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IST LOLITARY RATIWAY SERVICE Office of General Manager APO 772 2 April 195 GENERAL ORDERS) i 2 WMBR 12) ASSIGIMENT OF THE 76157 RALUWAY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY 1, Paragraph 2c, Section IT General Orders 67, this Headquarters, 23 December 19h), is recinded. 2. the 761st Railway Transportation Coupany is placed under the Jurisdiction of the 733rd Reilway Operating Battalion and command channels will be through the Comuanding Officer, 733rd Railway Oporating Battalion. ‘This change in assignnent is retroactive to OOO1A Hours, 1 April 195. By order of Colonel STODDARD: TAMS MATHEWS Captain, 1.6. Adjutant OFFICIAL: /s/ James Mathews AMES MATHEWS Captain, 7.0. Adjutant DISTRIBUATION "A" CHRITFID TRUE CORY | ee © Bag E Widlamen ‘Ee WIDAMAN Adjutant, 7élst RIO. (@xMIBI WO. 2) £0. [2005 S- Be HEADQUARTERS ‘THIRD GENERAL HOSPITAL (US) 300.4, APO 23 SPECIAL ORDER) 6 april 1915 NBR 87.) EXTRAG? 2. ‘The following 0 & Bu, classifications indicated are trié in er fr org 4ndicated & atchd unasgd, Det of Patients, 4400 US Army Hospital Plant, APO 772, effective 7 Apr lS. Auth: Cir 69, Hq BIOUSA, dtd 13 Jun Li. NAME GRADE «= ASN A/S-ORGNN CLASS APO HATIEY, OZ. Capt 0425507 10 761 wy Trans Op TOF BC 772 By order of Colonel DONNELLY: J-Wl. POLKINGHORN Major, HAC Adjutant OFFICIAL: /s/ 3.4. Polkinghorn Tele POLKINGHORN Major, MAC Adjutant CHRILFIED cWO, USA Adjutant, 761st RIC. (SKHIBI? NO. IT) DECLASSInEL opresust atte Raton Ais RN | IST MILITARY RATLWAY SERVICE Office of General lanager A.P.O. 772 | 22 April 19h5° sPuoral oto) EXTRaG? | 13. The following Off, orgn indicated, on DS with orgn indicated are reld fr such DS and asgmt and asgd to orgn indicated. WP at once. No travel is involved: RANK, NAME AND ASNT ORGH ‘OW TH ASGD _TO_ ‘AST LT THOMAS H FOX 0501287, 10 76lst RI Hq lst MS Hq lst MRS 1 } | Aut Ltr, GHQ, Mil Ry Serv, US, COMZONE ETOUSA, (Prov), 22 Feb 1945, file | 210.482. | ‘BY ORDER OF COLONEL STODDARD: II ‘JAS MATHEWS | Captain, T.C. Adjutant: OFFICIAL: /s/ James Yathens ‘JAMES MATHEWS: Captain, T.C. Adjutant | ey TRUE COPY ee 3, Wideman! GRE ‘WIDAMANT Adjutant, 76lst RI (sumer? wo. 11) SECRET sai OO ONuRNeNTIAL @ 1ST IGLTTARY RATLWAY SERVICR ‘76lst Railway Transportation Company Office of Connanding Officer APO 772 2 dune 1945 HISTORICAL RECORD FOR MAY 2, GENERALS ¥ a. Table of Organization 55-229 dated 28 October 1913 as amended by changes 1, 2, and War Department Circular No. 201, 194), and augmentation of Mess Team Type 5 of Table of Organization 55-500 dated 17 August 1943, as amended by changes 1, 2, and 3; authorising 6 Officers and 299 enlisted men. b. Strength of organization: ASSIGNED ATTACHED ott WO my ore Bi as of 1 May 195.2... 1 o9t 0 T ds of 31" 19u5..... bh 1 286 oO 1 e+ Changes in assigned enlisted personnel for the month of May took place as follows: 1 enlisted man was transferred to Detachment of Patients. 2 enlisted men on temporary duty in the US and 4 enlisted men enroute to the US on temporary duty were released fron assigned. J enlisted man was transferred to 77th Railway Grand Division. 3 enlisted men were assigned from 6690th Reinforcement Depot and placed on TD with Toth Railway Grand Divisioa. 