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33 ea Werds and Music by MICHAEL JACKSON Moderately fast ps No chord They told him, “Don't you ev = et | They'reout fo get you. Bet - ter ; = 8 ° Ls | Ss eS : = = fy? - wu z ? ? D Ex ait a FE — - SS ee z = = 7 7 come a-round ere. Don't wan-na see your fsoe; you bet - ter The Teave vhileyou can. Don't wan-na be a toy you wan - ma You © 1982, 1983 MLIAC Mi iinitored by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING COR? All ights Reserved ——_——_—. D Fatt a ae fi- 1's in their eyes wan- na stay a tives SSS SS — So So beat heat words are real - ly clear. do what you can, b En —— = = = $= beat it you bervter ram; you et = ter do what you can, Dont batt tt You better ae diem that youre eal oly. mot scared, You're ee play in* with your life blood. Don't be bet - ter tough: beat you, then they'll be then they a _-ma-cho man kick you, This ain't no truth or dare. do what you tell you its But you wan - But you wan na ma TSS Ss fz D.S Sand fade