•. : (fortuit) fortuitous; (Mintentionat] undesigned. 2. [neesential} n on-essentlal , secondary. 8. (posibil) possible, contingent. 4. med; adventitious. II. ado.aedden tally, casually, adventitiously; (din intimplare} by aocidentj chance; fortuitously.

accidentat I. tuij, 1. [riinit} injured, hurt. 2. (d. teren} broken, uneven, not level. troubled, rough, undulating; (d. un drum] rugged; (cu coline sau dealuri} hilly. n; s.m. injured/wounded person; sufferer from/victim of an accident; casu-

alty. .

accident! s.f. poligr, display/job

work, job.

BCciz s.n. odin. excise. acclzar 8.m. odin. exciseman.

aeea adj. demo v. a o e e a II. Reeasts I. llron. dem, fern. 1. this;

(~ Cit referire la un \ antecedent) that; (Cit 0 mai &laM nuanla demonetrativa} it; (acest fapt) this fact; . (!!fest iucru) this (thing); [subliniindu-s« contrastul sau com· paratia) this one. 2. [ca pron, personal) mase. he i fern. she; neutru it. (lll cu ,._, with this, rar-« herewith; de(spre) "'-' of/about this, rar-thereof; dupa ,.... after this; then; rar-'+here(up)on : la ,._, to this, rar-'+hereat; hereto; pentrti '" a. for this/It. b. (In aeest stop) for this purpose, to this end; (pt. a face acest lucru) in order to do it. c. (din aceasta cauza) for this reason; that is why; pe ltngd ..... in add it.ion to that, besides (that), moreover; prin. ,._, by this, I'a,.-hel'eby. © nu voi face una ca ,..., I won't do such a thing, I'll do nothing of the kind; nu e nelloie de ,...", there's no need of it j BIte .... ' posibil? is that/it


possible? "" elite parerea mea despre such is my opinion of; - etot that is all; cam ,.._, e tot that's about ali; ,__, zic $i eu cit e, fuga that is what I call running. lI,adj, demo fern. [postpositional } V. a c e a s ta.

aceastit adj. demo [em this; F_this ... here; (~ ell- refer ire la un antecedent) that.

aeeea I, pron. dem, fern. that; (subliniindu-se contrastui sau. comparatia} that one. ® "'" carll the one who; she/In". that who. Qj) de ....... therefore; so; that is why; for that reason: (in consecinJa) consequently V. Iii d r ept ~; drept ·~·conse· quent.Iy, accordingly; whereupon: dupa - after that, next, then, afterwards, rar ..... thereafter. II. adj. demo fern. [postpozitional} that, F ..... that ... there, irw ...... yon(d). YDn· dor.

IIcoea~l I. adj. demo (em. the same; that Same; [chiar ~) the very same, the self-same ; (identic) identical. ® - ... co jii the same ... as. @z" ~ luna in the same month, rnat same month; In - zi (on) the same day. II. pron. demo [em, the same; the same one.

aeefal adj. acephalous, headless. 8Mi adj. si pron; demo maso. V. a ell i a.

aeels I. pron. dam. pl . mase, those. ® ....., care those who!lnll ..... that. II. adj. demo pl. masc. those, F ..... those ... there, £niJ._yon(d). yonder,

aeeia~1 I. adj. demo pl. mase. the same; [chiar r-) the very same, the so If-same ; (identiei) identical. II. pron, demo pl. mIMe. the same; the same ones.

Rolli adj. demo mase. sau neutru V. u c e l a II.

Meta I. pron. demo mase. sau. neutru that; (subliniindu-se conlrastul sau. comparatia] that one. ® ""1 care the' one who; he who/illil ...... that. ® tu ai [ost ....., ? was it you? II. adj. demo masc . sau neutru that, F ..... that. .. there, Im-o._yon(d), yonder.

acela~1 I. adj. demo mase, the sarne : that same; [chiar -) the very


same. the self-sarne : (identic) identical. @ de ~ [el cu of the same kind as; [tnrudit cu} related/akin to; [asemiin/itor cu) similar to. II. pro.n . demo rnase, the same; the same one.

aeele adj. demo pi, [em, ;Ii neutr(t [pre-positional} V. ace lea. II.

seelsa I. pron . demo pl . fern. those. ([) - care those who/inv ...... that .. II. adj .. dem, pl . [em, ~i neulrll [postpozisionai] those. F_those there, fnp.-'+yon(d), yonder.

acorb I. adj. bitter, harsh: (taias) biting, poign~n.t. sharp, cutting; [necruuitor} pittless, merciless, II. ad". bitterly etc. V. ,..., I.

ac~rbitate s .(.+-rar, el.eo. acerbity. bitterness, harshness.

aeest adj. demo mase. ~i neutns v . a c e s t a II.

aeests I. pron, pos, masc, ei neutru 1. this; (~ r;u rejerire la (In antece, dent) that; (cu 0 mai slabii nuanta demonetratioa] it; [subliniindu-se contrastu] eau. comparatia} this one; that one. 2. [ca pron: personal) Inasc. he; [em; she; neutru it. 3. ( ....... din urma] the latter. @ este - tata] tau?.is that or this 0.1' he your .fathert II. adj. dem, masc .• ( nll!ttr(t [postpozitional} this; F";> thIs... here; (~ cu refer ire la un antecedent) that.

aceste adj. demo pl. [em, fi neutru. [pre-pozitional} V. ace s tea II.

ecestea I. pron, demo pi. fern. vi neutru, 1. these; (! cu referire la un antecedent} those ; [eubliniindu-se contrastul sau camp ara] ia) these ones; those ones. 2. [ca pron, personal) they. 3. ('" din urmd} the latter. 4. {toate r-) (all) this sau that. @ cu toate ~. however. yet, for all t.hat, nevertheless, but yet. rap_notwithstanding this; (In ct'uda aces/or lucruri} despite (aU) this sa« that, inspite of (all) this sal! that. II. adj .. demo pl. fem.*i neutru [postpositionai} these, F...,. these ... here; U cu referire La un antecedent) those. (jj) toale ,._ all this sau. that; zileie "" R. [In itrecut) the other day; a few days


ago. b. (In oiitor ] in the next few days (or so).

aeestt adj. demo pl. masc: [pre-pozitional ) v. a ce 9 t ra II.

ace~tia I. pron. demo pl. rnase. 1. these; (t cu referire la un antecedent) those; [subliniirulu-se contrastul sau comparatia} these ones; those ones. 2. [ca pron: personal) they. 3. (~ din urma) the latter. II. adj. demo pl. mase. {postpozuional) these, F--+these ... here; (~ cu referire la un antecedent) those.

aeetaldehidA s.f. chim, acetaldehyde. acetamida s f_chim. acetamide. aeetat e.m; chim. acetate. ® ~ de

argint silver acetate; ~ de cupru acetate of copper; ,._ de plumb acetate of lead, salts of .Saturn; ~ de potioinit {poly)vinyl acetate.

aeetle adj. chim. acetic. (J)l acid ~ acetic acid.

acetifiea chim, I. vb. II'. to acetify.

II. ob . refl. pas. to acetify, to be acetified.

Bcetificare s.], chim, acetification. aeettl s .n. cbim, acetyl.

acetllena. sf. chim, acetylene (gas), eLhine. @ lampii cu ~ acetylene lamp.

aeetona s.f. chim, acetone.

achena s.], bot. achene, akene. achita I. vb . tr.1. (aplati) to pay;

[complet ; a datorie} to payoff. 2. jur. to acquit; (t d. un [udecator de ins true fie) to discharge. 3. (a ucide} F to .do (the job) for; to settle smb :» account; to do smb , in. © a - a nota to foot a bill; a - 0 polita to take up/to pay/to honour a bill. '11. vb . re[i . 1. (de) to acquit oneself [of}, 2. pas. to be paid saa paid off. ® a se - de (a tndeplini} to fulfil, to carry out (cu acuz.); to perform, to execute (cu aeuz.). © a se ,..._, de 0 obligatie to acquit oneself of an obligation; a se - onorabii to acquit oneself well. III. ph. intr. (a pliiti] to pay; [complet} topay off; ("a pune banii jos") F--+to come down (with the ready).

achitare s.f. 1. (p la Iii) payment; paying off. 2. jur. acquittal, absolution; (de cdsre jurali) deliver-


ance; (de edtre un [udedito» de instructie} discharge.

aehlu! e.m s--tno, bal. (turnip-rooted) celery (ApiumgrMeoiens). achiu2 S.n. (la biliard] lead; [tac] (billiard) cue.

aehizitor e.m, acquirer, buyer, purchaser; {colec tor) collector.

achizitie s.f. 1. (cumpiirliturii) purchase, acquisition (by purchase); thing bought. 2. [uchizitionare} purchase, purchasing; acquiring; acquisition (by purchase}; (de piese de schimb etc.} provision. 8. fig. acquisition, valuable addition; [descoperire] discovery, finding; [comoarii] treasure; [noroc neasteptat) lucky find, godsend. 4. fig. (ant "fnzestrare [ireaseii"} acquirement. © a face 0 ~ to make an acquisition; e 0 ade~iiratii ~ pentru echipa noastrii he is a distinct acquisition Ihe is quite an acquisition to our team; [usese 0 ~ oaloroasii it had been a valuable acquisition.

aehlz i1iona I. pb. tr . 1. ec, to acquire (by purchase), to buy, to purchase; (in tarile socialiste} to purchase by contract. 2. (a dobtndi prin. efort) to acquire; (a obsine, a procura } to obtain, to procure, to get; [ceoa difieil) to secure; (a deoeni posesorul } to become possessor of. 3. (a aduna) to collect, to gather. II. ~b.refl. pas. to be acquired (by purchase), to be bought etc. V. ~ I.

achizi~ionare s.f. acquisition, acquiring.

Bei adv : v . a i c i.

aeietie ehim., bot. I. adj. acyclic.

II. ado; acyclically.

acicular adj. bot. acicular, needle-Iike/-shaped.

acid I. adj. acid; [acru} sour. n. s.m.: chim, acid; (pt. compu~i, c . adjectivele respective},

acidimetru s.n. chim. acidimeter. aciditate s .f. acidity. ® ,..._.. gastricii med.acidity, gastric acid, (an) acid

stomach; '"- specificii ehim, specific acidity. @ cifra de - acid value.

acidoliza sf. chim, acidclysis. Ilcidozii. s.f. med . acidosis.


acidula I. vb, tr , to acidulate, to make somewhat acid sau sour, < to acidify. II. ob , refl . pas. to become acidulated/somewhat acid sau; sour; < to acidify.

acidulare s.f. acidulation.

ncidulat adj. acidulated, somewhat acid sau; sour. (J)l apd ~a acidulated water.

acil...,l'.m. ehim, acyl.

aollea ado.c-reg, v. a i c i.

acioaie s.f.+-P 1. bronze. 2. [clopot de ~) bronze bell. 3. (aliaj) alloy, composition.

aeioalii e.f .c-rar {adiipost] shelter; {locuinta] dwelling (place), lodgings; (casii) house.

aelpenserhie s.f. pl. iht . acipenseres, acipenseroidei.

aelua I. po. 11'. (a adiiposti } to she].

LeI', to give shelter to; (a acorda proteciie} to protect, poetie-s uv shield; (a pune la adiipost) to put under shelter; (a giizdui) to lodge, to house, to put. up, to roof; (a ascunde} to hide. II. "0; refl . ·1. (a se adiiposti) to shelter oneself; to take shelter/refuge; (a ciiuta adapost) to seek (a) shelter; (a Be ascunde] to hide (oneself), to ensconce oneselI. 2.<--rar (ase odihni} to rest (oneself); to have a rest; (a ee cuibdri pe divan etc.) to ensconce oneself.

aciuare e f. shelt.ering etc.

aciunt adj. (ferit) safe; (aparat) protected; (adiipostit) sheltered : pcior, (safely) ensconced, snug. ' aciui(a) vb . tr., ob, refl . v. a c i u a.

aclama I. ob . tr , to acclaim, to cheer, to hail, to hurrah, to welcome (with acclamations); to applaud loudly. II. vb, intr . to cheer, to welcome (with acclamations)

to shout for joy. '

aelamam s.f. acclamation acclaim-

ing etc. '

aelamatie s.], pl. acclaim, acclamation(s), ovations, cheers. (Jj) 0 propunere ('atata prin ~ a proposal carried by acclamation.

aelimlttiza I. vb . tr . to acclimate toacclimati.e; (aadapta) to adapt:

II. vb . refl. 1. bOL etc. to acclimate to acclimatize, to get/to .becom~

acclimatized (to new surroundings) ; (a se adapta} to adapt oneself. 2. fig. (d. oameni ) to accustom oneself to new surroundings, to get/to become accustomed/used to new surroundings; to acclimatize oneself, to become/to get acclimatized (to new surroundings); to settle down (in a new place of work, ete.}, © a trebuit sii treacii mull ptnii cinds-a aclimatizat [acolo } it was a long time before he felt at heme there.

aclimatiznre s.f. acclimation, acclimatization; adaptation etc.

aenee s.f. med, acne(a).

acollldii. s.f. 1. iet .• arhit ., muzo acolade. 2. poligr . brace, bracket. aenlea adv.<--P F--+over there. acolit s.m. 1. bis, acolyth. 2. fig. acolyte; (aj utor } helper, assistant,

attendant. 3. fig. (complice) acolyte, confederate, accomplice.

aeolo ad". there, lnv.--+yonder; (eolea) F->over there; (in locu] aceta} at sau. in that place; [cu. oerbe care aratii deplasarea} there, to that place, poetic, tn".->thither, thitherward(s); (in alt loe] in another place. ® ~ afara out there; ~ jos down there; ,..._. sus up there. @ cam pe - about there, about that place; chiar ~ a. right there; precisely there; at that very place. b. [cu (Jerbe ale deplasarii] to that very place, . to the very same place' de ~ I. adj. of that place, fl'l}~ there. II. ad". a. (din locul acela} from there, from that place, rar-:« thence. b. fig. (din acestea} from that, thence, therefrom; dintr- ~ from there, from that place; intr- ~ there, to that place, inl'.--+thither; pe ,__, a. there; thereabouts, in those parts; at sau in that place; (cam pe ~) about there, about t~at .place, thereabouts; b. (in directia aceea] that way' pinii ~ 8. up to that point, up' to there, so/this far, as far as there/that. b. (temporal) till then. I). fig. a~/s,! far as that, to that length; pina ~ ineit so far that, so far as (to say ,etc.), to the length of (saying, aseerting etc.). © drumul


e, dUll' ...., the road (leading) tbere, thl! road leading to that place; cit (de depart') e ptnii<-? how far is it to go/to get there? fugi de ,... / F th~ idea (of such a thing) I you don't say so! you don't mean it! [spune-i-o lui mutu') tell thaJ/it to the marines I (deice) not at all, by no maans l e destul. de depart» pil!if ,...., it is a good way off; it is a long journey (tQ that place) ; f.I. I'Mr$ plna ~, tnctt a injurat be went so far as to swear. he went to the length of swearing.

a.comoda rb. reft.!. bioi. etc. (Cit. Ia ) to adapt/to aecernodate oneself (to). 2. (d. eineva] [cu , llL)to a4apt/tQ accomodate oneself (to); (a S6 lPipii.ca) to put up , t.o make shift (with); to reconcile oneself (to); (a se obisnui] tQ get aceus-

torned (to).

aeomodabl] adj. 1. biol, adaptable. 2. (d. ~in~~a) aocornodat ing ; conformable.

aeomodare 8.(. 1. (la) adaptation, accornodat.ion (to); putting up, making shift (with); reconciliation (to). 2. [la} assimilation (to, with). ® ~ ~izualil [iziol . accomodation of the eye.

*comodd adj. (Cit, 1a) adapted, accomodated (to); reconciled (to).

&compa.ni& I, cb , tr . 1. (a tnsoti ] to accompan y; to go sau to come with; (0 doamnii) to attend, to escort; (a conduce pino. Inlr-un loc] to conduct, to bring, to see (home etc .}, fl. mu~. to accompany. ® a ~ la pian to accompany smb, on the piano: a - la ~i()ara to accompany smb . on/with the violin. II. ob . ref], mu:;. to play one's own accornpan imen ts ,

seompanlement s.n. muzo accompaniment. © a tin/a fara """ to sing sau to play unaccompanied.

ILcomp&niatoare s.], PiUZ. (lady) accompanist.

,oQmplmiAtors.m. muzo accompanist. aeompaniere s.f. 1. accompanying. 2. muzo accompaniment.

aCl.'ut S.n. com: (plaia par tialii] sum paid on accoun t, part payrnen t ; payment on account; (prima rata)


first instalment, deposit, down! cash payment; (arvunii) earnest mone-y; (avans} advance (money). ® a plati un '""' cuil'a to pay ambo a sum on accoun t; to pay smb. a deposit , to pay &mb. a fir:;t instal. ment,

aeente I'b. tr, com.. 1. (a suma) [pentru ) to pay on account (for); to pay as a deposit/as a first instalment (on). 2. (un artieol ) to pay on aCCQUn t for; to pay on amlh. 9.8 <I deposit/as a first instalment; to pay/to give earnest money for.

il6onfa,l'es.f· com. [cu. gen.) paying On aceount (fQr) i payjng as a deposit/as a first instalment. '(on) ; payjng/giving earnest money (fm·).

acoperi1minj sn . ]. {ceea ee $er~efte 10, aeope~it), cover; {strat acoperitor) laser; (val) veil; (capac) lid. 9. {ueoperis] foof(ing); (ado.P,@$t) shelter, refuge. ® -1.11 Maieii Domnuhsi bot. fig ttre~) (Ficus. carica},

aeoperl I. ob, IF. 1. On dif~rite sensuri} to cover: (tn tniregime} to cover up; to envelop. 2 •. (Q casii etc .} to roef, to supply with a roof ; [cu tigle) to tile; [cu paie ; stui ) to thatch; (eu ~indl'ild) to shingle. S. [un. obieet desehis ) to covel'; [cu un capac) to put a "'<luthe lid on. 4. (a prote]a ) to cover, to protect; (a adaposti} to shelter, to give shelter to; (a ascunde} to hide; to harbour; (q masea) to mask; (a pune bins} to secure. 5; fig. (a aptira) to cover; to protect, < to defend;' to stand up for. 6. (a umple] to fill (in). '1. (a ascunde oederii } to cover, to SCI'<Ien; to hide (from si!j'ht). 8. [cu un etrat , a pune deasupra] to coat; (au tier) to iron; (cu vopsea ) to paint, to overlay; (eu pete) to spot, to speckle; (eu lac) to varnish; (eu paie ) to straw; (ell, pilmint) to earth up. 9. (a tnoeii , Ii Inf4~um) to cevee ; to wrap; [cu. (J [oaie de cort ] to tilt; [cu. [ularul ete.} to muffle. 10. (a tmbrdca] to cover; to dress; (a impodobi ) to (I}e)deck, to adorn. 11- fa rasplndi peste} to spread over; to scatter over; (a presara] to


strew (oyer). 12. fig. (a ascunde) to hide, to conceal: (a liiinui)to keep secret; to keep back; poetic-+to shroud in mystery, elev.-l-to draw a veil over; [prin , tdcere} to hush up; (a uscunde sub aparente false) to disguise, to dissemble. 13. fig. [ooeea ete.} to drown; {toba etc. ea sa nu Sf audJ) to muftle. 14. (0 distunIa) to cover. 11). mil. to cover, to protect. 16. (a corespunde] to correspond to; (ali identic ou} to be identical with; fa fi par#al identic eu) to dovetail with. 17. ec , to coyer. ® ,a ,._, cheltuielil« to cover/tc meet/to defray the expenses; a ,..., costal to coyer the cost; a '" un deficit to make up/to coyer/to supply a deficit; a'1i ,.._, fata ell, mtinile to hide/to bury one's face in one's hands i > to .put one's hands over one's face; a ,._" un gol fig. to fill the gap; a - masa a, to put a cloth on the table. II. {a pune masa} to lay/to spread the cloth; a ,._ nec8sitii/ile/nevoile to cover/to meet the needs/the requirements; a ,_ pierderea to make good the loss/the damage; a ,.._, retragerea mil. to cover the Fetreat/thaeearguard ; a-~i - retragerea mil: to secure one's retreat: a-si ...... rusinea to Cover one's shame: rr; ob, ref], 1. pas. [cu , de) to be covered etc. (with) Y. ~ I. 2. (d. cineva} to coyer oneself; (a-fi pun6 piilaria etc .] to put on one's hat, cap etc. 8. (a se tnoeli} to wrap/to muffle oneself up. 4. (a coincide) to coincid« (with one another); [partial] to dovetail (with one another). S. (d. ce/') to lower; to cloud over. ® a se ..... cu eoaji1 to crust (over); a se "--' eu fieri to cover Ito deck/to adorn oneself with flowers; a se ,.._, de glorie to cover oneself with glory; a ee ~ de rusine to cover oneself wi th shame «' and infamy); acoperiJi-vti! be covered I put your hats on r

acopel'ire s.f. 1. covering etc. 2. ee., c0li1:. cover; coverage; surety, securtty ; guarantee; (fond uri pt. 0 aeiiune} provision, necessary funds;

(rezerv~) reserve. 3. mil. cover, protection. 4. tehn; coat : coating' plating. ® ~ In aur ec., 'com. gold coverage. © a a(Jea """ ec ., com. to he covered, to hold security; a nu area'"""' ee., com. to be uncovered, to lack security, to he without funds (in hand).

acoperi, s.a , roof; > rootlet; eonstr, §i dome i blinds, surface coverage; geol, overlying bed; auto top. ® ....., conic conical hip Irool; ,...,cu dQuil punte loersante couple/saddle roof, double-sloping/·ridged roof; .._ cu mansardt'£ mansard (roof); '" cU 0 panta/un per~ant simplel Iean-toypsn] ruor: '"" de a lane (pan)tiledroof; ,... de, paie sau stu] thatch(ed) roof;.-..- de protec/~e fetor. protecting root, penthouse; """ de sc~nduri boa!ding/plank roof; - de eindrila shingls roof; -.. de figld v. d e 0 I a n e i '" dublu false work roof; ...., tn consola cantilever .roof ; ....., metalio auto hard top; ....., plan/plat :flat roof' ,.,_, _terasit flat/platform roof; --Iw': lii,helm. @ eoama -ului coping (of a roof), crest, ridge; fara '"'"' roof~ess;. panta ,._,ului slope/pitch/ incltnation of a root. ® a trai eub aeelasi -- (eu cineoa } to Iive under the same roof (with smb.].

acoperit adj. 1. covered etc. 2. (ascuns oederii} protected from view, out of sight. 8. [tnnorat] overcast. ~. fig. [tainie] secret; [aseuns ] hiddsn ; [misterios} mysterious; [abscons ] abstruse. ® ,..., au flori (d,. pajifte ete.} poetic_car_ peted Wlt~ flowers; '""' cu z~pada covered With snow; (d,. munl~ ete .] poetic-+snow-capped.

Rcoperitoare s.], cover.

IIcord s.n. 1. muzo chord; [armonie} harmony, accord, concord; pl. (slmete placu-Ie) strains. 2. fig. [ituelegere, potrivire} agreement· (armonie) harmony, accord, con~ c<;lrd; unison, congeniality; [potrieire} congruence, concordance, consonance, consonancy; (conform itate) conformity;, (col'l!spondenlt1) correspondence; (unitate) unity, unison; (coincidenJI'f) coincidence;


(! a planurilor} concert. concurrenee; [coeziune] solidarlt.y. 3. ·gram. agreement, concord. 4. tel. tuning. o. jur. etc, agreement; settlement. ® ~ bilateral bilateral agreement; ....., comercial trade agreement; ~ consonant muzo consonant chord; ~ de plati ec, clearing; ,..., disonant muzo disonant chord; ~ dupa intelee gram. agreement/concord by meaning; major muzo major chord; ,..., minor muzo minor chord; ~ prin atractie gram. agreement/concord by attraction; confusion by proximity. @ de - adj. a. at one (with smb.), of one mind; agreed. b. interjectional agreed J granted I quite so 1 all right I de - cu a. (in conformitate cu} in keeping/conformity/ accord with. b. [cineca] in mutual understanding/agreement with; de comun ,..., a. with one accord/ consent. b. by mutual agreement; lipsii de "'"' a. disonanoe, discord, dissension; lack of concord/agreement. b. gram. disagreement; munca tn ~ piecework; plata in "'"' piece wage. @ a ciidea de ~ a. to come to an agreement/an understanding/terms/an arrangement, to agree. b. fa incheia u.n tirg} to conclude/to strike a bargain. c. (a consimii] to consent, to accede, to assent; a [i de ~ to agree; a fi de ~ cu. a. {cineva} to agree with, to be at one/in agreement with, b. ("a nu zice nu Ia"] to agree to. c. (a fi de aceea~i piirere cu prioire la ) to agree on; nu pot fi de ~ cu dumneata asupra acestui punct I cannot agree with you there; a pune de ~ to bring into accord; to adjust, to accomodate, to reconcile, to conciliate; stn: intra totut de ~ cu ceea ce spui I'm quite in agreement with what you say; a [i in ,._ cu to correspond/to answer to; (a se potrivi cu} to tally, to dovetail (cu acue.}: to agree with; a lucra] a munci ,n ~ to work by agreement/contract/the job.

aeorda I. ob, tr. 1. muzo to tune, to put in tune, to attune; ( dupa

32 diapason} to put to concert pitch.

2. rad, to tune in; to syntonize.

3. gram. to make agree, to put in coricord. 4. (a concede) to grant, to concede; to accord; (a oferi} to offer; to afford; (a da} to give' (a binepoi sa deal to vouchsafe ~ (a ferm~te~ to. allo,:", to permit; [drepturi fl privilegii}, to license. 5. tehn . to adjust, to trim. ® a ~ ajutor cuioa to lend assistance to smh.: a ,_ 0 audienta ouioa to grant/to give smh, a hearing' a ~ drepturi to grant/to conc~de rights ; a~ im portonta unei pro b leme to attach importance to a problem; a ~ incredere cIlipa to place confidence in smb., to put one's trust in smb. ; a ~ protectie cuioa to afford smh , protection; a -: un rabat]o r~ducere com. to give discount, to YIeld an abatement; a -- ragaz euioa to give srnb. time, to give a respite to smb.; a ~ oioara dupa pian muz • to tune the violin to the piano; cinstea care i-a [ost ~ta the honour that has been bestowed upon him. II. (Jb. refl, 1. pas. to be tuned etc. 2. gram. to agree, to be in concord. @ subiectul se acorda tn numiir cu predicattil gram. the subject agrees with the predicate in number,

acordant s.m. piece worker, jobber, tasker.

aeordere s.f. tuning, granting etc. Iwordat adj. 1. muzo in tune, attuned, poetic .... attune; ca pari. tr , pitched. 2. gram. agreed, in agreement! concord.

aeordeon s.n. muz. accordion; melodeon; (hexagonal) concertina. acordeonist s.n. muzo accordion sau concertina player.

acorder muzo I. e.m . tuner (of a musical instrument). 11. s.n. (pt. pian) tuning key/hammer; (pt. orga) tuning cone.

acosta I. vb • tr . [pe ciner;a) to accost, to go up to and speak to; (a opri} to stop. II. vb . intr . naP. to moor; to land; to come alongsid e.

acostamcnt s.n. consfr. footway; drumuri verge, road shoulder.


acostare 8.f. accosting etc. @ ponton de ~ gangway.

acotiJedon(at) ad}. bot . acotyledouous. aeotiledonate s.f. pl: bot. acoty.ledons.

acrealA s], 1. sourness; acidity, acidness; (caracter insepator] tartness, pungency. 2. sour food; SOUI' drink. 3. fig. sourness, acrimony; {irltabilitate} petulance, irritability; [artag} peevishness, cantankerousness. 4. fig. [amiiriiciune] bitterness. ® '" La stomac acidity of stomach.

ILcredlta I. vb . tr . 1. com., ee , to open a credit for; to give a credit to. 2. (un diplomat) to accredit; (a tmputernici) to authorize; to empower. 3. (a da orezare] to accredit, to credit, to give credit to, to believe. II. cb, refl. pas. to be accredi ted etc.

aereditare s.f. opening a credit, accreditation, accrediting etc. @ scrisori de "'"' a. letters of accreditation, credential letters, credentials. b.-ec., com. letters of credit.

acreditat I. ad}. accredited etc.

II. sm, plenipotentiary,

8creditiv s.n , ee., com. letter of credit.

ILcreseamint s.n; jur . accretion. aert I. vb , tr . 1. to (make) sour, to acidify; (a mural to pickle; to salt. 2. fig. to make sour, to embitter; (a invenilla) to envenom. II. ph. refl. 1. pas. to be soured etc. 2. (a se face aeru ) to grow/to' go/to get/to turn sour, to sour; (d. lapte] to curdle, to clabber; (d. bere] to fox, to prick. 3. fig. to become sour, embittered, peevish etc. v. a c I' u! I, 3. ® a i se ,.... (de)to be sick/tired of smth., F to be fed up with smth.

acridii. 8.f. entom. grasshopper {Lo-

custa viridissima},

acridinA s.], chim. acridine. 'aerllat S.n. chim, acrylate.

aerhne s.f.<-rar 1. v, a c rea I ii. 2. (gust. acru} sour taste. 3. fig. (du~manle) enmity; hostility; (pica) grudge.

aertmenles ad} . e-ra» acrimonious. Rcrire s.], souring etc.


Re~i~l s.m, bot, barberry, devil's hit [Berberis vulgaris).

aeriser .. adj. sourish, tartish : acidulous, subacid, acidulent,

acrit~ •. adj. 1. soured, (made) sour, acidif'ied ; (murat) 'pickled. 2. [atterat ; stricat). tainted, spoilt, dalI!a.ged; (peck.l) old. 3. fig. (plictisit] bored; sick, tired; V. 9i a c I' u I, 3. n. s.n. souring etc. ® a pune la ~ (a mura) to pickle.

Reritura s.f. 1. (aliment acru] sour food; (biiutura acral sour drink, 2. pl. (muraturi} pickles.

acrobat sm, rope dancer/walker, acrobat.

acrobatic adj. 1. acrobatic. 2. fig. neckbreaking ... ; of an acrobat.

a.crobatie s.f. 1. acrobatics, (ad of) rope dancing/walking, 2. acrobatic feat; an acrobat's trick. 3, fig. acrobatics, ® -. ,.", aerianii aerobatics, F .... air circus. @ a face acrobasii to stunt, to perform stunts/ acrobat.ic feats/tricks.

aeromatle adj. opt. achromatic; colourless.

aeremattsm s.n. opt. achromatism; lack of colour. .

acromatopsie s .f. med . achromatopsy

achromatism, colour blindness. '

aeropola s], acropolis.

acrostih s.n. metr, acrostic.

acro§a fro I. ob . tr. 1.tehn. (a agala) (de)to hang (up) (on); (un vehicul} to.coupJe/tohitch on (to). 2. (a prinde) to hold; [tntr-un ctrlig] to hook. U. vb, refl: ® a se '""" de to cling/to fasten to.

a.croterii. s.], arhit . acroteriurn, aeroterion.

aeru! I. adj. 1. sour; tart; t€sty acid, touchy; {tiiios , astringent) acrid, sharp; [ca otetut} vinegarish; chim, acid, acetous, acetose; [ncriso»} sourish; acidulous. 2. [necopt} unripe, green. 3. fig. sour; (supariicios) sour, sulky acrimonious,crabbed, peevish' (su~ parat ) angry, cross; (morocdnos) morose, surly; (Jifnos) grnmpy, cantankerous. 4. fig. (amar) bitter' (greu) painful. ® <-duloe sour: sweet; '" la gust sour-tasted. Q)) apa acra carbonic/acid water j berll


acra foxy /pricky beer; eastl"ape/i aori pickled cucumbers j au 0 mind aCTa sour-jvinegar-Iaced ; gust,_ sour/harsh/acrid taste i lapte sour milk; mar ,...., S(}Ur apple; mind acra sour/vinegar face; om "'" sour, peevish, morose etc. man/ fellow It. ,._ 3; snarler ; piatrii aerit alum stone, alunite; "ana acTa pickled/salted/sour cabbage; "in ,._ sour wine. ® a a~ea 0 figura acrd to look (as sour as) vinegar; a face 0 mind. acTa to put on/to make a sour face. II. ado . sourly, morosely, peevishly, sulkily. @ a se uita ,...., to look sour, to look (as sour as) vinegar, to look as sour as verjuice; Imi oine >« de, mi so face - de ... makes me sick; ... goes against my stomach; my gorge rises at ...

aero" s.m. acre (4046,f}4 m" ). acts.n.l. (fapta) act; action, deed. 2. [ur. .(official) deed, document; act; legal instrument; writ; pl. judicial ac. ts; [certificat] certificate. 8. tealru act. ® ~ adminisIrati" administrative act; "'" constitiuional constitutional act; ...... de acuzare jU1'. (act of) Indictment, (act of) accusation; - de botez <-iM. certificate of baptism; ~ de caritate act of charity; pl. chadties; .... de casatorie+-ilW. certificate of marriage; '" de credinJa act of falfh ; ~ de cununifJ+-iM. wedding certificate; - d. curaj brave deed/action, act of bravery;

de deces +--inl). certificate of death; ,_ de dreptate act of justice; ~ de eroism act of heroism, heroic deed; ;.... de impietate impiety; - de na~tere+-tJW. certificate of birth, birth certificate; ~ de nepoliIe/8 incivility; ~ de nesupunere act of disobedience; ,.... de notariat notarial act, scllcitoe's deed; deed executed and authenticated by a notary;,...., de proeedura jut'. procedure act j - de stare ci"illi. certificate of birth, marriage, or death; ,..., de oiolenta act of violence; ,..., de vlnzare bill of sale; ~ deznadajduit act of despair, desperate act; ..... (I publice public documents;

public reg isters ; ,..., [uls forged deed forgery; ~ juridic judicial act sa~ docurnen t; juristic fact; ~ nebunesc. fool_ish/recklessact(ionj, daredevil trickystun t , !Dad action; '" n~eugelat r~sh act(lDn); ~ normaIII' normative act; ,..., o{icial official document; ....., penal jur. penal act; ,.... public puhlic document· ...... terorist terroristic act, act of terror. @.piesa In. cinci ~e five-act play. © a face ,..., de autoritate to exercise one's authority jwilla; a face '" de complezenta to show one's readiness to oblige; a face ,_ de prezentd to enter an appearance, F-+to show up; a lua ~ de ce"a a. jur . to take (legal) cognizance of smth. b. to note smth., to take note of smth.: a redacta un ,..., to draw up a deed/a document.

actlnie adj. fiz. actinic.

aetlnle s.f. zool, actinia [Actinia]; actinism sm, [iz, actinism. aennomatru e.m, chim i, [i a, actino-


actiniu sn, chim, actinium.

a~tiv I .. adj. ~'. active; [harnie} lll~ustnous, diligent; busy; [oioi] brisk. 2. (operatic} efficient, ope:ative .. 8. (In [unctie ) acting; mil. III active service. 4. gram., chim, efc. active. 6, com. due (to the Jirm). @ armata -a mil. standing/regular army; membra active member; remediti ~ efficaceous remedy; serviciu - mil. active service; sprijin. ,..., active support; active aid/assistance; cooperation; verb ~ gram. active verb; vulcan ,._, active volcano. © a lua parte ,...,ii la to take an active part in , II. adv . actively, in an active manner. ® a participa ,_ la to take an active part in. III. s.n, 1. pol. active; tho most active members. 2. com., ee , assets; credit (account), 3. gram; active voice. ® ,._, de par tid pol. Party active, the most active members of the Party organization; ,._, si pasio com., ec. assets and liabilities i ~ul (celor ) tara de partid. pol. the active of non-



Party people. © a or)ea la """l sCiu to have on one's score/records; to accoun t for.

activo I. vb . tr. 1. (a intensifica ) to intensify; (a accelera] to speed up, to accelcrate; to dispatch, to expedite; (a grribi) to hasten; (a inviora} to enliven, to brisk up; (a stimula] to stimulate. 2. [iz, to activate. II. vb . re{l. 1_ pas. to be intensified, sped up etc. v. ~ I, 2. (a spori } to intensify; to increase. 8. (a se accelcra ) to accelerate, to speed up. 4. nul. to enter Ito join the regular army. III. "b. intr, (a lucra ) to work; (tntr-o anumitii tunc/icy to act; to function. © acticeazii ca traduciitor he worksfunctions as a translator.

netivare s.f. intensification, intensifying etc,

activator s.m, fiz., chim . activating agcn t.

activist s.m. activist, active worker. ® '" de pur tid Party activist/ worker; ~ pe tarim obetesc worker in public and social affairs.

aetlvttate s.f. 1. activi ly ; (lucru, munca) work; ({unc/ie) function, job; {trcabn ) business; [miscare} movement. 2.~rar (sirguinJii) diligence, industry, industriousness. ® ~a constientii a oamenilor the conscious activity of men; ,._, editoriala publishing (activity); obsteasca (public and) social actio vity; ~ personala (personal] record, record of activity; buckground; ~ practice practical activity sau activities; '" revolu iionara revolutionary activity. (!)I in '" a. in activity /act ion/operation/progress, at work, h. (d. un vulcan} active; sfera de ~ sphere of action ; field; domain; province; In plirui ~ in full operat ion ; (d, Un [urnal etc.) in full blast; (in 10i) in full swing.

acttvlza I. vb . tr . ( oomeni) to make more acti v c ; to ruuse, to stir' up, to stir to activlty. II. ob . reil , to be (come) mOI'C active; to liven (up).

uettvlzaro s.], making more active etc.


actor s.m. actor, player, performer, rar .... histrionic, F...,.theatrical; (de estradti} artiste. ® ~ ambulant strolling/itinerant/louring actor I player, stI'OIIE'r; ~ de comcdie comedian; ~ de tragedie tragedian; F .... 'I'hespian ; "" principal chief/ pl'incipal/leading actor, leading man, protagonist; star; ,... prost pOOl' actor, F...,.ham (ado!'), ·amer. sl. hamfather.

aetoras s.m. dim. peior , v. act 0 r prost.

actnrleese adj. an actor's, .. ; theatrical, histrionic: dramatic.

Ildorie s.f. acting, performing (on Ihe stage}, h istr-ionism.

adrita s.]. actress, player; (de Iragcd!» ) tragedienne; (de comedic) comedienne.

actual J. adj. 1. (de acum] proscnt , presen t-day ... , I'ar-+actual; contemporary; (existent) existing ... ; [curent } current; (modern) modern. 2. (de octuatitatc} topical; up- to-elate ; (d. un articol eie.) right up to the minute; [oportun] apport unc , seasonable. @ limba engleza ~a present-day English; preturile -e the pres en t/rulingp existing prices; ,tarea ~d de lucruri the present state of things. II. ad», (ca adj.) ®sunafoarte...., i tsounds very topical.

aetualltate e ,f. 1. [prezcnt] pres€n t, present time sau hour/moment, the time being; (stare actualii} present state, present condition sau situalion, 2. {caracter actual) topicalness, topicality, topical character; up· to- <lateness ; actuality; [oportunitate sau conformitate ell, momentul } seasonableness, opportuneness; [semnificatie co ntemporanii] contemporary significance; [interes actual) present interest. 3·. [moda zilei ) fashion of the day/hour, novelty. 4. pl. [noutiiii] questions sal. events of tho (present) day/of the moment; passing/current even ts ; news of the day/the momen t , ® actuaiitdtile zilei the passing/ourren t events v. si ,.._, 4 . Qj) de ~ It. V. act \l a 1. b. {arziitOI", fig.) burning, keen; urgent;


chestiune lipsita de ,..., question lacking present interest; lucrare plinii de ~ work replete with presen t in terest.

actuaIiza I. vb . tr . to bring up- todate; to make topical. II. vb . refl: pas. to be brought up-to-date; to be made topical.

actualizure8,f. bringing up-to-date: making topical.

actualmente ado.c-eleo . at present, at the present mornen t/hourvat this time; nowadays; (aeum) now.

aetuar s .m.actuary. '

actiona I. vb, intr . (d. cineoa] I. to act, to take action; to proceed. ® a ~ asupra (cu gerc.} a. to have effect on; to act/to operate on; (a initucnta) to influence [cu acus.}, b. (a convinge] to convince (cu acuz.); to hring smth, heme to. c. {pozitiv } to have the desired effect on. d. [nerailor etc.] to tell on. e. chim, etc: to react on. @ tu cum ai fi ,._.t? how would you have acted? what would you have done? II. vb, tr , tehn ; to set in action/motion; to drive, to run; to move, to operate. ® a ,.._. in judecaui pc cineca jur _ to bring/to take an action against srnb., to sue smb,

actionar sm , shareholder, amer, stockholder.

aejlonare s.], acting; [actiune} action; [activitate} activity. ® - in judecatii jur. action (brought) against smb., suing smb. at law; ~ mecanicii tehn . mechanical/power drive/operation; ,.._. prin transmisie tehn, transmission drive. (j}) eu ,.._. mecanic/i tehn, powered, poweractuated.

actlune s.], 1. action; act; deed; [curajoasii] feat. 2. mil. action, fight, . engagement, operation. 3. gram. action. 4. lit. action; plot. i. (influentii) action, influence; (efect) effect; agency. 6. (functionare] function(ing). 7. jur. (civil) action, lawsuit, civil trial. 8. CC. share, pl. shares, F->scrip, amer. stock. V. (campanie ) action; campaign, drive. (ill ,.._. agresi~ii (act of) aggression; [incursiune ) inroad i

...., banear(i ec. bank security. cioila jur, ">, ~ 7; ~ persdnalCi ce. personal share; ,...., premeditata premeditated action; ,.._. pricilegiala ec.preferance share. ® in "-' in action, F->on foot; at work; in operation; tehn . fi -in gear; tn. plinit ~ in full activity/swing; (Lucrind mereu} working full time; locul actiunii the scene (of action); om de ~. man of action; plin de ,..., (d. un roman etc.] full of action; dramatic; societate pe actiutii ee. joint-stock company; company, or share-holders; unitate de ,..., unity of action. @ a intenta (0) ~ tmpotrioa cuioa to sue smh. (at law), to bring/to take action against smb.: a intra in ~ D. (d. oameni} to come into action, to engage in action. b. mil. to go into action; to begin operations. c. (d. forte, interese etc.} to come into play. d. tehn . to be put in action, to be set going; to start; a pun" In ~ 11. to set/to put in action, to call/to bring into action; (forte noi etc.] to call into play. b. tehn . to actuate; to set to work; (a porni) to start; a trece la ~ 3. to act, to take action; (a se apuca de lucru ) to set to work. b. (a lua masuri] to take measures.

aeu adr).+-li' v. a eu m. aeuatorte s.f. arte etching.

acuarelh s.], 1. [vopsea} water colour. 2. [picturii] aquarcl le, water colour, painting in water colour(s). aeuarelist s.m, pict; aquarellist,

water-colour painter.

acultate e .f. 1. (a simturilor} acuity, sharpness, acuteness, keenness_ 2. (a durerii} sharpness, poignancy. 3; (a unei crize ete.} acuteness. ® ~ auditioii sharpness/keenness of hearing; keen ear; ~vizuali'i visual acuity, keenness of sight.

aeum ado . 1. now; (in prezent) at present, at this time; (in acest moment) at this moment, F->at this time of day; [asuizi} today; (in zilele noastre} nowadays; in our days. ,2. [atunci - pt. a Inviora povestirea] now. 3. [adineauri}



just/but now; a little while ago, a minute ago, a few moments ago. 4. (in urma cu} ago. 5. (ia rind, dapa aeeasla) now, next. 6. (inda tii} immediately, directly, at once, in a moment, just/right now. 7. (La start) ready! steady! go! ® ~ ... , ~ ... now ... , now then ... ; ~ un an a year ago; ~ cit now that; ~ ori niciodats: now 01' never. @ ca ,._J a. [asa cum e acum} as it is now, as it is at present. b. (de porca ar (i acum) as if it were now. c. (in mod clar] clearly, distinctly; On mod oiu] vividly; chiar ,._.. a. (adinea!iri) v. ,._.. 3. b. (chiar in acest moment) this very moment, right now; de ~ 1. adj. present; presen t-day ... v. si act u a I I, 1. II. adv , from now on, henceforward, henceforth; de '" tnaintejincolo v. d e ~ II; numai ~ now only; pina "'" tilll until now, so far, as yet, In!!.-> hitherto; {inca} still; ptnii rmai ,..., cinei ani till about five years ago; ~i _, a. and now. b. (inca) still; to this day/time; even now. ® ,.., e ,..., now/this is the critical/ decisive moment; ~ e momentul now is the time for it, now is the time to do it; ~ pot veni now let them come, now for them; ~ sii te ~ad! a. [aratt: de ce eft; In stare) now show your mettle! b. [mii-ntreb ce ai sit faci) I wonder what you' 11 do now.

aeuma ad~.+-reg. v. a cum. aeuminat adj. bot. acuminate. aeumula I. "b. 11'. to accumulate,

to amass; (a ingramiidi) to heap (up), to pile; n bani) to hoard up; (a rezerva] to pile up, to hoard, to build np; (a fnmagazina) to store; (a aglomera) to agglomerate; (a aduna] to gather (up); (a spori} to increase, to augment. © 'a "'" cunostinte to store knowledge; a '" e xperientii to gather/to get experience. II. vb . refl. 1. to be accumulated etc. 2. to accumulate; (a se tngriimiidi} to heap (up); (a se aglomera) to agglomerate; (a se ad.una] to gather (up); (a epori} La increase, to augment,


aeumulare s.f. 1. accumulation, accumulating etc. 2. (gritmada) accumulation, hoard; collection. ® ~ de capital ee. accumulation of capital; ,..., de cunoetinte storing of knowledge; ~ primitiva ec, primitive accumulation; - rapidii rapid accumulation; "" sociotieia ec, socialisfaccumulation.

accumulator S.l1. electro (battery) accumulator, storage battery. ® -- de abul' tekn;, accumulator; "" hidraulio tehn; hydraulicaccurnulator.

acupla I.pb. 11'. 1. v. cup I a. 2. (a tmperechea} tocouple,to mate, to pair. II. lOb. refl. 1. v. a sec u p La. 2. (a M imperethea)' to mate, to pair; to copulate, to couple.

aeupla] e,n, tehn, (clutch) coupling. aeuplare s], 1. v. cup 1 are.

2. mating etc,

aoupunetura s.], mea. acupuncture. acnrateta, acuratete s .f- accuracy. acustic adj. acoustic.

acnstica e.i. 1. science of sounds; acoustics (eu ob . la sg.}, 2. (a unci sali ete.] acoustics(cu vb , la rt.).

aeustlelan s.m. acoustician.

aeusa! ad!!. +--reg. v. a c u 'iii i. aeusa ob . tr . (1'. to gi vo birth to. aeus i ad ... {chiar acum) right now; [indatii ] immediately, directly, in a minute, F in no time, in a jiffy. acu~ica ad". F in no tine, in a jiffy;

v. a c u 9 1.

aeuser s.n. dim. de la a c little needle sau pin.

aeut I. adj. 1. (pittrunziltQr) acute, keen; [p uiernic} strong; [oiolent } violent. 2. (d. dureri ) acute; violent; severe. 8. (d. boli] acute, not chronic. 4. (critic) critical; crucial. 5. micz; acute, shrill, high in pitch. @ febra ~ii med. high fever; registru '" muzo head register. II. ado . acutely; strongly; violently; severely.

aeuza I. ob . tr, 1. (de) to accuse (of); (a tnoinooasi ) to .hlame (for); to charge (with); to tax (with). 2. jur. to prosecute, to sue , to hring! to en tel' Ito lay an ac lion / a charge


against, to proceed against; (t un [unetionar public) to impeach. ~. med. fi fig. to indicate; to mamfest; to evince; to have. © a ~ pe cineca de tnalui trhdare to impeach smb. for high treason .. II. "b. ref]; 1.. to accuse/to blame oneself. 2. [reciproc] to accuse/to blame each other. 3. pas. to be accused etc. (v. ~I). III. ~b. intr, to accuse.

aeuzahll adj. accusable, impeachable, indictable.

aeuzare sf. 1. (ca actiune} accusation, accusing, blaming etc. 2. (ca act) accusation, charge; blame. S. [ur . charge; (pt. diferite oini, scrisa ) indictment; [penald ] arraignment; (pt. calcarea datoriei} impeachment; (ineulpare) inculpation, imputation, incrimination. 4. j ur. [ca persoand } accuser, indicter, impeacher, arraigner; pl. accusers etc. Clll act de ~ [ur . bill of indictment; cap de ~, [ur, count (of indictment/an indictment); de ~ accusatorial, accusatory; pu,nere sub ~ jur. ® a pune sub ~ pe eineoa jur , to arraign smb., to commit smb. for trial.

aeuzat I. adj. accused. II. s.m. fur. accused person; <-ul the accused; (in Angiia, intr-un proces cl~d; In. §.U.A. Intr-un p roces penal) defendant; (sub stare de arest , la barii} prisoner (at the bar); (la un proces de dicor; ete.) respondent; (intimal) appellee.

aeuzattv s.n. gram. accusa tive (case) ; (in gram~ ellgleza, uneori ] objective (case). ® ~ dublu double accusative; ""ul obiectului interior accusative of content; [privit silltactic) cognate object.

aouzator I. adj. accusing; accusatory, incriminating. II. sm, L, jur. accuser, indicter, impeacher, arraigner, prosecutor. 2. accuser; (in pnrlament } impeacher, arraign. er. ®,..., public public prosecutor.

ucuzaties.f. si jur, accusation, charge. ® ~ de f~rt [ur; indictment for thett, indictment on a charge of theft; prosecution for 1heg. @

sub acuzatia de on a charge of, under an accusation of. @ a aduce Q ~ tmpotrica cuioa to bring an accusation against smb.

aeuzi . s .f.+-rar accusation, charge. acvarorte s .n, arte etching, etched copper-plate.

aevamarln s .n, mineral: aquama-


aevaplan e.n: sport surf board. aevarlu s.n , aquarium.

aevatie adj. aquatic, water '" aevller ad). aquiferous; water.

bearing; watery.

acvUa s.], 1. om. eagle, poetic Jove's bird (Aquila). 2. omit. golden eagle (Aquila imperialis). 3. [ca sterna] eagle. @pui de '"""' eaglet.

acvilin adj. aquiline. @ nas '"""' aquiline/Roman nose, eagle's beak; pricire ~a kecnfpenetrating glance; eagle eye; hawk eye.

acvllon s.n.s+rar north wind; cutting blast.

adagio muzo I. ado; adagio, slowlj-, II. s .n . adagio.

adaglu s.n. adage, saying, saw, (proverb} proverb.

Ada.m nume mose.; ri bibl . Adam® ~ ~i Era hibl. Adam and Eve. Clll de cind cu mos r-«, de cind ~. Babadam .F since Adam, amer . since Adam was a boy; mdrul lui '"" anat. Adam's apple; neam. de pe ,.,., remote relative, very distant relative, F thirty-second cousin; pe oremea lui,..., in Adam's time, in tile days of yore, ages ago. @ era tmbriicat in c(JslUfIIUI 'lui ,..., glumef he was stripped to the buff.

adamant s.n. diamond, inr.-+adamanto

adamantln adj. adamantine; diamond ... ; diamond-like.

adamie ad], Adamic,

adaos s.n. addition; (spor, erestere] increase, rise ; (plus) extra; (supliment } supplement; (marire ) enlargement, augmentation, amplification; [completare] ccmpletion; appendage, pendant; rata. fare} al.tachmen t, snbjunction : {urmare} sequel; [interpolare] inter-



polation, interjection; [prin amessecare ) admixture, in termixturo ; (de metale } alloy; {anexa } annex; (aoaesoriu) accessory; [amendament } amendment: (la 0 carte etc.} addendum, addenda, appendix; (la 0 scrisoare} postscript; [la 0 lege, un document)additional clause, rider, schedule; (la un testament) codicil; [la o polita) slip; (ingredient) ingredient; tehn; insert, shim; stock; distance piece. ® ~ de cheltuieli extra expenses; ,..., de sa· lariu: mcreaseyaugmentation/Fcraise of salary; additional salary/ pay. @ apa cu. un mic ~ de Ore! water with just a dash/a thimhleful/F ...... a small drop of vinegar; eu un·"'_' de with an admixture of; with a dashja sprinkling of; 10 which... is added; eu -ul cii with the addition that; (Cit coreeti()ul ca) with the qualification that; fara niei un ,._, without any further addition. @ a porni tntr-r-: +-reg. F-Joto get in the family way, to he in interesting circumstances, P ...... to be hig(.bellied),to be pregnant.

adapta I. ob; tr, 1. (la) to adapt (to; for) to accommodate (to); (a a.justa) to adjust (to) ; (timpului, tmprejurarilor} to time (to); (a face sa se potriceascii] to tally, to make agree (with); (a conform a) to conform (to); (a aclimatiza ) to acclimat(iz}e (to); (a face potrioit'; to lit (to); to suit (to). 2. tehn, to adjust, to fit; (a monto ) to mount. S. ec, {la} to suit (to). 4. (pl. scenii etc.} to adapt; to dramatize. 5. (a reface} to remodel, to recast, to work over; (a scrie din nou} to re-write. ® a ~ 11k (a deprinde cu } to accustom/ to inure to; (a aduce la nicelul] to level to. II. ob , ref]; 1. (la) to adapt/to adjust oneself (to); to accommodate oneself (to}; (d. Incruri} to be adapted (to); {tmprejurarilor ete.] to time oneself (to); (a 56 conforma} to conform (oneself) (to); to comply (with); (a se aclimatiza ) to acclimat(iz)e (oneself) (to). 2. pas. to be adapted etc.


v. ,.,_. r.e a se ,._, la (IX se deprlnde ell) to accustom oneself to, to get accustomed / inured to, to inure oneself to. © a se '" tmprejura. rilor to adapt/to accommodato oneself to circumstances; to rnako the boat of circumstances; a se '" mediului [lnconj uriitor} to adapt Oneself to one's environment, to fit oneself (inlto one's surroundings.

adaptabil adj. (Ia} adaptable (to). arlaptllles·f. 1. (la) {ca actiune ) adaptation, adapting etc. (to) v. a d apt a. 2. (la) (ca act} adaptation (~o); aceornmodntion (to); conformity (WIth, to). 3. bioi. (la) adaptatica (to). 4. lit. adaptation; muzo adaptation ;a.rra.ngement. ® ,.., oinematografieii screen/film adaptation/version; ~ radiofonicd adaptation for broadcasting, radio adapta tionjveraion.

ndap1at adj. [la] adapted (to). adaus s :n, v. a d a 0 s,

adiioga v. a d ii. u g a ..•

adnogi v. ad 11 u g a. ...

adiipa I. ob, tr , 1. (animate) to water. 2.+--peior. {pe cineca] to give smb . to drink U his fill); (a tmbata} to make drunk to swill, to fuddle, sl. to soak. 3. fig. {piimintul etc .] to water, to wet, to soak. II. cb ; refl. 1. (d. animale ) to drink; pas to be watered. 2. (d. oameni <- peior, to drink (L one's fill); to quench one's fhirst; (a bea lac om) to swill. ® a so "" dinfla fig. a. (a sorbi] to drink in, to imbibe (tu acus.}, b. (a se inspira dill) to draw on; (a tmprumuza de la] to borrow tram. @ a ee "" in aceeasi apa eu cineca F to sing the same song with smb., to sail in the same boat with smb.; ;rtiu eu tn ce apd se adapti. F I summer and winter him, ·1 know him well.

adilpare e.], watering, wetting, etc. adiipat s.», I. v. a d Ii p a. r e2.

V. a d a pat 0 are.

adii}l!itoare s.], 1. (pt. an ima lela domestice} watering place; (pt. animalele salbatice} drinking place. 2. (jgheab) water trough, run.


IIdiipost s.n. 1. shelter, refuge; (100, sigur) safe place, place of secnri ty, cover; mil. dug-out. 2. [Locuinta } house, lodging(s), housing; [ciimin) home; [acoperamtnt } roof (ing); [azil } asylum (for the homeless), house. of refugo, sl: straw yard. 3. fig. (liman) shelter, refuge, harbour (age), retreat, port, poetic--+haven. 4. fig. (ungher ascuns) recess; {sanctuar] sanctuary. 5. fig. {protectie) protection; [scut] shield; {sprijin] support; [ajutor] help, assistance, aid; [acoperire} cover, shroud, screen; (paza) [impotrioa] safeguard (against); guard (ianship). ® - -antiaerian. mil. air-raid shelter; ~ antiatomic mil. atomic-bomb shelter; ,..., coleotio mil. collective shelter; ~ contra bombelor mil. bomb shelter, bomb-proof dug-out; '" contra bombelor atomice mil. atomic shelter; ...., contra gazelor mil. gasproof shelter; '" contrailmpotrioa ploii shelter from rain i ~ impotrioa eoarelui shelter from the sun; ,.... public mil. public shelter. @ lara,..., homeless, houseless, 811eltCl'less, roofless, unsheltered; la """ safe, in safety; under shelter/covel'; in a safe place-;-Ia~deprotected against/from; safe/sheitel'ed from; la ~ul (c« ge".) under cover/shelter of, under the prot.ection of; la ~ul noptii under shelter I cover of the night; personrui lard ~a. homelessjshelterless/houseless person. b. (vagabond) tramp, vagabond. @ a cduta ~ to seek (a) shelter; (d. animale] to take so il; a ealtta,..._, In fig. to seek refuge in; (a recurge la} to resort/ jto recur/to have recourse to; a cere >- cuioa to ask smb. lor hospitality; a da ~ cuiva to give! Ito afford shelter to smh., to lodge jto harbour smb.; voi gasi un ,..., undeva I'll find accommodation somewhere (or other) i a oferi+-cuioa v. a d a cui v a ; a lasa tara- pe cineva.to unhouse smh.: a rdmine fllra ~ to be left without a roof, F_tohave got the key of the street i a pune la .... to place

in safely; to get out of danger; (a saioa } (0 save; (a adiiposti] to shelter; (a ascunde} to hide; a se pune la ~ (de) to (take) shelter (from), to secure oneself (a. gainst); to get out of danger, to get out of harm's way; a se pune la ~ de (a eoita] to avoid [cu. acus .},

adupostl I. ob . tr, 1. to shelter; to give / to afford shelter to; (a gazdui) to lodge, to harbour, to house, to take in, to receive (under one's roof), to put up, to accommodate; (a tncartirui} to quarter, to billet; [oameni; cai, oehicule] to put up; (vile) to house, to stable; (ca tntr-un cuib ) to nestle. 2. (de) (a asounde] to hide(from); (a apiira} to protect, to shield (from); (a duee intr-un loc sigur ) to take to a place of safety; to secure (from); (a pasi ) to (safe)guard (against) 3. (a inmagazina] to store, to stow / to put away. 4. (a inciipea ; a area loc pt.) to hold. II. ob . refl; 1. to shelter oneself, to seek (a) shelter; to take shelter; (d. animal) to take soil; (a gasi adapost} to find shelterf refuge; (a gii..~i pro tee tie ) to find protection. 2. (a se piizi } (de) to (safe)guard oneself (against); (a se ascunde ] to hide (oneself) (from).

adapostire s .f. 1. (ca actiune} sheltering-etc, 2. v.a d a p 0 S t 1,3,5.

adApostit adj. sheltered; secure, safe, in safety; (tn afara primejdiei} out of danger; [ascuns] hidden. ® ,.._. de oint sheltered from the wind.

IIdiistl\+-tnv.; reg. I. »b. intr, 1. (a astepta} to wait. 2. (a popoei ] to (make a) halt. n. ob , tr , 1. (a astepta] to wait for, to await. 2. (a piisui] to grant smb, an extension of time/a delay; com. to grant smb , a i defcrment .

adauga I. vb . tr, 1. (la) to add (to); (a mai pune deasupra} to superadd (to), to superinduce (on, upon).

2. (a spori} to increase, to augment; (a mari) to enlarge, to extend; to magnify. 3. mat. (la) to add (to). 4. (a PUM aliituri] (la) to



annex, to adjoin, to put on (to) to append (to); (a ataea} to attach (to); (a include) to include (into); (a insera} to insert (into); (a introduce) to introduce (into); to interpolate, to interject (into); fa completa cu } to complete, to fiJI (up) (with). © fara a mai r-: jsa mai adaugiim without adding; to say nothing of; not including. II. vb . reft . 1. pas. to be added, superadded etc. v ,»:» 1.2. [a-interveni in plus) to supervene. 3. (a apiirea} to appear. © la acestea se mai adaugii (si} add to this; in addition to this there is sau are; to this .... must be added; s-au mai ~t ~i aile clemente besides/in addition (to that) /moreover, there were other elements. III. pb. intr; to add.

adiiugare s.f. (11'1) addition, adding (to) etc.

adaugi v. a d Ii u g a .. ',

adullgit adj . added; completed. @

edirie ""a enlarged edition. adl1ugitor o.dj. additional.

addendas.f. lat, addenda, addendum. Addison @ boala lui r-« m.ed. Ad-

dison's disease.

a.decuat, adeevat I. adj. adequate; proper; (potrivit). fit, suitable. II. adv . adequately; properly.

ademeni I. cb, 11'. 1. (a atrage] to attract, to draw; (a momi) to allure; (a [ermeca; a tncinta] to charm; (a cuceri} to conquer: (a [ascina} to fascinate; (a isp iti ) to tempt. 2. (a seduce) to seduce; (a duce pe ciii gresite} to lead astray. 3. fig. [clietui } to entice away; to steal. 4. (fig. (0 fatal to entice away from home.® a ~ sa to entice into (doing smlh.)jto (do smth i}; to seduce to (do smth.); (cu oorbe] to talk in to (doing smt!!). @ a ~ pe cineca cu corbe to talk smb. round; a ~ pe cineoa intr-un loc to inveigle smb. into a place. II. vb . refl. 1. pas. to be attracted, drawn etc.v. ~ I. 2. ( a se amagi singur) to delude/to deceive oneself, to indulge in il lusious. 8. +rrar (a [i tnctntat] to


be delighted; to be enthusiastic; < to be thrown into raptures.

ademenire s.f. 1 .• (ca actiun«} attracting, attraction, drawing etc. 2. [conoret} attraction; allurement; temptation. 3. «-rar [incintare] delight; < raptures; [admiratie} admiration.

IIdemenltor I. adj. attractive; alluring; tempting; < charming; rascinating. II. adv , attractively; a I!uringly; temptingly; < charmmgly. m. s.m. +- rar seducer; (i8- pititor ) tempter ; (corupator ) corrupter; perverter.

ademflune .e.], [ur . ademption. adenitli s], med . adenitis. adenoid adj. med . adenoid. adenom s.n. med, adenoma.

adept em, adept' s.], partisan, follower, adherent; [sprijinitor } supporter, backer, advocate; peior i-« hanger-on i (al unui maestru} disciple; [prozelit] proselyte; [tnehinator F votary, vctarist ; [zelos ] zealot.

adera vb . intr, 1. to adhere; (a·~i da adeziunea} to give in one's adhesion. 2. tehn , to adhere; to stick, to cling, to hang on. 8. constr . to bond. ® a ,..., la a. to adhere/to cleave/to stick to; (a se aliitura la) to join (cu acuz.); (a [i atasat de) to be attached/devoted to; (a fi pentru] to side with; (a se lnscrie in) to join (eu acuz.); to become a member of; (a adopta) to adopt [cu acuz.); (a imbraiisa] to embrace, to espouse (eu acux.}; (a eons inu i la] to consent/to accede to ; . to agree to ~ (a subscrie la] to subscribe to. b. tehn, to adhere j to cling / to stick to.

aderare s.f. 1. (ea actiune} (la) adhesion, adhering etc. (to). 2. [concret ] adhesion; (coneimiamtra] consent, assent; agreement.

aderent I. adj. adherent, 'adhering; (Iipicios ) adhesive. II. sm, adherent; partisan, follower.

aflel'entit s ] . 1. med , adherence. 2. tehn . adherence; adhesiveness; adhesive power. 3. met. linkage. 4. mat. closure. Ii. [iz; adhesion. 6.


[lipire] adhesion, adherence. ® '" de nisip met. sand crust.

ades reg i-« adese ad ... v , a d 8 sea. adesea adp. often, poetic-->oft, ofttimes; [frecoent } Irequen tly; [repetal) repeatedly; (dfJ multe ori ] many times, time after time, t imo and again, poetic-->many a time; (de cele mai multe ori ] more often than not. @ mai r- especially, chiefly, mainly. © pine ~ pe La noi he often comes to see us, he often calls on us.

adescori ado, v. ad e sea.

adet s.n.f-in9. (impozit) tax. adedr s .17. 1. (ant. eroare } tru tho

2. (ant. minciuna) truth; [u niomii] axiom; [realitate} reality; (fapt) fact; [certitudine ) certainty. 3. (exact ita te ) exactness, accuracy; rightness; correctness; justness; truth. 4. [conformitate cu adeodrul } true-to-factness ; [ueracitate} veracity, truthfulness; verisimilitude; (realism) realism; (reaJ) life ® ~ banal commonplace truth, truism; ~ obiectio objective truth; '" subiectio subjective truth; '" ftiinJific scien tific truth; --ul adevarat the plain/the "hakedJthe honest/P-s the sober truth; ~ul complet the whole truth; <-u.! gol the naked truth; ~ul trureg t.he whole truth; "'ul ~ i numai ~ul the truth, the whole truth aud nothing but the truth. Qil edutator de ,..., inquirer/seeker after truth; dragoete de ,..., love of truth, veracity; iubitor de ~ adj _ truth-loving, veracious; tn i tr-}»« I. adv. (cu adeodrat ) indeed; [realmerue] really, actually; in reality. II. interj , a.indeed! in truth ! in" ...... in (good) sooth j b. (zau?) really? you don't mean it I (hinetnteles ca nul of course not I © a (lfla ",-,ul a. to learn the truth. b. v. a d e se 0 per i -ul; a descoperi r-eu] to find out / to discoverjF-+to get at the truth; a marturisi "'ul to confess the truth; a recunoa~le -ul to admit the truth; ca sa spun ,""ul to say/to tell the truth; truth to say/to tell; a spune <ul. 10 say/to tell the truth; a SpUIUJ ,,~ul cui"a

to tell smb, the truth; ("de la obraz"} to be plain with smh .• not to mince matters; e rna; aproape de- it is nearer the truth/ the mark; a corespunde -ului to he in accordance with (the) truth; ~ul este eli the truth is that. d) <u! iese la suprafafi'i crz untdelemnul truth and oil arc ever above; ~1<1 iese la lumina truth will out; ~ul nu. tmbiitrlneste truth never grows old; ,..,,;.ul supiira truth orfends.

8devarat I. adj. 1. (ant. mineinos } true; true-to-fact, real, actual; positive; (sigur) certain. sure, < undeniable, incontestable. 2. (ant. fals) true, real; [auteniic } genuine, authen tic; veritable; (sadea d; cineon} regular, true-born; ( ~d. rude) one's own; full; first; (d. aur sou argini] sterling; (original) original ; (legitim) legitimate, lawful; (natural) natural; (pur) pure; unalloyed. S. (ant. inexact) right; [corect} correct; accurate; (just) just; (cum se cuvine] proper. 4. (conform cu realitatea} true-tofact; truthful; veridical, veracious. O. [sinccr } sincere, frank; {cinetit.] honest; 10yaJ; (fidel) faithful @ eu ~ v. in (ir-) ad e vii r; un englez ~ a regular/a gcnuine!a true-born Englishman; [iu »« one's own son, jur. son of one's body; [rate ~ one's own brother, full brother, brother german; intelesul r-: at acestui euoint the real meaning of this word; mama _11 one's own rnuther, jur. venter; perle -e real/genuine pearls; un prieten - a tPllefa genuine friend; cor "" I ~!';;t cousin, cousin gsrrnan, © e 0 ~a cocina it is a regular pigsty, it is nothing bet" tel' than a pigsty; e 0 -i1 comoarti a. (d. cineva} he is quite a treasure, F he is a perfect gem, he is a real brick (of a man/of a fellow) (and' no mistake); (d. 0 [emeie ) she is quite a treasure, F she is a peach of a woman/girl. 1.1. (d. ceoa} it is qu ite a treasure ; e un ""-' noroc ca it is really very rortunata/Iucky tha.t; it is really a blessing that;


e 0 ~a militate he isa mere cipher /nobody jnonenlity; e 0 ~a rusinc ca it is a sin and a shame that; it is a verilablc/F-->downrig'ht shame that j a crede ca ce~a e ~ to believe smth. to be true; (a lua repa drept bun) to take smth. for granted j e ~ ca e dragutii, dar I ad mit that she is pretty, but; though I agree that she is nice-looking, yet; e _, cum ma vezi ,.i te piid! F (it's) as true/sure as I live 1 (it's) as (true as) I stand here! din nefericirelpccato e [carte ~ ca it is unfortunately only too true that; nu e nimio - dintoa te aces tea there is not a word/a grain of truth in it/all that; nu. e ~ ? is it not so? don't you think so? eh? aceasta nu e - that's not true (to fact), that's not the case; e ))erfect - it is perfectly/quite true ; it is gospel truth; a nU recu"oa~te ca cera e ~ not to admit the truth of smth.ythat smth. is true (to fact). n. adv , 1. [cu. adeoarat) indeed; truly, really, actually; (in realitate} in reality/truth. 2. (in mod sincer} sincerely, frankly; (in mod cinstit) honestly; (in mod deechis} openly. 3. (inmod pozitio ] posi ti valy , 4. interjectional [efirinatio } in truth j really and truly! (pe cuolntul meu] honestly' upon my word/ < soul l eleo . -+ forsooth! [desigur] of course! certainly I o. interjectional (ironic) now then 1 [negatio ) not at alll by no means! not in the least I F not by a long chalk I [prostii ] F stuff and nonsense! 6. interjectional [interogalIP) really? do. you really mean it? aren't you joking? is it true? can it be true?

adevert I. vbir, 1. (a confirma] to confirm; to bear out; (a confirm a adeoiirul ] to ascertain the truth of; (a dovedi} to prove; (prin [uramtnt] to declare on oath ;to attest; (a atesta ) to attest; (a garanta} to vouch, to warrant, to guarantee; (aline marturie pt.) to witness; to bear Witness/testimony; (a motiva sufioient} to substall tiate; (a tntdri) to corroborate;


(a certijica] to certify. 2. (a sprijini ) tosuppol't.II.l'b. reft, 1. pas. to be confirmed eto. v . -I. 2. (a se confirma) to prove (to be) true; 10 hold good/true; to turn ou t to be true. 3. (d. vise, profetii etc.} to Corne true. @ a nu se ~ to prove false, incorrect sau unfounded; (d. oiee etc.] not to come true.

8deverintas .f.1. (de primire ] receipt; (cupon ) counterfoil j {recipisii de depunerea mii.rfurilol') warrant. 2. (certificat] voucher; certificate. © a elibera 0"'" to draw up/to give a receipt etc. v. -.

adeverire s .], confirmation, confirming. etc.

udeverltor adj. confirming, etc. adeziune s .f. 1. (la) adhesion (to); solidarity (with). 2. fiz, (la) adhesion (to); adherence (to); surface attraction (to).@ forja de '"'" fiz. adhesive .power/force. © a-fi da ~a (la) to give one's adhesion (to).

adealv I. adj. adhesive, sticky. n. e.m .. adhesive; glue; chim, cement. 8dezivitate s.f. adhesiveness, stickiness.

ad-hoc adl'. lat. ad hoc, for this purpose.

adla I. vb . intr; 1. (d. otnt] to blow!

Ito breeze/to breathe gently. 2. impers . v. "" @. 3. (d. miros] (a veni} to come; (a se simli) to be felt; (a tt) to be. 4. (a se misoa] to move about; (a fOfTd) to rustle; (a S8 undui) to flutter, to wave; to float, © adie there is a gentle breeze (on), the air/the breeze is very soft. n. (lb. tr, 1. (a rnurmura) to murmur; (a ~opti) to whisper; (a ctnta tncet ) to sing slowly, to sing in a low voice; (a [redona} to hum. 2 •....... reg: (a atinge usor ) to touch softly; {cu coada etc.} to brush; (a mtngtia ) to caress.

adi8batll. s .f. [is, ad iabat , adiabatic curve.

adiabatic adj. [is, adiabatic. adia.~ent adj. adjacent, contiguous; adjoining. @ unghiuri "'8 geom. adjacent angles,

adiuror adj . <-"-inl' . indifferent.


adicli. ad". 1. {oa. sa zicii} that. is (to say), namely, rar--+to WI~; (in texte] viz., videlicet, i.e., id est; [anume} n~mely; (echivaler:t eu) that is euqivalent to, that IS nothing else but/than ; (cum. a1" oeni} as it were; (de fapt) In [pcint of) fact; [tntr-un sens s~rict) in a strict sense, strictly (speakmg) ; [propriu. zis] properly (speaking); (cu. alte euointe} in other words; (pe scurt} in brief/short, briefly, to make a long story short. 2. [exprimat in ~impul unci refleetii] now .. ; that IS _ .. ; well ... ; -er ... 3. interogatio namely? v. ~i cum ~? @ cum - ? a. (cum?) how? (cum se face?) how's that? b. [ee orei sa spui?) what do you mean? e .• [ce inseamnii toate aeestea?) what is the real/the exact meaning of (all) this? la 0 ,.... a. (la urma urmelor). after all; (in fond) at (the) bottom, fundamentalJy; (In co?clusie] in conclusion; (de [apt] III (point of) fact, as a matter of fact. b. (oorbind In general) as a whole, on the whole, in the main, generally speaking, c. [ca sa ~pun adeoiirul] truth to say; (sincer oorbind) to speak/speaking frankly! plainly/candidly. d. (f~. momenlui kotdrttor} at the Critical/crucial moment, F whoa it comes to the pinch. ® cind va [i la 0 '" when it comes to the point, when the worst comes to the worst; v, ~i 1a 0 '" d; vorbind la ° '" v. I a 0 - c.

adiciHe(a), odicite(Iea) adp.+-P v. adica.

adiere s.f, 1. (ca actiune} gentle blowing, coming etc. 2. [concret} breath of air/wind, gentle/~anning breeze, poetic gale; nav. light air. ® nu se simte nici ° ~ there is not a breath (of wind) sti~ring_

adlnamle adj. med. adynamiejal). adineaori. adlneaurt ado: a little while/time ago; {chiar acum , eu preteritul} just now; (eu perfectul present] just; (nu c~ mutt in urmii} not long ago, only Just now. (]l de ,...., of a little time /while ago; pinii -- till/un til a Ii ttle time/while


ago; till/until just now; till/until

not long ago. ..

adins s.n_ @ tntr- ,..., a. [interuionat] purposely, on ~JUrpos~, deliberately. b. (prem_edttat) wllful!y. . ad-interim ad}. lat. (ad) inter-im.

adio I. inter) _ 1. adieu! farewell! good-bye 12. (s-a terminal cu} goodbye to; farewell to; Fit's all over with; (s-a terminat} F all over I mafeesh l sl, amer, good-bye, John! ® ,..., ili n-am cuointe l F all over! mafeeshl II. s.n, adieu, farewell, good-bye. ® a-si lua :»« to take one's leave to make one's farewells, to bid farewell; a-s i lua ~ de La ceva to give smth. up for lost; a-si lua ...... de la cineoa to say good-bye to srnh., to bid/to wish smb, adieu/farewell/good-bye; [siiru» tlndu-l} to kiss srnh. good-bye.

adlpes ad). adipose; fat. ill Jesut ,....

anat. adipose tissue.

adipozitafe =t. adiposity ; fatness. aditiv S.n. chim, additive, dope. aditie s.], chim. .. addition, . adillona vb, tr, ~l. intr, mat, ehim,

to add.

aditionol adj. additional; added; extra; further ... ; {suplimentar] supplementary; {eecundar} secondary, subordinate. @ ~rticol ~ additional article sau Item; (la 0 lege etc.) extra/additional clause, schedule, r idar.

adiiionara s], adding, addition. adiae I, ad). 1. deep; profound; (jos) low. 2. (dens) thick; dense, .8. (intins, vast] vast, huge. 4. fig. deep, profound; [temeinia] thorough; {series} serious; (mare) great, < considerable, remarkable. 5. fig. deep, profound; (total) total; (deplin) full, complete; (desapfrfit) perfect; (nem~rgin it) unbounded; endless. 6. fig. deep, profound; [tainic} secret ; mysterious; [obscur ] obscure, lID ~i batrtnete old/great/poetw hoary age. @ brasda -ii 8. deep furrow. b. [cuta} deep-knit furrow; [arfurie ...... 5 soup plate; iubire ...... ii. deep! fervent love; passionate love; lini;!te -ii deep/dead silence; noapte ....,ii. (pitch-jdark night; the dead


of night; of tat ...... deep/dflepfetcned Jlleavy sigh; pace ~(i profound poace; piJdure ~ii lhi ck wood; pl eciiciu nc ~'! deep/low bow; pulin ~ not. deep, shallow; riisa [lare ~a deep breath; somn ~ deep / heavy/profound sleep; suspin ~ v. oft at; tdcere ...... a v . lin i ~ t e ~ii; roce ~ii profound jgrave voice; oorba ,....,Ii wise word sau saying sau sentence sau thought; wise/sage maxim. ® a prinde riidaeini ,...,i si fig. to strike/to take deep root; riidiicinile stnt ~i deep are the roots. II. ado: 1. deeply; < (1 fig.) profoundly; [cu anumile verbe} deep. 2. (jos, adinc sub pamint etc .] low. 3. (extrem de) profoundly, deeply; extremely, exceedingly. 4. (cu iruelcpciune} wisely. Ii. (departe) far. ® ~ inriiddcinat tiedeeprooted , inveterate. (]l a ara ~ to plough deep; a ciidea ~ fig. to fall / to sink low; a fi - eufun, dat In cera to be deeply engaged in smth. to be deeply absorbed by smth., to be (completely) engrossed in smth.: a fi ~ cufundat in ginduri to be deep/lost in thought (s), F_,.to be in a brown study; a dormi ~ to be fast asleep, to sleep heavily, F--+to sleep like a top/a log; a [i ~ miscat to be deeply moved; a in Ira ~ intr~o problema to go/to get deep into a problem; a se inr(ldacina ,.... fi fig. to strike/to take deep root; a «[t« - to Sigh deeply /heavily, to heave/ to draw Ito fetch/to give a deep sigh; a piitrunde - intr-o chestiune to penetrate deeply into a matter, to sink deep into a problem; a se pleca]a se ploconi r-« In [ata cuioa to bow low to smb.; a rii.sufla ~ v. are s p ira ~; a regreta ~ to regret deeply; a respira ~ to breathe deeply, to draw/to fetch a deep/a long breath; a sorbi ~ I. vb . intr , to take a long/a deep draught/F .... pull. II. vb • tr, to breathe deeply, to draw/to fetch a long/a deep draught of; a oorbi ...... a. to speak wisely; to speak like a wise man. b. to speak in parables. III. S.n. 1. [adtneime] depth,


deep; deep place; (fund) bottom. 2. (di!piirtare) distance; < the remotest distance; [partea eea ma; Iiiuntricii] inmost part; deep. 3. ( pro pastie} gulf, pit, chasm, abyss, < unfathomable depth(s). 4. (apii adincii] deep "water; {Ii nap. deep. Ii. fig- (iad) hell, the bottomless pit. 6. [ig . [loc ascuns} hidden place, recess, J recesses, Qjl din <-ul. inimii (mele) from the bottom/the depth of my heart ; In Nul iernii in the depth/the dead of Winter; in -ulinimii sale at the bottom of her heart, deep down in her heart; In "-'ul piidurii in the depth of the wood/the forest, in the (very) heart of the wood/the forest; pina In -urile sufletului siiu. to the (very) depths of his soul.

adincat adj ....... rar [adtnc] deep; {profund ) profound.

adincatllras.f. v. a din c i tu r a. adine l I. ob . 11'. 1. to deepen, 1.0 make deeper ; (a siipa ) to dig; to excavate; (ecobind} to hollow (out); (fi:icind 0 gaura} to hole (prin spiilare , d. ape) to wash away; (a roade, d. ape) to wear away, to corrode; (cu datta} to gouge, to scoop out with the gouge; (a liirgi) to widen; (a extinde] to extend. 2. fig. (a largi) to widen; (a e xtinde] to extend; (aspori) to increase; (a intensifioa] to intensify. 3. fig. (a eufunda) to sink; (a arunca] to throw. 4. fig. (a examina] to examine « thoroughly), to delve « deep) into, to search « thoroughly); (a analiza) to analyse « profoundly); [a studia} to study « thoroughly); to go deeply into, Ii. [ig; (a !nrautali) to worsen, to aggravate; (a adtnci ) to deepen. @ a-si "" cunostintele to improve sau to extend one's knowledge; a"'" o problema to examine/to study a problem « thoroughly); a"'" un fant to deepen a ditch, to make. a ditch deeper. II. vb, refl, 1. (a deoeni mai adtnc ) to deepen, to growl to become deeper. 2. pas. to be deepened, to be made deeper etc, v, -- I. 8. (a intr-a adtnc) to


go deep; (a in tra mai adfnc) to go deeper; (a piitrunde in interior) to go inside; (dinspre mare, pe uscat} to go inland; (a se depiirta} to go offjaway; (a disp area} to disappear, to vanish, 4. (a se 8CUfundal to sink « low); to plunge, to submerge; (a 56 dues la fund) to go to the bottom, o. fig. (a se largi) to widen; (a fie etctinde] to extend; (a spori} to increase; (a se intensifica} to intensify. 6. [ig; (a se tmbuniUlifi) to improve; (a

se tntari} to strengthen, 7. fig, (a 88 inriiutaJi) to worsen; to deteriorate. @ a ee ,.._, tn (studiu etc.] to be deep/absorbed in.

adincime s ]: 1. depth, rar-+deepness, elep,-+profoundness, profundity; nap, deep; (lungime) length; (la/ime) breadth, width; [tnaltime) height; [distant«} distance, 2. geogr. depression. 3. [adtncitura ) hollow. 4. {departare} distance; <the remotest distance. O. (100 ascl,UlS) v , a din c III. 6. 6. (prapa8tie) v. ad inc III. 3. '1. fig. {profunzime] depth, deepness, profoundness, profundity; [iruelepciune} wisdom; (palrundere) insight; acumen; [cuprindere} scope. 8. fig. [intensitate} intensity; . [putere] power, force. @ ,..". abi8ala abyssal depth; -a timpurilor remote/poetic antiquity, poetic hoary eld. @ din --a timpurilor from times immemorial; In ,.._,a timpurilor time out of mind, in times of old; la 0 ,..., de 3 metri at a depth of 3 metres; la mare r-« at a great depth, very deep. @ a avea 0 ,..... de 0 mil" to have a depth of one mile, to be one mile deep; a miisura --a, milrii to sound the (depth of the) sea.

adinclre s], deepening etc.

adineit adj. (adlnc) deep. ®,.." in gindlU'i deep/abaorbedjcngrossed/ plunged [poetic wrapt in thought, musing, F-+in a brown study; - In studiu. deeply engaged in study.

adinciturl s], 1. [scobitura] hollow; (cre8tiUurd) notch; tehn, flute, dint; cup; recess. 2. ((irida) niche, recess. 8. ~ {feolr. depression; (groa-

paY pit ; (vale) valley; (pale Ingusla impiiduriui } dingle; [inolinarc} slope; (cavitate) cavity; (pe~tera} cave; grotto. 4. {loc tetras} v. ad 1 n c III. 6_

adjectiv s.n. gram. adjective. liD ~ oerbal verbal adjective.

a.t1jectinJ gram. I. adj. adjectival, adjective ... <D [unctie ,.._,(i adjectival jadjectivo Iunction, II • ado, adjectively ; (used) as an adjective.

luljudeca I. ob, tr , @ a ,.., cui"" B. [La licitatie} to knock down to, [ur, to adjudge to. b. (a conferi) to award to, to confer en; to bestow on. II. ph. refl_pas.jur. [cuioa] to be adjudged (to).

adjudecar6 s.], 1. jur. adjudgment. 2. [conferire ) award(ing). ® _ publica ee, open tendering, public adjudication,

adjlldooatar e.m, (la licitatie]. high. est bidder; purchaser.

adjunct I. adj. deputy ... ; assistant; adjunct. <D director »: deputy rnanagsr ; mini8tru- deputy minister; redactor ~e( ~ deputy/assistant chief editor. II. e.m, adjunct; deputy; assistant.

adjllt&nts.m. L mil. adjutant, tnv.-+ adjutor; (de regiment) regimental adjutant; (de general) aidjej-de-camp, 2. mil.e-tnv, sergeant major, warrant officer.

adjutantnrll. s]. mil. adjutancy, ad[utantship.

ad JittersIn lat. I. adj. ad-litteram, literal. II. ado: ad Iitteram, literally,

administra I. vb, 11'. 1. (a conduce) to manage, to administer; to husband; (a apea grijil de) to look after; (a area in grija sa] to have in charge, to be in charge of, to have charge of.~. (a day to give, to administer. © a ,..", 0 Mtaie cuiva to administer smb. the cane r a _ o doc torie un ui bo lnao to gi ve j 10 administer a (dose of) medicine to a patient; a NO mo#e to managej rar"..to administer an estate. II. "b. refl. pas. to be administered etc. v, ~I.

aclmlnill"lfabil adj. administratile.



admiulstrare s.], admin Istratlon, administering etc.

administrativ I. adj. administrative. (fll autoritate "'a administrative authority; functional' - administrative ofIicer/functicmary; drepc ,.._, administrative law; miisurti ..... d administrative measure; pe eale -a administratively; through tho administration; putere ,..,ii administrative power; ecroicia ~ administrative service. II. ado , administrat.ively.

admlnlstratoam s .f. ral'-+administratrix; directress; v. ~i ad min i st rat 0 1'.

administrator s .m; 1. administrator; (director) director; manager; superintendent; (al unui spital etc.} warden, governor. 2. (al bunurilor altuia ) trustee; steward ; [vechil} bailiff. 8. [al unei gospodiirii etc.] steward; [al unei cliidirij custodian, caretaker, keeper, 4. [geetionar al unei societiiti-ete.] treasurer, ® '" delegat managing director.

admlnistratie s.]; 1. [conducere] IJ.dministration, management; (eonsiliu. de "") board of directors; (directie} direction; superintendence. 2. [guoernare , guvern] government; (in S,U.A.) administration, S. mii.c-odin . commissariat. 4. administrative service sau departmen t. ® ,._ [inanciariiw-odin , revenue/tax office; fiscal office. CD cheltuieli de ~ expenses of administration/management; comitet de ~ managing-;working committee; consiiiu de "" board of directors; council board, board of adrn in ist.ration; ofi!er de ,.._, mii.c-odin . commissary.

admlra I. pb,~r, to admire; fa pret a] mult) to prize highly; (a respccta } to respect, to revere, to reverence, <to venerate © a fi -t de toti t.o be adrn ired by all, to he much admired. II. ob.ref], 1. to admire oneself. 2. [reciproe ] to admire each other,

adrnirahl l I. ad], admirable; (mlrfunot] wonderful, poetic ..... wondr(1Il~: [excelent } excellent; (ex/raardinflr) extraordinary; [netntrecut } march-


less, poetic ..... peerless; unique; (splendid) splendid, Fv--capltal, grand, II. ado , 1. admirably etc. v. ~r. 2. interjectional (that's) splendid/woncterful/F->capitaljF-+grand r

admlratlv I. adj. admiring; (full) of admiration. II. ado, admiringly, with admiration.

admiratoare s.], admirer; < votaress v. ~i ad m ira tor 1.

admirstor e.m, 1. (al cuioa sau a ceoa} admirer, lover, enthusiast; < adorer, reverer, worshippsr, votary. 2. [al unei [emei} admirer; [pretendent } wooer; (tndragostit) lover; [amorez} beau.

admirQtle s ·f. [pentru; (aJa de) admiration (for, of); {pretuire] appreciation (of); (respect) respect (for); high esteem (for); {oenerasie] veneration (of). @ cu .~ admiringly with admiration. '

admls adj. 1. (acceptat) accepted; received; [recunoscut} acknow I· edged. 2. (d. un candidat ) that has passed an examination.

admisibll adj. 1. admissible; (pel" misibil ) permissible, allowable; [tolerabil} tolerable; bearable; [acccptabil} acceptable; (bun) good; (valabil} valid. 2. ( posibil] possible; (imaginabilj imaginable, con-

ceivable. .

admisibllitRte s.], admissibility. admisi(un)e s.], 1. tehn, admission; entrance; input; inlet; intake. 2.

liidr , induction, suction, ® ,.., de abur tehn . steam admission/intake,

admitantits.f, electr ., [is, admittance. admlte I. vb.tr, 1. (a considera ca adeviirat] to admit; to take for granted; to allow (of); (a presupune ] to assume. 2. (a ingddui) to admit; to allow, < to permit; [ceo« s updrtl lor , ~ poetic-s ] to suffer; (a tolera ] 10 tolerate; (a [i de acord cu } to agree/to consent to; 10 grant; (a aprobu ) to approve (01), 3. tehri, to admit, to let in. 4. (0 cercre ] to grant; [un priailegin etc.} to allow, to grant. 0. (a primi} to receive; (a accepta ) to accept ; [un caudidat] to admit, to let. in; uuio, to matriculate; (a confine) to contain, 6. (a n umi} to


appoint; (a [i numit} tobe appointed. 7. (a introduce) (in) to introduce (into). ® a admis cd nu. are dreptate he admitted he was wrong; admittnd ci1... granting that. .. , admitting that; ~ 0 margine de ... it leaves a margin of...; a ~ la examen to admit (a candidate); a fi admis "'.'i.ll1'e ... to be admitted among ... , to become one 01...; cererea 9-a [ost admisii your request has been granted/attended to/complied with; recursul a fost admis the appeal has been allowed. II. vb .• ref]; pas. to be admitted etc. v. ~ I.

admitere s. f. 1. admission, admittance; [primire } receiving, reception [intr-a scoala, tntr-un post, intr-un cere) admission, admittance, unio . mat.riculation; (intrare ) entrance; (inregis trare} en lis t ing, enlistment, enrolment. 2. [adoptarc} adoption ; (recunoaftere)acknowledgment ; (acceptare) acceptance. ®_ de noi membriadmission of new members; ~ la un examen: admission to an examination. @ bilet de - ticket of admission; cerere de ~ application for admission; examen de ~ entrance examination.

admonesta vb. If. to admonish, to scold; (oficial) to reprimand. admonestare s.f. admonition etc. v. ad m 0 n () s t a.

admonttte s.f. v. ad m 0 n est ar c.

adnota ob . tr . (0 carte) to annotate; (un text) to comment upon.

adnotare s.f. 1. (faptul de a adnota} annotation. 2. (nota. explicativii} annotation, (explanatory) note, pl. (comentarii ) comments, commentaries; (nota marginate} marginal note; (la subsoil foot/bottom-note.

adnotat adj. annotated.

adnotator 8.m. annotator; (tomentator) commentator.

adnotatie s.f. v. ad not are 2. adolescent s.m. youngster, teens/ teen-ager, stripling, juvenile, rar-« adolescent; (imberb) beardless youth, greenhorn, peior.->youngling, stripling, F->egg squash; (Iinar ) youth.

adoleseentas.f. (fata) girl, teen-agel', F->!Iapper, rar-+adolescent. adlllesccn*ii s.f. adolescence, teens, teen-age: [tinerete} youth, youthful age.

adonis e.m, Adonis, beau, prince charming, handsome man.

adopts vb, tr , 1. [ur • to adopt. 2. to adopt; (a tmbratisa} to embrace, to espouse; (a alege) to choose; (a lua) to take; (a asuma) to assume,to put on; (a imita) to imitate; (a primi} to receive, to take in. © a ~ 0 piirere to adopt/embrace/espouse an opinion; a ~ un proiect de lege to adopt/pass a hill; a ~ 0 rezalutie to pass/adopt/approve/carry a resolution; a ~ un ton serer to adopt/take/assume a severe tone.

adoptare s.f. 1. adoption etc. v. ado pta. 2. jur. adoption (of a child).

adoptat s.m_ jur. adoptive child. adoptators.m.jur. adopter.

adoptiv adj. adoptive. @ eopil ~ adoptive/foster child; mama ~a adoptive/foster mother; patrie ~ii foster land, one's adopted country, the country of one's adoption; tatii ~ adoptive/foster father.

adop*i(un)e s.f. jur. adoption.

adora vb, tr . 1. rel . to worship, to offer/render worship to, to adore; (a preamdri] to glorify; to exalt. 2. fig. to adore; (a idolatriza} to worship, poetic-cui love fervently, F-+to be mad about; (a (Jenera) to venerate.

adorabfl adj. adorable, worthy of worship, worshipful; [vrednic de a fi iubit} love-worthy, loveable, amiable; [admirabil} admirable; [lnctnuitor } delightful, delicious, charming; (ales) choice, exquisite; (minunat} wonderful.

adorare s.], adoration, worship. adorat L adj. adored; [adorabil} ado" rable; [iubit } beloved; (drag) dear; (oenerat ) revered. II. srn . beloved (one), object of one's affections, one's sweet choice.

adorator I. adj. adoring, worshipping.

II. sm . 1. adorer, worshipper; (al idolilor ) idolater, idolizer, idol



worshipper; [tnchindtor } ret., fig., poetic votary. 2. [curtezan } admirer; [pretendent} suitor.

adoratie s.f. v. ado r are. ® cu ~ adoringly.

adormi 1_ Db. tr. 1. to cause/send/lull to sleep, to lull asleep, to put to bed/sleep; [prin cintec} to sing to sleep; {prir: citit} to read. to sleep; {prin. hipnozii) to hypnotize. 2. (a alina} to allay, to soothe, to soften; (a potoli} to assuage; (a usura} to alleviate; (a. micsoro.) to lessen; (a amorti ) to benumb, to make torpid. 3. fig. (a insela} to cheat, to delude; (prin fiigiiduieli) to lull to sleep, to deceive with fine promises; (a lega la ochi ) to hoodwink. 4. fig. (a plictisi) to make sleep/yawn, to send to sleep. © a '" bi1nuielile CULPa to lu 11 smb , 's suspicions; a-si ~ constiinta to lull/silence/quiet one's conscience; a ~ un cop il to put a child to bed/sleep; a ~ durcrea (fiziei1) to blunt/deaden/allay the pain; [sufleteaseii] to soothe grief; a ~ vigilenja cui(Ja to lull smb.'s vigilance to sleep. II. ob . inir . 1. to fall/drop/get asleep, to go/get to sleep, to go to one's dreams; (a atipi } to doze (off), to fall in to a doze; to nod (Off). 2. fig. (a se stinge} to die out/away. 3. fig. (a amorti] to get benumbed, to go to sleep .: 4. fig. (a muri} to die, to breathe one's last, to give up ORe's ghost. © a nu pu.tea. ~ not to he able to sleep (a wink), to be unable to sleep, to be sleepless.

adormire s.f. 1. falling asleep etc. v . ad? r m 1. 2. rei, death, demise, passmg away. ® ~a Maieii Domnului rei. a. Assumption of the Virgin. b. fig. F sleepy person; scatterbrain.

adormtt I. adj. 1. sleeping, predic . asleep; {somnoros ] sleepy, drowsy. 2_ [lenes} lazy, sluggish, sleep(y)headed, humdrum ... ; (indolent) remISS, .mdolent; (fara ~lagd) tame, languid, flat, enorvated ; (greoi) dull. 3. [amortit ] n urnb, benumbed. 4. (mort) fi fig. dead. ® ~ bustean fast/dead asleep. 11_ s.m.

