Service Manual




• ADJUSTMENT····· .. · -- -- --········7

• BLOCK DIAGRAM -- -- .. -- -- -- --·8


.VHF MAIN PC BOARDS .. -- ·-- -- ·-- 10, 11

.APC PC BOARDS ------ .... ·, · ---- · -- ----12

.MIC PC BOARDS · .. -- .. ---- ---- -- -- --12


.LOCK SW PC BOARDS ·· .. -- ·13

.IF PC BOARDS · · .. · .. · .. · .. · .. · · .. · · .. · .. 13

.144 DRIVE PC BOARDS · .. · .. · .. · · .. --· 13

.LlBAT PC BOARDS .. · .. · --14

.144 VCO PC BOARDS· · · · ·· .. 14

.PA PC BOARDS · · ·15





• General

Frequency Coverage 144.0-148.0 MHz

Antenna Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced

Power Supply

Requirement. . . . . . . . . . .. 13.8 Volts D.C.

Current Drain at 13.8 V .... Receiving

abt. 0.5 A Transmitting abt. 5A(Hj) abt. 2.5A(Lo)

Dimension. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 140 mm (W) x40 mm (H) x 170 mm (D) (5 '/2' x 2" x 63!.")

Weight Approx. 1.1 kgs. (2.64 Ibs.)

• Transmitter Output Power ..

Emission Mode .

Modulation System .

Max. Frequency Deviation ..

Spurious Emission .

Microphone .

Operating Mode .

DTMF Encoder ....

• Receiver

Receiving System .

Modulation Acceptance .

Intermediate Frequency .

Sensitivity .

Selectivity .

Audio Power Output .

Speaker Impedance .

'Subject to change without notice.

High; 25 Watts

Low; Approx. 5 Watts 16F3

Variable Reactance F.M. ±5 kHz

60 dB below carrier

Electret Condenser Microphone Simplex

Duplex ±600 kHz. 1.6 MHz. 5 MHz. 7.6 MHz or odd splits from receive frequency

Built-in (U.S. Version)

