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Hodule 2 - The Nature of Globalization Student Grogory Herel Requirement Evaluation Points Your Possible Score Percentage CContentiDevelopment -- 62% Rubric - Compare and Contract the How We Perceive Glob Satstetory- Used the tet andthe sein equirad feacinge pian te suppot arguments srdeseurons Stout how we peat he gat of abazston Rute don tho Advantages and Disadvantages of Saistectory-Mulipl examples cl tathstiatages and ineroatonel Business and Globalization ‘Sasemages ware afer vith supeoning argument om — =_ ha ference fn requires readings Rubric Sourees Used t> Support Theory Seistectoy-Efectvly used the assignad tec. andthe ie ‘Sher asigned estings ss wel a at east ona ater ubearve source support yeu paper ‘Albhay clement athe assert se cavered 9 ubstete |ay_ Conor i compranensh, accurte, ander persuacre ajo pars af stata clay ate supported by specie tai exampies or anlyie, and ae organizod logical, ‘hate eppaprite the paper sports mae pans th theory Islet othe delopnet ofthe oos nd uss the “ocsbulay of he theory corey Theory and practice re Iepated. herby the wrtaris able oink theories ta praca “expenance ie appaton fe fesl-yod ak seg) Fesoarch ¢adequta and tsi forthe toc The cone and purpose ofthe ting i clear (eg. ctique research sample fama. and bins ln) “Organization --20% “The stuture of the papreciear ahd 35) tow Tho apes ergantzatin emphasis the cena ther opupese fds eiacid tovarthe appepisieaudance ae foun legal sequence The toditon pres sucont background on th opie ane pres mar sits Prepreph lansions we logical and arcs te fou el haugh throughout the paper The conclusion egal ane tows rom tha body the paper. The conclusion rus the major pot Format—10% “Ths paps. ncing Cations andthe rfrence pags, lows uideinas ghen her and nthe Unvereny of Phasnbaproned | Syle guid Th papers ld aut estat and uses eae. ‘nono ais 9g, sections. summaries, able of contr, indice. and appendices) won appropiate. The paper izes Iefornces appoprately Fears auch os hessnge ar ashes ‘nthe readabltyofthe papa ol oss The pape neat ath atlertan gen fo omatvequements ‘GrammariPunctuation/Speling -5% Rules of grammar. usage, and panctstin ar folowed Spang i cree -Readabilty/Style—3% Semences ae compe slag and concise. Sentences ave wel soraites wh consists song waved ste ‘Sentence ranstionsveriora the fo of thought Wore used fe precie a unartiguaus. The nsf appropate otha Overall Comments “his cul ave easy boos ax exceptional paper fyu hed 3B more dein rays and inept the eoucos more etvey rater tha rely rostly on your epnien. week 1 susrorAl: 4236.00 3328.00 19 16.00 3030.00 18 15.00 8 8.00 5 5.00 150.40 138.00 92%