ADO-ADR 1. sleeper. 2. fig. {moltu} F drowsyhead, dullard, muff, mope. 3_ ndormitii pl. [mortii) the dead; . j. rel , the departed (souls/spirits), those who have gone before us.

adormitor . adj. causing/producing sleep, sleep-cDmpelling/producing sleeping, somnific, soporific, dor~ mitive; [plictisitor ] dull enough to send one to sleep, .boring to death; (mingiietor) soothing. @ biiutura adormitoare sleeping/sleepy draught; buruieni adormitoare sleej;-compelling weeds; doctorie adormltoare sleeping medicine, dormitivc soporific; iTtfluenfa adormitoarelull' soothing, influence. '

adormitele s], pl. bot. 1. pas que flower (Anemone puleatilla}, 2. anemone, anemony, wind flower (Anemone nemoroea ),

adrngant sm . 1. bot. milk vetch. 2. farm, (gum) tragacanth.

adrenalinli sf. chim.,biol. adrena lin, adresa I. ob . tr . 1. (0 scrisoare} to address, to direct; (a pune iadresa pe) to put the address on, to address· (marfuri) to forward, to consign: 2_ (a ex prima) to express, elev , to voice; (a prezenta} to present.·® a ~ comp limen te cuioa to present one's (best) compliments to smb.: a ~ 0 intrebare cuioa to address/put a question to smb., to ask srnb. a question; a ~ multumiri cuivn to thank smb., to give/return thanks to smb.; a :-_, repros uri cuioa pentru... to reproach smb. with ... ; a ~ 0 scrisoare GUiDa to address rd ireet ':'- letter to smb.: a ~ gresit 10 misdirect. scrisoarea nu mi-e ~{a mie the letter is not addressed to me, the letter is not intended for me. II. vb . refl. ® a se '" (cu dat.} to address oneself to ... ; to address (srnb.], to approach; (pl. a cere ceoa] to apply to ... ; (a apela lay to appeal to ... ; (a recurge lay to .rcsort to ... , to have recourse to

to recur to ; (a SG intoarce Clll~;j

to turn to ; [a oorbi ) tospeakto ... ;

(a informape) to inform ... @ unde sa mii adresez?where sha!1 I go/apply to? pentrii ~nforma!1i suplimen-


tare ,...,ti-va lui N. for further particulars apply to N.

Ildrf'1!8nt sm .. addressee, recipien t ; [primitor de mdrfuri} consignee. adresare s.f. addressing etc. v. a d res a.

8dresli. s.f . .1. (pe plio} address, direction. 2. [locul unde se gase,re cineva] address; [domiciliu} domicile residence; {destinatie] destination. 8. (scrisoare oficialli) address' [eomurucare] communication. ' 4. [diecurs} address. ® uri alae la adresa [cu. gen.} an attack! outburst against, .. j carle de adrese directory; la adreea lui a. (impotriva lui) against him; (pe 60COteala lui) on his behalf; (d. el } about him. b. [la domiciliul lui) at his residence/house/home; pe adresa ... 8. to the address of. .. ll. [prin grija} care of..., c/o, .. , under cover of...; plecat (lird ~ gone without leaving one's address; echimbare de ~ change of address/ domicile; scrisoare fara ~ letter without address. © a gre~i adresa a. to write the address incorrectly, to rniswrite the address. b. (d. 0 scrisoare] to have miscarried, not to reach its destination. c. fig. to have corne to the wrong man, F to have got into the wrong box, to have caught a Tartar, to have -caught the wrong sow by the' ear; P-8! schimba adresa to change/shift one's lodgings/quarters; a scrie jpune adreca pe un plie to put the address on an envelope, to address an envelope; a ajunge la ~ to reach one's (place of) destination; scrisoarea nu are ,._ the letter bears no address, the letter is under blank cover, the letter is not addressed; ce ,..." are? what is his address?

udsorhnnt S.m. fiz" chim, adsorbent. adsorbtle s.f. [is.., chim . adsorbtion , adueator I. adj. bringing; [ purtiaor)

bearing. ®,...., de nenol'ociri destructive, Iul al, pernicious; ~ de ploaie fain-bringing, rainy, pluvious; ~ de oeniturl yield ing; (de profituri ) profitable, lucrative. lI.s.m, bringer; [purtiitor] bearer, carrier. ®

-1.11 presente! the bearer of this.

aduce I. ... b. tr . 1. to bring; (a se duce sa aduca ) to fetch; (a se duce dupd) to go Ior ; (a trimite dupa) to send for; (a duce ) to carry, to take; (a transporta] to transport, to convey. 2. (a produce, a day to hring in, to yield; (a rodi} to produce, to yield, to bear, to afford; (a [urniza] to furnish, to supply; (11. proeura} to get, to procure, to sncure : (a oferi) to offer. 3. (a drtermina; a face) to bring, to get, to move, to put up, to prevail upon; (0 causa] to bring on/along with, to bring about, to cause; (a implica} to involve. 4. (a tnsoti, a conduce} to see (off), to accompany; (a duce ) to take. o. (a strtngc ) to gather, to collect, 6. (a tndoi ) to bend. 7. (a mtnui} to wield. © a ,...", ajutoore to bring (in) reinforcements; a-i '" cui ... a aminle de(spre)ce~atoremind srnb. of smth., Lo put srnb. in mind of smth.: a-ei ,...", aminte to remember, to recollect, to bear in mind; a ,...", bucurie to cause/afford joy; a ~ cinste cuil'a to do credit to smb., to be a credit to smb.; a '" dobindiJ. to bear/yield interest; a ~ doctorui to send for the doctor; a ~ docezi to produce/adduce proofs, to briug forward proofs; a ,.., [olos lo be of use (benefit, to be beneficial/profitable; a ,..." 0 jel'tfa to make a sacrifice; a '" la clln09'tinta cuiva to inform/apprize smb. about srnth.rthat ... ; a ~ lucrurile p'niJ. Cleolo Indl ... to bring matters to such a pass that .. " to push til i ngs to the length or...; a ~ lumina tntr-o chestiune to. throw light upon a matter; a ~ mingiiere to bring/offer consolation, to (afford) comfort; a ,..." muliumiri to express thanks; a - nenoroc to bring bad luck; (a fi piasa rea) to forebode evil; razboaiele aduc mari nenorociri wars bring/cause great calamities, great misfortunes attend wars; nu $-a puuit ~ nimic lmpotr ioa lui nothing could be proved against him; a ~ noroe to bring good luck; a,..." ocara (CUlPa) to reflect d iscred-



it on ... , to be a discredit on ; to

bring disgrace/shame (up)on ; a

"'-' pagubii cuiva to be detrimental to srnh. to cause injury/detriment to srnb.j ada-mi piilaria fetch me my hat, go for my hat; pin lui """ ploaie the wind brings rain; mar" fa a adus pre] bun the wares fetched a good price; a ~ profit to bring! .yield/produce profit, to be prof itable; a ~ [un } riispuns to bring an answer, to bring word; a ,..., rod to bear/yield fruit; a "" supiirare to cause (a great deal of) annoyance, to cause trouble; ce Ie ,..", aici? what brought you here? what have you corne about? F what wind blows you here? doctoria nu mi-a adus nici 0 usurare the medicine has not brought me any relief; a

~ rorba despre to turn the con-

versation (up)on ; (a mentiona ;

apomeni) to mention ... ; (a atinge ) to touch upon ... n. vb, intr, tID a - cu ... to be like ... , to take after ... to have a certain resem-

blance to ... , to bear a likeness to ,

to have a certain analogy with .

© a ....., de departe cu ..• to have a distant resemblan ce to... Ill •... b. refl. pas. to be brought etc. v. ".., 1. ® a i se r-J cella la cllnaftinla to be informed about smth., to gain intelligence of smth.j mi s-« adue fa cUlio~tinJa cil... I was apprised of.. .• I was iIJformed that. ..

aduceres.,. bringing etc. Y. ad u c e. @ _, aminte remembrance, reeolleetion; ...., Inapoi bringing back. recon veyance ; ,..., la cunol'tinld publication j (comunicare) communi. ea lion; ,..., La tndeplinire execution, carrying out. <IV mandaI de '" warrant to appear (in court).

aduetor adj. Q,iI mU{lchi ~ anat. adductur (muscle), adductive muscle. aduefllulije s.{. 1. anat. adduction. 2. jehn. supply, <i eonducta (ie ,..., hidr, feed pipe.

acJula vb, tr, to adulate, to fawn upon, to cringe to, to toady j (a lillgu~i) to flatter, F ..... to butter (up), toblarney ; (a'liluda exageralj to praise in fulsome terms, to cajole.

ADU-ADU adulare s.], adulation etc, v. ad u -

lao .

adulator I. ad]: adulatory, adulating; [lingusitor ] Ilattering; [eaagerat } cajoling. II. sm, adulator, F--+toad eater, lickspittle j [lingueitor] flatterer.

aduJmeca vb, tr, 1. oiniu . (a lua urma} to follow the scent of, to trail, to trace (by sniffing/by the scent); (a mirosi] to scent, to smell, to sniff, to get/catch the scent of. 2. fig. to scent. to smell, to sniff, to get/catch-the scent of, to get wind of; (a biinui) to suspect, to sense; (a obseroa j-u» notice; (a da de urma] to trace; (a simti} to feel; (a ghici} to guess; (a preeimti] to foreknow, to foresee.

adulmeeare 8.(. trailing etc. v. ad u 1m e ca.

adulmeci'ltor adj. trailing etc. v.

ad u 1 me ca.

adult I. adj. grown(-up), adult; (rna. jor] full-aged. II. s.m, grown (-up) person/man, grown-up, adult.

aduiter I. adj. adulterous, adulterate, elev .--+false to wedlock, n. 8.m. adulterer, m. s.n, adultery; adulterous intercourse ; JUT. criminalconversatinn, ® a comite (un) ,...., to commit adultery.

adulterA s.f. adulteress.

adulterin adj. jur.aduIterine, itlegitimate.

adumhri I. ph. 11'. (a umbri) to shade, to ca.~t shade on; (a InltlMeA, a arunca umbra a3upra) to adumbrate; fig. to cbscure, to cast aspersions (up)on. D. ph. retl. to sit in the shade.

adumbrJre $,t. shading etc. v. adumbri.

aduna I .... b; tr.t. (a adllCe laolalta ceva imprtl"iat) to gather (up); (a strtnge tnlr-un tOI) to hring/get/ draw together; (gramada) to heap, to accumulate, to heap/lay up, to hoard (up), to stock; (a colecta] to collect, to ma.ke a collection of; (a maea] to mass (together); (a aduee la 0 adunare] to assemble, to congregate j (tn .. ederea unei ac;iuni eonceturate] to rally, to muster; (a mari , a fatJt sCi creased treptat}


to amass. to store up; (a reeolta] to ga:thel'/get in, to harvest, to reap; (de jos)·lo take/pick up; [spicele ldsate In urma culegarorilor) to glean. 2. mat. to add. @a ~ bani a. to amass riches, to hoard up money. b. (prin colectti] to collect money/subscriptions. c. (ca impozit} to raise money, to levy/ collect taxes/money; a ~ bucatele to gather in the harvest; a ,... comori to hoard up treasures; a ,._, eunostin]e to treasure/gather/store knowledge; a ...., [lori to pick up/to cull flowers; a ,_, [onduri to collect funds; a-si ,._, gindurile to collect one's thoughts; a-si ,._, min tile to come toone's senses; a ,_, noi puteri to gather new strength, F->to pick up again; a-ei '" ptiterile to summon up/to gather strength, to collect/muster/rally (all) one's energies. II. pb. refl. to assemble, to collect, to cluster, to club (together), to troop, to flock together, II! it, to concentrate; (t pt. a trecere tn reoistd} mil. to muster; (a ee tnsoti] (eu) to associate (with), to herd (with). lID sp une-mi ell cine te aduni, ea sa-Ii spun cine ef ti a man is known by the company he keeps; cine se ascamarr{£ sa aduna birds of a feather flock together. III. vb. intr, mat. to add.

adnnare s.], 1. gathering etc. v . ad u n a.2~ [persoane adunate] gathering, (~imil.) assembly; (mullime) multitude; crowd. B. [intrunire ) meeting, rally; (fedinla) sitting. 4. [politica ) congress, convention, meeting, rally. O. (~tiinti(ica etc.} conference, congress. 6. [eredincioeii din biserica] congregation; (conclao} conclave. 7. [coIeetie] collection; (griimad/i) heap, pile, mass; [acumularc] accumulation; (mii.nunchi) cluster; (agregat) aggregate.S. mat. addition. ® '" constituanta constituent assembly ; ,._, generqla general assernbly;.'_' iegislatioa legislative assernbly; Adullarea Na/ionala the NationalAssembly. (!ilIac de,._, place of . assembly, meeting/gathering place; resort; vtnat, meet; .i\fa-

reo. Adunare Nationali: a R,S.R. the Grand Na lion ill Assembly of the Soda] i st Repu bl ic of Roman ia , ® a co nooca 0 ~ to call a meeting; a face 0 ~ mat. to add (up); a vorbi in [asa unci adunari to address a meeting, to speak in public.

adunlitol' s.m . 1. gatherer, collector. ~. agr . hay collector/gatherer.

adunatnra s.]. 1. [multime] crowd, multitude. 2. peior . mob, rabble, tagrag (and bobtail), riff-raff. 3. (adunare) gathering; (grup) group, (ceata} troop. 4. (d. lucruri griimada) heap, pile; [amestecdtura] mixture, medley, mash, congeries, amalgam, F mingle, mish-mash, hodge-podge, hotch-potch, omniumgatherum, hash; [oecliituri} lumber, F sticks (of furniture); [zdrente} rags.

adusI.adj. [tncoooiat] bent, crooked. ® ~ de/din spate stooping; '" din conde; arranged; (falsifieat) rigged. I1.s.n.l.v. aducere.2.(cadou)

presen t, gift. .

adventlsms .n. rel . Adventism, Millerism.

adventist adj., s.m. rel, Adventist. adventlv adj. bor., zool; adventitious, rar-» ad yen ti ve.

adverh s.n. gram. adverb. ® ,_ de cantitate adverb of quantity; ~ de grad adverb of degree; ...., de lac adverb of place; ~ de mod ad verb of manner; ~ de limp adverb of time. ® ca ~ adverbially.

adverbial gram. I. adj. adverbial. @ loeutiune ~ii adverbial phrase, II. ado , adverbially.

advers adj. adverse, opposite, eontrary, counter ... @ ptirere ~a contrary/opposite opinion/view, counterview; parte ~a opposite/adverse/hostile party, f!i JUT. counter part(y), opponen l(s).

adversar sm , adversary; n de idei) opposer, opponent; [intr-o disputii) disputant; (ca lup uitor] antagonist; (a taca lor) assailant, oppugner; [dusmun} enemy, foe; [rival} rival; jur. counter part/y).

adverSlItiv. ad}. gram . adversative. @ conjunctie ,,-,d adversative conjunction.



Ildversitate s.f. adversity; (calamitate) calamity; disaster, misfortune.

advoCllt ... v. a v 0 c a t,

8 (h' ocatesc adj. v. a v 0 c a f esc. oed s.m; bard, singer,

Iter s.n, 1. air; [riisuflare} breath. 2. [aspect] look, aspect ; . (tnfdti, fare) appearance; [al unel persoane] air, presence; [mina] countenance; mien; [maniere} manners, ways; [asemdnare} likeness, resemblance. 8. pict.air, aUitude,turn of the head. ® ,...., atmosferie atmospheric/common air; ,...., comprimat compressed air; ,..., conditionat conditioned air; then. artificial atmosphere ; n ea instalaJie)ail'-conditronmg ; ,...., cural fresh air' ,..., inchis stuffy fconfined/dead/;tale air; ~ illPiorator bracing/invigorating air; ....., lichid liquid air; ,...., maiestuos fig. majestic air; ,...., nesiiniitoe unhealthy/unwholesome air; ~ proaspiit fresh/sweet air; ,_ rar thin air; ,...., riicoros cool air; ,._ etricatjoioiat foul/vitiated/tainted air; """stii.lut stale air;'- "alamo tor noxious/injurious air, min. choke damp. styfe; .- vesel. fig. cheerful air. @ baie de ,..., air bathbaie de .- cald hot-air bath; bi'1~icd de - a. fiz. air bubble. b. (la metalele topite} blister. e. iht, bladder, sound; boare. de ,...., breath of air, gen tie breeze; calitate« r-rului condition of the air; caramida uscata fn ,_" air-dried unburnt brick, air! cob brick ; centura de ,.._, air halt : clddit in ,...., air-built; coloana de ~ fiz.column of air; cu ,..., conditionat air-conditioned; cura de ....., med; air cure; curent de ,...., draught, air/ atmospheric current, current/ stream/flow of air; densitatea -ului density of the air; electricitatea din ,._ atmospheric electricity; ezerciIii in ,...., liber out-door/open-air exercises; filtru de ,...., air strainer; injector de ,_, air-injector; in .... Iiber in the open (air); per (i)na de '" air cushion/pillow/bed; pompa de ....., [iz; air/atmospheric/pneumatic pump; presa cu ,..., [is, air press;


presiunea -ului pressure of the air atmospherfcjpneumatir; pressure; pNT(lelllrea -.ulu~ change of air; racire cu ,_, air cooling ; racitor eu ": air.cooler , _air-cooIi~g apparatus; rarirea -ulul rarefaction of the air' echimbarea -ului change of air; etratrde '" stratum/layer' of air; sus in. ,_, m the upper ·air· ventii de "-' relief valve; via/a in :..., liber outdoor life; otrtej de "'" atmos-

, pheric eddy. @ nu aoea. ~ul unui .•• he had not the air/look/appearance of ... , be did. not look like ... · a-~i da ~e to give ~neself airs, t~ put on airs , F_to ride the high horse; a lua ,... to take the air/an airing; a trage '" to draw breath ·sii' lui'irn putin ,_, let's go out and h'ave some fresh air; a trai cu "'"' to live on air; a umple eu- to fill with air to pneumatize, to aerifYi a fer} dt; '"" to avoid exposure (to the air) ; a arunca In ,...., (0 pdlarie ete.) to throw/toss up; (a face sa sara in aer} to blow up; a cladi castele tn '"" to build castles in. the air; e cepa tn ,... there's something in the wind; a dispdrea In ,..., to vanish into space; a pluti in ,..., 8. to float/swim poetic-woe» in the air. b. fig. to tread on air; a se ridica in ..... to fly up, to take one's flight to spring (up); to raise; to star! (flying); to burst upon the wing, to soar ; a c:xpune la ,_ to (expose to the open) air, .to breathe, to give an airing to, to weather to ventilate; a ieei la ,..., to have a blew, to go for a blow.

aero I. vb, 11'. v. 3 e r j s i, H. "b.

refl; [a-si face otni] to fan oneself. ceral s .n, min. ventilation.

aerare s .f. aeration.

aerat adj. aired, aerated.

Ileri~n adj: 1. (format din. aer] airy. aerial; aeriform; [plutind tn aer ca aerul) airy, aerial.skyey ; (gazos) gaseous; [nebulas] vaporous, hazy cloudlike; nebulous; {eaipus la aer) breezy, exposed to the air. 2. [usor ca aerul ] light as air, featherIike, unsubstantial; [rar , eubtire} thin; (tra~spar:ent) transyarent, gauzy. 8. tte- airy, ethereal, vaporous. ail


baraj . ,_, air barrage; batalie .-i1 air battle; cabl .. ,_, aerial cable; caldloric -ci aerial voyage, air-voyage; cale - a air passage; (traseu) airway; cale [erata ~4 aerial railway; flota --a air fleet; for/a ~a air force; imagine '"-'a opt . aerial image; linie -a air line; lupti: ~(l air fight; navigaiie ""a aerial navigation; plantii -Ii bot. aerial plant; raid ,_, air raid; roci aeriene geol. aerial/Aeolian rocks; rutii .-d air route.

aerifer adj. aeriferous, aeriform adj. aeriform. aeriseala s.], Y. a e r is ire.

aerisl I. vb, tr . (a expune la aer } to (expose to the) air, to weather; (a venula] to ventilate; (a improspiita aerul tn ) to renew the air in, to aerate. ll. vb , refl; 1. pas. to be aired/ventilated. 2. to take an airing; to be refreshed.

aerisire s.f. airing, ventilation, aeralion.

aerlsit I. s.n. v. a e r i sir e. II. adj. airy, breezy, fresh; f':g· ,'; open-jbroad-minded.

aerobadj. aerobian , aerobic. nerodinamie adj. aerodynamic. aerodlnamiea sf aerodynamics. aerodinii s .f. aerodyne.

aerodrom s.s , a~. airport, airfield,

aerodrome, amer . airdrome. aerotagte s], med; aerophagia. oerofob ad). aerophobe.

aerotoble s .f. aerophoby, aeropho-


aeroton s .n, aerophone.

aerotor s.n, aerophore. aerofotografie s.], al'. etc. aerial

photographic mapping.

aerogara s.f. al'. air-station, airport


aorograt s.n. aerograph.

aeregratle s], aerography. aerograma s.f. meteor. aerogram. aerolit s.m, aslr. aerolite, aerolith. aerolegle s.r aero logy .

aerometrte s.], aerometry.

aeromstru s .n, [iz, aerometer. IIcromobH s.n. a". flying body. aeremodel S.Il. al'. (air)plane model. aeremodellsm s.n, model plane fly-



aeromedeilst s.m, avo flying-model constructor.

aeronaut s.m; avo aeronaut, aeronav-


aeronautle adj. cv. aeronautic. neronautlea s .], m'. aeronautics. aeronavli sf. a~. airship, space ship,

space craft.

aeronllvigape s], aerona vigaticn , aerial navigation.

aeroplan s.n. avo (air)plane, aeroplane; (aparat zburiiior ) flying machine.

aeroport s.n. ar. airport, aeroport , aeropurtat adj. avo airborne. @ trup e

,.__.e airborne troops. aeros adj. airy.

aeroscop s.n,aeroscope.

aerosol s.ia. chim., [iz, aerosol; chim,


aerostat s.n . avo aerostat , airballoon. aorostatte adj. al'. aerostatic(al). acrostaUcii sf. a». aerostut.ics. aerostatie s.f.av. aerostat.iou , aerotaat s .n, al'. charter plane. aerotehnicli s.], ap. aerotechnics. aerotoraple s.], med, aerotherapeutics. Ilerotopogrllf S.m. aerotopograph. aerotopografie s.f. aerotopography. ae vea adsr., adj. V. a i eve a. afabil I. adj. affable; {curtenitor ]

courteous; (politicos) polite, civi l ; (amabil) amiable. n. aslo . affably etc, Y. ,..., I.

alahllltate s.f, affability; [curtenie} courteousness; (p'olitele) politeness, civility; (nmabiliuue] amiability.

ataeere s.f. 1. [ca notiune generala, legau; de interese mai mari decit ale indicidului, de ex. ale statului ] affair; (ca no/iune legatil de profit in general) husiness ; com. business, pl. dealings; (negotJ trade, commerce; (tnobeiata, ~ reusitc) bargain; {tran zactie] transaction, enterprise, undertaking; [speculo tie } speculation. 2. (chestiune} af[8ir, F business; [subliniindu-se caraeterul de discusie} matter; (cliestwne a'[ectlnd pe cineca] . concern, F thing. B. pl. {tndeletniciri particulare} affairs; (sarcini ; treburi} tasks. 4. pl. [treburi de stat} affairs. o. jul'. case, affair. ® -- buna good stroke of business; bargain; ,... ci-


.. ila jur . civil case/snit; -e eriminaIii JUT. criminal case; ""' de slat state affair; ,..." dubioasa shady affair; ~ [aimoosa famous affair; ,._ importnntii important affair, matter of moment; "" proastii bad stroke/piece of business, bad/losing bargain; ~ publica public concern/business/affair; "" rentabild paying concern, com. capital stroke of business, F-+go; ,___. eentimentala love affair, affair of the heart; ,_. urgenta pressing business : a'[acui ex Ierne foreign /external affairs; afaceri interne home/in ternal/domestic affairs; afaceri zilnice daily tasks, routine. <1il [rumoasa .- peior , F it's a pretty business/ job/hobble, it's a fine/nice mess; om de «[aceri man or business, business-man; proastii ,_. that's an a" kward affair, it's a nice mess, P.-+ it's a devil of a go! © a face 0 ~ to make/strike a bargain; a {ace 0 ,_. buna to make a good bargain, to do a good fine business; a face afaceri com. to carryon/do business, to buy and sell; a face afaceri eu... [ceca} to deal trade in ... ; am fatUI 0 .- protistii I did not get my full money's worth, I've done a bad stroke 01 business; a se baga in 'afacerile altora to. meddle/concern oneself/busy onssel] with the affairs of others; nu e niei o ,_. a. [afaceriie merg slab) there is no business doing/stirring, trade is slack. b. {n-am [acu: nici 0 ispr avd] we have come back as wise as we went. c. [nu e bun de nimic) that's good for nothing, that's uselessjof no use. d. [nu renteaza) it doesn't pay, no profit is to be made out of it, the game is not worth the candle; ar fi 0 _" that would be a bargain.

ufacerism s,n , 1. profiteering, shady affairs. 2. (spirit negustoresc ] mercantile spiri t, businesslike manner. ataeerlst e.m, businessman, man about town ,peior. trafficker, racketeer.

afara I. adc. 1. out; (in afara casei) out of doors/the house, without doors, outdooris) ; (in exterior)


outside, without; (tn aer liber) in the (open) air; {departe de aici ; in strdtniitate } abroad; [plecat} out, forth; (la !ara) in the country. 2. in terjectional out (with you)! be off/gonel get outjaway you1 get gone1 F pack off! ® - cu elf out with him! turn him out 1; ~ de ... ". In '""-' d e; exc~pt(ing)." poetic->save ... ; ,.., de aceasta besides (this), moreover;,_. {numai ) dacd ... only if. .. , except when.,; (J)I din cale .- de ... too ... ; exceedingly ... , ... beyond measure/a ll bounds .. ., to excess; in afara atingerii mele beyond my reach; in ,._, de a. (pe l1nga) besides. in addition to, apart from, poetic-seev«. b. (cu exeep tia} except(lng); pieptul ~ mil. throw out your chest; toti ~ de ... all but/except ... @ a alerga ,.., to run out; a aruncarv to throw out; a chema - to call out; a {con jduce ,.._, to lead out/forth; a da ,.._, 8. (a izgoni) to drive/chase/turn out; (Crt bsitaie} to beat/whip out; (cu for/a) to force out; (a indepiirto.) to expel; (a porunci sa iasii] to order out; b. (a eoneedia] to release, F 10 sack, to give limb. the sack. c. (a vomita} to throw up, to vomit; a da ,_, pe u~a to put/throw out of doors, to push out of the room; da-l ,_, turn him out; a dormi ~ to sleep in the open air; ie~ i -! (get) out I be gone l, F pack off I; a orea (sa iwit) ~ to wan t to go/get out; e prea din calc ,.__. that's too much, that exceeds all hounds, F it beats the devil! well, I never! nu iHI aplccaii in ~ do not lean out of the window; a iesi in ~ to jut (out), to project, to protrude, to extend, II. sf. @ pe din ~ 8. on the outside; outwardly. externally. b. {pe de rost ) by heart/rote,

IIfazic med, J. adj. aphasic. U. s.m ,


ofazie sf med . aphasia, aphasy , afeet s,n, affection, emotion.

aretta L vb, tr , 1. to affect; (a 8imula) to assume, to pnt on, to feign, to sham, to simulate; [« imita) to imitate, to mirn ic, 2. to affect; (a preocupa] to concern;


(a tulbura] to trouble; (a misea} to move; (a atinge} to touch; 10 touch/st.ing to the quick; (a mihnil to afflict, to grieve; (a supiira } to offend. 3. to affert; (a modifica) to modify, to alter. 4. (0 sumii] 10 assign, to appropriate. 6. com. to mortgage. @ nu ma «[ecteazii cttuei de piuia it does not affect me in the least. II. vb . in!r. to pretend.

areotare s.], 1. affecting etc. v. a f e c t a. 2. [prefacatorie] affectation, dissimulation, makebel ieve , pretence, sham, feint; [imitate} imitation; fastidiousness, hypercriticism, prudishness, mincing; (cochetarie ) primness, demureness; archness.

aTectat 1. adj. 1. affected; [studiat} studied, elaborate, recherche; (:;;i curios) curious, fastidious; (in comportare, in felul de a se tmbraca ) prim; (ipocrit) mincing, rniminypiminy, demure, rn irniny-p im iny ; (exagerat) gushing; (d. still euphuistic, stilted, 11ighflown, highfaluting.2. [mthnit] affected; sad, < grieved. II. ado: with affectation, affectedly, on stilts; [cochet ] primly, demurely. @ a oorbi ~ to mince; to mouth; [pe nas) to

speak with a twang. .

alcctiv adj. 1. affective, emotional. 2. (care denoui afectiunea) affectionate. 3. {simiitor ) sensitive. nlectlvitate s.f. emotionality, sensi-

tiveness; sensibility; emotional life ; affectivity.

areetuus I. adj. affectionate; (iubitor} loving. II. ad". affectionately, lovingly.

afectiune s]. 1. {dragoste} affection, love; {atasament} attachment; (simpatie} sympathy. 2. med, affection; (boala} disease. 3. pl. affections, passions. ® - nervoasti med, nervous affection. @ a apea 0 ~ pentru. cineca to feel/ entertain affection for/towards smb., to bear smh, goodwill, to be attached to smh., to be fond of srub.

nfeliu s.n. astr . aph elion,

afemeiat I. adj. lewd, lecherous, bawdy, mad afterwomen. n. s.m. woman dangler, amorous fool, ge-

neral lover. ladies' man, lecher. P->wencher, smell-smock.

aferat adj. pretending to be busy. fussy; self- important.

aterent adj. 1. fi [ur . due. 2. fiz. afferent, adherent. 8. anal, afferent. @ nerp ~anat. afferent nerve; vase ~e anat , afferent ducts/vessels.

afereza. s], lingo: aph(a)ercsis.

.. Terim inter] ....... Zm), [braco l } bravo I well done! that's well! peior . that's rather too milch I that's (coming it) too strong}: (te [elicit; ce sii-li spun!) peior. I wish you joy of it!

afet S.lI. mil. gun carriage, ® ,_, mobil mobile guncarriage. @ tun flira ~ dismounted gun. © a pune tunul pe ~ to mount a gun (on a carriage).

afgan s.m., adj. Afgban.

amia I. ob, tr . to affiliate. II. cb . refl . to affiliate, to be affiliated. afiliat adj. 1. affiliated. 2. [inrudit )

kindred, allied. afiiiatie s.f. affiliation. afiliere s.f. affiliation.

afin1 s.m. bot. bilberry (bush) [Vueeinium myrtillus).

ann" s.m. in-law; relative, relation, kinsman.

afin" adj. jur. allied, related, aIlna ob , tr . 1. metal. to (re-)fifie, to affine. 2. lext. to affine.

aHnaj s.n., afinare s.f. metal. refin-

ing, affinage.

afinatll s.], bilberry brandy. afina s .], bot. bilberry. afini~ s .n . bilberry grove,

afinitate s.f. 1. chim.; biol . affinity. 2. [inrudire} affinity, congeniality; (oserniinare} resemblance, similarity; (analogie) analogy. ® ~ electiod elective affin ity; ~ moteculara chim . molecular affinity. @ a apea ~ cu ... to hold affinity with ... , to be akin to .. ,

afinor s.m. refining man. aUoDs.n.I. opium. 2. fig. torpor. a-Iir-a-par odo . to a hair/nicety; in

full detail.

nlirma I. vb . tr . 1. (a prezenta drept real) to affirm, elev.->I.o aver; (a susiine] to maintain, to hold; (a declara} to state, to declare; n dirz) to assert; solemn) to assev-



srate : (a spune } to say; (a promooa ) to advance; (a pretinde ) to allege. 2. log. to predicate. © pot ~ca ... I don't mind saying that- .. , I daresay that .. ,; eu unul a[irm ca ... I myself/for my part maintain Ihat...; 81 afirma ca relatarea e falsa he declares the account to be false; el dooedeste ceea ce afirma he proves what he advances/says/ asserts. n. vb, refl.1. to be affirmed etc. v. ~ 1. 2. (a se impune} to make oneself conspicuous; (a lIB face respectat ] to make oneself respected; (asedisttnge)to distinguish oneself; {a-i merge bine} to boom. © se afirma au a epus . .. he is alleged to have said ...

afirware s.f. affirmation etc. v, a fir m a.

ofirmativ I. adj. affirmative. ill p7'Opozitie "'a gram. affirmative clause. n. tuio; affirmatively, in the affirmative.

nfirwa.{ie s.f. 1. [declaratie} statement; [spusa} say(ing); (~ dirzii) assertion; [solemnii} asseveration; {alegatie] allegation; (asigurare) assurance; (prin care se sustine ca ce"a e real) affirmation. 2. log. predication. © a face 0 ~ to make an assertion/a statemen t ,

afi~ s.n , placard, poster, (posting) bill, billboard; (ca reclama} advertisement; (de teatru} (theatrical) poster, playbill. @ om->-« sandwich man. @ piesa aceasta tine ~ul de trei luni this play has been on for three months.

aU~8. I. ob, tr . 1. to post (up), to bill, to placard; (a publica) to publish, to announce; (pt, oinsare, ea reclamii] to advertise; (a proclama) to proclaim. 2. (a face paradd de) to display, to make show/ parade of; (a etala] to exhibit; (a proclama } to proclaim; (eu reo clamii, zgomotos) to puff. II. "b. refl. (a atrage ateruia asupra-~ i) to make a show of oneself, to make oneself conspicuous; (a face sa se oorbeascd despre sine) to get oneself talked about; (a wea. sa de»ina notoriu ) to court notoriety. ® a lie -ca ... fa pretinde ea as/e)


to pret.end to be ... ; (a trece drept } to p ass oneself off for.,.; (a se proclama} to call/sty Ie/proclaim oneself... , ; aM ~ cu cineva to go (ab)out with 8mb.; to herd with smb.

afi~aj s .n. 1. bill sticking etc. v. a f i ~ a. 2. (publicitate) publicity; (etalare] exhibition; (zgomotos) puffing; (proclamare) proclamation.

afi~are sf. bill sticking etc. v.

a f i ~ a,

afi~illr s.n, noti ce bo ard. afi~or s.m, bill sticker/poster. aUx s :n . lingo: affix.

afixa ob . tr . ling". to affix.

afixare, afixatie s.f. ling". affixation. Ilfinapb. tr, to break UP. to make

loose/spongy ,to stir.

afillare s .f. breaking up. aflnat adj. agr. loose, spongy.

afla J. ob . tr. 1. (a gasi) to find; (a in tilni} to meet with, to fall in with, to come up with; fa da peste) to come across/upon, to light (up)on; {a idescoperi] to discover, to find out; (a inoenta ] to invent; (a oedea] to see. 2. (a prinde de oeste] to hear, to learn; (a [i informat despre } to be informed of/about, to have inf'ormation of; (a ltuelege] to understand, to make out; [a sti ) to know. 3. (a socoti ] to think, to consider, to suppose. 4. mat. to determine. Ii. (a i se intimp la} to happen (to), to befall (to). 6. [a-i trece prin minte] to occur to smb.; to come/ get in to smb.'s head; to strike. @ usor de ~t easily found (out). © am ~t aceasta dintr-o sursa sigllra I have it from a reliable source; am ~t aceasla inca de mult I have knowu it for a long time (past); de la cine ai ~t asta? from whom did you hear that? de unde ai ~t asta? where have you heard that? where have you been told so? afla ca ... 1 must tell/inform you that ... ; am ~tcii ... I heard (it said) that..., people/they say (that) ... ; (mi s-a spus ca} I have been told that ... ; am ~t din ziar ca ..• I've read in the paper that ... ; nu ee poate ~ daca .. , there is no knowing whether ... ; a nu-~i ~ locul to be rest-


less; to fret about; (a se simti prost] to feel ill at ease; am ~t lucruri [rumoaeesiespre tine peior . I hear fine things about you, they tell me of nice doings of yours; a ,.._, mij loace to find means; a-si ,...., moartea to meet with one's death; am --4-0 chiar din gUNl. ei I have it from her own mouth, she told me (so) herself; a-si. ~ omul/naful to find one's man/match, to meet with one's match. II. ~b. refl; 1. (a fi) to be; (a exieta} to be (found), to exist; (a fi present} to be present; (a area lac: a se tntttni} to occur. 2. (a fi asezat} to be situated, to lie; (a se iridica} to stand. 3. (a ajunge la cunoftinta publica) to become known, to be spread abroad, F--+to ooze out; (a se dovedi ) to be proved, to come to light, to turn out; to appear. © se aria there is; there are; se aflii ca ... II.. {se anun¢) it is announced thatv., b. [se zponll$te ca} it is rumoured/reported that.v.; s-a -t ea e un impostor he was found/discovered to be an impostor; he turned out/proved to be an impostor; greseala s-e ~t the mistake has been found/discovered; flu s-a -t nimic care sa ... nothing has been found thaL.; a .8 ,.._, de fata to be present, to attend; a se '" in primejdie to be in danger; a se '"'" in treaba a. to meddle, to poke one's nose (into everything); (a nu face nimic} to be a busybody. b. (a Be tnotrti tara r03!) to potter about j a nu se ,._, nicaieri not to be found anywhere; nu se afla a, (nu e adeoiirat} that is not true (to fact). b. (8 impoeibil] it's impossible .. c. (ferit-a s [tntul] God forbidl never I no, nol on no account!. .. ce te afliJ ... that you are; cum te (mai) afii? how are you? III. vb, intr. to hear/learn about smth, @ a ,._, despre ... a. to hear abollt/of, to learn about...; ~o be informed about..., to have intormation about ... , to gain intelligence about ... b. (a giisi) to find ... @ a ,...., cu cale sa.:«, a ~ de cuoiinpi. sit ••• to think/deem fit/right/it prop-


er to.,.; din cite am ,...,t from what they tell me.

atlare s .], 1. being etc. v. a 1 I a. 2. (prezen/a) presence.

atliitor ad}. being, existing; extant; [present] present.

afloriment s.n. agr . outcrop. atluent s.m. tributary [steeam), affluent, confluent, feeder, influent. afluenta s .f. 1. (bel~ug) affluence, plenty; 2. (multa lume} a1f1uence, throng; (nitvala) rush.

aflux s.n. 1. mod, afflux, rush. 2. hidr, afflux, flow, inflow (of water). ® ,._, catodie [is, cathodic influx. afon ad}. voiceless, aphonous; silent. aronie s.], voicelessness, aphonia. aforism s .n . aphorism; (maxima)


aforistic adj. aphoristic(al). african adj., s.m. African. africand s.m. Africander.

8frlcatil sf [on; affricate (consonant).

afrodiziae s .n., adj., [iziol-, aphrodisiac.

alront s .n. affront; oHence; (jignire personalii] insult, outrage. @ a face un ~ cui~a to put an affront upon smb., to offer an affront to smb.

6ftes.f.pl. mea. milk thrush, ulcer(s) in the mouth, aphtha.

altos adj. med, aphthous. @ anghina aftoasii med, aphthous angina; febra aftoasii ~et. foot-and-mouth disease.

afuma I. vb. tr, 1. (pl. c07l$eroare) to (expose to) smoke; {peste] to kipper; [scrumbii} to smoke, to cure, to bloat; (~unca) tosmoke-dry, to gammon; (1i a sara) to cure. 2. (a innegri Clot [um] to blacken with smoke; (a s trica. bucatele] to burn. s. (a umple cu fum) to (fill with) smoke, to infest/incommode with smoke; (d. (1 camera ete., cu fum de tutun} to filL. with smoke of tobacco; (a aeoperi w fum) to coyer with smoke; [albine ete.] to smoke out; (tintorii, fadnil foc) to smudge. 4. (pt. a dezinfecta) to fumigate, to deodorize; to dislnfeet; (a curaJa prin fum) to purify/ medicate by smoke, to fumigate; (butoaie, ell sulf etc) to (fumigate


with) sulphur; (a parfumaJ to perfume, to scent. Ii. (a tmbiita} F to fuddle. II. "b. refl. pas. 1. to bB/get smoked etc. v. ~ I. 2. (a se tmbata} F to get fuddled/mellowl squiffy. III. ob . intr . (a [umega] to smoke; (a scaate aburi} to reek, to fume, to steam.

atumare s.f. smoking etc. v. a f um a.

alumat I. ad}. 1. smoked etc. v. a fum a. 2. (d. alimente s i] smokedried. 3. (beat) F boozy, tipsy, halt-seasoned, fuddled, mellow, squiffy. @ ctrnat ~ smoked sausage; carne ---a smoked meal; carne de para ~i1 smokedfhung beef; lapte ~ burnt milk; limba -i1 dried tongue; ecrumbie ~a red herring, bloater; sticui. --a smoked glass. II. s.a , v . a fum a r e.

afumitoare1 e ], 1. perfuming pan, censer. 2. v. a fum tI. tor. afumlitoare2 sf. pl. articles for fumigating; perfumes, scents, purfumery.

atumator s.n , 1. (bee) smoker. 2. smoke house.

6fumlttorie sf. smoke house. afutni1tura s.f. 1. v . a f u III a r G. 2. (carne «[umata ) smoked meat.

alund I. adv. (In adtno} deep; (jos) low; (la fund) at the bottom; (spre fund) to the bottom. © a brlga/da ,._, to dip, to plunge, to thrust into the water; to sink, to submerge, to submerse; [violent, pe cineva} to duck, v, ~i a tun d a I: a s~ da ~ a. to sink (deep). b. fig. (a disptlrea) to disappear, to vanish; (a se topi) to pass away, to dissolve; (a se ascunde] to keop in hiding, F .... to take earth, to lie low; to secrete oneself; (a tacea} to be silent; (a trlii retrae} to live in retirement. II. adj. (adtnc} deep; (jas) low. Ill. s.a, 1. [adtncime] depth, deep. 2. (fund) bottom.

arunda I. vb . tr, 1. (a cufunda) to (cause to) sink, to submerge; (superficial) to dip; (arunctlld in apa) to plunge; [adtnc} to dive; (a bliga fi a scoate repede din up/i) to duck; (a muia) to soak, to steep, to sop; (complet] to drench; to


immerse, to immerge. 2. (a adinci} to deepen. II. vb. refl, 1. (a se scu [unda , a se !ncca) to sink; (a se sluce La fund) to go/sink to the bottom; (a disporea sub ap«] to dip (below the surface); (a p lon.ja ] to plunge; (a se baga fi a iesi din apa) to duck; (~ d. lnotiitori] to dive. 2 •• si fig. (a fi inghi tit] to be engulfed, to be swallowed up; (a cadea] to falL 3. fig. (a dispi1rea) to vanish, to disappear, to be 105t, to sink; (la orizont ] to dip; (a se pierde , a se topi) to pass away; to dissolve; (a palrlmde adtnc ] (In) to become lost/merged (in), to lapse (in). © a se - in cugeuiri to be lost/absorbed/buried/wraptiu (deep) thought.

alundare s.], sinking etc . .v. a f u nd a.

alundat adj. (foarte depal·tat) remote, very distant.

alundiltor s.m. diver.

afundAturii s.], 1. v. ad inc i t ur a. 2. (fundiltura) blind alley/ lane, turn-again (~lley); (loc ascuns } secret corner, hidden recess, covert, nook; (vagaun«) hollow; den; (fund) bottom.

Ilfundi~ s.n. deep, depth.

alurea "b. tr, na". (eu doud ancore) to moor by the head; (cu patrtL aneore] to moor to all fours.

alurisenie s.], 1. his. ban; curse of the church; [anatema} anathema; ( eecomunicare} excommunication. 2. [b testeni] curse.

afurisi I. vb. Ir. 1. rel . to lay under the ban of the church; (a e.xcomuniea] to excommunicate; (a anatemiza} to anathematize. 2. (0 blestema) to curse, to invoke/call down curses on, to damn. II. lib. refl. to swear.

afurisit I. adj. [blestemat ) accursed, damned; fig. damned, confounded, F deuced, blessed, 9ulg.--+blooming, bloody; (neascultlitor) n-aughty. Qj) [emeie ~ii shrew. II. s.m. knave, scoundrel, rogue, scamp, rascal, < arrant knave/rogue.

agale ad», 1. (fnpel) slowiy, leisurely; {treptat] gradually ,step by step; (in voie] deliberately; [cu


leneoie] lazily, idly. 2. [neatent } care less ly , heedlessly. <ill a merge ~ to saunter, to walk in a leisurely way; to go/walk slowly.

aglLpas.f. 1. rel, agape, love feast.

2. (masa com una) brotherly repast. agar-agar s.n. agar-agar.

agaric S.m. bot. agaric (Agaricus). agasa (,b. 11'. to worry, to plague,

to pester; (a enerva} to irritate. to annoy; (a necaji} to tease, to ban tor, to chaff.

ngasant ad], annoying, provoking

F -> aggravatin g. '

ngat e.n; , IlglLtiL s.f. mineral. agate. agava s .], bot. American aloe (Agape umerLcana) .

aga s.m. odin. agih)a, police prefect.

agiita I. vb . 11'. 1. (a atirna] to hang (up), to put up; to suspeud : (a a.tafo) to atfach ; (eu sau p; un Cll'ltg) to hook up. 2. (a acosta} to accost; to waylay; ($i a tine de oorbii] to buttonhole. 3.' (a pune mina pel to oatchhold of to seize; (a cap tura ] to capturl': © i;~i ~se salul. de clanla she had caught her shawl on the door-knob. II. ~b. refl. pas. to be hung (up) etc. v . ~ I. ® u se ~ de ... IL. (a gasi oinii] to find fault with.,,: (!'- se lega de) to nag at ... ; (a criilea} to carp at.." to cavil at. .. ; (a nn da pace) to importune, '" not to leave alone ... , to plague ... to pester ... ; (a asalta] to assail ... ; (a. at,?-~a) to attack ... ; (a ridica obieciii neionda.tc (at a de) to cavil al...; to raise captious object ionts) at/about. .. ; to pick a hole in smb.'s coat. h. (a nu se mai desprinde de)

to cling to , to Blick to , to

hold on by , to cleave. to c.

(a se pri rule de) to catch one's hand

etc. on d. (a se [olosi de) to seize

(up)on © sa agalii de [iecare cu-

oint he cavils at every word.

agaia!e s.], hanging (up) etc. v. a gat a.

Ilgatiltoare s.f. 1. (Ia. 'wino) tab. hanger. 2. pi. bol. cllmhors, trailers, clim bing!lrai ling plan ts. ug6.tiiwl' adj. cllmliiug etc. v . a g at a.


ageamiu s.m. F new hand, greenhorn, tenderfoot, pI. babes and sucklings.

agenda s.f. 1. [carnet} note/pocket book. 2. (ordine de si) agenda order (of the day). '

agen~s.m.1. agent; agency, medium, acting power; (factor) facto!'. 2. agen t; {intermediar ] go-between medium, middleman, F->bodkin: {slujba«] clerk; [tmputernicit ) prox: y,mandatary. 3. chim. etc. agent. ® ~ atmosfer ic atmospherical agent; ~ eliimic chim, chemical agent; ~. de .poliJic<-odin. policeman; ~ de legiitltra mil. a. liaison om.cer. b. connecting file; ~ de schimb com.<-odin. (stock) broker'

diplomatic diplomatic agent: ~ [izic physical agent; ~ moneta; circulating medium; ~ provocator-e-odin, agen t provocateur (po· lice] . decoy, amer, stool-pigeon, stoolie ; ~ san.ttar health officer' ag~n!ii P?liJiei+-odin. the polic~ spies, plam clothes men; v. ~i ~ pl'OfJocator.

agellturli. s .f. agents; agency. agentie s.f. 1. [iniermediu ) agency, medtum. 2. (ca intrepriruiere } agency, compa~y; (sediul ) agency office. 3. (forJa) agency, force. ®

comercialii agency; ~ de P": blicitate advert.ising agency; ~ de row] .tounst agency; ~ telegraiica news/ telegraph agency.

agel' adj. 1. (fi:it~unzaior) keen, penctrating , piercing. 2. {sprinten } nimble , quick, agile, poetic ..... f1eet. a. [hornic ) active, industrious. 4. (abil) shrewd, dcv?r, F ..... cute; (dibaci} skilful. 5. (viguros ) vigorous, staunch. @ ochi ,.._, quick/piercing eye.

BgeJ:imes.f.1. {ascuiimc] ~i fig. sharp~es~. 2. (pi1lrlmdere). penetration, insight, acumen; (dlscernamlnt) dIscernment; {suhtiiitatc] subtlety. 3. v . a b iii tat e.

agheasmatar s .»: 1. bis . (vas) holyw~ter font. 2. his (carte) book conuurung the prayers that are recited during holy-water sprinkling:

agheasma s.], 1. bis . holy/consecrat-

ed water. 2. (rachiu) F lush, the I


creatu.re. <ill a stropicu ,.." to sprinkle WIth holy water; orei nu »rei b~a. Grigore ,.._, 11 you mu~t sing 0; SInk; payor play; neck or nothing.

aghesmut I. pb.lr. 1. bis, to sprinkle with holy water. 2. (a bate) F to thwack, to pepper. 3. (a [ura} F to bag, t.o shark. II. "b. ref]; (a se tmbiua) F to get/grow fuddled.

aghesmulre s.f. sprinkling with holy water etc. v. aghesmui.

Rghesmuit I. adj. (beat) F fuddled boozy, bosky, tipsy. II. s.n. v: ag h e s m u ire.

Rghios s.n. <ill i-a cintat popa ~ul F he has turned up his toes (to th~ daisies), he has hopped the twig ; a trage un "', a trage aghioasc II, (a c1nta tarel+ F to be in full song , to sing in a loud voice. b. (a «[oriii } F to drive one's pigs/hogs to. market, to snore like a pig in the sun.

aghlotants .m.'<- In9. v, a d jut ant. Agbilltli. 8.m. propriu FOld Nick/ Harry/Scratch/Gooseberry. <ill a·1 fura ~ F to let the dustrnan get hold of smb.; l-a luat ....... F he has kicked the bucket; lua- te-ar ....... go to hell; why don't you get lost? get lost!

agie e.I.e-odin, police station. . agil I. adj. agile, quick-moving nimble. II. ad". with agility/nim: bleness, agilely.

ag!Jitate s.{. agility, nimbleness. Iig!O S.n. c~m .... odin. agio.

ag iota "b. intr . com+cln.o , to job, to speculate in public securites F .....

to bull and tear. '

BgiotlLj S.n. com.f--inv. agiotage, stock jobbing,

agiotllr s.m, com.w-Lns», agio/stock jobber.

agita I: ob • tr . 1. (a misca] to move, to agitate; (a .pune tn miscare} to set m mntion , to put into (com)motion; (un lichid ete.] to stir (up}; (a clatir:a) to shake; (0 srzbieeta.] to Wield, to brandish.' (a [lutura] to wave. 2. fig. (a tulb~ra) to disturb, to perturb, to stir, to tr~lUb'le; (a stlrn i] to agitate, to incite, to excite, to in"


fl~me, to arouse, to raise, to stir/work up. @ a ~ 0 chestiune to agitate a question. n vb.refl.

1. pas, to be moved etc. Y. "'" 1.

2. (ase netinieti ) to fret, to fume : (a fi nelinij<tit) {Ii med. to be rest: less; (a nu-si giisi astimpar) to fidget; to go, to and fro; to wring one's hands; to bustle; to bestir oneself. 3. (a se discuta ) tobe under .discussion, @ marea se agita t~e sea is gett~ng rough.

ag!tare sf mov~ng etc. v . a g ita. agJta;t adj. ,a~ltated; {emotionat} e~clted; [iritat} irrita.ted; [supiirat} a~gry; [nelinietit ; neroos} re5tl~ss i fidgety ; (cuprins de febra) fcverish ; (d.mare sau."int) angry; (d. mare) rough.

IIgitRtorl s.m. pol. propagandist, agitator.

agitator' S.n. tehn, stirrer, mixer, agitator.

Ilgitl1torie adj. agitational; propa-

ganda... .

agita~iel s.f. pol. agitation, propaganda. liD ~ subversip/t sedition

subversion. '

agitil~ie,2 s.f. 1. ". a g ita l' e. 2.

[emotie} emotion, excitement;

(zapiicealii) flurry; [neriibdare}

Impatience; [neliniste] unrest, nervousne~s, F ..... the fidgets; {aprindere] ioflammation ; ((ebra) fever.

aglica. s.f.. bot. dropwort, queen of the meadow (Spiraea [itipendula}, agllcon e .n. chim. aglycone, aglucon. ~glomera I. pb. 11'. to agglomerate, to crowd, to throng; (a acumula} to accumulate; (a stringe} to gather up; (a tngriimiidi ] to heap lip to pile (up) ; (drumul) to congest:

II. ob . refl. 1. to agglomerate, to accumulate; (d. oameni) to crowd, to gather, to throng. 2. (a spori} to increase.

aglomerant s.m. fixing/binding agent.

aglomerare .s.f. agglomeration etc. v. aglomera.

aglomerat I. S.IL mineral. agglomerate. II. adj. crowded, congested, thronged.

aglomera~ill s.f. agglomeration;

[multime} crowd; (imbulzealii)





negru. black currant [Hibes nigram).

agri~a s.f. bot. 1. gooseberry. 2. bar-


agrobiolog S.m. agrobiologist. agrobiologic ad). agrobiologicaI. agrobiologie s .f. agrobiology. agrochlmle s .f. agrochem istry, agri-

cultural chemistry.

agrogeologie s .f. agrogeology. a.grologle s .f. agrology. ag~omlnims.n. agrominimum, essen-

hal agronomical rules.

a.gronom .5.';1' agronomist, agronoJ_TIe. ® tngtner~ agricultural/farmmg eng inecn/exper t.

agronomic adj. agronomic(al). (jj) insiuict de cercetari ~e Institute for Agronom ical Research; stiin[ii ~a agronomical science.

agrunomie s.f. agronomy, agrono-


agrosllvle adj. agrOsylvicuIturaJ. o.grotehnic adj. agrotechnical. agrotehnici s.f. agrotechnics land

use, agricu !tural engineering. ag~o~ehnician s.m, agricultural techmcran,

a.grozootehnie adj. agricultural and zootechnic.

a.grollootehniciL s .f. agricultural zootechny.

agrozootehnicisn s.m. zootechny expert.

agud S.m. bot. mulberry tree [Mo-


Ilguda s.f. bot. mulberry.

agurldar s.m. bot. ivy (Hedera). Ilguridits.f. bot. I. unripe/sour grape.

2 •. {fruct necopt } green/unripe fruit. © s·a [acu: agurida miere they have patched}made it up. rij) tncetul .cu. incetui se face agurida mtere Lime and straw make medJars ripe, patience and time make all things chime; pariniii mantnca - ~i copiilor li se strepezesc dintii the fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children's teeth are set on edge.

agurijoariL s.f. bot. rose moss (POl' tulaca gr andiforma },

agurizars.m. bot. v. a g uri dar. ah I. inter]: 1. [etcprimirui ernosie , In general) ah I Z. [exprimtnd mi-

brighten; to adorn, to embell ish; to illustrate. 2. to render more agreeable; to make charming.

agresiune s.f. aggression; (alae) attack.

agresiv 1. adj. aggressive. II. adv •


agresivitate s.], aggressiveness. IIgre&or s.m . aggresor.

agricea s.], bot. cowslip, lady key {Primula veris],

agricol adj. agricultural, farming. (l;li academic ~a agricultural college; bandi. ~a agricultural bank; chimie ~a agricultural chemistry; cooperuiivii ~a de producJie agricultural production co-operaLive; co-operati ve farm; district ~ rural district; agricultural district; expoziiie ....,ii agrlculturul show; masirii ~e agricultural machinery; metode ~e agricultural methods; munci ~e agricultural} farm}field work/labour; muncitor '_'IL. agricultural worker. b. (argat) +-OOin. farmhand; plantii ~ a agricultural plant; productie -a agricultural output; produse ......-e agricultural produce; statiune -a eeperimentala agricultural experiment station; tara _(f agrarian country; unelte ~e agricultural farming stock, implements of husbandry.

agricultor s.m, farmer, ploughman, cultivator, husbandman, tiller (of the soil); agricultur ist ; ({iiran) peasant.

agrieulture e.], agriculture, Iarmmg, rural economy, husbandry, culture of the ground, tillage. ®~ mecanizata mechanized agriculture'

socialisui socialist agricul:

turc, (l;li Ministerul Agriculturii Ole Board of Agriculture; transformare eocialista a agriculturii socialist transformation of agriculture.

agrlmensor s.m. (land) surveyor, geodesian.

agrlmensura s.f. (land) surveying, survey, geodesy.

agrl~ srn , bot. gooseberry (bush) [Bibee grossuloria] , ® _ ro~u barherry (bush) (Berberis vulgare); ,._,

agramat I. adj. illiterat.e, unlettered. II. s.m. illiterate (person), i no. -+ agram mat is t.

agrar adj. agrarian; (agrical) agricultural. @ lege ,._a agrarian law; I'eformli ~a agrarian reform; regiune -d agrarian region, farming area.

agrava I. vb . tr . to aggravate, to make worse/more severe, to worsen to render less tolerable/excusable, to increase the gravity of; (boala] to aggravate. II. cb . refl. to grow worse, to worsen; to change for the worse, to deteriorate.

ag!'avant adj. aggravatitlg.V(!j) cil'cumetante - e jur. aggravating circumstances.

agravaro sf. aggravating etc. v. agrava.

agrea ob, tr . 1. [a-i pliicea} to like, < to love; (a vedea cu och.i buni] to be well disposed towards, to be} feel well inclined to, to favour, to bear smb . goodwill. 2. (cera) to approve (of), to take in good Plut, to sanction, to express one', approbation of; ((a fi de aeord cu ) to consent to; (a accep ta } to accepl; (a primi [aoorab il ] to receive favourably.

agreabll I. adj. [pliicur } agreeable; (d. oreme , comportare, lucruri] pleasant; (ca pcrsotuui } pleasing; {tnctnuitor) delightful, charming, pleasurable; [distractiv ] amusing, funny. @ are un gust r-« it is grateful to the taste. II. ado . agreeably etc. v. ~ 1. III. s .n . agreabilui the agreeable. © a tmb ina utilui cu ~ul to combine the pleasant with the useful.

agrega "b. tr . ~i refl.j.geol. to aggregate

agrogare s.f. v . a ~ reg a tie . agregat s.n. 1. chini.; geol. aggregate. 2. tehn . unit, assembly, generat iug set.

agrego.lie s.f. chirn., geol . aggregation.

agrement s.n. 1. (sentiment) agreement, consent, assent. 2. (dislrac-' tie) d ivers i on , amusemen t, recreation. sport. @ de ~ pleasm·e ...

agromenta rb. II'. 1. to colour, to

crowd, throng, crush, concourse. ©era 0 ~ atit de .mare incH.,. the crowd was so dense that ...

8glutina vb . Ir "*i rei], lingr. to agglutinate.

aglutinant adj. agglutinant; ling9. agglutinative. @ limbi ~e agglutinative languages.

aglutinare s.f. lingo etc. agglutina-


agnostic adj. sm, [ilos, agnostic.

agnosticism $ .n. [iloz: agnosticism. agonA s.], [iz: agone, agonic line. agllnic adj. 1. agonizing. 2. mat. fi a,


agonie s], agony (ot death), death agonyf struggle, fast struggle/ago, ny , death throes. ®,..., len ta lingering death. ail in - a. in one's death agony, breathing one's last, at one's last gasp. b. fig. dying, at the point of death, moribund. ® a {i}ln zaeea _ to bo struggling with death, to lie in one's death agony.

agoniseaIii s.f. [avere] fortune; [pu» linul pe care-t are cineoa} the little smb. has; (ci~lig, profit) gain, profil, acqulsit.ion ; (ci~tig prin munca) earnings; (oenit ] iucomo : {eeonomii ) savings.

agonlsl ob, tr. (a dobindi prin c[ort } to acquire; (a tapata) to get; (a cistiga} to gain; (prin mtwcii) to earn. @ a- aoere to acquire property; a ,..., cunostirqc to acquire/store know ledge; a-si ~ nume rtiu. to gain a bad reputation ; a'fji - oiata to earn one's living/ bread.

agun lslre s I acquirement etc. v, a g o n r s r.

agon isita s.f. 1. v. ago n i s e \l 1 a. 2. v. ago n i sir e.

agnntza Db. intr.;;i fig. to agonize,

to be agonizing/dying.

agonlzant adj. agonizing.

ageulsare s.f. agonizing.

agora s.f. ist , agora.

agorafobill s.f. agoraphobia. agrafii. s.]. 1. brooch, clasp iron. 0

(de p&r) hair pin. 3. (ae de siguran/a) safety pin. 4. [copc«, in chirurgie) suture, wound clip.





rare) oh! ha(h)!' 3. (exprl:m,nd lamentaJie) oh.l alas I ah me! oh dear! oh heavens! good(ness) gracious! my goodness! F goodness roe I good luck! 4. (exprimtnd SI;I.tistaetie, buou.rie). oh! (,,{oarle bine"] '(very) well! all right! II. s.n. sigh, moan, complaint.

aha interj.I. (inJeleg) (oh) Lsee I oh! 2. (da) yes.

aho interj. 1. (pt. a opri boii) ho! who(a) I geewhota) J 1. {destul } enough! that will dol (opre~te) hoy J hoi

ahtla ob . reil: ® a se ~ dupa ... to be keenJ F-+nuts on ... , to be extremely fond of; to hanker after, to covet, to crave for.

ahttat adj. ®.'" de/dupli ... craving/ hankering after ...

si' inter). 1. (cum?) what? eh? 2. (e,:?) well? v. §i n u - i a ~ a ? 3. v. a h . 4. (hai) come (on)!

81" art.pos. masc. pi of o= gen ', In' s } ® ~ lor theirs, of theirs ; a> mel a. mine. b. (familia mea) my ~~mily F people:

ar s.m. bot, garl ic, clown's treacle (Allium sativum }, ® ~de padure a, v a i ~ 0 r 3. b. v. ~u I u r suI u i; ,..._, de vara v. ~ ; ~ siilbatic cabbage garlic (Allium oleraceum ] ; ~ul sarpelui sand leek, viper's garlic, rocamhole [Allium ecorodaprasum }; ,.._,ul ursului wild/bear's garlic (Allium ursinum}, @ c/itel de ,..._,. clove of

garlic. .

ala adj. dem., pron . demo v. a.c eea. @ ,..._, e! F B. that's it; that's the ticket I b. that's the truth! c. (aiei e aici) there's the rub I

ailllalti1 adj. dem .• pron., demo V. c e a 1 a I t a.

alaste adj. dem.s--reg, v. ace a st a.

aia.sti adj. dem.e-reg . V. a c e astil.

aieeea} ad". v, a i c i.

alcl ado . 1. here; [incoace} here, poetic si ino i-« hither; (in aces! loc} at this place; in/on this place acolo] there; (tn aces! punct } at this point; (in aeeasta farte. regiuneetc.} in this quarter i III this region i in

ther; erall ~ la chip they were like twins; like two peas in a pod.

a levea I. adv. actually, really, in reality/truth, face to face. H. adj. real, actual, true.

ailalta pron. demo v .. c e a I a It. a etc.

alnles s.n. poligr . border.

alor s.i». bot. 1. spurge, devil', milk, milk weed (Euphorbia). 2. leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula ),

alsherg s.n. iceberg, berg.

ai~ollrii s.f. bot. garlic mustard, garlicwort, hedge garlic (Alliaria of[icinolis} .

alsor s.m. bot. 1. v. a i ~ a a r 5.. 2. snow drop, fair maid of February {Galonthus nioalis ] , 3. Turk's cap, martagon lily [Lilium martagon ), 4. wild/bear's garlic (Allium ursinum },

atura vb . intr, (a oorbi lara noima} to talk nonsense /foolishly fat random/F through one's hat, to drivel, F to ass, to moon; med. to wander (in one's mind), to speak insanely, to rave : (d -. biitrini ] to dote; (a visa) to dream; (a deoia} to rurnb Ie, to run off/away, to stray.

alurare s.f. wandering delirium' talking nonsense etc. ~. a i U I' a :

aiurea I. ad", I. elsewhere, in anotherplace, somewhere elso : anvwhere else; (spre un alt- lo~) to some other place; [ln. strainatate] in alui parte) abroad. ® a. se gindi (intr-).~ to be absent-(minded)( wandering /F muzzy; it vorbi [lntr-] ~ to talk nonsense, V. l}i a i u r a . II. adj. V. a i uri t . III. inter], bah! (nu se poate} yon don't mean it! (spUJye-o lui muiu ] F tell it to the marines l (prostii) F stuff and nonsense! rubbish! fiddlesticks! {abtine-te] F stow it!

aiur~a..la s.], 1. 'Ii. med : wandering, dclir-ium , drivellmg nonsense, 2 [oorbe (ara sens } F twaddle rig: mar?le, babble, moonshine;' drive!(-lll~g), doting, dotags. 3. (prostie} pJ8ce of extravagance tomfoolery; (lipsa de )udecata/ thoughtlessness. 4. (zapaceald) flurry, con-

fusion; (haas) chaos; [amesteciitura] F jumble; [zaroii] F fuss, hubbub.

aiuri vb_ I:. F to kid, to humbug, !o ~oodwmk, to dupe, to wheedle.

alID"It.I. ad). 1. {zapacit ) giddy, hare-bramed; [prost} silly foolish' (flu" turatic ) ligh t- headed, inconsi: derate. 2. [core oorbes te tara naimii] F twaddling; drivelling; thoughtless. U.s.m. 1. F driveller dribbler, blunder-head, whiffler' hare-brained fellow, scatter-br~in 2

(pietan distrat } jay-walker. . •

ajun s.n. 1. eve, day sau evening before (~ome, evc;nt). 2. (post)<In". fastmg. ® AJunul Anului Nou. New Year's Eve_ @ in ~ on the eve of that day, the day before; in _ul [cugen] on the eve ot.., on the day before ...• shortly before .... in ~ul plecarii sale (on the day) before his departure . shortly before his departure. '

ajuna !lb. inir , rei. (a posti] to fast to abstain from food; (a min ell 'd~ sec) to abstain from meat. atunllres.{. fasting etc. V •. a j una. ajunge I. vb , tr, 1. (pe cinerJa din urma). to catch up (to), to como

up WIth, to get up to/with; fig. to match, to equal; [la lnDatiilrlra ete .] to come up with; (aprin.de ceoa} to catch, to overtake; (un vas, nail) to come up with, .to reach/gam. (up)on ... , to join ... (at sea); (co. inamic} to catch up· (la intrecer i de regate) to bump; p'inat. to take, to catch. 2. (a atinge} to touch; (a apuea) to seize; (a ~ la) to reach, {.g. to attain, to gain, to carry, to secure; (a nimeri) to hit. 8. (a apU.Ca, a trail (to live) to see, ® a-l ~ a. {oboeeala etc.) to overcome, to overpower, to overwhelm to master;. to be succumbing t~ s~th.; (a [i CUPrl~!S de) to be seized with; (a-,. veni } to dawn upon, b. (a t se intimpla] to happen t~, to Jall on,. to affect, to meet With. © a ,.... [undul to reach the bottom; a (ace dup a euni it __ capul to use one's own discretion/ pleasure, to take. one's own course;' II ajunse Ise} somnul. he was over,

this city; in this c01111try; (pe accasui parte) (011) th is side; (aici joe, pe p amtnt ] here below; {La noi ] with us, ill this/our country, amer. (on) this side (of) the ocean 2. [prezent } present. 3. (la aceste cuointe] at these words; {la care) whereupon. 4. interjectional present; scol, adsurn J here! O. inter[ectional [unui dine) (to) heel! ® ,...., ... , ~ ... now .... now ... ; alternately ,by turns; ~ afara out here; ',.._, jos here below; ,.., sus above here. (!j) cit pe ...., nearly, almost, well nigh, within an ace of, all but; de ,...., a. (din acest lac} from here, (din aceastii tard) of this country. indigenous. b. (tn consecirua} bence; de. ,..._, inainte from now on, from th is dayan, henceforth, henceforwards; de ~ tntr-o lund within a month of this; de ,.__, pinii acolo from here to there, from this place to the other; de ,...., p ina la Bucuresti from here to Bucharest; nici-«, nici acolo neither here nor there; omul (ista de ...., this/ that man, P _,. that here man; pc ,__, a. (aid) here. b. (10. noi) with us c. (prinprejur) hereahoutjs], about here, round here. d. (cu ideea de trecere sau plitrundel'e) through here, through this place. e. (pe acest drum) this way; pe '" pe-aproape hereabouts; around here; pina ~ a. (spatial) to this place, so/thus far; (in cart i) down to there. b. (temporal) till now, until now, so far, as, yet, hitherto. c. interjectional enough I that will do I pinii ,__, loate bune so far so good. @ ~ ai dreptate in/on this point you are right, F there you're right; "'e punctul lui slab that is his vulnerable point; ,..._, gre~e9ti there you are mistaken; de ,..._, urmeaza ca ... hence it follows that. .. ; de '" oedem ca ... hence we (may) see thaL..; nu sintefi de [pe} ,...? are you a stranger in these parts? aida, aide inserj, v , h aid e. sidoma. adj. alike; the very picture of, the living likeness of; (identic) identical. @ e ,..., taica-sau he is the very imagej F-+spit of his fa-


come by sleep. he was succumbing to sleep, sleep was getting the better of him; nu-l ~ caput (e prost} he is empty-headed. F he is empty-pated; [tl depaseste ) that's beyon,d him j (nu se pricepe la asta) that s not in his line, F he is not up to that sort of thing; a nu-l "--' puterile to lose (one's) strength, to become weak, to fail. to sink, to fall away; m-a ajuns frigull'm chilled (right) through; ma ajunsese oboseala I was overcome by fatigue; ne ajunse [urtuna pe drum th~ storm overtook us on the way; a-s i '" ,~copulIJinta to attain/gain one's end. to come toone's end, to carry one's point, to hit one's aim; sa n-ajung ziua de mtine l F upon my life! a ~ din urm/i to catch up with. II. ob, refl: 1. reciproc to meet; to catch up with one another. 2. (a fi destul] to suffice, to be enough/ sufficient. 3. fig. to make one's mark. to come into one's own, to reach a fine position, to get a safe berth, to get/be there; (a parven.i] to be an upstart/a mushroom, to climb the social scale. <0 s-a ajuns 1 F he's a heavy weight! cum de s-a ajuns la asta? how did that como about? s-a ajuns la eeartii it came to quarrelling. lII. ob , intr : 1. (a veni } si (tie.) (La) to come (to); (a sosi) to arrive (at). 2. (a [i deajuns) to do, to suffice, to be onough/sulficient; to be ample. 3. (a deoeni} to become; (afi [aciu} tobe made. ® a ,... la... a. to arrive at ... , to reach ... , to come to ... h. (a do-

btndi} to obtain , to get ... ; (a

atinee} to attain ; (a cistiga} to

gain ... ; [prin. efort) to acquire ... ; a ~(pina) la [n atinge ] to touch .. .; to reach to ... ; (a dura) to last till/ unti!...; a ~ sa a. (a reuei sa) to succeed in [cu forme in -ing) ; to man-

age to h. (a ineepe] to begin ....

to start c. (a fi deajuns sa ) to be

enough/sufficient to ... © a ~ cu bine to arrive (quite) safe j ,...., cu cearta have done quarrelling! a truce to quarrellingl pi1ia unde ati ajuns cu lucrul'i how far have you


got on/advanced with your work? ,..., cu pllnsul ! no more tears! have done crying; a ,..., eu trenul de sapte to arrive by the seven o'clock train; ajunga-ti de gLuma enough of joking! stop joking! have done with your jokes! a ,..., de risul lumii to become a laughing stock (of others); a ~ In [rurue .~i fig. to come to the front; fig. to get to the top of the hill; a '" in puterea cuica to come into smh, 's hands ; a ajuns in stare bunii it is safe, it has come through safely; cum (de) aJi ajuns la aceasto? how did you come to that?; ai ajuns la asta? have you come (down) to that? mai-mai sa ajunga la biitaie they nearly came to blows; a ~ la cineva to gain access to smb., to get admittance to smb.; a ~ la 0 oonoluzie to arrive at a conclusion; (repede) to jnmp at a conclusion; a ~ la 0 eonvingere to be brought to a conviction; a ~ La destinatie to arrive at one's destination; am ajuns la ideea ca ... I have been

brought to the conviction that ;

[mi-a trecut prin minJe ideea ea )

I hit upon the idea that ... , it/thc idea occurred to me that ... , the idea struck me th[lt..,; a ~ la () In telegcro to corne to an under: standing/to Icrms ; a '" la cele mal inalte onoruri to come/be promoted to the highest honours; a '" la perfeciiune to attain perfection; a ~ 10, putere to come Intto) power; nu (Jom ~ La nici un rezultat dacii ... we shall get nowhere if ... ; a ajuns La situatio: cind/ea .. , he is in such a situation that...; a ~ la oirsta. de 20 ani to have attained one's 20th year; a r-« la 0 I' irs ta tnaintata to reach a grea t age, to attain old age; n-am ajuns inca plnii acolo I have not got so' far (yet) j a ajuns pind acolo tnett ... he has gone to the length of (cu -ing.}; he has gone so far as to ... ; lucrurile n-(lU ajuns Inca pinii acolo it has not come to that yet, matters have not come to that yet; nu-mi ~ nici ptna la Mrlrie he does not come up to my chin j romunul ~


ptrui la capitolul 7 the novel comes down to chapter VII, the novel is brought down to chapter VII; apa ii ~ pinii la genunchi the water comes up to his knees, the water is knoe-deep;a ,_ pina la lavan to touch the ceiling; a ~ pe mlna cuioa to fall into smh.ts hands; a ~ pe urmele cuipa to get on smb. 's track, to track smb.; __ pentrll moment so much for the present, enough for now; cum a ajuns el sa «[le asia? how came he to know it? a ,..., sa fie cunoscut to become known; a ~ sa se bucure de, .. to live to see great joy from; ~ sa spunem. ca... suffice it to say that ... ; a ~ aeasa to reach home; Inainte de a ~ acolo fig. before things can come to that (pitch), before things are reduced to that (extremity); .daca lucrurile au ajuns aici if things have come to such a pass; a ~ aoocat to become a barrister/solicitor, to be called to the bar j a ~ bine to raise oneself very high; a ajuns capi~an he h":5 been promoted to captam; cit ttmp 0 sa ne ajungii (asIa)? . how long will that suffice? how far will it go? bdiatul as to, 0 sa ajunga cineca the boy will do well. the boy is promising well; a ~ departe a, to get far. h. to get on (in the world), to go a long/great way. to attain eminence; n-o sa ajunga departe he will never come to much' a ajuns pre« departe fig. he's push~ ing it too far, he is going too far, he overshoots himself; tnca nu-t: ~? haven't you enough yet? are you not yet satisfied?; a ~ prost] riiu to sink, to get/be brought low, to go down; a ~ ttrziu. to arrive/ come late; a - prea tirziu to come too late, F -s to come a day after the fair; unde ai ajuns? how far have you gone/advanced? a ajuns unde a ~rut he has carried his point; unde vrei sa ajungi? fig. what are rou driving at? what are you leadmg up to? ~ (I) it is s,!fficient/ enough, It will do; imperatio e~oughl that'l] do/serve; (tticere) Hlenea! keep quiet! stop talking J

AJU-AJU F->shut up; (mie) tmi ~ that's enough/sufficient. for me, that will do for me; nu. ~ it falls short it won't do; nu ~? isn't tiwt enough? won't that do? al~ mel'S cale l~"ga sa le ajunga they went a fair distance, they went a good step/ stretch, they'went on and on, on and on ~hey went; sa-ti ajunga let that s~fhce you ! p~t up with that! eper ca 0 sa aJunga I hope it will do. tlj)ineet, tncet , depurte ajungi soft and fair goes far, slow and steady wins the race.

ajuDgere sf coming etc. v. a jun. g c,

ajuns I. adj. 1. [riizbit] overcome overwhelmed. 2. [inleles] agreed: 3. [ig, (realizat] successful' well: -established. @ ~ de cap/minte cleve~, sharp(-witted); {judieios} senSIble, F cornmon-sensical' ,.._, de obosealii worn/tired out. @ eun om "--' he has made his mark he has come into his own. II.' s.», v. a j un g ere. © bun _ (be) ,,:,elcome! (In)de~ enough, suf'Iicient ; (in)de~ de ... sufficiently ... rather ... , ... enough; de ~ si de r/imas lintrectit more than neces-' sary, in plenty/profUsion.

ajuf s.n. open/pierced work.

ajura vb. tr , to pierce, to perforate'

to sew in openwork. '

ajurat adj. 1. perforated, pierced. 2. [cusut } openwork. 3. arhit, fretwork, openwork.

ajusta I. ob . tr. (Ia) to adjust (to)' (a pune In ordine} to arrange, t~ put in order; (a adapta} to adapt (to), to fit (up) (to); (a potrioi } to level, to match, to tally, tehn, to fit. @ a ,... piesele unei ma;;ini to adjust the parts of. a machine. II. vb, refl, pas. to be adjusted etc. v , ,...,I.

ojustaj s.n , tehn . adjustage, fitting. ajnstore s.f. adjustment etc. v.ajus t a.

ajustor s.m, 1. adjuster, adapter. 2. tehn. adjuster, fitter; engine fitter. adjusting man.

ajutll I. I'll. 11'_ 1. [pe cineva. ~ trur-o situatie ciireia nu-i poate face


fata singur] {la} to help (with; in); (a coruribtii la eforturi deja depuSf de cineoa ) to aid; (nu ca egal) to assist; (a sprijini , ~ materialiceste ] to support; (a sustine} to sustain, to back up; (a oeni En ajutorul cuioa , ! elevat} to succour: {a seconda] to second; (a u.~ura conditia cuiva ) to relieve, to abe t ; (a do. ° minii de ajutor) to lend a (helping) hand to, to give smb. help, to'do smb. a good turn; (a (i de partea) to side with, to take smb.'s part ; (prin cuvinte) to plead/argue the cause of; (0 mingiia] to comfort; (a lncuraja) to encourage; (a fi de (olos) to be of use to. 2. (asluji, a [olosi lay to help, to serve, to be of use/service to, to aid, to answer, to protit, to boot, to benefit, to advantage, to do good to; (a [aooriza ) .to favour.@ nu-l ajuta minteaicapul. ho hasn't got enough wit for that; nu-l ajuta puterile his strength fa ils him; nu ma ajutli picioarele my legs won't carry me (any longer), my legs sink (down) under me. n. ob, refl. 1. [reciproc} to help each o· ther; (a Sf sprijini) to support each other. 2. to help oneself, to shift for oneself. ® a ee ~ cu. ... to a pply/resort to ... , to make use oL. Ill. CJb. intr . to help etc. v. ~ I. ® ar-» la ... a. to be serviceable for .... , to serve/help to ... b. (a contribui la) to contribute to ... ; (a eauza } to cause ... ; (a prornova} to promote ... c. (a remedia] to remedy ... , to redress ... ; (a drege) to mend ... @ la ce ajuta asiat what's the good of that? [ce [olos adace?) what's the use of it? la ee-mi ajuta toate aceste cuointe [rumoasei what is the good of all these fine phrases? nu ajuta la nimic it is (of) no use, it is of no avail, it answers no purpose, it avails nothing, F -vit's no go; crezi eli 0 si!-i ajute? do you think he will be the better for it? F->peior. much good may it do him!

ajutaj s.n. tehn. spou t, tip, mouthpiece; auto. etc. nipple.

ajutiUor adj. 1. (care a}utli) help. ing, helpful, ready /inclined to

help others. 2. (auxiliar) ;;i gram. auxil iary ; [nccesoriu} accessory; (secundar) secondary, subordinate; (suplimentar} supplementary, additional. @ verb ~ gram. auxiliary verb.

ajutor I. s .n. [ucordat 1 in situatii pe care cineva nu le poate rezoloa ] help; helping; helpfulness; [colaborare in oederea unui ecop ) aid; co-operation, collaboration; [asis ten 1(1) assistance; [sprijin , mai ales material) support; ~ fig. backing (up); [scapare dintr-o situatie proasui} succour; [us urare} relief; (remediu) remedy; (redreeare ) redress; [saloare} rescue, salvation; [p aliativ} palliative; [refugiu } refuge, sheet anchor; {contribiuie} contribution. ® ~ de boalii sick(ness) benefit; ~ familiar de stat State gran ts to mothers of many children, grant to large rami lies; ~ prompt prompt assistance, speedy aid, instant relief; ~ reciproc mutual aid/help. @ casii de ~ reciproc mutual insurance/ benefit fund, mutual aid fund; Clt ~ul [cu. gen] wi th the help of..:, by means of. .. ; eu <u! cuioa by/ through/withsmh.ts help/assistance, helped/assisted by smb., \hanks to smb.; de (mare) ~ helpful, useful; of « much) benefit; essential, capital, instrurnental: (<'ird ..... helpless; unassisted, unaided, unrelieved, by oneself, single-handed; post de prim ~ first aid station; © a cere - cuioa to call upon smb, for assistance, to call in the aid of smb., to appeal to smb. for help; a da ~ cuioa to give/render/lend assistance to smb., to help smb. (out); a primi ~ to get assistance, to receive succour, to be succoured , to obtain/get relief; a-i [i de ,.., euioa (a ajuta} to help (out) smb., to be of any help to smb.; (a fi de [olos ) to be of use to smb.; a da 0 mina de ""' (cu dat.} to lend a (helping) hand (to), to bear a hand (to); a nu [i de nici un ,...., to be of no assistance; (de niei un [olos] to he of no availf use; a striga dupa c-' to cry/call



out for help/succour/rolief; a reni] sari in ,..,ul cui~a to come/hasten/ run Iny to srnb. 's aid/assistancc! succour ; a recurge la -tlel eniQa to resort to srnb. 'shelp/aid/succour/ assistance. II. s.m., s.n. 1. helper, aid('~r); assistant, assister, adjurer, second; [susriniitor } backer, supporter, sustainer, stand-by. 2. [IocIii 101') deputy; (adjunct) adjunct, adjoint. a. [salca tor) saver, rescuer. 4. (complicc} accomplice, abettor, iur . accessory. ® - de buciuar ·1l'H.ler·cook; ~ de chirurg assistan t surgeon : ~ de [udeciitor assessor, assistant.

ajutora ob . v. a jut a .

alutorare 5.'. 1. hclp(ing) etc. v. a jilt a. 2. v. a jut a r, L

al art. pas. masc. fi ncu.tr u. of (sau gen. in's) @ ~ boiatului the boy's, of the boy; ..__ lui George George's, of George; - meu mine; ~ tau yours; ~ costru yours.

ala-hula intcrj . @ ce mai ~ ? F a. what is the news? what news (is there}? b. (ce mat incoace- 1neolo?) the long and the short of the matter (is ... ); to put it blun tly, to make/cut a long story short.

alahastru .s ,n , mineral. alabaster. alae s.n. bot. spelt (wheat), beardedf Gcrman wheat (Triticum spelta}:

alai s.n. 1. {pompii] pomp, (great) show, showiness, magnificence, display; pageantry; [panulo} parade. 2. {s uiui] train, suite; (de onoare] retinue (of honour), cortege; [tnso[itori} followers, retainers. people; [slujitori ] attendants, attendance; {proceeiune, l rel.] procession; [escorui] escort. 3. fig. cohort, cortege, concatenation; array; [urmiiri } consequences; 4. fig. {funerar} funeral train/procession. Ii. fig. peior . F row, hubbub, shindy ; (scandal) fuss.

alaUaled ado . the day before yesterday.® de ~ of the day before yesterday; de ieri de ~ F in one '5 salad days.

alaltheora ado , the night before last.

alama s], 1. (metal) (yellow) brass,


cock hrass/metal, lat tell. 2. pl. brass ware, brass utensils, brasses. 3. pl. muz.the brass (winds).(jj) placa de ~ brass plate; sirmii de ~ brass wire.

alamble s .n. chim . alembic, still, ilii'.-+limbec.

alambica (lb. tr . chim . to alembicate. aJambicat adj. elabor-ate, sophisticated ; [obseons ] abstruse; (prefias) high-flown.

alandala ad". 1. (pe dos) wrong, amiss, awry, the wrong way, against the grain, upside down. 2 •. (in dezordine ) in disordcr,Fat sixes and sevens, higgledy-piggledy, pe.ll-mell , harurn-scurum. 3. (fara noimd} at random, without rhyme or reason. @ a oorb i ,...., 1,0 talk

nonsense/at rnndom/f through

one's hat, to Iidd Ie-Iaddle. .

alarma I. CJb. tr . 1. mil, to alarm, teo beat up, to alert. 2. (a tulb ura] to alarm, to disturb, to perturb; (a. nelinisti] to disquiet. II. "b. refl. to take alarm; to become alarmed/restless, to be disquieted! restless/uneasy, to alarm oneself.

alarmant ad}. alarming.

alarmare s.f. alarming etc. v.

a I a rill a.

alarmat adj, alarmed; [nellnistit] disquieted, uneasy; [tulburat] troubled.

alllrmii sf. 1. [semnal } ~ mil.

alar(u)m. 2. {p anica] alarm, panic; [teroare} terror: (neliniete ) alarm, disquiet, uneasiness. ® ~ aerianii air-raid alarm/alert; ~ de incendiu alarm of fire, fire alarm; '" falsi! false alarm. @ elopot de -- alarm bell; post de ~ mil. alarm placel post; semnal de ~ alarm signal, na". signal of distress; {tn. tren} danger signal; communication cord; stare de ""' (state of) alarm, alert; in stare de -- on the alert, alarmed, alerted; strigiit de ~ cry or alarm. @ a da aiarma to give the/an alarm; a suna alarma to beat/blow! sound/strike the alarm; (pt. foe)

to sound/ring a fire alarm. . .

alarmist I. adj. alarmist. If, s.m. panic-monger, scaremonger, alarmist.


alaun s.n. chim.alum, alumen, alamar s;m. 1. (eel ce iucreaza La [acerea alamei] brass maker, lattener; (la [acerea obiectelor de alamii} brass smith, brazier, €1w.--+ brasier. 2. [ainzator} brazier, lno, ..... brasier.

alamina s.f. chim. lactanic acid. alamarie s.f. 1. [comert} brassmongery, brass trade. 2. (turniitorie} brass forge; (uzinii) brass works. 8. v. a 1 a rna 2.

aliimi ob, 11'. to (coat with) brass. allimiu adj. brassy.

allipta I. pb. tr, to suckle, to nurse, to give suck. to. n. pb.intr. to suckle a child.

alipta.re s.f., alapta.t s.n. suckling,

nursing. .

818tma I. ph. tr.1. (apune aliituri} to lay by, to join, to add/adjoin! subjoin to; (a anexa] to annex; (a include} to enclose. 2. (a apropia) to draw near. S. (a compara) to, compare; (a eontrasta} to contrast; (a eonfrunta] to confront; (a colationa} to collate. II. pb. refl. (a ee apropia) to approach, to draw near. liD a se ,_, [unei grupari ete.] to join ... , to become a member of. .. , to affiliate (oneself) with ...

aUUurare s.f. annexation etc. v, a I 11 t u r a.

alAturat I. ad';. 1. [lnvecinat } neighbouring, adjoining, next; [adiacent) adjacent. 2. {anexat} enclosed, annexed. (fi) unghiuri ..... e geom. adjacent angles. II. adP. © aiei ,..., here enclosed, herewith.

alaWri ado; 1. by, beside, near{by), close by ; (tn camera sau easa pecinii) next door. 2. [lmpreuna} together. ® ,..., eu drumul I. ado; aside, out of the way; {paralel Cit drumul) parallel to the road: 2. fig. at random. II. adj. haltcrazy, F boe-/wrong.headed; - de .. , 8. by (the side of) ... , at 8mb.'s side, alongside Dr. .. , beside ... , close to ... , near ... ; [tn camera oecinii] next door to ... b. (pc Unga) by .. " past ... c. (tn eomparatie cu)· in comparison with ... , compared with.

[spre deosebire de) in contrast with ... @ eel de ~ the next man; odaia de - the adjoining/next room; pe ~ a. sideways. b. (de jur Imprejur) round about; unnl '"" de altul side by side, abreast. © a merge - to walk abreast, to walk side by side; . a pune ,.." to put together, to put side by side; (a eompara] to compare; (a con· trasta} to contrast; (aeolationa) to collate; fade - he lives next door.

alauta s.f. muzo v . I aut Ii.

alb I. adj. 1. white, poetic--+milky, snowy, niveous, chalky, silvery, argent(ine); [brumat} hoary. 2. [curat} clean, pure, immaculate, unstained, unspotted. 3. [liber , gol) blank. 4. pol. white, blue, conservative. 0. (d. glas) toneless. liD Alba ca Ziipada Snow-White; __ ca oarul fig. (as) white as a sheet, chalky, dead-white ; -- ca ziipada (as) white as snow, snowwhite.@ arma -(1 arme blanche, pl. side arms; bani -i silver money; bere ",Ii white/pale beer; {engleseascii] ale; cal r-« white/grey horse; ciimGfii ,..,ii (curata] clean shirt; cu aripi -e white-winged, leucopterous; cu barba .-Ii with a white beard, white-bearded; cu buzele ,..,e white-lipped, with white lips; en dungi -c streaked with white, white-stamedj-strlped ; cu. [ata ,._,(1 white-faced; cu [loarea _ii white-flowered; cu [runtea ~ii wbite-browed; cu [runsa -ii white-leaved; cu gitul ,...., white- necked . eu mina -ii white-handed; c~ parul ,.._. white-hairedj-headed ; cu pete -e white-spotted/stained, sprinkled white; eu pieioare ""'e white-footed; cu pielea "",1Z white-skmned, of .fair complexion; cu pieptul. ,.., white-breasted; [oaie ,.."it (de hirtie] white/blank sheet of paper; lemn ,.., white wood; Marea A.lhii. the White Sea: noapte ~ii sleepless night; ptine -ii whitej wheaten bread; paginli -Ii blank page; par,._, white hair ; ptnd In ptnzel» -e to the uttermost stretch, to one's last breath, to the last


push, right to the bitter end; rufe ~e clean linen; spatiu ,_, poligr . blank (space); len ~ fair complexion ; ~er8 ~ blank verse; oin. ~ white wine; pile ~e horned cattle. © ba e ,-_a, ba e neagri1. sh i Hy-shallying, d illy- dallying , humming and hawing; a se face ,._ ea ~aru llhirtia la faJa to go as white as tho wall/as a sheet of paper; a strtnge bani ,._i pentru. zile negro to lay by for/against a rainy day, to save up for a rainy day; Cllnoscut eil un cal ~ F as well known as a bad shilling; a tmpleti cosita/coada ,._/i to become an old maid; F-ryto run/go to seed; a. senate cuioa peri ,._i to be the death of srnli., to vex smb . within an inch of his life; ,._a, neagra, asia eleste you've got to put up with it, whether you like it 01" not; [asta-i toaui pocestea] that is l he long and the short of it; nici ..-.,;, nici neagri: a. [nehotiirit } sh il ly-shal ly , hum and haw. b. (pe ncasteptate] unexpectedly; unawares, without notice, like a th undcrholt ; (fara multd yorba) without more ado, unceremoniously, without more ceremony; Po cu totul ,._. he is greyhoaded, he is quite grey. II. s .n. white (colour). ® ,._ de plumb lead white; -cu! orh.iului anat. the wh ite of the eye; ~ul oului the white of the egg, the glair; ~ul silei jzorilor daybreak, break of day, dawn. @ polila in ~ com. blank cheque © a deosebi ~lll de negru to d istinguishft.ell white from black; a face. din '"""-J negru.- "i din negru r-..J to misrepresent smth., to twist! distort the meaning of smth.;(e scris} negru. pe ~ it is beyond question, there can be no doubt about it; [se} roei plrui. in "",ul ochilor he coloured up to his eyes! ears. III. s.m, 1. (om alb) white (man); (in oorbirea indienilor } paleface. 2. pol. conservative, true blue, stationary, fossil Tory.

albanez adj., s.m. Albanian , Albanese.


albanezit s.f. 1. Albanian (woman sau girl). 2. Albanian, the Alba, nian language.

albastru I. adj. blue; (ca. cerul ) sky-blue, azure, cerulean; (ca sa[irul ] sapphire. ® ~ ea [loarca de cicoare ehickory blue : - deschis light bluo; ~ inchis dark blue. @ Barba Albastrii BIlle Beard; cer ~ blue sky; culoarea albaetra blue (colour), blueness; [loare albastrd bot. iris, flag (Iris); liaine albastre townsman's clof.hes : ochi atbastri hlue eyes; p'il1tl'a albastrii minerat. lapis lazuli. @ e cam ~ F things look black/blue; ar fi foS! cam ~ F it would have been too bad' (am ,fi [ost intr-o situaiie grenJ F we d have been in a fix/hole, we'd hav? been in a tight place/in a scrape/In a comer; (or fi fast u.n Iucru: greu) Fit would have been a ~ough piece of work; a cinta de inimii albastrii ..... F to sing love songs .. II. s.n. blue (colour); (al cerul.ui} blue sky, azure (of the sky). liD ~ de anilina chim: anilin hluo ; ~ de tier ch.im: Berlin blue :

de metiten ehim, methylcn~ blue; ,.._ de rufe blue.

alb!tt.ros s.m. omit. albatross (DiDmedea).

alba s.f. 1.. white an ima l , horse cow, etc. 2. (zori) dawn,daybreak: break of day. 3. (fii.ina) flour. 4. pt. {ru]e} linen. ® Alba-ca· Zdpada (Little) Snow-White. CD a fi mincat ea alba de ham F to have been through the mill, to be an old stager, to be an old hand at it; a tl'ecut alba dealul F aftf)!" meat mustard, after death the doctor; a venit alba in sat. a. {ninge] it snows/is snowing. h. [s-a crapat de ziua} itis dawning it begins to dawn. '

albastrefl. s.], bot. blue bottle/cap. corn flower (Centaurea cyanu.). albastre!tlit s.f. 1. blue (colour) blueness, bluishness. 2. [cer albas: tru } blue (sky), azure (of the sky).

albiistri I. vb, 11'. to [makcrrenderf colour/dye) blue. II. ob, refl. to turn blue SUIt bluish. III. vb, intr; 1. (a ee ocdea albastru} to shine


blue, to shine with a blue lustre. j!. v . ~ II.

slMstrime sf. 1. [culoare alba.~lrll) blue [colour}, blueness, bluishness. 2. [truindere albMtra) t>lue. 3. {eer albastru] blue (sky), azure (of the sky). 4.+-peior. townspeople, townsfolk.

