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Letter #5 Dear Customer, ‘There is still so much confusion brought on by Chris Philips and Amber since they have come back into the water business here in St. George. It has been shocking to experience the rudeness and anger | have received by some of the same customers | have serviced for so many years, as a result of partial truths and disparaging statements made in a two page letter sent out by Chris and Amber as well as many phone calls made by Amber, to most of you. | will ty to clear up some confusion about the bankruptey of Advance Aqua Systems that Chris and Amber keep misleading you about: Chris Philips and | became partners in 2002. Not long after, | found out that Advanced Aqua Systems was heavily in debt, which debts Chris did not disclosed to me, before | became his partner. These debts plagued the company the entire time we were partners, and carried over into the business after | bought it. Chris needed my money and skills or Advanced Aqua Systems would have been bankrupt in 2002. Due to Chris and Amber's activities, | was forced to buy the company in 2007, and | purchased 100% of Chris’ ofthe shares in the company- which ! paid for in full. Chris and | had a side employment agreement, and when the economy tanked, | exhausted very resource | had available to keep the company going and to honor the agreement, but Advanced Aqua Systems could not overcome the heavy debts accumulated by Charis before and during our partnership. When Chris tells you that I ran the company into the ground, he is not telling you the truth, or the whole story. Chris and Amber know very well their part in the bankruptoy. To assign blame to me oniy, so they look lke the injured party, is deceptive, and dishonest. As for stealing ‘their’ database, they is not telling you the truth. During and after our partnership, the database was more than doubled. | have been servicing those same customers for almost 10 years now, and some of you as far back as 1984, when | frst brought the water treatment business to St. George. | know who my customers are. itis not illegal for me to call or contact any customer as you are being told by Chris and Amber. Again, they is not telling you the truth, All ofthis has already gone through the courts, and we both signed a settlement agreement that states word for word: ‘Absence of Non-Compete Agreements: Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as a non-compete agreement for or against the Copeland's or Philips; and both parties acknowledge that either party may freely compete against the other for customers included or excluded in the Agreement... ‘As for Chris and Amber telling everyone that they are suing me, again is deceptive, and designed to bring credibilty to their already untruthful story. They have filed a frivolous lawsuit against me, that has no bases or merit because of the agreement that we both signed which states, ‘we can freely compete for any customer’. | choose to compete fairly; not disparage and destroy someone's reputation to build my business. For the many of you who have taken the time to find out what has factually taken place, | say, ‘thank you’, for your faimess and support In closing, it has been Beau, Jason or myself who has serviced your equipment in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Chris and Amber are not teling you the truth when they say they are the ones who have serviced your equipment these past years. Chris has been gone for the past 3 years, and therefore did not service your equipment. | am the original installer of 99% of all equipment sold by Advanced Aqua Systems, since 2002, and some of you as far back as 1984. Chris is telling you that | can not warranty the equipment; that only he can. Again, he is not telling you the truth. { still use all the same suppliers and | still warranty all equipment!!! So, if you are interested in honest service, by the same people who have serviced your equipment for the past many years; then | will be happy to give you the best service possible, at the best prices possible. If you have any questions please call, 435- 652-4444, Warmest regards, Bret Copel