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fa (gfe) fafes (Gre SRE TT ew AERC afer) om aRar GAIL (India) Limited aoa seo” (A Govt of India Navratna Company) PO Pata Auraiya (UP 206241 Ref. No.: Pata/F&A/GM1/09-10/ Date: 09.03.2010 From: R C Gupta, To : Zonal Office In-Charges GM (F&A) GAIL, Pata, Sub: Closing of Accounts as on 1010 For timely closing of annual accounts of GAIL — Pata, the target dates for various activities is being intimated for compliance: + Review of old Habilities and reversal if not requived + Clearing of open items of customer ledger 31.03.2010 © Closing of all transactions at CS point | © CSPoint Physical Stock Verification certificate as on 31.03.2010 (as per format enclosed & duly reconciled with SAP and excise records) * Details of CS wise Stock in Transit as on 31.03 2010 (wrt Stock Transfer) after tallying with SAP 01.04.2010 + Posting of CS Commission om actual basis (with posting date 31.03 2010) * Posting of Post sales discounts on actual basis (with posting date as 31.03.2010) for polymers & By products (Company Code: 5010/6030) + Raising of all debit notes & booking all other expenses & 03.04.2010 provisions (if required) for the period ending 31.03.2010 ispatching balance confirmation letters to all customers * Dispatching all CS Cor n invoices up to 31 03 2010 to Gail Pata for ceavat credit of Service Tax You are requested 10 maintain the above schedule to meet the target as intimated by corporate office Special attention may kindly be given for accuracy of the amount with transaction dates in posting of various transactions, eas — (RC Gupta) Distribution through email ‘Name of Zonal Office Name of Consignment Stockist : Warchouse Address SAP Code: [__ Closing Stock of Polymers lying at Consignment Stockist warehouse as on 31* March 2010 SLNo._| “Name of Grade/Material Group | Quantity | _ Excise Duty Cas (MTS) (Rs) Rs.) A__| HDPE GLEI 0007) ‘SubTotal HDPE Glene HDPE GLEX (FG0002) SubTotal HDPE Giex LDPE GLENE (FG0003 ‘SubTotal LLDPE Glene FDPE-2 GLEX (FG0014) SubTotal HDPE Giex Grand Total (A+B+C#D) Certified that Closing Stock quantity and Excise Duty & Cess thereon tallying with our SAP records and Excise Records maintained by Consignment Stockist Certified & Physically Verified by: Signature Signature Name & Seal of GAIL Official ‘Name Designation: Name & Seal of Consignment Stockist Counter Certified & Verified as pet SAP by HOD (F&A): Signature: Name & Seal of GAIL Official Designation: GAIL (India) Limited Name of Zonal Office ‘Name of Consignment Stockist Warehouse Address SAP Code: Stock in transit of Polymers wit Stock transfer fiom Pata which are yet to be received at Consignment Stockist warehouse as on 31 March 2010. S.No. | Name of Grade/Material Group [Quantity [Excise Duty Cess (MTS) Rs. Rs. A ENE (FG000i) ‘SubTotal HDPE Glene 'G0002) ‘SubTotal HDPE Glex iE (FG0003) SubTotal LLDPE Glene HDPE-2 GLEX FG0019 SubTotal HDPE Glex Grand Total (A=B2C+D) Certified thar: Stock in transit quantity and Excise Duty & Cess thereon has been tallied as per SAP records Cettified & Verified as per SAP HOD (Marketing) Signature: Designation: