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List of High Protein Foods BEANS DAIRY AMOUNT CALORIES PROTEIN CARBS AMOUNT. CALORIES. PROTEIN CARBS FAT Plck beans ewpeaohed 76 freed mA 8k ‘Garbano (hes) 12 ep cooked 73 eto ent ane Tew even “0 ‘Saybeans (edamame) 1/2 cup cooked 4 Ko w rea so a a o as ns 10 FISH AMOUNT CALORIES PROTEIN CARBS. EAT ome ers 1 Sewn 2 na GRAINS 9! emt an) Foon AMOUNT. CALORIES PROTEIN CARBS FAT iz res) ‘Ontmel rough eat 1 ep ise MARIE co tlos 2a = a Pancake buekwhent 1 dlameer TB Paneahewholewheat dimmer TMA Popeorm dry twp Ce) Rice brownscoked 12 up ie POULTRY Ryebrend tee 6 AMOUNT. CALORIES PROTEIN CARDS. Whole wheat rend Ie 6M Chicken breast Sooner 19 BS 6 Chicken ebm nosin dunce, 196 st (eee cane eat cee el ‘Ths tf igh petain food is designed fr aptmum run and good heath You nace at, alough he fat courts nce, here's ing ‘Turkey heme nosin ounces 178 RD an {or saturate at Ths is because th high proten eed std bab aeiow Turkey darkest neshin domes 22M a im soated it Foc oxampl, her's no ed meat on thi i of igh rt foo. The ‘easonis ample Red meats gneray nigh n salutes ft and na so We Common Sense Health .» Sones roeee nn nme aera thew 60