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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.

Adolf Hitler was raised on

a farmhouse with four siblings, two younger and two older. Although

two of those siblings died from diphtheria, and another died soon after

birth. The parents of Hitler and his siblings were Alois Hitler and Klara

Hitler, who was twenty-three years younger than Adolf. The first years

of Hitler’s life were spent running around playing cops and robbers

with the neighbor kids of Braunau, Austria, located right along the

border of Germany.

By the age of thirteen, Hitler became the man of the house due

to his father’s death. He liked the feeling of being in charge and having

power at such a young age. As World War I began, Hitler enlisted in the

Bavarian Army where he was awarded two iron crosses for bravery.

This was just the beginning of Hitler’s experience with violence.

Hitler was a very smart man with what he was trying to

accomplish. On his rise to power, he used several effective methods to

convince the people he was the right one for them. He used

propaganda, rich associates, and a weakening central government to

his advantage. Through propaganda he convinced the people of

Germany that the Jewish people were to blame for all their problems.

Hitler also received a great deal of money from wealthy associates to

help him fund his campaign. It was perfect timing for the beginning of

Hitler’s regime, due to Germany’s government falling apart. Prior to

Hitler’s control over Germany, there was a Weimar Republic. Although,

we now know today that it was later taken over.