IIIMstrita s .f. bot. v . a I b ii s t rea. albistriu, albilstrui adj. bluish, pale blue, bluey.

albeala s.f. l.+-rar v. a I b eat ii. 2. {suliman ) white, rar-+ceruse .. albea*~ s.], 1. white(ness). 2. white spot. 3. med, leucoma, leukoma; cataract.

albi I. "b. intr, 1. to whiten, to turn/get white, to blanch; (d. materii textile) to bleach ; (d. eulori ] to fade. 2. (a tncarunti} to turnj' become/grow greylpoetic hoary. 3. (a se zari alb) to shine/gleam white; (a licari] to gleam, to shimmer. © ~se de groazii he had grown grey with fear; incep sii albesc I'm beginning to turn grey; piirul mett a ~t my hair hasgrownjturned/gone grey. II. ob, tr . 1. to make white, to whiten, to blanch; (textile) to bleach; (a acoperi eu ceva alb) to cover with a white ... 2. (a tneiirunii } to make smb, grow grey; to he the death of emb, 3. (a cura/i) to render clean; (a s piila] to wash. 4. (a varui) to whitewash. TIl. "b. refl. v. ~ I, 1, 2.

all.licios adj. whitish, albescent, canescent.

alble s.f. I. (mated de rtu} river bed, bottom, channel/bed of a river. 2. [cooata} trough; (pt .. spa. lat} trough for washing; [ciubiir ] tub. © riul iesise din ~ the river had broken out, the river had overflown its banks; a face pe cineva '"" de porci to throw/fling/ shy mud/dirt at 8mb.; to call smb , foul/hard/ugly names.

albilita s.f. entom, largo cabbage white {Pieris brassicae},

albinar s.m . ..-P bee master/keeper, S-+apiarist.

albina s .f. 1. entom, (honey /hive) bee, S-+apis (Apis mellifica}, 2.

bot. bee flower/orchis (OphrY8

aoifera ), ® ~ barbiiteascii (bee) drone; ~ impiiriiteascii queen (bee)' mother bee; ~ lucriitoare working bee, worker, barren female bee' r--. mare/de pdmint lde piidure entom: humble/ bumble bee, bumber ( Born: bus terrestris }; <lli crescdtor de albine bee master/keeper, S-+apiarist. cresterea albinelor bee culture/keep: mg, rearrng of bees, S-+apicul. ture; harnie ca 0 '"" (as) busy as a. be~. @ l-au. mu~cat albinele de hmba. a. [tace] F he keeps his tongue between his teeth. b. (e beat) F he's jug-bitten, he's bitten .by a barnmouse,

albinarie sf I. (multe albine} (swarm of) bees. 2. (lOG unde se cresc albinele} bee house, standi shed for .: hees, S_apiary. 3. {creste~ea albinelor] bee culture/keeping.

albmarlt s.n. bee cu!ture/keepinO'. albinism s .n , albinism. " albinos s.m. albino.

albire e], I. whitening blanching. (a, ru{e~or). bleaching. '2. (a paru: lU!) grizz ling', greying.

albl~oara B.{. I. ihi, ablet bleak blay [Alburnu» lucidus).' 2. bo/ Variety of grapes.

albl~or I. adj. Whitish. TI. s.m. I. i~l. v. a. I b i ~ 0 a r ii. 2. pl.<-F sll.v{lr co ms ; F dough; tin.

alb It sn: 1. mineral. albite. 2. washing,. laundering; bleaching. 3. vv a Lb I r e.

albjta adj. 1. [cdrunt} grey; (ell, piirul. ciirunt ] grey-haired. 2. fig. bright.

albltorie sf. text. bleach works

bleaching house. '

albitura s.f. I. v. a] b i § 0 l' II

2. 2. poligr , whites, leads, spaces:

3. pl. [rufe} linen. 4. [zarzaoat} parsley (and parsnip).

slbiIA sf 1. iht. v. a I b i s 0 a r it ~. 2. bot. shepherd's purse (Alyssum incanum},

album s.n. album; (pt. articole, deeupaje etc.] scrapbook; (pt. desene} sketch book.® - de fotografii photo/picture album; ~ de miirei stamp album; - de persur; verse album.



albumenla sf. bot. lion's foot, edelweiss [Gnaphalium. lcontopodiurn}, albumen s.n. bot. (vegetable) albu-


albumma s.f. chim . albumin(e). albumlntza (lb. tr . to alhuminize. albuminoid adj. s.m. chim, albumi-


albumfnes adj. a lbnrn inous , a lbu-


a lhuminur ie s.f. med . albuminuria. alburl ob . intI'. v. a I b i I, 3. alburiu adj. v. albicios. album s .n. bot. alburn(um), sap-


albus S.n. while (of an egg), glair. ® -cu: ochiului. anat . the white of the eye.

a.lea le adj. metro Alcaic. alcalescent adj. chim, alkalescent. a lcallmetrle sf. chim, alkalimetry. a.lcahmetru s .n, ch im, alkalimeter. aleatln adj. chim, alkaline, a lka-

linous, Iix iv ia l, Iixiviatetd}, @ metale -c-e alkaline metals. aJealinitate s .f. chim, alkalinity

lix ivi ty, '

a lcaltnlza (lb. tr. chim: to alkalize

to treat with an alkali, to alkal iCy: alcalie s.(., alCllliu s.n. chim, alkali. alcalold adj., 8.m. chim . alkaloid. alcatui I. ob , tr . 1. (a face) to make;

(a crea} to create, toelaborat.e· (a construi} (0 construct, to build; (a monta) to mount, to put togHlher. 2. (a organiza] to organize. 3. fa intocmi } to make liP; (a seklla., u redacta} to draw up; (a comp ila} to compile; (a comp une] to compose; (a scrie ) to write. 4. (a inocnta} to invent, to devise. ii. (a forma) to form, to make up; (a eonstitui] to constitute. ® a ~ un plan to draw up a plan. II. vb . refl . pas. to be made etc. v. ~ I. ® a se ~ din... to be composed of ... , to consist of ... , to be made up of...; to be formed

of... .

alciituialli sf 1. v. a I cat u ire. 2. {cladire] building, construction.

alcli111ire s.], I. making etc. v , a I c it t u i , 2. {structure} structure, make; [organizare} orgauizution.


alclituitor adj. component, constitutive.

alchimie s.f. alchemy, occult/her· met.ic art.

alchimist s.m, alchemist.

alclon s.rn, 1. omit. halcyon (Alcedo ispida). 2. (polip) alcyonium.

aleoo l s.n. alcohol; (in comert} spirits, alcohol of commerce. ® ~ absolut absolute alcohol; ~ brut raw spirit, raw alcohol; ....., denatural methylated spirit; ~ ctilic ethyl(ic) alcohol; industrial industrial spirit; ~ metilia meth· yl(ic) alcohol; ~ pur pure alcohol.

aleoulle I. ad], I. (contintnd alcool} alcoholic. 2. (beiio ) addicted to alcohol. @ bauturi ,.._.e alcoholic liquors; substarue -e alcoholic substances. II. s.m. (beti()) alcoholic, alcohol addict; habitual drinker.

nleoultsm s.n. alcoholism. alcoolizare s.f. alcoholization. aleoulmatm 8.n. [iz, alcohol(o)meter. IIlcoolometric adj. fiz. alooholmetzi-


alcoolometrie s.]. fiz. alcoholometry. alcov s.n. alcove, recess.

aldan s.n. bot. v. hal dan. 1I.ldama~ S.n. drink offered on con-

cluding a bargain, apro x, wi!tf Dutch bargain. (f) a dajbea ~ul P to wet the bargain.

aide I. art. the [tulesca nu se traduce). © '"" na~u-siiu his godfather; m-am int ilni.t cu. ~ fnllatatorul. I met the schoolmaster. II. prep. like, such as. @ (de) ......, astea Stich things/matters, the like(s of it); (de) ......, tine people like you, people of your stamp.

aldehida s .f. chim, aldehyd(e). ® ~ formica formaldehyde.

aldin adj. poligr. Aldine, fat (print), black (type).

aldozA s.], chim, aldose.

ale art. pas. fern. si neutru pl. of (san gen. tn 's}, ® ~ lui Vasile of Basil, Basil's.

alea adj. deni., pron. dem.+-F those. ® alte ~ +-P falling sickness, epilepsy.

- -




aleans.n.1. [dor ) longing, yearning; nostalgia; melancholy. 2. (suferin.tii] suffering, grief, sorrow. aleasu s .f. the girl of one's choice, sweetheart, F-+one's lady love,

aleatodn adj. Vi jar. aleatory. @ contract ~ aleatory con tract. alebard ... v. h a I e bar d ...

alee s.f. walk, avenue, alley; (pt.

trasuri ete.] drive.

alega ob . tr . jar. to allege. alegaFe s.f. allegation.

alegator s.m. 1. chooser, one who chooses/selects. 2. pol. voter, electo.r. @ carte de ~ voting card/ ticketjpaper ; drept de ,_, franchise.

81ege I. ob: tr . 1. to choose, to make choice of; (a selecta.) to select to pick (out), to single (out),' to screen; (in ttmp Iii tor ) to pitch upon. 2. pol. to elect, to vote for; (pl. presedinte} to vote into the chair.

3. fig. (a cerne] to sift, to winnow.

4. (a se hotart pentru } to fix upon, to decide in. favour of; (a lua partea} to side with, to take sides with. 5. (a despiirti} to separate, to sever, to part, to sunder; (a asorta) to sort ; (a distinge) to distinguish, to discriminate. 6. (a decide) to decide. 7. (a arata ) to show (in the truelight). 8. (a da la 0 parte) to reject, to refuse. I). (a seoate caaja) to shell, to peel; (a spicui} to glean. 10. (a iruelege] to understand, to make out. © a ~ adevarul de minciunii to sift/ discriminate truth from falsehood, poetic to winnow false from true; a-ei ~ un domieiiiti to choose a domicile, to fix upon a place of residence; a ~ pleava de griu to sift/separate/winnow the chaff from the wheat; a .~ un timp nepotrioit to choose/select the wrong time.. to come at an inconvenient hour; a ~ unt al to churn (butter). II. ob, refl . 1. pas. to be chosen, etc. v. ~ 1. 2. (a se despiirii} to separate. 3. (a se decide) to settle. 4. (a deoeni] to become. 5. (a iesi la iveald} to come out, to appe;lr; (a riimine} to remain; (a afJca ca rezultat] to rosu l t , to come

out, to have such and such a result. 6. (a se deeprinde} to detach oneself to come off, chim: to be disen: g~ged. 'I. (a se deosebi] (de) to differ (from); to be different (from). ® a se ~ cu ... a. (a riimine czs. .. ) to be left with ... , to come off with ... b. (a primi) to get ... ; a se ~ numai eu (rica to come off with a mere fright.; n-o sa se aleaga nimic din asia there is nothing to be gained by it, P -+it's of. n~ earthly good; a nu 88 ~ cu mmw to get nothing, to go aw.ay empty(-handed); ~·s-ar praful din ldo ... F confusion seize ... , a plague upon ... ; a se '" pra] ~i pulbere to end in smoke, to come to nothing. III. vb. intr. to choose. @ a nu aoea de ales to have Hobson's choice; nu a,'eam de ales I had no (other) choice left (me); n-ai decit sa alegi you. have only to choose, you may have your pick: a ~ bme to make a good choice; ® cine ~ culege , ~ pina culcge pick and choose and take the worst.

alegere s .], 1. choosing, etc. v. a Ie g e. 2. choice; [selectie] selection, filoz. election; [optare ) option; [in.tre doud lucruri} alternative; ({ara alternatioti} F -+ Hobson's choice. 3. pol. election, parl. return (to parliament) j (prin vot secret saU bile) ballot(ing), voting by ballot. 4. {decizie} decision. Ii. [asortiment ] choice, pick assortment. 6. [separare] separation, parting; {distingere] distinction; [discriminure} discrimination. ® ~ par{iala by-election, @ la ~ at will/option, at/on/upon one's discret.ion, at one's pleasure, as you like it, as you see occasion. @ n-am alta ,_, de {aeut [dectt sa .. .) I have no (other) choice (but ... ); a face 0 ,._ to make/take one's choice; a [ace 0 ,._ bunt: to make a good choice; a face 0 ~ proastii to make a bad choice; --a a cazut asupra lui he was given the preference; a se duee la alegeri to go/report the polls.


alegoric I. adj. a\legoric(al). @ car ~ pageant; inteles ~ allegorical mean ing , II. ado . allegorically, alegorie s.f. allegory,

nlegorist sm , altcgorist.

alei inter], v. aI e lei.

alelei inter], 1. (ah /) all! oil! 2. ( vai} alas!

alelula interj . 1. reI. halleluiah hallelujah, alleluia(h). 2. fig. F good (-hye) John! all's U.P.! rnafeesh! © a ctnta cuifJa ~ F to put smb. to bed with a shovel/ spade; a. face cuioa ~ F to tree smb ,

ulemandn s.f. muzo Allemande. alene I. ad". (cu lene} idly, lazily; (so.mnoros) drowsily. sleepily; [neglijeru } carelessly; {Lncet] slowly; (,,~or) gently; [treptat } gradually, step by step. II. adj.T-rar (lenes) idle, lazy; (somnoros } drowsy, sleepy; (neglijenl) careless; [incet} ~low; [usor } gentle; [trepta t] gradual.

alt·rga I. ob . intr . 1. (a da fuga) to run. F-+to walk, to go; (foarle repede ) to course, to career, to race, to scour, F--> to powder away lalong, to whip/peltl cut/scorch along, to sp lit, to spank, sl. to cheese, to chevy; (d. tren etc.} to run; (a curge} to run, to flow. 2. (a se gr'lbi) to make (one's best) haste, to haste.(n), to hurry, to ply, poetic-s- to h ie oneself; (a da naoala} to rush; (a zbura} to fly. 3. fig. (d. limp etc .} to pass, to elapse, to go by, to run out. ® a ,_, dupa (a rtvni] to hunt after/for ... , to run/prow l/fish for ... ; a ~ La fig. to apply to ... , to resort to ... © a ~ ca neb un. to run like mali; a ~ cit tl lin picioarele to run as fast as one's legs will carry one, F to run as hard as one can split; ~ de-i sftrtia« calciiele F he tore along like mad, he ran for his life, he scorched along; ~ dupii bogiilii he was hunting for wealth; a ~ dttpa cineca to run after smb., to pursue/Io llow smb.; a ~ dupa doctor to run for the doctor' a ~ in toate parlile to run to an'd fro, to g'ad about; a ~ tntr-un ssc[lct,


a - In fuga marc to run oneself out of breath, to run full speed to run neck or not.hing to run at the top of one's speed,' to get out of breath with running; a ~ mai repede decit cine(Ja to outrun/outstrip smb. amer . to head smb. off' alergind running etc.; at a run: liD lenes u] mai mul t alearga idle people take the most pains, idle folks have tho most labour; cine ale,,;rga dupa doi iepuri nu pr indo IHG! u.nul he that hun ts two hares often loses both, between two stools one falls to t.he ground. II. vb . tr . 1. (a goni ) to I'tJIl; (a zori] to urge, to drive. 2. (a cutreiera} to seoul', to wandel' through. © a ~ un cal to run a horse' a-si

ochii peste :., to run one's' eyes over ...

alergare sf 1. running, etc. v. a I e ~ g a; [zbor } fl ight.2. [cursd} runjn ing) , . race. .8. [ostenealii} pams, much rUIl!1Jng (about), 4. (urmaNre) pursuit ® ~ de cai horse race.

lI.lergiUo~re . s.], 1. /e.TI. revolving yard-winding frame. 2. (la mori ) runner, upper millstone.

Blergator I. adj. 1. l'lmnillg, etc. v. a I erg a. 2. [harnic ) active industrious. @ piatri: ulergatoal-e v. a I e r g itt 0 are 2; pas _ run sling(ing) trot, mil. double-tim~ pace; [ca ordin ) double quick I double time I II. s.m. runner, etc. V. a I erg a; ( curier ] courier, express messenger.

alergatura s.f. 1. running, etc. v. a I erg a. 2. {du-te (Jirw)coming and going.

alergic adj. med . aJlcrg:ic(al). alergle s.], med. (la) allergy (to). alerta (lb. 11'. to alert.

alerta s .f. alert.

ales I. adj. 1. (select) choice select picked, ele~.-+I·echercM, rei: elect.2: (rar) rare ; [distins ] distinguished; [excelent } excellent, exquisite; (~uprem) supte1!le; (de prima clasa} iI!strate, F-:pnme, capital; [splendid} splendid; [admirabil] admirable; (eel mai bun) best; [nobil } noble; (remarcabit] remarkable;


[valoros ] valuable. 3. [distinct] distinct; (precis) definite, precise, 4. [viidit} obvious, clear. (j)) o bucatii aleasii lit. a choice passage; mtncaruri alese dainty dishes; opere ~e selected works; vinuri <e select wines. II. adv . (jj) mai ~ a. (mai cu Mama) (ejspecially, particularly. b. (eu «u: mat. mult } [eii} all the more (as). m. s,n . choosing, choice, etc. v. a leg e. © pe ~(e) at choice. IV. s.m. 1. person of one's choice; my etc. darling, love; 2. chosen one, one chosen; selected person.

Alexandrie s .f. Alexander book, legend/romance of Alexander. alexandrin I. adj. fi metr. Alexandrine, Alexandrian. II. s.m. metro Alexandrine.

aleza ob . tr, tehn . to bore (out); to ream out, to broach.

alezaj s.n. tehn . cylinder bore; boring, bore hole.

alezor s.n. tehn: reamer, broach. @ ~ ascutit ground reamer; ~ conic taper(broach reamer; ~ unghiular angular reamer.

alla' s,m. alpha. © a fi .N si omega to be Alpha and Omega.

alfllzs.f. hot. alfa (grass), esparto (grass) [Stipa tenociesima},

alfllbet s.n. alphabet, ABC. ®. ~ arab Arabic alphabet; ~ cirilic Cyrillic/Russian alphabet; ~ grecesc Greek alphabet; .~ latin. Latin alphabet; ~ telegraiic telegraphic alphabet,

alfllbetic I. adj. alphabcticlal}: abccedarian.n. ado; alphabetically, in alphabetical order.

alfalletism s .n. alphabetism. alfabetiza pb. tr . 1. to teach smb , to read and write, to teachsmb.

the three r's. 2. to arrange alphabetically.

alfabetizare s.f. teaclling smb. to read and write; liquidation of illiteracy. allenid s.n. mineral. aJfenid(e).

alga s.f. hot. alga.® ~ marina sea weed/wrack, fungus.

algebra s.f. mat. algebra.

a1gebric I. adj. algebraic(al). @ calcul ~ algebraic{al) calculation;


[unctie ~a algebraic function. II. ado . algebraically.

algerian adj., s.m: Algerian, Alge!'-


algid adj. med . algid. alhim ••• v. a I ch i m ...

alia I. ob . tr , 1. (prin ciisd torie ] to ally. 2. metal. to alloy. II. ph. refl . reciproc 1. (a face 0 atianui} to enter into an alliance, to make( form an alllance. 2. (prin cdsiitorie] to be(come) allied (by marriage). 3. metal. to alloy. ® a se ,_, cU ... to ally oneself with/to ...

aliaj 8.n. metal. alloy] age).

aliautii s.f. 1. [intre state) alliance; (lig~) league; [confederasie] confederacy. 2. (casatorie) alliance, connection, match, union; (rudenie] alliance, lineage; (dupii tata} agnation. 3. fig. alliance, union. @ (rudii) pin - in-law; Sfinla .Aliantii the Holy Alliance; Triple AlianJii the Triple Alliance. © a tncheia un Ira tat de ~ to conclude a treaty of alhance, to draw up a deed of alliance.

aliat I. adj. allied. II. s.m. ally. alibi s.n. jur.; fig. alibi. ® a etabili un ~ to prove an alibi.

aliea s .f. 1. viruit . grain of shot, pellet; ~ pl. (small) shot, hail dust} shot; swan shot, 2. pl. [pietris} pebble, flint/gravel stono, .

a1icota s.f. (j)) parte ~ mat. aliquot


alidada s.(. topogr . aJidad(e).

aliena ob . tr . jur., fig. to alienate. alieuabil adj. [ur . alienable. alienare s.], [ur ., fig. alienation. alienat I. adj. 1. jur. alienated.

2. med . mentally alienated. II. s.m, lunatic, psychopath(ic). @ spital de alienati lunatic asylum.

allenat!e s.], med, mental alienation 'alienation of mind/nature. alienist s.rn, alienist, psychiater, psychiatrist, F_mad doctor.

alifle s.f. 1. farm. ointment, unguent, onguent, un.etlon, salve, liniment, embrocation. 2. fig. chrism, balm.

aligator s.m. zool: alliga tor (A lligator mississipiensis).

aliment s.n. 1. food, nutriment, aliment. 2opl. jur. alimony, allowance. ® ~e lichide spoonmeat, F->slops.

aliment» I. cb . tr. 1. to feed, to nourish; [riuri , 'masini } Lo supply; (fowl) to feed; [p iata] to supply. 2. jur . to feed. 3. (0 persoanii; a intretine] to support, to .maintain. 4. {ura ietc.] to keep alive/up. 5. tehn, to feed. II. vb . refl, pas. to be fed, etc. v. ~ J.

alimental' adj. food ... ; alimentary; @ canal ~ anal. alimentary canal; pensie ~Ii alimony, alimentary allowance; regim r-;» dietary, a Iimen tary regimen; substante ~e a limen tary /alimon tal substanees.

allmentara s.f. pr()vision/food store. altmentara s.f. feeding, etc. v. a I i-

men t a.

a llmentator s .n.feeder.

altmentatl« s.], food, nourishmen t. altna I. cb . tr . 1. (a pototi ) to

temper, to mitigate, to quiet; to assuage; (a usura] to lighten, to relieve; (a indulci } 1.0 appease, to du lcify ; (a mic~ora) to lessen, 2. med , to palliate, to ease; (setea) to quench, to appease; [durerea morula] to soothe; [suferirua } to alleviate, to allay; (a cansola) to comfor-t, to solace. II. ob . refl. to calm down; (d. [urtunii} to abate; (a se opri } to stop.

allnare s.f. 1. tempering, etc. v. a lin a. 2. [usurare} relief; (mtngiiere) comfort, consolation. aliniitol' adj. solacing etc. v . a lin a. allneat s,n , v. a lin i a t I. alinia I. vb, tr . 1. to align, to arrange

in a line; (drumuri ete.} to range; to line. 2. mil. to dress; to put in line. 3. poligr. to range. n. vb . refl . 1. to be in line. 2. pas. to be arranged in a line etc. v.-I.

aIiniament s .n. alignment, line; mil. "i disposition.

aliniat I. s.n. indented line; (para. graf) paragraph. II. adj. aligned, (fallen) in line.

aliniere sf. 1. alignment, s.etting in a straight line. 2. mil. alignment, dressing, 8. poligr. ranging.

allnt S.n. caress, endearment.


alinta I. ob . tr. 1. (a dezmierda} to caress, to fondle, to pet. 2. (a riisf6.ta) to spoil; (a fi prea indulgent cu } to coddle, to pamper; to humour. II. vb . refl: 1. (a se zbengui) to play pranks, to frolic, to gambol. 2. (a se legiina) to swing, to rock. 3., (d. indl'agostl:Ji) to bill and coo, amer . to pet. <1. (a [i afectat) to mince, to be finical( affected; to attitudinize, to give on esclf airs and graces.

attntare sf 1. caressiug etc. v. a lin t a. 2. (ca. act) caress. 3. (ca vorba} (term of) endearment. alintat ad). spoilt.

allntator adj. caressing etc. v. a a lin t a.

alintlitnrli. s.f. 1. v. a I i 11 tar () 1. 2. spoilt child.

alior srn, bot. 1. V. 1 apt e I e cue u lui. 2. spurge, milk weed (Euphorbia) .

alipi I. vb. tr , to join, to unite; (a apropia) to draw near, to approach; (un ter itoriu } to annex. II. vb. refl : ® a se - de jla ... to join ... ; (a se lip i de, fig.) to cling to ... ; (a adera} t.o adhere to ...

alipire s .f. 1. joining etc. v. ali P i. alls verts .s.n.+-F (vinzare ) sale; (;'ego!) business. © a face - cu ioa to buy from smb.

alitera' rb.tr. to' alliterate. aliteratie s.f. alliteration.

ali vanca s .f. .M oldaoian. cake made of maize flour, butter, milk and cheese; aprox. cream bum.

allvanta ado . head over Ilea Is. ©

a .se da ':"" to turn a somerset/ somersault, to topple over. aIizarini s.f. chim . alizarine.

alizee s.n. pl. meteor. trade winds. allegretto ado ., s iri, muzo allegretto. allegro ado i, s.n. muzo allegro, live-


almanah s.n , almanac(k).

alo inter], 1. (ta telefon ] hullo! hallo! 2. (hei) halloa l hallo !hullo] aloea ob.tr, to assign, to allocat.e, to allot; to allow; to apP]'opriate; (a destina] to ear-mark. aloeare s.f. allocation etc. v. a-

lac a •




aloeatle s.f. 1. v. a I 0 car e . 2. allocation, allotment, assignment; (ajutor biinesc ) grant-in-aid, gratuity, allowance; (de somaj) dole.

aloeurl ado , @ pe ~ here and


alocntiune s.], allocution; address. alodlal adj. ist. allodial, freehold ... alodiu s.n; ist. allodium, freehold


aloe(s) s.], bot. aloe, century plant (Aloes).

alogen adj. geol . allogeneous.

alonjil 8.f. 1. lengthening/eking piece, extension; tehn . adapter. 2. (Ia box) reach.

alopat s.m. med. allopathic. @ me-

dic ~ a llopathist.

alopatie s.], med . allopathy. alotropic adj. chim . allotropic. alotropie s.], chim, allotropy. alpoca' s.], 1. sool . alpaca (Lama

pacoe }. 2. (swfa) alpaca.

alpaca" s.f. metal. German silver, argentan, pack fong.

alpestru, alpin adj. alpine.

alpinism s.n. mountaineering, mountain/alpine climbing. @ a face ~ to go in for mountaineering. alpinist s.m. mountaineer, alpinist;

(mountain) climber, rock climber. alsacten adj., s.m. Alsatian.

aIt I. adj. nehot , 1. (diferit) other. 2. (inca) another; [suplimentar ] further, supplementary, additional. ® ~e alea +- P. falling sickness, epilepsy; alJi oameni other people. Qli ca apucat de ~e aka <-,I<' in a bate, like mad/a maniac; ca 0 ~a aialaratare {urit} F like nothing on earth, a perfect sight; [ciudat ] F as a dancing bear, neither fish, flesh nor fowl nor good red herring; tntr-un fel sau "'ul ono way or other; pe de ~a parte on the other hand. @ asta-i ~a ciiciulii I gtscajpweste a. (e altceoa} F this is another pair of breeches. b. [asta schimbii luerurile) +-F this alters the case. II. pron . nehot.. altul , alta another; altii allele others. ® ~ul nu eu!not' I; indeed! un -cul another. Qli cine ~ul daca nu ... ? no other than .. ; cite ~e

many other things; what not; din(tr-)una in ~a what with ... and ... ; in tre <ele a. among other things, inter alia. b. [apropo] by the way; nici una, nici ~a a. neither the one nor the other. b. (fara oeremonie} without ado, unceremoniously; nimic ~a nothing else, that's all; nu de ~a, dar ... for the only reason that .... ; (ell m~ cumva} lest .... ; ptna una """a in the meanwhile, for the moment, F in the interim, between cup and lip; una peste """u a. (tn dezordine} heiter-skelter, harum-scarum. b. (la un loc] in all; unul cu <u! with one another, with each other; unul pe -cul one another, each other. @ ce """a sii-Ji mai spun? what else shall I tell you?; so. rna Inghila, nu alia! he would have none of that! he was out to kill me!; altii mai buni nu stnt they don't make them any better.

alta pron. fern. v. a I t H. aItaie adj. Altaic, Altaian,

altar s .n , 1. rel, altar; communion table; (ca parte a b isericii ] apse, chancel, sanctuary. 2. fig. shrine, altar, sanctuary. @ a duct! la ~ to lead to the (hymeneal) altar.

alti adj. ~i pron., fern. v. a I 1. aUJidatii ado: 1. {odinioarii} once, formerly, in former days; in the past; in times past. 2. (in alte rtnduri) at other times. 3. (in viitor } some other time, some day; one of these days; Some time or other. (J» de ,.... former, inv . -+of yore.

altcareva pron. nehot . v . a I t c i· neva.

altceva pron. nehot . something elser different; [tn. propozitii negative .fi interogatioe] anything else. @ n-ai ,.... mai bun sii-mi arali? haven't you (got) anything better to show me? asta e eu totul ....., that's quite different; it's (as) different as chalk from cheese; ooia sa rna inghita, nu ~ he was literally/actually going to swallow me up.

altcineva pron . nehot, somebody else; (in propozitii negative ~i interoga-

tioe ) anybody else; (un altul] another.

alteindva ado: some other time. alteum ado: 1. otherwise, or; else. 2. differently, in a different way/ manner.

alte adj. fern. pl. v. a It 1.1. altere pron. fern. .~i neutru pl. others; the others; the other ones. altoorl adv . (al) other times; (now) ... now ...

aHem I. ob .tr, 1. to alter, to modify, to change; (a strica] to spoil; to falsify; (alimente) to adulterate; [cornea} to taint; (un text) to corrupt. 2. to corrupt; to deprave; to distort; to m isrepresen t. 3. fig. to falsify, to forge, to counterfeit. II. ob . refl. I. to alter, to change. 2. (d. alimente} to go bad, to be tainted.

alterabH adj. alterable; changeable. alterare s.], alteration etc. v. a It era.

alterat adj. adulterated etc. v. a I-

t era. .

altsreatle s.f. altercation, wrangle. altern :Xdj. 1. geom., bot. alternate. 2. agr. rotating.

alterna ph. tr, si in tr . to alternate. altern ant adj. f. alternating. 2. agr • rotating.

alternan1li e.], 1. alternation. 2. ( ~ vocalicii] ling«. vowel gradation, ablaut.

alternare s.], alternation.

alternatlv I. adj. alternative. @ curent ~electr. aHernatingcurrent. II. ado. alternaHvely.

aUcrnativii e.], alternative.

alternator e,n . electro alternator, alternating' current machine.

altetii s f. Highness. ® alteta sa His H-ighness.

Illtfcl ado . I. [tn alt chip) differently, in a differen t way/manner, otherwise. 2. [dacd nu, atunci] or, otherwise. 3, (de altminteri] otherwise, in other respects; as for the rest. ® ....., de ... other ... , different ... @ cu totu.l '" quite differently; de ~ a. as a matter of fact; (in plus) moreover, besides; further, in addition to which. b.- (in alte .prifJin[e) otherwise, in other re-

spects. @ ruci nu se poate ~ it is a matter of course,

u.ltimetrie s.f. altimetry.

altimetru s .n , altimeter.

altist s.m. muzo alto.

altitudine s.f. altitude, height. alti~ii sf I. s.tream of ornaments on

a peasant shirt sau blouse. 2. (cama~ii) shirt.

altmlntert ado: v , a I t f e I 1,2. alto 8.m. muzo 1. [voce} alto. 2. {oioarii } tenor violin, alto viola.

altoil I. ob . tr, 1. hort . to (en)graft, to ingraft. 2. fig. to engraft, to implant, to instil. 3. med, to inoculate; to vaccinate with. 4. (a bate) F to dust smb.?« jacket for him. H. vb .. refl. 1. pas. to be (en)grafted,etc. V. '" I. 2. (a se imbata} F to get tight/tipsy.

altoF s.n.1. (mladita) cutting, graft, scion; [planta altoitn} stock, parent (plant). 2. {altoire] grafting, ingraftment. 3. med. vaccine (matter).

altulre s.], grafting, etc. V. a Ito i.

altoit I. S. n. grafting. II. adj. graft-


altruism 5.71. altruism, selflessness. altruist adj. altruistic, unselfish. altul pron . mase. si neutru. another

(on e}.

altundeva ad". somewhere else, else" where.

alti adj. masc. pl . V. a I t I. 1. altH pron. masc. pi, others; the others; the other ones.

aluat s.n. dough, paste. (]j) din acelasi ~ of the same kind/sort much of a muchness, pcior, that ilk. © sint tOJi. dintr-un ~ they are all tarred With the same brush.

alumina s.f. geol. alumina, alumine. alumlnlu s.n. aluminium. aluminos adj. aluminous. aluminotermie s .f. aluminothermics,

aluminotherm ic process.

alun s.m, bot. hazel/nut tree (Corylus aoellana }. ® ~ american pea / ground/earth/monkey nut (Arachis hypogaea); ~ tureese fIlbert (tree) (Corylus tubulosa},

alunar s.m. I. hazel-nut seller. 2. [spdrgiitor de alune} nut cracker.

3. zool . (common) dormouse [Muscord inus aoellanar ius }, 4. ortlit.nuthal ch, nutjobber , nutpecker (Sitta ) .

IIluna sf. hazelt-nut}; filbert; (americana) pea/ground/earth nut.

nluueca ~b. intr , 1. 1.0 s lido ; (cu Plciorul ) to slip, to m.iss one's Iooting. 2. (a se misca liber ) to shi lt, to slide, to glide, to slither. 3. fig. to slip, to fall, to lapse; to go astray; to err. @ barca ~ pe apii the boat. glided (along) on the wa~ tcr ; baga de seamii sa nit. ablll~C' mind vou do not make 11 slip; tnt-a ~r din miini it slipped out of my hands: ii aluneeii banii printrc degete rr:oney runs be.tween his fingel'S; Ifi aluneca prtntre degete fig. he is as slippery as an eel.

aluneeare sf. 1. sliding etc. v, a I u nee a. 2. ( ca act) slide; slip. 3. fig. slip, 81'1'01'.

u luneeus adj. slippery.

alunecus sn . v. l u n e c u s, alunel s.m. lively Romanian dance, alunele s.f. pl. 1. bul. yarrow, mil-

{oi I, tansy (Achille miliefalium). 2. bot. earth/hawk nut [Carum bu.lbocastanum ), 3. (pe corp) sun-burns.

alunga J. ob, II'. 1. (din urma] to chase; to press on; (a urmiiri] to pursue, to follow. 2. (a tndeparta ] to drive away, to remove; (a izgo ni ] to chase/drive/send away; (a e.cila} to banish, to exile; (a concedio ) to expcl, to dismiss, to turn away/off, F to sack; (ginduri ctc.] to banish. @ a ~ mu~tete to drive away the flies; a ~ s u piirurea to drive away sorrow. 11. cb . refl, reciproc to chase each ot hcr,

alllugal'!) s.f. chasing etc. v. a I u n-

g i:t.

alunicus.f. v. a I un i til.. alllni§ S.Il. hazel wood.

altlni~1I s.f. mole, beauty/mother spot, mother's mark.

al uniu ad], haze I.

alura s.f- 1. (tinw6.) carriage, gait, bearing. 2. (infatifare) aspsct, look, air. 3. spart pace. 4. speed, rate, pace.

aluvial, aluvlonar adj. geol, allu-


aluvlu sin , geol; alluvium.

aluviune sf. alluvial deposit. aluzies.f. allusion, hint, suggesflon ,

® ~ rdutiicioasii innuendo; ~ strd~,zie, Irallsparentii!viiditii. broad hint.

@prin ~ la... in allusion to .

© a face ~ la ... to allude to ,

to hint at, .. ,; a face 0 ~ to give/ to drop a hin t.

alveulae adj. 1. anal. alveolate, cell-like, 2. {on. alveolar. Cfji [on. consoana ~a alveolar consonant, alveolat adj. alveo late.

all-cola s.], 1. (la [aguri} cell. 2. (Ia dini»} socket. 3. (t« [ructe} cell. 4. agr. seed cell.

ahit-it s .f. nougat.

ama'bil I. adj. amiable, nice; kind; (afabil) affable; [binevoitor ) kind(ly); [placut ) agreeable; ple,~s~\flt; [curicni tor) courteous; _(POI!llCOS) polite, ci vi l , © 'intet! [oarte ~ YOlI are very kind (to me). II. ado; amiably; kindly; politely.

amabtlttate s.f. amab il ity , am iahlenoss ; ci vi lity : [buniitate] kind{lijnuss ; (favoare) favour, politeness.

amalgam s.n . 1. ch im . amalgam. 2. fig. amalgam, blend, mixture; congeries.

amulgama I. ob . tr . 1. chim . to amalgamate. 2. fig. to amalg~unate, to blend. II. vb . refl. 1. to amalgamate. 2. fig. to blend, to coalesce.

amalgamare s.], amalgamation. aman I. inter]: mercy! woe! II.

SJl. @ la ~ F in a cleft stick, in a tight spot/fix.

amanet s ,n , (ziilog) pawn, deposit, gage, forfeit, pledge; (ipotecii) mortgage; [astatic} hostage. @ cas," de ~ pawn shop, pawn-broker(s). @ a dajliisa "'" to pawn; a pune ~ v. a man eta; a seoate din. ~ 10 take out of pawn.

amanda ob.tr . to pawn, to put in pawn; 51. to (put up the) spout. amanetare s . f. pawning etc. v . am an eta.

amanotat adj. in/at pawn, sl. up the spout.



amant s.m. lover, sweetheart ; (curiezan) suitor, wooer, admirer. amantii s.f. love, sweetheart; (in sens riiu } mistress.

amar 1. adj. 1. bitter. 2. [dureros] bitter, painful, sharp, sore; {grozav ] biLler, dreadful, cruel, severe. 3. fig. [trist } sad; (nenorocit) miserable, wretched.@ durere-ca poignan t/sorc/baletul grief; lacrimi ~e hi tter tears; migdalii ~ti bitter almond. @ a face cuioa zile ~e to worry srnb.'s life out. II. ado . $i fig. bitterly; {grozao } terribly _ III. S.n. bitterness; gall, pain, suffering. @ de a.tita ~ de creme for eyer so long, for ages; plin de '" full of bitterness. © a bea tot ~ul to empty the (bitter) cup of SOrI·ow/grief. ill) cine n-a gustat ~ul, nu ·stie ce e dulcele no sweet wiU;out sweat.

amarnle I. adj. bitter, terrible, dreadful. II.adv. bitterly ,',terribly, dreadfully.

amator I. adj. ® ~ de ... fond of ...

H. s. m. 1. lover. 2. amateur', dilettante, connoisseur. <Ii) ~ de coneerie concertgoer, music fan; ~ de tentru. playgoer, theatre fan. @ de ~i amateur ... ; amateurish; spectacoi de ~ amateur tlwat.rieals.

amatorism s.n. amateurism; dilettantism,

amazoana s.], 1. mit. Amazon. 2. horse woman, female equestrian. 3. [rochie ) riding habit.

amageallL s.f. delusion, deception, sham, deceit; [minciunii } lie, deceit.

amigi I. vb ur . 1. (a tnsela ) to deceive, to cheat, to delude, to inveigle, F-> to take in, sl. to gyp, to chouse; (a misiifica} to m istify. 2. (a isp iti} to tempt, to entice; (a seduce) to seduce, to lure; to abuse the confidence of. II. ~b. refl. to deceive oneself, to be mistaken, to indulge in illusions.

am:lgiJ·c s.f eheat(ing) etc. v.

am i1 g i .

amagitor I. adj. cheating, delusive, deceptive, seducing. II. s.rn, deceivcr, deluder, haffler , seducer.


amanunt s.», detail, particular; [imprcjurare] circumstance. ® "'-'e importontc essential details; <e insignifiant» / neinsemnaie ( miirunte t rivia llttes , trifles, trifling matters; <e tchniee technicaliUes. @ cu ~111 by retail; in ".;" CU de -ul, ill (01 ~ul in detail, minutely. ® n-am. omis niei u.n ~ I have omitted none of the circumstances.

amanunt! vb . 11'. 1. agr, to break, to loosen the ground. 2. to detail, to particularize. 3; (a pooesti detaliat) to relate a story in detail.

amiinunlime s.f. detail, particular; techn icality. @ in ~ in great detail, in all particulars.

anulnun~it I. adj. minute, detailed; (d. 0 descriereetc.] circumstantial. II. adv, minutely, F->to a T; circumstantially.

amiiriciune s.f. 1. bitterness. 2. fig. bitterness; gaIl, grief. @ eu '""

bitterly. .

Bmiirelliit s], 1. bitterness. 2. bot. cross flower, mi lkwort (Polygala ,-111 lgaris ),

amid I. ob, 11'. 1. to embitter. 2. (a intrista] to sadden. 3. (a irita ] to emhitter, to. envenom, II. ob , refl. 1. to get hitter. 2. fig. to feel hurt/grieved! an-noyed. a. fig. to sad don , to become sad. 4-. (ig. to become embittered.

amiirit I. ad], [tr] .. t) sad; i ll-at-easa, heavy-hearted; [abiitut ] downcast; [supiirat } embittered. II. ado. sadly. HI. sm, 1. [siirac] F poor devil, mumper. :!. [nenorocit] wretch.

amarui ad], bitterish.

ambata I. vb . tr , 1. to wrap (up), to pack (up). 2. (a st.irn i) to stir (up), to rouse, to incite, to excite. 3. [motorul} to race. U; ph. reft : 1- (d. motor) to race. 2. fig. to be carried away by anger etc.; to fly into a passion; to get excited, to work oneself up.

ambala] s.n. 1. v, a mb a I are. 2. wrapping, package; wrapper, ambalare s.f. packing (up) etc. v, ambala.

ambaraS3 vb, tr, to embarrass, to perplex.


amharasant adj. embarrassing; awkward.

ambarcader s.n. v. deb arc a -

de r.

ambareatle s.f. boat, craft. ambasada s.], embassy. ambassdoere s.f. ambassadress. ambasador S.m. 1. ambassador. 2.

fig. ambassador, legate, representative; deputy.

ambiant adj. surrounding, encom-

passing, (circum) ambien t. .

ambianta s.], surroundings, envrron-

ment." .

ambidextru I. adj. ambidextrous. II. s.rn, ambidexter.

ambigen adj. gram. neuter; epicene. ambiguitate s.], ambiguity, ambiguousness, equivocation.

ambiguu I. adj. ambiguous, equ ivocal, doubtful; (d. un compliment) backhanded. II. ado . ambiguously. ambii num. col. both, the two.

ambi1ies.f. ambition; [doriruii} wish; [aepiratie} aspiration. @ a se

pune la ~ v. a m bit ion a II.

ambitiORll I. ob . tr . to stimulate, to pique. II. vb, refl. not to give in, not to yield; to be obstinate. ® a se ~ sa ... to be obstinate in [cu. forme in -ing ), to persist in (cu forme in -ing }, to be firmly bent on (cu forme in -ing); to be eager to ...

8mbitios adj. ambitious; (care vrea sa paroinii] aspiring, high-aimed; (care nu cedeaza] unyielding, obstinate, stubborn.

ambran~u.ments.n.l. brunching (oIf); branch. 2. (de drumuri } junction. 3. [eroo . branch line.

ambrllzura s.f. 1. embrasure, aperture, opening, window. 2. mil. embrasure; battlement.

ambra s.f. v. chi h lim bar. ambreia I. "b. tr . to connect, to couple, to engage, to clutch. II. vb , refl. to come in to gear. III. "b. intr; to let in the clutch; auto. to release the clutch pedal.

ambreiaj s.n. auto. connecting gear, clutch, coupler; [pedalii} clutch pedal.

ambreiare. ambrelere $.{. throwing

into gear, coupling, connecting. ambrozio adj. ambrosial.

ambrozie s.f. ~i fig. ambrosia. ambulant adj. itinerant, strolling.

© actor -5 trolling actor/player; negustor ~ haberdasher; oin.zator ~ pedlar, sheet vendor, peddler, huckster.

amhlllanta s.], ambulance; mil. field hospital.

ambuIatoriu I. adj . ambulatory. II. s.n. policlinic, out-patients' clinic/ departmen t.

ambuseada s.f. ambuscade, ambush. ameJiora I. vb • tr . to (mjeliorate, to make better, to improve. II. pb. refl. to (m) eIiorate, to improve, to get hetter.

ameliorare s.f. (a)n,elioration, improvement.

amenaja I. vb . tr . to arrange, to lay out (in order); (0 casal to fit up, to dispose; (un oras} to plan; (a ech ipa ] to fit out, to appropriate. II. vb . refl . pas. to be arranged, elc. v. ~ 1.

amenajament s.n.. ® ~ siloic forest planning.

amenajare s.f. arrangement etc. v. am c n aj a.

amenda ob . tr . 1. (a tmbunatati} to amend, to improve; (0 lege) to amend; agr . to manure. 2. ( a pune 10. amendii} to fine, to mulct, to penalize.

amendabil adj. amendable, improvable.

amendament s.n. 1. amendment. 2. agr. (fi ~e calcaroase } soil liming. amendare e.], amendment etc.: v. arne n d a.

amenda s.], fine, penalty, mulct; amercement. ®~ onorabila amende honorable, public apology.

amenlnta I. vb, tr. (eu) to threaten (with), to menace (with) ; (d. 0 primejdie] to hang over. ® a ~ sa ... to be about to "', to be on the point of (eu forme ,71 -ing }, @ a ,...., cu pumnul to shake/double/ clinch the fist (at). II. ob intr, 1. to menace, to threaten, F ~ to look daggers, to bluster. 2. (d. un pericol) to impend.



amenlntar« s.f. 1. threaten ing etc. v. am e n in t a. 2. threat, menace.

amenintlltor I. adj. menacing, threatening; impending. II. adp. menacingly, threateningly.

amenitate s.], amenity.

ament e.m, bot. ament(nm). amentacee s.f. pl. bot. amentaceae. America s.f. © ai descoperit ~! F

the Dutch have taken Holland. american adj., s.m. American. americanism s.n. Americanism. americaniza ob . tr . to Americanize. america sf. kind of low-quality cot-

ton fabric.

american esc adj. American. alllericiine~te ad". in the Amer ican manner/way, after the American fashion.

ameriza ob . intr, ap. to alight (on the sea).

amerlzare s.], av. alighting '(on the sea).

amestee s.n. 1. ;fiz. mixture. 2. (un 101 lipsi_l de coerenui] (ad)mixture; [lucruri , amestecate] medley, congeries; F ':""mess, odds and ends, hash, hotchpotch; {dezordine] jumble; disarray, F-..mix.up, huddle; (de oameni] medley, F ...... jam. 3. lit. miscellany. 4. (participare) share, particip ation ; (legalur<iJ connection; relation; [interventie} intervention; Interference. 6. farm. mixture. 6. [incrucisare} erossing.@ a nu apea nici un ~ in .. , to have nothing to do with ... ; to have nothing in common with .,

amesteca I. vb, tr. 1. [is, to mix (up). 2. [lucruri} to mix,. to mingle; (a combina] to combine. 3. (carlile) to shuffle. 4. (a dilua} to dilute. o. (a incurca ] to entangle; [ig, to confound, to mix up. 6. (a implica} to involve; to imply. 7. (a incrucisa] to cross. 8. (a uni) to blend, to unite. © a - culorile to blend colours; a-I'i _ hlrt iile to confuse one's papers; a ~ vinul cu apa to mix wine with water. II. ob , refl. 1. pas. to be mixed etc. v. ~ I. 2. to mix to mingle; (a se contopi) to blend: to combine. 3. (a se biiga) [tn} to


[interlmoddl« (with), to interfere (with) ; (in conoersatie] to chime in. © a nu se ~ in ... not to meddle with ... ; to stand/keep aloof from ...; lIu te ~! F mind your own business! st. let her rip 1 de ce te amestcci] what business is that of yours? why do you interfere?

smesteeare s.], mixing (up) etc. v; 'a ill (J S tee a.

amestecllt I. adj. 1. mixed (up) etc. v. am est e c a. 2. [dioers ] mixed, sundry, varied, various, divers. © a [i ~ in ... to be implicated in .,.; a [i - in ceva F ...... to have a hand/foot in the dish. II. ado; F so-so, - not very well.

amesteeator s.n. chim . mixer; amestecaturA s.f. v. a m est BC 2. arnetist s.n. mineral. amethyst. ametealA s.f. giddiness, dizziness

swimming in the head" vertigo: © a-l ap uca amcteala to be/feal giddy.

Bmet.i I. pb. tr , 1. to drng, to anaesthetize, to narcotize; (cu 0 Iooiturit etc.) to stun. 2. [moralioeste] to stun, to s tnpefy; to amaze, to staggar, to makesmb. lose one's head; lo bewilder. 3. (d. vin] to f'luster ; (a imbiita} s i fig. to intoxicate. 4. (a amagi ) F to diddle, to nab, to doublecross. II. ob . refl; fi intr. 1. to become dizzy/giddy etc. v, am c tit. 2. (a se imbata } F to get tight.

:!.IIletit adj . 1. dizzy, giddy; bewildered, wild. 2. [heat] tipsy, intoxicated, F flustered, half-seas over,

ametltor adj. stunning, astounding; [asurzitor ] deafening; (d. 0 indltime) giddy; [zdpiioitor] staggermg.

amfibiu I. adj. amphibian, amphi-

bious. II. s.». ail., auto. "amphibian. amfibol sm . mineral. amphibole. amfibologie s.], lingo; amphibology. amfibrab s.m. metro amphibrach. amfiteatru en , 1. si ist . amphithea-

tre. 2.unip. lecture room i med ; theatre.

amfitrioani lI.f.hostess. amfitrion s.m. host, amphitryon. amfora s.f. [st. amphora.


aroiazA, amlaz! s.f .. 1. noon, midday. 2. [zenis] zenith. (jj) dupa ~ 1. s.f. afternoon. II. adv . in the afternoon; inaintede ~ in the forenoon, in the morning; la ~ at noon; pe la ~ about noon; ziua(-n) amiaza mare in broad daylight.

amibii. s.f. ZOQI. amoeba. .

amics.m. (male) friend.@ ~e (my) friend, my good fellow, old boy / .bean/manjchap.

amioal L adj. friendly, amicable. Qj) In relatii ~e on friendly terms. II. adv , friendly, as a friend, amicably.

amicitie s.f. friendship, friendliness;

(Intrestate) amity.

amidA s.], chim . amide.

amidon e .n. starch; amidin(e). amigdalil. s.f. anal. tonsil. aroigdaliti s.f. med. amygdalrtis, . tonsilitis .

amigdaloid I. adj. amygd alaceous. II.

S.m. amygdaloid. aml], s.m .. chim: amyl.

amllaoeu adj. amylaceous, starchy. amin iruerj . 1. rei. amen, 2. F all

over! rnafnssh l

amina s.], chim.amine.

aminte adv , @ cu luare ~ attentively.© a-si aduce ~ (de) to remember (cuacuz.) ; to recollect [c« acu.z.]'; adu-ii ~ cu ... remember that ... ; a-i aduce ~ cuiva despre eeva to remind smb. of smth.; a

lua ~ la to pay attention to ;

to mind , to heed, to take .

into account.

amlntl I. ob , Ir. 1. [despre ] to remind smb. (of). 2. to mention; to give an inkling of; to insinuate; to allude, to suggest. II. vb. refl. pas. to be mentioned. III. ob . inlr. ® a-i ~ de (spre) ... to remind one of ... ; to carry one back to ... ; a-si-« de :., to remember .... to (re)call ... ; to bear... in mind; to call back ... © dupa dte imi amintesc. to the best of my remembrance; lmi amintesc perfect de bine I can record it perfectly well.

amintlre s.], 1. (memorie ) memory. 2. [aduccre aminte} memory, remembrance, r~collection. 3. (suoenir} keepsake, token, souvenir.


@ ca ~ for a keepsake; In ~a (eu gen.) in memory/commemoration of ...

amiral s.m., adj. nO(J. admiral.@ Amil'alul [lotei Admiral of the Fleet. @ eontra'-I'ear-admiral; mare r-« High Adrnirnl ; (Jas,...._ flag ship; oice- ~ vice-admiral.

amlralltate s .f. nov·. adm iralty.

am ina 9b •. tr, 1. to put. off', to postpone; to procrastinate; parl, to prorogue, to prorogate; jur. to adjourn; (a inttl'zia) to delay, ~. (a pasui) to reprieve, to respite.

amtnare s.f. adjournment, postponing etc, v. a min a.

amjndnl pron. both (of us sal' you sau them); the two.

amnars.n.1.flintst.eel; tinder box. 2. arhit. post. © cit ai da in. ~ in no time, F before you could say Jack Robinson .

amnez le s.f'.amnesia, loss of memory.

amulos s.n. anal. amnion, F-+wat-


arnniotie adj. anaL amniotic. amntstta ob, tr . to amnesty. amnlstlat I. adj. amnestied, par-

doned. II. s.m. person amnestied. amnistie(re) s .f. amnesty.

amoe S.n. med . amuck (frenzy). amoniac S,n. chim . ammonia. amonlaeal adj. cliim, ammoniac [al). amonit s.n. geol. ammonite.

amenia s.n. chim, ammonium. amonts ado . © in ,.., upstream. amor s .n : love. ® ~ propriu self-

-respect; {mindrie} pride, amourpropre.

amoral adj. amoral, non-moral. amoralitate s.f. amorality.

amo['a~ s.m: Amor, Cupid.

amorez s.m, rar lover, l'"-+spark. smoresa ph. refl . (de) to fall in love

(with), to beeomeenamoured (of)/inIatuated (with).

amorezat I. adj. (de) in love (with), enamoure.d (of). infatuated (with), F-+smitten, beaten, sweet (upon). @ ~ lulea (de) F nuts (on), over head and ears in love (with). II. s.m, Iovcr i sweetheart.


Bmod adj. amorphous. amortle s .f. a.morphism.

amoros adj. amorous, loving; tender endearing. @ intrigii amoroasa lo\'~ intrigue.

amorsa I. vb. tr . 1. mil. to prime. 2. (0 undi!a) to bait. S_ tehn . to set in; to kick off; to start; eleo /1'. to induce, II. ph. refl, tehn, to start.

amorsi e.i. 1. mil. etc. primer, fuse, detonator. 2. [nadd } bait. 3. constr , by-road. 4. cin . leaders. amortlsment s.n. com. 1. buying up (of annuities). 2. liquidation, paying off, payment.

amortiza I. cb , tr , 1. com. (0 datorie} to liquidate to pay/clear off; (0 anuitate} to redeem. 2. [ur, to amortize. S. (un soc] to absorb, to deaden, to cushion' (oscilatii] to damp down/out. h. ob, ':efl. pas. to be Ilquldated etc. v, ~ I. (d. 0 masina etc.) to be amortized.

amortizabil adj. redeema.ble. amortizare s.f. liquidation etc. v, a m 0 r t i z a. @ fond ·de ~ sinking fund.

amorttsor s.n. tehn; damper, ab-

sorber, ""

amorteala s.], 1. numbness, insensibility, insensibleness, stupor; t?rpor, torpidness, torpidity; drowSIIl8SS, langour, heaviness; somnoler:ce. 2. w~akness; effeminacy.

amor~l I. (lb. mtr. 1. [a-si .pierde sensibilitatea} to get benumbed to become torpid, to be . dulljin;ensihle/callous. 2. (a cadea in toropeald ) to become flat/torpid/sluggish/drowsy, S. (a se tnotrtosa } fig. to he hardened. 4. (a amuti} to be silent, to keep silence; to lie hushed/mute. © mi-a ~t un pici~r my leg is benumbed/asleepj stiff. II. cb, 11'. [picioarele etc.] to benumb; (Q oiidere, 0 ciocnire} to break off; (0 durerc} to temper to mollify. '

amort ire s.f. 1. benumbing etc. v, a. m ? r t 1. 2. v, am 0 r tea I a. amorttt adj. benumbed etc. v. am? ~ t i;. (d. picior ctc.} asleep. amovibtl adj: removable liable to

dismissal. '

AMO-AMU amovibilltate sf removability. arnpelografie s.f. ampelography. ampenaj s.n. aD. tail (unit) ·rud-

del'S, empennage.

ampel' s.rncelectr , ampere.

amperaj S.n. electro amperage. ampermetru sn. [iz: amperemeter,


amptasa vb. 11'. to place; to layout;

to locate. "

amplasamont s.n.I. mil. emplacement, gUll pit.. ~. conetr . location site. ' amptttlea ph. tr , 1. to amplify. 2. (d. {I lentilii] to magnify. amplificare s .f. 1. amplification. 2. magnifying.

amplificator s,n, amplifier. aruplitudine s.f. 1. amplitude. 2. astr . diurnal arc.

amp loare »t. ampleness, propertions ; fig. Ii' scope, amplitude j [riisp irulire] spreading, extension. @ de ~ ample, vast, of vast proportions, important}: {riisptndit] Widespread.

amploiat s.m. employee, clerk. amplu ~. adj.!. ample; spacious; extensive ; broad. 2. profuse, abundant. II. ad". amply etc. V.N I.

amprenta . s .f' .. ~i fig. impressfion), sta:up,. impr-int, mark. ® ~ digitala Iingerprint , -+F dab. © a-~i liisal pune am.pren.ta asu.pra. ... to

leave one's mark on , to have an

mfluence/impact on .

amputa vb. tr , to amputate, to cut off, to ablate.

amputare, . amputll.f,jc. s.f. amputati on ; surgical suer-if Ice.

amuletii s.], amulet, charm, talisman.

amurg s.n. 1. twilight, dusk, afterg.low, F-+bJind man's holiday. 2. [ig; old age; decline. ill in ,.__ in the twilight.

amurgi (lb. intr .. 1. impers. to get/ grow.dark. 2. [ig, to fade; to dim. amurglt sn . V. am u r g •

amutl I. "b. intr , 1. (a deceni mut} to be struck dumb, to become mute to r~main speechless. 2. (a nu mai vorbi ete.} to be/become silent/ mute, to hush. II. ob . tr . to dumb-


(found); to render silent; to' hush, to muffle.

amutlre $.f. dumbing etc. v. am uti.

amuza r, ob • tr , to amuse, to divert, to entertain. II. ph. refl, to amuse! enjoy/divert oneself; to make merry; to have a good time.

amnzament s .a , amusement, pastime, diversion.

amuzant adj. amusing, diverting; [nostim} funny.

amuzat I. adj. amused, merry.lI. ado. merrily, in amusement. amvon s.n. pulpit.

an 1_ s.m. year, twelvemonth. ® ~ bisect leap year; - bogat year of plenty; - Gipil civl l/calcndar year; ~ eu. r-«. every year; ani gret de inchisoare long term(s) of emprisonment; ~ iulian Julian year; un ~ tntreg a whole year/twelvemonth; ~ slab lean year; ~ fGOlar school/scholastic year; ~ul curen! inst., this year; Amil Ceo[izic International the International Geophysical Year; Anul International al Soarelui Calm the International Quiet Sun Year; Anul Nou the New Year; New Year's Day; <-ul trecut s., ad», last year; ,.... un.iversitar academic year. @ acum un ~ a year ago; dt un - a year old; de ---i de zile for years (running/together) ; de peste ~ a year's ... ; din ~ in peste F once in a blue moon; Impopiirat de ,....,i old/hoary with age, far gone in years; in [iecare ~ every year; Intr-un ,...., a. one year. b. in a/one year; la """ul next year; la ~ul eu bine/siinii!ate I wish you a happy Now Year; la [iecare doi ~i every second/other year: la multi '·Ji! a. a happy New Year I to you) ! b. (felicitiiri) congratulations I c. (de ziua nasterii cuioa} many happy returns of the day!; mai mare de ",i older, more advanced in years; odata la un ...... once (in) a year; pe - (in) a year; pe un - for a year; tot .....,ulall the year round. © elti -i ai? how old are you? e mai mare cu ? -i dectt mine he is 7 years older than

I; de ctti .....,i esti? how old are you? cind era de zece ,_,j when (he was. ten (years old); e in .. irsta de 20 .....,i he is twenty (years old); cit e -"I de mare all the year round. @) nu aduce ~ul ce aduce ceasul things may happen in an hour that don't. happen in a year. II. ad". +--P last year, a year ago.

Anal s.], © a duce de Ta '" la Ca-

iafa to drive from post t.o pillar. ana2 s.f. upper cord of a fishing net. anabapttsm s.n. rei. anabaptism. anabaptist s.m., adj. rel . anabaptist. anabolism s .n, bioi. anabolism. anacolut s.n. gram. anacol(o)uthon. anaoreentle adj. lit. Anacreontic. anaeronle adj. anachronust)lc, su-


anacrontsm' s .11.. anachronism. anaarob adj .. anaerobic. anamactic adj. anaphylactic. snafora s.f. gram. anaphora, anaroric adj. anaphoric.

anafura s.], rei, wafer, Eucharist


anaglifii s.f. anaglyph.

anagrami s.f. anagram. anahorets.m. an(a)chorite, anchorct,


anal adj. anal. anal.

analactle adj. anal(l)aetic, aua llatic, anale s.f. pl: annals.

analeetc s.f. pl. inv. analecta, analects.

anaHabet I. adj. illiterate. ll. s.m. illiterate person.

analtebetlsm S.n. illiteracy, illite-


analgezie s.f. med: analgesia. analist s.m. ehim, etc, analyst. analitill adj. 1. (de la "analiza")

analytic(al). 2. (de la "anale") annalitic(al) .

analiza I. ob, tr, 1. to analyse; to dissect; to examine, to test. 2. gram. to analyse;(J,morfologic) to parse; {eintactic } to construe. II. ob . refl; 1. to analyse oneself. 2. pas. to be analysed etc. v, -I.

anaUzabil adj. analysable. analizare s.f. analysis etc. v, a n a- 1 i z a.

anallaator s .n. analyser.



analizii s.f. 1. analysis; test. 2. synopsis, abstract. 3. critical examination; review. 4. gram. analysis; (J,mol'fologiea)parsing. til.a- naliza slngelui .hlood test; '"'"' smtacticii gram. syntactic analysis, @ in ultima ...., in tbe last analysis ; when all is said and done; all things considered.

analizor s .n. analyser.

analogi I. adj. analogous, similar.

II. ado, analogically, similarly. analog2 s.n. bis, lectern. analogle adj. analogical.

analogia s.], analogy, similarity. ® prin ~ similarly; prin '" cu •. ' by analogy with ... , on the analogy of ...

ananes s.m, 1. bot. pine plant/apple, anana(s) (Ananassati~us). 2. (fruet) pine(apple), anana(s).

anaughte s.f. hardship, hard condition; [necaz] predicament, F mess; [lipsii] want, need(iness). @ a fi la '"'"' F to be in a cleCt/stick, to be hard up, to be in a tight spot/fix.

anapest s.m. metro anapaest, anaplastie s.f. med. anaplasty; plastic surgery.

anapoda I. adj. F cross-patched, wrong-headed, cross-grained. ll. ado , (pe dos] wrong side out, upside down; (rosna} astray.

anarhie I. adj. anarchical. ll. adP.


nnarhle s .f. anarchy.

anarhlsm S.lI. anarchism. anarho-Indlvldualtsm S.n. anarcho-


anarhe-stndtealtst s.m, anarcho-syndicalist.

Bnasina s.,. <Ill cu '""' a. by force; under compulsion; arbitrarily. forcibly. b. [tmpotrioa ooiniei sale) unwillingly, reluctantly, in spite of oneself.

anason s.m. 1. bot. anise (Pimpinella anisum}, 2. (siimtn¢) aniseed, anise seed. Iii) '""' dulce bot. fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) all rachiti de '"'"' anisette.

anestatle adj. poligr: anastatie. anastdgmatlto] adj. opt. anastigmatic. anastlgrnatlsm s.n. opt. anastigma-



anastomozii s .f. anat., bot. anastomo-


anastroli s.,. gram. anastrophe. anatema s.f. anathema.

anatemtsa ob, tr . to anathematize. anatemfzare s.f. anathsmatization, anatomic I. adj. anatomical. II.

ado: anatomically.

anatomie s.f. anatomy.

anatomist S.m. anat.omist. anatomo-petoleglc adj. anatomlco-

-pathologic(al) . anatoxinii s.f .. anatoxin. ancestral adj. ancestral.

aneheta I. ob , tr, to inquire into, to investigate; [pe .cineoa} tointerrogate, to question; to subject to an interrogation. n. pb. intr, to hold an inquiry, to make investigations, to investigate.

anehetare s.f. investigation (of), inquiry (into), inquest.

anehetator S.m. investigator; inquirer; cross-examiner.

anchetii. s.f. 1. jur : inquest, inquiry, investigation; [crcssjexamination. 2. (sociaia ete.} investigation; inquiry; survey. ® Gallup' Gallup poll; ,... j udiciarr1 judicial in vestigation; ...., socialii social investigation. @ a face 0 -3. [ur, to hold an inquiry (into a case); b. (sociala etc.} to make an investigation, a survey etc. a ordoha o ,..., to order an inquiry to be· made; a proceda la 0 '"'"' to set on foot an inquiry.

anehtlosa I. vb , tr. to ankylose, tostiffen. ll. PI1. refl . 1. to ankylose, to become ankylosed, to grow stiff. 2. fig. to become hide-bound ; tobecome ossified.

aoehilozare s.f. stiffening etc. v.

an chi 10 z a. . .

aochUozat adj. 1. stiff,ankylosed. 2. fig. hide-bound, who has become a stick·in-the·mnd.

anchilozii s.f. ankylosis.

ancle s.f. muzo reed of a bassoon etc. aneora vb. intr : 1. na9. to (east)

anchor. 2. fig. to anchor, to pitch one's tent, to shelter oneself. aneora] S.n. lIap. anchorage, berth. aneorare s, f. anchoring etc. v. an cor a. @ drept de ~ anchorage.


aneorat adj. na9. anchored, (lying! riding) at anchor.

aneora s , [; 1. nao. anchor. 2. (a balonului} grapn el. 3. arhit . brace. 4. fig. anchor, shift; (de ealvare} (one's) sheet anchor. ®.~ plutitoure nap. sea/driving anchor. © a arltnca ancora to cast/drop anchor; a ridica ancoro: to weigh/raise anchor.

aneorot s .n: nao. kedge/mushroom anchor.

anerasa I. cb . tr . to dirty, to soil; tehn , to foul, to clog, to choke; to oil/soot up. II. ob . refl. to (get) foul, to get dirty. to oil/soot/gum up.

anerasare s.f. fouling, etc . v, a n-

c r a s a.. .

anerasat adj. foul, dirty, sootedj gummed up; cloggcdychoked with dirt.

andaluz' adj., S.m. Andalusian, andante adv «, 8.11. muzo andante. andantino ado ., s.n. muzo andantino. andezlt ·9.1i. mineral. an dr-s ite, andivii. s.f. hot. endive [Cicliorium.

endivia ) .

andosa ob . tr. com. to endorse. andosant s.m. com. endorser. andosat adj. com. endorsee. andrea s.], V. undrea. androgin ad], androgynous. aneodote s .f. anecdote. anecdotlc, adj . anecdotical.

anelide s .n , pl. zoot. annelida, anncl idcs.

anemia I, "b. tr . to affect with anaemia, to reader weak/fceble/debile; to debilitate, to deprive of strength, to weaken. H. ob . refl. to be affected with anaemia; to languish.

anomlat ad], anaemic, etiolated, feeble, enfeebled.

anemic I. adj. anaemic, affected with anaemia; (slab) weak, feeble, debile. II. adv. weakly, faint.ly. anemlo s.f. anaemia, want/detlici-

cncy of blood.

anemlere s.[. debilitation. anemogra[ e .n . meteor. anemograph. anemotnetcle s .f. meteor. anemo-


anemometru s.». meteor: anemometer. anemonii. e.t. bot. wind flower (Anemone nemorosa] ® ~ de metre v, a c tin i e.

anemuscop s .n, meteor; anemoscope; weathercock.

aneroid adj. aner- id . @ barometric

~ aneroid barometer.

anestezia ob . tr . to anaesthetize. anestezle adj., s.n. med . anaesthetic. anestezies.{. med • anaesthesia, anaes-

1 hesia.

anevo le ado. with difficulty; (de abia} hardly.

anevoios adj. difficult, hard, Iabo-

rions; critical.

anevr ism S.n. med. aneurism. auex adj. annexed; enclosed. anexa pb. tr, 1. to annex; to join;

to add; to append; [tntr-un plic) 10 enclose. 2. (a tara etc.) to annex. anexare s.f. annexation etc. v.

H n e x a.

anexat I. adj. annexed; (aliiturat) enclosed, II. ado: enclosed.

anexis.f.1. annex(e); (La un raport] rider) schedule, voucher. 2. [dependinta) annex; dependency, appurtenance ; (clad ire etc .] addition. S. fig. appendage.

anexiune s.f. annexation.

anfiladil, s.f. 1. mil. enf'iladn, 2. succession, series of doors etc.

angaja I. vb . tr . 1. [cu. oorba} to engage, to oblige, to pledge to commit. 2. to engage; (personal) to busy; (a tocmi } to hire, to employ; to take in one's service. 3. (a [olosi] to employ, to use. 4. (a inoita ) to invite. o. (a incepe] to start, to begin, to commence, 6. (a impl.ica}' to involve; (a alra· ge dupa sine) to entail. ® care te angetjeazli committing, committal. II. ob . refl. 1. (a se obliga ) [sii] to engage (oneself) (to), to pledge/ bind oneself (to); to commit on eself (to); (a promite] 1.0 promise (t.o). 2. mil. to enlist. S. [intr-u.n serviciu } to become employed; to go into service. 4. (d. 0 lupta etc.) to begin, to commence, to start.

angajament s.n , obligation, commitment, committal, engagement; pledge. © a-;?i indep lini ~ul to meet one's engagement, to fulfil one's obligation; a-si lua un ~ (in intrecerea socialistii) to make a pledge; a-si lua ul do a face



ce~a to pledge to do srnth., to bind oneself to do smth. to make/take the pledge to do srnth., to commit onese If.

angajare s.f. engagement etc. V. an g a j a.

angajat s.m. person engaged sau employed.

angambaments.rI. metro enjambment, overflow; run-on line.

angara s.], 1. ist. gratuitous service {to be) rendered to the lord of the manor; compulsory service, statute labour, corve e. 2. ot- [nccazuri} +-F troubles) cares. 3. pl. (cheuuicli} expenses, duties.

angelic adj. angeJic(al); cherubic. anghelica S. f.bat. angelica [Archangelica officinalis},

anghiIa s.f. iht, ee I (Anguilla anguilla).

o.nghinare s], bOI. artichoke (Cynara scolymus).

anghinli s.f. med . angina. ® ~ diftericii diphtheritis; ~ gangrenoasd malignant SOre throat; ~ pectorala ang ina/angor pectoris; pseudomembranoasa croup; - tonsiiara quinsy, amygdalitis.

anginli. s.f. med. v , an g h i n iI. angiosperm adj. bot. angiospermous. angiosperma s.f. bot. angiosperm. anglloan I. adj. Anglican, Church

of England ... (!j) biserica ~a the Church of England. II. s.m . Anglican.

anglicanism s.n. Anglicanism. IInglicli s], bo I. v . c i u bot i c a

c u cui u i.

angllclsm s.n. Anglicism.

angltst s.m . Anglieist..

anglisticii. s.]. Anglistics,

o.nglofobie s.], anglophobia. anglomanie s.f. ang lomania, anglo-saxon adj., s.m. Anglo-Saxon. angora s.f. Angora. @ iepure de

~ Angora rabbit; pisicii de ~ Angora cat.

angrena I. cb . tr. 1. to (put into) gear; (roti ) to put into gear. 2. fig. V. ant r en a I, 2. II. ob • refl: pas. to be geared etc. V. ",I.

angrena] S.n. gearing. ® - cu Tan! chain drive.

angrenare s .f. gearing etc. v . a n-

g r e n a.

angro adv. wholesale.

angrostst s.m. wholesale dealer. angstrom s.m. Angstrom (unit). angular adj. angular.

a.nhidrida s.f. chim . anhydride. ® ~ carbonica carbonic acid gas. anhidru adj. chim, anhydrous. anlhlla vb .. tr , to annihilate, to


anlhllar« s.f. annihilation. anilina s.f. chim. aniline.

anima I. ob . tr . 1. to animate, to quicken; (a d« viata) to endow with life. 2. (conoerratia etc.) to quicken, to en liven. 3. (a impinge, a pune In miscare } to actuate, to drive. ® a fi ~t de... to be actuated by ... ; a fi,...,t de un sentiment de ... to enlertain a feeling of... II. vb . rc[l; 1. to quicken, to come to life. 2. fig. to become animated; (d. fala euloa] to brighten/light up; (d. cear tii etc .] to wax hot.

animal I. s.n. 1. animal. 2. fig. brute, beast, F blighter. ® ~ biped biped; ,.._, carnicor carnivore, carnivorous animal; ~ de povarii pack animal, beast of hurdsn ; ~ depradii. beast of pi-ey, predator; ,.._, de tractiune beast of draught, amer . pack animal; ~e de reproductie bloodstock, pedigree stock; -iwbioIJr herbivore, herbivorous an irnal; ,_, nevertebrat invertebrate; ~ p atruped four-footed/-Iegged animal; ~ .i11batic wild beast; ,.._, vertebra! vertebrate. © ce ~! what a brute/ beast! II. ad}. animal ... @ regnul", the animal kingdom.

anlmulte I. ad). 1. animal ... , sensU2J, brutal, brutish. 2. (brutal) brutal, bestial. II. ndv : brutally, brutishly etc. V. ,.._, 1.

animalier adj. anima!... @ pictor ~ anirnalist.

anlmalltate s.], animality. animal nature.

ani mat adj. animated; (oiu} lively, spirited; (plin de via fa) full of life. @ desen ~ animated cartoon/ drawing.

anlmatoare s.f. entertainer.


animator r. ad], an imat ing , life-giving. U. s .n. ;,i cinema animator. anlmatte s.f. animation, briskness, liveliness.

animism s.n. animism.

animist I. adj. animistic. II. s.m.


animozitate s], animosity, spite. an in s. m. bot. v . a r i n.

anina 1. vb. tr . 1. (a atlrna) to hang (up); (de un ctrlig ) to hook; (a cup/a) to couple, to hitch. 2. fig. (pc cincva) to accost; to waylay. © a-iji ~ rochia intr-un lde 1tn cui; II. to catch one's dress on a nail. b. to hang (up) one's dress on a nail. II. "b. refl; 1. pas. to be hung etc. Y. ~ L 2. (d. 0 hainii etc.] to get caught. ® a se - de ." a. (d. 0 haina} to get caught on ... b. (a nu da drumul} to cling to ... ; (a acosta) to waylay ... ; (a uhua pricinii] to find fault with ...

aninare s.f. hanging (up) etc. v.

ani n a.

anion s.m; chim . anion. ani son s.m. v . a n a son.

aniyersa I. (lb. tr . to celebrate. II. ob , refl. to be celebrated. anlversar adj. anniversary.

ani versare s .f. anniversary; (a zilei de naetere} birthday.

anod s, m. elcctr . anode (plate),

positive electrode.

anodie adj. electr. anodic, anodal. anodin adj. harmless.

anofel s.m. all tintar ~ en/om. anopheles.

anomalie s.f. anomaly, ahnormit.y. anonim I. ad). anonymous ; authorless; (care nu CJr8a sa-fi dea numele) unnamed. ® societate ",Ii com. limited company. n. ado, anonymously. III. s.m. anonymous person: (au tor ) anonymous author.

anonlmat s.n , anonymity.

anonlma s.f. anonymous letter. anorganic adj. inorganic. ® chimie

,__.<i inorganic chemistry.

anormal I. adj. 1. abnormal. 2. [mintal} mentally defective. II. ado; abnormally.

anost adj. insipid, flavourless,§i fig. stale;fig. dull: (d.persoane}stodgy. anotlmp s.n. season.


ansambln s .n, 1. ensemble; (total ita te} aggregate. 2. (efect general) general effect. 3. muzo etc . ensemble. 4. arnit . pile. ® An.samblu: de cintece 'Ii dansuri Song and Dance Ensemble. ® de ~ general; idee de '" broad/general idea; in ~ on the whole, in the aggregate; vedere de ~gellcral view/ survey.

ansoa s .n , anchovy.

untagonlo adj. antagonistic. ® clasc ~e antagonistic/opposing classes; coritradictic ~a [iloz; an tagonistic contradiction.

antagonism S.n. antagonism. antagonist ad}. antagon istic .opposed, antantil. s.{. ist . Entente.

antarctic adj. Antarctic.

antebelie adj. pre-war ...

antohrat s .n. anat. forearm. anteeedente s.n. pl. 1. antecpdenl.s.

2. med . case history.

anteeesor s.m. predecessor, forerunner.

antedata "b. tr. to an tsdato, to


antedtluvlan adj. antediluvian. antemeridian ad}. an Lemeridian, a.m. antena sf. 1. entom. etc. antenna,

F-> feeler. 2. rad., tel. acrial , antenna. 3. lIaCJ. lateen yard. antepenultlm adj. an tepcnu Itimate,

las t bu t two.

anteprotect s .n. first. draft. antera s f. bot. anther.

anterior I. adj. 1. (cu dat-J anterior (to); (d. 0 perioadii] Iormcr ; (d. 0 data) earlier (than) : (d. 0 intlmplare ete.] prior (to), antecedent (to). 2. [on . fron!... 3. (mat. fore ... II. ado: previously, before; earl ier, formerly; prior to this.

anterioritate s.f', previousness, an-

teriority; priority, precedence, anterlu S.n. bis . surplice.

antct s.n. heading of a letter etc. antctrcn sn, fore carriage. antetrupi~ils.f. agr. co(u)ltcr, jointer. antevorblter s.m; foregoing speaker. antiaerilln adj. an Ii-aircraft... @

apararea ~ii. anti-aircraft defence. antialcoolic I. adj. an ti-alcohollo. n. s.m. anti-alcoholist: [persoanii care nu boo) teetotaller.


antibiotic ad}., e .n. antibiotic. entle I. ad}. 1. ist: lit. ancient . ., (d. mobilii. ete.} antique; (demodat} old-fashioned, antiquated. II. s.m. ancient.

antieamera s.f. anteroom, waiting room. © a face ~ to dance attendance, to cool one's heels in the waiting room.

antlear! adj. mil. anti-tank ... .antlcar2 S.m. 1. second-hand bookseller. 2. [coleciionar} antiquary, antiquarian, curio dealer. anticariats.n. second-hand bookshop.

anttcatud s.m. eleotr, anti-cathode. antlcilrie s .], V. ant i car i a t, antichitate s.,. 1. iet, antiquity, . ancient times. 2. (ca obiect) anti-

quity; curio.

anticiclon s .m: an ticyclone. anticipa (lb. intr . [asupra} to anticipate (cu acuz.), to forestall (cu acu.s.},

anticipabil ad). foreseeable, predictable.

anticipare s.f- anticipation. anticipat I. adj. an ticipated ; advance ... n. ad". beforehand, in advance; by/in anticipation. @ mulpimindu-oii ,__. thanking you in anticipation.

antieipllfie e ,'_ an tlcipa tion . Q)l cu ,..,_, v. ant i c i pat ll; literaturii de ~ science fiction.

anticlerical adj. anticlericaL anticlericalism S.lI. anticlericalism. antlclina.l s .n. geol . anticline, saddle. anticolonial adj. anti-colonial. antleoloujallsm s.n. anti-colonialism. antIcolonialist adj. anti-colonia-


entfeonceptlonal I. adj. contraceptive, birth controL.. n. s.n. contraceptive, birth-control method. anticonstitutional adj. anticonstitu-


antieorp s.m. biol, antibody. antidata ob . tr. V. ant e d a t a. a.ntidiuniUor S.m. pesticide. antIdemocratic I. adj. antidemo-

cratic. ll. adv. antidemocratically. antidllrapant ad). auto nonskid(ding), antiskid ...

antidot s .n. {impotrioa] antidote (lor/to/against).


antiepidemie adj. anti-epidemic. antifascist adj., s.m. antifascist. ant iterment s.m. chim, etc. anti-


antifon S.lI. antiphon.

antigripa.l adj. anti-flu. autlguvsrnamental adj. anti-govern-


antihrist sm, antichrist, archfiend, foe.

antiimperiulist adj. anti-imperialist. antilopii. s.f. 1. zool, antelope (Anti-

lope). 2. chamois, shammy. antiwarxist adj. anti-Marxian. antimonarhic adj. antimonarchie(aJ). antimoniu s.n. chim, antimony. antimuncitoresc adj. an ti-working-

-class ... , anti-labour ... antina~ional adj. antinationaJ. antinenalgic ad}., 5.ii. antineuralgic. snttnomte adj. filoz. antlnornic, antinomie s.], [iloz, antinomy. antipartinic adj. anti-Party ... antipatic adj. unlikable, repugnant,

hatable, hateful. @ mi-e ,._" I have an aversion to him, I dislike him. antipatie s .], (fa/a de / pentru } antipathy (to/against), repugnance (ofl to), aversion (for/from/to).

antlp lretle adj., e.n , med., farm.


Ilntipirinli. s.], farm. antipyrin(e). anUpod sm, antipode.

antlrable adj. med: anti-rahic, antiriizboinic adj. anti-war ... antirealist adj. an tirealis tic. antiregalist I. adj. antimonarchic(al).

II. S.m. antiroyaUst.

antireHgios adj. anti-religious. antiselavagist adj. against the slave (-owning) system.

antisemit I. adj. anti-Semitic. II.

S.m. anti-Semite.

antisemitism S.n. anti-Semitism. antlsepsle s .f. med ; an tisepsis. antiseptic adj., e.n . med, antiseptic. antispasmodic adj., s.n. med. anti-


antistatatl ad}. anti-State ... antistrofli. s.f. antistrophe.

antl~oc adj. shock proof. anti§tiintifio I. adj. anti-solen tifie.

Il, adv. anti-scientifically. antltanc adj. mil. anti-tank. antiteatru S.lI. anti-theatre.


antitetie adj. an tithetic(al). antitezli s.f. antithesis. antitoxina s.], med, antitoxin. antologie adj. anthologica!. antologie sf. anthology.

antonlea s], bot. chervil, cow weed [Chaerophsjllum },

antonim I. adj. antonymous. U. s.n ,


antonlmte s.f. antonyrny. antonomasie s.f. ret. antonomasia. antraeen s.n. chim . anthracene. antrachimma s.f. chim ; , fot. anthra-


antracit «.n , min; ant.hracite (coal). antract S.II. interva I; si muzo


antrax s.n. med. carbuncle."

antrsn s :n . Ii vel iness, briskness. antrena I. vb . tr . 1. sport etc. to

train; (0 ech.ip Ii) to coach; [un. biciclist} to pace. 2. (a stimula] to stimulate; (a atrage ) to draw. 3. (a atrage dtipil sine) to involve, to entail; (a causa] to bring about. II. vb , ref], 1. SPOl't. eta. to train, to undergo train ing. 2. (a se 'aprinde) to be carried away. ® a ss - in ... to be drawn iuto ...

antrenament s.n. training; {al unei echi pe] coaching; {rutina, practice} practice.

antrenaut adj. 1. stimulating. 2. entertainiug ; amusing; cap tivatmg; (d. muzicii etc .} lively. antrenare s.f. training etc. v. a nt I' e n a.

autrenor s.m. trainer; (al urlci ecliipe] coach; (al unu i a lerga tor ) pacer.

autrepozit s.n. warehouse, storehouse

repository; [maritim} wharf. '

antreprenor S.m. con tractor enter, priser, undertaker, en trepreu8l1r. lID ~ de pompe [unebre undertaker, amer, mortician.

antrepriza s]. 1. private enterprise; [societate} company. 2. (contract) contract. ® a da In ~ to. put out to contract ; a lua in. ~ a. to contract for, to take by contract. b. fig. to seixe/pounoe upon; to take up.

antreu s.n.. anteroom; [vestibul} vestibule, (entrance) hall.


antrieot s.n. steak cut from the ribs, en trecote.

antropofag I. adj. anthropopJtagous.

II. s.m. man eater, cannibal, pl. an thropophagi.

antropofagic s.f. an thropophagy, cannibalism.

antropogenesa s.f. anthropogeny. antropogeografie s .i, an thropogeo-


Rntropoid adj., sm . anthropoid. antropolog s.m. anthropologist. antropologie adj. anthropological. antropologie s.f. anthropology.

antropometrie adj. anthropome-


antropometrle s.f. anthropometry. antropomort adj. an lhropomorphous. antropomorfism s.n . an lhropomor-

phism ,

antroponim(ic) ad). anthropouorn leal. antroponimie s.], an thI'OPOIlOIllY, anthroponomics.

autum adj. published during the author's life.

antura] s.n. environment, entourage, antart ad". two years ago. @ mai about two years ago, two or three years ago.

annal I. adj. yearly, armual ; ann iversary, @ dare de seamii -Ii annual report; planta ""Ii annual; rentii ~ii annuity. II. ado , yearly, annually, every year.

anu~u S.U., annual, year book. anultate s.], com. annuity.

anula I. ob, tr . to annul; (0 lege, un testament, ete.] to render void, to repeal; (un contract, un cec etc.] to cancel; (un aranjament ] to call off; (un tirg) F_,.to cry off. II. vb, refl. pas. to be annulled etc. V. ~I.

anulare s.], annulment etc. v. an u I a.

anume I. adj. 1. special. 2. {niste} certain. (jJl un ...., '.' a certain ... II. a~(J. 1. [cu. numele de) named.

2. (~~ ~) namely; that is to say.

3. [tnadins} purpose(ful) Iy, deliberately, on purpose; specially. 4: (exact) exactly; (precis) pre-

cisaly. '

anumit adj. certain.


anunt s.n. announcement, notice, poster, notification; (in ziar-etc.] advertisement ® a da lhn ~ la ziar to advertise in a newspaper, to put an advertisement.

anunta L "b. tr . 1. (a oesti } to announce, to give not.ice of; to let know. 2. (a da un anuns. despre} to advertise. 3. (pe cinevu iun vizitator etc.] to announce, to usher in. 4. [a preoesti} to foretell, to herald; (a fagadui) to promise. II. vb . refl. 1. to announce oneself. 2. (a promite) to promise. © vremea se anunJa frumoasii the weather promises to be fine.

anuntare s.f. announcing etc. V. an 11 n t a.

anus s in. .. anal. anus.

anvelopii. s.f. 1. auto outer cover (of a tyre) tyre, tire. 2. [iz . cover, envelope. 3. polig".jacket.

anvergurii. s.f. 1. aD. breadth, span. 2. fig. scope, amplitude, proportions. @de mare~ fig. far-reaching, wide-spread ing.

anxletate s.f. anxiety.

Bolen inter]: L (exprimlnd durerea; suferinta) ah! 2. [e xprimind sposrna) ah! bless you! oh dear! 3. [exprirritnii surprinderca} . ah! F bless me! blow me I oh boy! crikey! cripes ! dear me! oh my! sl, blim{e)y! 4. [exprimind regretul) oh! alack (the day)! 0_ (exprimind eom p atimirea] ah! 6. (exprimind amonirqarea } ah! 7. [exprimind nerahdarea} chu t! oh dear, dear J 8. (exprimind reprosul ] come!

aolica inter], P v. a 0 leu 4, 8. aorist s ,». gram. aorist.

aorta s .f. anat. aorta.

apanaj s .n . ap(p)anage, prerogative, attribute.

aparat s .n. 1. apparatus, .device, appliance; {masinii] machine; (instrument) instrument; {mecanism} gear, mechanism. 2. anat. apparatus; system. 3. fig. apparatus; (de stat etc.} machinery; (personal) staff. ® ~ ouditiv hearing aid; ~ chimic chemical apparatus; ~ er itic critical apparatus; ,_" de proiectie projecting machine; ~ de radio radio/wireless (set); ~ de


ras shaving set; [rnas inii. de ras} safety razor; - de. slat state machinery; ,._, de vinatoare av. fighter plane/machine; - [otogra[ic camera; ~ul digest;" anal. the digestive system/apparatus, © cine e la ~ ? tel. who .is there? who is speaking? la -(e) 1M. IV. comrade N. speaking.

aparata] S.II. apparatus. aparatllra s.(. apparatus. "pare ob . .Y. a par e a.

"parent I. ad], 1. [nereal] apparent, not real; (care pare) seemmg; (prefacut) sham; (fals) false.,~. [oizibil} apparent, visible; {eoident) .conspicuous, evident, manifest. II. ado . apparen tly, to all appearances.

apilrenta s .f. appearance. @ dupii too te apnrentele 'to all appearances; [als« ,_; false/fallacious appearance; in ~ in semblance, on the surface v. ~i a p a I' e n t II. © ajudeca dupa aparente tojud go by appearances; a salva apareniele to keep up appearances. ® apareruele in~"alJ, appearances are deceptive, beauty is but skin-deep.

aparlple s.], 1. (ioire ) appearance, corning out; [neas tep tatii] apparition; {sosire ) advent; (publicare) publication; [nastere ] birth, emergence, coming into being; (In[iiruare] setting up. 2. [ruilucii] apparition; ghost, spectre. ® a,~i face apuriiia to makeorie's -appearance , to show oneself; to heave in sight, to put in an appearance.

apartament s.n. flat; suite, set of rooms.

aparte I. adj. peculiar, special, apart. II. ado . 1. apart; [sepurat] separately. 2. teatru aside.

apartenenta s.], (la) belonging (to), affiliation (to); (10. un partid} membership of a pa.rty; party allegiance. ® ,._, de cla;;a class affiliation.

aparteu s.n. teatru. aside, stage whisper.

apartheid s .n: pol. apartheid. apartinll vb . ,:nlr. (cudat.) to belong! appertain to.


apa~ s.m. gangster; hooligan, ruffian, rough, amer . tough.

apatic I. adj. apathetic, listless, F-+lackadaisical; (indolent) indolent; [nepiisiitor } indHferen t. II. ado . apathetically etc. v. ~ I.

apatie s.f. apathy, listlessness. apatit s.n. mineral. apatite. apatrid s.m. stateless person.

apii. s.f. 1. water, S-+aqua, F-+A· dam's ale; (curs de ~) waterway, stream; {rtu ) river; (mare) sea; (ocean) ocean. 2. pl. waters; [oaluri} waves. 3. (a unei store, pietre pretioase etc.} water, lustre. 4. [lacrimi} tears; (salira) saliva; [sudoare] sweat, perspiration; (in care sta [etusul} water; (urina ) urine, water. o. med, dropsy. ® ~ chioard a. (lichid slab sau. tara gust) F wish-wash ; (farii gust) slop. b. [vorbiirie goala } F water bewitched, eyewash; ~ eurgiitoare running water; river water; ~ de biiut drinking water; ~ de clor chim, chlorine water; ,..., de Colonia eau de Cologne; ~ de exploatare hidr . service water ; ,_ de gurii mouth water; ~ de in.fil· tratie hidr . percolating water; ~ de iZPQr spring water; ~ de mare sea water; ~ de minii mine water; ~ de ploaie a. rain water. II. fig. [vorbiirie goa Iii) F water bewitched, eyewash; (prostii) F moonshine, fiddlesticks; ~ de val' chim . lime water; "" disponibila clear water; ,.." dulce fresh/sweet water; ,.._, [iltratii hidr , filtering water; - [reatica geol, subsoil water; ...... ga" !&oasa soda (water); aerated water; ...... grea chim . heavy water; - industrialii industrial water; -ta pliimini F pleurisy; - mineralii mineral water; ~ moale soft water; ...... oxigenatii oxigenated water; ~ regala chim, aqua regia, n ltromuriatic acid; ~ rezidualii residual water; ~ sarata salt/brackish water; ,._, sfinfitii holy jeopseerated water; ,._, suitiitoare stagnant wa· tel'; ...... tare chim. aqu~ fortis, nitric acid; ...... termald thermal water: ,.." (lie life-giving water. <III ca apa, ca pe --smoothly; fluently; ca doua


picdturi de - as like as two peas' in josul apei downstream; in susul apei upstream; lajpe malul apci at the waterside; pe ~ ('i (pe) uscat by s~a/malll and land, by flood and Jield ; © a bate apa in p iuil to beat the air, to mill the wind, to plough the sand(s); a nil maibea ,..., recc F to kiek the bucket; Ii-are dupii ce bea ~ he has nothing to eat, he is starving, F he is as }l[)OI' as a church mouse, he hasn ' t a penny to bless himself with; a ciira ~ cu ciurul to draw water in a sieve; a edra ~ la put to carry coals to Newcastle; ii lasii gum ~ 11i, mouth waters, F-+he licks his chops; a lua ~ to take water; (d. o locomotioa} to take in water; a lualfura cuiva apa de la moari'i to cut the ground from under smb. 's feet; opreste apa! turn . off the water; a scoa.te ~ din piatri: seaoa to get/wring water from a flint; a cade« in ~ a. to fall into tile water. b. fig. (d. un plan ete.] to fall through, F to peter out; a nu. fi in ape le lui F to be ou t of sorts, to feel seedy; a muia in ~ to soak (in water); a pescui in ,_, tulbure fig. to fish in troubled waters; a baga la ~ pe cinc .. a to get smb. into a scrape; a intra la ~ F to getinto hot water; a caliitori pe ,..., to tra ve I by water; a se duce pe apa simbetei to fly/go to the winds; (a muri) F to go to grass, to go off the hooks; a fi tot 0 ~ F to be of the same kidney; to be both of a hair; multii ~ a trecut fig. much water has flowed under the bridge(s); nu s tiu. in ce ~se adapii/scalda F I don't know/ I haven't got his number; he is as slippery as an eel; sin t (tot) 0 ~ I'm dripping with perspiration .

apara I. vb . tr . (In sens activ} to defend; (In sens pasiv ] to protect, to shield, to guard; [a sprijini] to support; (a meniine} to maintain. © a -- numai tn vorbe (0 cauza ete.} to give lip service to (a cause etc.). II. ob, refl. 1. to defend oneself, to hit hack. 2. pas. to be defended etc. v. ~ I.


aparate s.f. v. a par i e. IIpara.res.{.I. defence, amer. defense; protection etc. v, a par a. 2. [pledoarie} pleading. 3. jur., mil. defence, Iii) ~ antiaeriana anti-aircraft defence; air defence; ,_, elastica mil. elastic defence. @ (ara ~ defenceless; (neapiirat) unprotected; in ~a (cu gen.) in defence of...; legitimii ~ self-defence; martorii apif.riirii jur. witnesses for the defence. © a lua ,_,a cuioa to stand up for smb., to take up smb.'s cause.

apariitoare s .f. protector; protecting device. ® ~ de creion pencil protector; ~ de mUfte fly whisk/flapper; ~ de noroi mud guard; ~ de soare auto dark glass.

aparMor I. adj. protecting etc. v, a Par a. II. S.m. 1. protector, defender. 2. jur : counsel for the defence.

a.parea vb . intr , 1. to appear; to become visible, to come into sight; (la orizont , prin eeala ete.) to loom; (a oeni } to come; (a se prezenta } to turn up; (a-fi face aparitia} to make one's appearance, to show oneself, to showup; (la suprafata) to emerge; [brusc , in ochii cuiva} to break out upon the eye, to burst upon smb . 's view; (distinct) to come out, to appear, to arise. 2. (a lua nastere} to spring up, to come into being, to emerge; (a se revela} to reveal oneself, to be revealed; (d. scare eta.] to come out. 3. (a se inttmp la} to occur, to happen; (a area lac) to take place. 4. (d. 0 carte) to appear, to come out, to be published; (d. articole de sezon etc.] to come in.

