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System Map - Phase | Simple steps to an easy & comfortable Metro ride! [Gin eTRO Ran CORPORATION up. Praga Vat, Bistra Para Maa, erento Po asso aston ‘ausie7ee wetete wmw snr om Thinking about how to travel in Delhi Metro? Just follow these simple steps and make your joumey smooth easy and truly world-class! Token/Smart Card ‘© Buy the token to your destination from ie counter «Incase you are a frequent traveler or ‘want unlimited travel for a few days, purchase a Smart Card from the Customer Care Cell Security Check Ups + Cooperate withthe Metro staff in the friendly fisking & security check ups + Limit your baggage upto ing AFC (Automatic ‘are Collection) Gates + Display the toker/smartcard within the designated area on the AFC ‘gate machine before entering ‘While crossing, make sure that the children below 3 feet (height) are closely infront of you oF on your lap Using Escalators ‘¢ Step on the escalator and hold the handrail + Keep away from the yellow lines marked atthe sides ofthe steps + Stop out from tho escalator when you reach up/down Platforms _ocate your platform by following the direction signs ‘* Do not cross the yellow line on platforms while waiting for the train ‘ Stand facing the direction of travel while waiting at the platform ‘© Check the arrival time of your train from the digital signboard Boarding the Train # Do not shove or push and le fellow passengers aight fo train first ‘ Watch the gap between the train and the platform edge so that your feet do not fall through side the coach '* Do not block the train doors. Trains can move only i ll the doors are properly closed ‘¢ Pay attention to the announcements and de-board the train at your destination Exit Exit from the AFC gates by dropping your tokens in the ‘machine or flashing your smart card