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Cristol Chemistry and

Classrooms, research centers, and
the Chem 140 auditorium

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ATLS - ATLAS Center EPRK - Euclid Avenue AutoPark POWR - Power House
CHEM - Cristol Chemistry and FA - Sibell Wolle Fine Arts RAMY - Ramaley Biology
GUGG - Guggenheim Geography TCOM - Telecommunications Center
CIRE - Cooperative Institute for
HEND - Museum of Natural History THTR - University Theatre
Research in Environmental Sciences
HLMS - Hellems Arts and Sciences UMC - University Memorial Center
CLUB - University Club
KTCH - Ketchum Arts and Sciences W-MR - Mary Rippon Theatre
COTT - Gates Woodruff Women's
Studies Cottage LIBR - Norlin Library W-NQ - Norlin Quadrangle
DEN - Denison Arts and Sciences MCOL - Museum Collections W-TF - Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court
ECON - Economics MUEN - Muenzinger Psychology WARD - Wardenburg Student Health
EDUC - Education MUS - Imig Music
EKLC - Ekeley Sciences
ENVD - Environmental Design

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