Superhetrodyne, dual convension 16F3

10.7 MHzl455 kHz

12 dB SINAD less than 0.16 ~V More than ±6 kHz at -6 dB

Less than ± 12 kHz at -60 dB abt. 2 W (8 ohms-l 0% Distortion) 8 ohms



Ref. Part Code Part Name and Number Re'. Part Code Ref.
No. No. Part Name and Number No. Part Code Part Name and Number
APC Unit R13 RKOO39 Chip R. MCAIOEZJH222E R1S AKOO3l Chip R. MCR 1 OEZHJ222E
R14 RKOO6l Chip R. MCA I OEZJH393E RI6 AKOO7l Chip R, MCR10EZHJl54E
Rl RKOO39 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ222E R15 RKOO57 Chip R, MCR10EZJH273E Rli RKOO53 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ123E
R2 RKQ035 Chip R, MCR 10EZHJ 1CJ2E R17 RKOO39 Chip R, MCR'OEZJH222E R18 RKOO50 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ822E
R3 RK0037 Chip R, MCR10EZHJl52E R19 RKOO35 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ102E
R4 RKOO52 Chip R, MCR 1 OEZHJ 1 D3E Cl CU8016 Cbo C. C201281 H l02K
RS RKOO52 Chip R, MCR 1 DEZHJ 1 D3E C2 CU0066 Ch~ C. C2Cl2CH1H33OJ Cl CU8038 Chip C, CM316YVlO5Z25
R6 RKOO36 Chip R, MCR10EZHJl22E C4 CU9015 Ch~ C. 32l6lE O.II'FZ C2 CU8038 Chip C. CM316YV105Z25
C5 CU8038 Chip C. CM316Y5Vl05Z25VAT C3 CS0208 Chip Tantai. TMCMAOj475MTR
Cl CU801Jl Chip C. C20128 lHl02K C6 CU9015 Chip C. C3216JFIE104Z C4 CU8003 Chip C. C2012JF1El04Z
C2 CSOO64 Chip TanLaI, TMC1A1SSTR C7 CU803S Chp C. C201281E393K CS CU8028 Chip C, C20l281H1D3K
C3 CU8024 ChipC, C2012B1H472K CS CU8035 Chip C, C201281E393K C6 CUOOS1 Chip TantaJ, TMC1CI06TR
C4 CUB016 Chip C, C201281H102K C9 CU8030 Chip C, C2012B1H15.1K C8 CU8003 Chip C, C2012JF1EI04Z
C5 CU8024 Chip C, C20128 lH472K C10 CU8034 Chip C. C20128 lE333K Cll CS0205 Chip Tantal, TMCMCOG476MTR
CS CU8016 Chip C. C20128 lHIOzK C12 CU8038 Chip C, CM316YV105Z25
01 XD01D3 Diode ISS226TES5L Cl3 CU8038 Chip C. C321SB lH1D5K
01 XUOO2Q Transistor FMW1T9S 02 XD0041 Diode OAP202KT96 C14 CUB038 Chip C. CM316YV105Z25
02 XUOO20 Transetcr FMW1T98 C16 CUOOO5 Chip C. C2012CH1H040C
OJ XUOO38 Transistor 2SA1037KT96R 01 XTOO37 Transistor, 2SC24 12KT96R CI7 CU8003 ChipC, C2012JFIEI04Z
UE0042 Terminal 022 (1.01 S 02 XTOO37 Tran,islor,2SC2412KT96R
03 XTOO76 Transistor.2SC32958TE85L 01 XUD002 Transistor. OTCI 14YKT96
Lock SW Unit 04 XTOO76 Transislor,2SC32958TE8SL 02 XUOOO2 Transislor,OTC114YKT96
05 XTOO37 Transistor, 2SC24 12KT96R 03 XT0037 Tr ans ator, 2SC24 12KT96R
Rl RKOO45 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ472E 06 XTOO37 Transistor, 2SC24 12KT96R 04 XUD002 Trenaetoe, OTCI 14YKTII6
R2 RKOO45 Chip R. MCR 1 OEZHJ4 72E UE0042 Terminal 022 (1.01 S 05 XUD002 Tran.istor. OTCI 14YKTII6
R3 RKOO45 Chip R. MCR I OEZHJ4 72E 06 XT0037 Trans.t",. ~ 12i<TII6R
R4 RK0045 Chp R. MCR10EZHJ472E MIC Unit 07 XU0012 Digital Transistor. DTCl14EK
R5 AKOO45 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ472E
RS RKOO52 Chip R. MCR10EZHJ1D3E Al RKOO53 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ123E ICI XA0020 IC. MN6520
R2 RKOO62 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ473E IC2 XAOO19 IC, MPD40948G
Ct CUBOIS Ch\:l C. C20128 lH102K R3 RKOO64 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ563E FARl XB0002 FAR, C4CA04 1 94DOOK01
C2 CUBOIS Chip C. C20128 1 Hl02K R4 AKOO18 Chip R, MC R I OEZHJ 1 01 E
R5 RK0076 Chip R, MCR10J334 VRI RHOO51 VR. CVR42A-472AW I 0
01 XD0040 Diode OAN202K T96 R6 RKD069 Chip R, MCR 1 OEZHJ 104E
R7 RKOO18 Chp R, MCR10EZHJ101E CN502 UE0050 PI22A08M
01 XTOO38 Transistor 2SA1037KT96R AS RKOO62 Ch~ R. MCR10EZHJ473E
02 XTOO38 Trans s.tor 2SA1037K,96R R9 RKOO62 Ch~ R, MCR10EZHJ473E '01119 UXOO97 Wire
