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syy2010 IRCTC tdBooked Ticket Pring IRCTCee-Ticketing Service, Electronic Reservation Slip +, This ticket will only be valid along with an 1D proof in original If found travelling without ID Proof,Passenger will be weated as without ticket and charged as per extant Rallway rules [ranescton "029354286 PRR NG eccTROET TaN. Nene: 286 iDANAPUR EWPRESE Pa aes ep = Pia Ser ian HOWRAR IWF) [Tos PATRA MP WBED REL) enrdrg: HOWRAH INNA — ResvUpt: PATNA JNPNBET Busta: Gono Scheduled Depare 2035" [oa Fare Rs 252 00 ‘Rat chia “Departure ume printed onthe ERS tablet change. New sme abe from O1Ju-2010 encession ooking StatuniCurent Status 0 ae fe se” Pssct sar to [e_ROnT RAMAN a [eoneiR 857 c006! UB Service Charges ARCTC senice charge:-Rs 10.00, Important “= New time table willbe effected from 07-07-2010, Departure time printed in ERS is liable to change. Customers are requested to check with Railway enquiry. «+ One ofthe passenger booked on an E-ticket is ried 1 present any ofthe identity cards noted below in original {uring the tran journey anc same will be accepted as proof of entity fling which all the passengers will be treated as traveling without ticket and shall ba dealt as per extant Raiway Rules. Valid lds Var lsentty Card / Passpor/ PAN Caré/ Driveg License / Photo ID card issued by Centra) State Got /Student lent Card with hotograh issued by recognized Scho or Collage fo thei studerte /Nationalged Bank Pasbook with photograph ret Carés issued by Banks wih laminated photograph. ‘+ The accommodation booked isnot trensferabe ands vad only Wfone ofthe ID card noted abowe is presented ‘uring the joumey. The passenger should cary with him the Electronic Reseration Sip printout. n case the passenger does not cary the electronic resenation slp, a charge of Ps. 50)- per ticket shal be recovered by the ticket chacking eta and an excees fare ticket wil be iesued ine ofthat, + Eticketcareellations are permitted through by the user. In case eticket is booked through an ‘agent, please contect respective agent for cancellations. ++ For Raliway Enquiry Dial 138 or SMS 'RAIL'to 138. + Jago Yatri Jago. For catering related queries dil tol ree no. 200-111-198 Contact us on:-28°7 Hrs. Customer Suppor at 011-38840000 , MON - SAT(10 AM - 6 PM) 011-28344787 , Chennai Customer Care 044 - 25300000 oF Mal To: care@irete coin Thank you for using IRCTC's Services. [er FV [ovose irctecoinfeibinyowO./rntickt nm