® a ,...., ca ... a •. (a fi) to be b.

(a parea} to seem (to be) , to

appear (to be) ... e •. (a se reoela en} to reveal oneself as ... © a ~ pe [irmamentjla orizont to come on the carpet; to heave in sight.

aparie s.f. puddle, pool.

apas. I. (lb. tr, 1. (a atirna greu pel to weigh on, to lie heavy on; (a presa] to p~ess; (a stoarce, a strlnge ell putere] to squeeze; (butonul


etc.} to push. 2. (a acceruua} to stress, to emphasize. 3. fig. (a asupri) to oppress; (a [i 0 pooara pentru } to lie heavy on; (a chinui) to torment, to torture. II. ph. intr, to weigh, to lie heavy; to press. Iii) a ~ pe .. ' 1. v. ~ I, 1. 2. (a accentua] v , ,...., I, 2.

ap8sare s.f. 1. pressing etc. v. a p as a. 2. ~i fig- pressure. 3. fig. [asuprire) oppression.

apasatI. adj. 1. (greu) heavy .. 2. (subliniat, rr1spieat) emphatic, deliberate. S. [energic} energetic, [puternic, plin. de e[ect] forcible. II. adv • heavily etc. v. ,...., 1.·

apblitor I. adj. 1. [coplesitor] overwhelming; [insuportabil} unbearable; [chinuitor} torturing, tormenting; (aspru) hard, harsh. severe; [deprimant] depressing. 2. [asupritor ) oppressive. II. ado . overwhelmingly etc, v . ~ L

apatos adj. watery, S->aqueous. apeduct s.n. aqueduct, culvert. apel s.n . 1. appeal; [chemare} call.

2. [strigarea catalogului ] rolI call, can-over. 3. tel. telephone call. 4. jur. appeal. ® ,...., tonic tel. audible call; ~ magnetic tel. ring. down operation r e-. nominal v.'_' 2; ~ul pentru in terzicerea armelor atomiee the Appeal to ban atomic weapons. @ curte de ~ Court fo Appeal; amer . appelate court; {arii drept de ~ final judgment etc. © a face ~ [ur , to appeal; a face ~ la to appeal to ... , to make an appeal to ... ; (a recurge la) to resort to ... , (a incoca] to invoke ... ; a face - la cinepa to appeal to smb., to call on smb., to call upon smb. 's help sau services; (a chema] to call in smb.; a face ~ul to. call (over) the roll, to take the call-ovor ; a lipsi de la '"":' to be absent; a; riispunde ia >- to answer the roll call. to answer (to) one's name.

apela vb c intr • ® a ,_ la ... to appeal to ' ... , (a recurge lay to resort to ... , (a inoooa} to invoke ... v. ~i a f ace ape 1 1 a c I n eva.

apelaDt s.m. [ur, appsaling party. apelativ s,n, appelative; [nume] name.


apelpisit adj .+-lm). desperate, desponden l ; exaspernted ; frenzied, mad, raving.

apendice s.n. 1. anat. appendix; (generic} appendage. 2. [lnir-o car· tel appendix, supplement. apendicitii. s .f. mcd .;.tppendicitis. aperceptlv adj. psih . apperceptive. aperceptle e.], psih, appereept ion. aperitiv s.n. appetizer, stomachic,

F-e-whct, bitters. apetisant adj. appetizing.

apetit «.n: appetite. ® ~ sexual se-

xual appetite.

apical adj. apical. apicol adj. apiarian, hee

apicultor s.m. apiarist, apiculturist, beekeeper.

apleuttura s .f. apiculture, beekeeping.

aplana I. pb. tr , to settle (a dispute), to arrange (differences), to accommodate (a quarrel). II. pb. refl. pM. to straighten out; to be settled.

aplanare s.f. settling.

aplauda I. ob . intr : to applaud, to clap one's hands, to cheer. II. vb. tr, I. to applaud; to cheer, to receive with applause. 2. fig. to applaud, to greet, to welcome, to acclaim; (a lauda] to commend. III. ph. refl, {pentru} to congratulate oneself (on).

aplauze s.n. pl. applause, clapping, cheering; curtain call. ® a rtispunde fa '"" to take a curtain (call).

apleea I. vb. tr.1. (a fnclina) to incline; (a tncovoia} to bend, to how; (a ldsa in jos) to lower; (ochii) to cast down; [un. ulcior ete.] to tilt. 2. (a supune) to subdue; (a subjuga) to enslave, to subjugate; (a umili) to humiliate. 3. Pv. a I apt a. © a ~ urechea la ..• to lend an/one's/ear to ... II. fib. refl, 1. to incline, to hend, to stoop, to lean out; (d. un porn plin de rod} to bend/how down; (d. o corabie ) to list, to be heeling over. 2. (pl. a sa/uta) to bow, to make a bow. 3. fig. (a se supune} to bend, t;p bow, to submit, to give in, to surrender. ® a i se. '""-' to feel sick; a se - MUp1'a •.. to see to ... , to look after ... to take care

of ; to lend ears/ran/one's) ear-

to @ a se ~ pe [creastra to

lean out of the window.

apleeare s.f. I. bending etc. v. apIe c a. 2. fig. inclination. aplecat adj. 1. stooping, bent; inclined. 2. rig. inclined.

apJica I. ob, ir, 1. (la) to apply (to);. [ceoa, pc ceva } to lay (smth, on smth.). 2. (a da ) to give; (a admi-: nistra} to administer. © a ~ cuira o corectie to chastise smli.: a ~ [rina to apply the brake; a ~ legea to bring/put the law into operation. II. vb . refl, pas. to be applied etc. v . '""' I; (d. 0 lege etc.) to apply. @ cui i se «plica remarcui to whom does this remark apply? metodele Care se ~u atunci the methods then in force; regula aceasta nu se «plica intotdeauno: this rule does not always apply; ceea ce spun nu 1i se apliea lie what I am saying does not apply to you.

aplicsbil adj. that can be applied; (d. 0 lege etc.) applicable.

aplicare s.f. application etc. v. a p 1 i e a.

aplicat adj. 1.applied. 2. (Ia cussturi] applique, app liqued , 3. [serios } diligent, earnest. @ flii,,!e

-e applied sciences. .

aplica1ie sf. 1. v. a pI i car e. 2. (folosire) use. 3. (talent) talent; {aptitudine] aptitude, proficiency. 4. [broderie ] applique.

aplicil.s.f.1. application. 2. (lampii) bracket.

aplomb s.n. aplomb, coolness, (self-] assurance, self-possession; [nerusinare] cheek, impudence. spocallps S.n. apocalypse, revelation. upeeullpttc adj. apocalyptic] al}, apueopa s.f. lingo; apocope.

apcertt adj. apocryphal. @ car[i -e

bibl, Apocrypha.

apod adj. zool: apodal, apodous. apodictic ad}: log. apod(c)ictic. apodosa s.f. gram. apodosis, 'then'


apoUz-a ds.f. ana!. apophysis. aportegma. s.f. apo(ph)thegm.' apogeu s.n. I. apogee. 2. fig. height,

acme, zenith, heyday; climax, sum-



mit. © a ajunge la ,._, to come to a head.

spoglatura s.f. muz. appoggiatura. apul adv . 1. [pe urma] then; (dllpi.i. aceea ] atterthat, afterwards. 2. (pe linga aceasta] besides (that). 3. [totusi] however. 4. (in apadoze) then, in this case. 6. [con[unctional, . "dar") hut. 6. (interjectional , "vezi"?) (do) you see? well! why? 1. (baga de seama) mind ... ®~de! v. ~ <Iil cil. ~ or (else)' d·,._, ... to say nothing of ... ; d-~ ~Ilm (nu)? certainly! to be sure l ; de ~ last; ~i-~ 8. and (besides). b. (ei iji ce?) andwhat of it?

apolitic I. adj. indifferent to p.olitics, apolitical. I~. s:m. non-pohh~I!in. apolitism s.n. indifference to polttlcs,


apolog s .n. apologue. apologct s.m. apologist.

apologetic I. adj. eulogistic(al),

encomiast ictal}, commendatory,

laudatory; F-> scratch my back and I: 11 sera teh yours, roll my log and I'll roll yours. II. ado . eulogistically, complimentarily, eneom last.ica lly .

apulogetlca s.], apologetics. apologie s.f. apology. cp a face apologia [cu gen.) to vindicatejjustify (cu acuz .],

apomstru s.n. watermeter. apooovrotic adj. anal. aponeurotic. aponovrosa s.f. anat. aponeurosis. apoplectic adj., s.m. apoplectic. apoplexle s.f. med. apop lexy. @ alae

de ~ apoplectic fi t, 1<' .... 8 troke. aportl I. interj , fetch it! II. S.71. ® dine de ~ retr-iever. © a faceto retrieve.

aport" s .n. 1. contribution. 2. com. contribution of capital. 3. tehn, supply; app lication,

apos adj. watery, S->aqueous. apostat adj. ,s.m. apostate, F .... turn-


apostaxle s .f. apostasy.

apostsrlor] ad». a posteriori. aposttla s ], (marginal) recommen-

dation (on a petition) ; (semnatUl'ti) signature.


apestol s.m. 1. $i fig. apostle. 2. (carte) Books/Acts of the Apostles, Acts.

apostolat s.n. apostolate, apostleship. apostoleste adv. on foot, F on Shank's mare/pony. © a merge/a 0 lua ~ to walk, to go on foot, F to foot it, to ride/go on Shank's mare.

apostolic adj. apostolic.

apostret S.n. gram. apostrophe. apostrofa vb . tr , to apostrophize. spostrofare e.], apostrophizfng, spostroflt s.f. ret. apostrophe, apotema s.f. geom, apothem. spoteoza vb. tr. to apotbeosize. apoteoza s.f. apotheosis; deification. spozitio s.f. gram. apposition.

apree la ob . II'. 1. (a cstima} to es timate the value of, to value, to set a value on, to appraise; (distania ; temperatura, suneuil} to determine, to estimate; (a judeca) to judge; (a socoti} to consider. 2. (a pretui} to appreciate.

apreclahtl I. adj. appreciable, sensible, considerable, noticeable. II. ado . appreciably etc. v. ,._, I. spreciat adj. appreciated, successful; [respectat} respected; [valoros } valuable.

apreciativ adj. appreciative, favourable, approving.

aproeiere s.], (estimare) estimate, opinion, judgement, assessment; (preJuire) appreciation; (stima) esteem. © a face aprecieri asupra (cu gen.) to give an appreciation of. .. ; a liisa cepa la -a cuioa to leave smth. to smbv's discretion! judgement, to leave smth , to smb,

aprehenstune s .r. apprehension. apret s .n. text. finishing preparation, finish, size.

aprets vb, tr, text. to dress, to finish, to size; (0 cama,.a etc.) to get up; (a scrobi) to starch. apretares.f. dressing etc. v. apr eta. apretur~ s], v. apr eta I' e. aptig I. adj. I. (infocat) fiery, ardent;

(patimrIf) pass!onate; .(navalnic) impetuous; (cu singe fterbmte) hot-blooded; (d. cai) fiery, high-sp irited.2. (aspru) harsh, severe, hard-hearted; (crud) cruel, grim; (feroce) fierce, Ierocious, truculen t. 3.geogl'.


steep. II. adv . I. passionately; impetuously. 2. harshly etc. v. _1,2.

april (ie) s.m . 1. April. 2. <- poetic spring.

aprinde I. vb . tr. 1. (lampa, [ocul, pipa) to light; (eu ajutorul uflui huton) to switch on; (a da [oc la) to kindle, to igmte.t to set fire to; (a incendia) to set on fire, to set fire to, tofire; (un chihl'it) to strike. 2. fig. to excite, to animate, to stir up; (a infuria) to get smb . 's temper up. © a ~ lampa to put/ switch/turn. on the light/lamp; a - radioul to turn the wireless/ radio on. n. vb . refl. 1. to kindle; (a lua foe) to take fire; to catch light; (a lumina) to-Iight ; (a s triiluci) to shino. 2. (a izbucni) to break out. 3. (la fafa) to blush; (d. {a fa) to redden. 4. (in legatu1'a cu un subiect) to warm up to one's subject; (de biiutura) to grow excited; (a se infuria) to fly into a passion, F ... to narc up, to get waxy. 5. med. to become inflamed. 6. (a putrezi) to rot. © lemnele s-au aprins curind the wood soon caught.

aprtndere e.]. 1. kindling etc. v. a p I' i n d e. 2. (pasiune) passion, ardour, fire; {mtnie) fury, anger; (exaltare) exaltation; (a!'illt) impetus. ® ~a pliiminilor +- P pneumonia. <Ill cu '" passionately, with ardour etc. v. - 2.

aprlns I. adj. 1. kindled etc. v. a p I' i n d ere; (arzind) burning. 2. (slralucitor) bright, brilliant; ({ierbinte) hot; (viu) vivid; (d. cu- 101'i) bright. 3. (patima?) hot(-headed}, headish , ardent, passionate; (focos) fiery; (brusc) sudden; (navalnic) impetuous; (violent) vehemen t, violent, hasty; (zelos) zealous, eager; (d. 0 eearta) heated; (d. 0 discu!ie) heated, hot; (d. 0 dorin/ii) ardent, fervent; (d. dragoste) ardent, passionate. 4. (la fatal red in the face. II. s.n, v. apr i n d ere. @ la: -ul luminilor at nightfall.

aprin1lii.tor s.n; ignition device. apriori ado; a priori.

aprume ad}. aprioristic, a priori, an teceden t.

aprior.ism 8.n. apriorism.

apriorist s.m. apriorist, a priori reasoner.

aproape I. ado , 1. near (by), close by, ino, --t nigh; (d. cine»a) within call; (in "ecinatate))n the vicinity. 2. (temporal) near; (tn CUriM) 'soon; shortly; (peste putin) in a short time. 3. (cam) nearly; (pretty) much; abou t, approximately, some' (cit pe~aici) about; almost, nearly; all but, inv. --> nigh. ® ca ." all but ... , almost ... , on the po in t of (cu forme in -ing); ~ de ... It. (spatial) near (to) ... close tu/by, .. , hard by ... , < next door to ... ; (in vecinatatea) in the vicinity of... b. (tempQral) nearly ... , close on ... ; (catre) towards ... c. (gata sa) about to ... , on the poin if brink of ... ; ~exaet abou t right. @ de ~ (a cerceta cerJa ... ) closely; on close inspection; (a urmiiri ... ) close {upon); pe ~ near/close by , © e ~ acelas i lucru. it is (pretty) much the same (thing); e ~ de amiaza it is close on/nearly twelve; a examina de~ to examine closely; ne prioeste in de ~ it concerns us nearly; e pe undeoa pe ~ it is somewhere near here; era -sigu,. cii ... ho was fairly /tolerably certain that ... , he was all but certain that ... ; are ~ 15 ani she is nearly '15. II. s.m. neighbour, fellow man.

aproba I. ob . tr. to approve of, to sanction, to express one's approba tion of, to applaud; (a [i de acord cu) to agree with sau to; {a consimtii to consent to; (a ratifica) to ratify. © a nu ~ ce~a Lo disapprove of smth.;-t (ta [ormuW) approved. II. ob . rcfl . pa.!!. to be approved (of) etc. v.~ 1. HI. ph. intr. to approve, < to express one's approbation; (eu capul) to nod assent/approval; (cu privireas to look approval.

aprobare s.(. approval, approbation etc. v. a pro b a; applause; consent. @ a SUpltne apro· biirii to submit for approval.

aprobativadj., ad". v. ap ro bat 0 r.



aprobator I. adj. approving. II. adv . approvingly.

aprod srn : 1. ju1'. process server, bailiff. 2. (om de ser"iciu) usher. apromnua ob , 11'. to go deeply /thoroughly into, to study thoroughly.

aprofundare s.f. profound study. aprotundat I. adj. elaborate, careful, thorough. II. ado , elaborately etc. v. ~ 1.

apropia I. vb. tr. 1. to bring/draw near sau nearer; (un scaun etc.) to draw up/in, to bring up. 2. fig. to bring/draw together. © II-a. reus it. so. ~i le apropie she has failed to make friends of/with them. II. ob , refl. 1. (de) to comel draw/get near (to), to approach (Cl~ acuz.) i to get/come around; (d. noapte etc.) to draw on. 2. fig. (a se imprietenii to become « good) friends. © a se ~ de adeoiir to approximate to the truth; a .'C ~ de cineca fig. to take to smb ..... ; a se ~ de sfir~it to draw to a close.

npropiat adj. 1. near. 2. fig. near; (intim) in timate, close; (drag) dear. ® prieten ~ close/bosom friend.

apropferea.fv I , (ea aCJiune) approach(ing) etc. 'Y. a pro pia. 2. (ea distan!a) nearness, closeness, proximity. 3. fig. (inlimitate) in timacy. 4. (metoda la 9inatoare) stalking. @ tn '" close/near by; (de acest lnc) n ear here; prin. ~ somewhere near here sau there.

apropo I. ado . by tho way, F-->by the by (e) ; that puts me in mind of ... ® ~ de ... apropos of .'" in connection wit h ... II. 8.n. hint.

apropr la ob . If. to make appropriate. ® a-si ~ to appropriate ... to oneself. apropr lat adj. appropriate, adapted; (po trio it) proper, suitable.

apropriere e .f. appropriation. nproviziona J. vb . II'. (cu) to supply (with); to provision, to victual, to cater for. II. "b. reil . to take/ lay in a stock/supply, to buy in,


to provide oneself. © a se ~ cu lemno pentru iarnii to lay in one's stock of (Iirejwood for the winter.

aprovlatonar« s.{. provisioning, supply etc. v. aproviziona. aproxima ob, tr • to approximate; to estimate.

aproximativ I. ad). approximate; (d. un calcul) rough. II. ado . approximately, roughly; (cam) about, some.

aproxlmatle s.f. approximation. © cU ~ approximately, at a rough guess.

apsida s.f. arhit . apse ..

apt adj. capable; able i qualified; fitted.

aptitudine e .f. aptitude, natural disposition.

apue~ I. ob , II'. 1. to seize, to grip, to catch; (a captura) to capture; (a p une mtna pel to take hold of; (brusc) to snatch, to catch up; (a lua) to take. 2. (a prinde trenu l ezc.] to catch; (a gasi) to find. 3. (a surprinde) to catch; (d. noap ie ezc.] to overtake. 4. fig. (a cuprinde cu privirea) to take jn. o. (un drum) to take. 6. [ig . (a trece prin) to experience, to go through. 7. (trodi?ii etc.) to have known, to have been of a time with, to have been a contemporary of; (eu refer ire la viitor) to live to see. 8. (a infelege) to comprehend, to understand. 9. (d. rnelancolie etc.) to seize. ® a ~ sa ... II. (a incepe su) to start cu forme in -illg); to begin to ... ; (a fi pe punctul de a) to be about to ... ; to be on the point of (eu forme in -ing). b. (0 reuei sa) to succeed in (eu forme in -inf() ; a flU (mai) '" sa,«, not to have the (necessary) time to ... ; a fi ~t de ... (friguri) etc. to catch (a chill) etc.: ao ~ spre ... v. ~ III.

® a ~ drumul eel mai scur t spre .

to take the shortest way to ,

to make a beeline for ... ; eu rII< am ",t [elinarele cu gaz gaslamps were before my time; it ~ se 0 {rica terib ila he was seized with a terrib Ie fright; 11 ~se noaptea night had overtaken him, he had been


overta-ken by the night; Ilfa I-am ~t he's always been like that, it's just like him ; ce l-a ~t? F what has come over him? what's up/tho matter wiLh him now? (de ce e suparat?) F what has put him in a fume/out of temper? P---+what is he so ratty about? a-l ~dorul de ... to yearn after .. _; (dorin/a) to bo seized with a desire to ... ; . ne apucii ploaia we were caught in the rain; abia r=sem sa adorm I had hardly fallen asleep; a ~ de git to take/seize smb. by the collar!(scrutf of the) neck; a .~ de mina to seize smb. by the hand; a ~ de par to lay hold (If/grasp srnb. by the hair. II. ob . refl . ® a se - cu ... to start

fighting with ... ; a se ~ de a.

{a se prinde de) to catch at v .

l]i ~ I, .1. b. (0 activitates to take up ... , to turn one's hand to ... ; (a lncep€) to begin ... , to start ... , to set about (eu forme in -ing) , to set a hand to ... ; to get around to; to address oneself to; (a intreprindc) to undertake. _.; (bliUlur;l ezc.] to take to ... c. (unul pe altul) to take each other by ... ;

a se ~ sit (a incepe) to start. .. ,

to begin ,· to set abou t '" ©

a se ~ de un (fir de) pai to catch at a straw. III. vb . intr . ® a ~ spre ... to wend one's way to/towards ... , to make for ... , (a merge spre) to go to/towards... @ a ~ cuioa inain te to outstrip smb.; (a {lisa in urma) to leave srnb , behind; nu ~tia incotro sa apuce he didn't know which way to go; fig. he was at a loss what to do.

apuca.res.f. seizing etc. v . a puc a. apneat I. adj. 1. seized etc. 2. fig. F'hot-headcd, peppery, hag-ridden. 11. 8.n. v. a p u car e. @ pe ~ e (incidental) inciden tally, occasionally; (la inttmplare'; at random/a guess, by guess work; by fits and starts. III. s.m, madman. © a urla ca un ~ to roar double tides.

lqIucator I. adj. grasping; (lacom) greedy. II. s.n; tehn, grab.

100 apucQtura sf.!. grasp. 2. fig. (de. prindere) habit; (purtare) behaviour; pl. manners.

apune ob, intr . 1. (d. soare etc.) to set (down), to go down. 2. fig. to fade; (a decddea) to decline; (a muri) to die; (a disparea) to vanish, to disappear.

apus I. adj. fig. faded; (mort) dead; (displirut) vanished; (de demult) bygone, rar-otr. II. s.n, 1. sunset. 2. fig. (declin) decline; (moarte) death; (disparilie) disappearance. 3. (~e8t) west.

apusean I. adj. western, west ... ; (occidental) occidental. II. s.m, western, westerner.

ar s.m. are (= 100 square meters). ara ob , tr . {Ji intr, to plough, to till; amer , to plow.

arab I. adj. (d. persoane etc.) Arab; (d. obiceiuri etc.) Arabian; (d. limb a; literaturd , fire) Arabic. II. s.m. Arab.

araba s.f. Arabic, the Arabic lan-


arabese s.n. arabesque. arabic adj. Arabic.

arabi! adj. arable, tillable. arae s.m, vine prop.

aragaz s.n. 1. apro», blaugas. 2. gas stove range, cooker.

aragonit s.n. mineral. aragonite. arahidli s .], bot. ground/pea/earth nut (Arachis hypogaea).

arahnide s.], pl. zoot: arachnida. arahnoidli sf. anat. arachnoid


aramate adj. Aramaic. aramaiclL sf Aramaic.

arama s.f. 1. copper; (galbena) brass, yellow copper; (ro~ie) cuprite, red copper. 2. pl. copper/ brass kitchen-utensils. 3. (clopot) bell. 4. (tun) cannon. © a-~, da arama pe fala to come out in one's proper colours, to show one's true colours.

aranja I. vb , tr . 1. (a pune In ordine) to arrange, to set in order; (cra"ata) to adjust, to straighten; (parul I. to tidy, to put straight; (camera to tidy up, to put straight; (a tnfrumusela) to trim (up). 2. (a organiza) to organize, to arrange;


(0 serbare) to get up; (a pune la cale) to plan, to arrange. 3. fIg. (a puna la punet) .to settle; .(lucrurile) to put straight. 4. fig. (pe cine"u) F to make smb, smart; (a se rafui cui +--F to square/settlo accounts with. 5. muzo to set; to arrange. © mii aranjeaza it suits me/my book. II. ob , refl. 1. pas. to be arranged etc. v. ~ I. 2. (a-,.i potrioi aspectul exterior) to trim oneself up. 3. (a se stabilis to settle, (a-~i gasi 0 situatie) to find a situation, to get a job. 4. (a se aplana, a ieei bine) to come right, to turn out al l right. © f) sa _~e aranjeze de la sine the matter will take care of itself; s-a ~t' (it's) settled! 1<' there you are!

aranjaments.n. 1. arrangement; (Qrdine) order; (inJelegere) agree. ment, settlement. 2. muzo arrangement, setting; orchestratlon.

aranjare s.f. arrangement, arranging etc. v. a r a 11 j a.

aranjat adj. 1. well-arranged ,ordercd, tidy. 2. (d. oameni) trim, neal. 3. fig. (rezolvat) settled, solved. 4. fig. (eapiUuit) (safely) ensconced, in a nice berth, snug.

arap e.m . 1. blackamoor. 2. v.

a r a b II.

arar(eori) ad". rarely, seldom. arat e ,n . ploughing, tilling. arabese adj _ Arabian.

ariibe~tc ado , 1. like an Arabian, like Arabians. 2. (ca limbd) Arabian.

aramar s.m . brazier, copper smith. arli.marie s.f. 1. copper foundry. 2. col. copper goods.

arami pb. tr, to copper, to coat with copper.

aramirc s.], coppering,

arlimiu adj, copper-coloured, coppered.

arataI.vb. tr, 1. to show; [a expune] to exhibit, to display; (a indica) to indicate, to evince; (a maroa] to mark; (d. contoar ete.} to read; (c« degetul} to point out; to point to; [cuioa , un oras eta.] to show round. 2. to show; (a dooedi} to show, to prove, to evince; (a maIlifesta, a da dopadii de) to show,


to display; (a triida emotii etc.) to betray; (a revela] to reveal; (a oorbi despre , fig.) to betoken, to speak of; (a tnt;>i1fa) to teach; [motive ete.} to adduce. ® a ~ interes pentrii ... to show/betray interest in ... ; a-si ~ rccunostinta faJii de ... to give expression to one's gratitude to ... II. Db. reft, 1. to show oneself; (a apiirea] to appear; (a se tnrliJi~a) to put in an appearance, to turn up; (a se arata la chip) to show up; (d. soare ) to shine. out, to burst forth; (ase vedea} to be seen; (a deven.i vizibill to come .in sight; (a rasari) to rise. 2. (a se dovedi } to show oneself, to prove (to be), to make (a good doctor etc.) 3. (a piirea] to seem, to appear. ® a se ~(a) ... to look like ... © a 5e ~ doctorului to see a doctor; dupa cum/cite se araui to all appearances, seemingly. m. vb . intr. to look. ® a ~ spreiciur« ... to point to ... © a ~ bine to look well; to be the picture of health; to look healthy; araui bine pentru. otrsta ei she bears her age well; a ."" prostjraa not to look oneself; to look ill; to be seedy Ito look weedy; (lasa cal tti arat eu (lie) ! I'll make you behave yourself' I shall fall heavy upon youl Fyou'll catch it (hot)!ara]i mai t1niirii decit esti you look younger than you are.

arlitare s.], 1. showing etc. v. a I' at a. 2. [apariiie] apparition, ghost. phantom; [monstru} monster. aritator I. ad). @ degeuit ~ v,

n. 2. II. s,n . 1. tehn, hand. 2. anat. forefinger.

aritor adj. arable.

arUos adj. stately, portly; [chipe«} handsome, good-looking,

ararua s J, 1. v. a rat. 2. ploughland.

orbaleta s], ist: crossbow, arbalest, orbitra I. cb, tr : 1. jur . to arbitrate, to settle as arbitrator. 2~ sport to referee, to umpire. 3. fig. to urn. pire. II. vb, in!l'. 1. [ur, to arbitrate. 2. sport to referee. 3. fig. to umpire between two parties.


arbitl'aJ s.n. arbitration. arbitral adj. [ur, arbitral.

arbitrar I. ad). arbitrary. II. ad.:>. arbitrarily.

arbitru s.m. 1. [ur, arbitrator, arbiter, referee. 2. sport referee, umpire. s. fig. judge. 4. (al elegatuei etc.) arbiter, disposer. Iii) ..... al elegantei arbiter of taste; ""' de ~u,.a [otbai linesman; rugby touch Judge.

arbora "b. 11'. 1. (un steag} to hoist, to raise. 2. fig. to declare in favour of, to make an open/a public profession of; to make parade of, to put on, to. display.

arborada s.], nap. masting, masts (and spars).

arbore s.m . 1. bot. tree, arbor. 2. nav. mast. 8. tehn. shaft, arbor. © '" de ptine bot: bread (fruit) tree (Artooarplts incisa} ; ,...., de mare main mast; ,...., gnbier nap. top mast; ~le oietii bot. arbor vitae, thuja (Thuia oecidenuxlis j ir-: motor tehn. motor shaft; ,..., planetar a, tehn. planetary spindle. b. auto. semi-axle.

arborescent adj. bot. arborescent. arboreseen~a s.f. bot. arborescence, arboret S.n. brush, stand. arborieultor s.m. arboriculturist. arboriculturi s.f. arboriculture. arbust s.m. bush; (arborescent)


are s.n. 1. (armii) bow. 2. geom, arc (of a circle). 3. constr , arch; [bolui] vault. 4. tehn, spring. ® ~ butan flying bnt tress; ,.... de triumf triumphal arch; ,..., electric/ ooltaic electro electric/voltaic are.

areadii. s .f. 1. archway. 2. ana!. arch. arean s.n , lasso. © a prinde cu ""'ul

to (catch with a) lasso.

arca$ s.m. odin. bowman, archer. arcat adj. poetic arched.

area s.f. ark. ® area lui Noe Noah's


archebuza s.f. odin. (h) arquebus. archebuziers.m. odin. (h)arquebusier. arctic adj. arctic.

areui I. ob . tr, to bend, to arch. II. "b. refl: to bend.

arcUlj s.n. muzo bow, F-+fiddlestick.


arde I. "b. intr, 1. to burn, to be on fire, to be alight ; (inabu~it) to smoulder; (ca iasca] to burn like tinder; (plna-n temelii} to burn down; (a lumina) to light; (d. soare} to burn, to be hot, < to scorch; (a da edldura] to give heat. 2. (a fi [ierbinte] to be hot; (a a~ea [ebrii} to have a fever, to .be feverish/in a fever; (d. tata etc.] to burn. 3. (d. carne etc .] to burn. 4. (d. siguranl4) to

blowout. ® a""" de fig. to burn/

boil with ... a-i ,..., de to have a

mind/desire to ... © ,...,! (In jocurile de eopii] you are getting hot/ warm! a "'"' de dorinta de a ... to be consumed/to be all afire with

a desire to ... ; a ,..., de neriibdare sa .

to burn/boil with impatience to .

to be aching to ... ; imi ~ caput my head is burning hot; imi ,..., [ata. my face burns; lemnele nu ard the wood will not burn. the wood does not ignite, the wood does not take fire; iti ard miinile your hands are hot. II. vb. tr, 1. to burn, to consume (by fire). 2. (a consuma} to burn up, to consume. 3. (a tncalzi) to heat. to warm up. 4. (0 mfncare) to burn, to smoke. 5. tehn . to calcinate, to burn; to dry; to cremate; to roast. 6. (a distruge} to destroy (by fire), to burn down, to scorch; (gunoiul ete.} to burn up. 7. (atrige) to scorch. to burn; (a opiiri] to scald. 8. (a ptrli] to singe, to burn, to roast. 9. (a cauteriza] to cauterize, to sear. 10. (d. soare) to burn, to scorch; (a bronsa} to (sun-jtan, 11. fig. (a tntepa} to lash, to prick. 12. fig. (a tnsela] F to diddle, to take in. to swindle, to do. 13. fig. (a pagubi) to damage. 14. fig. (a looi} to deliver, to deal (a blow). Hi_ fig. (a face) to do, to make, to get (ready); to prepare, to cook; to put up, to arrange. © arza-l-ar focul! confound/blast/damn itl the devil may take him; a ,..., 0 palma cuiva to slap srob.'s face, to box smb.'s ear! a ,..., eu fierul rOfu to brand; fig. to brand, to stigmatize to condemn, to anathematize. III:


~b. refl. 1. to be/get burnt /scalded/singed. 2. ( la soare) to get/be sun burnt. 3. fig. to get hurt, to burn one's fingers. 4. fig. (a S8 piiciili) to be deluded, to deceive on eself , F to be taken in. l) (a pierde bani) to be out of pocket. @ m-am ars ! F I'm booked I

ardei srn; bot. 1. pepper (Capsicum annuum). 2. (de salata) pimento (Capsicum [ru.tescens sp.). 3. (roflu) paprica (Capsicum annuum sp i}, ® ~ gras green/mild pepper (Capsicum annuum sp.) ~ iute, a. cayenne (pepper) (Capsicum annuum lip.; Capsicum [ruitens amarum ), b. [rosu ) paprica (Capsicum annuum sp.); chilli pepper, ch.illy (Capsicum baed tum) .

ardeia I. ~b. tr , to pepper, to sprinkle/season with pepper. II. lib. re[l; F to fly off the handle. ardciat ad], peppery, hot.

ardelean ad}. s.m. Transylvanian. ardeleanci s.f. Transylvanian (wo-

man sau girl).

ardelencsc ad). Transylvanian. ardelenism s.n. Transylvanian word salt idiom.

ordere s.f. combustion, burning etc. v. a I' d e. liD ,..., internii internal combustion.

ordezie s.f. geol; (roof) slate. ardoare s], ardour, ardency; [zel} zeal; (pasirwe) passion. @ cu '""' ardently, passionately.

arenas.f.1. arena; (ring) ring. (am[iteatru } amphitheatre. 2. fig. arena; lists; field. @ pe arena politica in the political arena. © a intra in ,...., fig. to enter the lists.

arenda I. pb. tr : to lease; to rent, to hold on lease. II. "b. refl, pa,. to be leased etc. V. ,._, 1.

arendare s ,f. leasing etc. v; are nd a.

arenda~ s.m. leaseholder, lessee, tenant.

arenda s.,. {drept] lease; (p!ata) rent. © ada En/eu "'"' to (grant on) lease; a lua in ,...., to (take on) lease.

areolar ad]. areolar.

areometru s.n, liz. hydrometer, areometer.


areopag s.n. ist, Areopagus.

arest s.n, 1. arrest, apprehension; [tntemnitare} imprisonment, confinement. 2. (Inchisoare) prison, jail. ® ,..., preoentio imprisonment before trial. QlJ In/sub stare de "'"' under arrest.

aresta Db. tr, to arrest, to apprehend:

to confine.

arestare e.i. arrest(ing), apprehension; confinement.

arestat s.m. prisoner.

argat s.m.+-odin. farm hand; (sluga) servant.

argiseali1 s.{. 1. tanning. 2. (Ian ill) tannin.

argasl I. ob, tr . to tan. II. vb. refl. pas. to be tanned.

argasire s.f. tanning.

argasi& I. adj. tanned. n. s.n. tanning.

argat{ vb. intr.+-odin. to work as a farm labourer; (a sluji} to serve. argiitime s.f.+-odin. farm labourers/

hands; (slugi) servants.

argeas.f. text.+-, Ploom.

argentifer adj. argentiferous. orgentinian. ad)., s.m. Argentine.


arghirofil+-rar I. ad]. grasping, greedy (for money); cup id , rapacious, moneygrubbing. H. S.m. lover of money/gold; miser, usurer, moneygrub(ber) .

arghirofilie s .{ ..... rar moneygrubbing, love of money, usuriousness, cupidity.

srgila. s .f. clay.

srgilo8 adj. argillaceous; (d. pamint) clayey.

argint s.n. silver. Iii) "'"' I'iu quick silver.

arginta I. IIh. tr. 1. to silver; (a albi} to whiten. 2. fig. poetic to east a silver shimmer on. II. cb, refl; pas. to be silvered; to whiten.

argintar s.m, silversmith; v, Vi b j. jut i e r.

argintare s.f. silvering etc. v. a rgin t a.

argintat adj. 1. silvered. 2. fig. silvery. silver ...


10 ...



armator s.m. fitter-out (of a ship); (proprietar) ship owner.

armaiurA s.], muzo key signature. arma s.f. 1. weapon; pl. arms; (PUfcd) gun, rifle. 2. fig. weapon. ® arma chimicd. chemical weapons; ,_, liberiisport sighting rifle; ,-oJ termonuclearii. thermonuclear weapon; arme albe side arms; arme atomice atomic/nuclear weapons; arme bacteriologice bacterial /bacteriological/ germ weapons; arme de exterminaTe in masii mass destruction weapons; arme de [oc fire arms; arme porta' tioe small arms; arme racheui rocketry. © a depune armele to lay down one's arms; a ridica]a lua armele to take up arms; ti biitu. cts: propriile lcrarme he beat them with their own arms; a chema sub arlne to call to arms; a [i chemat sub arnw to be called/receive a call to arms; a [i sub arme to bear arms.

armasal s.m. (pt. priisilii} stallion; [tindr} colt; (pt. ciilarie) steed. poetic palfry, courser.

armaturA S .f. 1. tehn. armour; casing; fitting; fixture; plate; jacket. 2. constr: reinforcement. II. electro armature.

armean adj., s.m., Armenian. @ limba ~a Armenian, the Annenian language.

armeanoa s.f. Armenian (woman). armenese adj. Armenian. armindens.m.1. May Day. 2. (pom.)

May pole.

armistitiu 8.n. 1. armistice, truce. 2. fig. truce. © a tncbeia un ,_, to conclude a truce.

armoar l! s.f. pl ..... tno . (coat of) arms, armorial bearings.

armnnle adj. 1. muz.harmonic!al). _ 2. fig. harmonious; symmetrical, armonica s.f. accordion; [heaago. nala} concertina; (de gurii] mouth organ.

armonle s.f. si fig. harmony; [ig, concord.

armonios I. adj. harmonious. II. ad". harmonious Iy.

armonist s.m. 1. (compozitor) harmonist. 2. [acordeonist] accordion sart concertina player.

wings; to leave the (family) nest; to begin to stand on one's own feet; to take one's flight; to spring into life (and vigour); a taw aripile cu;va to cut/clip smb.'s wings; a da/bate din aripi to flap the wings; a lua suh aripo. sa to take under one's wing.

:Ilripioara s.f. 1. o1"nil. little w!ng/pinion. 2. iht: fin. 8. a(.'; ai leron ; wing tip. 4. tehn. blade; fin; rib; paddle.

aristocrat s.m. aristocrat. arfstocratle adj. aristocratic. arlstocratie s.f. aristocracy. arttmetie I. adj. arithmetical. II.

ad". arithmetically.

aritmeticii. s.], arithmetic. aritmograf s.n . arithmograph. aritmogrif s .n. puzzle with figures. sritmometru S.n. arithmometer, cal-

culating machine.

arivlsm s .n. self-seeking; unscrupulous ambition.

artvlst I. s.m. self-seeker, thruster, careerist, climber; pusher, amer. go-getter, place hunter. n. adj. pushfuL

arlechin S.m. 1. harlequin. 2. [culisa) wing. 3. (reflector) boom, perch.

arma clr.tr . 1. mil. etc. to cock, to prime. 2. rar V. 1 n arm a. 3. constr. to reinforce. 4. nar. (0 navii) to commission, to fit out; (0 bared etc.) to man; (ramele) to let fall.

armament s.n. armament; [arme}

arms, weapons; munitions. arman s.n. threshing floor.

armare s.f. cocking etc. v . arm a. armas s.m. ist aprox. provost mar"


armat adj. 1. armed. 2. cocked. @ conflict ~ armed conflict; [orte ~e armed forces.

armata s .f. 1. army, forcers) ~ 2. fig. army ,host. ® ~ terestriil de uscat land forces; ,_, permanenta regular/standing army. ® a face ~ F to he in the military service, to serve in the army, to be under the flag, to be conscripted; a intra in ~ to take service, to enter/go into/join the army.

arhitect s .m . architect.

arhlteetonle adj. architectonic(al). arhltectonlca e .f. architectonics. arhlteetural ad). architectural. arhltectura s .f. 1. architecture. 2.

fig. architecture, framework. arhltravi s.]; arhit : architrave. arhivar s.m. archivist; keeper of

(public etc.) records. arhiva s .f.archi ves, records. arhivlst s .m.archivist. arhivistic adj. archive ...

arhivistica s.], archive/record keeping.

arnondarte s.n, xenodochium, guest chamber.

arhondologie s.t. alrnanack of the


arhonte s.m. isl. archon.

arian adj., s.m. Arian , Aryan, arioeall s .f. vet. scratches, malan-


arid s.m . 1. zool , hedgehog, (land) urchin [Erinaccus }, 2. ret. v. a ric e a I a. 8. tDhn •. poroupne. 4. mil. hedgehog.

arid adj. ~i fig. aria, UI'Y, barren. ariditate s.f. ~i fig. aridity, dryness, barrenness.

arie' s.f. 1. threshing floor/ground. 2. (biitaturii tn fa!a case i) front yard/court, Iorecourt.

arie' s.f. area; (suprafatii) surface; (zona) zone; [intindere} extent, expanse.

arie'l s.f. muzo aria.

arierat I. adj. backward, half-wit-

ted. D. s.m. half-wit.

arierate s .f. pl; (in. arrears. aricrgardA s.f. mil. rear guard. arin s.m. bot. alder (tree) (AlnuS'

glusinosa}, lID ~ negru common alder (tree).

aripat adj. wing ... , ~i fig. winged. aripii. B.f. 1. wing, poetie-+pinion;' (de fpim) sail; (de peste} fin; (de' moara} (sail) arm, sail; (la roala unei trtisuri} splash board, autl> mudguard, wing; (de oindire] wlng ; (de ventilator) vane; (de elice} fan, vane. 2. ((lane) flank. 3. pol. wing. 4. fig. wing, shelter, protection. @ pe aripile {cu. gen.) fig. on the wings of... © a capi1.ta/prirnle aripi a. to fledge. b. fig. to try one's

argintilrie s J, silver ware; (de masti] silver (plate).

argintiu adj. silvery, silver ... argintos adj. 1. argont iferous. 2.

V. a r gin t i u ,

argin*i s.m. pl . money; pieces of

silver, silver coins. argon s .n. ehim . argun , argonaut s im: argonaut.

srgotlc adj. argot...; slangy, slang ..• argou S.n. argot; (in Anglia l'i

8. U .A.) slang ;(al hotilor etc.} cant. argument s.n . argument; [dooadii} proof, evidence. ® ~ piuernic strong argument,

arguments Db. Intr. to argue. argumentare s], argumentation, reasoning.

argumentatle s.], argumentation. arguties.f. quibble, sophistry, dodging. F ..... gift of the gab.

arhale adj. archaic; [Lnoechit] ob-

solete, obsolescen t , antiquated. arhaism S.n. archaism.

erha.lsa ~b. tr . to archaize. arhaizant adj. obsolete. arhanghel s.m. archangel.

arb(lolog s.m. archaeologist, antiquarian, antiquary.

arheologic adj. archaeological, an-


arheologie s .f. archaeology.

arbetip s .n. archetype; prototype. arb tcunoscut adj. very well known,

commonly known, renowned, staple. armutacon s.m. archdeacon. arhlducat sn . archduchy.

arhlduce s.m. archduke.

arhiducesi s.f. archduchess. arnleptseop s.m. archbishop. arhleptscopal adj. archiepiscopal. arhleptseopat s.n., arhiepiscopie s.f.


arhieresc ad}. bishop's ...

arhiereu s.m. bishop.

arhierie s.f. archiepiscopate. arhlmandrft s.m. ar-chimandrite. arhimilionar adj., S .tn. multimillio-


arhipelag s,n. archipelago.

arhiplin. adj. overcrowded; full to the brim, (d. Un autobuz} chock-full, crammed, packed. @ sald -Ii. packed house; house Ii lled to capacity.


armoniu s .n, muzo harmonium, reed organ.

srmenlsa I. fib. tr, 1. muzo to harmonize. 2. fig. [idei etc.) to attune; (culori] to match. II. ob, re[l, (eu) to harmonize (with); to chime in (with); to be in keeping (with); (d. culori} to tone, to match

(with). . .

ormonlzare s.f. harmonization. armura s.f. 1. armour; mail coat. 2. text. pattern, weave. S. electro


ormurarie s], 1. gun/smith's shop ; arms factory. 2. mil. armoury. armurier s.m. mil. armourer. arnaut I. adj. @ grlu ,..., bot. Algerianjhard wheat (Triticum durum). II s.m. 1. (a Ibanez) Albanian. 2. In". [mercenar} hireling, mer-

cenary. .'

ar~i'U~te86 adj. 1. Albanian. 2. hirehng S ...

arniei s.n. dyed cotton thread. liroga vb.tr, ® a-si ~ .... to arrogate ... to oneself, to assume ... arogant I. adj. arrogant, haughty, overbearing. II. ad!'. arrogantly,

haughtily. .

o.rogan~ s.f. arrogance, overbearing manner.

aromat I. adj. aromatic, fragrant; (d. lIin etc.] flavoured. II. s.n., spice.

aromatic adj. aromatic, flavoured, fragrant, perfumed. @ opet ,._, toilet/aromatic vinegar.

aromeslza obtr , to aromatize; to give aroma, flavour etc. to.

aroma s.f. 1. aroma, fragrance, ~erfume, flavour. 2. [ig : aroma; Impress.

aroman I. adj. Macedo-Romanian. n. s.m, Macedonian Romanian. aromea.llt s.t. doze, drowse, drowsiness.

sromi ob.int», to doze/drowse off, to faU into a light slumber. sromit adj. V. a rom ito I' • aromitor adj. 1. fragrant, scented, perfumed. 2. drowsy, S->sopori-

fico J

arplica§ s.m, French/peeled/pearl barley.


arpagic s.n: bot. 1. chive, scallion (Allium Schoenoprasum-}, 2. bulb for planting.

arpegiu s.n. muzo arpeggio.

ars adj. 1. burnt, scorched; [useat} dried (up); (ofilit) withered; (fierbinte} hot; [bronzat} sun-burnt, bronzed. 2. fig. [neeonsolat] disconsolate grieved, sore at heart. S. fig. [insclat} F diddled. @ a siiri ca ~ to flinch, to wince as if lashed/whipped.

arsiituri s.f. burn.

arsen s.n. V. a r sen i c II. arsenal S.n. 1. arsenal, armoury.

2. fig. stockt-intrade}: battery. arsenic chim. I. adj. @l ocid »« arsenic acid. II. S.n. arsenic.

arsenins adj. arsenious. @ acid ~ arsenious acid.

arsura. s.f. 1. V. a r ~ i t a . 2. [ca. rand) burn; (opiirealiJ.) scald. S. (la stomac} heartburn.

arsic s.n. 1. anat, anklebone. S. (la j~c) knucklebone, dib.

al>§in 8.m.isl. arshin(e), archin(e), 0,71.1 m.

arsita s .f. 1. in tense / < scorching heat; [canioula) dog days. 2. V. feb r 11 •

artas.f. art; (dibiicie) skill; (maiestrie] mastery; craftsmanship. ® ~ aplicatii applied art; ~ pentru: ~ art for art's sake; ~ poetica art of poetry; "'" militarii military art, art of war, warcraft;arte [rumoase fine arts; arte grafice graphic arts; arte plastice plastic arts. @ opera de ~ work of art.

artel s.n. artel.

artera s.f. 1. anat. artery. 2. (i11- erase] thoroughfare; On larii) channel of communication. ® ~ de circulatie thoroughfare; '" magistralii backbone road; - prinoipala. arterial highway/road,. trunk,

arterial adj. anal. arterial. arlerioscleroza s .f. med. arteriosclerosis.

artezian adj. artesian. @ fintinr'1 ~i1 artesian well.

o.rticol s.n. 1. (de ziar ] article. 2. (de lege) article, item. 3. com. article, eornmndity.jri. goods, wares. 4. gram. article. ® ,_, conta«


bil entry, item; ~ de dictionar entry; title word; ~e de larg consum ocnsumcr's goods, articles of general consumption; ~e de menaj household commodities; ~ hotdrft gram. definite article; ~ nehotiirlt gram. indefinite article.

artleula I. vb.ir, 1. to articulate, to utter/pronounce distinctly. 2. gram. to use a noun 8au an adjective with an article. II. ob . refl. 1. anat. to be jointed. 2. gram. to be used with an article, to take an/the article.

articular adj. anat. articular. articulare s.f. articulation etc. v. art i c u 1 a.

articulat adj. 1. (clar) articulate, distinct, clear. 2. gram. (used) with an/the article, hiking the article. urtleulatle s ,f. 1. anat. articulation, joint. 2. tehn, joint; knuckle; link.

artificial I. adj. artificial; (fortat) forced; {nefireec} unnatural. II. adIJ. artificially.

artificililita1e s.f, artificiality; [nefiresc) unnaturalness.

artificI6r s.m: pyrotechnist, mil. artificer; min. shotsman , shotfirer,

artificios adj ..... rar V. a I' t i fie j a I I.

artificiu s.n. 1. artifice, artificial means; (guileful) expedient/contrivance, 2. pl. fireworks.

artilerie s.], mil. artillery. ® ~ antiaeriana an ti -aircraft artillery; __, antitane anti-tank artillery; ,..., eli. tragere lunga long-range artillery; ~ de ctmp field artillery; ~ de coastii coast artillery; ~ grea heavy artillery; ...... u$oarii light artillery.

artilerist s.m. mil. artillerist, artilleryman, gunner.

artist s.m. 1. (plastic) artist; (dar nu in domeniul artelor [rumoase} artiste; (£n arta spectacolelor] artiste; (actor) muz., teatru performer. 2. fig. artist.

artistic I. adj. artistic. II. ado, artistically.

artisan s.m, artisan, handicraftsman, craftsman.

artizanat s.n. 1. handicraft; manual work. 2. col. artisans, handicrafts-


men. @ obiecte de ~ handicraft ware, hand-made igooda ; industria de ,..., domestic industry.

artritA s.]. med, arthritis.

artrltlc adj. arthrit.ic ; gouty. II.

s.m. arthritic/gouty patient. artritism s . n. med . arthritism, gout. artropod s .n. zool, arthropod.

ar~a.g s.n. quarrelsomeness; peevishness. © a allea ~ to be pesvish/F cantankerous; a-i oeni -ul F to lose one's shirt/goat,

ar~ar s.m. bot. maple (tree) [Acer platanoides },

artagos adj. quarrelsome; peevish, F cantankerous.

amnea I. ob.tr: 1. to throw, F~ to shy, to chuck; mai ales fig. to cast; (a azvtrli] to hurl, to fling, to pitch; [mingea} to throw; to deliver, to bowl, to pitch; (raze) to dart (forth); (0 scrisoare la cutie} to drop. 2. (a lepada} to throw off. © aruncii-mi mingea throw me the ball; a-si ~ ochii asupra] lalspre ... to glance at.,; , to cast a glance at; a ...... peste bord to throw overboard; a fi (bun) de ~t not to he worth a rap/fig; not to be fit for the dogs; nu e de ,.._.t i tis not half bad; F not so dusty I II. lib. refl. 1. to throw/fling oneself; [tnainte} to throw/fling oneself forward, to rush; to precipitate oneself. 2. pas. to be thrown etc. V.~ I. © a se ~ in apil. to plunge into the water; a se ~ in bratele cuilla to rush in smb. '8 arms; a se' ~ fnfa to fling oneself on horseback, to vault into the saddle. m. vb , intr , ®a ,.._. cu .... in ..... to throw(fling ... at .... ® a ~ cu pietre In mnei'a to throw/F -> shy stones at 8mb.; to pelt smb. with stones.

aruneare s.f. throwing etc. V. arun c a; (a zarului ete.} cast. ® "'a ciocanului sport throwing the discus; ~a sulitei sport javelin throwing.

aruncator" s .n , ® ~ de bombe thrower; ~ de flaciiri flame thrower; ~ de mine [trench) mortar. aruncator2 s.m, ® ""' de cioean sport hammer thrower.


arunclitnra s.], throw. ® ~ de ochi glance; @ La 0 ~ de piatra at a stone's throw.

arvuna s.], earnest (money). @ ada o ~ to bind a bargain.

arvuni "h. tr . to give earnest money for.

arzlitor I. adj .1. burning, hot, scorching, ardent. 2. fig. burning; [l« ordinea zilei] topical; urgent. (JJ dorinta arziuoare ardent wish. II. ad". ardently; passionately; (in lens} intensely. III. s.n. burner.

as s.m. 1. (la carti) ace. 2. fig. a". etc. ace; {geniu } genius; (campion) champion. ® ~ al volanului auto crack racing driver.

asalt s.n. storm, nssnult j . (alae) attack, onslaught. Clll car de ~ mil. tank; munciiin ,..., fitful/irregular work, work by fits and jerks; trupe de ,._, storm troops. @ a da ,._, [c« dat.) to make an assault on. '" to storm .... ; a lua cu,_, to take by storm, to take Ito carry by assault.

asaitll.pb.tr. 1. to storm, to assail, to assault; (a ataca] to attack, to beset. 2. fig. to assail, to beset, to besiege; to make an assault on. © a.-..J cu tntrebari to as sail/ besiege with questions.

asambla I. ob . tr. tehn . to assemble.

II. ob . refl, pas. to be assembled.

asambla.re s .]; assembling, assemblage, assembly.

asaua vb.tr. 1. agr . to dike in; (0 mlast.irui} to reclaim; (un oras ) to improve the sanitation of; hidr, to drain. 2. fig. to improve; to normalize; {Literaturii etc.] to purge; [finaruele etc.} to reorganize.

asanare s.f. diking in etc. v. a s a - n a ;. sanitation. @ masuri de r-« sanitation measures.

asasln s.m. murderer, assassin. aSII.SmR vb itr, 1. to murder, to assassinate. 2. fig. to pester to death; to murder,

asaslnare s.f. murdering, assassination.

asastnat s;n. murder, assassination, [ur, premeditated murder; [crima] crime,

ascendent I. adj. ascending, upward; (d. zbor] climbing. @ u-


nie -ii. ascending line. IT. s .n ; asccndcncy, ascendancy, influence. III. s.m. ancestor, rar~ascenda.nt.

ascendenta s.f. ascending line, ancestry; [origine} origin, descent, extract.

ascensiunes.f.1. climbing, ascension. ascent. 2. fig. ascent, advancement; [progres} progress. @ In,.._, rising; in progress; ® a face () ~ fo make an ascent.

ascensor s .n. lift, amer. elevator. aseet s.m. fi fig. ascetic, hermit, anchorite; (om retrus} recluse. v , fi anahoret.

ascetic adj. ascettctal) , austere. ILscetism s .n. asceticism, austerity. ascita e.], med . ascites.

ascnltll. I. ob.rr, 1. to listen to; (un ctnuire] etc.} to hear. 2. (a examina} to examine. 3. (a crede]. to believe, to credit. 4. (a fine seama de) to listen to, to hear, to take into acconnt; (a se supune} to obey. 5. med . v. a usc u Ita. ® dadi vrei sii mii ascult i if you (want to) take my advice. n. vb . intr . to listen. ® a ~ della ..• Y. ~ I.4.

aseultare s.j. 1. listening etc. Y. a sc u I t a. 2. obedience @ post de ~ ~i mil. listening post. ascultator I. adj. obedient, dutiful. II. ad". obediently. III. S.m. listener.

ascnnde I. vb.tr, 1. to hide, to conceal; [vederii] to screen, to hide from view. 2. fig. to hide, to dissemble, to keep back; to keep to oneself, to cover; (seruimente etc .] to mask, to dissemble. II. ph. refl. to hide. @ ce se ,._, indiira.lul (cu gen.) what's at the back or ... ? what lies (hidden) behind ... 1

aseuns I. adj. 1. hidden, secret, concealed; (izolat) secluded, recondite. 2. [obscur } obscure, hidden, abstruse. 8. mysterious, secret, hidden. 4. fig. [secretos} secretive, self-contained, nncommunicative. II. s.n. secret, secrecy. (jj) inl pe ,.... secretly, stealthily, surreptitiously. clandestinely; de-a ""ul etc. v. a scunselea.

ascunselea s.], @ tie-a v-ati - hide and seek.


asounxateare s.f. hiding place; [refugiu) shelter.

aSCllnzi~ s.n. 1. v. a s c u n z ato are. 2. fig. secret.

aseutl I. ob itr . 1. to sharpen; [cuJitul, toporul etc. si } to grind; (la tocila] to whet; [briciul} to strop. 2. fig. to sharpen; (a rafina) to refine; to cultivate. @ a-si ....., urechile to prick up one's ears II. vh. refl. pas.I. to be sharpened etc. v. '" I. 2. to sharpen, to become sharp etc. v. as cut i t. B. fig. (d. cineca] to become sharp sau sharper.

asouttme s.f. ~i fig. sharpness, acuteness; (a mintii] acumen. ascutire s .f. sharpening etc. v. a scut i. ® ~. a contradictiilor intensificat ion/aggravatiou of antagonism.

ascup~s.n.l. [de cu.iit etc .] (cutting) edge; (lama) bJade. 2. fig. [usculime) sharpness, acuteness; mordancy; sarcasm; (subtilitate} subtlety.

ascllti1 I. adj. 1. (d. un cusit , dinte etc.} sharp; [ascuiit la tocila} whetted; (d. unghiuri ) acute; (eu otr[u! ,..., ) pointed. 2. fig. keen; sharp; acute; (d. durere} acute, keen, stinging; (d. 0 remarca} witty; (subtil) subtle; [sfredelitor} piercing. II. s.n. v, a s c u t i r e.

aseutltearo s.f.t. [pr.cusite} knifo sharpener. 2. (pt. creioane} pencil sharpener. 3. tehn, hone.

aseara ad". last night, poetic -+ yesternight.

asedia vb.tr, to besiege, to beleaguer.

asediator I. adj. besieging, beleaguering. II. s.m. besieger, beleaguerer.

asediere s.f. 1. besieging, beleaguering. 2. v . as e diu;

asedtu s.n. siege. @stare de -' state of siege/emergency, martial law. ® a proclama slarea de ~ tntr-un oras to declare a town in a state of siege, to proclaim (martial law in) a town; a ridica ~l to raise the siege.

asemi\.na I. vb.tr, (cu) to liken (to), to compare (to), to assimilate (to).

ASC-A.SF II. ph. reil . (cu) to resemble (cu. ocus.}, to be (a)like. m cine se aseamana. se·aduna birds of a feather flock together, like likes/loves like, like draws attendance.

asemaneee s.f. 1. similitude; {tntre oamen,i,lucruri) resemblance, like" ness; [intre idei etc.} similarity. 2. comparison. @ {aril. ~ beyond compare; dupa chipul ~i -a (cu gen.) in the likeness of... © a oven ~ cu ... to resemble ... , to bear resemblance to ... , to be like ... ; to remind one of. .. ; a face 0 ~ intre ...• to establish a parallel between ... , to draw a comparison between •...

aSl.lmiiniitor I. adj. similar, sernblahle. @ in mod", similarly. H. ad". similarly.

asemenea, asemeni I. adj . .I, like, 2. (astfel de) such. ® '" cu ... v. ~ I, 1. II. ad", (de asemenea] also.

asemul ob . tr . 1.v. as e man a. 2. v. con fun d a.

II.semuires.f.1. comparison, likening. 2.v. a s o m a n a r e ; (caf,:guriZ de still simile.

assmult adj. 1. like. 2. identical. asentlment s.n. assent, consent; acquiescence; approval, approbation. @eu ~ul(cu gen.) with the approva I of...; with the assent/consent of... @ a-fi da ~ul to give one's consent; a fi in ,.._,ul cuipa to enjoy I meet smb. '8 approval/approbation.

asepsle s.], med. asepsis. aseptle adj. aseptic. II.sertoric adj. assertory.

aser~iune s.], assertion, affirmation, statement.

aservl ob.tr, to enslave, to subjugate. aservire s.f. 1. enslaving, enslavement, subjugation. 2. (stare de r-«] servitude, bondage.

aservit adj. ® ~ [cu. dat.} a slave to ... , the slave of...; (la cheremul } at the beck and call of ...

asesor s.m. assessor; (~poplllar)

people's assessor.

asexuat ad], biol, asexual, sexless. asezona vb, tr : to season.

astalt s.n. asphalt, (mineral) pitch, bitumen.

asfalta ob.tr, to (lay with) asphalt.


Itsfaltat adj. @ carton ,.._. felt/roofing board.

astaltare e], asphalt ing.

asHnti vb, intr . 1. to set, to go d own , 2. fig. to be on tho wane ; to be in decay.

asfintit s.n.1. sunset. 2. fig. decline; twi light crepuscle. 3. (rest) west. @ la ;"lll soarelui at sun.set.

asfixia I. (lb. I,.. to asphyxiate, to choke, to suffocate; mine. elc. to gas. II. Db. refl . to asphyxiate, to undergo asphyxia, to be asphyxiated, to choke, to suffocate; (din cal~za oxidului de carbon) to be poisoned by charco~l fumes.

asflxtant adj. asphyxiating, suffocating; (d. un gaz] pOlsonous. asfixiat adj. asphyxiated; stifled,


asfixie s.{. asphyxia,. suffocation. Itsfixiere s. f. asphyxia, sutfocat.ion . asiatic adj., srn . Asiatic, Asian. asiduitate s.]; assiduousness, assi-


aslduu I. adj. assiduous. II. ado , assiduously.

asignatie s.f. ist. assignat, promissory note.

aslgura I, (lb. tr . 1. [nuuerialiceste } to provide (for) ; (a da cele necesare} to provide; (a garanta etc.) to secure, to ensure; to assure. 2. (a incredinta] (de) to assure, (of). 3. [tm potriou } to insure (against}. n. ob . refl. 1. (a se conoinge} to make sure/certain. 2. [tm potriva} to insure oneself (against).

asigurare sf. 1. ensuring etc. v • a si «r u r a. 2. (data cuiva} assurancc t (sotemna ) protestation. 3. [contra accidentelor etc .] insurance. ® ~ contra accidentelor accident insurance; "" pe riati'i life assurance/insurance.

aslgnrat I. adj. provided etc. v. as i g u r a I, @ un venit. ~ an assn red income. II. sm , Insured person.

asimou'Ic adj. asymmetrical. uslmetrte s .], asymmetry.

aslmfln I. "b. tr . (in di(erite sennnr i] to assim ilate ; (a compora] (Cll~ to assimilate (to); to compare (with,

110 to); to liken (to), II. cb , refl. pas. to be assimilated etc. v . ~ 1. asimilabil adj. 1. (d. hrarui} assimilable, 2. [comparabil} {cu} comparable (to), similar (to). asimilltl'e, asimilatie s f. assimila-


asimptota s.], geom. asymptote. asins.m. v. m a g a r.

astndetic adj. gram. asyndetic. ash' ian adj., s.m. Assyrian.

aslsta I. cb, in tr . (ia) to attend [cu. acue .}, to be (at), to be present (at). n. vb . tr . to assist, to help.

aslstcnt I. adj. present. II. s.m. 1. assis tant ; helper; coworker. 2. (~ unioareitar} assistan t lecturer, professor's assistan t. 3. [specta tor) bystander, onlooker. ® ~ de regie assistant director/producer; stage-manager.

aststeutt, sf 1. (prezenrii}presoncc. 2. (p~blic) audience; (cei de fala) those present; {societate} company. 3. (ajutor) assistance, help, aid. ® ~ medicaid medical attendance.

aSl1l11F cb, tr : si fig. [im po tr iva ] to set (on), to hound (at), to urgE) (on).

asmutlre s.], setting etc. v. as m u-

t i.

asoe ia I. ob . tr ; to associate. ® a-«i ~ pe cineoa com. to take smb. into partnership: II. ob, rep: 1. reciproc to associate: 2. to JOIn a corporate body etc. ® a se ~ cu ... a. to associate with ... b. com. to en tel' into partnership with ... ; a. se ,.._, la ... to join"., to associate oneself with ... ; [piireri etc .} to

endorse ; (0 crimii etc.) to b~ a

party to , to be a participator

in ...

asoctat s.m . 1. fellow worker, associate 2. com. partner.

asociativ adj. associative; association ...

asoc intle s.f. 1. (In diferit~ sensuri } association; (eocietate} society ; company. 2. com. partnership.

asnclere s f. association.

asolament s .11. agr; rotation /alternation of crops, crop rotation, cropping system.


ItSOlllllltii sf. assonance.

asorta I. ob . tr . 1. to assort, to sort; to match, to suit, to fit. 2. [un. magazin) to stock, to furnish. II, vb . refl. to match; to go well together, to suit one another.

asorture s.f. assorting etc. v . a S 0 rt a.

osortatadj. assorted etc. v. as 0 r t a. @ bine ~ well-stocked/-furnished; craoaui ~ii a tie to match. asortlment s.n, assortment, range, variety.

aspect sn , 1. aspect, look, appearanca. 2. gram. aspect. @ sub ~ul [cu gen.) in point of..., from the point of view 01...; sub toate -cele in all respects/aspocts , back and forth. ® a cerceta 0 problema sub toa.te ~ele to consider a question in all its bearings.

aSl'cctuos adj. of striking appearance, showy.

asperitates.{. asperity; (a unci suprafete) ruggedness, roughness; (a stilului ) crabbedness; (a caracteru.Iu.i } harshness.

aspic S .n . aspic (jelly). a8pidii s.], zool. asp,

ospira I. (lb. tr . 1. [aer , parfum) to inspire, to breathe in, to inhale; (ap(, etc.} to suck up, to exhaust. 2. [on, to aspirate, to breathe. II. ob . in tr, 1. to inspire, to breathe in, to inhale. 2. (la) to aspire (to/after/at) .

aspirant s, m. 1. [La} aspirant (to; for); candidate (for); applicant (for). 2. unio , post-graduate (student). ®- de marina nil". midship. man; F, middy. ® - la m.ina cuioa asp iran t to/for/after srnb.'s hand.

aSl'irantutu. s.], post-graduate/research studen tsh ip, post-graduate course(s) .

asnirar« s.], inspiration etc. v. asp ira.

aSllil'at adj. [on: aspirat.o( d), aspirator I. adj. suction ... , SUCking.

II. s.n . 1. tehn . aspirator, exhaustor, 2. (- de praf) (vacuum) cleaner.

aspiratie s.], 1. tehn , aspiration, sucking. 2. fig. (la, spre] asp ira-


tion (for), striving (for), yearning (for), urge (towards).

aspirina sf. aspirin.

aspri vb , v. In 5. s p r i.

asprime S./. 1. (a p ieii: etc) callosity; (a unei su.pra [ete] roughness, ruggodness; (a drumuluis asperity; (a piirului } shagginess. 2. fig. (de caracter) harshness; (a oocii , oinului etc.] harshness, roughness; [seve rit.ate ] severity, sternness; rjgoul'; (a umii repro~, a oremii} sharpness, bi tternsss ; (a tonului) asperity.

aspru I. adj. 1. (ant. .rnoale"} hard; (ant, .mctea"] rough, rugged ; (d. par) shaggy, wiry; (d. apii} hard; (d. p iele , stofa, nisip etc .] coarse. 2. fig, (sever) severe, stern, strict, rigid; rigorous; (exigen t) exacting; (d. conditii etc.} rigid, strict; (d. Irasiituri} harsh; (d. mdsuri } strict, strong; (d. iarnd, vrem" , ciima etc .] severe, inclement; (Iaios) biting; (d. ton) brisk; (d. disciplina, pri"ire) severe, stern; [d, legi, miisuri] drastic; (d. pedepse ) severe. II. ado. severely etc. v ~I ,2.

asta I. adj. demo this; that. II. pron, demo this one, that (one). @ ~ e! F that's it/that; (de asta e neooie ) F that's the card! (asia e problema) F there's the rub I; [asta e tot) that's all!

ostii adj. dem . .... t poetic v . as t a I. @ de ~ data this timo.

astiizi ado. today; (in silele noastre} nowadays; (En prezent } at present, at the present day; [acum ) now. ® -c--mline one of these days. @ de~ I. adj. present- day ... ; contemporary; modern. II. a do, (de ~ inairue, inca 10.l from now on, henceforth, henceforward; de r-; intr-o siiptaminif. today week; pina ~ till/ until now, 1.0 this day, so far, as yet.

astenle adj. rned , asthenic.

astenie s.f. med . as then ia ; (slabi. ciune } debility.

asterealii s.], cons tr. roof boarding, roofing.

asterie s.], zool . v. s tea de

mar e.

asterise s.n. asterisk.

asteroid $.In. astr. asteroid; (pianela midi) planetoid.

astfel adv . in this way, thus; like this; [asa } so; (in felul urmator ] in the following way; (dupa cum urmeazii} as follows. liD ~ cafincit ... so that. .. ; (prin urmore} therefore ... , hence ... ; ~ de... such ...

astigmatic adj. med. astigmatic. astigmatism s .n. [iz, med. astigmatism.

asthnpar' s .n , peace, rest, quiet. @ tara ~ a. [Ln tr-una } incessantly, ceaselessly. b. (neodihnit) restlessly. © a nu .. avea ,...._, l a nU-$i gasi ""-' to fidget, to be fidgetyfjumpy.

asttmpara I. vb . tr . (a potoli ) to quiet; [se tea etc .] to quench, to appease. II. vb. refl, (a se potoli ) to calm down, to be at ease.

IIstimparat adj. quiet.

astmatle med . I. adj. asthmatic(al).

II. s.m . asthmatic subject. astma s.f. med . asthma.

astragal s.n. 1. unal. as tragalus ,

ankle bone. 2. arhir, astragal. astrahan s.n. Aslrak(h) an fur. astral adj. astral.

astringent adj. astringent, tart. astringent{' e.], astringency, tartness, astrofizicu. sf. astrophysics. astrolngs .m. astrologer, F...,.sLar gazer. IIslrolog'10 ad]: astrological. astrologie s .f. astrology.

astronaut s.m. astronaut, spacema».

co smonau t .

astronautlca sf. astronautics. ustrnnom «.m , astronomer'. Rstronom~c adj. si fig. astronomic(al). astronomic s.(. astronomy.

astru s .m , heavenly body; (etea) star; [p laneta } planet; in9.~orb.

nstupa I. vb . tr . (0 gaura etc .} to stop up, to plug; [o sticld , cu dop ul } to cork (up); (gura cuioa} to stop, fig. fi to silence smb.; [urechea } to closc; to stop up; (a. inch ide) to close up; (a zidi ) to wall up; (0 groapii} to fill up; (a inoeli ) to wrap up; (0 scurgere] to ohoke ; (a bloca] to block; (0 teaoii } to stop, to obturate ; (a bara] to bar, to o h-

struct. ll. "b. refl. pas. to be stopped up etc.v, ~I.

astupare s .], stopping up etc. v . a stu p a. ® ~a [oeurilor ist, curfew.

astupatoare s.f. (capac) .l id ; coyer; (dop) cork, stopper, choke. astupus s.n. v , as t up il t 0 are. Randa ob . in!r.l.to sweat, to perspire. 2. [a se aburi } to steam, to become damp/misty, to be covered with steam; (a scoate aburi] to steam. 3. fig. to toil, to grind , to drudge.

asudat adj. sweaty, damp wi th l)erspiration, in a sweat, in a bath of persp irut ron ; (d. miini } clammy.

asuma vb . tr . to assume, to take upon oneself. © a-si ~ riispurulereajreeponsubiliuitca to assume the responsibility; a-ei ~ riscul. to runfincur/assume the risk.

asupra prep. 1. (peste) over. 2. [despre} about, on, concerning. 3.+-inr. [tmpotrioa] against; ((ula de) towards; for; (spre) to.

asupri ob , tr , to oppress, to grind/ bear/weigh down; (a nedreptiui ) to wrong; (a exploata) to exploit. asuprires.f. oppression; exploitat ion. asnprtt I. adj . oppressed; groundj borne down, down trodden. n. s .m;

oppressed man; pl. asu.pri iii the oppressed, the downtrodden; the victims of fortune.

asnpr ttor I. s im.. oppressor, tyrant, autocrat; exploiter. II. ad). oppressive, oppressing.

asurz l I. ob . intr. to grow deaf; {brusc} to lose one's hearing. 11. "b. tr.l. to make deaf, to deafen. 2. fig. to deafen, to split smb.'s carts) •

asurzire s.], deafening. asnrzitor adj. deafening.

a~l aux. should; would. @ eu ~ merge I should sa,u would go.

a~2 in ter] . F not at all! by no means! not in the least! Dolby a long chalk! not half] (pros tii l } F stuff and nonsense! fiddlest.icks!

a~a I. adj. such; of this kind/sort liD ~ ce"a the like (of it); such a thing; (asIa) this; it; ~~i <-so so, betwixt and between.@ In-fel inc it sa ... in such a way as to ... ; mai -vn ot



very good, not very beautiful etc. H, ado. 1. so; [astiei] thus, in this way, like this; (in felul urmdtor} in the following way; (dupa cum urmeaza) as follows. 2. [intocmai} F that's it/the thing/the stuff! it is so], {bine} F t.here (you are)!, [desigur ] of course, certain ly; [te asigur) I assure you, depend on it. 3. (la in um.plare} at random; [oricum} anyhow. 4. [interogatio } really? indeed? ® ~ cii ... so that;

~ de ... so good a child etc.; ~

de , .. ca ,i as.;. as ... ;~ demult so

much;(!empol'al) so 10ng;~del'ilda thus for instance; ~ ~i ~ so so, tolerably, middling, nothing/not much to boast/to speak of, betwixt and between; -c-zisu! the sn- called ... , the would-he ... ,the self-styled ... @ ctnd ~, cirul ~ now this way, now that; now one way,now another; cum ~? how so? how is that? how do you mean? nu ~ de ... not so ... ; nu ~ de ... ca ... not so ... as ... ; nu-ir-s? v.exernpleledin©; ~i ~ rnaz departe and so on (and so forth); et cactera; ~i lot ~ s i ... and so do ... , and so is ... etc. © ~ a [ostsa fie it was fated to be; ~ cred I believe/think so; that's what 1. think about it; ~ cum ... as ... ; in the way ... ; ~ rna gindeam. -tli eu I thought as much; ~ e? v. n u - i ~?; ~ e bine that's right, quite right; dacii e ~ if (that bel so, if that is true/the case; if it comes to that; e rna; bine ~ it is better as it is; nu e ~ that is not so/the case; nu mal e ~ it is not so any longer; ~ se face cd: .•• thus/so it pame about that. .. , that is why. ", hence it is ... ; ,..., 0 fi maybe, perhaps; ~ .• a fie! let it be so r be it so;· ~ [iind this being. the case ; e un eleo bun, nu·i~? he is a good pupil, isn't he? nu e un brliat ~un, riu·i~? he is _not a good boy, IS he? it cunoa~te!l, nu-i,...,? you know him, don't you? nu-l cunoaste ti, nu-i ~? you don't know him, do you? daca 0 lei ~ if you take It that way, if you feel like that about it; - se tntimpli'i adesea it often happens so; ~ (mai)

A~A-A~E merge that will do, that's better~ se pare it seems so, it seems lik~ it; ".... te por ti til mine? is . this the way you treat me? de ce te por!i~? why do you hehavo like that? ~ sint eu that. is my nature/way, I was made like that; ~ stnr oamenii that's what-they are like, that is how (the) people are; ~ spunea (et] that is what he said; nu i s·a s pus ~ niciodata he was never called that/so; ~ stau. lucrurile it is like this, this is how matters stand; that. is the way things are; dac~ ".... sta,: lucrurile if things are so, If such IS the state of affairs if things arc in that condition ;n-.~m m~i vaz~t '":"' ce~a I never saw anythmg l ik e It, I never saw the like at it; nu Be oorbeste ~ that is not the way to speak;"""(ca,.e) va sa zicii ! oh, that is what you mean, is it? ~ z~cfam ~i eu I thought as much; '" zicitui so to speak, as it were. la.- cefla nu m-am asteptat I didn't think of that; this is more than I bargained for; daca e vorba pe """' If it comes to that. Ill. interj. all right; FO.IC! finel that's itl that's the ticket; there (you are) r

a~adar ado. [deci] therefore. herice, consequently; so; (astfel) thus, in this way.

a~chia cb . If. si ,.cfl. to so lit to

splintcr, to (be) cut. "

aschle s.f. chip , sliver; care intra sub unghie ) sp Iiut er.

aschlere s.f. sp lint ing , splintering. R$eZa I. Db. tr, 1. (pe cineva} to seat, to give/offer a seat to, to make smb . sit down, F to sit smb . down. 2. (a piasa) to place; (a aranja] to arrange; (a pune} to put, to s~t, t a lay; to bestow; (in ordine) to put in order; [lemne} to stow; [griimadii} to pile' (in siioe ) to stack; [sine etc .} t~ lay. 3. (a ridica} to raise, to erect· (a construi)to build; (a face) to m~ke' [un cart) to pitch .. 4. (a intemeiaj to found, to set up; (a organiza] to organize, t.o set up. 5. v. cap a t u i I. 6. (a fixa) to fix; (a stabili)to establish. ~. (a


limpezi } to clarify. II. ob refl, t. pas. to be placed etc. v. ~ J. 2. [pe seaun etc.) to sit down, to seat oneself, to take a scat; (a se instala eomod ) to make oneself comfortable. 3. [tn rind} to draw/line upc a, (ase stabili ] to settle (down). 6. (d. casii,

teren etc.} to settle, to subside. 6. (d. precipitatii] to fall; chim . tofaH out. 7. (a poposi] to make a halt. S. (a se potoli) to calm down.9. (a tncepe} to begin. to start. ® ase ,_ pe... fig. to set to (cu forme in -ing) to apply oneself to .... to-settle down to ... © a se - in pat to go to bed; a se - la masii to sit down to table; -Ji-fJa! sit down I take a seat I be seated J

a~l)zll.re s , f. 1. (ca actiune} seating etc. v, a ~ e z a. 2. [situatie ) position, amer. location. 3. settlement; (IDe) place; (locuinta) dwelling; [casii] house. 4. (ortnduire)system.

a~ezo.t I. adj. 1. situated; seated etc. v. a ~ e z a. 2. earnest. serious. reliable; quict; wise; reasonable. sober-minded; sensible; calm. II. ado , seriously etc. v. ~ I. 2.

o.~ezlimint s .n. institution; establishment.

a~iJderea ado: also. too. likewise. a~tepta I. ob, tr: 1. to wait for. to await; (cue nerabdare} to look forward to; (a se ,.... la] to expect. 2. v. pas u i. 8. (a spera in) to hope for. © a ciizut. la examen dupa cum era ~i de -t he failed in his exam all right; e -t in asta seara he is expected tonight. he is expected/supposed to come tonight, we're expecting him tonight; te astept. miine I'll be waiting for you tomorrow, I shall book you for tomorrow. II. ph. refl. ® a se '" la ..• to expect ... © e mai mull dectt. m-am ~t it's more than I expected/I bargained for. m. vb . intr, to wait. © ~teaplii pusin wait a little, P F (wait) half a rna; a ,...., degeaba to wait in vain, F-+to cool one's heels; dupa cum era de ~t according to expectation.

a~teptll.re s.f. 1. waiting. 2. pl. fig. expectations. hopes. @ contrar


aeteptdrilor contrary to expectation; cu mult peste ~teptiiri far hettel' than expected; contrar tulurol' a~teptiirilor contrary to all expectation; in ,._, in abeyance; In ~a [cu gen.) in anticipation of..., in the expectation of... ; in ,.._,a rdspunsului drs. awaiting your reply. looking forward to your reply; a in.trece toate aeteptsrile to exceed all expectation(s); intr-a -continua in constant expectation; sala de ~ waiting room; corespunde asteptarilor noastre it has come up to our expectations; a in trece toate asteptdrite to exceed all anticipation, to surpass anticipations.

lI~tepto.t s.n. waiting.

a~terne I. (lb. tr. 1. (a fntinde pe [os=etc.} to spread (out). to lay.

2. (a scrie} to write. to put down.

3. (a trtnti ) to knock down. © a ,...., [ata de mast: to lay the cloth; a ,._, masa to lay the table, to lay dinner/supper etc.; a ~ patul to make the bed; a ~ pe hlrtie to commit to paper; ® cum iii (lei ~ afa cei dormi as you. make your bed, so you must lie upon it. II. (lb. refl, 1. to spread, 2. (d. zapada etc.) to fall. ® a se "'" pc ... v. a sea § e zap e.

asternut S.n. 1. bed clothes. 2. [strai } layer, stratum. 3. tipogr , blanket. 3. [culeus} bed(ding). ® a ciidea la ,...., to fall ill, to be taken ill.

atae s.n. 1. attack, onstaught, onset; (asalt) assault; [o[ensioii] offensive. 2. fig. attack. 3. med; fit; [usor } touch; apoplexy, apoplectic stroke; (de guui] attack, touch. go. ® ,...., armat mil. armed attack; ,._, prin. surprindere mil. surprise attack. © a porni un. ~ to launch/start an attack.

ataca I. ob . tr, 1. mil. to attack, to assail; to set upon. 2. (d. acizi) to attack. to bite/eat into; (d. boli} to attack; to affect. 8. (a tncepe ) to begin, to start. to tackle; to attack. II. ob, intr. to attack.

atacabil ad]. (d. 0 parere etc .} contentious, contestable. assailable,


disputable; (d. un codicil ete.] open to attack.

utaeare s.j", attacking etc. v. a t a c a. ataeat ad]. 1. attacked. assailed. 2. (la pldmlni} consumptive, wasted.

ataeator s.m. assailant, attacker. ataruan 8.m. 1. chief fisherman. 2. ist, hetman.

ataraxic ~.f. med . ataraxia, ataraxy.

stare ad]. such. @ ca ~ a, as

such. b. [deci} therefore COIt

scquently.v., accordingly... © ~ un impostor si trebuie tratat ca _ he's an impostor and must be treated as such.

atas s.n . auto. side car. buddy seat. ata~a I. vb, tr .. to attach. II. ob . refl . ® a se ~ de ... a. to be attached to ... b. to become attached to ... , to become fond of. ..

ata~abil ad]. attachable.

atasament s.n. (pentru/fata de) attachment (to),. affection (for). atasar» s . f. a ttach ing .

ata~at e.m, attache. ® - cultural cultural attache; ~ miiitar military attache.

atavic adj. atavistic. atavism S.n. atavism. atebrina s.f. chim . atabrine. ateism s.n. atheism.

nteist adj .atheistic(al).

atola] s .«, team; pair SrLU pairs of horses, oxen etc,; [harnasamen.t] harness.

ntlllii. s.], med. splint.

ute lier s ,n. 1. (work)shop, workroom; (de fabric a) department. 2. (de pic tor etc .} studio. 8. [muncitori i dintr-un <) shopjworkroom staff. 4. fig. workshop. ® ~ de repartuii repair{ing) shop/ workshop; ~ de turniitorie metal. cast.ing , house' ~ plu.titor nap. repa ir ship. •

atemporat adj. without relation to Lime, epoch etc.

atemporaUto.tc s.f. absence of refer-

ences to time, epoch. et.c. atenansa. s.f. dependency. ateneu s.n. athenaeum. ntenlan adj., s.m. Athenian.

atent I. adj. 1. (la) attentive (to), heedful (of), careful (of); mindful

ATA-ATE (01); (d. Q eercetare] careful, searchmg, thorough; (acurat) accurate. .2. (cur ten itor} courteous' (amabtl) amiable; (gri]uliu) con~ siderate. © nu e"ti ~ I you are not at.tending la [i ~ la ... to pay attention to ... ; to take care of • t? mind ... ; to apply oneself t~·.:: [ii ~ I have a care! look out I n. ada, attentively etc. v , ~. I.

atenta vb, intr, a ~ la ... fig. to encroach(infring:e on/upon... © a ~ la ouu« cUlra to make an attempt on smb , 's life.

atentat .s,x , 1. (la) altempt (upon), assault (upon); outrage. 2. fig. (I a} encroachment (on/upon). ® ~ la bu nele moravuri jur . immoral offence. ~ la pudoare indecent assault. © a sii(Jil'fi un ~ lo. oiata CuLVa to make an attempt (up)on srnb , 's life.

atent:,tor s.m.. would-be assassin. o.tentu) I. sf., 1. psih. attention. 2. attention, heed; note notice' (fir~jii) care. 3. fig. kindness: consideration; [cadou } present. 4. interjectional look out! take carel have a care! be careful! ® ~ la tren beware of the trains! ~ la tr~apta mind the st.ep! ~ oopsitl mmd the pamt , @ cu ~ attentively ; careful.ly; accurately; in atenJw cititorilor advertisement to the reader. © a acorda ~ v. a d a _- ~ a atrage cuioa ateniia (oa aoertismen t] to put smb, on his guard; (d. ceoa} to attract smb.rs attention/notice; to catch smb.ts eye; < to engross/rivet/compel smb. '.8 attent.ion; a atrage cuioa alen!<a. asujJra (eu gen.) to call/ draw /ducct smb.'s attention to smth., (a-i ara.tn. ceria) to point smth. out to smb.; a da lacorda ~ (eu dat.) to pay attention (to), to take heed/notice (of). to givef pay heed (to); a da ~ cuiva to give (one's) attention to smb.: a nu dajucorda ~ [cu. dat.) not to pay attention to, to take no account of ;nu da nici o (cu. dat} do not take any notice of. .. , never mind ... ;


a distrage atentla cui~a de la .. : to distract/divert smb.'s attention from ... ; a-fi tndrep ta aterqia asupra (eu gen.) to turn one's attention to; to concentrate(fi:8:/.focus one·.~ attention on ... ; a f' plin de aten,!" fa!ii de cinepa to show smb .. much attention; a seapa ""'I cuwa to slip/escape smb.'s attention .. II. inter], careful! (pay) attention I In". beware; sl: nixl

"tenus "b. II'. to attenuate; (0 perleapsii. urmCiri etc.] to ~it~g~te; (a micsora] to lessen, to diminish; [durerea} to alleviate; [graeitatea. urlei [apte} to extenuate; to render less grave; ((orta a"Entului ete.] to break.

atenuant adj. (!}l cl'rcumSlante _ [ur . extenuating/palliating circumstances.

atenuare s.f. attenuation etc. v. a ten u a.

derini s.f. ikt. atherlne [Atherina

hepsetus }, .

aterlza lib. int», aQ. to land. to alight, aterizsj S.n. v. ateri z a r e. aterililare s.f. a". landing, alighting.

® ,... forJatiiforced/emel'gen~y landing. @ teren de ,... landmg ground; tren de ,... undercarriage.

ateroBclerozii s.], med; atheroscle-


atesta ~b. tr , to attest. to certify. ate state s ], attestation.

atestat s.n. certificate.

ateu s.m. atheist.

atio adj. Atti~. .

atici s.f. arhit . attic (storey). attclsm S.1I. Att icism, attieism. atingiHor adj. 1. (.i ignitor] hurtfu!,

vexatious. ottensi ve, 2. [tnduiosiitor) touching, moving, pathetic.

atinge I. vb •. tr , 1. to touch: (la suprafafa) to brush (agamst); (a se lod de) to knock (against). 2. (a deranja} to disturb, to trouble. S. (a ajunge la] to reach; (un nioel} to reach; (an scop) to achieve, to gain, to attain; (a realiza] to achieve. 4. fig. (a mifca) to move. to touch. to affect; (a jigni) to offend •. to hurt;. (a rani) to wound. 6. [ig; (a privi} to concern, to affect. 6. fig. (a

116 mentiona} to touch (upon). 7. fig. F v. p 0 c n i. © a-~i ~ scopul] tinta to attain one's object; a ,... Ji1.rmal naQ. to win shore; --ma eu zeee lei F chuck me a tenner. II. ob . refl. to be in con tact; to be contiguous. ® a se ,... de ... to touch .••

8tingere s.,. 1. touching etc. v. a tin g e. 2. touch; contact. 3. (ftirbire) pl'ejudice; damage; de. triment. © a aduce o ~ (cu dat.) to cause/do damage to ... ; a intra] ajunge in -- cu ••• to come into contact with ...

atins adj. touched etc. v. at in g e. liD "'"' de ... suffering from ...

atitudine s.f. 1. (fafa de) attitude (towards). 2. (a corpului] attitude, posture. © a laa ,..., to take up an attitude.

atil'DQ. I. "b. intr, 1. to hang; (a fi attrnat} to be suspended; (in jos) to hang down. 2. (a clntiiri} to weigh; (a valora} to be worth. ® a ~ de ... a, to hang from ... h. (a depinde de) to depend on ... II. pli. tr , to hang (up) @ a ....... pe funie to hang on/upon the line. In. "b. refl: pas. to be hung etc. v. ~ I.

atrmare e.f, 1. hanging (position). 2. {dependensa] dependence. dependency.

atirniitoare s.f. v. a g ~ til to are 2. aut I. arlj. nehot; v. at ita I.

II. adD. so much; so long, so dearly etc. v.~i a t t t a III. ® ~eiL. only ... ; with the (only) difference

that...; ....... cit as much as ; as

far as ... ; "" ctt s i . ., both and

... ; ,...,. de so ... @ cu - mai

mutt so much the more; cu ~

mai mult eu ctt the more so as .

especially as , doubly so as ;

eu - mai putin. so much the less; eu ,..., mai rau so much the worse; tnca 0 data pc """ as much again, twice as much; tntr--- to such an

extent; nu - ... cit not so much

for (this reason etc.) as for (the

other); (it's this) rather than ... ;

tot ...., de as ... ; tot """ de ... ca

(Ii) ... as as .. ~; tot ,...,. as much


(again); tot ....... cit ~i... as much

( ... ) as nu - de". not so/as ;

na '" de ca not so/as as ;

a nu fi - de tncttjca sa not

to be so ... as to. © fa '" cit pa!i do as much as you can; etnt cu - mai surprins , eu cit ... I am all the more surprised as.,,; 0 sa-ti "ina eu """ mai u~or. ea eit :.. it will be (all) the easier for you as ...

at Ita I. ad). nehot , 1. so much; so long etc.; atttia so many. 2. (singurul} the only/sole/unique. ® ~ paguba l F never mind! so mnch the better I good riddance to bad rubbish! '" limp ... for so long (a time); ~ limp cit ... as/so long as ... Qil de atitea ori so often; pentru ~ lucni for so little. II. pron. nehot . 1. so much; (temporal) so much time, for so long a time. 2. atttia so many (people). 3. atitea so many things. 4. [numai attt] no more. F .... this/that much; ® ~ tot! that's (about) aliI III. ad". so much etc. v . a tit. <ill ined pe ~ :is much again; as many again. © ~ mi-a [ost F that's the end of me; ~ mai lipsea J F that's the last straw 1 that crowns (it) all!

atitea I. adj. so many. II. pron. [em: si neatru pl. so many; so manyfhings.

atitica adj. F a wee little/IiI bit. ()j) nici '" F not a jot/whit. © erai numai -! F YOIl were a chit of a girl sau a slip of a boy.

~ti~i adj. so many.

aUpa I. adj. so many. II. pron • masc . pl. so many (people). atla.nt s.m. Atlas, pl. Atlantes, arhit, atlantes.

otlas s.n. 1. (geografie) atlas, book of maps/plates; [istoric etc.} atlas. 2. anat, atlas.

atlltz s.n. Indian satin. atlet s.m. athlete.

atlett« adj. athletic, agonistic. allcticii s.], athletics. ® ~ ufoara

light athletics, track-and-field athletics/events.

atletism s.n. athleticism; athletics.


atmosfera s.f. 1. iii fig. atmosphers ; [aer } air; [ambiarua} environment. 2. [iz . atmosphere; atmo. atmosferic adj. atmospheric, air ...

Qil perturbatii ,,-,e tel. atmospherics; presiune -a air pressure. atmosferiza ob , tr , 1. to weather.

2. fig. to air.

atmosferizat adj. fig. airy. breezy. atOllte ... v. a tot. ...

atol s.m , atoll, coral island.

atom e.m, atom. ® ~ de uraniu. uranium atom; ,...,. mareat tagged! labelled atom; ~ trasor traceratom,

atomic adj, (d. greutate, teorie etc.) atomic; (d. bombii etc.} atom ... @ anne ~e atomic/nuclear weapons; bomba ~a atom-bomb. A. -bomb; era ....... CI the atomic age.

atomism s.n. 1. filoz. atomism. 2. chim, the atomic theory.

atomist I. adj. atom ... II. s.m. 1. [ilos, atomist. 2. [is. atomist! nuclear physicist/expert.

atomlza ob , tr, to atomize; to spray. atomizator s.n. atomizer, spray(er). aton adj. anat., fan. a ton i c. aronaJism s.n. muzo atonalism. atonll1itate s.f. muzo atonality. atonie s.], anat.atony.

atotbiruitor adj.' all-conquering. atotcuprind.torarlj. all-inClusive!


atotprevenitor adj .nll-too-cautioua, atotputernic I. adj. all-powerful, omnipotent. II. s.m. Atorpruernicat God Almighty, Almighty God. stotputernicie s .f. almightiness, om-


.tot~tilltor I. arlj. omn iscien t. II. s.m. glum. hepcat.

atotviziiror adj. all-seeing.

atractiv adj. (atragato,.) attract.ive; [distractio] entertaining, diverting; (plueat) pleasant; v. iii a t rag 11 tor.

atractie s.f. 1. attraction, pull. 2. fig. attraction. attractiveness, appeal. 3. pl. fig. amusements. @. ,.._, moleculard molecular attraction, cohesive force; - unioersala gra_vHation. Qil forjajpUfere de ,.". appeal, attraction, attractiveness; numdr de - special number/act.


atrage I. ph. tr, 1. (d. magnet, soare eta.) to attract, to draw. 2. fig. to attract, to draw; (a n!l)mi) to lure, to entice; (a iepiti} to prompt; (a cl1tiga) to win.

liD a-si """ ... to draw upon one;

[ura, blamttl) to incur ; [critioa,

elogiile] to come in for ; [minia}

to bring down smb.'s upon one,

to draw down the Ugh tning ; a "'" asupra (cu gen} to bring down ... upon ... @ a ,...,dupa sine to entail. II. ob, reft, reeiproc to attract one another.

atragere s.], attracting, attraction etc. v. a t rag e.

atriigiitor I. adj. attractive, winning; winsome; [ademenitor } alluring, inviting; appealing; appetizing; (dis trac tio ) entertaining, diverting; (pUkuI) pleasant, agreeable; (frumos) beautiful. II. ado; attractively etc. v. ~ I.

atribui I. vb. tr . 1. (eu dat.) to assign (to), to allot (to); (a aeorda] to confer (on), to bestow (on); (un rot, teatru] to cast smb , for ... 2. (0 fapta, 0 interqie ete.} (cu dur.} to attribute (to); to ascribe (to), to put/set down (to); [un proiect etc.] to credit smb. with ... ,

(in sens negativ ) to fasten on

smb , tiD a-1i ,_, ... to assume , to

claim ... , to arrogate ... to oneself. II. ob . refl.pas. to be assigned etc. v. ,...., I.

atribuire s.f. assigning etc. v. a t r i· bui.

atrlhut s .n. 1. attribute; [ealitate} quality j (simbol) symbol j [semn] sign j [emblemd] emblem, hall-mark. 2. gram. attribute.

atributiv gram. I. adj. attributive.

