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You can make calls any time of day, any day of the week without the need for along term contact. All subscriptions contain online numbers that let your friends, family Or business contacts reach you directly Con Skype. And with your Skype To Go number you can reach your trends and famniy abroad at great rates using any landline or mobile proce. Unlimited World countries FB asstasa Bo cada oo» lint czech Resubic Eo France Mca WM vena 8 Korea, Recbie of nethersnde sm Pond 8 srgapar i oats 1D smenre Buse When you can't make free Skype-t0-Skype calls you can stil reach ends and family wath an unlimiten ‘subscrigton. And best of all yOu chat away fOr Nouts and not worry about the cost.