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Dear Customer: AAs you may already know, we have been known as "Advanced Water Treatment ‘Systems” going on two years now. | was formerly Advanced Aqua Systems and mailed out letters informing you of my company’s new name “Advanced Water Treatment Systems”. Chris Phillips and |, Brent Copeland, used to be partners from 2002 to 2007. Many of you may not remember Chris. Due to irreconcilable differences, | bought Chris out in 2007. When the bottom fell out ofthe economy in 2009 | could no longer make the large monthly payment. As a result, after Chris Phillips came back into the business under the name | Advanced Aqua Systems” with Amber as his secretary. | wish him well. Ble years. That being said however, it saddens me that | have now been placed in the humiliating position of having to defend statements levied against my character, work ethic, integrity, honor, and good name. I have received many phone calls from my customers telling me that, “Amber” working for Advansed Aqua Systems has been calling and telling them a lot of different falsehoods; some of them being: 1. That | was a disgruntied employee who has stolen their database and salt route. 2. That | can not warranty your equipment. 3. That you have to stay with them because they are the “original” company and only they can warranty your equipment. 4, That you should not let me in your home if| show up for a scheduled appointment. 5, That | am stealing their customers. 6. That if you get a call from Advanced Water Treatment Systems to ignore it and don't believe anything we say because we are the “wrong company" Lele + 3 | can only hope that you choose not to believe these untrue, hurtul, and harmful statements. | will ty to clear up any confusion that has been placed upon you. We are also told that you are being led to believe that they are the same company and same people who have always been servicing your Reverse Osmosis and equipment. That is not true. Chris Philips has been absent for almost 3 years and isnot the same person who has been in your home. It has been either Beau, Jason, or mysetf ‘who has not only installed, but has serviced and repaired your equipment for the past many years, some of you as far back as 1984. ‘As for stealing a database or stealing “their” customers, that is the most disturbing, and untrue accusation of all, as | have no database belonging to Advanced Aqua Systems or Chris Phillips. We are each free to compete in the market place. ‘As for your warranties, it makes no difference if | installed your equipment when ! was Advanced Aqua Systems or Advanced Water Treatment Systems. | still warranty “all” of the units. Please rest assured that | am authorized by my manufacturer to warranty your equipment and | will continue to do so as | always have. Please feel free to contact my manufacturers. They will assure you that | am authorized to honor all your warranties. Below is the contact information: Nugen Pure Water Systems (ask for Jared) Pacific Water Inc. (ask for Paul or Richard) 1195 S 1480 W 200 W Haven Ave Orem, Ut 84058 Salt Lake City, Ut 84115, 801-226-7277 801-485-6510 As for the Salt Route, Phil Walters, your delivery man forthe past four years, has started his own company, “Salt Express Plus”. He foo has been grossly accused of being a disgruntled employee who has been stealing ‘thelr customers. That too is completely false. Phil has not worked for Chris Philips in nearly 3 years, He was an employee of mine when he wanted to start, Sat Express Plus, as we were no longer going to be delivering salt Chris Philips did not come back into the business unt recently. Phil did not steal anyone's customers. 'm sure ‘most of you remember he knocked on your door; let you know of his new business and asked if you would like to continue your sat delivery service with him. Phil was a wonderful employee, and has been nothing but reliable, honest and hardworking. We wish him the very, very best. {hope this has cleared up some confusion for you, and in closing let you know that | will continue to send out your letters to remind you of your anal Reverse Osmosis Service and follow up with a phone call as | have always done. Ithas been a pleasure doing business with you for the past many years and | hope to continue for many, many more. | would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to call me at 435-652-4444. With warmest regards, Hees ant Copeland, Advancéd Water Treatment Systems