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Reactive Armor

Bradley Fighting Vehicle

BFVS Armor Tiles General Dynamics Armament and

• M3 -18 each Technical Products (GDATP), in
• M4 - 8 each conjunction with Rafael Ordnance
• M5 - 55 each and Protection Division, has
• M6 - 7 each developed a next-generation
• M7 - 8 each Reactive Armor for application
96 Total Tiles
Per Vehicle Set
on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
This concept in Reactive Armor
incorporates state-of-the-art
technology, while utilizing an
insensitive, high-energy explosive.

Reactive Armor tiles produced by

Rafael and GDATP have been type-
classified for production. During
U.S. Government qualification,
over 1,500 armor tiles were
extensively tested. The tests

• Shaped-charge armor protection

• Small-arms sensitivity
• Sequential environmental
• Transportation tests
• Artillery-fragment sensitivity
Reactive Armor State-of-the art technology combining
an advanced reactive element with a new
• Sympathetic detonation
passive element for armor protection • Collateral damage
Superior performance The only solution that can defeat full-scale, • Tile mapping and junction tests
shaped-charge threats of modern, long- • Special safety tests
range anti-tank missiles
Safety Incident-free safety record in field operations The Reactive Armor technology
and combat offers a substantial increase in
Growth potential The weight savings of Reactive Armor protection levels for troops and
allows the capability to further increase
equipment against all shoulder-fired
protection without exceeding current
weight constraints weapons and most tube-launched,
Production capabilities GDATP has existing certified production shaped-charge systems.
Logistics Logistics requirements are no greater
than those of ammunition

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