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Z#) ELITE TELECOM NETWORK ENGINEER COURSE CURRICULUM Our Vision and Mission Tet curutut To Contribute to the Country of - corporatization by providing technically trained and Soft Skill Certified Human Resources. To Upgrade the employability of available Human Resource by providing an opportunity for self development at the resource township. About Tech @ Gurukul Tech@Gurukul a RT Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd is an up and coming training training, education and sacar provider. We partner enter- prises and help them in realizing their mission critical goals by enhancing the core capability of their workforce and processes by using proven methozdology. Trainees who successfully complete B. Tech and IT Diploma courses and who have the passion to start of on a carrier path of IT or Telecom sector are Piny idee with carrier counseling. Based on the pea the industry proficiency courses are offered to students at a nominal rate lepending on their choice candidates can opt for a three month, six month, or One year course. Introduction of RT Outsourcing Services RT Outsourcing is India’s leading provider of Technical Support_and Reverse Logistics services for Original Sede Manufacturers, ‘ompanies, Outsourcers, Distributors, Large Corporation and Retail jains. RT engages as a partner to Fortune 500 companies in IT, Telecom and CE space and manages end-to-end echnicalfstnoor’ customer care, warranty services, el desk and managed services, repair and refurbishment, project sila outs etc. which meet strenuous service levels committed by the clients to their customers. RT's single window solutions to al the needs for warranty support ensures that clients can focus on their core competence and increase customer satisfaction. Tech Gurukul’s clients PHILIPS tenovo Fd =) Elite eee eee +oe eee ++ + eee Telecom Network Engineer Course Curriculum Mobile Telecom Fundamentals+ Digital Communication * Network Planning Telecom Networks & Standards + Telecommunication Traffic Telecom Switching + Radio Interfaces Operation and Maintenance + RF Fundamentals GSM Fundamentals+ GSM Fundamentals GSM Architecture GSM Identities * Channel Concepts BTS Fundamentals+ BTS Architecture with Practical Approach Practical guidelines TedbOenienans PeaGaewiperedires Installation Procedure * Practical On site Master Advance Technol. Special Feature + CDMA + Extensive Practical Exposure by Industry Experts UMTS-3G + Laptop Trainings VSAT + Career Progression Path & Hierarchy, GPRS,SDH, Optical Network, VolP ete. + Personality Development RF Fundamentals+ Part I Description of Radio Waves + Different Propagation of waves Different RF ranges + LOS propagation Frequency Bands RF Fundamentals+ Part II Path Losses + Frequency Planning Power Measuring units Antennas, Polarization ,Gain Absolute power values + Quasi-Optical and Array Technique + Link Budgets Radiation patterns Surveying RF Cell Site Location + GPS (details) Physical Surveying + Space Segments (Satellites) + RIT, GBT, Pole site Surveying + Introduction > GadlGeran Canteen) + Working GSM Planning and Optimization Part — | Planning + Propagation Models (details) Bel otic Qtetratiecns + Planning tools - Features * GOS - Grade of services Peete ceD ac GSM Planning and Optimization Part — II Optimization + DIX Network Tuning Parameters + Power Control Handover Parameters + Drive Test — TEMS Frequency Hopping * And more module... col UT Cantack a BS Delhi [Ons NO) Cc a oy em Phone No : 91-011 - 46694162/173/181 eee ROR er See Website : aC Mee Men Monte eke Se Lr 408, DM Towers, 21/1, Race Course Road, Near Janjeer Wala Chowraha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.. Lee OKC OS ML RLU Chol) E-Mail ID : RT Outsourcing Services Ltd D - 158 OKHLA PHASE - 1 DELHI - 110020 BOARD No : 91-011 - 46694100 Additional No : 91-011 - 41615448 i ae eR R LL) A el CM Ra ee Reet)