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Fndiana Union Building ‘tens Teng Bloomington, Iudtana Sunday, January 15, 1939 ade 81 This is just s note written for no particular purpose Piet sash on eR stien oe ‘by whom it will be read--if ever it is read’, However, the plastering work in the new men's lounge doesn't look too solid to me so I'm sticking this in thereon the off chance that it will be discovered while the place is undergoing repairs sometime in the future, With this you will find a few current nick-nacks concerning the Union. I hope they are not in too bad shape from their long (I hope) confinement Mir. J. E. Patrick is the present Director of the Union. His Young son, Jimmy Pat, is at the local hospitat recovering from a very severe case of pneumonia. The world 1s much bothered about now with Dictators, Hitler is restraining Il Duce in his demands upon France for the surrender of Tunis and Corsica, Japan is still in China and seemingly has an assured victory. inthony Eden only recently Indiana Union Building “Hetene Mainraay Bloomington, Indiana visited this country, and it has been announced t the King and Queen will be over next suinmer. Iwo world fairs are sche“vled for this year--at New Yor! Francisco, (Franklin Belano Roosevelt 1s having trouble ie his new Congress in which the Democratic Ms jovity has been reduced. Conservative Democrats united with Republicans to slash $150,000,000 from the budget--and it looks as though they are not finished with slashing. At long last a Scarlet O'Hara seems to be definatly decided upon, after two years, in the Person of a Miss Leigh, an English actress. I hope, but doubt, that the final product merfts the fus I'm afraid that this will have to be a conclusion, You see, I'ma page here at the Union, end Ifm supposed to be working now, And as soon as I've hidden this and eaten breakfast, I'11 go to work® Is that all right with you, Mr. Director? Best Wishes, BKK Cha. Ee K. Elkins, A. Be '40 (7)