03 XTOO37 Transistor 2SC2412K,96R RIO RKOO3J Chp R, MCR10EZHJ561E UP0121C
UE0042 Terminal 02211.01 S Rll RKOO74 Chip R, MCR I CEZHJ274E
IF Unit R13 RKOO73 Chp R. MCR10EZHJ224E
A14 RK0067 Chp R, MCRIOEZHJ823E Cl CUOO11 Chip C, C2012CH1H1000
Rl RKOO69 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ1D4E A15 RK0067 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ823E : C2 CU0062 Chip C, C2012CHl H150J
A2 RKOO69 Chp R, MCR10EZHJ1D4E RIS RK0067 Chop R. MCR1CEZHJ823E C3 CUOO71 Chip C, C2012CH1H101J
R4 RKOO42 Ch\:l R, MCR10EZHJ332E R17 RKOO52 Chp R, MCR1CEZHJ1D3E C4 CU0066 Chip C, C2012CH1H330J
RS RKOO38 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ1S2E R18 RK0107 Chip R. MCR10EZHJOOOE C6 CU801S ChipC.2125B1Hl02K
ci CU8037 Chip C. C2012Y1E683Z C7 CU8028 Chp C. 212SB1 H1D3K
C2 CU8034 Chip C, C2012XR1E333K C2 CU8038 Chip C. CM31SY5Vl05Z25VAT C8 CU8016 Ch" C, 212581Hl02K
C3 CUOO66 Chip C. C2012CHl H330J C3 CUS034 Chip C. C201281 E333K C9 CU8016 Chi:> C, 2125B1Hl02K
C4 CU8024 Chip C. C2012B1H472K C4 CU8032 Ch~ C, C201281EmK cio CU8028 Chip C, 212581H1D3K
C5 CU2059 Chip C. C2012Sl1H561J C6 CU8038 Ch~ C. CM31SY5VI05Z25VAT Cl1 CUOOO5 Ch" C, 2125CHI H040C
C6 CUB024 Chip C. C20128 ~ H472K C7 CUOO71 Ch~ C, C2012CH1Hl01J C12 CUOO62 Chi:> C, 2125CH1Hl5OJ
C7 CU8028 Chp C. C2Q1281Hl03K CB CU8021 Chip C. C2012B I H272K C13 CU8016 Chip C, 212S81Hl02K
C8 CU8003 Chip C, C2012JF1El04Z C9 CU8038 Chip C. CM31SY5VI05Z25VAT C14 CU8028 Chip C, 212SB1H1D3K
C9 CU8003 Chip C, C2012JF1El04Z C10 CUOO71 Chip C. C2012CH1Hl0tJ C15 CUOOO6 Ch" C, 2125CHIHOSOC
Cl0 CU8003 Chip C. C2012JF1E1D4Z Cll CU8015 Chip C, C2012B1H821K C16 CUao16 Ch" C, 212581Hl02K
CI7 CU8028 Chip C, 2l2581H1D3K
ICl XA0156 ICMC3361BO ICI XAOO6B IC, M521SFp·T01·1 CIS CU8028 Chip C. 2125B1H1D3K
UE0042 Terminal 02211.0) S IC2 XAOO6!I IC. M521SFp·TOH C19 CU8028 Chip C. 212581H1D3K
UEOO42 Terminal 022 \1.0) S C20 CU8016 Chip C, 2125B1H102K
Ll OC0049 Coil. NL322522T}'221 K C21 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10MV 47SWB;I
L2 OCOOSO Coil. NL453232T· 102K Tone Squelch Unit C22 CU2073 Ch" c. 2125CHSL 151J
C23 CU802B Ch"C, 212581Hl03K
Sal Unit Rl RKOO62 Chp R. MCR10EZHJ473E C25 CUOO6S Chip C. 2125CH1H33OJ
R2 RKOO62 Chp A. MCR10EZHJ4?lE C26 CEOO3J ChemicaiC. 16 V MS710
R1 RKOO69 Cno R, MCR10EZJH1D4E R3 RKOO39 Chip A. MCR10EZHJ222E C27 CUBOIS ChipC, 212581Hl02K
R2 RKOO4O Chip R, MCR10EZJH272E R4 RKOO73 Chip R. MCR 1 OEZHJ224E C29 CU802B Chp C, 212581Hl03K
R3 RKOO39 Chip R. MeR I OEZJH222E RS RKOO62 Chip A. MCR10EZHJ473E C30 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS94 7
R4 RKOO56 Chip R. MCR10EZJH223E R6 RKOO3l Chp R, MCA10EZHJ681E C31 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS947
RS RK0042 Chp R. MCR10EZJH332E R7 RKOO52 Chip R, MCR1DEZHJ1D3E C32 CU8003 Chip C, 21251EY104Z
A6 RKOO48 Chp R. MCR1DEZJH6S2E RS RKOO52 Chip R. '-4CR10EZHJ1D3E C33 CU8003 Ch" C, 21251EY104Z
R7 RKOO52 Chip R. MCR 10EZJH lD3E R9 RKOO39 Chp R. MCR10EZHJ222E C34 CU8028 Chip C, 2l25B1H103K
RS RKOO74 Chip R, MCR10J274 Rl0 RK0Da6 Chip R. MCR10EZHJ1D5E C35 CU801S Chp C, 212581H102K
R9 RKOO45 Ch\:l R, MCR10EZJH472E Rl1 RKOO62 Chip R, MCA1DEZHJ473E C36 CU8016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K
RIO RKOO79 Chip R. MCR10EZJH474E I R12 RKOO22 Chip R. MeR 1 OEZHJ221 E C37 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS947
Rl1 RKOO57 Chip R. MCR I OEZJH273E R13 RKOO52 Chip R, MCR10EZHJ1Q3E C3S CU8034 Chip C. 212581 E333K
R12 RKOO56 Chip R. MCR 1 OEZJH223E R14 RK0069 Chip R. MCR10JI04 C39 CEOO64 Chemical C. 10 V MS947 -2-

