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Name: aa wa Live | March 2003 Brendan Leahy Character Narrator Jamie Grandfather ‘Mom Kim Collin Hop-on-pop. | Player kevin Jeri Ror Jean Brendan Matnew proofread by: ‘Matthew Bishop Final Version | Description It's a narrator... took me hours to come up with this character's name Main character; mostly silent. Makes random short pauses, which tend to confuse other characters. Doesn't listen, nags, stubborn. (That's the description of the character, not necessarily that of mothers in general) ‘More of a prop then a character. Act like my older brother after a nap. Has a small stutter when he's confused. He hides under a table and tells morals; that should be a clue that this one is odd. [Disclaimer to prove | didn't make some of these up.] Narrator: The following skit was researched using several different resources. Some of which included: Manners International® Table Manners and Social Graces etiquette tips, International Student Resources American Table individuals. Players take positions lanners, The Washington Post® Miss Manners column, and various Narrator: When children are present, they should stand behind their chair and wait for all grown ups to be seated in order to show respect for their elders. Is for amy Gran continues to talk mid conversation. Grandfather: ...Spot and | would play for hours on end. He'd throw the stick and I'd run after it and fetch it and bring it back. I'll miss that dog. Grandfather: But we didn't have it so easy in my day. We had to walk uphill both ways ...Wwell we did until my family threw out the Stairmaster. jrandfather starts to sit i Jast tr Grandfather: (grunts) Old sports injury; !'l just stand up for a while. walks off st is directed at Narrator, Narrator: Always use the correct eating utensil with every course. Jamie: (picks up ladle off the table and gives it a confused look) Narrator: When buttering your bread, only butter enough for one or two bites; otherwise the butter may melt and look unattractive to your guest. Jamie: (Has already buttered his enter slice of bread. When he hears the entire instructions Jamie shoves the entire slice of bread into his mouth at once) A bow! of "soup" is je starts eati "soup" on the table. Narrator: When eating at the dinner table never place your elbows on the table. One does not want to be hunched over one's food, Jamie: (leans far back and tries to continue eating the “soup” but is unsuccessful and spills every spoonful all over himself) Jamie takes napkin and starts to wipe his now drenched face. Narrator: Never wipe your face with your napkin Jamie: (throws napkin on the table) Narrator: Never point while at the table. Mom: Have you seen Grampa? Jami He's over there. (Motions with head) Mom: Where? Jamie: Over there, behind us, in the next room... Mom: What? Where is he? Jamie: (Points) Over there... ‘Mom (Cuts in, shouting): Don't point! Narrator: Never talk or chew with your mouth full Mom: (Questions directed at Jamie) | heard you got into honors English. What's that like? Jamie, chewing, signals for Mom to wait. Jamie swallows. Jamie: It's been... (cut off) Mom turns to Kim and says. Mom: So Kim, what are you doing in school?