H, ado; attributively.

atribu~ie s.f. prerogative, competence, powers; {domeniu} province; [insarcinare} task; obligation. atrium s.n. ist, atrium.

atroee I. adj. atrocious, heinous.

II. adv. atrociously, heinously. stroeitate s .f. 1. atrociousness. 2. (ca act) atrocious act, atrocity; dreadful thing, horrible deed/crime. atrofia vb , tr, fi refl. to atrophy. atrofia.tadj. med . atrophied.



a~intire s.(. directing etc. v. atinti.

athitit I. adj. fixed, intent, riveted. iI. ado: fixedly, intently. a~ipeala s.f. doze, drowse, forty winks, nap.

a~ipi vb. intI'. to doze/drowse off, to fall into a light slumber; to get forty winks.

atlta ob . tr • 1. (a aprinde) to light, io kindle; (a inte!i) to stir, to poke, to trim, to mend, to rake. 2. fig. to fan, to stir up, to add fuel to; (a asmusi} to set; (a instiga) to instigate, to incite.

alitare s.f. lighting etc. v. at tt a.

aptat adj. stirred, fanned, set; [instigat } incited, instigated.

atitlitor I. adj. ins tigating, instigative etc. v. a ~ ita. II. s.m; instiga tor, F firebrand. ® ,_, la razboi warmonger, instigator/ fQ· menter of war.

atos adj. fibrous.

au I. ado . c-Ln» . possibly j perhaps.

II. conj. (sau)+-inv. or. Ill. inter], oh I ah l

audla ob , tr . 1. JUT'. to examine, to interrogate, to hear. 2. [cureuri] to attend. 3. (a ascu.lta] to listen to, to hear.

audibilita.te s .f. audibility, audibleness.

8udient s.m. unattached student, F--7tosher.

audienta s . f. audience: @ '! fi pr~mit In _, to be received III audience.

audiere s.f. examination, hearing

etc. v. au d i a.

auulomstru s.n. audiometer. audlovtzual adj. audio-video, audltlv adj. anal. auditory. auditor s.m. listener.

auditoriu s.n. 1. (sola} auditorium, auditory. 2. (persoane) audience, auditory, public.

8uditie sf. hearing, audition j (concert) concert. Clll prima _, first hearing.

augment s.n. Lingo: augment. augmentativ ~adj. ling»; augmentative.


atrolle s.f. med. atrophy. atrofiere s.f. atrophying; atrophy. Btropina s .f. chim, atropin(e).

atu s .n. ~ i fig. trump; fig. the best card.

atune! ado: 1. then, at that time; in those times. 2. (dec i) (well) then; consequen t1y; so; therefore. 3. (in aces! cas} in that case, then. ® """ cind ... when ... at a time when ... @ chiar [tocmai ,_, just then j chiar ~ etnd;., even when ... ; at the very moment (when) ... ; de ,..., since (then), since that time; pe ,_, then; about that time; pina ,_, till/until then; ~i ,_,? and what then? tot """ at the same time;. simultaneously.

atii s.f. 1. (in diferi te sensuri} thread. 2. bot. fibre, thread, filament. @ ca pe "", .... F directly, straight; cusut cu ,.., alba <-F obvious, easily seen through; din fir p inii In ,...., F the long and the short of it; mai mult ,..., dectt fata threadbare j nici cit un fir de ,_, ..... F nothing at all; fina la un fir de ,..., F to a hairjnicety. © a intinde ala to stretch the tether; a se tine/a sta numai tntr-un fir de ,..._, to hang by a slender/thin thread; e rnai scumpa. ata dectt [asa the game is not worth the cand le ; tl trage ata acolo he can't help going there, it's stronger than he. ([l nu, tntinde ata ea ee ru pe a bow too tightly strung will break.

atica s.], sort of cheap cotton fabric. atine I. ob . tr . @ a ,..._, drumul etc. cuioa to be on the watch for smb., to be ill wait for srnb., to waylay 8mb.; (a prinde) to catch smb. II. vb, refl. to watch; (a fi gata] to be ready. ® a ee ,.." dupii ... a, to watch ... , to be on the watch for ... b. (a urmdri] to follow ...

atinti I. ob, tr, 1. to direct, to fix, to rivet; (a contlen,ra) to concentrate, to focus. 2. (0 arma} to aim. © a-si ~ oohii asupra (eu gen.) to fix one's eyes on ... ; to gaze/stare at... ll. vb . refl. to stare, to look fixedly/intent4 ly.

augur I. S.n. augury, omen. ® de bun ,..., auspicious; de rau. _ boding, ominous, of ill omen. n. 8.m. augur.

augu.st" s.m. August.

august' adj. august, majestic. aui vb , intr, v. h a u i ,

aula e.], uni". assembly hall. lecture room.

aur s.n. 1. gold, chim. aurum. 2. col. gold, money, wealth. (1il de ,.., 8. gold ... b. fig. poetic golden; (d. cineoa} (as) good as gold; epoca de ,..._, the Golden Age; mina de ,_, ~i fig'. gold mine; miini de ,_, hands of gold. © a pliiti eu _, to pay in gald.

aurar S.m. 1. goldsmith. 2. (bil.

ies ] gold washer. aura s.f. aura, halo.

aurarle sf. col. golden ware. aureolat adj. haloed.

aureola s.{. aureola, glory, halo. aureomicina s.f. aureomycin.

auri vb, tr , ~i fig. to gild.

aurieul s.n. anal. auricle. auricular adj. 1. anal. auditory,

acoustic. 2. (d. mar tori) auricular.

aurioulit s.(. anaL external ear. auriter adj. auriferous, geld-bearing. aurire sf .. gilding.

aUfit adj. 1. gilded, gilt. 2. v. au r i u.

auriu adj. 1. golden. 2. fig. golden; bright, brilliant.

aurora s.f. dawn, daybreak, aurora. ® ,_, borealii Aurora Borealis, northern lights.

ausculta vh, tr . med. to examine by auscultation, to sound. auscult!t~je s.f. med, auscultation. auspiciu s.n. ist, auspice. (ill sub auepiciile (cu gen.) under the auspices/patronage/aegis of ... j 'sub cele mai bune auspicii under the most favourable auspices.

austor adj. (d. cineva) stern; (d.

via1a) .austere ; (d. stii] severe. auster itate s.f. sternness; austerity. austral adj. austral,southern. australian adj., s.m, Australian. eustelac adj., s.m. Austrian. austru s.n. southern sau south-

-western wind (in Romania).


au~el 11 .m~ omit. (gold- ) crested wren, kinglet (Regulus eristatus},

aut adv. spar! out. ..

sutarhie I. ad}. autarchic (al) . H. ado: autarchically.

antarhte s .f. autarchy.

autentle ad} _ authentic, genuine; (d." eopie] certified, ex~~plified. autenticitatll s.], authenticity, genuineness.

autcntilica vb. tr . to authenticate,

to legalize, to certify.. .

autentilicares.f. authcntfcation etc.

v, aut e n t i ric a. .

auto adj. motor ... ; automobile ... autoadminlstra vb. refl. to be self-

-governed. ..

autoamagires.{.so]f-deluslOn, iridulging in illusions ; self-complacency.

Rutoapiirare s.f. self-defence. autoapr iadere s:f- ~I!0ntaneous combustion, self-lgmtiOn. 8utob:tSllul(ant)a s.f. dump truck.

tip(ping) lorry. .

autobaza 11 .f. mechanical transport

depot, m~tor depot: .

autobiograflO I. ad}. au~oblO~phic(al). II. ado . autobiographically.

autobiogralie s.f. autobiography; fig. personal record, background. autobltndat s.n. armoured car. autobuz s.n. bus; (pt. curse lungi) coach. © a pierde <u] F to miss the bus.

8utoca.mion s.n. (motor) lorry, load carrier, amer . truck. uutoeamloneta s.f. light motor truck. autocar S.n. 1. (motor) char-a-banc, (motor) coach. 2. intercity bus. antoeefal ad}. autocephalous. autocfsterna s.f. (motor) tank waggon , road tank-car/tanker, amer ,

tank truck, trucktank.

RutoclavA 5.'. autoclave, sterilizer,


autocenservare s.]; self-preservation. autocrat s.m. autocrat.

autocratic I. adj. autocratic. II. ado . autocrat.ieally_

autoorajte s.], autocracy.

autoerltic I; adj. selt-cri tical. H. ado: self-critically.

autocritica s.{. self-criticism. @ a-IIi face autocritica to pass selt-criti-


cism one's activity, to apply self-criticism.

autodsl't'i s.n. auto-da-Is ; [rel; si ) pyre, bonfire.

autodemasea ob_ rell, to expose oneselC .

autodemascare s .f. self-exposure. RutodeseArcare s.f. tipping, self-unloading.

autodescarcator ad}. dump (truck), tip/tipping (lorry etc.). autodeterminare s.f. self-determination.

autodidact 5 .m. self- taught/-educated person, autodidact.

autodistrugere s.], self-destruction. autodrezinA s.f. [eroo . auto track car, railcar, track motor car. autoduba sf. motor van. autotseundare s.], biol. self-fertili-


antotlnantare s.], self-financing. autoflageia pb. refl. to whip o nes elf . autoUagelare s.], self-flagellation. alltoturgoneta s .f. pick-up truck,

Iight/srnall .lorry ,

autogara s.f. bus terminal. autogenii. adj. @ sudura ~ autogenous welding.

autogir s.n. a;>. autogyro , autogiro. 8.utograt I. adj. autograph(ic). II. s .n. autograph.

autoguverna "b. refl . to be self-governed/-governing.

autohton I. adj. autochthonous, aboriginaL II. s.m. native. autoimpunere s.], self-taxation. autotnetntare s .], self-admiration! -complaceneyj-Ilattery I-deception!

-dolusion/ -dece it.

o.utolinistire s.f. complacency. automat·I. adj. automatic; mechanical; (d. aparale) self·ading;/-moving. @ pu~ca ~a mil. sub-machine I F tommy gun. arner. machine carbine. II. S.n. 1. automaton; seU-acting apparatus; automat.ic machine; [pen tru. tigari etc .} slot machine. 2. fig. automaton, a mere machine.

automatic ad}. automatic. automatism s.n. automatism. automatiza "b. tr • to automatize. automatlzare s.], psih. automati-

zation; (in industria] automation.


automobH I. adj. selj-propelling. lI. s.n. (motor) car, amer. automobile ; (de btlci ) dodg'em car; (de }oacli) go-kart. ® ~ blindas mil. armoured car; ,.._, de curse racing car; ~ sport (two-seater) run about, roadster. CD [abrica. de ~ automobile/ motor works, car plant.

automobilism s.n. motoring, au-


automobtllst s.m. motorist. automobllistie adj. motort-car) ... automotor s.n. [eroo ; motorailsr,

motor railway engine; self-propelling railway carriage. automultumlre s.f. self-satisfaction, complacency.

automuttla vb.refl. to maim oneself, to inflict a wound upon oneself.

autornutilara s.f. self-inflicted disability /wound.

autonom adj. autonomous, self-governing.

antonumle sf. 1. autonomy, self-government, independence. 2. ap. flight range.

autoobservw-e s.], self-analysis, introspection; self-control. autopl&stie s.], moo. autoplasty, plastic surgery.

autoportret s ,x , self-portrait, autoportrait,

autoportretizare s.], description of oneself.

autopropulsat, autoprnpulsor adj. self- prope lled/-propelling.

autopsie s.,. autopsy, post-mortem (examination).

auter s.m. 1. author, maker; creator. 2. (al unui proiect] contriver, promoter. 8. {at unei scrieri] author, writer. 4,. (al unei crime) perpetrator. <D drept de ....., copyright.

autorapid s .n. diesel-driven/-engined l: powered train.

8utoreclami s.f. self-advertisement. @a-!ji face ,..., to ring one's own

bell. .

autoreglsj s .n., autoreg18l'e s.]; self-adjustment; automatic regulation ; self-regulation.


autoritar I. adj. authoritative. II. ad". authoritatively.

autoritate s.f. 1. authority. 2. pl ; authorities, F->the law. @ En mtna autoritatilor in the hands of the law. @ a a;>ea ,...., to carry «great) authority; a avea ~. asupra feu gen.) to have authority over ... ; a da pe mina autoriuitilor to have the law of (8mb.); care 88 bucurii de ~ of much account; a fi 0 ,...., En materie de .•. to be an authority on ...

Dutoriza ob, tr , 1. to authorize; (a permite] to allow, to permit. 2. [pe cineoa} to authorize, to empower.

alttorizare s.], authorization etc. v. aut 0 r i z a.

autorizat adj _ authorized; (d. 0 tradueere etc.} authoritative; (serios}. reliable.

Butorizatie s .f. permit; (de "inZAIre ete.] licence.

autosBnltara s.], (motor) ambulance, ambulance car.

Rutoserviie II .f. 1. self-service. 2. (ca magazin } self-service store; (bufet eu ~) cafeteria.

Dutostop e .n. 1. (stop) traffic lights. 2. [eroo . block signal. a. hitch-hiking, hitch hike. @ eu .-ul hitch hiking.

autostrada s.f. autostrada, uiourr] arterial highway, amer, superhighway. ® ~ cu doua bensi dual-dual highway, dual carriage-way.

8utostropitosro s.f. watering cart. Imtosugesties.f. autosuggestion. autotipie s.f.poligr. autotypy. Butotractor S.n. motor tractor; agrl-


autoturlsm s.n. touring car, (motor) car, passenger car.

autovaccin s.n. autogenous vaccine. Butovehieuls.n. motor vehicle, autocar, power-driven vehicle. auxiliar adj. auxiliary; [suplimentar) supplementary; {aditional] additional.

BUZ s.n , hearing.@ la .....,ul (eu gen.) on hearing ... © a-i lull. cuiva ~ul to deafen smh.

auzi I. ob, tr, to hear; (a afla) to learn; fa i se spune) to be told.


© de let cine ai ,_,t astat from whom did YOll hear that? am ~I asta chiar de la ea I have it from her own III outh; cine a mai ,_,t asa cevo? who ever heard of such things? am ,_,t ca •.. I have heard I I hear/I have been told that ... ; a nu "rea sa audii ceoa to be deaf to smth.; am - too cu urechile mde I heard it with my own "aI'S; a ,_, un zgomot to hear a noise. II. pb. refl. pas. to be heard; (d. zoonuri ) to be spread abroad. © se auzea musca you might hear a feather/ pin drop; .se auzea ca .•. it was rumoured! reported that ... TIL pb. intr, to hear. ® a ,_, dejdespre ..• to hear of ... , to get wind of .. ' © aud? F what? nici nu oreau sa aud de asa cepa I won't hear anything about it; sa "'m de bine! good-bye! F so long! nu aude de 0 ureche he is deaf of one ear; auzi I F (just) fancy I auzi? do you hear? a nu ,... bine to be hard/dull of hearing.

auz it s.n. hearing. @ din ,_,e by I from hearsay.

aval' S .n . lower p art of a stream; @ In ~ downstream.

ava!2 S.II. com. endorsement on a bill.

avalan~ii s.], 1. avalanche. 2. fig. avalanche, shower.

avan I. adj. terrible, awful; [rdu] wicked; (crud) cruel. II. ado, terribly, awfully.

avaugurdli s.f. 1. mil. advanced detachment/guard; vanguard. 2. fig. vanguard. 3. lit. etc. avant-garde. @ in a9angarda (cu gen.) in the van of ... ; de ~ vanguard ... , leading; progressive, advanced, forward-looking.

nvangartllsm s .n. vanguardism. avaugardlst s.m. vanguard ist. avanport s.n. nao. outer harbour. avanpust s .n , mil. outpost. avanpremlera s .], teatru dress re-


avans s.n. 1. com. advance (money), 2. tehn. advance; feed(ing). 3. pl. advances, overtures, approaches.


4. sport start. © a apea un ,._, (ata de ... to get the start of ... ; a face cuiva <uri to make advances! overtures to smb.'; a respinge <urile euioa to repel smb.'s advances.

avansa I. (lb. intr, 1. (a inainta} to ad vance, to move forward. 2. (a progresa ] to advance, to progress, to get on, to make headway, to go forward. 3. (in slujba) to advance, to be promoted; On grad) to advance in rank. TI. ob , II'. 1. (pe cineoa} to promote. 2. (bani) to advance; to pay in advance.

avansare s.f. promotion etc, v. a van sa.

avansat I. adj. advanced. TI. e.m • advanced student.

avauscena s .f. teatni proscenium, forestage, apron.

avanta] s.n. advantage.

avantaja vb . tr . to favour. © haina aceasta il aoantajcasa he looks best in this coat.

a vantajare s.{. favouring.

Ilvantajat adj. 1. (fata de) enjoying an advantage (over); favoured. 2. sport who has been given odds. © e '" fata de tine he has an advantage over you.

avantajos I. adj. advantageous, favourable. II. ado; advantageously, to advantage.

avantrcn s.n. fore-carriage.

avar I. adj. 1. miserly, avaricious. 2. ist. Avar, II. s.m, 1. miser, niggard, F->screw. 2. ist. Avar. avarla I. ob . tr. to damage, to spoil.

n. ob, refl. to deteriorate.

avarle sf damage, injury; acci-

den t; failure.

avariere s.], damaging.

avaritie e .t, avarice, stinginess. avats.m. iht. rapacious carp (Asp ius

aspius ),

avea I. ob, tr , 1. to have, F-+ to have got; (a poseda] to possess, to be possessed 01; (a se bucura de) to enjoy. 2. (a fi eompu8 din) to consist of, to be composed of. 3. (a purta ) to carry; (haine) to wear. 4.(a [i de 0 anumita ituillime etc .] to be ... high etc. 5.


(a simti) to feel. 6. (a fi autorul) to be the author of. ® a ...., sa! de .. _ to have to ... © ce ai? what's the maf.ter with you? cc ai eu mine? what do you want of me? are 15 ani he ts fifleen (years old); a ,.._, de toatc to live in affluence; n-are nimio l F it doesn't matter! never mind I ce-am. a~ut fi ce-am pierdut good riddanoe to bad rubbish. TI. fib. aux. to have. © am [ost I have been; am sa ma due I shall go. III. vb . refl. © a se ...., bine eu cineca to stand well with smh., to be on good terms with smb.; a ee ...., riiu. au cineva to stand ill with srnb., to be on bad terms with smb .

aventura ob . refl: to expose oneself, to take too many risks. ® a se ~ tn .•. to ventnre into .•.

aventura s.(. 1. adventure. 2. (amorousii} intrigue; (love) affair. ® ,.._, militarista military gamble. Qll roman de aventuri adventure novel, romance, thriller.

aventurier s.m. adventurer; soldier of fortune.

aventur lsm s.n. recklessness, gamble, dare-devil spirit.

aventnros adj. adventurous, venturesome, dare-devil.

avere s.f. fortune, wealth; (bani) money; (bunuri) goods (and chattels); [proprietate} property. ® ,...., imobila immovable property, chattels real; ,.._, mobila movable property, chattels (personal); ,.... mobilii 'Ii imobila movable and im-

movable property.

avers s.n. observe (of a coin).

averSQ s.f. sudden shower, downfall,


averslune s .f. (faN de) aversion (to/for/from), dislike (to/for/or).

avertismeut s .n. warning; (1111'!iiruore ) notice. ~ mustrare seoerii eu ,.._, severe reprimand and warning.

avertiza vb . tr, to.warn, to caution; (a ins tiinia] to tell emb . beforehand, to give smb , notice. avertizare s.]; warning etc. v. a v e rt i z a.


avertizor s.]. tehn; alarm signal. aviasan s.n. emergency air service, ambulance plane (service). aviatic adj. air ... , aircraft ... @ baw ~a air base.

aviator s.m, flier, flyer, airman, aviator; pilot.

avialie s.f. aviation; (torta aeruina) air force, aircraft. ® ....., ci()ilii civil aviation; ~ de bomberdament bombing aircraft; '" derecunoaftere reconnaissance aircraft; ,._. de transport transp ort aircraft; ....., de vinatoare fighting aircraft; ,._. utili tara utility/service aircraft. @ regimen! de ,..., air-forcesquadron.

avteuttor s.m, poultry farmer/ breeder.

avicultura s.f. poultry raising/farming.

avid I. adj. greedy, keen, eager; avid.

IT. ado; greedily, with avidity.

Iniditate s.]; greed (iness), avidity. eagerness, keenness.

avion s.n. (air)plane, aeroplane, aircraft. ® ....., eu reactie jet plane, rocketfjet-propelled plane r e-, de asalt strike plane;,._ de bombardament bomber, bombing plane; bomb carrier r-« de pasageri air liner, passenger aircraft; ,.._, de recunoastere scouting plane;....., de transport commercial/transport plane; ,._. de pinatoare fighter (plane) ; - sanitar ambulance plane. @ prin ,._. by air mail.

avionetll s.], light plane/aircraft. ® ....., sanitara ambulance plane, aerial ambulance.

Bvita.minozQ s.f. med. avitaminosis, vitamin deficiency.

aviz s.n. 1. note; notice, notification, intimation; com. advice, note. 2. (sfat) advice; (piirere) opinion, reference; [punct de vedere} point of view.

a.viza I. pb. Ir. to give smb. notice; (a aoertiza} to warn ; (a f"1tiinea) to inform. II. pb. intr, (a hotart} to decide.

Bvizare s.f. warning etc. v. a viz a. a vizier s .11.. notice/bulletin/poster board.


avint s ;n . 1. (la fuga) running shirt; [la salt) running jump; (la planjare) running dive; (salt) spring, bound, dash. 2. {desooltare] raising, development; [progres} advance, progress; (!nflorire,j, ec.). boom; (elan) elan, upsurge. 3. (impuls) impetus, momentum: (en tuziasm) enthusiasm; (lnsuflejire) animation. ® ~ reoaluiionar revolutionary enthusiasm; ~ul continuu al economiei nationale the continuous progress/advance/rise of the national economy. @ cu ~ a. (facZndu-~ip!nt) amain. b. fig. enthusiastically; un nour-« in muncii a new upsurge in labour activity; in plin ~ in full swing of development, on the rise. © a lua ~ to gather momentum; a lua un mare ~ to advance/progress by leaps and bounds; to make great strides; a realiza un ~ rapid al productiei agricola to bring about a rapid advance/a sharp rise in agricultural production; a munci cu ~ to work wholeheartedly (enthusiastically, to work with a will; a sari cu ~ to take a running jump; corbea cu mult ,.., he spoke with great animation.

avinta I. ph. 11'. 1. to push. 2. (a insufleti } to inspirit; (a Inpiora) to enliven. II. ob . refl. to rush, to dart, to dash, to soar.

&vintllt adj. enthusiastic; (d. zbor} soaring; (exaltat) exalted.

&vocat 0$ .m. 1. advocate; attorney and couusel lor-at-Iaw ; (pledant) barrister; [al apariirii) pleader, counsel for the defence.· 2. (In Anglia) [pledant de profeeie 1a curtile judeeatorefti) advocate; (licentiat in drept, putind pleda In instante superioare] barrister; [la curtile obisnuite} counsel; (jurisconsult care tndrumeaziielienJii. pl'egateffe dosarele pentru. barristers, dar nu apare va avoca! deett tn unele instante inferioare] solicitor; tnv._ attorney; [prost] F~pettifogger. 3. fig. advocate, champion; supporter; [iniermediar} interceder; mediator, QiI colegiu. de avo-


cati Bar Association; corpul ar>ocafilor the (whole) body of barristers, the Bar. © a deoeni ~ to be called to the bar; a pleda ca ~ to plead as an advocate.

IIvocaturii s .f. legal/lawyer's protcs-

sion , the Bar. .

BVQCatese adj. lawyer's ... , concerning the Ear.

Bvocate~te s.f. like a lawyer. avoeatlme s.f. the (whole) body of barristers, the Bar.

avnrt S JI.e (spontan) miscarriage; [prove cat} (procured) abortion.

BVOI·ta (lb. intr . to miscarry, to abort. avorton s.m. abortion; freak, monster.

&vramcascli sf. bot. v. ve n i n ar i t ii.

Ilvuabil adj. avowable.

avut I. adj. well-off, rich, wealthy.

II. s.n. v. a v ere. ® ~ obetesc national/public property.

IIvu}ie s.f. wealth.

ax s . n. 1. tehn.axle, spindle, shaft, bolt. 2. constr , beam. 3. (la pendule} staff.

axavb. tr.,.irefl.,.i fig. {peitn jurul} to centre (round).

axare s.f. centring.

axA s .f. axis. ® axa y·ilor mat.


axial adj. tehn, axial.

IIxilar adj. anat., bot. axillary. axiomatic I. adj. axiomatic(al). II.

ado . axiomatically. 8xiomil. s.f. axiom. azalee s.f. bot, azalea.

Bzbest s.n. mineral. asbestos, rack wool.

asbuche s.f. fig. ABC, the three r's. &zi ado: v. as t ii z i. ® r-e-mline one of these days. @ de - inainte from nDW on, henceforth,henceforward; de ,..., pe mltn. from hand to mouth.

azil s.n. 1. asylum; [pentru batrtni, saraci} alms-house. 2. fig. asylum, place of safety, refuge, shelter. ® ,..., de nebuni lunatic asylum; ,..., de noapte night shelter, F_dosshouse; [piesa lui Gorki) The Lower Depths: ...... politic political asylum.




@ drept de -- right of sanctuary. © a acorda ~ politic to grant political asylum.

Ilzimlis.(. unleavened bread, azym(e). azimut s .n , astr . azimuth.

&zot s.n. chim . nitrogen.

azotat chim . I. adj. nitrogenous. II. s.m. nitrate.

8Z0tiC adj. chim, nitric. Q3I acid ~ nitric acid.

asotes adj. nitrous. @ acid ,._ n itrous acid.

azur s.n. azure, blue. azurtu ad}. azure.

A, Ii S.m. the second letter of the Romanian alphabet.

ai(a) adj. demo masc . pl., pron. demo mase. pl. F. V. c e i.

Al adj. dem., pran. demo I?~ V. eel.

Ala. adj. demo mase. /Ii neutru, pron, demo mase. IIi neutru F. v. ace I a.


azvirli I. vb , !I'. (a o,l"uncaj to fling; (afara) to throw out; (in sus) to throw up. @ (hun) de ~t not worth a fig/a rap, not fit for a dog. © nu e de ~t F it's not half bad, not so dusty. U. ob . refl. (a 5e arunca} to fling oneself. III. vb. intr . (d. animale] to kick. ® a ~ cu ... V. 3 run c a cu ...

azvirlire s.], flinging etc. V. a z - vi r I i.

azvirliti:i s.f. © a da de-a azvirl ita cu to toss up and down. azvirlitura s.], throw. @ la 0 ~ de bal at a stone's throw.


liliilalt pron . demo masc, F. V. c e ] til a I t.

Ast adj. dem ..... tn(). V. ace s t. asta adj. dem., pron. demo +- F v. a c e s t a.

ihtUa.lt I. adj. dem.<-F this. II. pron , demo ..... F this one.

a~tia adj. demo mase. pl.., pron. demo masc . pl. F V. a c e s t i a.

8, b 8.m. B, b the third letter of the Romanian alphabet.

ba ad". 1. (nu) no, inv.-+nay; < oh no I no sure! indeed/certainly notl (nol) a thousand times nol; [dimpotriva] on the contrary; (nicidecum) by no means, on no account; [dcloc} not at all. 2. (da) oh yes; of course I do etc.;

yes, yes) To be sure; indeed, I shall etc.; I am, etc., though; [politicos) I beg your pardon, to be sure! without doubt; F rather; 8. (mal mult dectt alit) moreover, fnv.-+ nay. ® ~ "_ '""' ... now ... then ... ,

now... now , alternately, by

turns, half half ... ; ~ aici,

~ acolo now here, now there i>b inc ca nu ! (oh) yes, certainly! F (why) to be sure ! sure enough' by' all means I I daresay 1 shouldn't 17 rather I didn't I just ... ?; ~ ca ehiar [nicidecum} by no means! [spune-i lui mutu] F tell it to the marinos l [e posibil'i } can it be true? (nu se poate} you don't say sol F just fancy) (nici n-am pomenit a§a ceva] well, I never!; ~ ehiar ... even ... ; ~ de ce nu? (and) why not?;. ~ din pri<;ina ... (eugen.) what with ... and with ... ; _ tnclijchiar/~i/ee sic and what is more; (pe linga asia) besides; _ incoace , ~ tncolo here and there, to and fro, now to the right, then to the left;~ nu a. oh no! b. [nicidecum} by no means (whatever), not at all; ~tu,~turditto, brother smut I; ~ una, ,.._, alta first this thing then that. @.da ori ~ yes or no. ® a raspunde ~ to answer in the negative; a spune ,._, not to agreejconsent ; to object;


~ unii mai spun cil ... moreover, some say that ... ; mergi ori ~? do you go or not?; N:« flieut et asta? - Sa da "Didn't he do that?" "Indeed he did it."; - Sper ed nu te griibe~ti. - Ba da. "You are not in a hurry I hope?" "I am, though."

boba s.f. nav. mooring, hitts, bollard.

babao(ii) s.m. 1. F dad, pop; pl. the old folks. 2. $1. 1M. a 1,000 lei banknote. ® trai ; neneaco , eu banii babachii apro«. to live in clover! on the fat of the land.

babal ie s.m, F peior, dry old stick, old dugout/crock.

bahan adj. F king-size, whacking, thumping, sizable, considerable.

baM s.f. 1. old woman, mother. 2. peior. dam, gossip, crone, Fold hag, harridan; [apelatio } matron, P gammer, my dear old woman, F grandma, granny, dame; (fara dinfi) F old mother Gum. 3. (d. un bdrbat] peior . milksop, a regular old woman. 4. [satie] F my old lady, my mistress /Missia, rib; (baba lui) F his good lady; (apelatio} F wifie, (dear) old girl. 5. (bunica)+-reg. grandmother. 6. Babelll the first 9 or 12 days of March when, according to the popular belief, Bob a Dochia shakes off her [urcoats one by one. 7. [grindii. de lemn } wooden beam. 8. ilit . miller's thumb, (river) bullhead [Coitus gobia). 9. [copcii] hook. 10. COM!r. crossbeam. ® baba gaia follow my leader; baba hlrca lcloanta R. peior. F beldam(e), harridan, hellcat. b. (I'riijiloare) witch, peior, hag; baba mija hide-and-seek,'


baba-aarba blindman's buff;

.lji mOf [copci} hook and eye, @ ciinele-babei entom. slater, sow bug [Oniscus asellue] ; eoltul-babei bot. caltrap, caltrop (Tribulus} ; silele babeilbabelor v. S. ® a se juca de-a btiba-oarba to play at blindman's buff; If i scuturii Baba Dochialbaba cojoctd P Mother Carey is plucking her geese; ce mi-e baba Bodo, ee mi-e Rada. baba F it is six of one and half a dozen of the other, < there is not a pin to choose be" tween them.

babbit s.n. met. babbitt.

babetll s , f.L crone, (fussy) old wornan. 2. [p entrti copii) v. b a v etil.

babetlcli. s.f. v. h a vet a.

babic s,n . kind of flat-shaped highly'seasoned mutton salame, babilonlan adj. ist . Babylonian. babilonie s.f. Babel, chaos; [zarod] confused noise, hubbub, F row,


babitA e.], 1. ornit. common pelican [Pelecanus onocrotalus }, 2. bot. female agaric (Po 1 yporus ignarius }, 8. bot. male agaric (Polyporus [omentarius },

bubo! s.m. ih.t, 1. (European) perch (Perea [luoiatitis ), 2. (pefte mnrunt) (fish) fry.

babord s .n . nap. port, larboard. bllbornitii. s .f. (babii) F old hag, harridan.

babose sf. omit. v. b a b i t. a 1. babuin s.m. zool, baboon (Cynocephalus).

babu~eii. s.f. iht; 1. roach, red eye [Leuciscus rutilus}, 2. v. b abo i. ® ~ rosie iht . plain/red surrnullet [Mullu» barbatus },

baei S.n. ferry (boat).

bac' s.n. teh.n, cheek, jaw. ® ~ de celuld electrol itieii electro accumulator box; ~ de filetat/filiera threading die; <-scaiandr« na9. diving boat.

bacalilureat I. s.n. school-leaving examination (qualifying smb , for higher studies j. ® a-si da <ul to go in for one's school-leaving exam. ination. II. s.m. person who has


passed the "bacalaureat" v. ~ I.; graduate.

baeanale s.f. pl . .lji fig. 13 acchanals,

Bacchanalia, orgies.

baeantll s.f. bacchante, maenad. baeara! s .f. baccara(t).

baeara" s.f. crystal made at Baccarut.

bacll s.], bot. berry, bacca,

bacau e.m, @ a-si gasi ~l F to get into hot water/into a scrape. baeeea sf. peior . v. b a b a I i c. baceell "b. refl. F to become an old dugout/crock.

bachclita s .f. bakelite.

bae] e.m, shepherd in charge of a.


baei! s .m ; bioi. bacillus. bacilar adj. bioi. bacillar(y). baciliform adj. bacilliform.

baeilozll s .f. med, bacillus infection. bae lava s.f. baklava, baklawa. bac~l~ s.n. tip, gratuity, douceur ;

drink money; baksheesh. © a da cuira un ~ to give smb. a gratuity, to give smb. srnth, for himseIr, F to tip smb ,

bacterian ad}. bioi. bacterial. baeterleld 1. adj. bactericidal. H,

s.n. bactericide.

baeteric s.], biol. bacterium. bacteriofag s.m. bacteriophage. baetcriofagie sf; bacteriophagy. baeter lolog e.m, bacteriologist. bacteriologie adj. bacteriological. bacteriologie s.f. bioi. bacteriology. bacteriostatic biol . I. 8.'1. bacterios-

tat. II. adj. bacteriostatic. baeultt 8.m. geol . baculite.

bade s.m. +-P 1. (frate mai mare) elder brother; (apelativ) brother. 2. ("prietene") my friend, Fold man ; ("domnule") Mister... 8. [iubitut fdriincii) lover, sweetheart, F poetic swain. .

badijona ob , tr , med , to paint. badijonaj s.n., badijonare s.f. med; painting.

badinerie s.], 1. jest, fun: banter(ing). 2. muzo badinerie, badinage.

bae ... v , b ai e ...

baedeker $ .n. trave lier 's guide ( . book). baltii I. s.], (noroc) good luck, F a

good swim, < drunkard's luck;


[neasteptaui ) Fluck. @ a avea ~ +-F to be lucky, to be in luck; a se face de ~ to make a fool of oneself, to become everybody's Iaughing-stock. II. in tel) . good luck/chance!

haga s.f. tortoise/turtle shell.

bagaj s.n. 1. luggage, mil. amer. baggage. 2. fig. stock, @ ~ de cuno{ltinte (stock of) knowledge/ information. © a-~i [ace r-ele a. to pack up. b. fig. F to pack off (bag and baggage).

bag-ate II! s.], 1. trinket. 2. fig. trifle, trifling/insignificant matter, small change, cherry stone, a mere nothing. 3. muzo bagatelle.

bagateli~a vb. tr . to slight, to mini-


baga1elizare s.], slighting.

bagdadie s.{. -reg. [tacan } ceiling. bagheta s], 1. (oergea) wand, rod,

switch ; (beti~or) stick; [fermecaui] charming rod, magic wand; (a cauliilorilor de comori} diviningj dowsing rod. 2. muzo (conductor's) baton. 3. tehn . rod. 4. arhit , moulding, baguette. o. poligr. tail/head piece. 6. chim, glass stick/rod.

bahie adj. 1. Baechle. 2. metr . bacchiac.

bahna s.], marsh, fen.

bai s.n. [necaz} <-reg. trouble. © lIu-i [niciun )»: it doesn't matter, never mind.

baiadera s.f. bayadere.

baie sf. 1. [tmbaiere ) bath; (in aer liber) bathe, dip (in the sea); [prin «[undare} ducking; [tnot} swim(ming), 2. (ca stabiliment } bathing house/establishment; (camera) bathroom; (cada} bath tub. a. [etuoa] drying stove. '1 e . [minii} mine, pit. o. (recipient etc.) bath. C. tehn., [ot, bath. 7. auto. oi l-panj sump. 8. pl. {izooare minerale] mineral springs, spa; (mare) seaside; (statiune balnearii] bathing/ watering place; (Ia antici} thermae. ®,..., calda warm bath; '" de aburi steam bath; ~ de arama<-j.w. copper mine; ,..., de fixare [rapida} fat. (rapid) fixing bath i-c de mare sea bathing;", denamal mud bath; ,...., de putina (warm) bath in a tub,

F .... tubbing; '" de soare sunbath' '"-: de ~ezut si tz/hip bath; '~fier: binte hot bath; ~ generala fu II bath; ~ rece cold bath; ~ turceascii hammam, Turkish Js team bath. Uitchiw{i de ~ bathing trunks/ slips; costum. de ~ balhing costume/suit, swimsui t; halat de ~ bath gown. @ a face ~ to take/ have a bath; (in aer liber) to bathe; a se duce la bai to go to a spa sau bathing place.

baiera s.f. [curelusd ] band, strap; [snur } (draw) string; (a;ii) thread. ® baierite inimii anat. cardiac blood vessels, (on€'s) heart-strings; bdierile pungii purse strings. © a a»ea nouii biiieri la punga F to be. tighHistedjcufmudgeonly; a striga din (loa/e) baierile inimii to shout at the top of one's voice; a-,'; s!rtnge baierile p ungii to tighten one's purse strings.

baioneta s.], bayonet, side arm. F ..... pigsticker, @ atae la ~, alae cu baioneta bayonet charge. © a str dp unge cu baioneta to bayonet.

bairam s.n. 1. Bairarn , Beiram . 2. fig. F (fine) spread, (good) tuck-in. baironian adj. Byronic.

bait s.n. chim, 1. (tanner's) mordant, bate, drench. 2. [vopsea} stain of caustic.

baiu in ter] , not at all, by no means, certainly not. © a zice ~ nol. to consent/agree, to refuse; eare-i ~l? F what's the trouble/matter? where does the shoe pinch? nu-i nici un ~ F it doesn't matter, never mind, don't bother.

ball s.n. ball; (dans) dance; (costumat) fancy dress ball; {muscat] masked ball. @ regina -culn: the reine of tho ball; rochie de - ball dress. @ dacti-i >«, -sa fie! _F apro x, in for apenny, in for a pound,

bal's.n. [mdsura] bale, package. baladii. s.,. lit., muzo ballad. ® ,...., haiduceasca ballad of outlawry; ~ istoricii historical ballad; ,...., popularii popular ballad.

baladese adj: ba lladt-Iike). balafra s.], SCar (on the face). balalaica s], muzo balalaika.



balama s .f. 1. hinge; tehn: {Ii loop, hasp. 2. fig. {urticulatic} F joint. © a-i sliibi ~lele<-F to lose one's strength, to decay; a-~i iesi din ~le F to fly off tho handle, to get all hot and bothered ; cit tl lin ~lele as far as his strength goes; while he has the guts to do it.

balamue s.n. 1; lunatic asylum, madhouse, F rubber room, booby hatch; (in Anglia si} Bedlam. 2. fig. [zaroii} F devilish row, a devil of a row, hubbub; [dezordine} F muddle, jumble; confusion, disorder.

balang(a) interj. ding-dong!

balanga s-f. cow('s) sau horse ('s) bel I. balans e.n, 1. naP. tossing. 2. v.

b a I an s are.

balansa I. ob . tr. 1. to balance; (sulir-ii. cte.] to poise; (a legdna} to swing, to rock. 2. fig. to (counter) balance. II. ob , reft , to swing, to rock, to sway.

hafansar« s.f. balancing etc. v , b a- 1 a n s a.

balansier S.n. 1. tehn: working beam; (Ia un ceas } balance wheel. 2. min. walking beam, 3. constr . swing support. 4. [eroo . equalizer. o. text. swing lever, 6. min. jack. 7. (al acrobatilor] balancing pole.

baJausina s.f. nap, lift.

balansoar s .n. rocking chair , F. rocker.

balansor s.n. v . b a I an's i € r 1. balanla s-f. 1. balance, (pair of) scales, weighing machine. 2. com. V. b i I a. n t. 3. ec . balance. 4. Balanta astr, Libra, the Scales. 6. fig. balance. ®~ analiticajde precizie analytical balance; ,.._, comercialii com. balance of trade; ~ de plali ec , balance of payment(s); ~ electrodinamica el . ourrent : balance; _ pasioa ee. an adverse balance; _ romanii steelyard, Roman balance; ~ zecimala decimal weighing machine, [ie: decimal balance. @ pod ~ weigh bridge, © a apleca balarqa to tip the scales, to turn the balanoe ; a Jine balarua dreaptii to keep the balance even;


a atirna tn rV fig. to be/hang in the balance.

balaonehes adj. <--glumeJ brown (-faced), < swarthy.

balnst s.n, 1. ballast; [eroo . metal ballast; gravel sand bed; no(>. shingle ballast. 2.{lest} deadwe ght , ballast 3. fig. lumber, worthless stuff.

balasta ()b. tr. [eroo: to ballast (the track}.

balastiera s.f. constr, ballast-pit. balaur s.zn, 1. dragon; (gril'on] griCIirr; [monstru} monster; (eu ;;apte capete} hydra. 2. Balaurul astr.Draco, the Dragon.

balll s.f. 1. [monstru } monster; [balaur] dragon. 2. (fiara) wild beast.

batcaniada sf sport Balkan Games. balcanfsm s.n, Balkanism.

balcanic adj . Balkan ...

baleon s.n. 1. constr, balcony. 2. teo.tru. dress circle. ® ~ F[inii! dress circle; - 1I /doi/a! doilea upper circle.

baldachin s.n. canopy, baldachin

baldaquin . '

bale s.f. pl . slobber, drivel, slabber slaver; [la animale} foam, froth: © Ii curg· -Ie . he slobbers fig. his mouth waters; a umple de ~ pe cineva to slobber (over) smb.

balega s.f. V. b a I i g a.

baleia ob . fr.1. tehn, to scavenge, 2. lei. to scan,

baleiaj s.n. 1. tehn , scavenging. 2. tel, scanning.

balenar S.m. whaler, whaleman. balena s.f. 1. :[;001. whale {Balaena msjsticetue}, 2. Balena astr, Cetus. the whale. 3. {Lameld , pt. guler ] baleen, Whalebone. 4. {la corset) rib. @ os de ~ V. ~ 2. unturi: de ~ whale oil.

balelliera s.], lIu~. whale huat(ship, whaler.

baIereR s.], {b u toias } keg. (small) barrel.

balerin s.m. figurant, (ballet) dancer.

balerinii. s.m, ballet daucer/g ir}, ballerina, fjguran teo


balet s.n. ballet. ® ~ comic comedy ballet. (!j corp de ~ corps de ballet; maes!ru de - ballet master. baletist 8.m. ballet dancer.

billetisti s.], v. b a I e r ina. billiga 8.f. dung, manure, F muck.

® ~ de oaca cow dung/flop/droppings .

balistl s.f. ballista.

balistic adj. ballistic; racheta....,1i

ballistic missile/rocket.

balistlea s .f. ballistrcs.

balistician s.m. ballistician. baliverne s.], pl. F cock-and-bull

stories, old wives' tales; {prostii} F moonshine, fiddlesticks, rubbish. baltza vb . tr, to beacon, to buoy, to mark out.

balizaj e .n, nao . beaconing, buoying, buoyage, marking out; beacons, buoys.

baliza s.f. 1. nav. beaeon , sea mark, ha lize ; (plutitoare) buoy. 2. top. landmark.

balneaf adj. balneary, halneal , watering. @ suuiune ",Ii watering/ bathing place.

baloeoclimat(er)ic adj. 'balneary and


balneolog s.m. balneologist. balneologie s.], balneology. balneeteraple s.f. balneotherapy. halon s.n. 1. a". hat loon. 2. spore

ball. 3 {sticla} balloon flash, bulb. 4.F. (fulgarin) mack (intosh) , raincoat. ® baloane=de sapun soap bubbles; ~ cap tio captive/kite balloon; -de obseroatie war balloon; '" de oxigen oxygen bag/bomb/ flask; ~ de incercare 8. pilot balloon. b. fig. feeler; ~ de protectie mil. barrage balloon; ~ sonda sounding balloon. ® a lua pe cineva in ...., F. to pull smb.'s leg, to cheek smb., to snap one's fingers at smb. balona I. vb . tr , med. to distend. II.

ob . refl; 1. med . to swell, to distend. 2. arhit; to bulge (out).

balonare s.], 1. med. distension. 2. arkit; bulging (out),

balonat adj. swollen, distended; bulging (out).

balonseide, balonzaid s.m. v. b a • Ion 4.

balotl II.n. [ier r-« band iron.


balot! s .a, bale, ballot, pack, balotaj s.n. tie vote, ballotage. balsam s.n. 1. balsam, balm. 2. fig.

balm; consolation. ® - de lulu (balsam of) tolu.

balsamic adj. balsamic, balmy. baIt s.m. Bait.

baltag s.n. 1. (topor mie) (small) hatchet, axe. 2. {balebardd]. odin. halberd.3. (ciomag) club; (ghioa- gil) mace.

baUa s.], 1. marsh, swamp, pool, moor; (lac) lake; [elesteu] pond, pool; {tinut mooirlos} moorland, marsh(y) country; (pamint umed , noroios] (quag)mire, slough, bog, morass; (baltoaca) puddle, plash, mudhole. ® ~ de peste fjsh pond. @ pasdre de - fen fowl. © a cadea ,._, to go phut, to be off; to peg out; a lasa [toate) - to leave (all) in the lurch; II-t) lasam ~ we'll let the matter drop; a rdmine ~ to be left unfinished; to be dropped.

baltic adj. Baltic.

balnstrl\t1a s.f. arhi t, balustrade, rail (ing) ; (la scarii] banisters; (parapet) parapet, {guard) rails, life, line.

balustru e.m: 1. arhit . baluster, rail column, rail(ing) post. 2. teh.n , bow compasses.

balzacian adj., s.m. Balzacian. bama s.], bot. okra, edihle hibiscus, gumbo. (Hibiscus esculentus} ; »t: okra pods.

bambu(s) s.m. bot. bamboo [Bamb u-

sa arundinacea]:

banI s.m. 1. [ca monedii} the hundreth. part of a "leu"; the smallest cain in existence apro:),!. penny, farthing; in~.->groat; (moneda} ooin. 2. pl . rar sg. money; s]; oof, dough, tin, rhino, dust, roll, jack, dihs , chink, F->blunt, peior.->dross, filthy lucre; [monede} coin(s), coinage; [avere] fortune; {mijloace} means. 3. pl. [mita] bribe, sl . soap. ® ~i de aramii copper (money); ~i de blizunar pocket/pin money; ~i de hirtie paper money; ~i fa~i false/counterfeit/phoney money; ,.....,i gheatd ready money, (hard/ cold) cash; ""i marunJi change,


small money/coin; ~i potrlvit i change; ~i publici public funds. Qj) casa de -i (iron) safe; crlza de ~i monetary crisis; F->straitened circumstances; cu __ i I. adj. moneyed, well-to-do, well-off, in easy circumstances. H, ado . by/on/in/ with cash, cash down; fara ~i I. adj. out of cash, short of money, moneyless, < hard up, penniless. II. adv . (gratis) free of charge, for nothing, gratuitously; lipsa de ~i shortnessj F->pinch of money, pecuniary embarrassmen t; oameni cu ",i moneyed people, men of substance, F->goldbugs, moneybags. © nu are un singur ~ he hasn't II penny (piece) to bless himself with; a a~ea (multi) -i to have plenty of money; F->to be flush of money; a da ~i ell. doMnda to lend (out) money at/on interest; a da cu ~ul to spin a coin, to draw lots; to leave it to chance, to trust one's good fortune; a nu. da un ~/doi -i pe cera to hold smth. cheap; nu face un ...., it isn't worth a groa t/ farthing/rap; a investi -i to invest money; a mi nca ~i cu lingura F to roll in money, to be made 01 money; astringe ....,i to hoard up money; iel'i cu ",jj! F down the dust! a inota tn -i F to roll in money. to be made of money; a plait pina la ultimu! ,..... to pay to the uttermost farthing; <-ii nu conteazd la el money is no object with him. @ ....,ul e ochiul dracului aproa . money is the root oC all evil; -ul n-are miros money never sme lls badly; ~ la ~ trage money begets money.

ban2 s.m. ist . ban.

banal I. adj. commonplace, banal, trite/hackneyed ; ordinary; (de fiecare :;;1) workaday, everyday, routine, usual, ordinary, of daily occurrence; [neimportant } trivial. II. ad ... in a banal/commonplace mannen,

banaIltaie s.], banality, truism, cliche, triteness, commonplace; pl. F -> small change/talk.

banalisa I. ob, tr. to trivialize, to vulgarize, to render commonplace.


II. cb , refl, to become trite etc. banal I.

banalizare s.f. trtviatizat iou , vulgarization etc. v, bana I j z a. banan s.m. bot. banana (tree) [Mus« sapien.tium ] .

banana s.], 1. bOI. banana .. 2. electro

terminal, jack, banana pin/plug. hanan ler s.m. bot. V. ban an. banat s.n. ist . hanat(e).

bane' s .n. 1. (de nisip } sand bank/ bai-: (de gkeata ) ico field; (reel!) reef; (de piu,lrij) bed. 2. (de pesti) shoal; (de stridii ) ovsterhed. '

hane2 8.".1. teh.n . bed. 2. (pl. tiinplaric) bench. ® ~ de atelier shop bench; ~ de probii test stand; ~de strung lathe bed.

bane' s.n. 1. {bacara] baccara(I). 2. (gluma) F quip, crank, wisecrack.s--joke, anecdote. 3. [mine!Unii) Iie ; fib; sham, phon(e)):. ® un ~ bUll a side-splitter, a side-sp lit t ing joke; ~ ieftin [pentrugalerie hokurn i-c prost flat joke, joke in bad tas te; Iln ~ riisufla! / feeh; a chestnut, a flat/corny/stale Joke. @ a~a; de r-« F fOl' a lark, (just) fOl' Iun , perfunctorily. © a SPIfM un ~ bun to crack a good joke.

banear adj. banking, bank ... bal1cil s.], (de sezut } bench; (scolard) form; (pupitru) desk ; (a acusatilor ) bar, dock; (in biserica} pew. ® banco. ministeriala (ill Anglia) the Treasury bench. QlI tn prima ~ in the first row.

banca' 8.{. 1. com. bank, banking house/establishment. 2. (la joe) bank. ® ,..., de credit loan bank; ~ de emisiune bank of issue ; Banea de SIal State Bank; ~ nationalii national bank; '" suoursald branch bank. @ac/lonar de ~ holder of bank stock; actiuni de ,..., bank stock; afaceri de ,..., banking (transactions); bilet de ,._, hanknote; cornet de '" bank book; casa de ~ banking house; director de ~ director/manager of a bank; mandat de ~ bank postbi Il, post note. © a sparge banca (la joe) to break the bank; a allea un conI la '" to have an aCCOUIi t open at the bank.


baneher s.m. 1. banker; (mare financiar } financier, F--'>g'oldbug. 2.(la joeuri} banker, keeper of the bank; [crupier ] croupier.

banehet s.n. banquet, feast. bancheta s.f. 1. (backless) bench, settee. 2. tehn., constr , bench, banquette.

banchizil. s.f. ice floe/pack/bank; banchiza the Great Ice Barrier. bllJlenot1'l s.f. banknote, treasury

note. .

banco S.'!-. © a [ace r-« to go banco

(against the bank).

banerut adj., s.m. v. f a lit. baneruta s.f. bankruptcy, insolvency. bandaj s .n , 1. med: bandage, dres-

sing (for a wound); (pt. bernie} truss .. 2. tehn, wheel tyra/rim; aula. flipper, tyre-flap.

bandaja ob . tr , to dress, to bandage (up).

bandajare s.f. dressing (of a wound). bandal s.f. gang, set, pack; (elicit) clique, clan; [ceaiii] troop, party, band, mob. ® ,..., militara military brass band.

"andil~ s.f. 1. band; (f1!jie) strip; (de metal) strap; [panglicd} ribb(ln.2. tel. (pap\!r) tape; (do magnetofon) (magnetic) tape. 3. (de biliard} cushion. 4. (de circulatie] (traffic) lane. ® ~ de cartU!je C!U"tridge belt; ,..., de circulatie v. ~ 4; ~ de [recoente frequency band; ~ de fr ina tehri; brake ban d ; ,..., de mitralierd cartridge belt; ~ de traneportltraneportoare tchn, conveyor (belt), endless band; ,...., izolazoare tehn, insulating tape; ~ rulantil conveyor/conveyer (belt); ,..., sonora cin . sound track; ~ spectraM liz. spectrum band.

baDderilll s.f. banderilla.

bandetol1i s], banderol(e}; (de btrtie) strip/slip of paper; (poligr.) wrapper.

bandied s .f. flag ; banner. .

bandit s.m. 1. bandit, brigand, highwayman; gangster; (asasin) murderer. 2. fig. gangster; ruffian, villain.

bandttese adj. bandit-like; (de jaf) predatory; [ce tine de banditism} highway-robbery ••. @ alae ,...., fi

fig. predatory attack; (Ia drumul mare} highway robbery. bandite~te adv , like a bandit; predatorily.

bandit ism s .n. banditry; brigandage; highway robbery.

bandoteea s.], library of recorded tapes.

bandula s.], nao. reeving line. banduliera s.f. mil. shoulder be It/ strap, cross belt. @ arma in ~ I sling arms!

bandura s.], muzo bandore. bang inter], ding! dongl

banitii. s.f. aprox. bushel (in Moldavia, 0.591 bushels; in Wallachia, 0.935 bushels).

banjo s.n. muzo banjo.

banta s.f. 1. v. ban d ii'. 2. (manilett'i) cuff; (guler) collar.

bantu s.m., s.f., adj. Bantu.

baobab s.m. baobab (tree) (Adan-

sonia digitata ),

baptism s.n. religion of the Baptists. baptist adj., s.m. Baptist. baptisteriu s.n. baptistery.

bar! s.m_ [is, (mt'isurt'i) bar.

bar's.n. 1. night club, F ....... hot spot. 2. (tejghea) bar. 3. (joe) prisoner's base. ® ,..., de zi (public) bar.

bara cb , 11' .• 1. [drumul} to bar, to obstruct; [un riu) to dam; (a b loca} to block (up), to close. 2. [un text) to cross/strike onto

barabois.m.1. bot. parsnip/wild chervil, cow. parsley (Chaerophyllum bulbosum] , 2. Romanian folk dance. barabula .s.f. (cartof) ..... reg. potato, tater, sl ........ murpby.

baraoament s.n, hutting, hutments; compound.

baracd sf. mil. etc. hut; (pritvalie) booth. ® ~ de tir sportiv shooting gallery.

hara] s.n. 1. hidr . dam, barrage, weir. 2. mil. barrage. ® ,..., antiaerian umbrella; - de acumulare (waler) storage darn; ,..., de artilerie mil. curtain fire, artillery barrage; ,..., de baloanc halloo n barrage; ~ deoersor hidr . overIallj waste weir/dam.

barat adj. barred.

bara s,f. 1. bar; (de au,., argint } ingot, bullion; (de traversal cross-



beam; (drug) crossbar; (pirghw) lever; . (stingh.ie) perch; [vergea} rod, stick. 2. [ur «, mus., sport bar. 3. tipogr, line, dash, stroke, bar. ® '" calcctoare electro bus bar; ,...., de directielcomanda auto. (steering) tie· rod, steering gear; _ de mind hand rail, ban istersj v-; de protectie auto. bumper, buffer, fender ; ,..., de tractiune [eroo, draw bar; - din spate auto. rear guard; ,..., (IXi! sport horizontal bar; bare transoersale sport crossbars; . goal posts. © a o da in ,..., F to blunder, to get the cheese.

ba.tbaeani s.], constr , weeper. barbar I. adj. 1. barbarian. 2. fig. barbarous, inhnman, cruel. II. ado; fig. barbarously etc. v. -- 1. m. S.m. barbarian.

barbaresc adj. Barbaresque, Berber. barbluie s.f.1. barbarian. 2. fig. barbarousness, barbarity, cruelty' (salbiiI icie] savageness; ((Janda: lism} [ca aot) barbarous act.

barbadsm s.n. ling". barbarism. barbi s.], 1. beard; (la curcani} wattle. 2. (biirbie) chin. 3. bat. beard. 4. [minciuna) fib. ® barb a boieruliii bot. V. v en ina r i ~ Ii; borba caprei bot, a. goat's beard, salSify (Trapogon major). b. cowslip (Primula officina lis ) ; barba impamtlfiui hot. 8. heart's ease, pansy (Viola}, b. marvel of Peru (Mirabilis Jalapa); barba lui Aron bot. cuckoo pint, wake-robin (Arum maculatum j; barba lupului bot, bellebore [Helleborus}; barba ungurullf-i bot. feathered/plumed pink [Dianthus $P iculifo I ius) , ,..., roeie a. red beard. b. red-bearded person; BarM-Albastrd, barM albastrd Bluebeard. Q;lI alti peri in - numerous as hairs an the head; their name is Legion. © ctna fla [ace sptnat »: F whentwe Sundays come together; a·~i liisa,..., to grewjF-+sport a beard; a pune cuioa o ,..., fig. (a tllleIa)F to diddle! cheat smb.j (a prosti} F to fool/ dupe/~ull/heax 5mb.; a PUM biirbi F to fib, to tell tall tales; to heave the hatchet: a rade barba cuil'a F

BAR-BAR to beat smb. black and blue; a-~i rade barba to shave, to get shaved, F-+ to have a shave; a-i da tuleiele fn ~ to show signs of a heard to get one's whiskers; a mllrmurd in; - to mumble, to mutter to oneself; a ride In ~ 1.0 laugh in one's sleeve; a face dir,l prin. ~ <-F to take the initiative, to move first to break the ice. © cine poart~ "_'sit-~i (Jumpere ~i piep tene don't bark if you cannot b ite,

Barbaeot s.m. cbeeper, cheese,


bllrbet s.m, sool . French poodle. barbetas.,.1.pl. ((pair of) whiskers. 2_ nap. boat rope. 3. mil. barbette. barbi~on s,n, imperial, goatee, Van-

dyke beard. . .

barbitnri«i'J. adj. barbituric. II. s.n. barbiturate.

barbeted s.f. romper.

barbotina e.], 1. nav. chain grab. 2. eonstr, slip(,),

barbugiu s .m, F 'crap-shooter. barbon s.m. ihe.red mullet (Mul-

1!£S barbatus}: ..

barbut s.n. dice-game, apro x, (Shoot-

ing) craps. .. .

barea.gin s.m. boatman, ferryman, barcarolil s .f. muzo barcafol{l)e, boat song.

b~rcaniis.f. geol. sand drift, crescentIC dune.

bareus s .n. long boat; launch. bareas·f· 1. boat,< barge; (posedreascd} fishing smack/boat; (111011,tre] canoe; [iolii] jolly boat; (pl. treeere p,e celalai: mal) ferry. 2. pl. (la btlci] swinging boats/chairs. ® ,..., cu motor motor boat· ~ eu pinze sail (ing) boat;,..., c~ rame] vtsle row(ing). boat; - de saloare life boat. © a se da In Mrci to go in the swinging beats/chairs.

bard s.m, L (celtic) bard ; [angto« -sG;xon) skop, scop(e). 2. poetic bard, minstrel,

barda.ca s.f. V. b ii r d a c a.

bard~ s.], [cu un Ui~) hatchet, broadf hewmg ax(e); [cu. daua tit~uri) block bill; (de ttmplar } chip axe. © a da cu barda-n Dumnezeu to act without any scruple;lt da cu barda-n luna to act foolishly,


< to be a madcap, < to be crazy! F cracked/F potty.

bareml ado: at least.

barem2 s in . 1. standard; norm. 2. mat. ready reckoner.

bllretii s.f. 1. (connecting) strap. 2. (la casca etc .] chin strap.

barhet s m , fustian.

bar ieada I. vb, tr . (0 introre} to block/bar up; (0 strado. etc .] to barricade, to obstruct. II. ob, refl. to barricade oneself.

Ilaricadii s.f. barricade.

bal'iera s.], 1. (grinda) barrier; (de cale [erata} railway gate, railwaycrossing barrier; [lmprejmuire.] fencing; (zabrele) graLing; (!njudecatorii , pari amen t) bar j (La sosele, zdbrelita) turnpike; (La garduri vii) stile; [oumala ) toll (gate), turnpike. 2. fig. barrier, obstacle, bar, fence, hindrance; impediment; (grani/a) border. ® ~ de culoare pol. colour bar.

b£lriJ s,n . barrel.

barisfera s.f. barysphere,

1l8.ri~ s.n. 1. v. mar a m 3..2. text. barcge.

baritii s.f. chim . barium/baric oxide; baryta hydrate.

barltina s .. f. mineral. barytine, barite; cauk, cawk.

bartton s.m., s.n., muzo baritone, barytone.

bariu s.n. chim . barium.

baroe I. adj. 1. arte baroque. 2. fig. baroque, quaint, strange; grotesque. II. s .n: baroque (style). barograt s.n. avo barograph.

barograma s.f. avo barogram. barometric adj. barometric(al). barOlpetru s.n. barometer, (weather)

glass. ® ~ cu mercur mercury I mercurial barometer.@ -l s-a urcat the glass is high.

baron s.m. baron.

barenesa s.f. baroness; baron's wife;

baron's daughter. baronet s.m. baronet. baronie s .f. baronage. barns s.n. sledge hammer.

barosau I. adj. 1. (mare) F sizable, considerable, <-- large, bulky, hig ; (enorm)+-F huge; (grBu)+-F heavy, weighty; [corpolent] F strapping;

stout, plump. 2. (bogat} F warm, purse-proud; well-off. II. s.m. +-F oof bird; pl. F silk-stocking

gentry. .

baroscop 8.n. baroscope.

barou s ,n . [ur . bar (association). bllrza s.], ornit . stork {Cioonia}, bas- I. s.m , (voce) bass (voice); [su-

net) bass. IT. 8.11.. (instrument) (bass) euphonium, bass saxhorn, bas2 's.m, bass singer.

basamac s .n. raw spirits containing

muck water.

bascl 8.11.. V. bas ca. basco adj., s.m, Basque.

bascii s.f. peak less cap; (de munte} beret; [scotiarui} tam-o ' -shanter, basket (bal) s .11.. basket-ball. basketba.llst s.m. basket-ball player, F_,_cager.

baseheti s.m, pl. F bumpers. baseulant adj. rocking, tilting, tip-

-up. (jj) "agon ~ tip-up truck/cart. bascularc s.], tipping.

baseulator s.n. tipper.

basculil. s.], 1. weighing machine. 2. constl'. fan-light opener.

baset s.m, zool . basset (Canis oertagus},

basiond s.n. nao. shallow (water). basist srn., 1. bass singer. 2. euphonium player.

basm e .11.. 1. fairy-tale; ({r:8?iune) fiction, fable. 2. fig. Iabulous/ cock-and-bull story, fabrica.tion, concoction; [minciuni} lies. ® -ul cu cocosul ros« cock-and-hull story, a shaggy- dog story. (]l carte ell. -e book of fairy-tales; ® a epune ~ a. to tell tales. b. fig. (a ezagera ) F to draw/pull the long bow; (a face pe nebunul } F to play the giddy goat; a se face de ~ to become a laughing stock (of the others); astea-s ~e! F fiddlesticks! moonshine!

basma 8.(. kerchief; [batistii } handkerchief; (de cap) headkerohief; (de gil) neckerchief; (de lina ) mnffler, comforter; [sal] shawl, wrap. @ a iesi [cu] - curatii to escape scot-free; {nopedepsit , nevatarnal) to have/make a narrow escape.



basorelief S.n. bas-relief, basso-relievo, basso-ril ievo ,

basta ado . no more, no longer; (asta e tot) that's all; (ajunge) that will do. © 'Ii cu asta ~ F and that's all there is to/or it, that will do, there's an end to/or it.

bastard I. adj. hybrid, bastard. II. s.m. 1. bastard, love/i llegitirnate child. 2. bot. bastard, hybrid. bastlment s.n. na~. ship, vessel; (de rdzboi] warship.

bastlngaj s.n. nap. bulwarks, top sides.

bastion s.n. 1. bastion. 2. fig. bulwark, stronghold.

basion S.n. 1. stick; (toiag) staff; (pt. abate) cudgel; (pt. plimbare) walking stick. 2. nap. stanchion. ® _, de mare;;al marshal's truncheon.

bastonada s ], beating, flopping; odin. bastinado.

ba~buzu() s.m.!. odin. Bashibazouk; hashi-bazouk. 2. fig. brute, savage, Turk.

ba~6al ado, 1. {separat} separately; in addition, into the bargain. 2. (d.ferit) differently; [altfel] otherwis.e.

basca2 prep. besides, to say nothing of ... , without mentioning.

ba~eii s.] . cellar.

ba~oldilJa s.f. 1. dowdy, fat woman. 2. F whore,broad, tart, slut.

bastini'l s.f. rar 1. [patrie] one's (own) country, motherland, native land. 2. (origine) origin, descent, @ de - hereditary; (natal) native; loo de ..... native place; JUra. de - V ...... 1.

batld' ~.m. zool. wether.

batal2 8.n. tchn: pit; (de petrol) (catch) pit, clearing tank. butallon sn . mil. battalion.

batant I. adj. SWinging. II. s.m. constr . leaf, wing.

batard adj. @ scriere ~d slanting! inclined writing; litera ....... If slanting character.

batardeu s .n. hidr, coffer dam. batst' s .f. bot. sweet potato [Fpomoea batatum},

bata s.f. 1. [betelie} waistband of trousers; [cusiiturii] seam; {tioi-

BAS-BAT turii ] hem. 2. pl. belt, girdle; (la [emei} waist belt; (pe dedesubt } body belt. @ a da pe bete afara to turn out of doors; a da pe bete to give away.

bate I. »b . tr, 1. (pe cineca] to beat, F ..... to cob; to larrup , to wallop, to wipe, to give smb, the stick; to lace (smb.'s jacket); F ..... to give srnb, a (good) dressing down; (a lovi } [cu. bastonul ] to cane; to club; (cu ceC'a lat sau greu} to thwack; (cu cureaua} to leather; (eu mina} to buffet; (eu palma) to slap, to box, F ..... to spank; (au pumnul } to cuff, to punch; (a lovi puternie} to swings; (a biciui} to whip, to lash; (a "tabiici") F ..... to tan, to thrash, to thresh, to drub, to belabour, < to flog, to pommel; (peste mtini} to strike; [usor} totap, to pat; (a pedepsi} to punish, to chastise. 2. fig. (a tnoinge} to beat, to defeat; to overcome. 3. (a eastra} to cut, to geld. 4. text. to comb. 5. [laptele} to 'churn; (smtnttna)to mill; (fr~ca) to whisk.@ baUicre sd te batii l [tn. 8Cns rdu} F go and be hanged; the deuce take youl (in scns bun) F God bless you I (exprimind eurpriza} F dear mel good gracious I goodness alive I a ,..,. albu~ul to whisk/beat the whites of eggs; a ,.., un berbec to geld a ram; a -- caii B. to give the horses the whip. b. fig. F to step on the gas; a ,.., ca la [asole to drub/to thrash 8mb. all right, to give 8mb. a sound thrashing; a capul culPa to pester/to bother smb., to chew the fat/rag; a ..... cereuri la (} butie to hoop a cask; a -- cinepa to tew the hemp; a '"" CQasa to sharpen the scythe by hammering it; a .... covoarele to beat the carpets; a ,..., un- cui in ... to strike/drive a nail into ... ; a ,..._. fierul to Iorge the iron; a ~ [ierul cit e cald to strike the iron while/when it's hot, to make hay while the sun shines, to seize opportunity by theforelock ; a '""' inul to swingle the flax; a-t ,_, gtndul sa ... to intend [ou. [orme


fn -ing) , to mean to ... ; a ,.._, laptele to churn the milk; a ~ medal ii to stamp medals ; a ,.._, mingea to play (the) ball; a ,.._, .moneda to coin money; a ~ nucile to be.at down the nut.s; a ,.._, palma ti«. to cnnclude/F strike a bargain; a-si ~ picioarele to run one '8 legs off; ,.._, podurile+dnu, F he's an inspector of the pavement; a. ,.._, porumbtil to thrash the maize; a '" un record to break a record; -u·"'_' toba to beat the drum; a ~ lanqi to drive/ram piles into the

.. ground; a '" cu rnaiult.o ram

(into the ground); a '" la puncta sport to outpoint, to beat on points' a ,.._, mar to trounce, to lick to beat black and blue; to beat (smb.) out of (his etc.) boots; a '" pe umiir to pat/tap/clap smb . on the shoulders; asta le ,.._, pe toate this beats cock-fight(ing) the devil it beats hell. II. (lb. refl: 1. to' fight; to exchange blows/ fisticuffs. 2. mil. to (have a) skirmish; to fight. 8. filJ. to contend, to fight. © parerlle noastr~ se bat cap in cap asupra acestu! punet our opinions c'[ash/col lide on this point; a se '""' ca pumntl tn piept to beat one's breast; a se _ pe burta ell. cineva to hobnob/to chum with smb., to be hail-fellow (well-met) with smb, III. »b, intr. 1.. [ritmic] to beat rhythmically, 2. (d. inima] to beat, to throb, to pulsate; (d. pen-dula) to oscillate; (d. ceas} to tick; (a bate ora) to strike the hours; (d: clopot) to ring, to toll, to tinkle, to ding-dong. 3. (d. arme] to rattle. 4. (d. ploaie} to beat, to patter; (d. grindina} to burst, to patter. S. (d. puis) to beat, to throb. 6. (d. valuri} to dash. 7. (Ia u~a) to knock, > to rap. ~. (a loui} to strike, to beat; (d. cai] to kick out, to lash out, to paw. 9. (asufla) tobl{)w.10. (a lumina} to light, to shine. 11. (a latra} to bark, to bay. 12. [intr-o culoare] to colour (red, etc.), to have a shade of (red etc.). ® a "" eu ... to like ... , to favour ... , to be par-


tial to , to be fond of ... , to bo

keen On , to be a great on e for ...

@ i-a batu: ceasul his hour has/is come, his haul' is at han d ; ceasui v~ ~ in .cur!n4 ~ it's close upon rune ; imi ~ !nlma my heart is beating/throbbing; ~ un pint puternic there is a strong gale (of wind) blowing, tl~o wind is high; ,.._, vtntul the wind IS blowing; a ~ cu pumnulin rnasii to pound the table; a ~ din aripi. to flap one's wings; a ~ din palme to clap one's hands; [aprobatar } to applaud; ott ai ~ din. palme in a Lric[)/twinkl~, F in a jiffy; a. ~ tn ... (d. culori} to have a ... tint to be inclining to ... ; ploaia ~ f~ [creastrii the rain beats/patters against the window; ~ in lemn l F touch wood!; a -- In retragers a. mil. to beat a retreat, to draw off (one's forces). b. fig. to retrace one's steps, to dance the back steps; to recoil; to withdraw' a ~ la ochi to strike/catc/) th~ eye, to be obvious, to attract notice, to be suspicious; a ......, la u~a R. to rap/< knock at the door .. b. fig. to be near/approaching, to be near at hand; a batu: 4 chiar acum it has just struck four; vdd unde bali I see/realize what you mean/think, I see what you are driving/hinting at.

batere s.f- 1. beating etc. v. b ate. 2. v , h a t a i e,

baterio s.f. 1. mil., eiectr ., tehn; battery. 2. cooler, ice bucket for cooling bottles of drink (usually a bot tie of wine and one ()f soda water). 8. muzo drums, battery. ® ~ de acumulatoarelcondensatoare electro storage battery; ,.._, de aprindere auto. ignition battery; ,..., de eocsificare . coking battery, coke oven; ,..., de dus shower battery; -- - tampon buffer battery;

termoelectricii. thermopile. © l>ateria s-a terminatjepuizat the battery is flat.

batics.n. 1. printed silk (head-) kerchief (usually triangular), coif. 2. text. printed' silk.

batiseaf s .n , bathyscaphe.




batisfel'a sf. bathysphere. batist s .n , batiste.

batisti s.], handkerchief; (in limbajul. copiilor} hanky.

batiu en , tehn . 1. body, frame. 2. stand, cheek.

batjoc{)ri vb . tr, 1. to laugh at, to deride, to make fun of, <to scoff at, to sneer at, to mock{at), to flout. 2. (a dispretui} to disdain, to scoff, to jeer at. 3. (a insulta} to insult, to offend , to offer insult. 4. (a profana) to profane; to trample underfoot. 6. (a nccinsti) to rape, to violate, to abuse' amer, ~i to assault. '

hatjo(loril'e s.], derision etc. v. b a t.j a cor i.

batjocol'itor I. adj. mocking, sneering, jeering, scoffing; [dispretuitor} scornful. II. ado , mockingly etc .• V. ~ 1. IIr. s im, scoffer, mocker; profaner; abuser.

batjocura e.], 1. (biUaie de joe} mockery; [ocarii} insult. 2. {lueric [acut prost} careless work hotchery, 3. [pnrodie eto.] a trav~ esty (of justice etc.) . Qii in ~ V. batjocoritor II. @ a ajunge de - to become the laughingstock (of the others); a face de ,.., a. v. bat j a co!' i. b. (a [ace de rts ) to put to shame; a lua In '" to laugh at , to deride to make fun of, F ..... to snap one'~ fingers at; to poke fun at.

batog s .n. 1. (sarat) stockfish; [nesiirat] haddock. 2. iht. cod (fish) (Gadus morrhua },

bato lit s.m. geol . bathoJite.

baton s.n. 1. stick, roll. 2. bar (of chocolate) .

batozar s.m. agr. thresher.

bat{)zil s.], agr , threshing machine,


batura s.f. nap. rabbet.

butrac lenl e.mc p l . zool . batrachia(ns}. 'Jan interj , ugh 1 hugh I

bauxita s .f. mineral. bauxi teo bav&ta. bavepea s.f. bib, feeder. bavurii sf. tehn, burr.

basa I. Db. tr, to found, to base, to ground. II. vb , ref]; ® a se ~ pe .. , to rely on ... , to depend (upjon ... ; to take one's stand on ...

baeaoonle s .f. [excentrici tate] eccon tricity, extravagance; oddity, singularity; [absurdi tate} absurdity, folly, foolish thing, piece of folly; (pozna) prank, hoax, F lark.

hazalt s.n. basalt. baza.ltl« adj. basaltic.

hasar s.n. baza{a)r; (piata) market (place). ® ~ cu jde solduri jumble sale; ~ de juoarii toy bazaar.

bazii s.], 1. [temelie} foundation groundwork; (parte de jos) lowe; part, foot, hottom, base. 2. fig. baSIS, foundatlOnl ground. 3. (sprijin) support. 4. ch!m., geom, base. D. mal. (a unui logaritm} radix, root. 6. pl. fig. rudiments, elements, AB~. 7. mil. base (.of 'operations); station, ® ,.._, aeriana air base' - de materii prime source of ra,; mater~als; ~ eeo,:omicd economic/ mater-ial Ioun dat.ion ; ..... [urajerd forage base; ......, militara military base; ,.." naoald. na val base; ~ sportiva sport~ base/grounds; ...., tehnico-materialn technical and material resources/supplies; ,.., tubulara tehn , pipe control plant. @ de ~ basic, fundamental; peltn baza (eugen.) on the basis of .. :, under ... ; in terms of ... ; (in virtutea} by dint of... © a pune bazele (eu gen.) to lay the foundations of ... ; a lua ca ldrep t ,.._, to assume as a basis to take as a principle; a sta j]: l~ baza [cu gen.) to be the basis 01..., to be/lie at the bedrock oL.

hazedov s.n. Basedow's diaease ex-

ophthalmic goitre. '

bal,edovian adj. Basedowian, af-

fected by exophthalmic goitre. bazie adj. chim: basic. ba~icitate s.], hasicity,

bazHica s .i: basilica.

bll.zi~i~c s.m. zool . ~i mit. cockatrice, basilisk (Basiliseus americanus ]

basln s.n.l. [ornamental ] orname;1tallake;. (pt. tnot etc .] swimming 1){)01, piscme. 2. tehn: haz in pit· reservoir, lank. 8. nao , wet 'dock: 4: geogr., geol . ~asi~; (regiune} region , area; (dzstrwt) district. 6. anaL pelvis. ® - acoperit indoor piscinc/swimmiog-pooJ; ~ carbo-


nifer coal field/basin; ~ colector catchment/drainage basin; min. water sump ; ~ de inot swimming pool ; (in aer libel') open-air swimming pool; ~ de F"¥ ti fish basin; ~ [orestier forest d istr ict ; ~ portuar v. ~ 2. ® mare le ~ anal. false pelvis; miciii ~ anat. true pelvis.

bazinet s .n. anal. renal pelvis. bazon s.n. double seat.

ba inter). v. m ii.

babiitie s.f. 1. v. b a b a. 2. peior, harridan, hellcat, old crow. babese ad). old-womanish, old woman's ... @ leac ~ kitchen physic, quack remedy.

biibe~te ad". like an old woman; (empiric) empirically; (simplu } in a simple way.

bli-cau1 s.m. grocer.

biican" sri . 1. bot. red dye-wood, Jogwood (Haematoxylon campechianum). 2. {cutoare ) rouge, French red, F ...... raddle.

bilcanie s.f ....... rar 1. (ea praviilic) grocer's (shop), amcr , grocery store. 2. (ca meserie ) grocery trade. 3. pl. [aromate] spicery. © a se face de ~ F to make a fool of oneself, to become a laughing-s tock.

biidAran s.m. boor', churl, cad. biidiiranie s.f.1. boorishness, churlishuoss. 2. [ca act) piece of" insolence/rudeness.

biidie, bMita S.m. reg. v. bad e. baUos adj. ·sl. (happy-go·)lucky. biigaI.~b. tr.1. (in) to put (intoJin);

(prin tmpingere ) to push/thrust in, P to shove (into); (prin apiisare} to wedge in; (eu e[ort] to edge in; [cu. dibacie} to shuffle in; [cu. 9£rfull to drive in; (prin looiri ) to strike in; to knock in; (forltnd) to force in; (a ghiftui) to stuff! cram in; (a introduce)' to introduce, F to stick in. 2. (a numi, a angaja) (!n)_F to put (in a place). to give smb, an appointment, to find a post for; to engage. 3. fig. (in) to take (into/in), to introduce. © baga-Ji asta [bine] In cap put this/that in/under your hat; a ,...., a[4 tn ao to thread a needle; al-si} ...., banii tn ... to put/sink one's mon-


ey into ... ; a ~ [itile F to cast a bone (between), to set people by the ears; a-;.i ~ nasal in car!i ...... F to pore over one's books; a-1i ~ nasul peste tot F to poke one's nose into everything; a-i ,_, pumnul in gurli. cui~a to ram smth. down smb.'s throat, to force smb.'s will; to put srnh , '8 nose out of joint.; a ~ sabia in teaca to sheathe one's word; <I. ~ de seamii to observe, to notice; a ~ In buzunar to (put in one's) pocket; a ~ in caput cuioa to ge~/beat/knock smth, into smh.ts head; a ,_, in [iare to putl cast into chains/fetters; a ,_, in piimlnt to put/fix/plant into the earth; a "" in oiteza auto. to clutch in; a ,.._, pe cinera in oiteza fig. F to make smb. step on the gas; a ..... la apa/in buelue F to gut srnb. into a scrape. II. 9b. refl . (nepoflit) to intrude; (a intra) (in) to enter (cu acuz.); (a se amesteca} to (inter)meddle (in), to interfere (in smh.ts affairs); to interpose (in), to intercede (in a dispute}; (a S8 strecura} to worm oneself in; to insinuate oneself; [impercep tibil) to slide in. © a se ~ singUl' In gura lup ului to put a halter round one's neck; a se '"'" in surlelui cuioa to pester smb, F to plague smb, 's life out; a se ,.._, in ()orbii to chime in, to interfere; F to put one's oar in it'; a se ..... la stap.n to hire oneself out; a 5e ,_, pe sub pielea. cuim to ingratiate oneself/to curry favour with smb., to toady/ fawn upon smb .: nu orea sa se bage he will have nothing to do with it; nu te ~ 1 F keep off the grass I keep (your moulh) out of this.

bagare s.f. {in] putting (into) etc. v.baga.

bigacios, bagiire~ I. adj. intruding, prying. II. s.m. intruder, meddler, F busy-body, gate crasher, Paul Pry, pusher.

bag-ator adj. ® ,._, de seamii attentive; {precaut] wary, cautious. bAia§ s.m. 1. bathhouse attendant. 2. v. b iii ell.

bAiat s.m. 1. boy; lad; (copil) child, kid; [tlnilr] youth j (fiu) son;


(ins) fellow, F chap. 2. bii;atltZ F number one, yours truly. ® un ~ blln F a good/the right sort; ,_. de pra(Jalie shop boy ; ~ de seroiciu office-boy; un ~ de ria!a a (real) sport, a gay (old) dog; un ~ de zahiir F a brick (of a fellow), a (good) sport, a trump, a fine fellow; ~ul mamei mamma's darling/pet; ltn ,.._, vese] a jolly feHow, F a merry sort.

bitiel>' s.m. gold washer.

bii.ie~ita s.], bathhouse (woman) a ttendant,

baietandru. hi&ictan s.m. youth, lad, stripling; peior, youngster, F ......

young nipper/shaver. '

bilietsl. biiietel s.m. little hoy;

[pici} brat, urchin.

bi1ietesc ad). boyish, a boy's .•• biiie~~te adv , like a boy .

baie~ism s.n. F hoydenism, tomboyish behaviour.

bliietoasii ad). hoydenish, tomboyish. hliietoi srn . 1. hobbledehoy. 2. (d. o fa:tii) tomboy, hoyden.

bJ1itui ob . 11'. tehn • to drench, to bate, to treat with a mordant. 2. (a (Jop,,,i) to mordant paint/spray, to stain,

Mienar sm, refugee, fugitive; exile. blijenie s .f. exile, refuge; exodus. bli.la.i I. adj. (d. fata) fair, blonde'

(d. par) fair, light, flaxen, ra; -+golden. <D eu pi:ir(ul) ,.." fair-

-haired. II. s.f. @ a intrat ~a in.

sat ...... p it is (broad) daylight. balan adj. v. b it I a 1.

baJiibineaJii s ]; dangling etc. v. b a l a b a n I,

biHiiblinl I. vb. tr, [plcioarele ete.] to dangle; [bratele ) to fling (about), to .swing (about). II. (lb. refl; to swmg ; (d. p icioare} to dangle.

biHabanit adj. (d. mel's) shambling. bii.liicliri ob , refl; v. b a I ii c i, bii.lacealA s.f. (s)plashing wading. ballici ob , refl, to wallow, io (s)plash

through (the mud), to wade in/ through (water sau mud); (d. copii} to dabble (iu water), to paddle.

biilacire s.f. [slplash ing etc. v, b a I a c i.

bfiliiJiii vb, intr . v. b a 1 a ban i II.


biiliilli.u I. adj. F fI ippety-floppety.

Il. s.m. lubberly fellow.

baiangani I. ob . intr . to tinkle, to ring. II. ob, refl; Y. b ii I a b ii n i II.

blilllrii s.], p l. weeds.

baJbisA sf; bot. hedge woundwort/ ne ltle (Stachys siloatica ),

biilboare s.f. hot. globe flower [Trotlius Europaeus).

biiJegar s.n , v . b ii Ii gar.

biiliga (lb. refl . to dung; (d. cai} to drop.

bliligar s.n. 1. manure, dung, natural fertilizer; (fermeotat} compost. 2. [ca griimadti} duughill, dungheup. b:'l.Jmii.jeals s.], confusion, jumble, muddle; mudd I ing, mixing up.

biilm4ji ph. tr, 1. (a amesteca) to mix up (in a heap), to throw into confusion, F to muddle/jumble up. 2. (a tndruga] to mumble, to jabber.

balos adj. drivelling, slobbering. bliltaret I. adj. bog .••• swamp ... , marsh ... ; living near a marsh. II. s.n. 1. name of a warm south wind blowing in Romania. 2. inhabitant of a fen country, F-+ bog lander.

biatoaes s.f. puddle; plash, mud


bUti po. intr, to bog. MUirs s.f. water bogging.

b81ti~ s.a, marsh, marshy country. balto[ s.n. v. b 11.1 t 0 a c a.

baItos adj. marshy, swampy, miry, boggy.

bUts ob, tr, (eu dungi) to streak, to stripe; (eu pete) to speckle, (,i fig.) to colour.

bAl~t adj. 1. [cu. dung i) striped. streaked: (eu pete) spotted speckled, motley: (tn dou4 culori} parti-coloured ; [multicolor} variegated, many-coloured. 2. fig. [variat} mixed, motley.

blU1iitma s.f. bot. horehound, hoarhound (Marrubium);

banat S.n. 1. [supiimre] annoyance vexation; (jale) sorrow, grief. 2: [deranj] trouble. 3. [mlnie} anger, < rage, < wrath; [ciuda} spite; (pica) ~dge. 4. [repros} reproach, accusatfon, blame. 6. (banuiala} suspicion. © a-i fi ,.." to be sorry,


to regret: a-i fi eu .- to take ill/am iss/in ill part, to take offence; sa nu vii fie cu -! no offence, I hope! l rn cant no harm!

binAtesn l. adj. from the Banat(e).

II. s.m. inhabitant of the Banat(e). banii~eanca s.f. woman of/from the Banutjc].

Mncu~a sf. ist, small coin; half a leu.

banese adj. money ... , pecuniary, monetary. (ij) dificultati biinesti pecuniary ernban-assmen tid ifficulties.

biine~te ado . pecuniarily. @sta

prost - he is in stra its (for money), F _ he's rather hard up.

banet sn . col. much money, < heaps/p iles/tons of money.

blinie s.], ist, banaL(e), a ban's office or res iden ce.

banos adj. paying, yielding mo.ney; remunerative, profitable, lucrative.

b1inui ob , tr . .1. (a p resu purcc] . to suppose, to presume; (a-fi inchipui ) to taucy , to imagine, to conjecture, to. guess ; [a=presimti} to feel;· (a prcoedea] to fore~ee, [0 foreknow; (a aerie) to thmk. 2. (a suepecto ) to suspect, to surrn ise ; (a nu aoea incredere in) to distrust, to mistrust, to have no co.nfidence in. @ a Ita ~ n incto to be en tire ly unsuspicious/unsuspecting; nimeni nu. ~a ceoa nobody had any suspieion/idea!F~ inkling of such a thing; -esc ca a s i sosit I havean idea (that) he is already here.

Mnutah\ s.f. 1. [presupunere] supposition, prasumpt ion , F->hullCh; (ipolezli) conj ccture; (gind) notion, idea, inkling; [indoialii } doubt· (temere) apprehension; (pre"eder~j foresight; (sentiment), misgiving. 2. (neincredere) SUSP1CJO~, distrust, m lstrust, lack of con~ldcnce. @ a fi mai presus de once ~ to be above/beyond susp icion; a intra fa - to grow SURP icfous,

biinuire s.(. supposition , supposing etc. v : b iI n 11 i.

banuit ".m.@adade-to excite/incur/ raise slis/)icioll; to be doubtfulj dubious/suspicious.


banultor adj. susp ICIOUS; [neincrcziitor ] distrustful.

bannt s.m, 1. {monedii netnsemnata ) penny, farthing. 2. (la oun] cDck('s) tread(le). 3 .. pl. v. ban ute I. bllnnleJ s.m. bot. daisy [Belii« perennis } .

b1iriigau s .n. (~es tntins} vast plain; steppe; [p irloagii] moo)" heath (y ground/land). .

barbat I. s.m, 1. man; male, F_one of the malo sex .. 2. [sot} husband, Fv+hubby, rar->spouse. 8. zoo]: male; (d. iepure) buck; (d. cite cornute etc.} bull. ® ~ de stat statesman; un .- [rumos a handsome man. @ a lua de "-' to marry; to accept as husband; to take for belter or for worse; a deoeni ~ to. grow up to manhood, to be a man. II. adj. manly, manful, virile; [houirtt] resolute; [curajos] hra ve ,

bilrbatesc adj. male, man's ... ;masculino, virile; {hotdrit} resolute; {curajos} brave. @ haine barbate~ti man's clothing.

blirbiite~te ado; like sau as a man; manly, manfully; resolutely; bravely.

biirbiitos adj. manly.

birMtu~ s.m., zool: etc. male. biirbiitcl s .m, F hubby.

blirbiltie s.], 1. masculinity, manhood; [virilitate} virility; (a firii) manliness, manly nature; red blood; [hotdrlre} resoluteness; [energie } energy. 2. (ca !.'irslit) years of manhood, man's estate.

bbblltoi s.m. virago, masculine woman.

barhle s.f. 1. (Ia om) chin ;(1((. coco!') gills; (la oite} de~lap.2. (fervet) bib, feeder; naykm. 3. (l~ vioara) chin rest. ® barbia urecbii anat. ear lobe; ~ dublit double chin. @ a mfngiia pe cinel'a pe sub ~ to chuck smb. under the chin.

bltrbier s.m, 1. barber; (ffizer si ] hairdresser. 2. fig. F fibster, story teller, Baron Munchhausen. . blirbier(>alil s.f.l. shave. 2. fig. (min.

ciuni} F fibs, fables. .

Mrbieri I. ob , 11'. 1. (po cineoa} to shave, F_to beard. 2. fig. (a


fn~ela) F to dupe, to rnake an ass of. II. ob, refl.I. to get shaved, to. have a shave. 2. fig. (a minsi] F to tell stories/crammers, to (tell a) fib; (a eaagera} F to tell a cram, to pull the long bow. ® nu te r-« 1 F draw it mild!

bilrbierit e:n . shaving; shave. barbitil s]; 1. goatee; imperial. 2. (la COCO$ etc.} wattle. 3. (baveta) bib, feeder.

biirboasa s.], bot. beard grass (Indropogon ischuemon ),

biirbos ad}. 1. bearded, whiskered; [cu barM mare) long-bearded; [neras} unshaved. 2. boi., zool , barbed; barbate.

barbu§oara s.], bot. winter cress,

rocket gentle {Barbaree vulgaris}; biirdllea s.], (clay) jug.

bi'irdas s.m. carpenter.

b1irziiun(e) s.m, entom . humble/burn. ble bee [Bcmbus},

basmlilutli s.], .1. (hand)kcrchief. 2. [batic} headkerchief.

basni vb , intr.e-rar to tell tales. ba~clilie s.f. F razzing, -mockery ® a face - (de ceoa} to make fun/sport (of smth.); a face ~ de ci"eQa, a lua pe cineca in ~ F to snap one's fiugers at smh., to pull smh.ts leg.

bitt!ica I. vb, If. to blister the skin, to. cause/raise blisters on, II. vb, ref], to be blistered.

bA~iC3 s.], 1. med . blister, pimple, S~vesicle, pustule. 2. (urinara) bladder; (a [ierii ) gall bladder; (de bou } ox bladder; bot. bladder, S->vcsicle. 8. (glob) globe. 4. {de.aer} (air) bubble; (de cauciuc } rubber bladder; (de siipun] soap bubble. 6. F [minge} pill, (f(lot) ball. 6. F (pt. alcoolmetrie] vial, breathal izcr. 7. tehn . blister, bubble. tiD ~ lnotato<1:reair bladder. (jj) inflamatie a basicii inflammation of the bladder; p loaie cu bti~ici heavy shower, pelting rain, F downpour @ a bate bii~ica F to play ball.

bii~iclltor ad}. blistering.

bii~tina~ I. adj. native, indigenous; autochthonous. II. sm , native;


(in societiuile primitioe} pl. aborigines.

blitaie I, $.f.1. beating, F _drubbing, thrashing; (cu biitul)cudg€lIing; [cu palma) slapping; (eu pumnul) cuffing, punching. 2. [tncaierare} scuffle, tussle, row. 8. [looitura] blow; [percutie} concussion, percuss ion; [cu biciul} lash ; (ell p(11· rna) slap, box; (cupumnulj cuff, punch; {ciocnit } knock; (Ufoarii) pat(ting), tap(ping); [surda} thud, thump; (din p icior ] starnp(ing). 4. [ritmiea} (rhythmical) beating; (a inimii} heating, pulsation, throbhing;(a unei pendule) oscillation; {a ceasului] tICk(ing); (tact) measure, cadence; mus, time; beat; (a clopotelor} sound, toll; a arme/or) rattle; (a grindinei} burst. ing, pattering; {a ploii] pattering. ii. mil. (batiilie) battle; (lupla) fight; (hartuialii) skirmish. 6. {distania, iimita} range; reach; (a [ocului } mil. Iirexone, range of big guns; cannon shot ; (a sage/llor) shot of arrows. 1. (a oclliului)blinking; beating of the eye. 8. (Embl/itire ) thrashing, threshing, 9. (a ~inatului) battue; (a pestelui] spawning time. 10. [is, beat. 11. tell". clatter(ing). 12. text. pick(ing). ® biitaia motorului motor knock. ing; hataia pus tii rifle range; bataia soarelui heat of the sun; ~ buno. good beating, F good hiding, sound cudgelling/< thrashing; ~ cu perne pillow-fight; - de eap trouble, anxiety, concern, uneasiness; care and trouble; severe mental effort, racking, F cudgelling of the brain; ~ de joe R. mockery, scoffing. jeering, sneering, < b. v. bat j 0 cor ire, bat j o. C 11 r ii. (ij) cim.p de ,._, battle field, field of battle; cu mult-i - de. cap with much trouble/difficulty, rar ->by dint of great exertion; tn. biitaia (cu gen.) within the reach of...; within ... ; 'n biitaia p ustii within musket shot; in bd taia soarelui exposed to the sun; sun-beaton , In biitaia tunului within cannon shot· in ordine de ~ in order of battle; in line. Ii) a-i da ~ F to step on


it/on the gas, - to hurry up, to make haste; acest lucra tmi da multa ...... de cap this matter/business gives/causes me great trouble/ bother; a primi/F mtnca 0 '" bunii. to get a good/sound beating, F to come in for a good licking/hiding/ dressing down; a pune la ...... to come down with, to use, to put on the carpet; to make available; to risk; a trage lJui"a 0 sfinlii. de ...... F to lick/tan smh., < to thrash smb, soundly, to beat smb. black and blue, to dust srnh, 's jacket; a aranja In ordine de ...... to draw up in order of battle; a se aranja in ordine de ...... to draw up in batLle array; a iua in ...... de joe to laugh at, to deride, to make fun of, to (turn into) ridicule, < to make a mockery of; a se lua la ...... to come to blows; a omortjF snopi In ...... F to sandbag, to beat to jelly [e: mummy; e 0 euratii. ...... de joe it's sheer mockery. ll. inter], F step on the gas! step on it! - hurry up!

baUiUa, s.m. otnat: beater.

bitil.ioJ adj. pugnacious, truculent, aggressi ve, combative, full of fight, rar bellicose, F_cocky; [gtlceoitor} fond of picking quarrels, quarrelsome, litigious, F litigating.

bfttalio s.], battle, action, fight, engagemsnt ; {naoala} sea engagement. ® ,.... slngeroasii. sanguinary battle. @ a t:i~tiga 0 ,..., to win a battie; a da 0 ...., to give battle (to the enemy); to light a battle.

blltlUarnieli. s.f. bot. groundsel (Senecio) .

batitoare s.f. 1. batler, baUet. 2. poligr, planer.

biitatol'l s.m, beater.

batator~ s m , 1. (pt. lap te} churn staff. 2. (pt. epiilat} batler, batlet. 3, (pt. covoare} carpet beater. 4. text. beater, cylinder. 5. tehn; rammer, mallet,

blUMor" adj. 1. [prea luminos] dazzling; (d. culori} glaring,>gaudy; glowing, flaming. 2. [pronuntat} prominent, striking; (evident) cvidcnt, obvious, ostensible. ® ~ la


ocbl glaring, blatant; (suspect) suspicious, arousing suspicion. batatod I. vb, tr, 1. to tread; to stamp down. 2. constr ; to ram. II. ob, refl; (d. mtini} to get callous. bitiUorire s.{. treading etc. v, b a-


blitatorit adj. beaten, trodden. @ drum ,..._, well-worn road, beaten path; frequented thoroughfare.

bitatnra s .f. 1. (in [ata casei} front yard/court, Iorecourt, trodden path. 2. text. filling, welt. 3. (pe piele] callosity, hard flesh, horny skin; [la p icior] corn. 4.si/(>. windlall(en wood).

