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Date 08.09.2010 To ‘The Principal, St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School, Shastri Circle, Jodhpur Dear Sir, | confirm the following details in respect of my son: Name’ Class. Reg. No.... who is due for Registration of of Class X 2010 ~ 11 online with the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and further state that | have NO OBJECTION IN THESE ENTRIES MADE IN THE REGISTRATION FORM to be forwarded to the Board (online): 1) Name of the Student 2) Name of Mother 3) Name of Father 4) Sex : 2 Male 5) Caste (CD Generai (] sc []st [osc (Certificate 10 be attached in case of SC, ST, OBC) 6) Handicapped C1 na C1 -ating 7) -deat (7) +Handicapped [1] “spastic (certificate to be attached) 7) Examination Option {C1 Schoo! Conducted SA2 Board Conducted SA2 (For those who wish to move out of the CBSE system after Class - X) 8) Annual income of Mother and Father : Rs. 8) Only child of the parents [yes [no 10) Home Address Eee Structure Thanking You, Rs. 175/- Candidate appearing for School conducted SA2 examination in Class X Rs. 350/- Candidates appearing for Board conducted ‘SA2 examination in Class X Rs. 50/- Migration Certificate Rs.10/- D.D and Postage Charges Yours faithfully, (Signature of Parent) (Signature of Student) Name Phone No. Off... Res. In has been noticed that, in certain cases, the particulars given above are not checked properly by the Candidates and Parents. Kindly note that, documents issued by the Board depends on the above data, Therefore you are requested to go through these details carefully. Note: This performa must med latest by 13"