Ret Part Code Part Name and Number
C4C CU8C38 Ch4> C. 3216Y5V1El05Z
C41 CU8C28 Ch4> C, 212581 H lOOK
C42 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS94 7
C43 CU8C28 Chi:> C, 2125B1Hl1XlK
.eM CE01S1 Chemical C, 10 V SSP 470
C45 CS0049 Chi:> Tania rue lCl0S
C46 CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS947
C47 CUB016 Ch\:l C, 2125B1Hl02K
C48 CU80'28 Chi:> C, 2125B 1 H lOOK
C49 CUB02B Ch\:l C, 2125B 1 HllXlK
CSO CUB028 Ch\:l C, 2125B1Hl1XlK
C53 CU8C28 Ch\:l C,2125B1Hl03K
C54 CUOO76 ' Ch\:lC. 2125CH1H200J
C55 CU0043 Chi:> C, 2125CHCH221 K
C56 CUOO71 cse c, 2125CH1Hl0lJ
C57 CUOO71 cse c. 2125CH1Hl01J
C59 COOOO7 Film C, SO V F2M413K
CBO CUOO71 Ch\:l C, 2125CH1Hl01J
C61 CUOO51 Chip C, C2012CH1H471K
C62 CU8019 Chi:> C, 212S81H1B2K
C63 CUS02B ChI:> C.2125B1Hl03K
C64 CS0049 Chip Tantal. TMCSA1Cl05MTR
CB5 CUB016 Chi<> C,212581Hl1l2K
Coo CS0049 Chip Tantal, TMCSA1Cl05MTR
CB7 CUS028 Cho C, 212561Hl1XlK
CGg CS0049 ChiJ Tanlal. mCIC105
C70 CEOl99 Chemical C, 16 V MS7100
C72 CUOO66 ChiJ C. 2125CH1H33OJ
C73 CUS016 Chi:> C, 21258 I H 11l2K
C74 CUOO66 Chi:> C, 2125CHI H330J
C7S CUS028 Chip C. 212581Hl1XlK
C76 CUOO11 Chip C, 2125CH1Hl000
C77 CUB016 cse c. 212581Hl1l2K
C7B CUOOll ChipC, 2125CH1Hl000
C79 CU8028 Chi:> C, 212581Hl1XlK
COO CUOO51 Chip C. C2012CHI H471 K
Cal CUS016 Ch\:l C, 212581Hl02K
C84 CU8C2B Chip C, 21258 lHllXlK
cas CU8C28 Chip C, 212581 HllXlK
C86 CU8038 Ch\:l C, 3216Y5V1El05Z
csr CU8034 Chi:> C, 2125B1E333K
CSS CEOO64 Chemical C, 10V MS947
CB9 CEOO64 ChemicalC,10VMS947
COO CEOO64 Chemical C, 10 V MS947
C91 CE0151 Chemical C, 10 V SSP470
C92 CUa042 Chip C. CM21W5Rl04K25AT
C93 CE0163 Ch<IrnicaI C, IS V SSP1000
C94 CUOO2B Chip C, C2012B1Hl03K
C95 CUOO16 Chip C, C2012B1Hl02K
C96 CEOI25 Chemical C, 25 V MS7.A7
C97 CEOO3O ChemicaJC, 16 V MS710
C98 CUBD16 Chip C, C2012B1Hl02K
CIOO CUB016 Chip C, C2012Bl Hl02K
Cl01 CEOO3O Chemical C, 16 V MS71 0
Cl02 CUOO16 Chip C, C201281Hl02K
cioa CEOlgQ ChemicalC, 16 V MS7100
Cl04 CU8028 Chip C, C2012B1Hl03K
Cl05 CUOO16 Chip C, C201281Hl02K
Cl0B CU8016 Chip C, C201281Hl02K
Cl07 CU8016 Chip C, C201281Hl02K
Cl0B CU8016 Chip C, C201281Hl02K
ClIO CU8025 Chip C, C2012B1H562K
Cl11 CU8025 Chip C, C2012B1H562K
C1l2 CU8003 Chip C, C2012F1El04Z
Cl13 CU8028 Chip C, C2012B1Hl03K
C115 CUD069 Chip C, C2012CH1H680J
Cl17 CU0060 Chip C, C2012CHI H470J
C1l8 CU0067 Chip C, C2012CHI H390J
Cl20 CSOO33 Chi:> TanialTMC1A225TR
C121 CUB016 Ch\:l C, 212581Hl1l2K
Cl~ CUB016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K
Cl CUOO71 Chi:>C, 2125CHIHl01J
C124 CUOO71 Ch" C, 2125CH1Hl01J
C12S CUOO71 Chi:> C. 2125CH1Hl0U
Cl26 CUOO71 Chip C. 2125CH1HI01J
C129 CUOO51 Chip C, C2012CH1H471K Ref. Part Code Part Name and Number Ref, Part Code Part Name and Number
No. No.
Cl30 CSOO64 Chi:> Tarnal TMC1Al55TR R7a RKOO56 Chi:> R,2125MCA10223J
C131 CUOOO4 Chip C, C2012CHI H030C R79 RKOO52 Chi:> A, 2125MCA10103J
C132 CU8016 ChipC, C201281Hl02K RBO RKOOIB Chi:> R, 2125MCR10101J
Cl33 CS0060 Chip Tantar, TMCSA1E474MTR RB2 RKOO52 Chi:> R,2125MCR10103J
RB3 RK0031 Chi:> R, 2125MCR106B1J
Rl RKOO59 Chip R, MCR10J333 RM . RKOO35 Ch" R, 2125MCR10102J
. R2 RK0069 Chip R, MCR10Jl04 RB5 RKOO62 Ch" R, 2125MCR10473J
R3 RKOO69 Chip R, MCR10Jl04 ROO RK0105 Chi:> R, 2125MCR102R2J
R4 RKOOla Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10101J R87 RKOO62 Chip R,2125MCR10473J
RS 1 RKOO11 Chi:> R, 212SMCR1047OJ RSS RKOO57 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10273J
RG RKOO25 Ch" R. 2125MCR10331J RB9 RKOO18 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR 1 0 1 01 J
R7 I RKOO11 Chi:> R, 2125MCR1047OJ ROO RKOO36 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10182J
R8 RKOO52 Ch" R,2125MCR10103J R91 RKOO2O Chi:> R, 2125MCR10151J
R9 RKOO62 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10473J R95 RK2010 Ch" A, 2125MCR10330E
RIO RKOOll Chi:> R, 2125MCR1047OJ R96 RKOO69 Chi:> R, 2125MCR 1 01 04J
Rl1 RKOO62 Ch\:l R, 212SMCR I 04 73J R97 RKOO52 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10103J
R12 RKOO35 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10102J R98 RKOO69 Ch\:l R, 212SMCR10104J