Mtsll.jl I. adj. v. bat Ii i 0 s. ll. s.m. 1. (eel ce bate) beater, striker, cudgeller. 2. (caruia ti place biitaia} brawler, bully, pugnacious fellow, rowdy; quarrelsome fellow.

bateaI4s·f· text. v. b a t.a t u I' a 2. Mi.-iior ad}. elderly.

bUrin I. adj. rca vtrsta} old, (old-) aged,ancient. @din-iofold/yore, from ancient times; mai ~ (cu ... ) older (by ... ). II. s.m, 1. old/aged man, man advanced in years, hoary man; pl. old peoplcjfolk(s). 2. Ii' batrinul' pop, father, the old man. II. sl. batrtnul (eu} number one, yours truly, the undersigned. 4. pl. F biitrtnii the old folks.

Mtrinii s.f. 1. old/aged woman. 2. sl; in". a thousand lei banknote: II. F batrtna marn, mother, the old woman.

bitrinel s.m, elderly man.

batrineS(l adj. 01 d; (de modii. ceche] old-fashioned. @ casii. biitrineascii. parental house; cin tec ~ (popular) ballad; porbr'i.biitrlneascii. old saying.

biitrine~te ado: like an old man; [ca altadata} as of old; (traditional) traditionally.

bAtrinet;e s.f. old/poetic~hoary age. ® ~ haine grele chair days.@ a trai pirui la adlnci MtrineJi to live to a venerable age, to live to be very old, F_to make old bones.

batuei I. ob , tr •. to stamp/ram/beat down. II. ob, Fefl. to grow hard sau callous etc. v, b Ii t u cit.


biitucit adj. 1. v . bat at 0 r i t. 2. (d. fruete) bruised. II. [cu bii.taturi} horny, callous, toil-hardened. 4. {batus} beaten soundly, F pommelled.

batut I. adj. beaten etc. v. bat e. ® '""-' de brumii blighted by frost; ~ de gtnduri fu II of care/anxiety, troubled; thoughtful; meditative, pensive, melancholy, F_wool-gathering; ~ de grind ina spoilt by hail; ~ de soare sun-beaten, sun-burnt; ,._ de vint wind-beaten! swept; exposed to the wind; ...... ln. eap F beef-witted, blockheaded, batty, dull, dense; ...., In p ietro IIcumpe set in jewels. @ aur ~ pure/solid/sterling gold; bani billuti ready money, hard cash; berbee ~ gelded ram; pfnza "'a stout/thick cloth; a se da ~ to give it up, F-to hollow/amer. to holler uncle; a nu se da ~ not to yield to hold one's ground/own, F_to stick it out (bravely), to take things on the chin. II. s.n. beating etc v , bat e.

blltutll s.f. name of a Romanian folk dance.

bit s.m. 1. stick; (mai mic} little stick/cane; [scurt , gros ] cudgel; v, fi bas ton; [al conferenqinrului ete.} pointer; (vargii.)switch, rod. 2. bot. stalk, ha(u)lm, stem. 3. sl, (picior) pin, trotter. ® ,..., de ehibrit match; ...... de ski ski stick; ,..., de roM drum stick. Qj) au traista-n ,..., begging, F pinched, under hatches. ® a ee lua tn bete eu einera to heckle smh .• to COm e to high words with smb.; a pune bete In roate [cuioa} to put/throw obstacles (in smb, 's way), F to put a spoke in the wheel, to lock! scotch the wheel; a-si lua traista-n. ~ +-F to leave, to depart; to pack (up)"; (a 0 s terge] F to walk one's chalks, to make tracks, to cut one's stick.

biitos I. ad). (rigid) stiff; stand-offish; (a(ectat) affected; mannered; [ceremonios ) formal, precise, stand. ing on ceremony; (t eap an ) awkward, clumsy, heavy; (ar/ligos) clean-cravat ish , cantankerous, peev-

BAT-BEA ish. II. ado; stiffly etc. v. ""' I.

Mnt I. adj. 1. who has drunk (his fill). 2. V. b eat. II.s.n. drinking. @ apa de ~ drinking wate·.

Mutors.m.1. drinker. 2. v. bet i v. bautura s.], 1. drink, beverage, F_ potable; (cu care te dregi) F chaser; [tnainte de culcare] night cap; [Ia botul calutui} stirrup-cnp. 2. med. potion, decoction. 3. (Mut) drinking. ® ~ proasta bad liquor, P__'rotgut; '"" rdcoritoare cooling dr-ink, cooler; - stab« weak drink, F - wish-wash, SWish-swash, slipslop; ,..., tare strong drink/liqnor, F-something short; bii.uturi sp irtoase Spirits, liquors, alcoholicj spirituous drinks. @ la ..., over a glass of wine; in one's cups. © a se apuca de", to take to drinking, F to take to the bottle.

bauturicll s.], drink, draught, F booze.

bealvb. tr.1.todrink; (eu lncetul] to sip; (eu tngliititur; mari} to swig; SWIll; (tot) to drink up; quaff; [pe neriisuflate) to drink off; [ca lacomie) to drink in. 2. med, to take. II. (a adltpa) to water. 4. (tutun) to smoke, © Ifi ,..., banii he drinks his money away, he spends all his money on drinking; a ,..., gazjbenzinii/farl:i sifon F to talk nonsense/through one's hat;ce bei? What do you drink/ take? F What's your drink/liquor? ; ee vrei Sa bei? What will you have (to drink)?; a ,.._, dintr-o inghi/itura to drink at a draught; a ~ la botul ealului to drink a stirrup-cup ; a '" ptnii la [und to drink up, to drink to the dregs. II. ob, intr, to drink,F -s to be fond of the bottle, to booze, to bib. ® a-i place sa ...... to be given to drinking, F->to be fond of one's glass/of a drop; a ,..., in sanii. ta lea ouioa to drink smb.'shealth; to pledge smb. (in drinking); a '" serios to drink hard; ~ loata lumee? drinks all ronnd?

beareR adj v. b e r c.

beat1 adj. 1. drunk, intoxicated, the worse for drink, F tipsy, tight, screwed, lit up-; [a[urnat} elevated,


F mellow, merry, squiffy, < F :befuddled, sozzled, boozy, three sheets in the wind, < under tho tahlo, blind to the world, one Over the eight. 2. fig. (de) intoxicated (With), drunk; (with). ® ~ ea un pore swine-drunk; ~ mortjturtii F dead/blind/roaring drunk. @ pe j umata te - half tipsy.

beat" adj. [pronuntat [bi:t]) mus ., lit. etc. beat.

beatitudine s.f. bliss, beatitude; supreme/perfect happiness.

beatnle," beat.nik e.m , beatnik. (),il generatia ~ ilor the beat generation. bebe(lu~) s.m: baby, babe, chickabiddy, nurso ling; kid.

bee sn . 1. (electric) bulb, (electric/ glow/incandescent) lamp; (de gaz) gas burner, (gas) light. 2. [gurii ) F chops, jaw, potato trap ;-moutll. 3. {nas ) F sl, bugle. ® ~ Auer Auer burner; ~ Bunsen Bunsen burner; ,...., de gaz gas burner; ....., de control pilot lamp; ~ de sigupanfil safety burner. © a c/idea pe ~ d uP" cineva sl . to be sweet/n uts on smh., to fall for smb., ~ to fall in love with smb.; a vorbi la ~ I" to talk in vain, 110t to be listened to ..

be car s.m, muzo natural.

beca~a s .f. omit. snipe [Scolopo» rusticola} .

becafina sf. omit. small/jack/half snipe (Gall if/ago gallinaria).

beeher I. adj. single, celibate; wifeless, spouseless. II. s.m, bachelor. peior . --> agamist.

beeherie sf. bachelor's life, bachelorhood, F -+ single blessedness. bechie s]; av. tail-skid.

beei s.n . 1. cellar; (subsol} basernent. 2. [tnchisoare} jai l , prison.

becisnic I. adj. 1. [nepuiincios} power Iess, .i:npoLent; (bolniio icios} sickly, ailing ; (slab) weakly, frail, delicate; {orednie de compdtimit] pitiable, woeful. 2. (si1rac) poor. II. s.m. (molly) coddle, weakling' powerless/impotent person etc. v: ~I.

becisnicie s.f. lack 01 power, impotency, sickliness; weakly state,

frailty, invalidity; harmlessness. beduin srn, Bedouin.

beetllovenllUl, beethovian adj. Beet-

hovenian, Beethovian ,

begonie s.f. bot. begonia (Begonia). behili ob , irur, to bleat, to baa. behait s .n, b leatinz,

behehe interj, baa ,0

behlita s.f. fish fry.

liei sm; bey.

beizadea s .f. ist . young prince; son of. a sultan; SOli of a hospodarj prince.

bej adj. beige.

bejanie, bejenie s.f. trek. © a p leca in ~ to be on the trek.

bel e.m . [is, bel.

beladona s f. bot. deadly nightshade

belladonna, bancwort (Bel1a~


belaliu adj. 1. [sensibil] sensitive' (ca.r~ :.e ofensea2t'i usor } touchy. 2: [dificit] hard, difficult; {greu. de multumit] fastidious. S. v , b ec i s n t o 1,1.

belcing sn , metal ring; hook; (pt. vita} cattle leader. © a cistiga la ~e F to get for nothing/for a (mere) song.

belefugat adj. 1. ring-shaped; annular. 2. v. b1rligat.

beldie s.], .... reg. 1. bot. stem' (la ptiioase] stalk; (la copaci) t;unk. 2. (priljind) pole, perch.

beloa sf. [necaz } trouble, F scrape, mcss; [tnttmplare nenorocitd } mishap, mischance, misadventure; (incurciiturii} embarrussmnn t; [nenoroc ire) misfortune; [ruipusta] calamity, adversity; hother, pest, plague; worry, affliction, tribulation; [povara] burden, nuisance. © a-si lua 0 ~ pe cap .... F to take a burden upon oneself; a da de ~ , a intra in ~ , a-si gasi '" ua F to get into trouble/hot water/ a mess/ a scrape; a sctipa de (0) ~ to get out of an encumbranca/F a scrape; a scoate din ~ F to get out of. a scrape; a bdga in ~ F to draw(lead into a scrape; a [i 0 ~ pe caput {cu gen.) F to hang upon the hands 01...; to be a burden/an encumbrance to ...


bele-arte s.f. pl. +- "w. fine arts. belemnit s.m. mineral. belemnite, F<- finger stone.

beletrist s.m. person cultivating polite letters; literary man. beletristie adj. belletristic. beletrilltici s.], belles lettres, fic-


beIfer s.m. F pedant, dry nurse. belgian adj., s.m . Belgian.

bell I. pb. tr , 1. {p ielea ] to flay, to skin, s-+ to excoriate; [arbori} to hark, to peel off. 2. [ochii} .... F to open wide; [dintii) to show. 8. fig. (a jefui) F to fleece, to rob, © a 0 ~ <-- vulg . to get it hot, to get it in the neck, to got into hot water. n. vb, refl, pas. to be flayed etc. v. - I.

lIelieos adj. warlike,fond of fighting, rar ___,. bellicose.

bel igerant I. ad], engaged in war, belligerent. II. s.m. belligerent. beligerantll. s .], warfare, belligerence.

belinograf e. n. Belin's picture telegraph, phototelegraph. belinograma s.f. Belin's picture teo legram , phototelegram,

bclljitlt s f. bot. Indian cane, canna {Canna indica).

bel~llg s .n, plenty, abundance, rich store; {surplus} profusion, overflow, exuberance; cornncopia; [bogatie) wealth, opulence. @ din ,.._, in abundance, plentifully, F .... galore.

beltea s.{. V. pel tea. belvedere S.I!. belvedere. Delzebtlt s.m, Beelzebub, bemol s.m, mUI(;. flat.

bena s.], 1. teh.n . grab, bucket; (charging) bin; hopper. 2. auto. hin.

henchet s.n, carousal, Ii' fine spread, good tuck-in.

benchetut ob . intr . to feast; to junket, inDo -+ to banquet. benchetniull1, benchetulre sf. feasting etc. v. ben c h e t u i . benedlettn s.m. 1. Benedictine (monk). 2. erudite, scholar. benedictinii sf. Behedictine.

beneficia Db. intr; (de pe urma} to derive advantage (from), to turn


smth. to account; to profit (by), to derive profit (from) ; to gain (from), to benefit (by).

benetlelar I. adj. [ur . liable to no debts beyond the value of the assets. II. s.m, beneficiary. beneficlere sf. enjoying, possession; benefit(ting).

beneficiu s .n. com. profit, gain; ju,.. benefit, privilege, usufruct; teatru: benefit; [aotintaj] benefit, advantage. ®- brut com. gross profit; ~ net com. net profit. @ in ~l (cu. gen.] for the benefit of ... ; mari beneficii large profit(s); sub --de inoentar a. [ur, under beneficinm inventarii. b. fig, with reservations/qualifications. © a re aliza un ~ to realize a profit.

benevol I. adj. voluntary, spontaneous. II. ado . voluntarily, at pleasure, of one's own accord, spontaneously,Dptionally.

bengal adj. Bengal. @ foe ,_ Ben-

gal firelight.

benghi s.n , beauty spot. benign adj. med. benign.

henccla vb, refl. F to stare, to gaze

(at smb.).

bentit! s.f. ribbon,ba,nd.

bentoniti s.], tehn . bentonite. benzaldehidis.f. chim., benzaldehyde. benzedrina s.], chim . farm. Benze-

drine, amphetamine.

benzen s.m . chim, benzene. benzenle ad]; -chim, benzene .•. benzil s.n, chim, benzyl.

bellzina s .f. I. auto., M. petrol, amer. gas( oline), gasolene. 2. [neofalinil) benzine. ® ~ cu cifra oetanicii ridicata high-octane petrol/ amer , gasoline; ~ de aoituie aviation petrol, avgas; ~ etilaui e· thylated petrol; ,..., grea heavy naphta; ~ usoarii light naphta.

benzlnarle s.f. filling/petrol station. benzoat s.m. chim, benzoate.

benzoic ad}. chim . benzoic. benzonaftol s.m: chim. benzonaph-


benzopiridina s.], chim, quinoline berar s.m; brewer.

berarie s.f. 1. brewery. 2. (local) beer/ale house, beer saloon.


berbant s.m. +- F rake, loose fel-

low, philanderer, chll;rmer. .

bI.lrbantl.ic s.n , <- F rakishness. ~ISsoluteness, debauchery, d.issipation.

berbecje) s.m. 1. zool . ram, F .~ tup ; {castrat] wether. 2 •. Berbecele astr . the Ram, S.~ Aries. 3. tehn . rammer, pile driver" (battering) ram. 4. na9.i1\l"eptun~ S sheep, chop ~ca). @ mdr\ au ~~ choppy

sea, cop. b b

berbeeut s.m. 1. zool: v: ere c .

2. omit. common snipe (Seolopax

ga iu« ago ). d

berbeleacul s.n. @ ile-a ~hea over heels. © a da de-a ~ to overthrow, to overturn; a .se da de-a ~ to turn a somersault/somerset.

bere adj. bob-tailed. ~. bere e.], beer; malt liquor] (alba, engl.) (pale) ale; (neagr:: engl.) stout; porter; [buvareza} lager (beer); (in sticle] bottled bee~. ~ ~ caramel apro x . gmger ale,

de la butoilcanea draught beer .. bereehet ad!'. in abundance, plenti-

fully, F galore. . d

beregata. s.f. throat, gullet, win pipe F ~ swallow.

bereta's.f. beret; [a etudentilor engl.)

student's/graduate's cap. bergamotss .f. bot. ber.gam.ot (pear). bert-bert s .n, med. beriberi,

boftl s.n. mineral. beryL.

beriliu s.n. metal. beryhum.

berlina s.f. berline. . .

berlinez I. adj. Berlin ... ,.of Ber-lin.

H. S.m. native of Berlin, Berlin-

b:~~a s.f. constr . bcrrn] e}, terrace. berna.rd!n S.m. 1. (calugar) Bernardine. 2. (dine) St. Bernard (d()~). berna s.f. Qj) in ~ na~. half ma .. t.

bernevlet s.m. pl. reg. loose trousers.

besactea s.f. tno . casket, box. besehle s .f. cross·cut/two-handled


bestial I. adj. bru ti~h, bes tial , F ~ beastly. II. ado . like a beast, brutally, bestially.

bestiditate s.f. bestiality, beastli-


bestle s.f. 1. wild beast. 2. fig. (ferocious) beast/brute.

be~nltil s.f. +- P 1. lazy/blowzy woman, lazy-bones; slut, slattern. 2. tat woman.

be~telealil. s.], scolding, abuse, taking to task, censure, F a good dressing-down.

besteli ob , tr. to take to task, to scold, to abuse, to haul over the coals.

betatron s.n. betatron.

bete sf. pl. v. ~ a t a 2.. .

beteag adj. physlCall;y aff lictod, ri ck-

ety, delicate, -::.:: crippled, deformed; [bolnao } !II, Sick. ®:-- de o mina one-armed/branched ;

de un ochi one-eyed,

betealil s.f. tinsel (paper); (de aur}

gold thread. . ..

betegi ob . v . bet e J 1 • .

beteji I. ob . tr . to crippluc ~ (a strica} to spoil, to mar; (a oiitiima} to 1Iliure , to damage. II. vb. refl: 1. to become an invalid, to be cfl_ppled. 2. (a se imbolndvi] to fall Ill, to be taken ilL

betelie s.f. waistband. ..

betesug s.n. (bodily) de~ecym~perfection, affliction, < infirmi ty ; {neajuns} drawback.

beton S.n. concrete. ® ~ armat a. tehn . reinforced concruet~, ferro-concrete. b. F (la carl') royal flush; ,._, de ciment cement concrete; ,...., preconiprunat pre-st~essed concrete; ~ preiabricat .bUlIt·up concrete; ,._, torcretat gumte, shot crete.

betona vb . tr . to (build with) con-


betonler s.m. v. bet 0 n is t_. betonlera s .f. tehn , concrete mixer.

betonlst s.m. concreter. . .

betonit S.n. eonstr . botonite (bricks),

betie s.f. 1. (ca stare) drunken~es5,

in toxicat ion , <drunk! F ...... tipsy state, < F tipsiness. 2. (petrecere} drinking bout, c<l:rous'~1, F~ booze. 3. fig. Intoxicatton , JUcbflation <delirium; frenzy, ecstasy. ® ,._, de cu~inte verbosity, bombast, profusion/rich flo~/torrent of words, F ~ (long) rigmarole.



@ clritec de ~ .drinking song. © a al'ea daru] ~i to be addicted to drink(ing), to be of intemperate habits, F to be fond of one's drops.

betiga~, beti~or s.n. 1. small stick, rod. 2. pl. (pt. mlncat } chopsticks. betiv s.m. drunkard, tippler, alcohol addict, F ~ boozer, sot. befivan s.m. hard drinker, F soaker.

beut... v. b aut ...

bezel!. s.], 1. (sarutare) aprox: kissing one's hand to smh, 2. [prajiturd] meringue. @ a face bezele cuioa to kiss one's hand to smb., to blow smb. kisses.

bezmetic I adj. brainless, giddy, <insane, mad, F ~ batty. II. s.rn: giddy-head, F _,. madcap.

beznas.f.l. [intunecime] dark (n8SS), gloom, obscurity. 2. fig. dark, obscurity. @ intuneric ~ pitch dark(ness) /black.

b!add srn , chim, diacid, biacid, bianual adj. biannual, semi-annunj , biarticulat adj. biarticulate. bfatomle adj. biatomic.

hlhan s.m. iht , perch (Perea). bibazie adj. chim, bibasic.

bibeIou s,n . gewgaw, trinket, knick-knack.

biber s.m. zool. beaver, castor (Castor fiber).

bibernil s.m, bot. garden/salad burnet (Sanguisorba minor).

blheron s.n; sucking/feeding bottle. © a hriini cu ~ul to foed at the bottle.

bibio s.m. ~ule ~ F darling. bibilieli s], 1. ornit. guinea fowl! hen (Nu.mida rncleagris }, 2. bot. crown imperial, fritillary [Fritil: laria imperialis).

bibHqri" s.n. pt. frills, (lace) ornaments.

biblic I. adj. biblical. @ alusii <e Scriptural allusions. II. ado , biblically.

biblie s.], Bible, Holy Scripture(:». blbliofil s .m. lover of books I rar ~

hi hliophile.

lIofilm s.], love of books; [ca stibibliophily.

s.m. bibliographer. logmfic adj. bibliographical.


bibliografie s f. bibliography. bibliologie s .], bibliology. billlioman s.m, bibliomaniac. bibliomanie s.f. bibliomania. biblioraft s.n. (ring) file. bibliotecar s.m, librarian.

biblioteea s.], 1. (institu/ie) ~i fig. library; (dulap) bookcase; (ratturi ) book shelves. 2. sl, glum. (carli de joe) card pack. ® ~ de tmprumui lending library;~ docume';tarii reference library j ~ porta. twa bookmohils, mobile!drive~in library, bibliobus.

blblioleeonomi e s .f. llbrarianshlp, bicameral ad}. pol. bicameral. ' bicapsular adj. bicapsular. Mearbonat S.n. chim, bicarbonate. bicarburil s.f. chim. bicarbids. bicefal adj : tWO-headed, bicepha-


biceps s.m. anat. biceps.

biei s.n .. 1. whip;. (de eiilarie) horsewhip ; na~., mil. cat (Of nine taIls); {looitura ) whip stroke. 2. f'g. scourge. e "'uli1li Dumnezeu scourge of God. @ in ~ at full gallop/speed, posthaste. ® a da bioe [cu do.t.} a. to apply the whip to ... b. fig. t.o spur ... on; to goad/egg . .. on, <to rouse ... ; a-ida biceF step on it/on the gas, to hurry up, to make haste; a lua in otr] de ~ a. to whip/flog well/soundly. b. fig. to scourge, to cut up, F to slate.

bicicleti sf. 1. bicycle, F ~ bike, wheel, machine; (pt. femei) lady's bicycle; (pt. curse) racer; (pt. turism ) roadster. 2. F glum. [oche[uri) specs, goggles, - spectacles.

biciei18t, s.m. cyclist, F ~ wheelman, bicycler; (profesionist) bicyclist, bicycle racer.

bieisIlic ad)., s.m .. V. b e cis n i c . bioiut vb , tr. 1. to whip, to lash, to flog. 2. f.g. to censure, to criticize severely, to lash, F -+ to slate. biciuiala e.f., biciujre s .f. whipping

etc. V. b i c i u i.

b.ioiuitor adj. lashing, biting, harsh,


bicius.ca sf. horse/riding Whip. bicolor adj. bicoloured i partico, , loured.


b tconeav adj. concave-concave, bi-

concave ..

biconjugat ad}. biconjugate. biconvex adj .. biconvex. bicord adj . .bicordate ..

bleorn adj. bicom ous, F -> two-horned.

bieromat . adj. bichromate. •

bies src: <- el, cigarette butt/stamp, fag end.

bideu s.n. bidet.

hldlmenslonal adj. bidimensional, two-dimensional. (j) carac ter ~ hidimensionality.

hldinea s.f. mason's brush. bidiviu s.m, barbary (horse).

bidon s.n. 1. can, rar -> bidon. 2. mil. soldier's flask/canteen.

b ldonvll le s,n , shanty town'. biels.n. hidr.l. (canal) reach, level. 2. (scoc) water- race, mi ll-race. ®

~ amon/e head/upper waler,.head bay; ~ aval tail/lower water. tail/ aft bay.

biell) s .f.tehn. connecting rod; piston rod.

bieletl& s -t. tehn: auxiliary connect-

ing rod.

btalorus adj., S.m. Byelorussian , bional adj. biennial.

Menab" s.f. bienni&.lexhibition. Iliet adj. poor, needy; (fara banifn

btizunar } penniless. F-> hard. up; [nenorocit] piteous, unfortuna.te, miserable, unlucky. ® <-ul copil l poor child!/ ~ul de elf poor fellow! F",,> poor devil! ~ul de mine! F poor rnc l

bif s.n., interj . F glum. beaver (I) Ilifa vb, tr . to put a stroke through, to check, to mark.

Ilifazat adj. electr , two-phase, bi-


Ilira s.f. [bifnre] check.

bifid adj. bifide, hitidate,

biflor. adj. bOI. biflorous; F -> two-flowered.

bi1t(lc s,n . (beer)steak; (fript) roast steak.

bifurea vb , refl.to be bifurcat e/F -> forked; (d. drumuri) to fork.

bifurcare, blfurcatie sf. bifurcation, forking; [erov . .junction, bran ching (off).

blgam I. adj. bigamous. IT. s.m, bigamist.

bigamle sf. bigamy.

bigii e.], nav. sheers; derrick, loading boom.

bigot I. adj. bigoted, religiose. II.

s.m. bigot. '

bigotism s.n . bigotry. bigudiu s.n. (hair) curler.

bigui ob . tr . potigr, to bend, to wrap.

biguire e.f., biguit s.n. poligr . (co-

vel') bending. ,.

hijuterie 8 .f.,s-i fig. jewel; pl. jewelry. ® ~ falsa costume jewel, shiue stone.

biju1ier s.m. jeweller. bikini s.n. bikini.

bilubial adj cling«. bilabial. bilabiatadj. bot. b ilabiate,

Ilihtnt s.n. I. balance sheet; (total) sum, total. 2. [rezultat]. result. 3. tchn, balance. ® ~ energetic energy balance. © aface ~ul [cu gerc.} a. to strike the balanceof... b.fig. to survey, to review .. , to sum up ... ; (a socoti) to reckon up ...

bilateral adj. bilateral; jur. reciproca.1.

hila s.f. 1. ball; (de biliard) billiard hall ; (pl. joaca} marble. 2. (cap) F pate, nut , chump. 3. anal. bile, gall. 4. {trunchi de lemn } log, butt; pile; stake. © a [i atinslscrtn.tit la

~ F to be off one's nut/chump, to be nutty; hila la cutie F glum. tuck in your twopenny.

bililochet s.n. (joe) cup and balJ. hildungsroman S.n. bildungsroman. bilets.n.1. slip; [scrisoare } note, bil-

let; (de dragoste} love letter, billet doux; {inoitatie] invitation (card). 2. com. bill; hand bill. 8. (de leatru} (admission) ticket, theatre ticket; (de trcn } (railway) ticket; (de loterie} .lottery ticket; (de e:rae men) examination ticket. ® ~ cu pre, redus cheap ticket; [eroo . half fare; ~ de banea com. banknote; treasury note; ~ de [avoare guestf privilege ticket; ~ de peron platform ticket; '" dus ~i tntors return ticket; ~ In ciliruit. circuit, circular/round·trip/tourist ticket;

la ordin com. bill payable to order;



promissory note, note of hand; ~ lapurtator com. bill payable to bearer.

biJetil sf. metal. hillet.

hile~el s .n . 1. v. b i let 1. 2. slip (of paper). 3. (pt. tragere la sort i}

cut. .

biIiar adj. anal. biliary.

biliard e .n, hilliards. @ masii de.'" billiard tahle. © a juca ~ to play at bi Iliards.

bil.iargiu s.m, billiards player/ad-


bilingv adj. bilinguist. bilingvism s.n. bilingualism. bilion s.n. hi l lion ,

biHos adj. bilious.

bilobat adj. bilobatc(d), two-lohed. bllunar adj. bimonthly.

biman ad). birnanons, two-handed, himensual, blmestr lal ad}. V. b i-

1 una r .

bimetal s .n. metal. bimetal. bimetaIie adj. bimetallic. bimetalism s.n. bimetallism. bimilenar ad]: hi-m illen ary , bimolecula.r ad}. chim , bimolecular. blmotor adj. ao . twin-engine ... binzuire s.f. tehn . pumicing, f1uC-


bina s.f. 1. building/construction scaffolding. 2. building under re-

pair. '

binar adj. binary; @ sietem. ~ binary scale.

bine I. adj. well', right· all right· (cum trebuie] properly,' aright. liD -: clad it .. V. ~ legal; '" dispus in high spirrts ; '" [acu.: v . '" leg at; ,.., [ript well-done; '" intentionat well-inten!ioned/-rneaning I-meant; ,.., tmbriioat well-dress ed; ~ tnarmat well-armed; ~ intemeiat wcll-grounderl ; '" legal (d. trup } clean-built/"limbed/ -rnade : well-formed; ~ zis l well said i @ asa de ~ cii.... so welI that...; ba mai ~ and more; ce ~, F that's fine! ce""" ca ... ! Fit's a blessing that ... ; eel mai ,.;., best: eu atit mai ~ so much the better' dar", ... buL.; well, but ... ; (pen: tru Dumneseu] for Heaven's sake' de doi ani {Ii mai~ for more thad two years; destul de ~ pretty /tol-


arab Iy well : din. ce in ce mai ,.;., better and better; ei ~ well; [oarte ~ very well, all right, F -+ all serene, O.K.; mai»- better; rather; sooner; rnai· ~ de 0 sutr'f de oameni over a hundred people; more than a hundred persons; nici ~ n~ci rau neither good, nor bad, in~ dlfferent(ly well); nici prea __ nici prea r,zu ~o, so; tolerably; nu prea ,_, not qUlte/exactlywell; prea. ~ very well, rar -> full well, putin. mai ~ rather/a little better; 'tot afa t!e ~ ca ~i .. _ as well as .. , ® ara/L foarte-you are looking very! F -> jolly well; am auzit _7 did I. understand rightly? a credelsoeot t ca e ,.." $a: ... to. think it proper to . .. , to considorIt rIght to .... ·u cunoaste -- pe cineoa to knoW: smh, (thoroughly) weI!, to knowsmb. intimately; e - afa? will, that do? is it all right? cum e imai -in the best manner possible/conceivable' nu e '" it isn't right; F -> it Won't do; nue -sa faci CUita it is not right! proper to do it; nll- ti-e ~ ? nu te si.m!i "'? a. (d. s,fudtate) what ails you? aren't you feeling all ~ight? b. /e{1ti nebun?).F are you In your right senses? are you unwell? a face un lucru. - to do a t~ing welll <capitally! F -> [irst-rata ; sper ca 0 sa-Ii raca ~ I trust it may do you good; a se face - to recover, to get well again, F -+ to be picking up (one's. strength) again; .: trebuie sa [acem: ""ceea ce [acem. we should do rightl properly what we do at all; doresc sa te faci '" I hope you may be soon better; fa~fi pleaca go away p!ease, you had better. go away; a facut ~ ca ... he was rIght to .. ; he was all the better for ... ; a fi "'" peniru. ... to be good/fit/suitable! appropriate for ... ; poate ed ar [i ~ sa ... it might not. be amiss to ... ~ gindeste-te ~ tnainte de a 0 [ace think it over/think twice hefore doing it; nici nu iesise ~ din odaie before he was well gone Out of the room; a intelege ~ to understand rightly / fully; a-i merge __ t() be getting on well/cornCortably/F


nicely, < to be in affluence/ F c10- ver ; ii merge "-' tn dragoste he's lucky in love; ti merge ,.., in toate he succeeds in everything, he is always lucky, all his cards are trumps; fortune smiles in a fine pickle; a-i merge mai ,.., (d. siiniUate) to get well, to be better; a mirosi ,.., to have a nice/pleasant smell; a-i parea ~ to be glad, to be pleased; a pe trece ,.... to spend a happy timej day, F -+ to make a day of it; a i p icat numail tocmai-c- you've come in the (very) nick of time; a primi - to receive hospitably; a se purta»: a. to behave well/properly. b. [dc o hainii] to wear well; o sa-Ii prinda ~ you'll need it; caliltoria mi-a prins - I feel all the better for. the journey; [i-a prins ,...,? has it henefited you? has it d~ne you good? .s-ar futea [oarte - sa ... and well It might ... ; a se simti cit se poate de - F -+ to be feeling very fit; a nu se simJi (prea) ,..., to be (rather) unwell, F -+ not to be feeling quite the thing; (abatut } to feel queer, to feel low-spirited, F -+ not to feel up to much; asta ,..., eu cinepa to be on good terms with smb.; a-i sedea _ sCi ... fig. to 'be right/proper for smb, to ... ; a ,ti [oarte ,..., cii ... to know very well that ... ; niei nu "flu - ee sa [ac I hardly know what to do; a triii ~ to lead a pleasant jan easy life, F-+to have a good time of it; a.se tine - fig. to keep/preserve oneself well; a-i veni - (d. a hainii] to suit (cu acus.}; a vorbi r-: to speak well; (Jezi ,__, F by all means, of course, naturally, that is understood, it stands to reason; '" a sis cine a sis ceL.. it was well said that...; eli - zici ! right you are I F a capital idea l ; ii-a facutl servers) you right I ; _. ca ai oeait I'm glad you've come; I was waiting for you; mai "'" ai tacea you had better keep si lent; mai ~ mort !,mai ,.." mii sp inzur l not for the world I I'd rather die (than ... ) !; I'll eat my hat first I

II. s.n. good; [beneficiu } benefit, advantage, service; (ci;;tig) profit, gain; [binccuolntare} blessing, boon; [noroc } luck, fortune; [remediu ) remedy. ® -le oh~tesclcolecti!'ita!ii public good. @ cei mai mare ~ the greatest good; cu ~ Q. (teafrir) safely, all right. b. [izbutit} successfully. e. (la reoedere } good-bye! F-+ffO long! de ~ de riiu. somehow; ($i) la ,._, ~i la rd« for better, for worse; through thick and thin; pentru. ~Ie (cu geri] for the good/benefit of. .. © a dori ~le cuioa. to wish smh, well, to mean well to smb.; a face un ~ cuiv a to do good by smb.; to do good to smb., to act kindly to srnh., to confer/ bestow a benefit upon srnb., to be beneficial to smb . ; nu-i a ,._, everything forebodes stormy weather, F I smell a rat; mergi cu ~ ! farewell I I wish you a pleasant journey! in!' .-+good speed l ; ramii cu ,.." I good bye I I hope to see you again; s-auzim de ~! good-bye! F-HO long I; sa-Ii fie de ,...,1 (dupri masa] to your pleasure! to your heart's con ten t I (de ziua nasterii] many happy returns of the dayl [dupi; s(ranutat) bless you! (in general) much good may it do youl good luck I a vorbi de ~ pe ... to speak well of... , F-+to give a good character of ... ; a se schimba in ,.._, (d. lucruri] to turn for the best; e numai s pre ~le tdu it's only for your good.

m. adj.!. fine, handsome, good-looking. 2. stately, well-built, imposing. 3. fig. educated, cultured, refined. 4. fig. well-bred,distinguished. 9. fig. respectable, honourable. IV. inter}. weIll good! right I F that's settled I well then I O.K.I

blne-oreseut ad}. well-educated/bred. binecuvinta. vb . tr, 1. to bless; (a face semnul crucii ) to cross. 2. (a liiuda) to praise, to bless. hlneeuvtntars s], 1. blessing etc.

v. bin e c u v i n t a. 2. (feri-



eire) blessing, blessodness, happiness.

binecuvintat adj. blessed; happy. binefacere e.], 1. good/kind action, charity. philanthropy. 2. boon, advantage, profit. @ serbare de ~ charity fete.

binefilclitoal'e s.f. benefactress. binefi\ciltor 1. adj. doing good, beneficent; [caritab ii] charitable; (pt. siiniitate} beneficial, salutary, wholesome; (d. aer } bracing. II. s.m, benefactor, well-doer, doer of good.

bineinj;eles ad~. of course, naturally, certainly, it goes without saying, as is but natural.

btnemerlta vb, intr . ® a ~ de la ... to deserve well or ...

binemirositor adj. sweet-smelling, of a pleasant odour.

binefe s.], pl. greeting, salutation. © a da - (cu. dat.} to greet smh., to hail srnb., to pass the time of day to smb ,

binevenit ad}. welcome; [oportun] timely, seasonable.

hluevo l vb . intr, (sa) to be willing (to), to be pleased (to); (a admite] to condescend (to), to deign (to). ® n-a ~t sa riispundii she did not condescend/choose to reply; cum ~!i as you feel inclined, as you like; peior . at your own sweet will; daca ~li if you please; if such be your p leasure.

binevoitor I. adj. well-disposed, favourably inclined; gracious; bcnevclent ; affable; [bine interuionat] well-moaning/wishing. II. s.m.well-wisher.

binigiu s.m. horse brcaker/tra inerj master.

bini~or I. adj. l. [destul. de bine) passably/tolerably/fairly well. 2. (eu grijri) softly, gently; (Il~or) hghtly; [incet] slowly. 3. (pe [uris] stealUnly. @ ia-o - take it easy, corne, come, don't be so rash; tmi merge - I am getting on fairly well, F things are pretty middling with me. II. s.n. @ Cll -!f! gradually, by degrees; [cu. precaurie} .cautiously ; [usor ] gently, softly; [pe dep arte} in a


roundabout way. III. interj. gently I don't hurry! not so fast! (nu te inficrbtnta] dout flurry yourself! keep your hair/shirt on!

binoclu s.n. 1. binocular(s). 2. [de

teatru } opera glasses. binom s .n, mat. binomial. binominal adj. binominal. biota s.], nav. bitt.

biobibliogr!lfic adj. bio-bibliogra-

phica l.

biobibIiogrltfie sf. bio-bib liography , biocatalizator s.m . chim, biocatalyst. biocenoza sf bioi. biocoenosis. biochimic adj, biochemical. biochimie sf biochemistry. biochimist s.m . biochemist. biodinamica sf. biodynamics. biogen S.n. bioi. biogen.

biograf s.m; biographer.

biogrufic I. adj. biographical, II.

ad!'. biographically. biografic s.f. biography. biolag' s.m. biologist.

biolog'ic I, adj. biological. II. ado ;


biolog'ie sf biology. biopsihic adj. hiopsychical, biosierll sf. biosphere. biotinii s.], b iol . bioti n.

bioxirl s.m. chim . dioxide. ® ~ de carbon carbon dioxide, min. bJackj choke damp.

biJlartit adj. hipart.its ; pol . "i bipar-


bipartiPe s.f. bipartition.

bipiitrat adj. mat. bi quadrat ir , biped I. adj. bipedal, two-Ie.ggedi

fooled. II. s.m, biped ... billellat adj. bipeonated. biJllan s.n. av. biplane. bipolar adj. bipolar'. bipolaritate sf. bipolarity.

hlr.s .». odin. tribute, impolil. @ a da ~ cu f'ugipi to bo lt , to fake to flight, to take to one's heels, F i.o cut one's stick, to walkune's chalks.

birallol't s.n, mat. cross ratio. birefringent adj. fi», double·refracting.

bicefr.ingcntll s.]. liz. birefring.llfice, double refraet ion .

birjar s.m. cah driver, cabman f'Iyman , F-->cabby, Jehu. © ;


injura ca un "-' to swearilike a trooper/bargee.

!lirjs s .f. (hackney) carriage; (cu 4 ro ti ) cab, fly, F .... fourwheeler, growler; [cu. 2 roti} hansom; [cu. un cal) one-horse carriage.

birjsresc adj. cabrnan('s) ... ; cabman like.

bjrjiire~te ado . like a cabman. © a tnjura ~ to swear like a trooper/ hargce ,

birlic s.m. ace.

lJirna sf. min. swage, swedge. birocrat s.m, bureaucrat, F-+red-

-tapist , J ack-in-office, amer. chair warmer.

biroeratic adj. bureaucratic, F-Hed-

-tape... .

birocratism s.n., Il!roera~ie s.f. burcaucracy , officialdom F--+red-tape.

hlrou! s .n.1.(ma.siJ) writing table, (writing) desk, bureau; (cu oblonrulou ) roll-top desk. 2. study; (public) office. 3. (de avocaturii ] chambers. 4. {cancelariat] chancellery, chancery. 5. fig. (slujbii) office. ® ~ de asistenta juridica Ieaal aid bureau; ~ de miscare f('~o~. management office; ~ de proiectare ,-ul proiectantilor dr~w" ing/designing office; ~l dactilo-

(grafetor) typing pool. .

birou" s .n . pol, bureau, executive, ® ~ politic political bureau.

birt s.n. pub, chop/eating house, inn, public house, F~slap·bang shop. birtll~ s.m. landlord, innkeeper, puhrnan ,

biI"tA~i1a s.], landlady.

hirui I. cb . tr . 1. (a iuoinge} to defeat, to vanquish; to conquer; to gain a victory over. 2. (a riizbi prin] to get through. 3. (a copleei } to overcome, to overwhelm. 4. (a stap ini } to master; (a supune} to subdue. II. ob • intr , to conquer, to be victorious; to carry the day, to gain a victory.

biruin~ii s .f. victory; triumph, biruitor I. adj. victorious, triumphant. II. ad". victoriously, triumphantly. m.s.m. victor, conqueror, vanquisher.

hls 1. adp. twice; com. bis : (Ia numere de case) and a half. II.

inter}, encore! once more I © (I striga ~ to ory encore.

bisa ob, tr , to encore.

biscuit s.m, biscuit, amer , cracker. bisect adj. (jj) an;"" leap year. hiseetoare s .f. geom . bisectrix, bisec-

tor, bisecting line.

bisector adj. geom. bisecting, biseric8 s.f. 1. church, elev.~Lord's House; [capela] chapel. 2. fig. church; (cler ) clergy. ® biserica anglicanii the Church of England; ~ de slat Established Church.

biserfcese adj. church ... , ecclesiastical; religious ; canonical. @ cintare bisericeascii (church). hymn; muxica bisericeasca sacred music.

biserieos adj. churchy; religiose, pious, religious; [tcmdtor de Dumnezeu ) godly.

bisericnta s.f. (gai'tii) clique, coterie, set.

bisext(iIj adj. bissexti le , leap ... bisexual adj. 1. hermaphrodite. 2. bot. bisexual, bisexed.

hlsexuat adj. bisexed, bisexual. bisilabic adj, bisyllabic, two-sy 1-" lab led, dissyllabic.

btsmut S.n. chim, bismuth, F .... tin


hismutat s.m. chim, bismuthate. bisturiu s.n. med; bistoury; scalpel. hisultat s.m. chim, bisulphate. bisulfllra s.], chim . bisulphide, bi-


lJi~tari s.m. pl. F spondulicks, brass,

rhino, horsenail. bitum s.n. bitumen.

bitumen s.n . mineral. bitumen. bituminit s .n: min. boghead. bltumlnlsa ob • tr. to bituminite. bttumtnos adj. bituminous.

biuretli s.f. 1. chim, burette. 2. tehn; oiler, oil can.

biuro... v, b i I' 0 •..

bluta s.], butte, stop-butt: knoll, mound.

bivalent adj. chim . bivalent, divalent.

bivalvadj. bivalve, bivalvous, two-valved.

blvol sm, zool , buffalo (Bos bubaIus). © ctnd par zbura ~ii F when



the cows come home, when two Sundays come. together.

blvolar 8.m. buffalo boy. bi\"01i~a s.f. zoot. buffalo cow. bivuac s.n. bivouac.

bizam s.m. zool . muskrat, musquash {OndatrafPiber zibetkica }.

bizantin adj., s.m. Byzantine, Byzantian.

bizantinism s.n.1. (ftiinJii) Byzantinism. 2. double-dealing, duplicity. bizantinist sm; Byzan tinist. bizant(ill)ologs.m. student of Byzantine lore.

bizallt(in)ologie s.f. Byzantinism. bizar adj. bizarre, qneer, quaint, odd, F .... rum,

blzarerte s.f. 1. bizarrerie, Iantaaticalness, queerness. 2. (ca. act) oddness, oddity, extravagance. bize* s.n. 1. toe cap (seam). 2. text. . trimmings.

hizon s.m , zool. bison (Bas primigenius).

bizui ob . ref]: a se ~ pe... to

rely/depend on ; (a se tncrede tn}

to trust {to) , to confide in ...

btesal e.m, F [griisan} chunk. biigui I. ob , tr. to mumble, to stammer out. II. ob , intr . 1. (a

vorbi alandala] to ramble, to (talk) twaddle, to drivel; (a delira} to wander (in one's mind). 2. (a oorbi nedeslusit} to jabber, to murnhla,

biiguiala s.f. mumbling etc. v. biigui.

biignit adj. 1. (d. cuointe} indistinct. 2. (d. oameni} dumbfounded, taken aback.

bijbii ob, intr. 1. (a orbeeai] to grope (in the dark), to feel one's way. 2. v. bligui II. 8. (a misuna} to teem, to swarm.

bijbiiala s.], groping etc. v. b I jbii.

bijbiit s.n. groping etc. v. b i j_ b t i. © pe r-e groping(ly).

bHbii I. vb, tr . to stammer out.

II. ph. refl. to stammer, to stutter; (a oorbi nectar) to speak confusedly, to [ahber ; (a vorbi ropede) F' to sp(l)utter.

bilbiiali\ 8.{. stammerlng etc. v. bilbii.

bilbiilA s.], v. btl b i i t II.


bilbiit I. adj .• s.n. stammering etc. v. b rib 1 i. II. s.m, stamm.erer, stutterer.

bilei s.n. 1. fair. 2. fig. F v. g aI a g i e. (!il de ,.., a. noisy, boisterous, loud.b. cheap, vulgar, c. ridiculous, ludicrous.

bildibic interj .kesouse, plump r thump I

bintui I. ob, tr, 1. (d. animale) to infest, to overrun; (d. duemani} to invade, to ravage, to lay waste: (d. molime] to rage in; to sweep over. 2. (d. etafii) to haunt. II. vb , intr, to rage, to work havoc.

hintult adj. haunted.

birfil s.], 1. v. b i r rea I 1i. 2. (persoanii) gossip, scandalmonger, tattler.

birfeala s.f. {pe sOl!otealacuiva) slander, scandal, backbiting, .calumny; (piilavriigealr'1) gossip j small talk, chatter, F prattle.

bidi I. ob , tr, to gossip about, to slander, to speak HI of, to revile, to defame, to decry, to bring into bad repute; (a calomnia} to calumniate, to backbite. II. ob . intr: 1. to slander, to backbite. 2. (a [lecari} to gossip, to talk scandal, to chatter, F to prattle, to babble.

birfire s.], slandering etc. v . b 11" f i. hirlit adj. maligned; slandered, calumniated.

birfitor I. adj. slanderous, libellou S.

II. s.m. slanderer; (ea lomnia tor) calumniator, backbiter.

birii vb . tr • F to pester. to bother. to bore, to annoy.

birliga vb . tr ., vb. refl, to curl, to turn up.

birlog sn . 1. den, lair. 2. (pt. ctini] (dog) kennel; (pt. porci} pig sty. 3. fig. (de noti} den; [cocioaba} hovel, F hole; (sala,) home. 4. fig. v. cui c u §.

bird 8.{. beam; (grinda) joist; (stilp sprijinitor] girder; [traversa} sleeper. ®. -- transversala crossbeam.

blrsan adj. (d. oi) with long rough wool.

birzoi s.n. @ cu coada "'"' with one's tail up. © a-~i face eoada ...., F to Pack off, to skulk away.


bit ... s.], 1. cudgel, club. 2. fig. beating, cudgelling.

bltlan s.m. omit. heron [Ardea}; ® - de stuf bittern, mire drum [Botaurus stellaris},

bitii vb . refl. ~i intr; (a tremura) to tremble, to shiver; (a 8e mlfca ell. corpul] to wriggle; to move convulsively, to jerk, to sprawl/ kick/toss about; [cu mtinile fi picioarele] to struggle with one's hands and feet; (mai ales d. copii} to fidget about, to be restless; (in. apa) to flounder about. (a dansa} F to jitterbug, sl. to shake the leg.

bitiiBla s.f. jitters; trembling etc.

v , bit i i.

biz inter], buzz 1

biza, bid. sf. (joe) hot cockles. biziUii.u s.m.+-reg. v. g ii I' g au n. bizdill s.n. © a-i sari <-ul F to fly

off the handle, to get the breeze up; ctnd ti vine .-ul F when the fly stings, when the humour takes him.

bizdiganfe s.,. [monstru} monster. bizil I. ph .. intr. 1. (d. insecte] to buzz, to hum; (d. bondari ete.} to drone. 2. (a murmura} to growl, to grumble. 3. (a pltnge} to cry; (a se smiorcai} to whimper. © tmi ~e tn ureclii my ears are buzzing/ tingling. II. ob , tr, v. b i r i i.

biziHi\ s.m. [copil plingareJ) cry baby.

biziit s,n. 1. hum, buzz; [al bondarilor} drone. 2. (pUlIS) whining, whimpering, boo-hoo.

biziitoaro s .f. rattle.

bfziitor adj. buzzing etc. v. b t z t I, biz litura s.f. buzz.

blachen s.n. iron/steel tip, toe plate»


blagosiovonie s.], blessing, saining. lJlagoslovi ph. tr, to bless, to sam, hlagoslovire s.f. blessing. hlagoslovit adj. blessed; happy,


blagove~tenie s.f. rei, the Annunciation.

blajln I. adj. mild; clement; good/ kind-hearted, kind, benign, calm,


placid, sweet, soft, gentle, meek. II. ado; kindly etc. v. '""-' I.

blam s.n, blame; [repros} reproach. @ pot de ,.._. vote of censure.

blama vb, tr, to blame, to reprehend, to fault; to vituperate; (a desaproba} to disapprove of, to take exception to/at; (a cr itica] to censure,

blBmabiJ adj. blamable, blameworthy; censurable. blamares·f·blaming etc.v. b I a m a. blana s.f. 1. fur, skin, coat. 2. [sctndura] board. 3. (manta) fUl' cloak/coat. ® .- de oaie sheepskin; ,.._. de "iron mink (fur). @ animals cu ,..., fur-bearing animals; gule10 de ,.._. fur coUar; haina. de ,..., fur coat.

blanc e .n.. 1. tel. blank (tape). 2. [pielarie] harness leather.

blanchetii. sf. (blank) form. riD '" telegrafica telegraph form. © a com.p leta 0 ,.._. to fill up a form.

blasfemawr adj. blasphemous. blasfemio s.], blasphemy.

blat s.n. F shift, trick, dodge, wile, (flim)f1ame. @ pe __ welshing. shirking, without paying. ® a aPea un ,..., (eu cineoa} to make shift (with smb.}, to have an arrangement with smb.

blasa I. "b. tr, to pall; to weary; to deaden, to sicken. II. ~b. refl_ to be pa.lled/cloyed/sickened; to become blase/indifferent.

blazare s.f. surfeit, satiety; blas~ state, ennui, spleen, boredom, world-weariness.

blazst adj. blase, life-weary. sur-

feited, jaded, weary of life.

blazon s.n, coat of arms, armorial . bearings, (e)scutcheon, blazon.

hilmar s.m. furrier, fur merchant. blanarie s.f. 1. (magazin) turrier's.

2. [comert} lur trade. 3. [bliinuri] furs.

Manos adj. furry.

blefariti s.f. med, blepharitis. bleg I. adj. 1. (labar/at) flaccid,

flabby; (atirntnd tnjos) drooping;


(d. urechi] loppy; (d. cineca} lop-eared. 2. (indolent) indolent, lazy. sluggish; (liisator) languid, half-hearted, negligent, F lackadaisical; [moale] weak(ly). S. [prost} silly, foolish, F sort. 4. (timid) timid, shy, sheepish. n. s.m, 1. {prost] blockhead, F ninny, dolt, noodle, sap, dope. 2. (indolent) lazybones, skulker. S. (om moale) F milksop. 4. (om timid) sheepish fellow.

blegi IJh. refl. 1. v. prosti II. 2. v. ram 0 I 1. 3. (d. urechi } to become loppy.

blegi1 adj. hanging down, loose,

loppy. .

blenda s.f. mineral. blende. blenoragie s .f. med. gonorrhoea, blennorrhagia, v.n., F_"clap.

bleojdi I. ob . tr , © a ~ ochii to stare, to open one's eyes (wide) with astonishment. II. ob, refl; to stare, to gape.

bleojdit adj. staring, gaping. bleowcliri IJb. intr . 1. (a tlecari) to gabble, to Chatter, F to jabber; (a vorhi alandala} to talk nonsense, F to wlah-wash, to fiddle·laddle.2. (a se balaci) to (s)plash through (the mud).

blostem e .n. 1. curse; imprecation, execration; rel, anathema; [blas[ernie} blasphemy;. [lnjuriiturii] oath. 2. (nenorocire) curse, plight; hardship; calamity. ® ,.._. asupra-i ] a curse upon him I © a fi un "" pentru. ... to be/prove a curse to ... ; a rosti ,.._.c to curse.

blestema I. vb, tr . to curse, to accurse, to damn, to execrate, to utter imprecations against; rei, to anathematize; to excornmunt. cate; (a blasfema} to speak blasphemy against; (a tnjura] to swear at. II. ob, intr: to curse.

blestemare e.], (ac)cursing etc. v. b l e s t em a.

blestemat adj .. 1. accursed, (lying) under a curse. 2. (ticiilos) rascally, knavish, Villainous; [josnie} mean, shabby. 3_ (cumplit) fiery; terrible; frau) wicked; evil-minded; [lndriicit} devilish; diabolic(aJ). @ ~ sa fie I may it be accursed r ;


e un frig - it is devilishly cold.

blestemafie 8.f. (piece of) rascality, knavish act sau trick; [porcarie] smut, swinishness, dirt; [josnicie} baseness, meanness, infamy.

bleu adj., s.n. light blue, aZUJ'e. blcumarin adj., s,n; dark/naVy/sea blue.

blid s.n. 1. dish, (earthenware) pan; (de lemn) platter, wooden bowl; (pt. supa) tureen, 2. pl. pots and pans. ® .- de linte fig. pottage of lentils, mess of pottage.

blldar sn , dish shelf.

blinda vb. tr, 1. mil. to blind; (un pas) to armourplate. 2. electro to screen, to shroud.

hlindaj s.n. 1. mil. bIindage, cladding, naP. armour (plating). 2. electro screening, shrouding, shielding.

blindat adj. armoured, iron-clad. @ addpos: ....., bombproof shelter; car ....., armoured car; tren armoured train; Pas - armoured ship.

bli~ s.n. fot. flash gun.

blind I. adj. 1. (bun) kind, sort-hearted ; [ingiiduitor} clement, tolerant; {care nu e violent } gentle, mild; (moale) soft; [Iinistit] calm, placid; [iubitor} lovable ; [pasnic ] peaceable; (suPUS) docile, tractable; meek; [inofcnsio] harmless, inoffensive; (d. caraeter} sweet. 2. (d. animale) tame; (d. cai) steady, quiet. 1.1. (d. vreme, climd} mild, clement, bland. ® ,.._. ca un mid (as) gentle as a lamb. @ cu glas ~ soft-spoken. II. ado , kindly etc.

v. ~ I. .

blindete s.,. 1. kindness, good-heartedness, clemency; kid glove etc. v. b 1 in d I, 1; placidity; docility, tractability; good-nature (dness). 2. tameness, steadiness. 3. (a climei ete.] Clemency, mildness. @ cu "" kindly V. b lin d II.

blocs.n.l. block; (de lemn] (wooden) block, log, < clog; (de metal] pig; geol; erratic block, boulder stone, 2. (casu) apartment house, block (of flats); (de case) block of houses. 3. (de desen} drawing block/tablet. 4. pol. bloc, body,


coalition. 0; (gramada) lump; (un tot) whole unit. ® ~ de sta/ie [eroo . station block; ~ turn arhit . tower house; ~uri prefabricate constr, prefab panels. (j)) 'tn ~ (d. lucruri} in the l~~p; (tmpreunii) together, conjoin t ly, $ a forma un - cu ..• to form a umt with ...

bloea I. (lb. 1,..1. to block; (a bara) to bar; (a tnchide] to shut off; (a izola] to confine; (a tmpiediea] to stop, to obstruct; (a tntrerupe} to cut off. 2. arhit, to block' up. 3. mil. to blockade. 4. poligr. to turn. O. [un capital) to lock up. G. sport to block, to stop; (Ia baschet] to screen" 7. tehn . to lock, to block. II. ob . refl: pas. 1. to be shut off. 2. (d. motor) to seize up.

blocadA s.f. mil. blockade. ® a ridica blocada to raise the blockade. bloea] S.n. 1. oonstr . bottoming. 2. sport blocking,stopping; (la baschet ) screen ing.

bloeare s.{. shutting off etc. v. b 10 c a.

blocatadj. blocked etc. v. b 10 c a I. ® ~ de intemperii weather bound.

bloehaus s,n, block of flats, apart-

meat-house, building.

blocnotes s.n. note book, [otter, hloeus s.n. v. b I o cad a.

blond I. adj. 1. (d. par) fair,blond(e). 2. (d. cineoa} fair(-haired), of/with fair /light hair (and complexion), fair-complexioned, blond(e). @ bere "'Ii pale beer; (pale) ale. II. s.m. fair-/light-haired man.

blonda, blondinii. s.f. fair-/light-haired woman; fair( -haired) girl, blonde.

blu] s.n. bluff, hoax.

blugf s .m; pl. F {pantaloni} blue


blum s.n. metal. bloom.

bloming s.n. metal. blooming (mill).

blotste1n s.n, mineral. bloodstone,

h(a) emati te.,

bJuzA e.]. blouse; (pt. mil.) (military) blouse; (pt. muncitori] (working) overalls.


boa s.m. 1. zool. boa (constrictor). 2. (blani1) boa, collaret{te).

boabii. s.f. 1. bot. berry, s-sbacea: (bob) grain; (samfn[ii) seed; (de strugure} grape. 2. (picatura d« apii) drop; (de sudoare} head; (de p loaie} drop ; [lacrimd} tear drop; (de miirgean) bead. S. [lucru mdrunt] trifling matter, trifle; nothing worth speaking of; next to nothing. (. adverbial [nimie} (mere) nothing; not a bit of it; (nici un cuotnt} not a word. ® boaba-pulpii bot. herb Paris, F true love (Paris quadrifolius}; @ nu e ~ de adeodr in. asta there isn't a word/grain of truth in it; nu ~tie (0) ,._, he basn't the faint· est notion, he is completely/fully ignorant; ~ tiu fi eu sa indrug doua boabe I can only speak a word or two.

boaeA s.f. adverbial v. boa b a 4. boaoanAl.adj. f. too bad; toosimple; too silly. @ gre~eala _, blunder, howler, glaring mistake. © asta e prea -) F that crowns it aliI that beats the devill; a 0 face ...... F to put one's foot in it, to make a blunder/bloomer/a bad break. II. s], F caulker, howler, blunder, bloomer. '

boa ita 8.f.1. [mtrtoagii} jade, F crock, tit, sl , screw. 2. fig. peior; parson.

boaiA s .f. 1. illness; (de durata) disease; [irulispozitie , durere] ailment; [indispositie simpld} indisposition; [locala] complaint; [tulburare ; dezordine} disorder; (stare bolnaoicioasa] sickness; (eufemistic) trouble; [mai ales sufleteasca iii med.) malady j pet. distemper; bot. disease. 2. fig. passion. ® boala copiilor infantile convulsions; falling sickness, epilepsy; boola lui Basedow v. b a zed o v; boala lui Parkinson Parkinson's disease; boala Bomnului sleeping/sleepy sick. ness; ,._, ciineasca wasting (away), emaciation, tabes; "" contagioasii contugtous/Fc--catching disease; ...... de copii child's complaint; ~ de ficat liver complaint; .~ de inim.a heart complaint/disease; "" de (lcki


eye disease; "':' de piele skin disease; ~ de pliimin! .Iung trouble; ~ de stomac stomach, complaint; ...... de zahar diabetes,S--+glycosuria; ,...., graoa severe illness ; serious/malignant complaint; ,." infectioasii catching/infectious disease; ...... lumeoscajoenerica sexual/venereal disease, V.D.; '"" mintaUi mental disordcr; ~ molipsitoare infectious/ contagiousfF .... catching disease; .~ uscata+-P consumption ; S phthisis ; ,._, usoarii slight illness, ailment; slight disease; bali de ferne i diseases of women, S gynaecopathies, gynaecologlcal affections. © a biiga pe cineoa, In -lintoate boalele to fright.en smh, out of his wits/ sonses/F seven senses; a muri de ,." to die of an illness; to die of a disease.

boare s.f. 1 •. breath of wind, gentle breeze. 2. v. a r 0 III ii..

boarfs sf l.v. z d r e an t 1i. 2. pl: rags; (haine oeehi} old clothes; shabby clothes; threadbare clothes; second-hand clothes; (haine) F toggery, togs,+-clothes. 3. FsJut, slatternly woman, (low-down) who 1'0.

Boarul srn, astr . Bootes, the Bear Driver.

boarze s.f. pl. bot. fennel flower (Nigella damascena },

bobl e.n, v , boa b iL © din ~ tn. ,._, in detail, in full length, minutely.

bob2 s.m. 1. bot. horse/broad/straight bean (Vieio. [aba ), 2. (de [asole] bean (seed); (de maziire} pea (seed). a. pl . (forty-one) beans sau peas for telling people's fortune. ® ~ de tarina bot. vetchling (La.thyrus platyphyllos). © a da co. ~iilln ~i to tell people's fortunes (with beans sau peas); a nu sice ~ not to utter a word.

bob' s.n. (sanie) bobsleigh, bobsled. boher, bobeur s.m. sport bob-rider/

-sfeigher. . '. '

bobina ob, tr, to reel, to wind, bobinaj S.n. reeling, windil.lg. bobinare s 1- reeling, winding, bobtnatoare s.f. text. spooler. bobinato[ 8.m; reeler, winder.


bobinil s.(. 1. text. bobbin, spool; {mosor ] reel. 2. electro coil. 3. cinema (film) reel/spoo l. ®.l!obina Ruhmko,.ff electro sparking .. coil; ~ de induciie electr; induction field coil.

bobi~A s.f. v •. h u lin. ® bobiJa tapului. bot. true love (Paris quadrifolius ).

bobi~ol s.m. bot. cytisus (Cytisus nigricans} .

bobHnic s .n. bot. water cress (NaIfturtium. offic ina le ).

bobtmae s.n. 1. flick, fillip. 2. fig. {insulta} snub. © a da un ~ fi

fig. to give a fillip. ,

boboo s.m. 1. bot. .hud ; flower bud; leaf bud. 2. (de raja) duckling; (degisca) gosling. 3. [racan} glumeJ rookie. (. unip. fresher, freshman. Ii. F. (ageamiu) colt, tenderfoot, greenhorn.' ® un ."" de rata a sweet girl, a sight for sore eyes, F a jam, a peach, a beauty. (j)) [rumoasii ca un ~ de tranda/[ir charming, perfectly sweet. © a paste bobocii a. (a Ii crcdul } F to be gullible. b. (a fi prost.] F to be feeble-minded, to be weak in the upper story.

boboeel s.rn; fig •. F' love, darling, sweet one, ducky.

bQbo~a ph. refl . to swell up.

bobot ~ .n. 1. b laz e, blazing fire, F_,.nare. 2. (furie) fury. (jj) in ~(e) blindly, at random, haphazard. © a oorbi iff ~(e) F to talk through one's. hat/neck, to talk at random; amer. sl, to talk wel.; a umbla in ~e F to wander aimlessly,

bobotellzi s .f. Epiphany, Twelfth day, Twelfth night.

boboti I. ob . intr, to hlaze/Ilare up.

II. ob, refl, to fire up.

bobslei s.n . bobsleigh, bobsled. bobusor s.m. bot. 1. V. 0 r e § II it 3..

2. V. m 1i z a ric he ..

boc! inierj, boom! (slap) bang! boe? s in . tehn . wooden leg.

boeano e.m, (work) boot; mil, ankle boot; (de [otbal ) football boot; (eu cuie! hobnailed boot;. (en linte) spiked boot; (de alpinist}


mountaineering boot; (de schi) ski boot.

bocaport S.n. na~. hatch (way); (de bunciir } coal hatch/hole.

bocaneali s.], knocking etc. v. b 0 c Ii n i.

bocani vb, intr . (a ciocdni] to knock, to thump; [cu ciocanul) to hammer; {cu. incallamintoa) to clamp, to tramp, to stamp (one's feet); to tread heavily.

booiinit s.n. knocking etc. v. h 0- can i.

bOIJanitoare s.], omit. woodpecker (Picus).

boclmitura s.f. 1. knock, thump. 2. v. bocanealii.

boceea s.], 1. (legatura) bundle; [p t ctutun } tobacco pouch. 2. (~al) wrap, shaw); (de cap) headcloth, kerchief. © a umbla cu ~ua to hawk.

boocegiu s.m. chapman, (J ohn) pedlar, huckster, hawker, F cheap jack.

bocciu I. adj. [urit] ugly. n. s.m. 1. (badaran) boor. 2. (prost) blockhead.

bocet e.n . 1. lamentation; wailing, keen(ing); (gemete) moaning, groans. 2. (ritual etc.} dirge, lament.

bod I. vb . 11'. 1. to lament, to keen, to bewail, to bemoan. 2. fig. to mourn (for). n. ,,1>. intr, si refl. to lament, to wail, to keen.

bocitoare s.f. woman hired to raise loud lamentations at a funeral, howler, lamcnter, wailer.

boena ado . {tnghetat} frozen; (d. persoane, membre} numb, stiff (with cold); (d. apii) (completely) frozen. boc~a s.], 1. charcoal kiln. 2. min. hoap.

bodega s.f. taphouse, pub(lic house), tavern, rar->bodega.

bodogllneali& s.f. murmur(ing) etc. v. b o d o g a n i ,

bodoglini I. ph. intr . to mumble; (a bombani) to growl, to grumble, to mutter, to murmur. II. vb . tr, to mumble.

boem adj., s.m . ~i fig. Bohemian. boems s .], Bohemia ; Bohemianism.


bogat I .. adj. 1. rich; (eu bani) moneyed; [avut} wealthy, opulent, well-to-do, well-off, F .... warm, 1'01- ]jng in money. 2. fig. (in) rich (in); [abundcnt} abundant, plentiful, plenteous; [copios] ample, copious, < exuberant, redundant; (fertil) rich, fertile. 8.fig. [oaloros } valuable, precious; {scump } expensive; (luxos) luxurious; (fwtuos) sumptuous, gaudy; [mdret} magnificent; (stralucitor) bright. @ an ~ year of plenty; masii --it sumptuous repast; minereu """ rich soil; pradii ~d rich booty; putred de ~ rolling in riches/wealth; recolta ~a rich/abundant crop. @ a de"eni ~ to become rich, to make money, el, to make one's pile. n. adiJ. richly, abundantly, amply, copiously; (dinplin) fully; [foarte} very highly. aD -.. ilustrat richly /fuHy/splendidly illustrated; ~ in semnificatii significant, meaningfuL m. s.m. rich man; bogatii pl. the rich (people), the wealthy/ moneyed classes, the well-to-do, the upper ten (thousand), the upper crust.

bogatan s.m. peior , F oot-bird, gold bug; money bug.

boglita~ s.m, (very) rich man, man of substance.

bogatie s.], 1. riches ; [aoere} wealth, opulence, means, easy circumstances; [abundenpi} abundance, profusion; richness; copiousness. 2. pl. riches; [lucruri scumpe) valuables, precious things. 3. v. min u n atie.

bogdaproste I. interj, God bless you for it! aD ~ ca ... Heaven be praised that ... © a umple de ,._. F to blow up, to overwhelm with abuse. II. s ;n: (grateful) thanks. (ij} pui de ,._. F cadger.

boghiu s,n, [eroo , bogie, amer . truck. bogomil s.m. rei. bogomil. bogomilism s.n. rei. bogomilism. bohooi s.m. en tom. cabbage moth

(P lutella macul.ipennis },

boil I. "b. tr, 1. to colour; [sto]«} to dye: [s ticlii] to stain; (a spoi ) to whitewash; (a zugriioi] to pain t ; (a lustr ... i) to varnish (over);


(neglijent) to daub, to smear; (eu eatran ] to tar; (a ruja) to paint, to rouge. 2. (a tnsela} F to co!;:, to take in, to diddle. II. pb. refl; to paint one's face, to rouge (oneself), to lay on (the) paint/rouge, F to get/make oneself up.

boi' s.n. shape, make: {statura} stature, size.

boia s.], 1_ colour ; (vopsea} paint; (raj) paint (for the face), cosmetic; [ruj-rosu} rouge. 2. (piper) ground pepper; (sos) sauce.

boian!j'erie s.f. dye house, dyer's


boiangiu s.m. dyer. boieot s.n. boycott.

boicota ob, tr . to boycott. boieotare s.(. boycotting.

boiers.m. 1. ist, boyartd). 2. [moeier} landowner, gentleman farmer; (nobil ) nobleman, aristocrat; [magnat} magnate; [persoana importanta] man of distinction, personage, F great swell/gun, big bug; [stiiptn] master, lord, chief, F governor. a, F pimp, bawd, procurer. © a face pe ~ul F to lord it, to do the swell, to do the (fine) gentleman, to cut the dash; (pe stapl- 1<ul)<-F to play the master; a trai oa Un - to live in grand! fine style F to do it fine/fat.

bolerese I. adj. 1. boyar ... , boyar's. 2. noble, F pi blue blood. II. s.n, ist . gratuitous service rendered to the lord of the manor, compulsory so rvice, statute labour, corve e,

lJOiere~te ad". lordly, like a boyar etc. v . b 0 i e r; exploiting others; ill grand/fine style.

bolerf 1. vb, 11'. to raise to ths title of boyar(d). 11. vb . refl. to playJF do the (fine) gentleman, F to cut the dash.

bllierie e.], 1. dignity sau title of a boyar; nobility. 2. fig. lordliness, grandness.

boierime s.f. nobility, gentry. boiernBlj s.m, }O' gent; (decurte) F<-page; lord-in-waiting; (de lara) .-F country squire.

boleroaiea s .f. gen tlewoman; lady (of position); wife of a boyar(d).

boleros adj. (mofturos) fastidious, pretentious; [mtndru} haughty; proud; [arogant } high-handed, overbearing, arrogant.

boiler s.n, tehn; boiler; (ill casal water heater.

bolre s.f. colouring etc. v. b 0 fL. boi~tean s.m, ibt , minnow (Pho»inus },

bolt s.n. colouring etc. v. ho t, bojdouos s.f. mud house; (casa saracacioasa} hovel, F hole.

bojoc! s.m, pl. 1. zool. lights; anal. +-F lungs, sl; bellows. 2. [maruntaie} bowels, F guts: {ca mlncare] tripe.

bol s.n. 1. med. bolus. 2. mineral. bole, S. [strach.inii} bowl.

bolard s.m. nap. bollard, bitt. bolborosealli. s .f. v. b 0 I b 0 l' osir e.

bolb01081 I.9b. intr, 1. (a rostl neclar} to stammer, to stutter, to balbutiate, F to haw; (a mormdi} to mumble, to mutter, to slummock; [pe nas } to speak thick, to speak through the nose; (a gingdl'i, d. copii) to lisp; (a oorbi repede , netnteles] to babble, to gabble; (a gunguri ) to babble. 2. (d. apa) to bubble, to niurmur; (d. p loaie] to patter. 8. (d. curcani} to gobble. II. ob, tr, to mumble, to mutter.

boIboroslros.(. stammering etc. v. b 0 I b 0 r 0 s i.

bolbo~a ob, tr . © a ,..., ocbii to stare (one's eyes out), to open one's eyes wide.

bold s.n, 1. [ac] pin; (de sigurantl1) safety pin; (ghimpe) thorn. 2. (inJepiiturd) sting. 8. (pt. oite] goad. 4. [stimulent] stimulus, in centive.

boldei s.m. sool: badger dog, terrier. boldi reg. I. vb . tr.l. V. ) m b 0 I d i. 2. v. tnt epa. 3. {ochii } to open wide. II. ob . ref]; to open wide one's eyes; to stare.

boldit adj. gaping, wide-open. bolero «.n , [haina; dans) bolero. bole~ni~a s.], epidemic (disease),

contagious/infectious malady,

bolfA s.], med, 1. swelling, wen.

S-+inflation. 2. pl. v. gil c i.


bon "b. intr. to be ill/sickly/suffer. ing/F poorly; to be ailing, to be

diseased, .

bolid e .m; fire ball, bolide; (fiery)


bolivian adj., s.m. BoIivian. bolmoJ(eJalA e.], v. bill m 1\ g i. bo1no.v I. adj. 1. ill, sick, unwall ,

< diseased; (suferindj afflicted, suffering, ailing, in ill/bad/weak/ poor health, F->poorly, out of sorts, off colour; (tara vlagii] infirm, broken-down, feeble; (care nu se simte bine] unwell. 2. [deran[at mintal) deranged, F->crazy. ® -- de dragoste love-sick; __ de tical with a diseased liver;. __ de guta afflicted with gout, suffering from gout; ~ de in.imii a. suffering from the heart. b. fig. sick at heart; ....., de nervi unstrung (in one's nerves); of weak nerves, nervous, neuropathic; - de. ochi ~uffering . from the eyes; ,..." de plamtni SUffering from the lungs; vet, lun~·~ick; ,..." de stomac having a gastr-ic disease; ,..., de supiirare ill with/through grief; -- trupeete fi suflete~te diseased in mind and body. ® a arata ,.., to look ill; a ciidea ,..." to falJill, to be taken ill; (din nou } to have a.relapse; a fi ,.., to be ill; se preface ..._, he shams/feigns illness, he pretends to be ill; mil. he malingers; a se simJi ,.... to feel ill/F-+queer (nu eick}, II. sm, invalid; patient. liD r-cronie chronic. ® a face per-sui to malinger.

JIOInli.vicios adj. 1. sickly, of weak health, delicate; weedy, seedy, weakly. 2. fig. unhealthy; morbid. @ om -- sickly man, valetudinarian.

bolnavior adj. sickly, F poorly. bolni~ s .f. infirmary; (spital)+-infJ. hospital.

boloboc s.n. 1. v. polo b 0 c. 2. [uioelii] carpenter's lw« ter level. bolometru s.n . liz. bolometer. bolov!\B s.m, block; geol; boulder; (piatrii) stone; (de pavaj] cobble (stone) .

bolovinj~ s,n. [bolovani } blocks.




bolovanos adj. 1. with blocks sau stones; rough; uneven. 2. glum. [obscen} smutty, dirty; foul-mouthed.

boloza s.f. ino, v. ca i c.

bol~evic I. adj. Bolshevist, Bolshs-

vik , n. s.m, Bolshevik.

bol~evism ".n. Bolshevism. bol~eviza vb . tr , to render Bolshevik. bol~evizare s .f. turning/rendering


bOltA s.f. 1. arh it, vault, arch. 2. anat. arch. 8. fig. arch, vault, archway. 4. nao. Counter. @\ bolta cerului the vault of heaven, the celestial vault/dome, the canopy of heaven; balta lnstelatii the starry arch/expanse; de "iflt vine arbour/bower. Q)l chew de """ a. crown of an arch. b. fig, keystone.

bolti I. "b. tr, to vault, to arch.

II. vb, refl: to form a vault, to (form an) arch •.

boltire s.f. vaulting, arching. boUi& adj. vaulted, arch-like, arched. @ [runte -ii bulging forehead; domed forehead.

bolt B.n. tehn; bolt, pin. bolnndari~ s.f. bot. 1. thorn apple (Datura stramonium). 2. [fructul} stramony.

bomba I. pb. 11'. to swell out, to cause to bulge; to render convex; to make jut out. n. "b. reft. to swell out, to bulge; to be convex,

to jut out. .

bOlnbagiu s.m , F 1. newsmonger, tell-tale. 2. reveller, carouser. 3. terrorist, rioter.

oombament s.n. tehn, convexity; camber.

bombarda "b. 11'. 1. to bombard; to shell, to ply with shells; [intene } to strafe; (eu grenade) to shell. 2. fig. to importune, to besiege. bombardament s.n. 1. a". air raid,

bombardment. 2. (de artilerie] shell tire, cannonade, strafe; [iz: (electron) bombardment. ® ~£n picaj dive-bombing. @ aoion ide ,..., bomber.

bombardarll s .f.bombardment etc. v. b 0 mba r d a,

bombarda s.f. mil. 1M. bombard, mortar.

bombardier s .n, av, bomber. ® ,..., greu heavy bomber. bombastic I. adj. bombastic, fustian, swollen; F ~ high-falut ing. n. ado: bombastically.

JJOmbasticism S.n. bombast, fustian, F-+gas.

bombat adj. convex,curved, bulging, dished.

bomba s.], 1. mil. bomb (shell); shell; projectile; a«, air/aerial bomb, F->egg; {torpita ) torpedo. 2. sport smash (hit). 8. fig. F bomb; big/ surprising news. 4. F (local) speak easy, honky tonk. 6. F (baia! simpatie} brick, sport, fine chap. ® """ atomica atom bomb, A-bomb; ,..., brizanui high explosive shell; ,..., cu hidrogen hydrogen/fusion/ H bomb; '" au in urziere time- bomb ; ~ de adincime naD. depth bomb; ~ explozipa high"explosive/demolit.ion bomb; ~ [umigena smoke shell/bomb ; ~ incendiarii fire/ Incendiary bomb; ~ lacrimogenii tear-gas bomb/shell, tear-shell; ~ luminoasd candle bomb. @ aa 0 ~ suddenly, unawares, out of the blue; bursting in. ® a lama bombe aeupra [cu gen.) to drop/throw bombs over ...

bombil.neala s], grumbling etc. v. b o m h a n I.

bomban] I. ob . intr . to grumble, t.ogrowl, to murmur; sl. to chew the fat. II. ph. tr . 1. v. c i c Ii. 1 i. 2. v. gin g uri.

bombanit I. adj. grumbling, grumpy. n. s .n. grumbling etc. v. b 0 rnb ii n i.

bombanitor adj. grumbling, grump-

y; [ursuz] morose, crusty. bombeu s .n, (toe) cap.

bombi1il. s.], small globe/sphere. bomboanil s.f. sweetjmeat) , bon-

·bon; F-> lollipop; (au ldmtie] acid drop; pl. confectionery, sweetmeats; fruit drops; (mid) hundreds and thousands. ® ~ de elocola td. chocolate; 0 '" de fatii F a jam, a sweet/charming girl; ~ de tu-se cough drop.

bombonerie s.f. sweetmeat shop, bomfaier s.{. tehn , hack saw. bombonierli s.f. bowl of sweets.

bompres s.n. nao , bowsprit.

bon s.n. bill, order, voucher, ticket; (de cartelii} coupon; (chitarqii] receipt; (de la spiiliitorie etc .} claim check; (de in.trare , de ordine] letter. Iii) ~ de casa cash voucher; sales slip; ~ de lip rare delivery order; - de p ii ne etc. bread etc., ticket; ,...,. de tezaur treasury bond/hilt. @ pe ,..." on the rat.ionbook; rationed.

bona s.f. nurse(ry maid), nurse girl; [guoernantd } nursery governess.

bcncal, bone31ul vb, intr . to low, to bellow ; (d. cerbi] to bell. bondar s ,m. entom. humble/bumble bee (Bombus).

bondaresc adj. @ uiespe bonddreaseli. entom, horner (Vespa crabro} ,

bondoe I. adj. thickset, dumpy, stumpy; short and stout, square. -built, (en buru: mare) F pot.

-bel lied. II. s.m. chunk, short and

stout man; F pot-belly, tummy. bondocel s.m., adj. fatty.

boneta s.f. 1. cap; (femeiascii) bonnet; woman'sjlady's cap, coif; mil. (forage) cap, field-service cap; (eu co arne) cocked hat. 2. auto. bonnet. 3. naP. studding sail. ® ~ de bnie bathing cap; ,..., de Ito'-'pte night cap; ~ de operatie operating cap; ,..." de vtndtoare hun ting cap; ~ [rigiand. Phrygian cap; ,... scotianii glengarry (cap).

bonifica ob , tr , to make up/good. bonificatie, Donlficare s .f. 1. com. allowance, reduction; rebate, dis" count, bonus. 2. sport bonus time. b:mjllr interj . hello! good morn.

ing! Sa" good afternoon! bonjurism s.n. iet, movement and manners of the Frenchified young Romanians.

bonjurist s .m .. ist.Frenchificd young man, apro x . rnacaron i,

bonom I. e.m, good'natured/genial! bland fellow. n. adj. genial, hland, good-natured. III. ado . genially, blandly, good-naturedly.

bonomie s.f. good nature, genial. ity, blandness; guilelessness.


bont adj. 1. blunt, edgeless; pointless. 2. crippled; (de 0 mtnd) one-armed; (de un picior} one-legged.

bonton s .n: good manners.

bonz s.m. 1. bonze. 2. fig. high official; leader; boss; magnate, tycoon.

bonssr s.m. entom, cleg(g) (Taba-

nus booinus},

borl s.m. chim, boron.

bora s.n, (la paliirie) brim. bora s.n. meteor. bora.

boraei s.m, tehn. ratchet drill. borsclt e .n . mineral. boracite, borangic s.n. 1. raw/cocoon/flock!

floss silk/gre(i)ge. 2. bot. v , torte!.

IKIrllt s.m. chim. borate. borax s.n . chim. borax.

berean s .n. 1. ((dra toartd] glass jar; (vas) pot; [de piimtnt} earthen(ware), vessel; (pt. muraturi} preserving bottle; (pt. cafea etc.} canister; [ulcior } jug, pitcher. 2. F (de militian} traffic policeman's booth. © a lncurca ....,ele to make a mess of things, to put one's foot in it.

boreiina~ S.Il-. small jar; (pl. doctorii} gallipot.

boreAnat adj. bellied, inllated, padded. ® nas ,..., bottle nose.

boreeag s.n. bot. 1. Hungarian vetch (Vicia). 2. winter fodder.

bords.n.I. nav., a~. board. 2. (margine) border, edge. 3. auto. dashboard, instrumen t panel/amer. board. ® - de alae avo leading edge; - de fuga trailing edge. @ htrtii de ,_, ship's papers; jurnal de ~ ship's log; la ,_ I. ad!'. on board, aboard. II. interj. come on board I come aboard! pe ,.... on board, aboard, on ship board; pe ~ul unei corab ii on board a ship; peste ,._, by the board, overboard.

bordaj s.n. nav. planking, side plating.

borde I s.n. 1. cot(tagej; cabin; [colihd} hut, hovel, shelter; (de scinduri] booth; (de pamtnt] earth house/hut; (In pamEnt) pit house.

162 2. {casa saracaeioasa) (mere) hovel, F hole. <iD ctte "'e atttea obieeie aprox. so many men, so manyminds.

bordels.n. brothel, disorderly/bawdy house, F-+ knocking shop, kip, cab, amer, cathouse.

borderou s.n. bordereau, (detailed) memorandum, docket.

bordo I. s.n. Bordeaux (wine) ; claret. ll. adj. dark red.

bordora vb, tr . tehn , to crimp to

flange. '

bordud s.f. 1. [la trotuar} curb! kerb (stone). 2. (la haine etc.} trimming, border. 8. poligr. border. 4. (ramo) frame.

boreal adj. boreal, northern. @ aurord ,...,d northern light{s), aurora borealis.

borfa~ s.m. thief; (hot de buzunare} pickpocket; [escroc} sharper, cheat. borghJs s.n. poligr , bourgeois, long primer.

borho' s,n, t. (de orz etc.) draff, brewer's grains ; (destruguri) husks; (de fruete ) marc. 2. [residuuri} dregs, lees, grounds. ® ,._, de e[eclil beet pulp.

borfe adj. chim, bortacj ic. @ acid '" bor(ac)ic acid.

borieat ad], chim; boracic.

bori ph. 11'. ~i intr; (a pomita)<c--P to puke, to spew, to heave, to throw/to cast up, to retch, F to belch out, 8-->to vomit, glum. to feed the fish.

bodturi e.], ~ P. vomit. bonna~ini"i s.], (dentist's) drill. borni s .f. 1. (piatrit de hotar} land-

mark, boundary mark sau stone sau post. 2. electro clamp, terminal. Iii) ,..., kilometrica kilometerstone, milestone.

boroan! s.f. (spike-toothed) harrow; brake.

boroboati s.], (~trenga,.ie) (piece 01') roguery; (farsd) trick, farce, dodge, prank, F lark; (tapla rea) mischievous act, mad trick; (prostie) foolish act, piece of folly; [necaz} trouble, nuisance; {pa» guM) damage. © a face 0 '" to play smb, a nasty/foul trick.

boroni 9b. 11'. to harrow.


boron it s.n. harrowing.

bor§ s.n. 1. (sour) bran and water {ciorba} bortsch; beetroot potage (de carne) beef tea, gravy soup (mutton) broth; {supa ] soup. 2. {otet} vinegar; (pin prost] crabwine. F rot gut. S. F (singe) claret, blood. @ a minoa ~ a. (a minJi)<- F to lie (like a trooper). b. (a exagera] F to drawjstretch the long bow; a sufta cuivu In ~ F to poke one's nose into smb.'s business; a umple pe einepa de ~ to tap smb, 's claret. ® cine s-a [ript cu ~ sufla ~i en iaurt once bitten twice shy.

bor.lli vb . ref], 1. to turn sour. 2. fig. F to boil over.

bor>\!~or S.m. bot. houseleek (Semper' vivum tee torum} .

bortos ad). 1. F big/pot-bellied. 2. fern. h igh/b ig-bell ied , in the family way.

bornru s.f. chim, boride. borvlz S.II. mineral water.

bosll e .f. bump; boss. @ a aoca bosa e[acerilor to have a bump/ gift for business, to be an old hand at business.

besear, boscsrie v. sea mat 0 r, sea mat 0 r i e.

boschet s.n. [desis] thicket; (crtng} grove; (pt. recreatie] bower, arbour.

boscorodeali sf. muttering etc. v. b 0 S cor 0 d i.

boseorodi I. ob , intr , (a bodogani} to mutter, to murmur; to grumble. 2. (a inlinde vorba} to drawl out, F to rattle/reel off. II. vb . 11'. V. c i c ii I i.

bosniae ad], s.m. Bosnian. bos1an s.m. 1. bot. pumpkin (Cucurbia}, 2. bot. (pepene verde) (water) melon. S. (cap) F noddle, noggin, pate; (cocoa) nut. @ cap de ~ F blockhead, duffer. © la anul clnd o-nflori ~ul, la anul Cit -cu! F when two Sundays come together.

bostanil s.f. v. b 0 s t ii n a r i e. bos~angiu. bostlinar s.m. kitchen gardener (one who sells melons, pumpkins, etc.); melon grower. bostinllrie e .f. melonfield.



boston s.n. 1. (pals) boston. 2. (joe de car ti} solo whist. 3. poligr . jobbing-hand press, leve .. press.

bosumfla ob, refl, to pout (one's lips), F--> to make a mouth; (a se tmb ufna] to sulk, to be sulky F -+ to be in the sulks; F -+ t~ get a miff.

besumtlare s.], pouting; sulking. bosumtlat adj. sulky, Ill-humoured, glum.

bo~ar s.m. hot. water melon with yellow pulp.

bo~orog I. adj. 1. ruptured, herniated F broken. 2. fig. doddery, dodde~ ing, tottering. II. s.m. 1. [bolnav de hemic) ruptured/herniated person, F broken fellow. 2. {batrtn ) decrepit, helpless old man, Fold blighter, dodderer, dotard, totterer.

bo~orogealii s.], med, 1. rupture, F burst, S-+ hernia. 2. (din caltza virstei} decrepitude, senility, helplessness, softening of the brain; [impotenia} impotence.

bo~orogi I. ob . tr , F to beat smb. wi thin an inch of his life, F to kick in the groin. n. vb , refl: 1. to get a rupture/F burst/8-+ hern ia. 2. fig. F to be(come) a dodderer; to grow decrepit; (a deoeni impotent) ~F to become impotent.

bo~orogit adj. 1. ruptured, F broken. 2. (impotent) impotent. B. (slabit de basrtnete) decrepit, F tottering.

bo~tinii s.f. 1. [tescooinii] pomace/ husks/skins of pressed grapes. 2. (din faguri) (unrefined) beeswax.

bot s.n. 1. animal's mouth; muzzle; (rlt) snout. 2. [gura} F chops, Jaw, potato trap; mouth. B. {otrf} top, point; [capsit] end. ® ~ de eorabie forebody bow, stem; -- de gheala point of a boot sau shoe:,..., In,...., R. muzzle to muzzle. b. fig. F hilling and cooing. © a-si baga ,.._,ul F to poke and pry; a face ,._, to pout; a Inchide ,...,ul cui(Ja F to muzzle smb, 's press, to stop smb.'s mouth, to cut smb, short; Jine-l~ ,_,uli


F hold your gab! shut up' stash it I cheese it~ stop your jaw(ing) 1; a pune pe cme~a cu ~ut pe labe F t? pu_t smb.ts nose out of joint; a pica !n ...... F to' be on one's last I~gs, to be dog-tired; a atinge pe c!neva la ~ +--F to give smb, a punch in the face; a bea la ~ul calului to drink the stirrup/part. mg cup; a se linge pe "-' F to go off wi th a f lea in on e's ear; to be sent horne emp ty-handsri ; a unge pe ctneo« pe ~ F to grease/ tickle smb ./6mb.'s palm; a da Cuwa peste ~ F to take srnb, down a peg or two.

bota~ill adj. botanic(al). @ griidi.

. na "-'a botanical gardens. 1:J0tanid s.f. botany, botanist s.m. botanist.

botaniaa vb, II". to botanize, to herborize.

botez S.n. 1. rel , baptism; [al co. piilor) christening; (al adultilor) adult baptism, immersion. 2. nav. ducking. ® ...... ul [ocului mil. baptism of fire; -ul singelui baptism of blood. @ de ...... baptismal; certificat de - certificate of baptism; nun!e de ,._ Christian name.

boteza I. ob, ir , 1. rel -. to baptize; [copii] to christen; (a aa un nurne ] to christen, to name; {ca nail) to stand godfather Satt godmother to; to present a baby at the font; (a converti} to convert. 2. (a numi} to name, to call, to term; (a poreeli] to surname; to nickname to dub. 3. (a stropi ) +--F to sprin: kle, to wet; (a amesteca cu apa) F to doctor; to put water into, to mix/dilute with water. II. ph. refl: to be bap tized/chrlstened, III. ob, intr.1. (a {ace un botez ] to perform the christening ceremony. 2. [ca na~ sau na~a) to stand godfather sau godmother.

botezare s.], christening etc. v, bot e z a.

bote~at. adj. 1. christened, baptized, christ ianized. 2. [ig; (nick)named. 3. (d. pin) doctored, diluted. botfori 8.m. pl. top boots.

botgros sm, omit. gros(s) beak (Coccothraustes) .

botinA s.f. lowt-Iaced sar .. -buttoned) boot.

botnitiL s.f. L, muzzle. 2. fig. (gura) F chops, Jaw, potato trap. @ a PUM ~ cuio« F to stop smb.'s gab.

botos adj. 1. large-mouthed. 2. fig. [bosumflat ] ...... F sulky, glum; [obraznic} F saucy, cheeky; (laudaros) F' big in one's talk.

boto:;ml s.m. bootee.

botriocefnl s.m. zool; botri ocephalns, botl'O~ sm, omit. bullfinch (Pyr-

rliula oulgaris },

bot s.rc, (de p line, hlrtie , ceard , zapada ~tc.) ball; (cocolos } pellet; (d,! pam!n9. clod ball; (pt. in. grasat pasart) cob. ® un ~ eu ochi a (mere) chit/brat. © a face

to roll up.

bo~a vb . tr , nav. to stopper

boti vb , tr., pb. reft, to (c)ru;nple, to ruck.

bo~iturA s.], crease, crumple.

beu s:m. 1. zool; ox (Bos taurus). 2. [ig, (timpit) F blockhead, duf. fer. 3. (Joe, pe apii] ducks and drakes. ® ,..., de balta a. omit. bittern, mire drum (Botaurus stellaris }, b. zoal, orange-speckled toad [Bombinator igneus); ~ de noap te omit, ~agle owl [Stri» bubo); ..... 1 lui Dumnezeu entom. lady bird/cow [Coccinella septempunetala). (1)) coada. -lui bot. high taper, .mullein (Verbascum thap-. sus); limba . .....,lu~ bot. ox tongue, bugloss (Anehusa officinalis); ochiul ",1", 8. bot. aster [Aster}; b. omit. wren (Troglodytes paroulus}, <is> II face ,_l (eu piatra In apa} to play (at) ducks and drakes' a·pi pune boii tn. plug eu cinev~ F to pick a quarrel with smb.; a m.rge ca cu baii to go at a snail's trot; a cduta lap te de ~ to extract sunbeams from cucumbers F to milk a he-goat into a si~ve' a IdEa pe cineoa In boii lui to l~ave smb, to himself, to leave smb. alone; anu-i fi toli boii acasa F to be in the wrong box, to have (got) the blues/the blue devils,



to be in the mumps, to reel rum; s"au dus boii dracul"i Fall's up, all's gone bang, maleesh ,

bouleans.m. bullock.

bour S.m. 20001. aurochs, ureox, European bison (Bos primigenius },

bourel I. adj -, (eu coarne] horned; ({eapan) stiff. II. s.m. 1. (melc) snail. 2. omit. wren (Troglodytes parvulus}, 3. en/om. v . r a d a ~. c a.

hou-vagun s.n. F cattle box.

bovarism S.n. Bovarysm , Bova-


bovin adj. bovine.

bovindou S.n. bow window.

bovine s J; plo bovines, (horned) cattle.

box1 s.n : {piele} box calf.

box' IS .n. sport boxing, pugilism, manly art, fisticuffs. ® ~ cu umbra shadow boxing. @ meci de ~ boxing match.

box" s.n. [pumnar ] brass knuckles, knuckle-duster.

boxa I. ob . tr . to box. n. cb . intr, to box; (ell dibscie} to Spar. @ a ~ cu umbra to shadow-box.

boxiL s.f. 1. jur. dock. 2. (pt. cai] horse box; (pt. vile) box stall. 3. constr , box. ® bo za martorilor witness box.

boxer s .m, boxer, (prize) fighter, pugilist.

