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Leter #2 Dear Customer: ‘As you may already know, we have been known as "Advanced Water Treatment” for over a year now and mailed you a letter informing you of the new name. Chris Phillips and myself were partners of Advanced Aqua Systems from 2002 to 2007. Many of you may not remember Chris. Due to irreconcilable differences | bought Chris out in 2007. When the bottom fell out of the economy in 2009, and due to extenuating circumstances before | bought (and involving) "Advanced Aqua Systems” I could no longer make the monthly payments. That was almost 2 years ago. Chris came back into the business aboutans2p10~ with Amber as his secretary after being absent for almost 3 year. | wish him well Nov, 23, 2004 Ze yeavsS That being said however, it Saddens me that | have now been placed in the humiliating position of having to defend statements levied against my character, work ethic, integrity, honor, and good name. | can not let these accusation go unanswered and need to respond to the untruthful letters, and phone calls you are being bombarded with, from Chris and Amber. | choose not to speak disparaging of Chris Phillips, and feel badly that he has not chosen that ‘same path. Chris knows well his part in all of this and what he did that brought about all of the problems with the company, and that should remain between he and I. To take this publicly is very unprofessional, and they should be embarrassed for doing so and bringing the customers in to all of this. Chris and | have a signed settlement agreement that states we are each free to compete in the market place and contact whom ever we choose. Below are only a few of the many untruthful things they are saying: 4. That an the company into the ground. 2. That I stole “their” database. 3. That | can not warranty the equipment; because they are the “original” company. 4, That you have been conned by me, and what | am doing is illegal. 5. That | am not suppose to be contacting "their" customers. 6. That | kept utilizing Advanced Aqua Systems 2727? and on....and on. | can only hope that you choose not to believe these harmful, hurtful, and untrue accusations; and please remember there is always two sides to ever story. We are taking the proper steps to end this nonsense once and for all. | have been installing, servicing, and maintaining your equipment for the past many years, some of you as for back as 1984, and Chris should not be deceiving you into believing it was him doing so under the guise of “the original owner" when | brought in over half of the business and did 99.9 % of al installs sold by Advanced Aqua Systems. Chris and | were equal partners. As for the Salt Route, Phil Walters has been delivering your salt for the past four years. He too has been grossly accused by these two people, Chris and Amber. Phil was an employee of mine and wanted to go off on his own when | told him that | was no longer going to be doing the salt delivery service. I'm sure many of you remember Phil knocking con your door and asking if you would like him to continue delivering your salt. Phil was a wonderful employee, and was nothing but reliable, honest and hardworking. ‘As for your warranties, it makes no difference if | installed you equipment when | was Advanced Aqua Systems or Advanced Water Treatment. | stil warranty “all” of the equipment and will continue to maintain, and service your equipment as | always have. Please feel free to contact my manufacturers. | have got my equipment from them for many, many years. They will assure you that | am authorized to honor all of your warranties. Below is their contact, information: Nugen Pure Water Systems (ask for Jared) Pacific Water Inc. ( ask for Paul or Richard) 1195 $ 1480 W 200 W Haven Ave Orem, Ut 84058 Salt Lake City, Ut 84115 801-226-7277 801-485-6510 Please except my humble apology for this intrusion of your time in reading this rebuttal letter, and in closing let you know that | will continue servicing all of your equipment and continue giving you the best service possible, at the lowest prices possible, and remember “we beat anyone's prices.” If you have any questions please call 229-9423 or 652-4444 Thank you for your business for all of these years! Warmest regards, Brot Cela Brent Copeland