R13 RKOOOI ChiJ R. 2125MCR10l00J Rl00 RKOO45 Ch" R, 2125MCA10472J
R14 AK0074 Chip R, 212SMCR1C~74J Rl02 RKOO45 Chi:> R,212SMCR10472J
R15 RKOO18 Chip R, 2125MCR10l01J Rl0S RKOO56 Chi:> A.2125MCA10223J
RIS RKOO38 Chi:>R,2125MCR101B2J Rl06 RKOO57 Chi:> A,2125MCA10273J
R17 RKOO62 Chip R, 2125MCR10473J Rl07 RKOOBI Chic A,2125MCR10564J
R18 RKOO52 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10103J aros RKOO39 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10222J
RI9 RKOO18 Ch" R, 2125MCR10l01J Rl09 RKOO35 Chi:> R, 2125MCRI 01 02J
R20 RKOO28 Ch" R. 2125MCR10471J Rl10 RKOO69 Chi:> R,2125MCR10104J
R21 RKoo18 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10101J RIll RKOO69 Chi:> R,2125MCR10104J
R23 AKOO38 ChiJ R. 2125MCR101B2J R112 RKOO69 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10104J
R25 RKOO59 Chi:> R, 2125MCR 1 0333J R113 RK0062 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10473J
R26 RKOO35 Chip R, 2125MCR10102J R114 RKoo35 Chip R,2125MCR10l02J
R27 RK0045 Chip R, 2125MCR10472J R115 RKOO35 Chi:> R,2125MCA10102J
R2a RKOO56 Ch\:lR,2125MCR1D223J R116 RKOO35 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10102J
R29 RKOO52 Chip R, 2125MCR10l03J , R118 RK0107 Chi:> R, 212SMCR10000
R30 RKOO57 Ch\:l R, 2125MCRI0273J R124 RKOlD7 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10000
R31 RKOO35 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10102J R127 RKOO56 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10223J
, R33 RKOO69 Chi:> 't,2125MCR10104J R128 RKOO57 Chi:> 't, 2125MCR10273J
R34 RKOO39 Ch\:l '1, 2125MCR10222J R129 'RKOOC6 Ch" R, 2125MCR 1 0330J
R3G RKOO38 Ch\:l R, 2125MCA10182J RI30 RKOO52 Chip R,2125MCR10103J
R37 RKOO52 Chip R, 2125MCR10103J RI31 RKOO52 Chi:> R,2125MCR10l03J
R38 RKOO38 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10182J Rl32 RKOO56 Chip R.2125MCR10223J
R39 RKOO35 Chip R, MCR10Jl02 R134 RKOD25 Chip R, MCR10J331
R40 RKOO52 Ch\:l A.2125MCR10103J R137 RKOO35 Ch" R, 2125MCR10102J
R41 RKOO38 Chip R, MCR10JI82 R138 RKOO69 Chip R, MCR10J104
R42 RKOO35 Chip R, MCR10Jl02 R139 RK0069 Chip R, MCR10Jl04
R44 RKOO45 Ch" R, 2125MCR10472J IC2 XAOO78 IC, M54959P
R45 RKOO62 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10473J 1C4 XAOO79 IC,MPC1241H
R46 RKOO62 Ch" R, 2125MCR10473J
R47 RKOO62 Ch" R, 2125MCR10473J VRI RHOD63 VR, VM6CK-PV-1S102B
R48 RKOO62 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10473J VR2 RHOO44 VR, VMBCK·PV·1Sl03B
R49 RKOO62 Chip R, 2125MCR10473J VR3 RHOO44 VR, VMBCK·PV·1S1IXlB
RSO RKOO48 Chi:> A, 2125MCR106B2J VR4 RHOO48 VR, VMBCK·PV·1S5038
R51 RKOO76 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10334J VR5 RHOO46 VR, VM6CK-PV·155038
R52 RKOO44 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10392J VR6 RHD044 VR, VMGCK·PV·1S11Xl8
R53 RKOO76 Ch\:l R.2125MCR10334J VR7 RH0045 VR, VMGCK·PV·1S303B
R54 RKOO44 Chp R, 2125MCR10392J VR9 RHOO21 VR, H0651A 10KB
R55 RKOO56 ChiJ R, 2125MCR 1 0223J
R56 RKOO39 Ch" R,2125MCR10222J FLI XFOOO4 X.Fil,10.7Ml5A49/T
RSS RKOO18 Ch" R, 2125MCR10101J FL2 XCOOOI Ceramic Fil, CFW455F
R59 RKOO56 Ch" R, 2125MCR10223J
RGO RKOO52 Chi:> R, 2125MCR 1 0103J XI XOOO37 X1al HC4Q1u 12,8 MHz
R61 RKOO35 Chip R, MCR10Jl02 X2 XQ0()33 X1al HC04Q1u 10245 MHz
. R62 RKOO52 Ch" R, 2125MCR10l03J
R63 RKOO62 Chi:> R,2125MCR10473J Tl-ll XS0004 Thermislor TD5A 1500
R64 RKOO4O Ch\:l R,2125MCR10272J
R65 RKOO4O Chi:> R,2125MCR10272J TCI CTOOIS Trimmer C, CVD5A0601
R66 RKOOSO Chi:> A, 2125MCR1OB22J TC3 CT0025 Trimmer C, ECRLA020E12A
R67 RK0052 Chip R, MCR10Jl03 TC4 CTD025 Trimmer C, ECRLA020E12A
RSS RKOO52 Chp R, 2125MCA10103J
R69 RKOO52 Chp R,2125MCR10103J 01 XD011Xl D, ISS226TE85l
A70 RKOO45 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10472J D2 XD0041 0, OAP202KT96
R71 RKOO56 Ch\:l R, 2125MCR10223J OJ XOOO4O 0, OAN202KT96
R72 RKOO52 Chp R, 212SMCR10103J [)4 XOOO4O 0, OAN202KT96
R73 RK0052 Chip R, MCR10Jl03 05 XD0104 Zener 02CZ6,2YTEa5l
A74 RKOO18 Ch\:l A, 2125MCR101D1J 06 XD0041 D.OAP202KT96
R75 RKOO35 Chi:> R, 2125MCR10102J 07 XOOO70 0.ISS265
R76 RKOO18 Chi:> R, 2125MCAlOl01J OS XOOO70 D,15S265
R77 RKOO35 Ch" R,2125MCR10102J
) -3-

