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UXLabs Certified Ethnography Research

Professional (UCERP) Syllabus 

UCERP Course Syllabus

• Ethnography Overview Concepts
o Research Design
o Fieldwork
o Formal Analysis
• Ethnography Ethics
o The Ethnographers Role
o Academic and Applied Ethnography
o Research Life Cycle
• Anthropological Concepts
o Culture
o Contextualization
o Emic Perspective and Multiple Realities
o Inter-and Intracultural Diversity
o Emic Perspective and Multiple Realities
o Ethic Perspective
o Micro- or Macro-level Study
• Methods and Techniques
o Fieldwork
o Selection and Sampling
o Entry
o Participant Observation
o Interviewing
o Questionnaires
o Projective Techniques
• Ethnographic Equipment
o Pen and Paper
o Tape Recorder
o Cameras
o Videotape
o Computers
o Laptop and Desktop
o Data Collection Software
o Virtual Office and File Sharing
o Database Software
o Printers and Speakers
• Analysis
o Thinking
o Triangulation
o Patterns
o Key Events
o Maps
o Flowcharts 
o Content Analysis
o Statistics
o Crystallization
• Recording
o Research Proposals
o Field Notes
o Field Note Organization
o Memoranda
o Interim Reports
o Final Reports, Articles and Books
o Thick Description and Verbatim Quotations
o Ethnographically Informed Reports
o Literature

UCERP Examination Details

Delivered at: Prometric and Certiport Testing Centers

Prerequisites: None

Other exams/assignments required: None

Exam topics: Will cover all the UCERP syllabus topics

Exam type: Multiple choice, problems and solutions, drag and drop

Number of questions: 60

Pass score: 55 %

Time limit: 180 minutes (3 hours)