Iloz s.m. bot. dwarIelder (Sambucus ebulus] .

brae" S.n. refuse, trash; sweepings; (de lemne} brack, wrack. @ de ~ good for nothing; cal de ~ jade, crock; discharged horse.

brae' e .m, zool; brach (hound), harrier.

braea 9b. tr . 1. (arma) to aim, to level. 2. auto. to defleet, to change the direction of.

brachial adj. v, bra 11 i a 1. bracona vb . intr, to poach. braeona] S.n. poaching. hrueonler «.m; poacher.

hractee sf. bot. bract(e).

brad s.m. hot. 1. fir (tree) [Abies alba). 2." v, molid; p r n ; len u pal'. ® _ alb v. ~ I.; ~ rOfu bot. larch fir (Larix). @ ac de ~ needle, leaf of a fir tree;


con de ..... fir cone/F-+ apple; lemn de ~ fir wood. deal; plidure de ,..., fir wood; sctndurii de ,...., fir/deal board.

br8gagerie s.], booth where millet beer is sold.

bragag iu s.m. seller of millet beer. brags s.]; millet beer. @ ieftin ca braga. F cheap as dirt, dirt-cheap, braghinii. s.f. 1. 9ariety of grapes. 2. wine made of "braghinl1". brahial adj. ana!. brachial. brahleetal adj. brachycephalic, short-


brah icefaIie s.f. brachycephalism. brahman s.m. Brahmin, Brahman. brahma.nic adj. Brahmanic(al). brahmanlsm s.n. Brahminism, Brah-


brama s.f. met. slab.

brambura adv . @ a umbla ,..., F to ramble, to lop about; a Pl1rbi

F t.o talk through one's hal. bt'ancardii s.f. stretcher.

brancardier sm, stretcher bearer. brand son. mil. mine-thrower. brandenburg e.n . frog, braid, de-

corative loop.

branhii s.f. pI. gills, branchiae. brani~te s.f. Ienced-in d lstr-ict ; (padure] wood; forest.

bran~a ob . tr . 1. to detach, to set apart. 2. electr • to plug in. hransament s.n. 1. electro lead, branch circuit. 2. tehn . branching, service line, branch pipe.

bransa s.f. branch, F ..... line; (domeriiu] domain, sphere, province. (fj) de ~ specialist,

brant s.n. insole, inner sole.

bras s.n. sport breast stroke. brasarda. s.f. armlet, arm badge. braserie s.{. brasserie, beer saloon I

house. '

braslcrll 8.(. (de [emei} brassiere, bust bodice; (de copii] (child's) sleeved vest.

hrasse s.n. V. h r a S.

bra~onvll s.f. P gammon, fudge bounce(r), pl. hot air. @ a spun; brasoaoe P to draw the long bow, to throw the hatchet.

brats.n.l. ana!. etc. arm. 2. [cantitatel armful. 3.pl. fig. hands, workers. 4. tt«. arm; (forfa) strength,


power. 6. na",. fathom. 6. (al orucii ) bar. lID....., de aneora arm of an anchor; ....., de balan ui balance arm/beam i-de [ototiu. arm of an easychair ; un ,.., de lemne an armful of wood; '" de manivelli. web of a crank; __ de mare arm/horn of the sea; __ de moarii (de pint) whip of a windmi II; ""' de picu p tone arm;,.., de ptrghio arm of a lever; ,.._, de rill. arm/branch/horn of a river; --e de munN. II. manpower, labour (force). b. labour exchange! office. @ cu ~ele in solduri with arms akimbo; ell. <ele suflecate ptna la cot with one's arms bare to the elbows; cu r-eul] -cele by hand, by main force; La '" cu arm in arm with; sub '" under one's arm. © a dajoferi -ul [cuiva] to give/offer [smb.] ono's arm; a tntinde <ele (cu dat .] to put forth/hold out/stretch out one's arms to ... ; a lua "'ut cuiva to take smb.ts arm; a primi eu "'ele deschise to receive with open arms;

a sta cu ~ele incrucisate to stand with folded/crossed arms; e nevoie de mulie "'-'e there is need of

a great number of hands, labour is wanted; a se sprijini de ~ul cuioa to lean on smb.'s arm; a ~trZnge, In ~e to embrace, to clasp

m one s arms; a merge ~ la '" eu .

to go/walk arm in arm with ;

a [i ~ul drept al cuioa to be smb.'s right hand; lipeeau. <ele de muncd there was a shortage of labour( ers).

brllfll ob, tr, nav. to brace.

brav I. adj. brave; [viteaz] valiant, gallant, valorous; (curajos) courageous, plucky; [indrasnet} bold, daring. II. ado, bravely, etc. Y. ~I.

brava vb, tr. (pe cineca} to defy, to set at defiance/nought, F __,. to beard; {ceva} to face, to encounter fearlessly, to fly in the face of.

brav&dli. e.], bravado, hrag(ging), blustering.

IH'avo(s) interj. bravo r capital! hear! hear! excellent! well done! F good show! hot dog!

bravura s.], bravery; valour; courage, valiance, gallantry.

bra.zdii s.f. I.(de plug) furrow; [strat ] bed; (pt. zarzaoaiuri ) drill; {lntre doua ogoare) balk, ridge be~ween two fields; (de pamint, bucata] clod, furrow, slice; (de iarba cosita } .swath, windrow. 2. fig. (urma) -track, trace, mark, furrow; (de corabie} wake, track; (de roaui } trace. <I. fig. (de lumina) streak, trail, train. 4. fig. [zbircitura] furrow, wrinkle. ® r-e de fin row /1 ine of mown grass; '" de flori flower bed; -de iarMsod (of turf). @ a da pe '" (a. domoli } to tame, to curb; (a obisnui ) to accustom/ in ure to srn th. ; (a l nfJii!a) to teach; a se da pe>- to see one's way through smth.; (a se obisnui} to get accustomed, F to rub oCf corners; (a se face de treaba) to set to work, to leave orf bad habits.

brazilian adj.,. s.m. Bra~i!ian. brAdnar s.n . waistband.

braeui ob . t r , 1. to reject as defec. tive, to cast off, to discard; [cai etc .} to cast. 2. sill'. to clear of timber.

brii.det, bradi~ sn . fil' wood, fir-tree forest.

brlldi~ s ,n , bot. (tn apii] hornwort (Ce1'atopkyllu'llj.

bradi~or s .m . 1. bot. a species of clubmoss (Lycopodium selago). 2. bot. shave/pewter grass, toadpipe (Equisetumj.

bratarii. s.], 1. bracelet, bangle. 2. [inel} ring. 3. tehn , clamps; clamp, band, collar, hoop, collet. 4. electro clamp, collar. 6. ark it . V. c i u b u c 2.

brazda vb . 11'.1. (eu plugul) to furrow, to ridge, to trace/draw furrows across; to plough up the ground. 2. (a cresta] to notch, to indent, to SCore, to tally. 3. fig. to cross; [marea] to plough; [fruntea] to wrinkle; (pielea) to mark with wrinkles; (a liisa urme pe} to leave traces on. © [ulgere brazdeaza cerut lightnings flash through the sky.

brazdar s,n, agr . co(u)lter, furrow opener, (plough) share.



briizdllt adj. (eu zbtrcituri} wrinkled, furrowed.

brlizdatura s.f. furrow.

bre inter], 1. heigh I I say I F hal. 1001; [mai} man, fellow, look here listen; pl; folks I 2. [e eprimil Jnirare) ah! < indeed, < you don't say sui

breabiin s.m, bOI. v. b reb en e 1. breaslli. e.], guild, corporation; craft, company; corporate body.

hreaa I. adj. (cu 0 pata alba} white-spotted (on the head); [oiirga I) dapple(d), piebald; (d. cai} piebald; (d. oaci ) brindle(d); {cu pete} spotted, speckled, checkered. @ GIl.noscut ca un cal '" F well known as a bad shilling. © nu esti mal ,... ca aitii you are no better than others. II. s .m, dappled/piebald horse.

brebenel s.m. pl. bot. hollowwort

(Corydalis) . .

brecie s.], geol , breccia. .

bref adv . fro well, to cut a long story short.

brei sm , bot. periwinkle (Vinca). brelan e .n , (joe de carJi) hrelan ; (3 earti} pair royal, (la pocher ] three of a kind.

broleo s.n. trinket; (la ceasuri} charm, fancy ornament, seal.

hreslas. s.m. member of a guild! corporation,

bre~a e.], breach, gap, break, opening.

bretele s.f. p l. (pair of) braces, amer . suspenders ; (la combinezon etc .] shoulder straps.

breton I. adj. Breton. II. e.m, Breton. In. s.n. (coafurii) fringe, bang(ed hair}.

brevet s .n. patent; certificate, warrant. ® de autor author's certificate; ~ de capacitate certificate of ahili ty for teaching etc.; ,_, de capitanJcomandant nal'. master's certificate; ~ de import patent for importation; ,_, de inveniie (letters) patent; '" de medalie citation for a medal; ~ de of iter mil. officer's comrn issian; ~ de pilot pilot's licence! certificate.


breveta "b. tr, (pe cineoa] to grant a patent/certificate to; (0 irwen. tie) to (protect by) patent

hrevetat adj. patented, appolnted by letters patent. @ inoentie -ii patented inventi on ; ofiter -- de stat major mil. officer holding a staff college certificate.

brevlar s.n. 1. vademccum : (reo zumat } summary. 2. (la catolici} breviary.

brezale e.], 1. man wearing a motley costume and masked as an animal or bird; during Christmastide he dances in front of the peasants' houses and plays the buffoon. 2. [La btlciuri} Merry Andrew, rar-« Jack Pndding; (pe ecena] harlequin. 3. fig. weathercock.

briant adj. fr. bri llian t, olin quan t, briantlna S. f. brilliantine,

briboi s.m, bot. wood geranium (Ge• ranium silvaticum},

brte s.m. nar. brig.

briceag s.n. penknife, pocket/clasp knife; (ell. tirbuson etc.] all in one. brteheta ph. tr , to briquette. brichetii sf. 1. [carbune} briquette, coal brick, patent fuel. 2. [aprin-

zatoare ) (cigarette)lighter. brici e.n , razor.

brida s.f. 1. (Shoulder) strap. 2. tehn . flange; clip; carrier,

bridge S.'I. bridge.

bries·f· bot. 1. sp ignol (Meum athamanticum }, 2. balsam(ine) (Impatiens Balsamina}, 3. v. t r epad a t a a!' e.

brigada s.f. 1. mil. beigade : (trupe) body, troop. 2. (de muncitori) brigade; [ech.ipc } team ; [eroo, crew. ® ~ de producue production brigade; ~ u~oarii mil. light brigade. (]) aghiotant de ..... mil. aide-de-camp to a brigadier-gener. al ; comandant de - mil. brigadier, general officer commanding a. brigade; general de ~ mil. brigadier (general); se] de ~ brigade/ team leader.

brigadier s.m. 1. (fef de brigadiJ,) brigade/team leader; [membru. al unci brigdzi} brigade member; [voluntar} volunteer, 2. mil. brigadier


(general). 8. [siloic} forester, Iorest keeper/ranger.

brigand s irn , highwayman, brigand. brigandaj s.n. highway robbery, brigandage.

brigantina s.f. nao . 1. (vas) brigantine.a. [ptnsa ) brigantine, spanker.

briliant s.n. 1. brilliant, diamond cut i.n(to) facets. 2.poligr. brilliant. brio s,n . muzo brio, vigour, spirit. brioala sf. bot. meum, baldmoney (Meum mutellina},

brio;J3 s.f. brioche.

bristol s.n. 1. Bristol cardboard. 2. visiting card.

bri~car s.m. britzka driver; (birjar} coachman.

bri~ca s.f. 1. britzka ; (birjii) hackney carriage. 2. [briceag ) clasp/ po oket knife.

britanie I. adj. British; [englezesc} English. @ Majestatea Sa Britanie« Her Britannic Majesty. II. s.m, Britisher,

brizant I. adj. shattering, disruptive, high-explosive. @ proicctil ~ high-explosive shell. n. e.m, na,' e . breaker, comber.

brizi!. s.f. breeze; (de useat ) land breeze; (de mare) sea breeze.

brinil s.f. 1. belt, girdle. 2. mountain path.

bl'inca s.], 1. (mlni'i.) <-reg. hand, P fin, forefoot, claw; [Iaba ) paw.S, pl. push. 3. med . St. Anthony's Iire, S-+crysipelas. 4. vet. red murrain. 6. bot. glasswort [Salicornia herbacea}, ®brincaporeului bot. brownwort [Scrophuluria] ; brinca ursului bot. hogweed (If eracleum } , @ pe lin brinci on all fours; on one's (bended) knees. © a da brtnci cuiva to push smb., to give smb , a push; [cti cotul} to elbow smb., to nudge smb. with the elbow; {cu piciorul} to kick smb.; a-i da inima brtnei sa ... to have a mind to ... , to feel inclined to ... ; a"~ i da brinci to jostle each other; nu-mi dii inima brinei I have not the/no heart 10 do it, I cannot prevail upon myself to do it; a da / ciidea tnl pe brinci u, to fall flat to the ground. b. fig. to be dead tired, to be

ready to drop; a da pe cineoa in brine! afarii F to kick smb , ou t,

bri~d~1i. s.], bo_t. 1. (ea gen) colch icum [Oolchicum}, 2. (~de pr imiioarii ] spring crocus [Crocu« Hcufettianue ), 3. (- de toamnn] meadow saffron, autumn crocus naked lady (Colchicum autumnale/

brinzor s.m. [otnsator ) cheesernonger; (fabricant) cheesernaker.

brinza s], cheese. ® ~ b urui ill burdu] de ciine apro», a. roughdiamond ; -- de ca.prii goat's cheese ; '" de oaie ewe's milk cheese; '" de Olanda Dutch cheese; ~de oa.ca cow cheese; '" grast: rich cheese; ,...., proasp iui green cheese;

top ita process cheese; @ la anul cu ,...., F when two Sundays come together; pli1cintii cu,...., cheese cake. © a nu [ace»: cucineva F to cut no ice with 8mb.; du-te opt ~i cu a brtnzei nona F go to bath! < go to helll the deuce take you!; nlt c nici o ~ de el F he is no great shakes, there is nothing in him; a m. (ace niei 0 '" F to get the cheese, to cut no ice; nu face nici 0 ~ (d. lucruri } F it is fit for the dusthole, it is not worth powder and shot.

bdnzirie s.f. 1. cheese dairy. 2. [co. nego!J cheese trade.

brinzcturi s.], pl. (different) sorts of cheese.

brinzi vb, refl. to curdj le}, to change; S--+to coagulate.

brinzoaica sf. cheese cake.

brinzos adj. cheesy, cheese-like, S-+ caseous.

briu S.n. 1. girdle, belt, rar_zone; (de piele} belt; [ca p odoaba} gird. le; [preotesc } girdle, cincture; (de [emei} band; waistband, waist ribbon; (e~ar{a) sash. 2. arliit , frieze; moulding; cincture, cornice; (la so he) mantcl(piece). 3. (dungii) strip, streak; line. 4. {talie} waist. Ii. (ingriiditura) zone, enclosure, fence, screen. 6. med. bandage, belt. '1. nal'. swifter. 8. (dans) girdJe dance. ® ,..., de matase silk waistband; ~ de mun# mountain range; un ~ de ziduri fi fanfuri a zone of walls and ditches. @ eu



apa p~na fa ,_, having water up to the waist; de la ~ in sus from the waist upwards. @ a [i de ,..., (cu cineva] F to be hand and glove together, to row in the same boat; sla eu miinil« in - he sits with his hands before him (doing nothing), F_he rests on his oars.

broBsca s.f. 1. zool , frog (Rana ), 2. min. spider. 3. [la 0 lJ1iii. etc .] lock. 4. (palier) bearing. 6. med. (la ochi } stye; (sub limba} So-} ranula. 6. vet. carney. ~. (joe de copii ) leap frog. 8. bot. Indian fig (tree), papal (Opuntia [icus indica). 9. poligr. lay guide. ® broasca apei bot. pond weed, frog lettuce (Potamogeton natans j i r-: de sigurantafiale/yale safety lock; ~ rlioasd zool. . toad, rar--+ paddock; ,..., testoasii tortoise; turtle

(Chelonia, Testudo). @ iarbo. broastelor bot. frog hit [Hsjdrocnari» 'I'f:.0rsus ranae); isle! ca broasca. weak-headed, F pig-/beetle-headed; lina!matasea broastei bot. ha ir/r iver weed [Uotr[erva bombycina); plin de no roe ca broasca de put' unlucky, born under an evil star, F planet-struck, born with a wooden ladle in .onc's mouth. © a se face ~ la jpe pamint to make oneself small, to squat; cind 0 face broasca par F' when two Sundays come together.

broatee s.m. zool , green/tree frog (Hyla arborea },

brobin~i s.f. bot. dyer's weed, weld wold (Reseda lureolas ,

broboada s .f. (head) kerchief; shawl. broboanas f. 1. [boaba } berry. 2. (de eudoarc ) bead. 3. v. z g I' iib u n t a.

brobonl I. ub , II'. to (be)drop. © sudoarea ti ~se [runtea the sweat stood in drops on his forehead. II. vb . reil . to be speckled with drops.

brobonit adj. 1. dripping; pearJed. 2. (ca broboanele } pearly, pearlcd; berry-shaped. ® ~ de roua dew-pearled.

brocart s.n. brocade.

broda I. ph. tr , 1. to embroider. 2. fig. to embellish, to overdraw, to amplify; (0 paves/ire) to make up.

URO-BRO II. pb. intr . 1. to embroider. 2. to spin a yarn, to concoct a story. brodeehln sm . teatru sock.

broderie s.f. 1. embroidery. 2. muzo grace notes.

brodezi s.], embroideress.

brodi I. 01.. tr. (a tn ulni} to meet (with), to light. on, to fall in with; to come across/upon; (a gMi) to find; (a nimeri} to hit; (a ghici) to guess, to hit. ® a 0 ~ <-F to guess it/right. © l-am "'t acasa I happened/chanced to find him at home; ai ~t-o bine F you have hit the right thing; +-F you have come at the right season/ time; a 0 ~ ca Ieremia cu oistea-n gard F to get the wrong sow by the ear, to get the dirty end of the stick; to put the saddle on the wrong horse; to be in the wrong box; ai ~t-o prosl+-F you have come at the wrong time/season.

II. vb , re[L, to happen, to chance, to occnr, 1'o,1'--+to betide, to coincide. @ a se ~ b ine to come at the suitable timc/F in the nick of time; nu stiu cum S-a ",t I don't know how it happened.

brodire s.f. coincidence, concurrence. brodit s.n. © pe <e by hazard, F by

a fluke.

brom s.n. chim. bromine.

broma vb, tr . chim. to bromize. bromat s.m. cbim, bromate, bromhidric adj. chim, hydrobromic. bromte adj. chim; bromic. bromOform S.n. ch.i m; bromoform. bromurare s], chim . bromination. bromnra s.f. chim, bromide. @ - de

argint si Iver bromide; ,..., de potaeiu potassium bromide.

bronhial adj. bronchial. @ cater ~ bronchitis, bronchial catarrh.

bronhie s.{. anat , bronchus (pl. bronchi), bronchi.

bronhopneumonie s.], med. broncho-pneumonia.

broDlj'ita s.f. med. bronchitis, bronchial catarrh. © ~ labagicii smoker's cough.

brontograf s.n . brontograph. brontozaur s.m, puleont: brontosaurus.


bronz s:n, 1. metal. bronze. 2. arhit • monumental brass/bronze. 8. fig. iron, steel, flint, adamant. Q,il epoca de ~ the Age of Bronze.

bronza I. ~b. tr . 1. to bronze. 2. (d. soare} to tan. II. vb. ref]: 1. to become of a bronze colour. 2. (de soare ) to be tanned/sun-burnt.

bronzare s.f. bronzing etc. v. b r 0 nz a.

brenzat adj. (de soarc } sun-burnt, tanned.

bronzarle s.f. bronze ware/articles; bronze manufacture.

broscan em, zool . (male) frog. brosear em.s=peior, wop, macaroni, spaghetti, dago.

brosciirie sf. frog's pond; place full of frogs.

broscoi S.m. 1. sool . male frog; big

frog. 2. fig. F urchin, brat, chit. bro~a vb , tr . to sew, to stitch. bro~are s t. v. b I' 0 ~ a t 11.

bro~at I. adj. in paper/loose cover; paperback. II. s.n. sewing, stitching.

bro~ii s.f. brooch.

brostese adj . frog-like, S-Hanoid. bro~urA sf. 1. pamphlet; booklet.

2. stitched book. ® - de proba pre-print,

brotac «.m, 1. zool. green/tree frog (Hyla arboreal. 2. constr , cleat. brr in terj . phew! exclamation of one shivering' with cold, a"ersion, etc.

brueelod s .f. brucellosis, brucelIiasis.

bruft s.n. rough-plastering. bruftu(lu)i ob, tr, 1. to rough-p laster. 2. fig. to reprimand, F to bully, to blow up; to treat roughly, to abuse,

brnftu( lu) ialil s .], rough-p lastering,

etc. v. b r u f t u i.

bruia pb. tr, to jam [broadcasts};

bruiaj e :n . jamming (of broadcasts). bruion S.n. rough copy, draft.

brum e.n . tele network hum. bruma I. ob , Ir. to cover with hoar-

-frost, to rime. U. ob . refl. 1. to be covered with hoar-frost. 2. fig. to geL hoary.

Brumar s.m. Pe-November,


brumat adj_ 1. covered with hoar-frost, rimed; covered with dust. 2. v. b rum a r i u I.

bruma s.f. 1. hoar/white frost, rar .... rime. 2. (pe [ructe] dust. 3. [cantitate mica) a little; F a (little) bit. ® bruma lui de apere his few belongings, what little he has ; bruma lor de mobila F .... their few. sticks (of furniture); 0 ~ de latinii a smattering of Latin. @ batu; de bruma iernii grown hoary (with age) © cade ~ there is hoar-frost, we are having white frost.

Brumitrel s,m. P wine month; October.

brumariu adj. 1. light grey, greyish. 2. autumnal.

brumos adj. 1. [cetos ] foggy, misty. 2. (geros) frosty.

brun I. ad}. brawn; dark-haired; dark-skinned. II. sm . v . b r unet II.

bruna vb . tr , tehn . to brown, to blue.

brunet I. adj. dark(-haired); of dark sau swarthy complexion. n. s.m. dark-haired/-skinned man, brunets s.f. dark-haired/-skinned woman/lady sau girl, brunette,

bruse I. adj. [neastcptat } sudden, sharp, unexpected; [prip it ] rash. II. ado , suddenly, sharply, all of a sudden; unawares, abruptly, unexpected Iy.

bruSC3 ob . tr.!. [a se riisti] to speak with rudeness/harshness to; (a trata aspru } to treat rudely/offensively /harshly. 2. [ceoa] to press, to push on, to hasten; (0 intrare] to break/force (open).

bruschete s.f. (asp rime} gruffness; offensive language, offhandishness, < rudeness; offensive action; offensivemanner; [pripa] suddenness, unexpectedness.

brustur(e) s.m. bot. common bur(dock) (Arctium Lappa). ®- dulce pestilence weed /wort, Indian p lantain {Petaeites ) ; - nogru. comfrey, cumfrey (Symphytum).

brutadj .1. [neprelucrat } raw; crude; [needucat } rough, unpolished; (neterminat) in the rough, unfinished; (pur) sheer. 2. gross_<i» diamant


- rough/uncut diamond; fier ~ crude iron; forfii -if. brute force; greutate ~a gross weight; material ~ raw material; minereu ~ crude are' 0 tel ~ raw steel; petrol - crude 'oil, native naphta ; piele ~a raw/undressed/untanned hide/ skin; produse --e raw products; teren ~ land that has never been cultivated; venil - gross proceeds' zahiir ~ raw sugar.

brutal'1. adj. brutal, savage, inhuman; violent; (biidiiriinos) boorish, churlish, rude. II. ado, brutally, cruelly, savagely, churlishly.

ilrlltalita.te s.f. brutality, violence, cruelty; brutal action sau. language, itl-treatrnen t.

brutaliz8 lib, tr . to brutalize, to Ill-

-treat, to maltreat, to bully. hrutar sm., baker,

ill'uta sf. brute, beast.

brntiirie s .f. bakehouse, bakery;

baker's (shop).

bruto I. ado. in the gross; roughly (speaking). II. adj. ec. gross.

buM s .]; 1. (umfliiturii) bump, swelling; {prin looire ) bruise; [obces} abscess, boil, S->ulcer; < tumour. 2. fig. difficulty; [obstacol ] hindrance; (neajuns) drawback; [necas] trouble; [durere} sorrow, grief; [punot slab) weak poin t ; sore poin t; {meteahnii] foible, hobby, ® buba mtnsului (Jet. glanders; - realneagra med, carbuncle, S->anthrax; ~ spurcata scab, scurf, scald; ~ viniiti'iJro~ie med . (heat) pimple, pustule; bribe dulci med; S -> [cronica} impetigo; scald head, S .... porrigo . © aici e buba F there's the hitch, there's the rub; that's the (main) point/ sore point; [iecare-si ('tie buba F everybody knows where his own shoe pinches him.

buboi s.n, med . abscess, boil; ulcer, furuncle; carbuncle.

bubon s.n. med. swelling in the groin, bubo.

bubonic adj. Q,il eiumd/pestii ~ii med. bubo pest.

bubos adj. med, ulcerated; scabby, scurry, scurvy, Q,il broascti buboasa zool, load (Bufo).


bubui I. ob , intr . to thunder, to peal; (d. tunel) to rumble, to peal; (d. tunuri } to boom. II. vb . tr . F to scold, to rate.

bubnit s.n. 1. thundering, etc, v. bub u i. 2. peal, clap (of thunder), thunderclap; roar (of a cannon), bubultor adj. thundering, etc. v. bubui.

bubuitura s.], v. bub u i t 2. bubultte s.f. pl . heat pimples, pustules.

buburuz s,m. 1. enlom. lady bird (Cocci nella) . 2. med, heat pimple. 3. [cocolos ) small bali/bullet. buburuzii s.f. v . bub u l' u z 1- buo s.n , 1. pI. (res/uri) waste, rubbish; (de [ructe etc.) refuse, gar.

bage ; (dupa taierea animnlelor } offal ; [la buctuarie ) slops, leavings. 2. bot. beech (Fagus). ® ~i de Lina combings; -i de miitase waste/ sleava/Iloss silk.

bucal adj. buccal. @ pe call' ~i:i per os, orally.

bucatii s.f. 1. piece, bit; {porte] part, portion; (fragment) fragment; [oiipetel ) end. 2. (extras) extract, passage; [artico l} article, 3. [tmbucatura} mouthful; morsel. 4. {oita} head of cattle. ® ~ aleasa select/choice piece. (de mincare} tit/tid bit; (de Literaturd } select piece, elegant extract; ~ cu __ piece for piece, bit by bit; ~ de ansamblu muzo concerted music; ~ de eitire reading piece; 0 (bunii)

de drum a (good) stretch, a long distance; - de [unie rope's end; ~ de hlrlie piece of paper; ~ de iarbii sod; ,._ de luminare candle's end i-« musicale piece (of music); {popularii] (popular) air, tune; [dintr-un cin tec] snatch (of a song); ~ de pan/tnt piece/plot of land; - de p tine piece/slice of bread; ,.._, de postao piece of cloth; ,...., de unt pat of butter; 0 '" de vreme a time, a while. @ 0 buna ~ de oreme ado, (for) a long time{ spell, (for) long; "" de zahiir lump of sugar; cu buea!a piece by piece; piecemeal, in pieces; com. by the piece; de la 0 ~ de preme fol' a short time, lately. latterly, lor


some little time (now); dintr-o "" IL. all of a piece. b. fig. straightforward; intr-o mie de bucati in a thousand bits, F ..... all to smithereens; mdrfuri cu bucata piece goods; "lnzare cu bucata retail selling/sale; zece lei bucata ten lei a piece, ten lei each.@ mi-a [iicu; bucata <-F be has played me a (nice) trick; a rupe in buciipi to tear to pieces; a uiin In bucali to cut/ chop in pieces/bits; to mince.

bncate s.f. pl. 1. (feluri de mtneare} dishes; (hrana, mincare) fare, diet, F ..... grub; [merinde ) victuals, provisions, rar ..... viands. 2. [grine} grain, corn; {cereale} cereals; [reeolia] crop. ()j listii de ~ bill of fare; (meniu) menu. © s-nu: [acui bucate anul acesla we have a rich harvest this year.

buca s.f. 1. cheek, mai ales pl . che:ks. 2. (a seziitului ] buttock, mal ales pl. buttocks.

buealale s.f. black-muzzled sheep. bn(lii.llLt adj. chubby (-faced), chubby-cheeked/faced, chubbed, cherubic. @ copil ~ cherub chub-

byt-Iaced) kid. '

bucntar s.m, man/male cook. @ [oamea e eel mai bun ~ hunger is the hes t sauce.

bucBtii.reasa s.f. cook (maid). bncll.tari'e 8.{. 1. {odaie etc.} kitchen; cook. house ~au room; naQ. galley. 2. [ig . cooking, cookery, cuisine. liD ,._, de campania field/travelling kitchen.

buc8tirioRr~ . s.t., [au xiliarii] scullery; {chicineta ) kitchenette.

bncii.1i vb, tr . to ~al{9 apart, to take to pieces, to dlsjoin(t); to undo; [prin taiere] to ~ut up; [marunt] to chop up, to mmce; (a 1m-par/i) to divide, to parcel out; {bunuri ) to partrtton ,

bttcaticas·f· bit; (tmbucalura) morsel; (cape tel) end v.?i b u cat i:l. ® bucatica eu "U{Jinea the last piece in the dish; Q '" de ... smth, of a ... , a little ... , F a show of, '" rupta din : .. the very picture ~f..., the very likeness of ... © a-si lua] rupe bucdtica de La gurli to give


one's last penny, to deprive oneself to help another.

bueea s .f. collar; (de roaui} box of a carriage wheel, wheel box; (de ~feilnic) socket.

bnehe s.], 1. the second letter in the Cyrillic aJphabet. 2. (litera)+--F letter. 3. pl. (alfabe!) alphabet ; Cyrillic alphabet; (carte) book ~ book wri.tt~n. in Cyrillic script; (scnere. in citire] reading and writmg, first elements, rudiments ABC. 4. [n imie] F not a jot/whit: 1]1 cu ~ on purpose, designedly deliberately. '

bncher s.m, 1. (tocilar ) crammer

swot. 2. fig. pol. dogmatist. '

buehereala s.f. mechanical reading/ study.

bueherfe s.f. [toceala} hard study/ reading, F cramming.

buchet s.n. 1. nosegay, posy, bouquet; bunch (of flowers). 2. (de pin) (finc) aroma of wine, bouquet. ® ~ de arbori clump of

trees, hurst. .

bu?hetare s.], agr . blocking, thinning.

buchetiera s.f. nosegay woman, flower girl/womal1.

bucllisealii. s.f. 1. grinding, F cramm mg, 2. (bataie] F good hiding sound cudgelling. ' bnehisipb. tr.1. to grind, F to cram. 2. (a bate) F to flog, to pommel. buehisire s.f. grinding, etc. v. h uchisi.

buelsrda vb, tr, constr. to bush-hammer, to roughen.

bnciardii. e.i, bush/granulating hammer.

hueipal s.m. proud horse.

bu~iUlnl s.n. P 1. (de villi) grape vme.2. (butuc de roata ) wheel nave, hub.

buefum" s'.n. 1. Romanian shepherd's musical Instrument consisting ora very long conical tube, aproa, alp(en)horn; bugle; horn; trumpet. 2. (sui) (sc)roll of paper, etc. 3. [teacii] sheath.

bueiuma I. ob . intr . to blow the "bucium". II. vb, 11'. fig. to trumpet forth, F-Joto blaze about.


huolumas s.m. "bucium" blower; {trompetist ) trumpeter.

bue la "b. tr, ~i refl: to curl.

bueh.t adj. curly, curled, wavy, in curls/locks/ringlets.

buela e.], 1. ringlet, curl, lock, F ..... corkscrew curl. 2. tehn ., cc ,; [eroo . etc. loop. 3. text. eyelet, loop.

bucluc s.m. 1. [necaz} trouble, F scrape, mess, hot water; [incurciiturii] embarrassment, [nenoroeire) misfortune; (napasta) calamity, adversity; scrape, mess, pest, plague, cross, affliction, tribulation, predicament; [povara] burden, nuisance; disgrace, inconvenience, bad affair. 2. [ceartii} quarrel. 3. pl. [calaballc] goods and chattels, F one's traps/sticks. © a da der-« F to get into a scrapel mess, st. to come a cropper.

hueluca~ I. adj. 1. fond of picking quarrels, quarrelsome; litigious, captious, F litigating. 2. (sup ariitor } troublesome; (neplt1cut) unpleasant, ticklish, difficult, intricate. II. 8.m. pettifogger, cock sparrow.

bucoavnii. e.], 1. [abecedar ] ABC

book. 2. old book.

bucolic adj. bucolic, pastoral. buco1ice s.f. pl. bucolics. bueovlnean I. adj. of/from (the)

BucovinajBukovina. II. s.m. inhabitant of (the) Bucov ina/Bukovina.

buc~a s.], 1. tehn . bushing, sleeve; box; roller; collet. 2. tel. jack.

bucl}i I. ob . tr . to cram; to crowd.

II. "b. re[l , to crowd.

bueura I. ob , tr . to gladden, to give srnb , pleasure, to make glad! < happy, to please, < to delight; (a multumi} to gratify. © bucurii ochiul it gladdens the eye. n. vb , reft; 1. to rejoice, to fill with joy; (a fi bucuros] to be glad/ < happy. 2. (a petrece] to feast. ® a ee ~

de ... a. to rejoice at/in ; to be

pleased/glad about/ at b. (a

al'ea) to enjoy ... , to have "', to possess ... , a se ,.... la ." to covet •.. ,to hunt after ..•


bueurestean I. adj. of/from Bucharest, Bucharest ... n. '!.m. inhabitan t of Bucharest, Bucharester.

bueurte s .f. joy; (ca stare sufleteascii] gladness; < happiness, < exultation, ecstasy, rapture(s), transport; felicity, enjoyment of pleas-· ure; (oeeetie) gayety, mirth, glee, merrimont, mirthfulness, joyfulness, gladness, cheerfulness; (pliicere) pleasure; (desfatare) delight; (mtngtiere) comfort; ® ~ nestaptnitii unsuppressed/immoderate joy. @ beat de - overjoyed, intoxicated with joy; F as happy as a clam (at high tide); etntec de ...... song I hymn of joy; eu ~ gladly, merrily, joyfully; de - for/with joy; lacrimi de - tears of joy; lipsit de r-: joyless, cheerless, void of mirth; nebun de ~ mad/frantic with joy; nemaiputtnd der-« brimming over with joy; sentiment de "" feeling of gladness; s trigate de ...... cries/shouts of joy; [aclamatii} cheering. © a umple de r-« to fin with joy; a fi bucuria cuioa to be smb.'s joy/comfort, to be the apple of smb.:s eyes; eea mai mare ~ a lui e sa ... it is his greatest happiness/joy to ...

bueures I. adj. {multumit] glad, pleased; gratified; content, thankful; [oesel } cheerful; [ezprimtnd oeselie] gay. ()j bun ~ 1M. very glad/pleased, very content. © a fi ,_ de .,. to be glad/pleased about/at ... ; am (ost ,._, sa uap de el I was thankful/glad to get rid of him; stnt ~ ca-l VQi oedea 1 am looking forward to meeting him, 1 am anticipating the pleasure of seeing him; stnt - cil te !>dd aici I am glad that you are here, 1 am glad to see you here; etnt [oarte ,.... cit te-am cunoscut (I am) delighted to have met you. II. ad". gladly, with pleasure, willingly, F ..... like hot cakes. III. interj . 1. gladly I (why) of course! 2. (ca rdspuns III. multumesc] don't mention itl you're welcome!

budani s.f. wine-cask.

budind If I pudding. @ ....., cu stafide plnm pudding/cake; ,__ de


mere apple pudding; ~ de orez rice pudding.

budism s.n. Buddhism. budist adj., s.m: Buddhist.

budoar s.n. boudoir, lady's dressing room.

buP inter], bang! dash! smash! bur" adj. farcical, ludicrous, slapstick, cheap. @ opera ~ii opera

bouffe, comic opera. ,

bufant I. adj. (d. pantaloni} baggy; (d. [usui} full; (d. mtneca ) puffed, bouffant. II. s.m. (la minecii] puff.

burets.n. 1. (de sufragerie) sideboard; (pt. tac1muri, ~ervete eta.} cupboard, closet, buffet. 2. (la baruri, giiri etc.] refreshment room; (la teatru) refreshment/cake room. 3. (restaurant) refreshment bar; {circiuma) tavern, pub,bar. 4. (in [abricti, institutie etc.) tommy shop; (in scoalii} tuck-shop. 5. F (stomac) tummy. ®~ ambulant chuck waggon; ~ expres (eu autoseroire} snackbar, amer. cafeteria, drugstore.

bufetler s.m. barkeeper, amer, bartender.

bufneala s ]: F sulks, moping.

bulni I. vb . intr , 1. (a se bosumfla} to pout (one's lips), F to make a mouth, to pull a long face/F mug. 2. (a se umfla) to be puffed. 8. (a sari in sus} to rebound, to bounce; (d. fli'icari) to blaze up; (a izbucni} to spring up; to break out, to gush forth. @ a ~ in lacrimi] pUM to break out/burst into tears; a ~ in rls to burst out laughing; flacara ~ prin acoperis the flame hurst through the roof. II. pb. tr . to bang. CD a-l ~ rlsul to burst out laughing. In. ph. reft . to knit one's brows, to frown.

bufnituri s.], bang, thud. bufnitas.f.l. ornit . owl( Strix bubo}, 2. ornit . great owl, eagJe owl (Bubo maximus). 3. fig. F fright, scarecrow, hag.

bulon s.m. 1. ~i fig. buffoon, fool, jester; Merry Andrew, Jack Pudding; clown. 2. fig. laughing stock, butt. CD a face pc -ul to play the buffoon, to bear the cap and bells.



buimiiceslli s .f. alarm, dismay; consternation, perplexity; confusion, dizziness; stupefaction.

buimici I. vb . tr, (prin lovire] to stun, to stupefy; (a amorti) to (be)numb; to make unconscious; [prin eepa netrqeles} to amaze, to astound; [prin cem neobisnuit} to astonish; (prin eMa neasteptat } to surprise; (a stupelia} to dumbfound, to stupefy, to bewilder; to put out (of countenance, F to flabbergast, to flummox; (a In[ricoea} to horrify. II. ob . ref]: 1. to be (come) stupefied etc. v. b u i mac. 2. (a se zapiici) to be dizzy.

bulmaei' adj. v , b u i mac. bulota s.f. hot-water bottle/bag. bUjie e .f. tehn . sparkling) plug. bujor s.m. bot. 1. peony (Paeonia);

c~mmoll peony (Paeonia officinal1sj.2.v.smirdar.3.v. p or 0 i n i c. ® un ~ de fata a very pretty girl, F a peach of a girl. @ are ~i in obraji she has a florid complexion, she is rosy-cheeked.

bujorel s.m, bot. v. gem a n a r itii.

bula s.], [pecete } bu lla; {scrisoare] bull. ® ~ de aer air bubble.

bulb s.m. 1. bot. bulb(ous root). 2. anal. bulb. ® ~ dentar root of a tooth; ~ de par bulb/root of a hair; ~ul ochiultii the eye ball, th .. globe of the eye.

Imlboaca, bulboanll. s.], whirlpool, eddy, vortex, swirling water. bulbos adj. bulbous.

bulbuc S.m. 1. water bubble' (de sdpun) soap bubble. 2. v. b u 1- b a a n 11.. 8. bot. marsh marigold caltha (Caltha palustris}, @ ploud w -i F it's raining cats and dogs,

bulbnea I. ob . irur . to bubble up/ forth. II. ob . tr , @ I~i bulbuca ochii his eyes started from their sockets. III. ob . refl. 1. to form a vault, to (form an) arch. 2. (d. oohi ) to start from their sockets, to goggle. 8. v , ~ 1.

bulbueat adj. (d. ochi} staring, wide open, goggled, protruding; (um-

BUI-BUL flat) swollen, swelled; bloated, puffy; [boitit } vaulted, arched. bnlbuci!.tura s.]; swelling; vault, bulge, bulging out.

bulbuci ob . intr, to bubble up; [prin:

ciilduriij to boil up.

buldog s.m. zool . bulldog.

buldozer s.n, constr , bulldozer. buleandrj, s.f- 1. (zdreanlii)_F rag,

shred, piece of cloth; [ctrpa ) ..... F duster, rubber; pl: [haine uzate} F rags, cast-off clothes. 2.pl. {lucruri uzate} F sticks, < lumber. 3. fig. slut, trollop, slattern, draggle, tail; (am bun de nimic} F scamp.

buletins.n. bulletin; (chitanfii) tick. et, receipt; [raport oficial) 01- ficial report; (formular ) form. ® ~ de bagaj luggage ticket/check; ~ de comandi'i com. order form; ~ de expeditie way bill; - de ~Iiri news bulletin; '" de pot voting paper, ballot; ~ medical medical bulletin; ~ meteorologic weather report/forecast; ....., ofioial journal in wh.ic)l all new laws are published; official gazette; ~ sportw sporting news, sports round-Up.

bulevard s .n . boulevard. bulevardior adj. cheap; sensational. @ roman ~ cheap novel, penny dreadful.

bulgaf ad}., s.m. Bulgarian; ist, Bulgar.

bulgaras·f. Bulgarian, the Bulgarian language.

bnlgare s.m. lump, ball, chunk; (de pamtnt} clod; (de zapadii) snow ball.

bulgaroso adj. Bulgarian. bulgare~te ado . 1. like a Bulgarian' Bulgarian-Iike, 2. {ca limbii) Bul: garran ,

bulgil.roaJea s.], Bulgarian (woman sau girl).

bulgaros adj. lumpy, consisting of lumps/clods; (d. drumuri} rough. buliba$A 8.m.captain of a gipsy band. bulimj~ s .f- med .. bulimia, bu limy, voracious appehte.

bulin B.n.1. med. capsule, tabloid, tablet. 2.pl. (pieaJele) (polka)dots. bulton s.n, 1. [sos de rosii} tomato sauce. 2. (de carne) broth; (de oase] stock; {supa} soup. 3. agr,

bufonada, bufonel'ie s.], buffoonery, piece of drollery, practical joke; [umor ieftin} slapstick (humour). buftan, burtes s.m. F pot(-bellied man), belly, amer. chunk.

buged adj. swollen.

buget s.n. budget. ® ~ de pace peace budget; ~ de razboi war budget. @ dezbaterea ~ului debate on the budget. © a prezerua ~ul to introduce the budget, to bring in the estimates.

bugetar adj. budgetary; (fiscal) fiscal. @ an ~ fiscal year.

buh s.n. © a-i merge / a i se duce ,..._ul a, to become famons, to be in the news/limelight, to make headlines. b. peior, to get/acquire/have a bad name, to slain one's reputation, to bo(come) notorious; to become the talk of the town, to become a laughing-stock.

huhai e.m: 1, zool . bull {kept for breeding). 2. *i e.n , small 'bottomless barrel covered with skin; by pulling a tuft of hair which passes right through the middle of the coper, a low sound is produced imitating the roaring of a bull; the contrivance is used on New-Year's Eve by Romanian waits. 3. fig. F lump. 4. {rindea} trying plane. ® - de balta ornit . bittern, mire drum [Botaurus stellaris },

buhii s.i. ornit . 1. v. b u f nit ii_ 2. v. c u c u v e a.

buhal vb , refl. to swell up/out. buhalt. adj. swollen, bloated, swelled; puffy, puffed.

buhna sf. ornit; v . b u h ii.

buhos adj. dishevelled, tousled; un-

kempt, hirsute.

buiandrug s.n. constr . lintel. buiestra~ s.m. ambling horse. bulestru I. adj. ambling. II. s.m. i.

amble, ambling pace. 2. v. b u - i est r a ~.

huimae adj. dumb, stupefied (with sleep); (:r;ii.pacit) dizzy; [tngrozit} horrified, dismayed; [uluit} amazed, astounded, dumbfounded, taken aback, F flummoxed, flabbergasted.



liquid manure. 4. med. [culturd. de bacterii] colony. ® - de legume herb soup; - de pui/gi'iinii chicken broth; ~ raril broth/stock weakened by the addition of water.

bulmes s.f. nav. v. b u I u mea. bulon e.n . bolt.

hulonare s.f. constr , bolting.

butue I. s.n. 1. mil. odin. troop/ squad of (about a hundred) soldiers; [ceata ) troop, crowd. 2. (gramada) heap, pile. II. ado , in crowds/multitudes/great numbers, F in heaps/clusters; (d. animale)in flocks, in herds; (de-a valma} F higgledy-pigglely, helterskeJter. © a da ~ ---+ peste ... to

break/hurst in upon ... ; to butt in ,

to invade ... , to encroach upon .

bulucealA s.], crowding, thronging, jostling.

buluci vb. refl. to push/jostle one another; (a da naoala) to flock; (a se ingriimddi } to crowd.

bulumac s.m. post, pole, stake. bulumea s.f. nap. bulkhead.

bub s.n. 1. chunk lump 2. (de lemne) sawn log

bum iruer] . boom! (slap) hang! bumb s.m. (nasture) ..... P button. @ a se juca In -i cu '" F to trifle /daUy with '"

bumbao s.m. 1. bot. cotton plant (Gossypium). 2. cotton; (in stare brutii] raw cotton; [vaui} cotton wool. 3. cotton (thread).@ ~ de sters teh:n, cleaning cloth. @ ala

. de ~ v. ~3; de r-: cottony, (made of) cotton; stofu de ~ cotton cloth. ® a avea '" In urechi to be hard/ dull of hearing, to be deaf(ish), F to have no ear.

Immbi1ear s.m. (crcscaior ] cott.on grower; (negus tor) cotton rnerchan t /dealer.

bumbii.caritii s.], bot. moor grass (Eriophorum angustifolium).

bumb3carie s.f. 1. cotton trade. 2. cotton manufacture. S. [artieole de bumbac] cottons, cotton fabrics. bumbaaoalA e.], thrashing. bealing, pommelling.

IJUmb3cel s.n. cot Lon yarn/twine, twist.

bumbAci I. ob , tr . 1. [cu vatii) to wad. to line/stuff with wadding. 2. fig. (a bate) F to sandbag, to pommel, to comb, to beat black and blue, to beat to a mummy. II. vb. ref]: to turn soft (like cotton).

bumbii.cos adj. (made of) cotton, cottony, contain ing cotton; soft as cotton.

bumerang S.n. boomerang.

bun I. adj. 1. good; (la euflet} good, kind; (profitabil) profitable; (saruitos} good, wholesome; salutary. beneficial; [potrioit} good, suitable, fit, proper, right; (favorabil) good, favourable; fortunate, happy. 2. (nobil) good, noble; virtuous; (series) earnest, serious; [ascultator) obedient. dutiful; {cinstit } honest, g?od, upright; (drept) g?od, just, rightjeous}: [iubitor ] kind, good, affectionate, loveable; (placut) good, nice, pleasant, pleasurable; [amabil ] kind, obliging. 3. {priceput } good, skilful, clever; (de? tep I) clever; proficient; J eminent } good. eminent. 4. [veritab ii} good, genuine; [adeviirat] good, true; (real) real. a. (in bunii stare) good, <perfect. 6. {tmbetsugal) good, rich; [lucratw} good, lucrative. '1. [norocos} good, lucky. 1:1. [gustos} tasty, savoury. ® o ~ii b ucatii de drum a good/long way to go' a -a bucatii de vreme (for) a long lime/spell; ~ii di: minerun good mornmg; 0 ~a parte' a good/considcra.b Ie part i ~'ii seam! good even 109 l ; ~a

ziua hello; <- de (d. persoane }

good/qualified for ; (d. lucruri}

useful for.... good to ... ; '" de cules poligr , ready for composition; ~ de {Juri'i glib, voluble. fluent.F having the gift of the gab; ~de imprimat ready/fit for press/printing; ~ de tnsuraz marriageable; ~ de mina deft, skilful; ~ de mincat eatable. good to eat; - de plata able to pay; '" de tipar B. "print"; ready/passed Ior press/ prin ling. b, (ca subst.} imprimatur, permission to print; ~ la inimii kind-hearted, la latina good at Latin; ~ la nimic


good far nothing, F no ~ood; '"" pentru ... cut out Ior ... , fIt for ... ; ~ pentru. doua persoane (d. bitete) available for/admitting two persons; ~ pen trti o mie de lei good for a thousand lei; -ul mere al .•. the good progress of ... Q,jl aer ,.., good/pure/salubrious / fresh air; aliment ,...,. good/wholesome food; a"ocat ~ able/clever lawyer; bani ~ i good money; bataie ~a sound flogging/thrashing ; Gel mai ,...,. (the) best; doctor ~ good/skilful/clever physician; (apta ,..,i1 good deed; frate ,.., one's own brother; 0 glumii "'Ii a good/capital joke; in stare ~a in good repair/condition; la ce "'? what is the good of it? ; mai ~ better; meserie ~a a good/profitable/lucrative trade; miros-« nice/ pleasant smell; mtnii ~a lucky hand; 0 mus trare ~ii a good scolding; nici r«, nici riiu. neither good, nor bad; noap te ~ii ! good night) oamen i ,-....i good/kind-hearted people; piimin; ~. good/fertile land; piirere ~iigood/favourable opinion; rezultat ~ good/for. tunate/ravourahle result; semn. _ good omen; sfat ~ good/salutary advice; sfir~it '" happy end: happy outcome; teren ~ pentru. vie soil suitable for the vine; toate r-se dar ... that's all very well, but ...• I admit/allow/grant such to be the case. but ... ; toate ~e ptnii acum all's well so far, so far so good; ureche ",a good ear; ~ar ~ first cousin; venit ~ good/com. Iortahle/ F -> nice income; oeste ",Ii good/favorable news; pint ~ fail' wind; oreme ,..,Ii fine/nice/ pleasant weather. @ a Mea un miro« '" to smell good/n ice; cine

e acolo? Om '" "Who is there?" "A friend"; a al'ea a zi -a to spend a happy day/time, F to make a day of it; a da ziua "'a cuim to bid srnb, good morning etc.; a [i de ~i'i credin!a to act in full faith/ wi lh full confidence; sint: la [el

de ~i they are equally good; a 0 lua de ~a to take it for granted; chin ina e ~rl contra [ebrei Peru-


vian bark is .good against fever; a [i '" cu ..• to be kind to ... ; ai fost '" cu mine you have been kind to me; a [i ..... de gura F to have one's, tongue well hung; a da '" de tipar la 0 carte to pass a hook for press; e - la ceoa? is it of any use?; e ~ pentru sana/ate it is good for the health; e o zi -a pentru plimbare it is, a good/fair/capital walking to-day; as ta e -a! F that beats all) here's a fine/nice how-d'ye-do! e eel mai '" eleo he's the top boy ; e,ti ~ sa ... ? fii ,._ ri ...

be so kind and , be so kind as

to ... ,will yuu ? kindly {cu. imp«:

ratioul }; la ce e ,...,? what is it good for?; na-ti-o -af a. (da'd" unde) F not at all! by no means) [nu mo.i spune } you don't say so! F you don't mean it; [oorbesti seriost } F are you in earnest? b. [sigur] F of course. certain Iy; nu va duce la nimic '" that will come to no good; nu prevesteste nimic _ that bodes no good, that is not of good omen; 0 fine una {I i "'a F he won't give in; orei sa iii '" ~i sa . .. would YOIl mind (cu forme in -ing ), II. ado s; iruor] , good, a ll right, F O.K.; (splendid) splendid! capitall grand! v. ~i hi n e. In. s,n . 1. (al statului) domain; [aoere} property, fortune, (one's) belongings/ effects/possessions; (pa. mint) estate, manor; [mobila} goods and chattels. 2. pl. goods. 3.;;i fig. asset. ® un ~ e!~tigat a definite gain; '" de [olosinsa tn. delungatii household appliance; ..... de larg consum. staple/consumer good; ~ imobil real estate(s), landed property; un '" al maselor largi the possession of the broad masses, an asset of the masses at large; -curi culturale cultural assets; r-uri imobile/imobiliare chatte Is real; real estate; '-""uri mobile chattels personal; <-uri obpte~·ti public assets. coliec live goods. IV. s.m . [bunic ) grandfather.

buna s.(. chim . buna.

bunBvesj;jre s.f. ret. Annunciation.

Lady Day.

bum\ e], [bunicd } grandmother.


bUDs-Cfedin*1l. s.f. good faith. buni-cuvilnfil e.t, decorum, decen-

cy propriety; good manners/


bunll-dimineata s.], bot. v . Z 0 reI e. bllDaoarli. ado . for instance, for example, by way of example. bunaseama s.f. @ de ~ to be sure, of course, surely.

bunastare s.], well-being, welfare, prosperity; ino . ...... weal.

buna.tate s .f. 1. kindness, bounty; (a persoanelor sau luerurilor ] goodness, intrinsic worth, virtue, excellency; [caiitate) (first) quality. 2. pl. dainties, dainty dishes; (finefuri) finery. ® 0 ~ de ... (a) grand /capital/ excellent (splendid; .. , first quality. © aibi ~a ~i ... have the kindness to ... , pray oblige me by {cu forme in -ing).

bunavole s.f. @ de ~ of one's own wiu/accord.

bunholnta e.], goodwill, benevolence.

bunear s.n. 1. (coal) bunker. 2. mil. stronghold.

bundll e.], reg. sort of long furred coat worn by men.

bunget s.n. (piidure) (thick) old forest; [desie] thicket; covert. bunght vb , ref!. F to gape, to stare; to peep, to peer.

bun-gust s,n . good taste.

bunle s.m. grandfather, F ...... grand(pa)pa.

buntea e.i, grandmother, F-+ grand-ma(mma), granny.

bunlcel adj. pretty good, pretty

large etc.

buuicu~li s.f. F granny.

buni~or adj. passably/pretty good. bun-8Imfs.n.1. good-breeding, man-

ners; fine character. 2. wisdom, common sense, commonsensicalness. @ 0 chestiune de ......, a matter of common sense/of good breeding; fara ......, wanting manners, ill-bred.

bura I. ob . intI'. to drtzele, to mizz le, II. vb, tr , min. to tamp. boratic s.m. sool . green/tree frog (Hyla arborea ),

qurs s.f. 1. [ploaie miiruntii) drizzle, drizzling rain; [suooi] shower; [chieiurii] rime. 2. (ceapi) fog.

burduJ s.n. 1. skin, a primitive leather bag made out of the hide of oxen, sheep etc. or a bladder; cheese, flour, water, oil etc. are usually kept in it . 2. (foale) (pair oC) bellows. 3. vet. farding bag, S _,. rumen. 4. muzo top, sound(ing) board. 5_ adverbial fast. ®......, de stielii. beUy of a bottle; ~ de triisurii splash leather, mud protsctor , ......, de "ioara violin top. © e ,.._, de carte he's over-learned; a face sp iltarea cuioa ~ F to sandbag smb., to beat smb. to a jelly; a lego. _ to bind fast, to bind hand and foot.

burduhan en: 1. [pielea stomacului) S -4 peritoneum; I'e1. goldbeater('s skin). 2. (burta rumegtitoarelor ] farding bag, S -4 rumen. 3. fig. F pot-belly, periphery, forty-guts.

burduh(lIn)Qs adj. 1. (cu bursa mare) big-bellied, F pot-bullied, 2. {tnsarcinatii} big with child, pregnant., F in the family way.

burdu~ealR s.f. 1. swelling, inflammation, bloatedness. 2. med., o et : flatulence. 3. fig. F sound flogging(thrashing.

burdust I, vb . tr. 1. to stuff, to cram, to chunk. 2. fig. F to flog/thrash soundly, to sandbag. II. "b. reil, 1. (a se coscooi} to shrink ; (d. lemn } to warp, to get warped; (d. [ructe] to grow tender/soft/mellow. 2. (a se umfla} to swell.

burdustre s.f. stuffing etc. V. bur - du~i.

buret s.n. text. bourette.

burete s.m. 1. zool; sponge, S _., porifer (Spongia). 2. bot. mushroom, S -> fungus. 3. (de sters} sponge. ® ~ crel bot. species of hydnum (liydnum coralloides j ; _ de roud bot. species of agaric (Coprinus mlcaceus }; ~ de spin bot; russula (Russula grieea}; ~le calului ~ bot. species of agaric (Coprinus [imetarius} ; ~le oacii bot; lacteous agaric {Lactarius subdulcis} ; pucios bot. devil's egg (lthyphallus impudicus ) ; '""' ferpesc bot. parasol mushroom [Lepiota procera]: © a Mia dracului



bureti F to loll about; a-i toea gur'; bureti F to talk through one's hat; a b~alsuge ca un ~ to drink like a fish; a da/pterge cu -le a. to sponge. b. fig. to pass the sponge over.

Imretos adj. spongy, S -+ fungous.

burg s.n. ist . burgh. .

lnughez I. S.m. l~ pol. bourge~ls;

Philistine. 2. odm. burgher, CItizen. @ mic ~ petty bourgeois. n. adj. bourgeois, middle-class ... ; burghezo-mosiereec bourgeois-landlord.

burghezi(m) e s.], bourgeoisie, middie c1ass(es). @ marea ,_, the upper/big bourgeoisie; mica ......, ~he petty bourgeoisie, the lower middle classes.

burghiu S.n. borer; (mare) (ground) auger; (lung) churn. drill, wimble; (sfredcl) gimlet; (spiral) screw ta~.

buric s.n. 1. anat. nave], S -+ umhilical cord, funicle. 2. fig. F dapper ling, dandiprat, scalawag. ® <u! dealului the top of the hilI· ~ul piimZntului 8. the centre ;1 the earth. b. fig the hub of the universe'; ""ul cinerii bot. navel wort [Cotiledon }, © a se crede -cul pamEntului to think oneself the hub of the universe. liD copilui cu prea multe moasc riimine c!" -ul netiiiat too many cooks spotl the broth.

~uriea. "b. refl . (a se ridica] +--- F to rise.

burjui s.m. P oof bird; torr; bourfreOis, Philistine.

burlac I. adj. single. ll. s.m, bachelor.

burlRns.n.1. (leava.) pipe, tube; (de soba} stove pipe; (de ploaie] drain pipe; (pl. aburi} eduction pipe; (de canale} waste pipe. 2. F (picior) pin, prop.

burlliei vb, intr, to lead a bachelor's life, to live single.

burllieie s.f. bachelor's life, .glume; ...... single harness/blessedness.

bnrlesc I. adj. burlesque, ludicrous.

II. s.n. burlesque. bnrnita (Jb. tr, V. bur a. burnjtli s.], V. bur a.


burnuz s.n. burnous, burnoose; (alb si} cabaan,

bursal s.], com. in ee, cap. stock exchange, money market. ® bursa muncii Labour Exchange; '" de marfuri commoditity exchange; ......, neagrii black market. @ afacere de ~ stock exchange transaction; agent de '" stock broker(jobber; ootat la -- quoted/current on exchange; cursul bursei stock list" list of prices, quotation of prices; market report; efecte de ~ stock exchange securities, (scrip of) bonds SClU shares; [luctuatiile bursei fluctuation of the mane;\, market· hir tii. de - stock(s); jocjspeeuldtie la ~ stock exchange gambling, F - operating; manevrd. de ~ stock exchange manoeuvre/ stratagem; speculant de ~ stock exchange operator/speculator F -> wire puller. © ada 0 tooitura de - to make a lucky hit by speculating in the funds; a juca la "'" to speculate (in the funds).

bursli" s.f. (~colarii) stipend, scholarship (grant); (in Scotia) bur-

sary. .

burster s.m. scholar; [al unet fundatii } foundationer; (in Scotia) bursar, stipended student sau pupil.

bursue em: 1. zool. (common) badger (Meles taxus}, 2. fig. F dumpy! stumpy fellow; (om ursus} grumbler, growler.

bursucar s.m. sool . badger dog, terrier.

burtli s.f. 1. [pintec) belly; (stomac) stomach S ...... abdomen, F pouch, paunch periphery. 2. [miiruntaie} bowels 'F guts; (mtncare} tripe. 3. (parted mai umflata a unui Iw;ru) belly, bulge;. curvature, conv~xlt~~ (a unci oiori} body; (a unet corabii) bottom; arhit: bulge. 4. (pionjon prost} belly ~lop. Qj) clflcat pe ......, lying on one s belly, ill a prone position; de ~ ventral; durere de - stomach ache. © a face, ,... F a. to get a paunch/big/bellyl corporation. b. teatru to have longueurs; a-si umple burta F to till one' sbelly, to gorge/stuff oneself;


ada cu burta de pamtnt F to knock down; a [i cu bur ta mare F to be in the family way/straw; a .,.coate din ~ <- F to invent, to devise, to fabricate; a sta cu burta la soare F a. to bask in the sun. b. fig. F to rest npnn one'soars, to let the grass grow under one's feet, P. to 10Hop; a ride tinindu-se cu miinile de ~ to split one's sides with laughter; use bate pe ~ ca cinevu F to set one's horses together, to catch fleas for 8mb.; to be on intimate friendly terms with smb.

burtaverde s.m. peior . Philistine. @ de ~ cit-Like.

burtos adj. big/pot-bellied. buruiana s.f. 1. weed, wild-growing p lant: {iarba ) herb; med. medicinal herb; [plonia ) plant; [legumil) vegetable. 2. fig. creature; good-far-nothing. ® buruiuna vintului bal. mountain meadow-saxifrage [Seseli rigidum j ; ~ de cinci degete bot. five-finger (grass) (Po. tentilla recta); ~ de leac medicinal plant IherlJ ; ~ porceascii hot. eat's ear [Hupochoeris}, © se sperie de toate buruienile F he is unahle to say "ho., to a goose, he is milklivered.

burutenls s.n . weeds. burulenos adj. weedy.

buraulul ob . refl. 1. (d. par) to stand (up) on end; (ca peria} to bristle up. 2. fig. F to fire up; < to fly in to a passion, F to boil over. 3. v . b 0 sum f I a. 4. (d. vreme} to break up.

burzuluiala s.f. 1. brist ling up etc. v. bur z u I 11 i. 2. (Su.parare) anger; [mtnie} fury, wrat.h. burzuluit adj. 1. (d. par) dishevelled. 2. angry, in high dudgeon.

busoIi s.f. 1. compass. 2. nav. marine compass, mariner's needle. 3. Busola astr . the Compass. 4. fig. guide; [indrumar} rule (of conduct). ® ~ de ctmp field compass; '" electrica electrical compass; giroscopicif. gyrocompass; '" magneticii magnetic(al) compass; ~ marina v. '" 2. ; ~ radiogonio: metricd av., nav. direction-find-er, wireless compass. © a-si pierde

busola fig. to be all at sea, to 10s6 one's head.

bust s.n. 1. bust. 2. [sini] bust, bosom, breasts.

busuloaes, s.f. bot. muscadel, rnuscat(el).

busuloo s,n, bot. (sweet/common) basil [Ocimum basilicum] . ® ~ de ctmp self-heal (Prunella pulgaris); ~u.l copiilor sharp-pointed toad flax (Mentha pulegium).

bu~eali s.f. blow/stroke with tho fist, cuff, F punch; [ghioru} nudge, Ii' dig /poke in the ribs, © a Ina pe cine~a la buseli F to bang smh, about.

bU$i I. vb . tr. (a tnghlonti} to push, to elbow; [cu. 0 anna etc.] to thrust; (cu p iciorul ] to kick; (a da 10- vituri ) to cuff, to thump, F to bang/knock about. II. lib. refl. reciproc to j ostle each other _ © a se ~ de to knock/run against.

bu~itura s.f. blow/stroke with the fist.

huson s.n. 1. tehn, stopper, plug. 2. electro fusible plug. ® ~ de radiator auto. filler cap.

bllij'tean I. S.m. 1. stump of a tree, log (of wood). 2. (la roatii} wheel nave, huh. II. ado; @ adormit ~ fast asleep; mort ~ stone-dead, (as) dead as mutton/a doornail. © a dormi ~ to sleep like a topl log.

but s.n. 1. leg of mutton sau pork sau. veal; the hock with the fillet. 2. sport goal area.

Imtadl1 s.f. witticism, sally, flash

of wit, bon mot, mot d'esprit. butadiena s-f. chim, butadiene. butan s.», chim, (normal) butane. buta~ S.m. hart. cutting, slip seed-

ling, sucker.

Imtasi (11). tr. hurl. to propagate by cuttings, to layer, to slip.

bute s.{. butt, hogshead, tun (capacity; 100-Z00 decalitres}, © a-i merge din ~ in ~ to go from had to worse; a dormi ~ to sleep like a top/log.

butelea s.f. 1. bottle. 2. demijohn.

butelie s.f. bottle; (de gaze) cyliudel'. ® ~ de aragas gas cylinder; ...._, de Leyda Leyden/electric jar.



buteroli e.], tehn, rivet{ing) set, swap.

buteur s.m. sport (larugbi) full


butie s.f. V. but e .

buttleauotue sn . eh.im, butyl rubber. butileua s .f. chim, butene, buty-


butiric adj. chim . ® acid ~ butyric acid.

butisR s.f. constr. header.

butoi S.n. cask; (mic) barrel, kilderkin; (mare) butt, hogshead, tun; [bac] vat. ® ~ flira fund F soaker, sot, tippler. @ gras ca un ~ F as big as a butt/tub. ® a cercui un ~ to hoop a cask; a mirosi a - to taste of the cask; a bliga in DUlOaie to barrel, to cask.

butoia~ s . n. 1. (small) barrel, kilderkin , keg. 2. (de reoolcer) cylinder.

buton s.m. 1. [nnsture] button; (de manset«} sleeve/cuff/ link, sleeve} wristhand button. 2. (la u~a etc.} knob, hand; electro push; (comutator) switch key. 3. tehn . pin. ® ...._, de acor d tel. tuning knob; ~ de apel tel. call key; ~ de coman dO. tel. control knob; '" de guler collar stud; ~ de maniceta tehn . drivit1g Din; - de miitase SIlk button; , ~ de radio knob; ~ de soner ie (bell) button, push button; ~ electric electric bell push. (0 a rasuci -cul electro (a aprinde} to switch on; (a s tinge] to switch off; rad. (a deechide} to turn/click on; (a tnchide] to turn/click off; a apaso: pe ~ to press the button.

butonlera s ], buttonhole.

butue S.m. 1. stump or a tree, log (of wood); tree trunk, sawn timber; (de vita) vine. 2. (la roatii} wheel nave, hub. 3. (de ciiliiu) block; (Cu. gauri) stocks. 4. (de macelar } chopping block; (de eizmar etc .} block; (de fier) pig of lead, iron. ® <ul elicii propeller hub. Qil beat ,.._. F drunk as a fiddler! lord; pe ~i on the stocks. © a-i trage cuil'a ~ul to fooljF sell smb.; asia ca un ~F to stand like a post; a [i din ~i to be a clumsy

BUT-BUZ fellow!a duffer! a clodhopper; a biiga/pu.ne in -i to put in the stocks; a dormi ~ to sleep like a top/log.

butueanos adj. stumpy; (grosolan ) boorish; rough; [stingaei} clumsy. buture s.m. v.b u ~ tea n ~i h u - t u C.

buturugi s.f. 1. stump [of a tree); (ciot) knot (in wood); gnarled branch; wooden block, chump, stub. 2. poligr . block press. © a sta ca 0 ,..__, to stand like a post. @ buturuga mica riistoarnii carul mare little strokes feil great oaks.

buzut adj. thick-lipped, F --+ blubber-lipped. © a ramine]a se intoarce - to have one's trouble for nothing, to be too late in the field.

bUZR s.{. 1. anal. lip. 2. (margine de eticla, de farfu.rie) rim; (de ,arm) edge; (de sttnsa} ledge; (limiui} borde!"; (tili~) edge. 3. (deschizilturil) mouth, opening; [ori[iciu ) orifice; (de tun) muzzle, mouth. ® buza de jos the under/ lower lip; busa de sus the UppCl" lip. © a lasa huzele to pout (one's lips), to sulk; a ramine ca buzele umilatelcu: buza fripla to have one's trouble for nothing, to be too late in the field, F to get the cheese; a-i criipa hicza dupii cepa F to want, smth, badly; a-i criipa bu.zele de rU$ine to be t.oo ashamed to look anyone in the face; a liisa pe cineva cu bw:rz umflatil to give smb, the mitten/push.

buzdugan s.n. 1. (ghioaga) dub, mace, inlJ.-+ martel; (sceptrrt)sceptre. 2. bot. bur flag/reed [Sparganium ramosum.},

buzer S.n. tel. buzzer.

buzna ad!'. [brusc } all of a sudden, suddenly; [naoalnic] impetuously, boisterously. © a da '" in ..• to rush in(to) ... , to break/burst in upon ... ; a da - peste cineva to rush at/upon smb ...

buzunar «.n: pocket; (pt. ceas} fob; (de cangur } pouch. lID ~ aplicat patch pocket. CD bani de ~ pocket {pin money; bati~ti5. de ~ pocket handkerchief,. F -4 wipe; ca lendar de .. "" pocket almanac; car-


net de ~ pocket/note book; ceae de ~ pocket watch; CU[ilajl de ~ pocket/clasp knife j dictional' de '" pocket dictionary; editie de ,...., pocket edition j format de "" pocket Size; hOI de -e pickpocket; aglln.dd de '" pocket glass; piep-


C, e , s.m. C, c, the fourth letter of the Romanian alphabet.

C8 conj . 1. [tat a,m de ... ca si ... ) as, as ... as, so ... as j [asemenea] like. 2. (nu attt de ... ca) not so ... as. unlike. not like. 3. [decit} than. 4. (drept) as, for. o. (in oalitate de) as. 6. {sub raportul] as to, from the point of view of, considering. 't. (cum al' fi) such as, like. @ ~altiidatd as before ; '" in ... as in ... ; '" La 3000 de oameni about 3,000 people; '" sa (in order) to, (so) that. .. ; so as to ... ; ~ nu cumva Sa ... - sa nu ... lest. .. should ... ,

(so) that.. .. may/might not , for

teal' of .... III order not to ; "'-'

semn de prietenie as a token of friendship; '" fi ... 8. [tntocmai cay (just) like .... in the same manner as .•. ; such as ... , the same as ... ; b. [precum fi) as well as .... also. too. c. ('" ei cum ar fi) as good

as ... ; ~s much as ; ~ .~i cum.jcind

•.. as If/though @ alb -ziipada

(as) white as snow. snow-white; o faut ,...., della weo 12 ani a girl of about twelve years old; tnainte '" (sa} ... before ... ; rece ~ gheata (as) cold as ice; rollU """ sing';le blood-red; student """ (fi) mine another student; -toate ~ toate , dar ... all's right, but ... © creionul acesta nu e [asa de) asoutit - aceta this pencil is not so pointed as that one; n-am auzit de cind sint una '" Mta it's for the first time in my life that I hear such a thing; nu e ,...., mine he is unlike me, he is not like me; fa "" mine do as I do; e prioit - romantic he is looked upon as romantic; am spus aceasta - sa fiu 1nleles de toti I have said this that I may be understood by everybody; '" sa


zic~m Ufa as it were; ""-';;i cum i-as cere eu asta as if I asked him to do it; e ,...., ~i mort he is as much as dead; camera aceasta e tot Ufa de confortabila ""-' ~i ealonul this room is as/so comfortable as the drawing room.

cabalA 8.{. 1. (carte) cab(b)ala. 2. fig. cabal.

(laiJaline s.f. pl. horses.

cabalistic I. adj. cab(b)alistic(al). II. [ads .} cab(b)alistically.

cabana sf chalet, (Alpine) hut

mountain shed/sheltsrvretuga, •

cabaret s,n, cabaret. nigh! club. eabestan s .n ; na". capstan.

cabina s.], box. cabin; (de vapor} cabin, berth, stateroom; (de oagonlit) berth; (de baie] bathing hut; (de cam ion) cab(in); (de aoion ) cockpit. ® ~ de a8censOr lift cage; shaft; - de semnalizare [eroo , signal box; ,...., telefonieii caU box. amer, telephone booth.

cabinet s.», 1. (camera) private room, closet, study, cabinet; [biron) office. 2. pol. cabinet; government. ® ,._ de lectura reading hall; "'-' den tar dental surgery; ,...., de partid party cabinet; ~ medical consulting room; surgery; _, tehnie technical office. @ se] de ,...., (minister's) principal secretary.

cablograma s.f. cablegram.

. cabIll s.n. 1. cable; (electric) electric cable; (telegrafic) telegraphic cable. 2. (masura) cable's length. 100 fathoms. ® '" aerian overhead cable; """submarin submarine cable; ,...., subteran underground cable.

eabotaj s,n, nal'. cabotage, coasting. eabotier s .n; nap. coaster,

(l8botin S.m. 1. sorry player. 2. fig. petty meddler (in politics, eto.) i

tene de - pocket comb. © a pliiti din ~ to payout of one's pocket. busunaras s :n . change pocket. buzunart ob, tr . to pick/rifle smb.'s pockets; to rob.

buzzer s.n. tel. buzzer. byron ian adj. Byronic.


a face per--ul to seek cheap effects, to attitudinize, to strike a pose; to act (badly).

eabotlntsm s .n. (third-rate) acting, histrionics; pose, attitudinizing.

eabra I. ob . intr . to rear, to prance.

II. ph. refl. 1. to rear, to prance about, to get on one's hind legs. 2. fig. to jib (at srnth.), to kick.

cabriolets s], cabriolet, gig.

cacao s.f. cocoa. @ arbore de ~ bot. cacao tree (Theobroma cacao).

cacealma s.f. 1. (la jocul de carli) bluff. 2. fig. bluff, humbug. @ a trage euiva 0 ~ II. to bluff srn h. b. fig. F to diddle smh., to take smb , in, to bluff smb ,

cacofonic adj. cacophonous. caeotonte s.f. cacophony.

cactus s.m, bot. cactus plant (Cactus).

cadastra vb. tr, to make the cadastre of; to survey and value. cadastral ad). cadastral.

cadastru s.n. cadastre, cadastral survey.

cadaveric adj. cadaverous, cadaveric. <Ii> palo are ~" cadaverousness ; rigiditate ~a cadaveric rigidity. rigor mortis.

eadavru s,n, (dead) body, corpse. cadil sf. tub, vat.

eadentat I. adj. cadenced; [ritmat} rhythmical; (d. nasi} measured. U. ado . in cadence, in regular succession.

cad()ntil s.f. 1. muzo cadence; (tact) time; [ritm} rhythm. 2. On rorbire} cadence, modulation. 3. (a paeului] regularity of the step;

(pas) step, pace. @ in - cu fi

fig. keeping step/pace with , a-

breast or.,; © a line cadenta a. mil. to keep (the) time, to keep step, to keep in the line, to mark time. b. muzo to keep time; a nu merge in ~ mil. to get out of step.

cadet s.m. mil . odin. cadet.

eadfu s.m. odin. cadi, Mussulrnan


cadinil s.], odin. odalisque. eadmln s.n. chim, cadmium.

eadou s.n. present, gift. @ a [are un ,...., cuiva to present smb. with


smth.; a primi ... ~ to receive ... as a present.

eadra ob . intr, (a se ciidea} to be becorningjrneet/seem lyjfit , ® a ~

cu ... to fit , to suitv..: to corre-

spond to ; to agree with ... , to

becomc.,; '

eadran s.n. 1. geam. quadrant. 2. (de ceas] dial, hour plate; face (of a clock sau of a watch). ® ~ de radio luning dial/scale; ~ solar sun dial; ~ telefonic (number) dial.

cadra s.f. 1. V. cad r u 1. 2. [tablou} picture, painting. ® 0 ,.., de fatii F a (regular) peach.

cadril s.n. quadrille.

cadrilat adj. checked, chequered, crossly-streaked.

eadru s.n. 1. frame; (de tablou} pic. ture frame. 2. [tablou } picture, painting. 3. (de cinema) frame, still, close-up. 4. pl. staff, person. nel; ! pol ), mil. etc. cadrers}; [specialis u] spcr.i a lists; mil. effectives; (of iter i) regimental staff of officers. 5. (plan) arrangement, plan. 6. tte. frame, background; framework; (limite) compass; limits. ® cadre cu studi i super ioare universitary-graduated specialists; cadre de rezercieti mil. list/body of reserve officers; cadre didactice teaching staff; professorial staff; cadre ofilere.~ti mil. (corps of) commissioned officers. @ alegerea cadre/or selection of cadres; an.tenii in forma de ~ frame aarral ; in cadrcle active ale armatei mil. on the regular establishment; In ~l (cu gen.) a, as part of. .. ; within the frame-

work of...; (printre) among , (la)

at..., on ... b. (sub) under ; [sub

auspiciile] under the auspices oL. c. (in tim pul } during ...

eadue adj. 1. decaying, fall1ng; (fragil) frail. 2. [ur, null, void; (d. un testament) lapsed. @ pomi cu [runza -ii deciduous trees.

eadueeu e .n; caduceus.

eadueltate s.f. 1. caducity; (fragilitate) frailty. 2 • [ur . (a unui testament) lapse; (a unui cot etc.} nullity.


calss s.n. nao . trellis-work mast, steel-lattice mast.

cafea sf 1. coffee. 2. coffee time. 3. pl. bot. V. c a f e I uta. ®boabe coffee, coffee (in) beans; - en lapte coffee with mi Ik, milk and coffj;1o, white coffee, elev . _ cafe au lait; ,.., de cicoare chicory coffee; ~ filtru drip cofj',)C; ~ rrulcinata/ l'ilmila groulldcofIce; ,.., mokk a Mocha coflee; ~ neagrablaek coHee; ~ prajita roasted coffee; - turceasea Turkish calfee. @ arbore de ~ bot. coffee tree (Goff'ea arabica } ; bob/boaM de ~ coffee bean; 0 ceasea de. - a cup of coffee; [pentru' cafea} coffee Clip; de culoarea cafelei eu lo.pte coffee-coloured/-tinted; drojdie de- grounds ~f coffee; ibric de ~ cottee pot; Sel'VLCLU de ~ coffee service/sel./things. © a beu

,.., to drink/lake coffee. .

cafegins.m.l. [omator de caiea} lover of coffee. 2. {s uiplnu: unei cafenele ) coffee-house keeper.

cafe ina s .f. chim, caffeine, theine. cafelut!\ sf. bOI. while lupine (Lupinus albus ) ,

calenea s.], coffee house, (dar nu in Anglia) cate . CBI de ~ worthless; idle; frivolous; sttlp de ~ habitue of coffee houses

cafeniu adj. coflee-coloured(-linled;

[brun } brown.

caftall s.n . 1. (~elv('l) gown, mantle. 2. ist . (si - domne$c) Romanian hosp odar 's cos t umc; fig. I ease of the throne; 8 ppoin tment to tile throne; rank of hospodar.

Cilia s .f, horseshoe nai 1. ealae 5.11. kayak, flat boat.

caiafil s.m. hypocrite, dissembler, double dealer. @ a trimite Ipurta] duce de la Ana ill. Caiafa to send from pillar to post (and from post to pillar).

eatc s.n , nav. calc, calque.

eater s.n. 1. (de in) flax u-ess, tress lock; (de clnepii} hemp bundle; heat : (de lind) flock of wool. 2. (de ~ii.r) tun of hair, bush (of hair).

ealet SII. 1. (writing) book; stitched /stitch book; (pt~ scolari ) exercise book; (pt. copiat ) copy book;


[maculator} rough-no te book; (fascicula] fascicle. 2. (carle) booklet (of miscellanea). ® ~ de aritmetiea summing book; ~ de caligrafie copy book; ~ de cuointe word book; '" de desen drawin g book; - de musicii music book; ~ de sarcini II. (note de livrare} terms of supply. b. {conditii tehnice] technical conditions; ~ de schite sketch book.

calmae s.n. 1. (pojghita de lapte} skill; [sniinrinii } cream, 2. fig. Cream, flower. pick. @ cafea cu ~ coffee with Cream. @ a lua ~ul

a. to cream off/skim (the milk).

b. fig. to skim the cream. eaimaeam S. m. odin. ca imacan. caiman s.m . zo ol , cayman, alligator (Alligator).

eals s.m, bot. apr-icot tree (Prunus armoniaca ) .

eaisa s.], bot. apr-icot, @ ma"meladii de cais« apr ico t jam.

ealstu adj. apricot-coloured.

cal «.m, 1. zool . horse; (in iimbaju; copiitor ) gee-gee; [ciilut } nag; ((. hun) noble steed/charger. 2. (pt. gimnasticii] (wooden) vaulting horse. a, (la ,~ah) knight. 4. (ca jur:arie) hobby horse. Ii. (al dulgherului} carver's chopping bench. ® cai oerzi pe p ereti (prostii) ~ nonsense, F rot, rubbish; (fant.ezu) fables, F cook-an d-bul l stories ; ~ alb white/greyish horse; ~ arab Arab; ~ de biitaie a. (ob iect de batjocura} laughing stock ; butt; ({tip iepositor) scapegoa t, F whipping bDY. b. (marotn ) hobby (horse); ~ de calane sadd lejrid ing horse, mount; _ de car uta cart horse; ,.., de curse racehorse;' ~ de ham draught horse; ~ de mare iht . sea horse (Ii ippocampus); ,.., de munciilcim p Jarml wor-k horse, dobbin; ~ de parada ambler, ambling(parade horse; ~ de pOfta coach horse; ":-' de povar_a cart horse; ..... de pra'it te v . ~ I at u r a s ; - de saca F jade, old crock P knocker; - de sa mar pack horse; - de Iriisura carriage horse; _ de hulube v. ~ I' 0 t a s ; ~ latura~ off-horse, outrunner; ~ murg bay horse; ...., narap<l'i balky/


restive/amer. ornery horse; ~ negru black horse; ,..., pintenog white-footed horse; ~ pur singe thoroughbred (horse); ~ putere [is, horse power, H.P.; ~ roib chestnut horse, sorrel; ,..., rotas shaft/thill/wheel horse, wheeler; ---ul dracului jpopii] de api: a, entom. dragon fly (Libellula). II. fig. F (regular) tartar; ,...,ul trolan the Trojan horse. @ carne de ~ horse flesh; ooama ~ului horse's mane; crescdtor de cai breeder of horses; eursa de cai horse race; grajd pentru cai horses' stable; 1I0t de cai horse thief/steeler; iarba cailor bot. v. flo C a Ii i C a 1; negustor de cai horse dealer; par de ...., horse hair; piizitor de cai horse holder; pe ~ on horseback; rindas de cal (h)ostler, groom. @ a spune cai oerzi pe pereti (prostii~ to talk nonsense / at randomrf through one's hat; (a eaagera] F to pull the long bow; a trimite du pii cai verzi p e pereti to send smb . for pigeon's milk; a umbla dupa eai (Jerzi pe pereti to look for a mare's nest; u visa cai DeI'Z; pe pereJi F to be wool-gathering/day-dreaming; to chase the wild goose; e cunoscut ca un ..., breaz he is known all over the place, F he is well known as a bad shilling; a munei ca un - to work like a bear, to work double tides; a urnbla dupil po tcoace de cai morti to run a wild goose chase, to look for a mare's nest; a se da jos de pe - to dismount; a ajunge din _ magar 3.. (a aj ung« la sapii de lemn ] to come down in the world, F to go to the dogs/to pot; (din ce ill ce mai rau ) to go (rom bad to worse. b. (a se umili ) F to eat humble pie; a face pe cineca din - magar a. (a discredita ) +-F to bring disoredit upon smb., to cry smb. down. h. (a um.il i} to bI'lng/takej pull srnb. down, F to take srnb. down a peg or two; nuininci ivrei -ule oPuz/OI'Z <- F that's a ma tter of course, theres no question about it.

ea labafle s.n. 1. [catrafuse] belongings, things; goods and chattels,

186 F (one's) traps/sticks; (baga)) luggage. 2. (gloat«} crowd, moho @ eu tot ~ul with bag and baggage.

ealabrez ad)., s.m: Calabrian. calafat s.n. tow; (din [unii despletite} oakum.

calaican s.n. chim, copperas, green vitriol.

ealambur s.n. pun, quibble. ealamftate s .], calamity, disaster; catastrophe. ® ~ naturala natural calamity, [ur, act of God. , ca.landl"ll s .n. tehn; calender (roll).

calapod s.n. 1. (al cizmarului} (shoemaker's) last; (pl. mdrit } boot tree/block. 2. fig. pattern, cliche. @ pe acelasi ,,-,<-F in the same way. @ sint dupa aoetasi ~ F they are of a kidney, they are tarred with the same brush.

cala s.], 1. nap. (pt. tnciircaturi} (cargo) hold. 2. nap. {plattormd} slip; (pt. constructii} building slip! hold, stocks, ships. 3. tekn., ap. wedge. liD ~ de lansare na>'. slipway; ~ de ridicare naD. hauling-up slip.

eale s.n. 1. [hirtie de ~) tracing paper. 2. [copie ] copy. 3. (lingvistic} loan translatio~, i:w: tr<;tns. lation loan word. 4. [ig : umtation, copy, decal(comania).

ealcan' s.m, ilu . 1. plaice (Pleuroneetes }, 2. turbot (Scophthatmus maloticus }, ® ...., mic brill (Rhombus taevie ),

eateans s.n. {zid] fire wall.

calcar s .n , mineral. limestone, chalky/ca lcareous stone.

catcaros ad}. calcareous, limy. caJcavura s.], 1. (a cizmarului] ~nee strap. 2. (batate) F drubbing, thrashing, hidmg, jacketmg. ® a trage cuwa a - F to give smb, a (good) drubb ing etc. v. - 2.

eatoedonte s.t , mineral. ell lcedony. ealchta Db. tr , 1. to trace (through transparent paper), to calk. 2. lingo. to translate (words etc.) from a foreign language. 3. fig. to imitate servilely, to copy. '

calchiat s:n, @ htrtie de - tracing paper.

eatehlere s .f'. tracing etc. v. c a 1- chi a.


ealcifia, calcifica Db. tr . ~i refl: to calcify.

ealcttleare, calcltiere s .f. calcification.

calc ina I. pb. tr, to calcine; (par) to burn; [minereu] to roast. II. Db. refl. to calcine, to become calcined.

calcinare s.f. calcination. calcina1ie s.(. v . c a I c ina r e. ealclt s.n, geol . lune spar.

calciu s .n . chim . calcium. @ carbonat de ~ calcium/calcic carbonate; hidrat de "'" calcium hydroxine/hydrate; oxid de ,..., calcium/calcic oxide/lime.

calcogr'afie sf. poligr, chalcography.

calcopiritli. s.], mineral. chalcopyrites.

calcuJIs.m. med: calculus, concretion, F-+graveJ. ® ~ biliar biliary calculus, F-+gall stone.

cal.:ul· s .n. 1. mat. calculation, reckon ing; calculus; [eoaluare } fi fig. estimate. 2. pl. fig. [planuri} calculations, reckonings, plans. ® ,..., aproaimatio rough estimate; ..., di[erential differential calculus; - fals misca iculation, false reckoning; - iniinuezima] infinitesimal ealculus i .»; integral integral calculus; -ul probabilitiitilor calculus of probability. ill dupa =-ele mete according to my calculation sau estimate; rigta de .- slide l'U Ie. ® a face un ....... to make a calcu lation/ruckornng ; a se insela In <ete sale to be out in one's reckonmg, to 1e mistaken.

cateula I, vb . tr.l. mat. to calculate, to reckon, 1.0 compute; (a aduna) to sum/cast/total up; (a numara) to count. e. fig. to calculate, to reckon; (a chibsui} to consider; (a estima} to estimate, to rate; (a aprecia ) to appreciate. @ a ~ grC$it to make a wrong calculation, to calculate ill, to miscalculate, to be out in one's reckoning. II. vb, refl, to be calculated/reckoned! counted; (a li deterrninat ] to be determined.

eateutahll adj. calculable, computable.


ealculaee s.f. calculation, reckoning etc. v . c a I cui a.

ealeulat I. adj. fig. (prudent) prudent, calculating, well-balanced; {econom] economical. II. 8.n. V. cal cui are. @ masina de ~ ari thmometer, calculating machine.

calculator I. sm . calculator, computer, reckoner. Il, s.n. calculator, calculating machine. III. adj. calculating, computing, reckoning.

calclliatie e.], v. c a I cui are, eald I. ad], 1. (ant. rece] warm; ((ierbin te} hot; [caldut} lukewarm, warmish, tepid. 2. [proaspat) fresh, new. 3. fig. warm; (alectuos) affectionate; kindly; (tnflacarat) zea lous, ardent. 4. fig. [proaspal) fresh , new, recent. @ apa....,a warm water; baie -a warm bath; cu inima -a warm-/soft-hearted; cu singe ~ warm-blooded; cuointe ~ kindly/warm words; haine ""-'e warm clothes; 0 inima -a a warm heart; izooare <e hot/thermal sprmgs; nici ,...... niei rece si fig. neither hot, nor cold; (ciUduf) lukewarm ;pline ~anewly hakedbread; Ion ,...... cord ia I ton e ; vreme ...... a warm! mild weather, @ a (ace 0 baie ~a to take a warm bath; a~ >'rea sa man inc ce"a ,... I should like smth. warm to eat, I should like a hot dinner; e .._. it is warm, < it is hot; mi-e ~ I am/feel warm. @ bale [ierul ctt e ,.." strike the iron while it is hot. n. ado . warmly. Ill. s .n, warmth, rar-+warmness, < heat, v. si c ii I d u r ii. ® a-l lua cu ~ med.+-F to have a fever, to be feverish; a {inc cuipa ~ to keep smb. warm; asta mkmi tine de - this doesn't comfort me; asta nu·mi tine niei de -- nici de reee it does not affect me, it leaves me unmoved; a tine la '" to keep in a warm place.

ealdartm s.n. cobhlestone, pavement.

eale s.f. 1. (In 8ens abstract) way, course, path; (in sens concret } road, street; track; [trecere] passage; [rtitd } route; (mai ecurta ) (short) cut. 2. [deportare} distance; long way. 3. (caldtorie) journey. 4.


(mijlac) way, means. 5. anal. duct, passage. 6. [proces} process. ® ~a binelu.i the path of virtue; ~a de mijloc the golden mean; ~a pierzarii the way to perdition; Galea Rob ilor l Lop tehci astr . the Milky Way; ~ biauui l F good riddance! nobody is keeping you! '" de acces approach; ....., de 0 ora an hour's walk/journey sau drive/ride; ~ ferata railway, amer . railroad; :[erata ingustii narrow-gauge railway ; cai de comunicatie lines of communication; cai maritime sea lines; cai neetriibatutel neumblate] uncharted /lltlexplored / untrodden paths fig. @ din ~ afara de ... exceedingly ... , unusually ... , uncommonly ... , singularly ... ; in ,.._, on the way; In ~a lui a. OIL his way; b. {ca obstacol } in his way; la [umata:« ~ half way, midway; pe ~a aerului by air; pe -a armelor by an appeal to arms; pe ~ disciplinara as a penalty/punishment, by way of punishment; pe ~ ierarhiea hierarchicallv, through the usual channels; pe ,.._, legala in a legal way, by law, legally; pe ~ pasnica peacefully; [prietenesie} amicably, ill a friendly way; pe - umeda chim. by moist/humid process; pe caile obisnuite through the usual channels; pe cd; oco li te ill/by a roundabout way. © a arata cuipa -a to show smb. the way; a pregau '-"'a pentru ... to pave the way (or ..• ; a gasi cu ""' to deem! think (it) right, to think proper; a se abate din ""' a, to swerve from one's way, to lose one's way. b. fig. to go astray; a se [eri din <o. euioa to keep out of smb , 's way; a pune obstacole tn .....,a cui9a to lay/place/throw obstacles in(to) smb.'s way; a sta In ~a cuiva to be/stand in smb.'s way; se punea ceva rdu. La ""' there was mischief afoot; a ies i la ....., cu cinera to come to terms/an understanding/an agreement/an arrangement with smb.; a pune la -- a. (a urzi } to plot, to concoct; [ceca raul to brew mi chief; (a pregati] to prepare; (a organize] to organize. b.