ReI. I I
No. • Part Code , Part Name and Number No. Part Code Part Name and Number Ref.
No. Part Code Part Name and Number
D9 X00041 I D. DAP202KT96
C4 CC5020 Ceramic C, HM60SJSL l60J
010 xooose D. ISS181 C33 CU8016 ChipC. C2012BIH102K
C5 CC5025 Ceramic C, HM60SJY81 02K
011 XOOl00 Vari cap, ISVI64Tl C34 CUB016 Chp C, 2125B lHl02K
C6 CC5020 Ceramic C, HM60SJSL 180J C3S CUB016
012 XD0100 Vari cap, ISVI64Tl C7 CC5023 Ceramic C, HM6OSJSl39OJ Chp C. 2125B1Hl02K
013 XD0100 Vari cap, ISVI64 Tl C8 CCOl02 Ceramic C, CC451 HCHOI 0
PU EPOOOS Lamp, BQ031-4D60SA
016 XDOO7B D. DAN235KT96 C9 CC5OO3 CeramicC,HM6OSJSl3Y.U
PL2 EPOOOS Lamp, BQ031-4D60BA
017 XOOO4O O,DAN202KT96
Cl0 CC0102 Ceramic C, CC451 HCH010 PL3 EPOOJ8 Lamp, BQQ31-4D608A
018 XOOO4O D,OAN202KT96
CII CC5021 Ceramic C, HMS05JSL220J PL4 EPOOJ7 Lamp, BQ031-4D604A
019 xoooao 0, RB4000T96
C12 CU8016 Chp C, 212581Hl02K Pl5 EPOOJ7 Lamp,8Q031-4D604A
D20 XDOO80 D. RB4000T96
C13 CU8016 Chip C, 212S81Hl02K PL6 XL0024 LED, TLG223
021 XD0100 D.1SVI64
C14 CU8016 Chip C. 212S81Hl02K
022 X00100 O,ISVI64 CIS CU8016 VRI RV0010
Chip C. 212581Hl02K Vol, EVU-F2AF20B54
TS0020B VCO Case C16 CU8016 Chp C. 2125B1Hl02K VR2 RVOOO9 Vol, EVU-F2AF20814
TS0021 COIL Gase CI7 CKOOO3 CeramicC.50Vl02Z
C19 CUOOO9 Chip C, 2125CH1H080 ICI XADI86 IC, MB88543PF-G-290M
02 XEOO12 Chip FET, 3SK131 V12Tl L 1 IOKOO44 IC3 XA0033 IC, VPC393G- T
Coil. 3><9.5><O.S
03 XT0059 Chi' TR. 2SC3082KT960 L2 OK0031 1C4 XAOO73 F·IC. MNI280,T
Q4 XTOO77 Chi' TR, 2SC3326ATE85L L3 OK0041 IC5 XAOO74 F,IC. ANaOO6
Coil, 3x4xO.a
05 XT0061 Chip TR. 2S81132Tlooo L4 OKOO44
Coil. 3><9.5><0.5
Q6 XT0061 Chi' TR. 2S81132Tl 000 lS OK0041 01 XD0061 Chip D. DA204KT96
07 XUOO18 Dijjital TR. OTCI24EKT96 L6 OK0041 D2 XD0040 Chp O. DAN202KT96
as XUOO18 Digital TR. DTCI24EKT96 L7 QK0051 06 XD0040 Chp 0, OAN202KT96
Q9 XT0037 Chip TR, 2SC2412KT96R FL4H1RO
La QK0046 Coil. 2.2x2.25 T
011 XT0081 Chi' TR, 25C2714Y 01 XUOO15 Digital TR DTC 144 TKT96
013 XT0037 Chp TR. 25C2412KT96R Rl 04 XT0099 TR.2SAI736TEI2l
RD1008 A. R50x151J
014 XT0037 Chp TA. 2SC2412KT96R
R2 sooos, I A. A20x153J
015 XTOO38 Chip TA. 2SA 1037KT96A Rl AKOO52 Chip A.2125MCA10l03J
016 XT0030 Chip TR. 25C3356TI VRI RHOO48 A2 AKOO1B Chip A. 2125MCA10101J
, VR. TM64K2!PH)10tB
017 XTOO3O Chip TA. 25C3356T1 A3 RK0067 Chip A, 2125MC'A 1 0823
019 XT0020 TR,2SC2538 01 XD0107 D.G38 1'14 AKOO54 Chip A. 2125MCA10'153
020 XTOO64 TA,2S01761E RS AKOO71 Chip A. 2125MCAIOI54
021 XT0037 Chp TA, 2SC2412KT96 A D2 XD0106 PWD. UM9401 AS AK0067 Chip A. 2125MCAlO823
Q22 XT0037 Chip TA, 25C2412KT96 R 03 X 000 14 PWD,MI308 A7 AKOO59 Chip R. 2125MCAI0333
023 XT0037 Ch., TR, 25C2412KT96A D4 XOOO95 0,152472 A8 RKOO35 Chip R.2125MCRI0102J
024 XUOO12 I 05 XOOO95 0.152472 A9 RKOtl62 Chp R. 2125MCAI0473
Digilal TA. DTCI14EKT96
RIO RKOtl62 Chp A, 2125MCR10473
Ll I QAOO38 Coil, 144MRF lei XAOD16 IC. M57737 Rll RKOO45 Chip R,2125MCA10472J
l2 OAOO38 Coil, 144M AF A12 AKOtl62 Chip 1'1, 2125MCA10473J
L3 OAOO53 CoiI,l44M TPI UE0047 R9x 10 R13 AKOO82 Chip A,2125MCA10473J
L4 OAOO53 CoiI,I44M A14 AKOO62 Chip R, 2125MCA10473J
L5 QAOO54 Coil. 144M No2 MBDJ07CC Wire 1I26B05-070-05 A15 AK0062 Chip A, 2125MCA10473J
L6 QA0037 Coil. 144MTC W4 UX1013 Wire R16 AKOtl62 Chip R,2125MCRI0473J
L7 QAOO39 Coil, 1 OA7Io4 tF W7 UXl016 Wire R17 AKOtl62 Chip A,2125MCA10473J
LB QAOO39 CoH,10R7MIF W8 UX1017 Wire AlB RKOtl62 Chip A.2125MCR10473J
Ll0 OA0041 Coil, 455KIF W9 UXlO18 Wire A19 RKOtl62 Chp R.2125MCA10473J
Ll1 OLOOO7 Choko coil. 1 A6mHA6A W15 UX1022 Wire R20 AKOO62 Chip A, 2125MCA10473J
L12 QCOO45 Chip L. NL322522T3A3M W16 UX1022 Wire A21 RKOO62 Chip R, 2125MCA10473J
L13 QCOO45 Chip L. NL322522T3A3M R22 RKOO62 Chip A, 2125MCA10473J
L14 OCOO34 Chip L, NL322522TR39M Control Unit R23 RKOtl62 Chip A, 2125MCR10473J
LI6 OK0042 Coil. 3x5xO,6 R24 AKOtl62 Chp R. 2125MCA10473J
Cl CUOO71 Chip C, 2125CHl Hl0lJ A25 AKOO62 Chip A,2125MCA10473J
CNIOI I UE0043 PI 22A02M C2 CEOO57 Chemical C, 6.3 V MS9 330M A26 AKOtl62 Chp R. 2125MCR10473J
CN102 UEOOO9 B2BEH C3 CU8016 Ch4) C. 212581Hl02K T27 AKOO70 Chp A. 2125MCA10124
CN103 UEOO17 83BEH C4 CU8028 Chip C, 212581Hl03K R28 AKOO70 I Chip R, 2125MCA10124
CN104 UEOO09 B2BEH C5 CEOO33 Chemcal C, 10 V M 55 10M A29 AKOtl62 Chip A,2125MCA10473J
CN105 UEOO17 838EH C6 CU8016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K A30 AKOO70 Chip A, 2125MCAI 0124J
CN106 UEOOO9 B2BEH C7 CU8016 Chp C. 212581Hl02K A31 RKOO70 Chp A. 2125MCAI 0124J
CN107 UE0044 PI22A09M C8 CU8016 ChpC,21258tHl02K A32 AK0107 Chp R, 2125MCR1QOOOJ
CNIOIl UEOO45 PI22AllM C9 CU8016 Chp C, 212581Hl02K A33 AKOO62 Chip R, 2125MCA10473J
CN110 UE0043 PI22A02M " Cl0 CU8016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K A34 i'lKOO70 Chip R, 2125MCR10124J
CN111 UE0043 PI22AOM Cl1 CU8016 Chip C, 2125Bl Hl02K R35 AKI035 Chip A, 3216MCR10102J
CN112 UE0041 TMP-J01X,V6 C12 CU8016 Chip C, 212581 Hl02K A38 RKOtl62 Chip 1'1, 2125MCA10473J
CN113 UE0041 TMP-J01X-V6 C13 CU8016 Chp C, 2125B1Hl02K 1'139 RKOOas Chip A, 2125MCA1010SJ
C14 CU8016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K R40 RK1039 Chip R, 3216 MCR222J
TPI UE0043 PI22A02M C19 CU8016 Chp C, 2125BtHl02K R41 RKOO38 Chip A,2125MCR10182J
TP2 UE0047 R9 * 10 C20 CU8016 Ch., C, 212581Hl02K R42 AKOO38 Chip A. 2125MCR10182J
TP3 UE0047 R9*10 , C21 CU8024 ChpC,212581i-l472K R43 RKOO38 Chip A,212SMCA10182J
TX0030A Crystal Sheet I C24 CUOO71 ChpC,2125CH1Hl01J R44 RKOO38 Chip A,2125MCA10182J
C25 CUOO71 Chip C, 2125CH1Hl01J R45 RKOO38 Chip A,2125MCR10182J
W17 UX1024 Wire C26 CUOO71 c-e c, 2125CH1Hl0iJ R46 AK1039 Ch., A, 3216MCA1Q222J
C27 CUOO71 ChpC,2125CH1Hl01J R47 RK0107 Chip R, MCRlOJOOJ
PA Unit C28 CU8016 ChpC,2125BIH102K R4B AKOO35 Chip A,2125MCR10102J
C29 CU8016 Chip C, 212581 H 1 02K R49 AKOO35 Chip R,2125MCA10102J
Cl CEOQ44 Chemical C, 16VMS5 10M C30 CU8016 Chp C. 212581Hl02K R50 RKOO35 Chip A.2125MCR10102J
C2 CEOO44 Chemical C, 16VMS5 10M C31 CU8016 Chp C, 212581Hl02K A53 AKOO35 Chip A. 2125MCR 101Q2J
C3 CC5OO2 Ceramic C. HMSOSJSL l00J C32 CU8016 Chip C, 212581Hl02K R54 RKOO35 Ch~ A, 2125MCA 101Q2J

