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Letter 4 Dear Customer: 212. Years There is still alot of confusion brought on by Chris Philips and Amber since they have come back into the water business here in St. George, after being gone for AS a result of Partial truths and disparaging statements, that are being said by Chris and Amber; and it has been shocking to experience the rudeness and anger we have received by some of the same customers Ihave serviced for so many years. | have received calls from many of my customers saying that Chris and Amber are pursuing them relentlessly, and bombarding them with letters and phone calls; trying to make appointments to come to their home so Chris "can tell them the whole story” saying that: | stole "their" database, and it's illegal for me to contact “their” customers... | owe them $500,000, and much, much more, none of which are true. Everything has already been approved and settled in court, and Chris knows this. There is a signed settlement agreement between Chris and | that explains what Chris is not telling you. We both signed this agreement and it reads word for word as follows: Absence of Non-Compete Agreements: Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as 2 non-compete agreement for or against Copeland's or Philips; and both parties acknowledge that either party may freely compete against the other for customers included or ‘excluded in this Aron Settlement Agreement Rg, #10. Non-Disparagement: The parties agree that each will refrain from making any statements, written or oral, which are intended to disparage, or which do disparage, the business, goodwill or reputation of any other party to this Agreement... There are two sides to every story and | choose not to hurt Chris and Amber by speaking badly of them. | choose to compete fairly; not disparage and destroy someone's reputation to build my business. Itis time for Chris and Amber to start honoring this agreement and move forward, For those of you who choose to believe Chri, | can only apologize for anything wrong you feel I hhave done to you or Chris. For the many of you who have taken the time to find out what has factually taken place, | say thank you for your fairness and support. In closing, it has been myself, Beau, or Jason who has ‘serviced your equipment in 2007, 2008, 2009 and the past several years; not Chris, as you are being led to believe. | am the origina installer of 99% of all equipment installed since 2002; and have installed and serviced equipment for many of you as far back as 1984. | still honor all warranties. So, if are interested in honest service; by the same people who have serviced your equipment for the past many years; then | will be happy to continue to give you the best service possible, at the best prices possible. If you have any questions call: 435-652-4444 or 435-229-9473, Warmest ale