(a c/idea de acord asupra) to agree upon; a puree pe cineoa la '- (a trwata) to teach/instruct smb.j a (i pe ~a cea b urui ldrcap ui fig. to be on the right path, to be in a fair way; a [i pe ""' de a/8a .• to be going/about to ... , to be on the point of (lOU forme in -ing); alta - nu e there are no two ways about it; e ~a cea mai scurta it is the nearest way, it is the shortest cut; e Q - lungii *i fig. it is a long way off.

calea~ca s.], odin. calash, barouche;


caleidoscop s.n. kaleidoscope. ealetdoseopte adj. kaleidoscopic. calemgiu s.m . ist. secretary. clerk,


calendar s.n. calendar; (cu indicatii astronomice] almanac, rar=» almanack. ® - gregorian. Gregorian! new-style calendar; - iulian JuHan/old-style calendar; - pt. o sutii de ani perpetual almanac/calendar.' @a-i face cuica. caput ~ F to muddle smb.'s brains, to turn smb.'s head, to make smb. dizzy by dinning smth. into smb.'s ears, amer, to talk the bark off a tree; a se uita ca p isicajmtsa in '""-' F to be past one's Latin, to be put to a nonplus.

ealendarfstio adj. calendar ... , according to the calendar. @ plan ~ schedule.

calende s.], pl . calends. @ la -Ie grecesti on/at the Greek calends, at Calendas Graecas.

caUl s.], journeyman. ® '""-' de cizmar journeyman shoemaker; ~ de craitor journeyman tailor.

calibra ob • tr . tehn . to calibrate. calibru s in , 1. mil. calibre, bore. 2. tehn, gauge; [diametru} diameter;

(al uuei repi) bore; (tipar) mould; [miirime} size. 3. fig. calibre; (fel) sort; (capacitate) compass, capacity. @ de acelasi ~ si fig. of the same calibre; puscii de mic '""-' gun of small bore.

calte I. adj. 1. [s/irac} poor, needy; [zdrenuiros ] ragged. 2. (zglrcit) stingy, avaricious, miserly. 3. (lacom) greedy, 4. [olog] ,._ in>,.


cripple. II. sm . 1. {silrac} pauper; [cersetor } beggar; cadger; {zdrentaros) ragamuffin,tatt.erdemalion. 2. (zgircit) niggard, F skinflint. 3. (laoom) glutton. ® pored se bat ~ii la guru. lui II. he does not eat, he feeds; F he is cramming/ stuffing himself with food. b. F he runs on/talks like a mill-race, he talks the hind legs off a mule.

eallcenl« s.], n iggard lincss , meanness.

ca lleese adj. 1. v . c a I i c. I, 1. 2. (jalnic) miserable, wret.ched. caliee~te ado. like a beggar etc. v. calic II.

calici I. ob . tr . 1. (a siiriici } to impoverish, to ruin. 2. (a ologi} "-IM_ to cripple, to maim. II. ob, refl: to be stingy/sparing. ® a se - la ... to st.int (cu acue }'; to kick/ grumble at ... III. ob . intr . (a cersi} to heg, to ask for alms.

calicie sf. 1. [sariicie} poverty. 2. (zgircenie) niggardliness, meanness, stinginess.

caJicime sf. cal. 1. {earacime] beggars, paupers; (ea gloata) beggarly/ ragged mob. 2. [zglrciti ) niggards. cal lelu s .n, bot. calix, cup.

calif s.m. ist: caliph, calif.

califat s.n. ist. caliphate.

caJiIica I. ob . tr . 1. to qualify. 2. (a denumi} to term, to style, to name, to call. II. ob . refl. to qualify (oneself) .

calltlcure s.f. qualification; (in in· dustrie} skill. ® - la locul de muncii training at the job. @ a-si ridica -a to extend one's qualification.

calificat adj. qualified; (eu experierqa ) skilled, trained; [compelent) competent. @ munca ~a skilled labour; muncitor ~ skilled/trained worker.

caIificativ I. adj. gram. qualifying. (!il adjectiv ~ qualifying adjective. II. s.n. 1. gram. qualificative, qualifier. 2. (flume) epithet, title, name. 3. (nota) mark.

caligraf s.m. calligrapher, calligraphist, fine penman.

caligrafia lib. tr , to write calligraphically.


caligrafic I. adj. cal ligrnp hio. @ scriere -a good hand. II. ado. calligraphically.

caligrafie s.], calligraphy, penmanship; (ecris ) hand(writing).

calttate s.], 1. [insusire} quality, property, attribute; [tnsusire superioara ) (high) quality; [distinctie} quality, rank, distinction; [caructer isticii } (distinctive] Ieature , char" acter(istic). 2. (fel) sort, kind. a. [pozitie ] position, capacity, 4. (tiflu) title. ® calila.li bune good points; cali uiti chimice chemical properties. @brigada de~first-class! -rat.e brigade/team, crack brlgade! team; cele mai bune caliliiti com. best sorts/brands; de aceeasi ~ or the same quality jbatch; de burui ~ of good quality; de ~ inferioarii of low quality, < bastard; de ~ superioarii of high quality; In -a

mea de in my position/capacity

as (a) ; In ~ de ... in the capacity

of. .. , as ... ; produse de ~ superioara top-quality goods.

calitativ I. adj. quali ta tive. @ analizii ~a chim, qualitative analysis; salt ,.._, [iloz; qualitative leap; schimbore -ii qualitative change.

II. adv . qualitatively. .

ealm I, adj. [Linis tit] calm, tranquil, unruffled; quiet; (sen in) serene; [retinut } composed; [cu. singe rece] coo 1 (and collected) ; [pasnic} peaceful; (care rlU se grabe~te) unhurried; (d. mare) calm, smooth, unruff led , II. ado: calmly etc. v. ~ I. III. S.n. ca lmlness}, collectedness; quiescence; (al caraeterului} even tcmper ; (retinere) coolness, composure; (indiferenta) unconcern, indifference. @ zona de '""-' meteor. calm zone.

calma I. ph. tr . (pe eineoa] to calm down, to set at ease; [dureri etc.] to alleviate, to still, to appease, to quiet; {nervii ) to soothe, to steady. II. vb , refl. 1. (d. persoane} to calm down; to be at ease. 2. (d. otnt , mare) to be(come) calm/ still F to settle down (into a dead calm). @ealmeru;a-te! compose yourself I be calm I make yourself easy! relax!


calmant I. adj. med. soothing, sedative. II. s.n. sedative, soothing medicine/draught.

ealmue adj., s.m. Kalmu(c)k. calomel s.n. med. calomel.

calomfir s.m. bot. costmary [T'anaeetum balsam ita) .

ealomnla "b. tr , to slander, to calumniate, to traduce; to libel; (a de· fuima) to defame, to decry, to bring into bad repute; [in tr-ascuns} to backbite.

ealomnlator s.m. slanderer, calumn ialor; (def&.imlilor) defamer, backbiter.

calomnio s .f. [inoen tata) calumny; [tranemisa.] slander; (defaimare) defamation; [ponegrire} backbiting. @ proces de - action forlibel.

calomniere s.], 1. slandering; defamation ; backbiting. 2. v . c a lornn i e.

ealomnios adj. slanderous; calumnious; calumniatory; (defaimator) defamatory, backbiting, l ibcll ons. calorie adj. [iz: caloric. @ musina ~a calor-Ic engine.

ealortcttate s.], [iz; caloricity, calorie s.f. [iz . calorie, calory , heat un it, caloric unit. ® ~ mare large

Jkilogram calorie; ~ mica smallj gram calorie.

calorifer s .n. 1. [Lnciilzire centralii} central heating; (cu apii [ierbinte] warm-water beating; (cu aburi) steam heating. 2. [radiatoare } radiators; (Cit aer ca ld , la baie )holair apparatus.

calorific adj. [is, calorific. calorimetric adj. calorimetric(al). calorimetric s.], [iz; calorimetry. calortrnetrn s.n . [iz . calorimeter. ealos adj. anat. callous. calotas.f.1. (tickie) skull cap, ca-

lotte; [preoseascii ) calotte. 2. ana.t. brain pan. 3. constr i, arhit. caloUe. ® ,_ craniaml v. ~ 2; ~ gtaoiala ice cap; - s'[ericd. geom. spherical cap /calotte.

ealozitate s .], callosity. ca.lp adj. spurious, false.

ealpuzan s.m ...... Zn9. forger, connterfeiter, coiner of spurious money. ealtabos s,m. black/blood puddillg. calup 8.n."_P 1. [tipar, forma)


mould. 2. [al cizmarului} (shoemaker's) last; (pt. dilatat } boot tree, block; (pt. paMrii) (hatter's) form/block. 8. [p«, prajiluri) cake mould. 4. (de siipun) cake (of soap). © a punef trag« cuioa <ul F to diddJe smb., to take smb , in; 81m fiicUJi pe un -- they are of 11 . kidney, they are tarred with the same brush.

ca.lvar s.n. fig. calvary, ordeal, punishment, expiation.

calvin I. adj. Calvinist(ic). n. s , n.


ealvlnlsm s.n. ret, Calvin ism. calvinist e.m . , adj. Calvinist.

cam ad". 1. [aprotcimatio ) about, some, around, approximately; (aproape] nearly, almost. 2. [intrucitva} a little, somewhat; a bit of a (+ subst.); (destul de) rather. pretty. @ ~ £I$a [ceoa} somewhat like tbis; - douii saptiilllini a fortnight or thereabout(s); ~ 0 sutli de lei a hundred lei or so; ~ tiniir rather young, F-youngish; ~ tot attu a) almost just as much; ~ trei sute de oamen.i about(some 300 people. @ ~ ai drepuue you are about right; ~ asta e tot that's about all; e ~ acelas i lucru it is very nearly the same thing, it amounts much to thc same thing, F it is much of a muchness; e ~ de oirsta mea he is pretty much the same age as I (am), he is just about the same age as I (am); ar ~ fi timpul it is about time; e ~ [ricos he is a bit of a coward; e ~ racoare it's coldish; e r-« mult de atunci it's rather long ago; e ~ tirziu. it's rather/somewhat late; sint ~ la [el they are almost alike/identical; oorbeo. ~ ca X he spoke (rnueh) to the Same effect as X.

cama.rad s.m. comrade; (de ecoala ) schoolmate, schoolfellow. ® - de ormejregimcnt mil.+-ln~. fellow sol.d ier, comrade in arms; brother in arms; (of iter ) brother officer.

oauiaraderese adj. comradely, IDa tey, friendly.

eamaradereste ad". in a comradely way, like '3, friend/comrade.


camaraderie e.], cornradeship ; mil. ~i esprit de corps; [buna t09ard~ie) good fellowship, companionship. camarila s.], camarille, court clique. cams sf. tehn . cam. ilii arboreiaaa cu came cam shaft.

eamats s.], 1. (doblnd&. exageratii] usury, usurious/exorbitant interest. 2. (dobinda)+-inp. interest. © a face ~ to practise usury; a da cu

to lend out one's money at exorbitant/usurious rates of interest. cambial adj. com; bill ... (fiI drep z ~ law of exchange.

cambie sf. com. [po Ii/Ii} bill (of exchange).

cambulli. sf. iht; flounder, fluke

(P leuronectes [lesus ),

cllmbuza s.], na9. caboose, larder. eamee e.], cameo.

cameleon s.m; 1. zool; chameleon (Chamaeleon). 2. fig. chameleon weather cock. '

f.·amelie s.f. bot. camel(l)ia (Camel.

tia) .

camera s.], 1. (odaie) room : [mai ales dormi tor sate camera nwbilatii) chamb8;; apartrnen t; (midi) closet, cabin et. 2. (0 ~ p linii] roomful. 3. pol. chamber, house. 4. tehn , chamber. o. (a unei arme de [oc ) (cartridge) chamber. 6. [de lI~mge) bladder. r. auto inner/tyrej tn-e tube, tube. ® Camera Agrimla Chamber of Agriculture' Camera Comunelor (in Angliaj the II ouso of Commons, the Lower House - Camera de Comer! Chamber of Com~ merce; Camera Deputatilor +-odin , Chamber of Deputies; Camera Lor• ilor (in Anglia) the House of Lords; ~ de baie bathroom; ~ de comanda a. electro control chamber switch room. b. tehn , combustio~ chaIl)ber; - de culcareldorm.it bedroom, sleeping apartment/room; ~ de exp lozie tehn, explosion chamber; ~ de gardii med . emergency room ; ~ de odrhna teatru green room : --- de pdstrare a bagajelor cloak .room; check room; ~ (0 togr.afrca camera; ~ mobilata furIllshed room/apartment. OJ> 0 casa


cu trei camere a three-roomed house; coleg de ~ room mate; muzica de ~ chamber music. © cam ere care comunica intre elelcare dau una tn alta connecting rooms.

eamerler 8.m.<--inp. valet.

cameristi1 s.f.<-inp. (lady's) maid, chambermaid.

eamerton s.a . muzo (pt. coruri ) pitch

pipe; (pt. coarde] tuning pipe. camtor s .n. camphor.

eamtorat adj. camphorated.

camgar(n) .9.n. worsted (yarn),

combed wool yarn.

camilafca s.], kamelavkion ,

camlon s.n. [cti tractiune mecanied] lorry, amer , truck: [cu trae/iune animala} dray! rulley, rolley, cam. IOn; (de mobiln ) van. ® '"'"" baseulant tip(ping) lorry, dump truck.

cemtonsglu s.m, carter, drayman , eamionaj s.n. carting.

camionars.m. v. cam ion a g i u , camioneta s.f. pickup (truck), light

lorry; delivery car/van.

eampa ob . inlr. to camp (out). eampament s.n. mil. 1. {compare] (en)camping. 2. [loc } site 01 a camp, place of campment..

campanto s{ ~. mil. campaign, warlike expedition. 2. fig. campaign' (ob~teasca fi) drive. ® ~ de insa: minrari agr. sowing campaign' ~ e lee toralt: election/electoral c~mpaign. @ echipamenr de .,._, mil ~!eld equipment; pat de ,._, mil: jleld(camp(c~mpaign bed; pOflli. de "'7 mil, (Ij1lh!ary) field post; serPlClU de ~ mil. service in the field a.ctive service; spital de ~ mil:

Iie ld hospital; ?inuta de ~ mil . field-service uniform.

campanulii s.]; bot. v. c lop 0 tel 2.

eampars s.f. mil. (en) camping, encampment.

campion s.m. 1. (as) ace, ,F -> champ. 2. champion, defender; fighter.

ea~pionat S.I1.. (concurs) championshlp(s).; tournamont , [s upremaqie] champIOnship.

champion, (aparator] [luptator]


eamutla 1. ph. tr. 1. mil. to camouflage; [ferestre etc.] to black-out. 2. fig. (a masca] to disguise; (a ascunde] to hide, to conceal. II. cb, re[l . 1. mil. to camouflage. 2. fig. (a se masea} t.o disguise oneself; (a se ascunde} to hide (oneself).

eamutla] s.n . mil. camouflage/disruptive painting; [noaptea} blackout.

camuflat adj. mil. camouflaged; [noaptea ) black-outed fig. hidden, disguised; gilded.

eana s.f. (eep) top, spigot. canadian adj s.m. Canadian. canal s .n. tassel.

eanatas s.n. text. canvas.

clitia I s.n. 1. (natural) channel; (artificial) canal. 2. (de ecurgere ) drain; (din case) sewer; (rigotaJ gutter; [colec tor) sewer. 3. (conductal conduit. 4. ana!., bot: Canal, duct, tube. o. televiziune channel. ® ~ alimentar anal. alimentary canal; ~ de derim!ie hidr . by-pass canal; ~ de evacuare hidr. outlet canal; ~ de irigaue irrigation canal; ~ nuoigab il navigable canal; . <ul [eoii mil. bore; urinar anal. urethra.

eanaf ie sf. [t icaloe} ruscalv-c knavo, scoundrel, villain.

canaliza ob . tr . 1. to sewer, to supply with sewerage system. 2. fig. (tnspre) to canalize (to), to direct (to/towards).

canalizare (If. sewerage; (sistcm - de ~) sewerage system.

canapea s.], conch,sofa, settee; (pt. dormit) sofa, bed(stead); bed settee.

canal' s.m: ornit . canary, canary bird/finch (Serinus canaria]; esnartst "b. tr . nao. to hee I.

eanat s.n. (de u~aJ leaf, fold; (de [ereas tra] wing. @ Ufa cu douii <-uri foiding door.

eanava s.f. 1. text, canvas. 2. fig. groundwork; outline; design, sketch; skeleton.

cana sf (mare, cu loartaj'decantcr, jug; (de metal, cu capac) tankard; [mica} mug, > noggin, <pitcher; ([ara ioartii ] jar'.

cancan s.n. 1. (dans) cancan. i? pl. (vorbe rdu uiciousc ] malicious tales, scandal, tittle-tattle, gossip. eancelar srn . chancel lor-,

cancelariat s.n. <--- inv , 1. (fwl.Cfie) chancellorship; 2. (L irou} chan-

cellor's office.

euneelarls s.]: 1. (birou} office. 2. (a profesorilor) common room; un io . professors/staff room; (La scoli } teachers/statf room ..

cancer s.m. med . cancer, carcrnoma, neoplasm.

canceratie s.f. med ; canceration , eaneeros med . I. adj. cancerous, cancroid, carcinoid. II. 8.m. cancer patient, person suffering from cancer.

canel adv, +- F nothing (at all);

F not a scrap/a ghost of it; not a jot/a bit, not the least bit. @ HI s(lpriceapa?~ ! FIle doesn't know a cow from a haystack.

canciog s.n. mason's ladle, drpper-, scoop.

candel s.n. sugar candy:

candelabru s.n. chandelier, candelabrum, candelabra; (lustra) lustre.

candela 8 .], 1. Dis. votive ligh t. i ican lamp. 2. [lamp a de noo p t»} night lampjligllt. 3. fig. light, lamp. 4. constr . prop, stay.

candid I. adj. simple, artless, ingenuous; pure(-minded); innocen t .. II. adv . artlessly etc. v. ~ 1.

candida ob . intr , 1. (la.) to come forward/stand as a candidate (for). 2. (a asp ira ) (la) to asp ire (to). ® a ~ la s i to run for. .

candldat s.m. 1. (In uri post) cand idate, applicant (I' OJ" a post). 2. (in alegeri} nominee, candidate. 3. [la un examen ] candidat.e. ® ~ de par tid party probationer / probationist; ~ In stiuu» candidate of science. @ a propune un ~ to nominate a candidate.

candidaturii sf candidature, candidateship; (stagiu) probation period. © a propune candida lura cuipa to nominate smb, for election, to put up/forward smh. 's cand.da. ture; a-si retrage candidature. to withdraw one's candidature.



eandoare s.], purity, pure-minded. ness; innocence.

candriu adj. 1. foolish, F<cracked, dotty. 2. (beat) elevated, F a bit on.

eanea sf. tap, spigot.

eanelat adj. 1. tehn . grooved. 2. arhit. channelled, fluted.

eanelura sf. 1. tehn, groove. 2. arhit. fluting (of a column).

eanevas s.n. arte etc. canvas, groundwork, sketch, outline.

eange s.f. 1. hook; [harpon} harpoon, harping iron; nao . grapnel, grapping irons. 2. [ghearii] +- .IM. fang, talon. © a pune ~a pe cineca F to get smb. into one's clutches; a se lua in c"ngi F. to fall together by thc ears, to come to blows.

cangrena r b. in tr . ,~i refl. 1. med; to gangrene, to become mortified. 2. fig. to canker.

eangrenat adj. med, gangrened. cangrenil s.f. 1. mcd . gangrene, mortitication. 2. fig. canker, corruption.

eangronos ad], med, gangrenous. eangur s.m. zool: kangaroo (Macropus giganteu..).

canibal s.m. 1. cannibal, man-eatcr; pl. an lhropophngj . 2. fig. ferocious/savage person.

eanfbalto adj. cann ihalic, man-eating, anthropophagous.

eanlbalism s.n .. cannibalism, anthl'opophagy, anthropophagism. eanicular adj. @ zile <e dog-days, canicular days, boiling hot days.

eanicula s.f. 1. astr, dog star, Canicula, Sirius. 2. (perioadii) dog-days, canicular days. @ de ~ canicular, hot, scorching.

canln I. s.m. canine/eye tooth; (la cline) holder, fang. II. adj. canine, dog-like. Qj) dinte ~ anat. canine! eye tooth.

canistrii s.f. can; canister. canoe s.f. canoe.

canon $ .In. 1. (regula) canon, dogma, tenet; rel . canon, church decree. 2. rel. (tropar) daily motet, 3. muzo canon, catch, round. 4. rei. (pedeapsiiJ penance (imposed IJY tbe church). 6. fig. (chin) torment, torture; [durere} pain;


Lp cdcap sd} ordeal, punishment. 6. geogr . canon, canyon,

canona.dii. s.f. mil. cannonade, gun fire; roar of guns.

canonealli s.], pains, toil (and moil). eanonl I. vb itr . (a istooi } to weary, to ti re, to weal' out; (a chinui ) to torture, Lo torment. II. vb, refr. (a se trudi ] to toil, to exert oneself (to the utrnost) : (a se ietooi ) to wear oneself out.

canonic I. adj. canonical. @dreptul ~ canon/canonical law. n. s .m . rei. canonvprebcndary. canonier s.m: mit. odin: cannoneer,


eanonlorn sf na(). gunboat. eanonlza (lb. tr, ret. to canonize. canonizare s.f. rel . canonization. canota] sn; boating; (academic)

rowing. © a face ,...._; to row, to go in for rowing.

canotieril s.f. sailor hat, boater,

straw hat.

oanotor s.m . rower. cant s,n, edge, edging.

cantabil adj. mus , singing, in the manner of a song, cantabile, lyrical.

cantabile ado: muzo cantabilo. .

eantalup s.m . bot. cantaloup(e) (CI" cumis Indo).

eantaraglu s.m. (cheek) weigher. cantaridil s.], entom , Spanish fly,

can lharis (Lytta vesicatoria). cantata s.], muzo cantata. canttlena s.]: muzo can tilcna. cantina s.], 1. canteen; (sali1 de

mincare} eating hall. 2. mil. canteen.

cantlnler s.m; canteen keeper/attendant.

eantttate s.f. quantity, amount; [numdr} number; (de [apte etc.} body. ® ~ neglijabil/i negligible quan tity. Qj) in cantitiiti marilconsiderabile in large quantities; in cantiuiti mici in small amounts. © ~d se tral1.sforma in cal uate [iloz, quan tily is transformed into quality.

cantitutiv I. adj. quan litat.ive. @ analiza ~a chim, quan titative analysis; schimbare -a quant itati ve change; trecere de la schimbi'iri ----8 la schimb dr; cali tatio« transition


from quantitative changes to qualitative changes. II. adv: quan titatively, as to quantity.

canto S.n. muz.vocal music, singing. ® lectie de - singing lesson.

canton s.n. 1. [subdiviziune administratioii ) canton , district. 2. ferae. watchman's/Imeman's hut/cabin; (de sosea] district road surveyor's hut/cabin. 3. [siloic } forest range.

canton a I. ob • 11'. mil. t-o canton, to billet to quarter. II. ob . intr . to be billeted/quartered; fig. to tarry, to linger.

cantonal adj. cantonal. eantonament S.n. 1. mil. canton ment. 2. sport training camp. cantoniers.m. [eroo , watchman, Ilneman, line inspector; (de (losea) district road surveyor.

cantors.m.+-reg.1. [dasciil] (psalm) reader. 2. {corist ) chorister. 3. (dirijor de cor) precentor, leader of a choir.

cantoncta s], muzo canzonet; song with patter.

canula s.], med, can(n)ula, tubule: nozzle (of a syringe).

cal1ura S .f. combings.

caoIin e,n . mineral. kaolin, porcelain earth.

capl s .n. 1. !Ina!. head; (teastd) skull, brain pan, F """pate, noddle; sl , attic, nob, (cocoa) nut. ;:1. (otr], crestet] top; head. 3. fig. [tninte, pricepere] mind, sense, understanding, judgment, brain(s), F grey matter. 4. [indioid} head; (fie· care) each; [persoanii} person; (bu· cata} piece. Ii. (capitol) chapter; [titlu ) title, heading. 6. fig. (incepu.t] beginning. 7. fig. [capiit] end. ® ~ de bostan V. ~ sec; ,... de mort death's head; <ete de acu.zare [ur . counts of the charge/ indictment; ~ de alimental's tehn . valve for boiler; ~ de aprindere tehn . hot bulb; un ~ de ap], a whit, a bit, a whittle; ~ de cocof bot. v, d u 1 c i ~ 0 r II;", de p aginii top of the page; ~ «0 pod mil. bridge head, beach head; -cete de vile heads of cattio , '" incoronat crowned head; royalty; ...... limpede lucid mind j '" luminat

bright in telleet/spirit; "'sec F empty pate, numskull, blockhead; ....,ul cerbului.entom. V. ra d a 'I 0 B~ ~ul potului. head of the bed; ~ul ri'iutatilor mischief maker, firebrand; ~ul sau coroana? heads or tal Is? ""'nl unei monede head of a coin, a;. basnuu de "'" head clot h /kerchief; batJ.lt tn. ...... F tuick-headod , du ll-witted ; cit par in "'" countless multitudes, hosts: cUili· nare a <ului shaking/shake of the head; cu ""'ul gol bareheaded, in one's hair, with one's head bare; eu ....,ul limpode clearheaded; eu ..... u.1 intre umeri with a good/sound head on his shouldcrs ; din ..... pina In p icioare from head to foot, from top to toe; din -ul loeului from the very beginning; din ~u.l lui off his bat; durere de - headache F_,.bad head; greul tare de ~ dull-wittsd , F thick-headed, wooden- headed ; in ..... (w/i) to a man; tn ~ul meeei at the head of the table; in ..... ul ozselor sitting (up), in a sitting position; in -ul sciirilor at the top of the stairs, on tho top landing, at the stairhead; in rtcp tul ~ului F Rot for love or money; legatura de ..... head band (age); lovi turii eu "'ul sport heading; mai tnalt eu un ~ taller by a head; odatii cu ..... ul I not for the world! not for the life of me; am cu ~ a man with brains, a man of sense ; peste ,._, A. head foremost, head over heels. b. (prna peste ..... ) head over ears; up to the elbows, F' up to the hub; pielea ..... ulici scalp; rand la ~ wound in t he head; semn: cu =-u] nod ; u~or de ""' quick-wittad , sharp, bright. © a a\lea un - bun to have a good head/brain, to have good brains; a nu a~ea nici '" nici coadii to have neither head nor tail, to have neither rhyme nor reason; a nU avea unde sli-!,i puna "-'ul to be shelterless; a ba te =-u! cui va to pester smh.: to bother smb., to bore smh, « to death), F to have smb , on the line; a'$i halO "'-"ul to rack/to cudgel one's brains; to think hard; a-ei Mga



~ul sanatos sub eoanghelie to go asking for trouble; a nu ~ti unde sa-9i bagelotre -ul not to know which way to turn; a-si bate -ul cu ... to trouble one's head about ... ; a deschide -s-u! cuiva to open smb. 's

eyes; tmi pun -ul ca I'll bet any-

thing you like that ; imi pun ~

ul pentrti ... I'll answer/vouch for ... J'll stake my life on ... ; a-si pleca -ul, a liisa <-ul in [os to hang one's head (down); a-si pierde -ul to lose one's head/wits/presence of mind/self-possession ; pun -ul jos F I' Il bet a cookie/my hat/my boots; a nU-fi pierde <ul not to lose one's head/wits, not to lose one's presence of mind/self possessian, F-.to have one's brains on ice; a taia -ul cuiva to behead srnb., to strike/F ...... chop srnb. 's head off; a tine Nul SUS to keep / hold one's head up; e un om eu "-'(11.1 tntre umeri} he is a sensible man, he has a (good/sound) head on his shoulders; a plati cu ~ul to pay with one's life; a se apuca eu mlinile de ..... to clutch at one's head; a-si [ace de ..... R. (a [i lncapajinat) to be selt-wi lled , to have a head of one's own. b. (a face prostii} to do foolish things; (a [ace pe nebunul} F to play the foo!/giddygoat; au reoenit 100 lei de ~ each person's portion was 100 lei; a se tine de -ul cuioa to importune smb., to worry smb., 10 badger smb.; a clatina din ,.__, to shake one's head; a da din ~ a. (afirmatip) to nod (one's head); [negatio} to shake one's head. b. (a motiii} to nod, to drop off to sleep, F ...... to (have a) snooze; i-a iesit din - F he clean forgot i I.; a-si 8coate ceva din ..... F to !tot/put sm th , out of one's head;

" scoate cefJa din -ul cuiva to pllt/F get/knock smth. out. of KllIb.'s head/mind; rui face nimic tlupi1. ~ul altuia he follows nohody's advice but his own; a face toate dupa ..... ul lui to have a head! mind of one's own, to be self-wllled/stubbom , are cl1va in ..... II. [e deitept) he has smth. on the

CAP-CAP brain. b. (are 0 idee) he is planning smtb .: a se bale _, in ,.., to becontradictory/conrticting; a b/fga eeva in ....,ul cuiva to put/-chammee smth. into smh.ts head; a-si bltga in ..... oiL. F to take/get it into one's head that ... ; nu etiu ae i.a intrat tn - I don't know what (idea) can have entered his head, I don't know what (idea) has possessed him; nu-i intrd In '" he doesn't understand, he can't make out; a si-o 'lua in ~ F to get/grow too big for one's boots/breeches; to show/display signs of a swollen head; a-si lua lumea .tn ...., to follow one's nose, to go into the wide world; i·a pus Dumnezea mtna tn ..... {e norocos] F he's a lucky dog, he's born with a silver spoon in his mouth; (a dat de noroc } F he has the devil's own luck; a se ridiea tn ""'ul oaselor to sit up; n-nre nimie in '"" he is empty·headed; a se scula cu noaptea tn ,.", to get up at daybreak/dawn, to get up early in the morning; a merge in -ul... (cu gen..) to head ... ; a sta in ~ul oaselor to sit up; a hate pe cine va la ,..., to bother srnb., < to pester smh.j a-i da cuioa la """ 3. (a bate) F to belabour smb., to pitch into smb. b. (a nimici] F to do smh, in; a 0 lua-de la ...., to start from the beginning again; a a scoate la ,...., cu ... (a termina} to bring ... to an end/a close, to carry ... through/ out; a 0 seoate la '" to make both ends meet; a i se urea la ,._, 9i fig. to go to one's head; a da pe cineca peste "'"' to overthrow smb.j to defeat smb.; .a da ocbii peste ~ a. to roll(about) one's eyes. h. (a muri] F to kick the bucket; a da paharul peste ~ to drink the draught; a se da peste ,._, a. to turn/throw a somersault. b. fig. F to lay oneself out; a [i pina peste,",", in datorii to. be head over ears in de~t; slnt sdtul pina pe5t~ "'"' de ... I m fed up with ... ; a·, trece prin. - to dawn. on one; ma doare "'ul my head aches, I have

a headache; mi se tnv II' tet te "'ul


I fee lfum giddy; nu rna taie ~ul I can't understand/make out, < I am at my wits' end; cum it taie ~ul at his own sweet will, what he pleases, taking nobody's advice. liD cite capete, atitea piirerileaoiuli so many men, so many minds; ~ur {ace, ~ul trage you must reap what you have sown; untie nu e ~ o oai de picioare woe to the mule that sees not her master.

cap~ s.m. (fef) head, chief; [conducdtor ) leader.

cap' s .n. geogr, cape, headland, foro land ; point. ® Capul Itunei Speraru» the Cape of Good Hope.

capabil adj. 1. capable, able, eificion t ; (talentat) giIted; (competent) competent, fit. 2. [u», qualified, competent. @ e un am [oarte r-«. he is a man of much ability, he is a very able man; e ~ de orice he shrinks from nothing, he is capable of anything, he is capable of any deed of infamy; nu e ~. de asa ce~a he is not the man to do such a thing, he is not made for it.

CIlPM S .n. lid; (la cuptor} oven door. (jj) oiui la ...., fried eggs. © asta a pus >« la toate F that's too much, that's a bit/little too thick; that puts the tin hat/the lid on it! (asta-i culmea] F it beats all creation/the devil; a gasi ~ la toate to be ready with an answ~r; IIi-a gasit r-ul diamond cut d iamond.

capacitate s.f. 1. [volum} capacity, volume. 2. ability, capability, qualification, capacity; calibre; (talent) talent, gift; [com.peten ui} fitness, compet.~nce. 3. [persoarui] person of capacity, 4. tehn ., electro capacity. o. jur. capacity, legal competence. ® ...., de aparare defensive capacity; ...., de cumpiirare purchasing power/capacity; ~ de luptl; fighting capacity/force; ~ de muneii ability to work, capacity for work r-« de plaui. solvency j"" de productie production capacity, output,out·turn. @ masura de ~ liquid measure. ® sala are 0 ~

196 de 800 de locuri the hall admits 800 persons.

capll s.f. (hooded) cape.

eapat s.n , 1. end; [extremitate} extremity; (limiis ) limit. 2. piece, bit. 3. [tnceput ) beginning, outset. ® ~ de fl~nie a piece of rope end; ~ de luminare candle end. @ de la un ~ la celdlalt , din»: ptna-n ~ from one end to the other, throug~out; from beginning to end, from Iirst to last, from start to finish; fara ~ without end, endless; la ~ ul celalalt at gradinii etc. at the far end of the garden etc. ; la -ul p uierilor at the end of one's/the tether; exhausted; la -11.1 rabdani at one's wits' end, having lost patience; la -ul sdpuuninii at the end/close of the week; la -ul etrazii a t the bottom of tho street; pina La ~ (uP) to the end; to the end of the chapter; (complet] through, thoroughly, comP letely; pina la <-ul lumii to the end of the world, poetic to the confines of tho earth. © a p une "'-' [cu. dat., la} to put an end (to); a [i la ~ul puter ilor to be worn out/spon t ; a scoatc jduce la ~ to bring to an end/a close; lo carry through; to carry /bl'ing to its conclusions; a () scoate la ,..., (a iesi dintr-o tncurcdturii} to get. out of a difficulty /F scrape; [« razbi ) to make both ends meet, to keep tho wolf from the door; a 0 scoa te la ,...., cu cine~a (a se tnJelege) to get on (well) with smb.; (a aj{wge la 0 intelegere} to come to terms with smb.

oapeana sf. si fig. trap, snare; fig. pitfall, F catch. © a punoltntinde] aseza 0 ,.._, to set a trap, to lay a snaro;a ciuiea in ~. fig. to fa II into a trap; to take the bait; a Ii prins in ~ to be caught in a trap.

eapehm s.m, chaplain.

capehi e.i, 1. [bisericulii} chapel. 2. muzo musical band. 8. mil. forage/uniform cap.

capelmaistnl S.m. mus.s--tno, band master, conductor of a band/an orchestra .

caperii s.], bot. caper.


capie s.f. yet. sturdy, turn-sick. eap llar ad], capillary. @ pase ~e anal. capillary vessels. capilaritatc s.f. [iz: capillarity, ca-

pillary attraction. captson s .n. hood.

eaplste s.f.<-inv. (pagan) temple. eapttat' adj. capital: chief, princi-

pal, essentiaL @ constructie ~ii capital construction; crima ~a capital crime; importante ~ii cardinal importance; inoestitii ~e capital investments; litera - ii poligr • capital letter; piicat ~ deadly sin; pedenpsa ~a death penalty; reparatii ....,ethorough/ capital repairs.

capital" s.n. capital, assets. ® - bancar banking capital; ...., circulant/de rulment circu Iatlngvworking capital; ,....., comercial trade capital; ~ fix/de basii fixed capital; industrial industrial capital; ,_, marfar commodity capital: ~ mort dead stock, unemployed capital; ~ social registered capital; - oariabil variable capital. (jj) inoestitie de ,..,. capital investment.

capitala s.f. 1. capital, chief town. 2. poligr . capital (letter).

capitalism sn . capitalism. ® ,..., industrial industrial capitalism; I-..J monopolist (de stat) (state) monopolistic/monopoly capitalism.

capitalist I. adj .capitalist(ic). @ Qrtnduirea ~a the capitalist systern; sistemul economic ~ the capitalist economic system; societate ~a capitalist society ; Jari ~e capitalist countries. II. e.m, capitalist, financier, F-+moneyed man, bourgeois.

capitaliza ob . tr . 1. (a [inanta] to capitaltza, to Iin ance. 2~ (a transforma in capital) to convert into capital, t.o turn into money, to realize (in the market). 3. (a acumula) to accumulate; (bani) to amass. to hoard up.

cttpitlllu~a s.f. poligr: small capital

(letter) ,

capItel sn, arhit . capital, eap, ~lapitol S.n. *i fig. chapter. eilpitolin ad}. Capilol(inc). eupltona vb, tr. to upholster.

CAP-CAP (la.pitonat adj. upholstered, quilted. capitula cb , intr.mit., fig. to oapitulate, to surrender. . capitulant, capitub~d 1. adj. capttulating , surrendering. II. s.m. capitulator.

capitulare s.f. mil. capitulation, surrender. ® ~ necoruiitionaui unconditional surrender. capitulatie s.f. capitulation.

eapiu adj. 1. vet. sufferingJrom.(the) sturdy. 2 •. [ametit}, giddy, dizzy. 3. [nebun } F cracked, dotty, off one's head/nut.

capodoperit s.], masterp lscs. caporal s.m. mil. corporal.

capot s.n. 1. dressing gown. 2. nap. hood, tarpaulin.

capota vb, intr. to capsize, to overturn.

capota s], (a motorului} hood cowling; (de piele} top; (plianti1j folding top.

capriis.f.1. zool, (she-)goat,F_nanny goat (Capra). 2. (de gimnastiea] (wooden) vaulting horse. 3. {scaun. de trasura} coach/driving box, dicky, (coachman's) seat, 4. (pt. uiia: lemne} sawing jack/trestle. o. constr . trestle; bent, chock. 6. (joe de copii} leap frog. '1. {arsic} lamb's heelbone (for play). ® capra dracului omit. great/grey shrike (Lanius excubitor }; ~ de strma mil. herisson; ....., neag,.i1./siilbaticiJ./de munte chamois (CapeUarupicapra); ,..._, nemteascii bot. marsh marigold (Caltha p alustris } ; ,..., rtioasa fig. F struck-up/uppish person. @ barba caprei bot. R. goat's beard, salsify (Tragopogon }, b. v.a g Ii c 3.; piciorui caprei bot. ash weed, gout wort, goutweed (Aegopodium pod«graria}, © a fmpaca [si] caprasi varza. a. to reconcile both pal'ties etc. b. to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds; a se [uca de-a capra to play at leap frog.

eaprtelos I. adj. freakish, capricious, whimsical; (incapatlnat) wayward. II. adc. freakishly etc. V. ,..., I. caprletu s.n. 1. freak, caprice, whim. 2. muzo capriccio, caprice.

capricorn S.n. 1. astr: Capricorn. 2. enWm. capricorn beetle {Ceram-

byx).@ Tropical Capricornului the 'Tropic of. Capricorn.

caprirois.m. bot. honeysuckle (Lonicera; eaprifo li um} •

eapsa vb, tr, to staple.

capsa s.f. 1. mil. percussion cap. 2. [detonantii} (detonating) primer. S. electro capsule. 4. (p t. hirtii etc.} staple.

eapsoman s.m. F 1. (tnci'ipaJinat) mule, mulish person. 2. (prost) blockhead, dolt.

capsular ad}. bot: etc. capsular, capsu liform.

capsula s.f. 1. bot., anat., chim, etc. capsule; (pas!aie) pod. 2. (la sticle] cap, crown; seal.

eapta "b. tr , 1. tehn . to catch; to pick up; to trap; to take; to capture; to collect. 2. fig. to capt.ivate ; (a atrag»} to attract; {atentia, si ) to rivet.

eaptalan s.m. bot. black/dark mullein [Verascum nigrum).

captiv I. adj. captive. @ halon ~ captive/kite balloon. II. s.m. captive, prisoner.

captiva cb . tr . to captivate, to charm, to fascinate; (a ci~ tiga) to win; (a subjuga} to subjugate. captivant adj. captivating, charming,

fascinating, thrilling, exciting,

engrossing; breath-taking. eaptlvltate s.f. captivity. ® a lua tn. ~ to take/lead away captive, to lead into captivity.

eaptura pb. tr , to capture, to take, to seize. © a ,...., un vas na»: to capture/bring in a vessel as a prize.

captur1l. s.f. capture, prize.

caput adj. F kaput, smashed, up a tree.

carl s.n. 1. cart; [eoruinuticl unui car) cartful, cartload. 2. ist, chariot. ® ~ alegoric pageant; biindatlde asaltlde luptli mil. armoured car, tank; un ,...., de fin a cartful of hay; ,..., de ma~inli de scris typewriter carriage; ,..._, funebru hearse; ~ triunt[allde triumf triumphal car; Garul mare astr • Charles'{s' Wain, the Great(or) Bear; Carul mic as tr.the Lesser Bear. @ cu ,...,ul in abuntiancejpelnty,

profusely, F galore; de un ~ de ani for ages; nici in ......... , nici in caruta a.e-F stubborn, mulish. b. F blowing hot and cold. © a pune ""ul fnainlea bailor to put the cart before the horse.

car' s.m . entom . death watch (A nobium pertinax },

carabina s.f. mil. car(a)bine, rifle. carabinier s.m. odin. carabineer

rifleman. '

caracatft1l. s.f. zool; 1. octopus {Octopus). 2. sea spider, king crab (Maria squinado] .

earaeter s.n . 1. [litera] character, letter; poligr . (metal) type. 2. psih . character, nature, disposition. S. (aspect) aspect; (natura) nature; (trast'ilurli) feature, characteristic. @·cornedie de ,..., character comedy; dans de ~ character dance; defect de ,.., fault/defect in smb.'s character; f,lra ,.., unprincipled, spineless, characterless; of weak/ wavering character; lips a de "" lack of principle, fickleness of character, F~spinelessness, want of backbone; om de ~ a man of (pronounced) character, a man who knows his own mind; etabiciun« de ,.., weakness of character; tarie de ,.., strength of character.

earaeterfstle ad}. [pentru} characteristic (of), specific (to), illustrative (of), typical (of); distinctive. caraetertstlea s.], characteristic (tealure); salient feature.

earacterlsa I. ob, 11'. to characterize, to describe/show the character of; to be characteristic of, to mark, to distinguish. U. ob, refl; to be characterized /marked.

caracterlsate s.f. 1. characterization, portraiture. 2. (referinfa) character (sketch), referen ce, testimonial, earactertsutor adj. defining, characteristic, characterizing; typifying, typical.

caracterologlc ad], (referring to a man's) character, of character; moral, ethical.

earaeudj, s.], 1. iht . cruclan (Caras. sius vulearie ), 2. fi fig • srna ll fry. earaeul s.n. com. caracu'ljkarakul (fur).



c!lfafii s.f. water bottle, carafe; decanter.

caragafiL sf. 1. omit. v. cot of ana. 2. fig. F v. g a ita 2.

caraghios I. ad}. 1. {ridicoi ) ridlculous; ludicrous; [prostesc} foolish. 2. (comic) runny, comical. 3. (ciudat) funny, singular, queer, odd. II. ad". ridiculously v. ~ I. III. s.m. 1. (bufon) buffoon, drollj funny fellow. 2. [prost] fool, dolt, hlookhead. 3. ridiculous person. 4. [poznas} practical joker; (original) eccentric, F crank, queer card.

caraghios}ic s.n. 1. (glumi1) joke, quip, prank; [gluma. 'grosoluna] coarse jest. 2. [bufonerie] buffoon" ery, drollery. 3. [glume] joking, fun, sport. 4. (prostii) tomfoolery. o. (ridieol) ridicule. © a face ~uri to fool/F lark about.

earamhul s.n. 1. (bila) red ball. 2. [atingere) cannon.

carembnla vb . intr.to (make a)


earamhola] s.n, v. car a m b 0 12. earamea sf. v. o a r a m eLa. caramel s.x. caramel, burnt sugar. caramelJi. s.f. caramel.

caca.ntiDiL s .f. quarantine.@ of iter de ~ quarantine officer; spital de ~ quarantine station/hospital. © a stal]! tn ...., to pass/perform/do quarantine.

carapace s.f. carapace, shell.

earas s.m. iiu: crucian {Carassius

vulgaris) •

carat e,n, carat. ® aur deU "'-'f: 1l.-carat go ld,

caraula s.f.+'--1'a1' (strajd) guard, watch; (sanlineli£) mil. sentinel, sentry.

oal'1lva.na s.], caravan: desert convoy. ® ,.., cinematografica mobile cinema (unit), drive-in cinema.

caravanseeat s.n. (caravan)serai, inn. caraveli s.], nap. odin. car(a)vel. carbld s .n. ehim, (calcium) carbide. carbon e.n, (pl.) 1. chim; carbon.

2.. [hirtie de -) carbon paper. @ bioxid de ...., carbon dioxide; oxid de ,..., carbon monoxide.

carbonar s.m. iei, carbonaro,


carbonat «.m, chim , carbonate. ® ,..., de calcite calcium carbonate; ,..,. de potosiu potassium carbonate. carbonic ail). chim . carbonic .. (!jl acid '" carbonic acid.

carbonifer adj. min. carbon iferous, coal-bearing. @ bazin ,.., coal basin; coalfield; indus tria ~i1 coal industry; terenuri -e coal fields.

earbonlea I. ob . tr . (lemn) to burn to coal, to char; [oase ete.] to carbonize, to calcin(at)e. II. "b. refl. to turn to coal, to get charred; chlm, to befcome} 'converted into carbon.

carbonizare s.], charring, carbonization.

earborundtum) e.n; chim.,. tehn.carborundum, silicon carbide .. earburant s.m. tehn, (motor) fuel, power fuel, carburant.

carburetor s.n. tehn, carburet tor, carburetter.

carhurlt s.], chim. carbide.

careasa s.f. 1. [echele t) carcass, carcase, 2. {cadru] framotwork}: (a unui vas etc.] shell, ribs and

timbers. .

careera s.], lock-up {roorri] .

care lnom s.n. med. carcinoma. carda ob . tr, text. to card, to comb. cardama s.], bot. dyer's wood [Lsatis

tinctoria}: ® ,..., de izooare water cress (Nasturtium officinale). cardan s.n. tehn , cardan (joint). eardanlc ad}. tehn . cardanic, card an ...

@ arboreluo: ,..., cardan shaft/axle. cardare s.f. text. carding.

cardator s.m, text. carder.

carda s.f. text. card, carding engine. cardiae I. arlj. cardiae, heart ... II.

s.m. heart case, person suffering from the heart.

eardialgfe e.]: med. cardialgia, gastralgia.

cardinlJ:ll ad}. cardinal; principal, essential. <IV numiirlnumerai '" cardinaI.number; punct '" cardinal point; viruui ,...,e cardinal virtues.

cardinal" s, m, 1. bis, cardinal. 2. ornit; cardinal (bird] [Oardinatie oirginians] .

eD.1"diograf s .n. med. cardiograph. ea.rdiograma s.], med.cardiogram.

eardlolog s.m.. med , cardiologist, heart S]l ecialist.

cardiologie adj. med . cardiologic(al),

heart ...

card lolcgle s .f. med. cardiology. curdtovascular ad). oard tovascular.

care I. pron. rel . 1. (pt. persoane,

~ descriptio J who; (res trictio J that; bibl.-+which. 2. (pl. animale , lucruri .I. descriptio J which; [restrictio ] that. 3. (p'e~it sau P, la acu:. lara prep. "pe") whom; which; that, @. ~ sa nu ... but (+ prop. «[irm.}, @ [o iceiiaceia .~ (pl. pcrsoane ] those who/that; (1'1. animale, lucruri } those which/that; acela/cel/tnp.~acel ~ (pl.persuane) the one who; he who/ill».--+that; (pt. animate, lucruri] the one which; that which; en ~ with whom s au. which, rar->where-with; despre ~ about/of whomsau which, rar->whereof; din ~ out of which; from which etc. ; prin ~ by whom Sal! which, rar->wherllby. © baialui ~ le'a salutat the boy who/that greeted you; N. a [ost eel ,..... a rdsp uns it was N. who answered; dintre '-' ultimul era :., the last s au the latter of whom sat. of which was ... ; gainile ~ ow'i the hens which/that lay; laying hens; low I in ,._, s-a niiscu.t thc place in which he was born; the place where he was born; [raiele mm, ~ es te inginer my brother, who is an engineer; nu era nimeni ,...., set nIL fi "azul piesa there was no one hut had seen the play; olnul ~ sustine asta the man who maintains sau asserts that; omul pe ,._, l-ai "ihut the man (whom/that} you saw; persoana cdreia i-am. eerie the person to whom I wrote. II. pron. inlcrog. 1. [selcctiv ) which? [neselectio } what? 2.+-F (in. loc de "cine"?) who? ® ,._, alta? What else? ,..., din acesti oameni? which of these men? ;_ din doi? which of the two? ~ pe ,._, ? who will win? .who'll be the winner? who is the. stronger? © ~ este numele lui adeoarai? what is his real name? ~ efti?<--F a. who's there'? b. what's your name? c. who's your


lather? 11. \,..110'8 spoken? etc.: ~-i ella? a, whom sau wh ich do you mean? b. v. ~ e~ti? .~ va fi rezultatul? what wilt the resu HI outcome be? how will all this end? III. pron. demo I. (eel r-«} he who; [cea ,._,) she who; (cci ~) those who sau which. 2. [ceea ce} which. ® ~ oa sa sica, ral'--+~ cum s-at: prinde which means; (de aici} hence (it follows); [prin. urmare] so, then, therefore; consequently; (cu aile cuvinte] in other words. @. dupii ~ after which, whereupon; (and) then. IV. pro n , neho I. ((iecare) each; everyone. ® ""' ... ~ ... some ... , some/others ... ; ,._, incotro in all d irect ions, right and left; .~ mai de r-« each and all.; in eager rivalry; trying to outdo each other. @ nu ~ cumoa ... ? ... by ohance/acci-

dent...? possibly ... ? ... perhaps ?

... maybe ? (sa) nl< ~cUlnoa sit .

mind you dont. .. , be sure not 10 ... , take care not to ... © (sa) nu ~ cumra sit int.ireii! be sure and come in timo! mind you aren't late! V, adj. ret. si 'interog, (selectio } which (?); [ncsclectio } what (7) ® ~ [cmeiei whichsau what woman?

carena . s.f. nav. boHomhulI. cal'entii e.], rar default, deficiency. enretus s .I~t. coachmakcr, cartwright,

whee lwr ight. caret-it s.{. coach.

eareu e .u. 1. fi mil. square. 2. (la pocher } four of a kind. @ [ormatie in ,._, mil. square formation. earcva pron . neho t, somebody, some-

one; (in genere sau In prop. interogative} anybody, anyone. cargobot S.Ii. nao , cargo boat, F'<-Lt-amp ,

Illu'ia med, I. cb, tr , to rot, to decay.

II. ob . reil . to rot, to decay, to grow carious.

(lariat adj. mcd; decayed, carious. cariatidil s,f. arhit . caryatid. earleatural adj .. carieatural. eurteatura $.{. caricature; (mai ales politicii} cartoon.

cal'icaturist s.m. caricaturist; cartoonist j distcrtionist.


cltricaturiza pb. tr. to caricat.ure; to take off.

caricaturizare s.], caricature, skit. carie sf med . caries, decay (of a bone). ® r- dentarii dental decay. carieriV s.], (de pLaint) quarry, (stone) pit. ® ~ de marmurii marh Ie quarry.

muicra2 s.], career. @ diplomo.; de ~ professional diplomatist. © a face ~ to work one's way up, to have a good record; ({ im1milifa o ,..., to take up a career.

earler lsm S.Il. self-seeking.

earlerlst S·.In. career ist , place hunter, Glimber, self-seeker, F->go·getter. ra1'iopsii s.f. bot. caryopsis.

ear ltahl] adj. charitab le, open-handed.

caritate sf. charity; philanthropy, almsgiving. @ eorii de ~ c+ino , nurse.

eur iu s.m. entom , v . C a 1'3. (,arimb s.m. top (of a boot), bootleg. {'ilrlillga s.f. ar'. cockpit.

carmln I.. arlj. carmine, crimson-hued. II. s.n. carmine ..

earna] s.n. massacre, slaughter, carnage.

carnal adj. carnal, bodily, sensual, sensuous, of the tlesh : worldly. earmtsier adj. zool . carnivorous, flesh -eat ing ,

carnntle s.(. piet: carnation, flesh colour/tin t.

earnaval s.n. carnival.

earne s.f. 1. (vie) flesh; (tl,iali1 sati preparatii] meat; (crt e xcep iia o inatului {Ii a: carnii de gii.ina) butcher's meat; (de vacii, oaie etc.} red meat; (de pore, oisel , giiina) white meat. ·2. pl. meat ; [minciiruri cu r--] dishes of meat .. 3. fig. flesh; body, 4. bot. flesh, pap, pulp, parenchyma. ® ~ afumala smoked/smoke-dried meat; (de pore ~i) brawn, amer, headcheese; ~ aiM white moat; ~ conser rata tlnned/prescrvcd/potted/e-ae». canned meat; '" crudd raw/uncooked meat; ,.., de cal horse becf;~ de gtscii goose ; ~ de miel lamb; ......., de oalelberbeclooine mut.ton ; ~ de pasiire fowl; ~ de pore pork; ,..., dB tun cann on fodder;'_ de

oac/ilbooine beef; de otnat; venison; ~ de oiie! veal; .'"V frip ta roasted meat; ~ proaspiit/i Iresh/bu tchers meat , ~ sarala salt meat; ~ tare tough meat, ·F->mahogany, shoe leather. @ conserve de ~ preserved/ t.inned/amer. canned meat ; extract de ~ extract of meat ; . {«ret f'leshless ; halit de -v.rneat market; ill~~i oasc in the flesh, in person; masa. de ,._, It. lump of Ilcslr/meal; b. fig. mountain of flesh; p lociru: cu .~ meat pie; sup a de ~ meat soup; beef tea. © a pune ~ pe el j.o put on flesh; a-si punejb"ga ~a In saramura to strain every nerve, to set every spring in motion, amer , to crack on all hands; a uiialda in ,._, pie. a. (a looi in pliny to deal a heavy/< deadly hlow ; fig. to sting to the quick; b. (a curma=raul. din rr'iditcilta) to uproot/eradicate the evil; tre//lura ~a pe el he trembles all over (his body), F he is al l of a tremble. til) ·~fr1rii ciolan nu se potcte no rose without a thorn.

carnet S.I1. l. (pt. note} noLe book. 2. (act) card; [permis} license. ® ~dc cecuri com. cheque book; ~ de cuointe word book; ~ de ulen tit ate identity/identification card; ~ de rnembru. membership card; '" (de membru } de partid Party [-rncmbership} card; ~ de fjofer driver's licence.

earnejel s.n.notebook, jotter; pocketbook.

carnivor I. adj. carnivorous, flesh-eating. II. s.n, carnivore; pl. carnivora.

carnivore s.n. pl. zool. carnivorous

animals, carnivora. earn s.u, diamond(s).

caroiaj sri, squares (on the map). curosahlt adj. carriagea.ble, passable

for vehicles. @ partea ~a roadway, carriage/traffic road.

earoserle s .f. body, coachwork (of a car etc.),

carotaj S.n. min. logging, sampling. ® ~ radioaetio radioactive logging. earota s.[. bot. (French) carrot. ea.rotidil s." anat. carotid (artery),


carou s_n_ small square. @ stofa in

~ri check ma teria l.

earp s.n. anat. carpus, wrist. earpatle, earpatln adj. Carpathian.

carpela s.f. bot. carpel. '

carpen e ,m. bot. hornbeam (Carpinus

betulus). carpetll s.f. rug.

carstie adj _ geol . karst,

cart s.n. nav. watch. @ a fi de '"

to be on watch.

earta cb . tr . to sort, to classify. cartaginez adj. S.m. Carthaginian. carta s.f. ist ., poetic, pol, charter.

liD Carta Organizatiei Naiiunitor Unite U.N.(O.) Charter.

carte s], 1. book, 2. {dioiziune a unei lucrari] book. 3. (~Iiinta de ~) reading and writing; literacy; (inpatalura) learning; (cunoftinre) knowledge; (~eoala) schooling. 4. (de joe) playing card. 5. [scrisoare} letter. 6. (act) deed, document; {carui} charter. ® <a mare com. ledger; Cartea Facerii bibl . Genesis; ~a funduarii<-the real estate office; Gartea sfinta the (Holy) Book; ,.., de ulegiitor voting/ voter's card; ,._, de bucate cookery book; ,..., de citire reading book, reader; ~ de [udecaui judge's/ judicial sentence; ,._, de munca workman's pass(port);,._, cu p oze picture book; ,..., de rugiiciuni prayer book; '" de ~coala school book; ,..., de telefon. telephone directory; ~ de vizita visiting card; ,._, fnchisa fig, closed book; '" po~tald postcard; [ilustraia} picture postcard. @ ca la "', cum eerie la ~ complete, perfect; quite as it should be; in accordance with the regulations; catalog de ciirti catalogue of book; coleciie de carti collection of books; colec/ionar de carti collector of books; dulap de carfi book case; format de ~ poligr . size of a book; iubitor de carli lover of books, bibliophile; joe de ciirti game of cards; [uciitor de carti card player; legiitor de carti bookbinder; om eu ,.., lettered man; < man of learning; om fara

unlettered fun taugh t/illitera te man; pereche/joc de carli pack of

cards; oinziitor de carri bookseller. © a avea ciirti proaste to have bad cards, to have a bad hand; cine da cdrtile? whose deal is it? a da carlile'to deal the cards, to (have the) deal; a-iii da ciirJile pe rata to call/declare one's hand; a face oartcajcariile to shuff'le/F make the cards; a juca dirti to play at cards; a t-» I) j uea ultima ,.._, fig. to play one's last card; a publica 0 ~ to publish/edit a book; a fti ~ 1\. (a puteo: citi} to be able to read; to know the three rs , b. (a fi instruit) to be educated/well-informed; a tilia carjile to cut (t.he cards for deal) j a juca ell, carlile pe fatd fig. to act fairly and above board; a nu fti boabii de ,.._, to be perfectly illiterate; a «orbi ca din ~ to speak like a book; a ghici jda cuiva in carli to tell smb. 's fortunes from cards; a sta oesnic ell, nasul in carti to be for ever poring over books; a da la '" to send to school; a juea totul pe 0 ~ to take all (in one) venture. @ ai "', ai parle knowledge is a treasure.

cartel S .n, 1.. com. cartel. 2. pol. cartel, coalition.

eartela vb, refl . pol. to form a coaliLian/com. cartel.

cartelil. s.f. ration card/book. ® '"

de tmbraeaminte clothing coupons. earter s.n, tehn, case, casing box. eartez lan adj., s.m. [iloz: Cartesian. cartezianism s .n. [iloz; Cartesia-

nism ,

cartier s.n. 1. district, section, ward; (specific, industrial etc .] quarter; (in Angl ia , murdar , saracacios} slum. 2. mil. quarters. ® ,....., chinez(-esc) arner. Chinatown j "" de locuinfe residential district; ~ de vile, ~ elegant brownstone district; "" general mil. headquarters; ,..., margina~ outlying district, suburb, outskirts; ,._, muncitoresc ide locuinte muncitoresti workers' (residential) district/ quarter; ,..., rdu famat redlight district. @ !n -ul nostru. in the neighbourhood,

eart-ilaginos ad], anal. cartilaginous, F-+gristIy.



carmaj s.n. anal. cartilage, F~ gristle,

eartirul ob . II'. mil. to billet, to quarter,

eartlrulre e.], mil. billeting, quartering.

eartnle s ,m. na". petty officer. carte! s.m. 1. bot. potato plant (Solanum tuberosum). 2. [tubercul ] potato, liD ~ dulce sweet potato (Ipomoea bat atum} ; ",i fier!i boi led potatoes; ,..;i· in coa,ja potatoes in the(ir) skins, potatoes with their jackets on; ~i pai chip potatoes, chips; ",i priijiti fried potatoes; [subtiri} chips. @ clmp de ~i potato field; cultura <-ilor cultivation/growing of potatoes; (dinii de ,...,i potato flour; gi11~te de ~i potato dumplings; pireii de ~i mashed potatoes j rachilb de ,.._,i potato sp iritts}; recotui de ~i palata crop; salatii de ,...i potato salad; supa de ",i potato soup. @ a Clll'rira ~i to peel potatoes; a punejecindna ~i to sow potatoes.

cartofor s.m. gambler; card player. cartograf s.m. cartographer, map maker, designer of maps. onrtograttc adj. map-drawing, caraografie s.f. cartography, map making.

carton $,/1.1. [mucaoa} pasteboard; (mai sub/ire) cardboard. 2. (cutie de mucao«} box (made) of cardboard, cardboard box; (pLpiilarii) bandbox. 3. pict . cartoon. t. (de prajituri etc .] carton. ® ~ asjatta: tar paper, felt board; - bristol Bristol board.

eartona vb . tr. to bind in boards; to paste.

cartons] s .x , 1. [cartonare} pasteboard work. 2. [obieete de carton) pasteboard goods/wares.

cartonat adj. (bound) in boards. cartoteoi\ s.], card index (of books). cartu~ S.Il. 1. mil. cartridge ; shall

case; bullet. 2. (,.._, [iitrant} receptacle. 3. arh it, cartouche, tablet. 4. poligr . scroll. ® '" de exercitiu. mil. dummy carf.ridge ;

de manevrii mil, blank cartridge: - de riizbai mil. ball cartridge;


~ de oindtoare sporting cartridge; ~ trasor mil. tracer bu lIet. cartu~lera s.f. cartridge box, pouch (for cartridges).

ceruse] s.n. merry-go-round,

casu . vb. tr . [ur . to annul, to set aside, to quash.

casabtl ad] . 1. v . cas ant. 2. [ur :


casant adj. breakable; (fragil) frail. casap 8,m. butcher.

casare s.], [ur . cassation, annulment. casatit s .f. ®. - sicitiana combined

ice (cream),

casa$ie s.f. odin. jur. cassation. @ cerere in ,.._, [ur, notice/petition of appeal; curte de ~ jur.cour~ of cassation; (in Anglia) (highest) court of appeal.

casal e .f. 1. house; (loouin/a) dwelling, habitation; (saraca) (mere) hovel, cottage; ((t'UmaMa) mansion, manor; ((ara etaj, ! de lemn] bungalow. 2. (familie) house; family; dynasty.f3. (plina) house(iul). 4. [ciisn ieie] house. 5. (gospodarie] household. 6. (la [ocuri , piitrat] square. 7. anal. placenta. 8. com. house. 9. fig. (cam in) home. tiD casa alegiitorulu.i agitation station; _, batrlneascii old-fashioned house; casa piirinteasca the pater-nul roof; Casa Pionierilor the (Young) Pioneers' Palace i casa scnrii staircase; ,...., de adapost v. cab a n a ; ~ de ajutor reeiproc mutual insurance/benefit fund; ....., de amanet pawnshop, pawn-broker's; _, de bancii banking house; _, de bani sate, strong box i ,._ de bilete booking otftce ; ~ de comert firm; ,_, de coreetie reformatory (school), remand home: _. de creatie creators' home; ~ de culturd house of culture; ,..., de economii savings bank: _, de la oral' town house; ..., de letra coun try house; ~ de lecture vi llago reading-room; _, de iocuit dwellingl living house; ~ de naeteri maternity/lying-in home; ~ de Qdihnii rest homo; ~ de piatra stone house; ~ de raport tenement (house); F -vwoekly ; ~ de siinalate health establishment; (eanaioriu ) nursing


home, sanatorium : ~ de toleranta bawdy house, brothel, F->kip, amer . cathouse; - de oln/itoare: hunting box; ~ de zid brick house; ....., preiabricatii prefabricated house, F'-sprerab. @ afara din ~ out of doors; (eei) ai caseiLlocatarii } the inmates; (familia) my Iamrly/F' people: cop il de ""' odin. page; [acu: in '" home-made; fata in ~ housemaid; (ara '" houseless; femeie in ....., (domestic) servant, housemaid; h ainii de '" everyday dress; (pt. doamne} morning dress; in '" indoors, within doors: locatarii unci case persons living in the same house, inmates of a house, fellow lodgers; pragulcasei threshold of a house; stif.plna casei mistress(lady of the house; stdpinu! casei master of the house. © a duce ~ buna cu cine va to live like husband and wife, to be hand and glove with each other i (a se tmpiica ) to get on (with smb.); a tine/face ....., cu cine>,a to be married to smb., to live together in the conjugal state, to cohabit; a tine r-: mare to live in great style; a da pe cine(la afa,.a din ....., to turn smb. out (of doors); a sta in ~ to stay in (doors); trebuie sa stea tn ~ he is confined 1.0 his room; he has to keep indoors; a [i La casa lui to be married; to settle down.

casa" s.f. 1. [cutie] cash/money box, money chest; (safe) (money) safe, strong box, strong room. 2. (loe de plata) pay office; (ghif8U) pay desk: [eroo . booking/ticket offiee; teatru box office; (in magazine) desk; cash register; (la b dnci ) counter. 3. (bani, valori] com. cash.

cascadit s.], waterfall, cascade, falls, cataract. ® ....., de rls round of laughter.

casca s.f. 1. mil. helmet; poetic helm; (coif') odin. casque. 2. radio llead/ear phones.

casca-guras..». v. g u r a - cas c a. casclleta s], (visored) cap.

caseina s.f. casein.

caserola e.f • casserole.


cltsetil s.,. 1. (pt. bijtuerii etc.) casket; (pt. instrumente) case; (pt. bani) money box. 2. poligr : fo(u)nt, case. 3. fot. cassette, inD.~.plate holder.

casier s.m. cashier; [eroo, elC. booking clerk.

easler le s.f. pay office.

(lasieri~a s.f. (woman) cashier: [ero«, etc. booking clerk..

casiteritit s.f. mineral. cassiterite. easnie I. adj. 1. (de casal home ... ; home-made; (de gospoddrie] household ... ; (domestic) domestic. 2. (conjugal) conjugal, married; (de familie) homely, family ... 3. (familist} settled, domesticated, < wedded to one's home. ® industrie ~ii domestic/cottage industry; om ~ V. '" II, 3; riata ",it family life. II. s.m. 1. friend of the family. 2. married porson. 3. (om de casii} stay-at-home, F->home bird.

easnica I. s.f. housewife. II. adj.

stay-at-home, housewifely. casoletit s.], cassolette, perfume pan. cast adj. chaste.

easton e .m. bolo 1. Spanish/sweet chestnut-tree (Castanea sativa}, 2. ('" porcesc} common/horse chestnut-tree [Acsculu« hippocaslanum).

castana s.f. chestnut; {comestibila} edible/sweet chestnut, maroon; salbaiicii] horse chestnut. © a scoate casianele din foe cu mtna altuia to make a eat's paw of other people.

eustaniete s .f. pl. muzo castanets, F->bones.

castaniu adj. chestnutt-coloured), maroon; (d. par) chestnut; (1'0:;' cal) auburn.

easti!. sf. caste. C!il spirit de ~ clanrrishness, caste feeling, exclusiveness.

easte! s .n. castle. ® ~ de apa water tower; ~e In Spania castles in the air/in Spain; day dreams. eastslau «.m, lord/owner of a castle. castela.JIa s.{. lady/owner of a castle. eastltate s.f. chastity, virtue, inno-


castor s .m.l.zool. beaver, ra1'->castor (Castor [iber }, 2. [ca piilif.rie) beaver hat. @ bltuui de '" beaver


skin; oizuinii de ~ beaver's den! lodge.

eastru vb . tr . to castrate, to emasculate; [animale ) to geld.

eastrare s.f. castration; gelding. oastraveetor s.m. gherkin [Cucumls «nguria} .

castravete s.m . bolo cucumber (Cucumis satic us }, ® ~- amar bot; colocynth, bitter apple [Citrullus colocunthie } ; castraoeti murati pickled cucumbers. Qj) salatii de cas(rapeli (sliced) cucumbers dressed as salad. ® nu. o inde castraoeti la griidinar F->don't Leach your grandmother fgrannie to suck eggs.

eastrnn s:n . tureen.

eastronas S.1L bowl, porringer. eastru s .n , ts t . Roman camp.

ca~ sn • 1. whey/pot cheeso; [proaspat) green cheese. 2. omit. cere. 3. {saiioa} saliva. @ eu ~ la gurii callow, unfledged. © nu i-a ciizur inca ~ul de la gurii peior . F he's still a squash/an eggfamer. II sucker; he is still unfledged! callow.

easalot sm . zool . cachalot, sperm whale (Physeles).

eascaval s .n . Romanian pressed cheese. © a se intinde la - F to become cock(s)y /cockish/saucy ; (a.~i permite prea mul!}<-F to take liberties, to presume; aprox. give him an inch and he'll take an ell.

ca~etA s.f. med. cachet.

easm lr s.n. (testj!urif.) cashmere; [sal} cashmere shawl.

cat s.n. story, floor. © cu douii -uri


catabolism s .n . catabolism.

eatae lfsm s.n. cataclysm, disaster. catacombe s.f. pl. catacombs. cataCl"oza e.], lingv . catachresis. eutadlesl vb . tr, to deign.

eatatalc s.n. catafalque.

catai! S.n. kind of Turkish whisked cream cake.

eatalan adj., e.m, Catalan, Catalo-


catalectic adj. melr. catalectic, catalepsle s.f. med. catalepsy. eataleptlc adj., s.m, cataleptic. eatalige e.], pl. 1. stilts. 2. fig.

1<' drumsticks, broomsticks.


eatalttle adj. chim, catalytic. catallzn ob . tr, chim, to catalyse. eataltzator chim . I. adj. catalytic.

II. s.m. catalyst, catalyser; accelerant, accelerator.

cat&lizil s.f. chim, cat a lysis. catalog s .». 1. catalogue; (lis/a) 1 isk 2. COin. inventory, catalogue. 3. (feolar) rcg istcr of a class, classhook, roll; list of attendance; [apei} call-over. © a [acelstrig« -ul to cal! over (the names), to call the roll; a inscricltrece in ~ to (pu t in a) catalogue, to enter in a catalogue.

eataloga ~b.· tr . to catalogue, to put/enter in aoatalogue. catalogare s.f. cataloguing. eatapataasma s.f. bis, catapetasma,

altar screen.

cata.plasma sf. poultice, cataplasm. eatapulta s.f. 1. mil. odin. catapult bal lista. 2. a~. launching rail: catapult.

eatar s.n. med , 1. (inflamaJie) catarrh. 2. [guturai} cold in the head, nasal catarrh.

eataractll s.f. 1. geogr. cataract, falls. 2. pl. (ale cerului] sluice gates. 3. med . cataract.

eatara] adj. med; catarrhal. cataramll sf. buckle, clasp. @ bataie la . ....., F good licking/thrashing,

sound drubbing; betic la '" F booze, spree, Irish wedding· prieteni la -- F bosom friends,' great chums, cup and can; la ....., I. adj. F sound; thorough, capital. II. adv. F soundly; thoroughly.

catarg s.n. 1_ nO(l. mast. 2. [stllp } pole.

eatll.rgel s.n, nov. topgallant mast. catastl! s.n. [Listii} roll, list: [registru] book, register. © a.lrece in -- to enter, to register (in a roll); te trec eu Ia ,..." n-avea grijif.! F I'll pay you out for itll'll make you remember it I

clLtastrofaI adj. catastrophic. catastrofl1 s.f. 1. catastrophe, d isastel'; calamity. 2. lit. catastrophe. ® ~de calc [erata railroad accident.

catedrala s.], bie, cathedral (church).


catedra s.{. 1. chair. lecturer ts/professor's chair, Iectur ing desk; master's desk. 2. fig. [departument) chair, department; (fuIlClie) chair, professorship. rID - de istorie history departrncn t ; ~ de rusit Russian departrncn t.

eategor!e 1. adj. categorical, positive, definite; (d. un ras pun« etc.} categorical, explicit, clear; (d. un refiu: etc.) categorical, flat, point-blank; (d. 0 «[irmatie} unqualified. II.ad~. categorically, positively, definitely; explicitly, simply, flatly.

categoric s .f. 1. category; (fel) kind, sort; [clusa } class, order. 2. log. category, predicament. 3. [la box) weight. ® categoria coco~ han tam we igh t ; categoria grea heavy weight; categoria mijlocie middle weight; ca tegoria mused. fly weight; categoria pcuui Ieather weight; catc· goria semigrea light-heavy/cruiser weigh t; categoria semirnijlocie welter weight; catcgoria ufoara light weight. @ boxer de ~ grea etc. heavy weight (boxer).

categorisi vb . tr, 1. to categorize, to classify. 2. to qualify, to style. eatshism s.n. rel . catechism.

cafenll s.f. 1. chain of mountains, mountain range. 2. chim . chain . euterlnea s .f. mus, rar barrel/street organ.

eaterptlar s.n. agr. etc. caterpillar


catetA s.f. geom, cathetus. catetometru S.n. fiz. cathetometer. catgut s.n. catgut.

eatdea s.f. velvet. ® ~ reiat.z ribbed cotton.

cutifelat adj. velvety, (as) soft as velvet, velvet- like.

catihet s .zn. rel . catechist, catechizer; religious teacher.

catilinarli. s.f. 1. Cati linic oration/

speech. 2. fig. diatribe, outburst.

cation s.m. [is, cation. .

catiU§R s.f. mil. jet mortar. catir s.m. $i fig. F' mule. entod s.m, electro cathode. catodle adj. electro cathodic,

eatol le ret. I. adj. (Roman) Cathol ie, II. s.m, (Roman) Catholic. ® a fi


mai ...., decit papa F to out-Herod Herod.

eatullclsm s.n. rei. (Roman) CathoIic'ism, Popel'S, Popish religion. catllPtricli. s.f. opt. catoptrics. eatratus« s.f. pl. (one's) belongings, F (one's) traps/slicks. © a-si lua] strlnge ""Ie a. F to pack up one's traps. b. (a pleca) F to pack up and be off, to pack off/away.

eatran s .n , 1. tar. 2. fig. bad temper, F wax, waxiness. @ negru ca ~ul p itch- /coal-blaek.

eatren s.n, quatrain.

catrintli. s.f. Romanian peasant homespun skirt.

clltaveicR s.], 1. long (often furtrimmed) jacket worn. by Romanian eountrywomen. 2. smallmor· tar board.

ca~A s.f. 1. (a eiobanului] sheep hook. 2. (gurit rea) F+-slanderous tongue. 3. fig. F+-scold, termagant, gossip. @ tata-;i cata l I'ulg. hold your jaw I a se p une ,._, pe eapul cuira F to pester smb.; to batten on smb.

cauli. s.f. bugbear, bugaboo.

oaue e . n . V. con c i. eaucazianadj., s.m. Caucasian. eauclue s.n: 1. (India). rubber,

caoutchouc. 2. auto etc. tyre, tire. ® ,.., sintetie synthetic rubber; ~ spongios foam rubber. @ arborele de - bot. caoutchouc tree (Siphon io: elastica) ; india-rubber tree (Ficus elastica); manta de

india-rubber coat, waterproof,

mackin tosh.

eaueluea vb, tr, to rubberize, to

treat with rubber. eauelueat adj. rubberized.

caudal adj. caudal.

enudin adj. (J:il [urcile ,...._e Caudine Forks.

caustic I. adj. 1. chim, caustic, burning. 2. fig. caustic, biting, cutting. @ soda ~Ii caustic soda, sodium hydroxide. II adv. caustically, bitingly.

cansttcltate s.f. 1. chim: causticity. 2. fig, biting/stinging nature; acrimony.

cauter s.n. med. cautery.


cauterlza ~b. tr . med. to cauterize, to seal'.

eauterlzarc sf. med, cauterization, cautery.

(lau1iune s.], 1. secur-ity, guarantee. 2. jur. bail. 3. {persoanit} surety, bondsman. © a depune (0) ~ pentrtc cineoa to go bail for smb.; a fixa ~a 10. ... jur. to set bail at. ..

eauza ~b. tr , to cause, to bring about; (a do. prilej) to oocas ion , to give rise to; (a produce) to produce; (a da nu,'tere lay to call forth; (a necesiia} to entail.

cauzal adj. causal. @ propoziue

~Ii gram. causal clause. eausalltata s .f. [iloz, causality. cauzattv adj. causative.

cauza s.f. 1. cause; {motio ) reason, ground. 2.jur. (legal) case, lawsuit, trial. 3. fig. cause. ® cauza ultimi the ultimate cause. @ din aceasui ~ for this reason; din care ""? for what reason? why? din cauza (eu gen.) on account of..., because of... , through ... , owing to ... ; din cauza mea on my accoun t ; (de dragul mett) for my sake; din "" cit

because ... , for ... , as ... , since ;

din ~ de... for reasons of ;

through ... ; din ~ de boota through illness, on account of/owing to illness; In C!WOf tinJIi de "" with full knowledge of the case; pentru. cauza socialismului etc. in the cause of/in hehalf of socialism. © a [ace ~ comuna cu cinera to make common cause with smb., to side with smb.; a scoate pe cineca din ~ a.jur. to rule smb. out of court. b. fig. to exonera ttl smb.; a [i in ~ to be involved/implicated, to be concerned; a pune pe cineva in ~ 8.. jur. to sue smb., to summon smb. b. fig. to implicate smb ,

caval s.n. long shepherd's pipe. cavalcailli. s.f. cavalcade, mounted process ion ,

eevaler J. s.m. 1. ist . knight. 2. one's young man; [insotitor al unei doamne) escort; (10, dans) partner; [udmirator ] admirer. 3. (am bine crescu t] gentleman, gaJlant; chevalier. 4. [holtei} bachelor. s. (a1

anumitor ordine, l in Franta) chevalier. liD ~ al ordiniilu i ... kn ight of the order ... ; ~ de industrio adventurer, sharper, swindler; ~ de onoonbest man; ~ raMeitor knight errant; ~u1 tristei [iguri tho knight of the rueful/sorrowful countenance. © a i noesti lface pe cineca ~ 1St. to dub/make/create smh. a knight; (in Anglia, astiizi } to knight smh , II. adj. gallant. © [ii ~ ! F be a sport!

ea valerese adj. 1. ist, kn igh tly, ch ivalrous, chivalric. 2. gallan t; [brao ] brave, valiant. a» intrecere cavo.lereascit ist. tournament, tilting; roman ~ chivalry romance; spirit ~ chivalrous sp irit ,

ea valereste adv . gallan tly; (cur ten itor] courteously; [deschis} openly, frankly.

cavalerie s.f. mil. cavalry, horse; [trupe de ~) horsemen, mounted troops.® ~ usoara light cavalry f horse. @ regiment de ,.._. regiment of horse/cavalry.

cava lerlsm s.n. gallantry, chivalrousness.

cavalerist s.m. mil. cavalry/horse

soldier, cavalry man, horseman. cavalln adj. equine. horse ... eavatlna sf. muzo cavat in a.

cavil s.f. (jj) ~inli/(}ena ~ anat; vena cava.

cltvcma s.f. 1. cave, cavern. 2. med. cavity. CDI omul. cavernelor cave man.

cavernos adj. 1. cavernous, caverned , 2. med . cavernous. 3. (d. voce) hollow. deep-sounding, sepulchral. caviar S.Il. caviare.

cavitate s.f. 1. hollow, cavity. 2. anat; pocket. ® ~ abdominaia anat. abdominal cavity.

eavou s.». burial/family vault, tomb.

eaz s.n. 1. med., gram. etc. case. 2. [intimplare] event, happening, occurrence; (accident) accident. 3. [eeemplu } instance. ® de cons uinta matter of conscience;

nepreoazu t unforeseen event, emergency; -Ill nominati() gram. the nominative case. @ ezcepttnd -ul oind except if ... ; in acest

in this/that case; in ~ cit ... , in


-'ul dnd ... in case (that) .•. ; feu conditia] provided (that) ... ; (in eoentualitatea] in the event that...; in ~ de ... in case of...; inlla ~ de necoie in case of need/emergency; in eel mai bun ~ at (the) best; in eel mai rau ~ at (the) worst, at a pinch, if the worst comes to the worst; In nici un ~ on no account, in no case, hy no means; (in nici a tmprejurare ) under no circumstances ;in orice "-' a. fori. cum} at all events, in 'any case, at any rate, anyhow. b. [neapiirat} by all means; tn tot "-'ul v. 1 n o ric e ~ 1. @ a face ~ de ..• to make much of ... ; to have' a high opinion of ... , to make (a) great fuss about. .. ; to take stock in ... ; in ~ ca oine if he should come, in' the event of his coming; in =-ul cind soar tnttmpla a~'a teva in case this should happen; a [udeea de la - la - to judge each case on its own merits; e <-u] sa ...

it is not out of place to ; it

would be a good thing to ; it

is meet and proper to ... ; nu e <ul that's not the case.

cazll. "b. tr . 1. mil. to quarter, to

billet. 2. to accommodate. eazae s.m. Cossack.

casaeloe S.lI. v . c a z ace a sea. eazan S.n. 1. (de b ucatarie, teh.ni]

boiler; (cu aburi) steam boiler; (pl. rufe) copper, kettle, cauldron. 2. [alamb ic ] alembic. 3. geol: v. c a ld are 3.

eazanger ie sf. boiler room/house. oazangfu sm: boiler maker, brazier, coppersmith.

eazanle sf. bi«. 1. {predic/i] sermon; [emilie] (simple) homily. 2. (carle de predici} horniliary , collection of homilies.

C8Z8l'e sf. 1. mil. quarter-ing, billeting. 2. accommodation. eazarmament sn . mil. barrack equi-


cazarmii sf mil. barracks.

eazelna s.f. chim . casein (0). c8zematll sf. mil, casemat.e; block-


cazier s .n . 1. [ur. (~ judicia!') criminal/identification record, re-




1n ctinl . B. (a fi baur.) F to he three sheets in the wind. b. (a face pe nebunul) v F ~o pIal:: .the fool/glddygoat; SCi da:L cu caciuia i,~ ctini F toothsome, tasty; a se ~ti/sim?i cu musca pe ~ to have a sense of guilt, not to have a clean conscience; a-i iesi parul prin '" !I. (a i se uri astep tind ) to wait till one getstircrl and sick of it. b. (a 0 duce. greu] to be hardly able to keep body and soul together; to haxlown ,to be in a weak j low condition; (a siiracl) to go to the dogs to come upon the parish; aSia' e alta "-' F that's another pair of breeches. iD la .aso. cap, asa '" like master, like mall; kit viill to kind; cat will after kind.

dlciuli ob . refl. to bow (low), F to eat humble pie, to kow-tow, to cringe.

eiicillli~a s.], bonnet. ® Ciiciulita Rosie (Little) .Red Riding Hood.

eadea I. "b. intr. 1. to fall (down); (a se desprinde} to fall off; (a se prab uei] to collapse, to break down; (a se lasa} to fall, to sink. 2. (a sosi} to come, to arrive; (a apare) to appear. 3. (a scade] to fall (down), to lower. 4. (a gresi] to err, < to sin; (a da gres ) to fail. 5. (d. plan uri eie.} to break rlown , ® a ~ usupra [cii gen.) to fall (upion ... , to rush on ... © a ~ cu capul in .ios fa take a flier; a-i '" Cll drag to fall in love with ... , to Lake a fancy 1.0 ... ; a ~ de acord to agree, to com e to an agl'eemen t; a ~ de oboseola to drop with Ia t.igue, to be dead/dog t.ircd , to be exhausted; apro.];. my legs won't carry me any more; my knees give way; a ~ de pe bicicletii 1,0 [;,11 off onc's b icycle ; a ~ de pe cal to fall off one's horse; a ~ .de somn La be dead sleepy; Ii cazr .. de gil she fell on /round II is neck; mi-tt c/izu t 0 piatra de pc inima a burden has. been taken off my shouldsrs ; a "-' din o icioare to he worn/fagged out; i-a' C(tzu.t din cer it came 1.0 him by sheer luck, it was a windfall (to "him) ; consercatorii caw.ril in alegcri the torres

cords of punishment. 2. (mobilii) set of pigeon holes.

cazinou 8.'1. casino, club house. "CRzma sf. 1. [h irlet} spade. 2. [ttrnacop)+-reg. pick (hammer). 3. (taieturii cu hirletul) cut with a spade.

cazna s.f. 1. [torturii } torture, rack; [martiriu] martyrdom; (suterin!d) torment, agony. 2. {trudii} strain, pains; (efort) effol't(s). (jj) cu multi; "" with much trouble/difficulty; by dint of great exertion; tara {nicio ) ~ easily, without (much} difficulty; (faNi bataie de cap)

without trouble. .

cazon ad]: 1.+-lnp. barrack ... , bar rack-like; (de so Ida t) soldier's; [mitiuiresc} military. 2. fig. rigid,

stiff, harsh. .

cazual adj. 1. casual, fortuitous,

accidental. 2. gram. case ... cazllalism s .n: [iloz: casual ism, eazua llst s.m. [iloz, casual ist. oazuar s.m, ornit, cassowary [Casua-

rius} .

eazulst s.m. casuist. easulstle adj. casuistic.

cRzuistici e.], rei., fig. casuistry. ca conj. 1. that [tulcseo. se omite),

2. (fiindea) for, because. 3. [a ltfel] or (else), otherwise. 4. [tnctt ) that. (jj) acum ~ ... now that ... ; cum' ~ that. .. ; [chi pur ile] allegedly ... ; cu lOate ~ ... (al)' though ... ; pe linga ~ ... besides (the fact that) ... ; pentru. ~ v. pen t rue i:l. @ ~ bine zici ! right you are! "red - ~a oeni diseara I think he will come tonight; f':c ~ scrte SaU rue whether he writes or not: grabe.:te-te ~ nu-l mai gii8p.~ti make hast.e, for/or/ otherwise you will not find him.

cad con). because, for, since. eaclular s.m. cap maker, capper; hatter.

caciulas.(. 1. (bigh) Iur cap : (mare) busily. 2. fig.+-F p erson , heart. ® ~ de astrah.an astrakhan cap. (ij) eel cu musco. pe ~ the gu ilt.y person; eu c-u itila in "~ina fig. bowing (low) to smb ., catlTlg humble pie; pricten de ~ bowing acquaintance. © a da cu caciula

were defeated at the elections; a ~ in apa to fall into the water; (d. cineca} to get a ducking; a "'" in bo t. v. a ~. d e 0 b 0 s e aI a; a ~ in bratele cuioa to fling/ throw oneself into smb.'s arms; a ~ in [lancul inamicului mil. to turn the enemy's flank; a ~ in genunchi to fall on one's knees; a ~ in mizerie to go down; a ~ ill miin.ile cuioa tofall into smb. 's hands/clutches; a ~, in pacal to (commit a) sin, to trespass; cade intotdeauna in picioare he always (ajl ights on his feet; a ~ In spatele inamicutui mil. to attack the enemy in the rear; Anul Nnu. cade in.tr-o vincri the. New Year falls on a Friday; a ~ fa examen to fail in one's examination, F-+to be plucked/sz. ploughed; a ,.... la fund to sink down; a ....., la invoiala to come to terms/an agreement; com. to strike a bargain; a ,._, la pat to fall/he. taken iII; a ~.la piimtn: to fall to the ground; a ~ la picioarele cuiva to fall at smb.'s feet; a-ii ,... grea la stomac to lie/sit heavy upon one's stomach; a ~ pe bee to fall in love, to be infatuated (with smh.) ; a ~ pe gtnduri to fall musing, to sink jn to thoughts; a ~ pe spate to fall backwards; a "'" peste cap to topple over; a face sa cada to cause to/make fall, to hurl; a lasa

'sa cada to let ... fall, to drop; a liisa sii cadli. cortina to ring down/ drop the curtain; barometrul cade the barometer is falling/subsiding; cei care au cazat (in lupt«] those who fell; li ciizu. piirul. his hair fell off; noap lea cade night is setting in; planurile lor au ciizut. their plans have fallen through; planul cazuse the plan had broken down; p returile cad prices are falling/receding/going down /drop' ping; a ~ bine to come opportunely lin season; ii cade greu it comes hard to him; a ~ lungit to tumble down (at) ful! length, to topple over; a ~ mort to fall dead. II. rh . reil . (a se CUI'erLi) to be proper/becoming/fit. ® a i


se""" • ., to deserve ... ©a~a ti se cade it serves you right, serve you right, nu se cade sa vorbest: ~a you ought n. at to/should not speak like that, It does not behave you to speak like that.

cidelnita I. cb , intr, bis, to (in)cense. .II. vb: tr, to sing the praises of, to sing praises to; to cajole, to flatter, to coax.

clidelbi~ii s.], bis, censer, thurible. cBdcl'tl s . [, 1. (prabu~ire) collapse, (down)taU; [ruina) ruin; [distrugere} destruction. 2. {nereusita ) failure. 3. (colitate ) capacity,compotence quality, authority. 4. [cuviin pi ) becom ingness, decorum, decency. ® <o. piiru.lui. fall/shedding of the hair; ~ de apii waterfall. falls, cascade. < cataract; cader! radioactive (radioactive) fall-ant. @ la ""a serii at nightfall. © nu este In ~a lui he is not competent in the matter.

clli cb . refl . (de) to repen t (of), > to regret (cu acus.}, ® 0 sa se caiasca ! he sha ll rue/smart.

cliina I. ob . tr : 1. (a eompiitim.i] to commiserate, to pity. 2. (a [eli ) to lament over, to mourn for, to deplore. II. ob, re[l . to Iarnon t , to wail, to moan.

caintil. sf. repentance; (regret) regret; (pt. piicate] penitence, compunction; (remuecarel tetuoree. @eu ~ ruefully, with a contrite heart.

cilita s.f.+-reg. bonnet. ® a se na~tc cu caita-n cap to born with a caul on one's head.

cll.llLre I. adj. mounted. II. ado, [pe] astride (of); (pe cal) on horseback. C!il de-a-n -o le v . ~ II. @ a face 0" p limbore ,..., to take a ride on horseback, to ride out on horseback; a [i ,..., pe situatie to be master of the situation. to have the ball at one's feet; a staisedea ,..., pe... to bestride ...

clilafiltuj vb, tr . nap. to caulk. ciiIitra~ s.ms--Lno. mil. cavalry man; (ciil'lref) horseman,

eJilliret srn, 1. horseman, rider, equestrian. 2. mil. horseman, cavalry man,


eii18r1 ob . intr . 1. to ride (on horseback), to goon horseback; (in galop } to gallop; (la pas) to pace, to amble. 2. fig. to ride on; to tyrannize over.

cAilirl1l sf, cIUArits.n.1. riding (on horseback). equitation. 2. (plimbare cdlare ). ride (on horseback).

ciUiltor I. adj. 1. travelling, itinerant, roaming; (nomad) vagrant, nomadic; (migrator) migratory. 2. fig. fleeting, short-lived, transitory. ill pasari ciiliitoare migratory birds. II. s.m. 1. traveller; wayfarer; (pe mare) voyager, 2. [pasager ) passenger; [turist] tourist, excursion ist.

ciilatofi I. ob . intr . ((ara a indica destinatia] to travel (about), to be/go on one's travels; to be/go touring; [imp licitui 0 deetinasie ) to {make a). journey; (pe ap'ii) to voyage; (a rataci} to wander, to roam. © a '" cu trenul to go/ travel by rail/train; a ~ din.tr-un. loc in altu.I to journey/travel from one place to another, to move/ shift from place to place; a .-.:, pe acelasi drum to travel by/follow the same route; a ~ pe jos to go on foot, to walk (F-->-il), F -+ to t.ramp it; a ~ pe mare to go by sea, to voyage. II. ~b. refl. 1. (a pleca} to go away; (ase s{ir~i) to (come to an) end. 2. (a muri ) to d io , to give up one's ghost, to pass away.

cUiHorie s.f. (de obicei mai lungd} travel ; [cu. destinaiie precisii ) journey; trip; [scurta} tour, trip, excursion, F ...... rnn; ( pe mare) (sea) voyage; (cu 0 ambarcaliune eu ptnz«] sail; [c/ilare sau cu bioicleta ) ride; [cu un oehicul} drive. ride. @) ~ de pldcere pleasure trip; ~ oficialt; state visit; ~ placuui I a pleasant journey, to you ! bon voyage! @ amin tir ilnot« de ~ travelling impressions; lIl~ara~ de ,._. travelling com pan ion, fellow traveller. © a face 0 ...., to make a journey; [intr-o ambarcaiiune cu ptnze} to go for a sail; a p lcc ; tn ,...., to set out on a journey;


(in striiiniitate} to go abroad; ,...,. sprlncenatii I F good riddance! cil.llitorit adj. travelled. ® oameni calatoriti (widely) travelled people. cahiu s.m. 1. hangrnan , executioner, P-+Jack Ketch. 2. fig. blood·sucker, tyrant, butcher, assassin.

eiiIullziI sf. 1. fi fig. guide; (sfa. tuitor ] adviser. 2. (carte) gll ide (book). 3. fig. guiding pr-incip!e. liD ~ in actiune guide to action.

dllallzi I. vb . 11'. si fig. to guide, to conduct, \.0 lead; [a s{iittti) to adv ise ; (a inoiita] to teach. II. vb. '·eft. {du pii} to be guided (by); to follow [cu acue.),

(.iUii.uzire s.f. guidance.

I'lilliudtor adj. guiding; (indmmi1- lor) directing. @ idee calauzitoare leading/guiding idea.

<dllca L vb . tr, 1. to step on, < to tread/trample on; to work with one's feet ; to break by treading; 10 kill ... by stamping; (a zdrobi ) 1.0 crush/tread underfoot, to trample down; [cu triisura ete.] to run/drive over; [cu. calul] to ride over. 2. fig. to crush und er one's hcel(s). 8. (a strdluue] to cover, 1.0 go. 4. (a oiziia] to call on/at; In visit. o. (a navali peste) to fall upon, to attack sudden ly _ 6. (a trece hoiarele ) to trespass, ']. [cu [ierul} to press. to iron. 8. (d. ('<leOf etc.] to tread. 9. fig. (a tnesl(·'I) to violate, to infringe; (0 promisiune, cuotniul etc.) to break. CiD a ~ 0 distan ta de ... to walk a distance of ... ; a"" drep turile cuioa I" encroach upon smb.'s rights/ I.dvileges; a ~ iarba to trample down the grass; a ,...., legea. to infringe/hreak the law' a ...., un ordin to act contrary t~ an order, 10 act III contravention to an ol'der; a '" 0 pdldrie to iron a hat; nu-ii poi mai ~ pragu; I shall II liver cross your threshold again; "-: strugurii to press the grapes (WI til the feat); dusmanii ne calI·I/.~cra tara the enemies had invuded/made an inroad into Our country; ne-au "";'t hotii we have hud burglars in our house, our house has been robbedjburgled ,


a ~ in pictaare to tread/trample under foot; a ~ pe p icier. II. to tread/stamp on smb , 's foot. b. fig. to trample down. to ride roughshod over; (In secret) to kick limb. under the table, to give smb , a sly hint. II. ob . intI'. 1. to tread, to put/set one's foot on the ground; (a piis i} to take a step. 2. (cu [ierul ) to iron, to press linen. ® a ~ alaturi cu drumul to stray Irorn the right path; a-s i ~ pe inima to mortify oneself, to make a saor ifice ; to do srnth. roluotan Uyl against one's will; a ~ pe urmele cuira to follow in smb , 's footsteps; a ~ apiisat to walk with a firm step; a "'" incet to walk/go slowly; a ~ strtmbjrau. 3. to miss one's footing. II. fig. to slip, to stumble; to make a faux pas, to hike a false step; a ~ u~Qr to tread Iightly , (fara sgomot} to tread softly /gently.

ciilc81'e s.f. 1. treading etc. v. c a lea. 2. fig. breach, violation; infringement; invasion; transgressian.

cillcat s .n. iron ing.

clHclHorie s.], ironing, laundry. clllciUurlL s .f. 1. (ul'ma de p icior }

footprint. 2. (mel's) gait; (pas) step.

c1ilcii s.n. 1. anat_, fig. heel. 2. (de ciorap , de panto] ete.} heel. ® -du' btu double heel; """ul lui Achile Achilles' heel. ® a da "'e calului to spur the horse; i s-au. aprins <elc dupa ... he is madly in love with ... , F he is nuts r n ... ; il doare in. <e F he doesn't care a rap/fig/ straw; [ugea de-i sfirliau r-ele F he ran like a lamp-lighter/rabbit.

ciildafll s.], 1. (giileatif) pail, bucket. 2. [cazan ) boiler. 3. geol, hollow. ® '" Cu vapori steam boil. er ,

cAlda.rar s.m. bo iler maker, copper-smith,

clildiru~1i s.f. bot.: columbine (Aqui. legia vulgaris).

ci\ldur~ s.], 1. heat, warmth, 2. fig. warmth, ardour: fervidness, fervour, zeal. 3. [i«, heat, caloric. 4. med. fever. 6. pl. hot Weather, hot days. 6. p], zoal, rut., heat; ®