Ref. Part Code Part Name and Number Ref. Part Code Part Name and Number Ref. Part Code Part Name and Number
No. No. No.
SW1 UQ0011 Push, ES8-64801 C16 CUOO33 Chip C, C2012CH1H220J
SW2 UQOOll Push, ESB-64801 C17 CUOOGO Chil C. 212SCH1H47OJ
SW3 I UQOO13 Push. EVQ-QEC-04K C20 CU0037 Chip C. C2012CH1HI21K
SW4 UQ0013 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K C21 CU8016 ChilC,2125CH1Hl02K
SW5 UQ0013 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K C23 ctoise Chemical C, ro V MS5 100M
SW6 UQOO13 Push, EVQ-QEC-04 K
SW7 UQOO13 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K TCl CT0021 Trimm." C. ECRJA010A 12W
SW8 UQOO13 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K TC2 CT0021 Trimmar C. ECRJAOIOA 12W
SW9 UQOO13 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K
SW10 UQ0013 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K L 1 QC0045 Chip L. NL322522T3R3M
swn UQOO13 Push, EVQ-QEC-04K L2 QK0041 QKRM304008
, SW12 UQOO13 Push. EVQ-QEC-04K L3 QCOO45 Chi> L. NL322522T3R3M
LS QK0047 QKRM223505
RENCI UROOO2 EVQ-WQGF 15248 L6 QC0039 Chi> L, NL322522Tl ROM
No3 MYCL09AA Wire 1I30Y02-090-02 Rl RKOO18 Chip R, 2125MCR10l01J
No6 MPOJ2'JAA Wire =26P02-200-02 R2 RKOO56 Chi> R. 2125MCR10223J
R3 RKOO52 Chip R, 2125MCR10103J
WI UX1010 Wire R4 RKOO18 Chi> R,2125MCR10\OlJ
W2 UX10l1 Wire RS RKOO11 Chip R,2125MCR1047OJ
Wl0 UX1019 Wire R6 RKOO27 Chip R, 2125MCR10391J
Wl1 UX1020 Wire A7 RKOOO9 Chip R.2125MCA10104J
A8 RKOO52 Chip R,2125MCR10103J
LCDI ELOO13 LCD DRl12 A9 RK0037 Chip R, 2125MCR10152J
DGOOO3A LCD Ught RIO RK0067 Chi> R,2125MCR10823J
FGOO33 LCD Conecter Rl1 RkOO73 Chi> R.2125MCR10224J
FM0031 LCD Folder R12 RKOOll Chi> R.2125MCR1047OJ
FPOO34 LCD MIC Spacer R13 RK0021 Chip R.2125MCR10181J
FM0034 MIC Earth Plate R14 RKOO48 Chi> R, 2125MCR10682J
R15 RK0045 Chip R, MCR10J472
Drive Unit R17 RK0045 Chip R, MCR10J472
C3 CUB02B Chip C, 2125MCRI0103K DI XOOO4O Chi> D, DAN202KT96
C4 CU8028 Chip C, 2125MCR 101 03K D2 XDOlOO Chip D, 1SV164
C5 CU8016 Chip C, 2125MCR10lQ2j( OJ XD0101 Chip D, ISVl66Tl
C6 CU0066 Chip C, C2012CHl H330J [).4 XD0101 Chi> D, ISVl6611
C7 CU8028 Chi> C, 2125MCR10103K DS XD0100 Chip D. lSVl64
C8 CU8028 Chip C, 2125MCR10l03K UE0046 SB1DP-HVQ-CT
C9 CU8028 ChipC,2125MCR10103K
Cl0 CU9016 Chip C, 2125MCR10102K 01 XTOO75 Chp TR, 2SC2757Tl
en CSOO49 Chp Tantal, TMC1Cl05TR Q2 XEOO10 Chp FET, 2SK5OBK52Tl
CI2 CUOOO3 Chp C, 2125MCR10020C OJ XT0037 Chp TR, 2SKSOOK52Tl
04 XEOO11 Chi> FET, 2SKSOOKSl 11
11 QCOO63 Chip L, NL322522T -047M
Q4 XTOO59 Chi> TR, 2SC30B2KT960
as XTOO71 ChiJ TR. 2SC3837KT96N
R7 RKOO18 Chip R, MCR10J 101 ,
UEOO42 Terminal, 022 (1.01 S :
RB RKOO35 ChiJ R,2125MCR10102J
Rl0 RKOO14 ChiJ R,2125MCRID68OJ
i'Rl1 RKOO38 Che R, 2l25MCR10182J
I R12 RKOO2!l Cke R, 2125MCR10471J
R13 RKOO10 Chip R. 2l25MCR1039O..i
R14 RKOOOS Chip R. 2125MCR1022OJ
R16 RKOO25 Chip >I. 2125M'CR10331J
R17 RKOO45 ChiJ R, 2125MCR10472J
R19 RKOO56 Chip R, 2125MCR10223J
veo Unit -
Cl CU8016 Chi> C. 2125CH1Hl02K
C2 CU8016 ChipC, 2125CH1Hl02K :
C3 CUOO04 ChiJ C, 2l2SCH1H030C
C4 CU8028 Che C. 2l25CH1Hl03K
C5 CUOO11 Chip C. C2012CH1Hl00D
C6 CUOO11 Chi> C. 212SCH1Hl00D
C7 CUOO33 Chip C. 2125CH1H820J
C8 CUOO64 Chi> C, 2l2SCH 1 H220J
C9 CU()()()l Chi> C, 212SCH1HORSC
Cl0 CUOO33 Chip C. 2125CHl H820J
Cl1 CU8016 Chip C. 2125CH1Ht02K
C12 CUOOO4 Chp C. 2l2SCH1H030C
C13 CU802B Chp C, 2125CH1Hl03K
C14 CUOO64 Chip C, C2012CH1H220J
C15 CUOO33 Chip C, C2012CH1H220J -5-

z o .... -(

o o ..J

en ....

0: <C D.

.... W Z



<C o

N "
- Z
" If)
1: s 0:
III 11)19 Q
Q. 0)
... .~m~lO~
~ ~ (\j M x
f----;- N::;::;;'"
"8 M 1.0 t--. .-- I./) -~
o g_NO§
1: 000
.. «000
~ I-..::t~~~
~~ -
'C 2l
.. ...
" co
E o,
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Z Q.J II) ..c.o ~ ~
1: co
.. o Ul~ 00 a; -"U
Q. s s s s s s ffim8ti>
CO ~~~~g§~~.~~
J: §-ooo_m5u)~D-
~-- o ...J>o.:i:OL1:fu8g
i 0)
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U 8§888§8~~8
co ~~:.:c..c..:.:::>goo
~ zzzz>2It~~
'aici -
I J .-C\J(",)'<1l,{)(QoomO-
--_I I co



Item Adjustment point Adjustment method
VCO P/D Voltage TC2 (VCO Box) Adjust TC2 so that the voltage of TP3 is 2.3V on the receiving mode
(RX) at 144.00MHz.
VCO P/D Voltage TC1 (VCO Box) Adjust TC1 so that the voltage of TP3 is 2.0V on the transmission mode
(TX) at 144.00MHz.
Frequency TC2 (Main Board) Set the unit in the transmission mode at 145.00MHz and adjust TC2.
Power output VR6 (Hi) On "HI" position, turn VR6 for 25W output at 145.00MHz.
VR7 (Lo) On "LO" position, turn VR7 for 5W output at 145.00MHz.
RF Power Meter VR4 Turn VR4 so that three segments will light on "LO" position.
Deviation VR3 Input a signal of 1 KHz/25mV into the MIC jack and adjust VR3 so that
you obtain 4.9KHz/ Dev in the transmission mode.
MIC Gain VR2 Input a signal of 1 KHz/4mV into the MIC jack and adjust VR2 so that
you obtain 4.0KHz/Dev in the transmission mode.
Discrimination L-10 Enter SSG input 1 KHz / MOD ± 3.5KHz /Dev 60dB,u.
Adjustment Adjust to maxmize the output wave.
Sensitivity L1-5, L-6-8 Enter SSG input 1 KHz MOD ± 3.5KHz I Dev.
At 14~5.00MHz, adjust to maxmize 12dB SINAD sensitivity.
Subaudible Tone VR1 (Tone squelch On the "ENC" mode at 146.00MHz, turn VR1 so that the deviation is
Deviation board) O.7KHz.
S-Meter VR1 Turn VR1 so that the m begins to light.
(SG output:
3dB,u EMF)
Squelch Sensitivity VR9 Turn the squelch control fully clockwise and turn VR9 so that the
(SG output: squelch will be closed at the SG output of -6dBJi.
-6dB,u EMF) Upper Side View


Teg~ V:6 : ~::02

VR7~R2 l3W

OVR3 l5 0

ir===::::;;O::;-:T;:;;P::;-3 --:;:;TP~2;-\VTRRg;905j l4 0

veo 0 0 ~e 0 l6

TC1TC2 TC1 0 1 OOl7

o 0 VR1


l1 Ol2 o





CONTROL UNIT r---------~



, I I I I I I





1.. _

le1 CPU




Il ,

: Al A2 I

l .J







I I I I .--------_j I


~ J


.... .: ,

• m

r o o

" o

l> G)

JJ l> ;:




°l-T r::===-~-------a---' a


~I. . e ~ /~/ errill~ (/ tk- .. ll.. a. "9i'*. irn~ Q~ .. ~ ... "hi

~O .y.' :ij @

J~! ~ ~N';~;: ~g

!O~ ~ .f:

~@ ~.~ ~.'l- ••..•.•.. ;.Er. 0

~ ,:'

....... ·.jO 0

.~ ;1


l'r ~

.~ ~ .•.. -J ~ "'0

e ·0


iJ 0


; .:

Co ····D

+ Q ••.• J ... ,


• • ..1!!.:Im}1



. .. ~::>.- .

02 . '1il:J5 ..• '~'·.' .• ·'.m·. ~ . . .~'

CO~~... . < u,.~ .. '. -

~a,--- - - ,'-- f)


. . ~ .... ~.~.!:MJ

l.iJE.r.OOi·.~·;IC ..... 't ... :-~ r;;::;r;-)

.._. ..o':_·-------- uJ!!J llS.!::U

~_~~_~-~ .2.l3 III I


~ -»







• 144 veo PC BOARDS

• ••



..---'X -c







Head Office: "TWIN 21" MID Tower Building 23F

1-61, 2-Chome, Shiromi, Higashi-ku, Osaka No. 540, Japan Factory: 1-1-1, Mishimae, Takatsuki, Osaka No. 569, Japan