4. Tae unit was elerted for movement the first week in May, considerable work was encountered in packing TBA and organizational equipment, and making final preparations for movement. An advance detachment departed Ludwigshafen, Germany on 6 May 45, and arrived in Munich, Germany on 7 May 45, to prepare billets for the remainder of the company, which departed Kaiserslautern and Indwigshafen by rail on 10 May 45. See (EKHIBIT NO. I) SO No. 128, Hq Ist Mil Ry Serv, 8 May 5 as authority for this movement. A joint mocting held at Karlaruhe, Germany on 6 May 45 assigned the 76lst Railway Transp. Co., the line from Augsburg to Munich, with company Headquarters to be established at Monich, Germany. The unit was released from assignment to the 70th Railway Grand Division and assigned to the 703rd Railway Grand Division per GO No. 21, Sec IIL, Hq lst Mil Ry Serv, 23 May 45, (See EXHIBIT II). General Orders No. 5, Hq 703rd Railway Grand Division, 26 May 5 (See EXHIBIT ITT) placed the-76ist Ry Transp Go., under the jurisdiction of the 728th Railway Operating Battalion, with command channels through CO, 726th Ry Opn Bn. Company headquarters are now establisied at Munich, nearly half the company, or approximately two officers | and 118 enlisted men are stationed at Augsburg, and smaller detachments of men at Garmish, Weilheim and Rosenheim. e. Physical Profile examinations were given to all officers and enlisted men of the organization in accordance with the Plan for Readjustment of Military Personnel upon the defeat of Germany. A rough estimate of the Adjusted Service Rating credits of men in the outfit revealed that 67% of the company had 85 points or more. sae ENTIAL Reprot.ced at Nana Ac j * atte 2. RALLROAD OPERATION. ‘Train movement control offices have been established at Augsburg and Munich for the purpose of supervising the operation and control of trains in yards and between these points. ga b. Yardmasters, clerks and checkers have been placed at the following yards and etations:' Augsburg, Munich Central, South Mianich, Laim Yards, Pasing, East Munich, Garmish, Weilheim and Rosenheim, to assist, supervise and expedite the movement of rail traffic on territory assigned to this unit. ¢. Through the employment of German Civilian workers considerable progress has been made in the restoration of yards, rail lines, bridges and shops which were damaged due to bombs and demolition. Surveys of rolling stock and equip- ment ere being accomplished, and to date approximately 5,607 railway cars were stenciled for the use of the Allied Military Forces. 3. TRANSPORTATION. @. The organization has one Jeep % ton, one C&R 3/4 ton, two weapons carriers 3/4 ton, and one GMC 22 ton truck, which are used for hauling crews to and from work, drawing of supplies and tations at Augsburg and lamich and outlying detachments. Courier service has been put into effect between this unit and the 703rd Ry Grand Div, and 728th Ry Opn Bn. 4. DAPROVEMENTS. ‘notion picture projecter has been made available to the Augsburg Detachment, and current pictures are shown regularly. Dsyrooms have bean set up at Augsburg and Munich, furnished with writing and reading tables. Considerable work has been done in and around the billets, repairing damage caused by bombings. b, For the month of May there were no Courts-Martials, or casualties. c. CWO HUON &. WIDAMAN, W2115911, Adjutant, this organisation has been placed on Temporary Duty in Paris France, for approxmiately one week for the purpose of attending Information and Education Officer's Staff School, per per 11, $0 No. 140, Hq 1st 11 Ry Serv, dtd 20 May 1945, (See EXHIBIT NO. IV), tiie Ist It. T.C., | | DECLASSInED aot att Naloa cis Jee | AiO BOUS sca sfefe ial 3 ° a Sey ws ‘REVIEW OF OPERATIONS FROM V-® DAY DATE (76lst Ry Transp Co.) On May 6, 1945, the 7616t Railway Transpertation Company arrived in Munich, te open rail lines in one ef the largest railway centers of Germany. Tais was the company's second assignment in Germany, having been ene of the forward railway units in bringing supplies to tthe Rhine River. Tm Munich the unit found that the Germans had been fighting vainly to keep the "Sisenbahn” in operation despite the steady attrition caused by the Allied Air Force ‘With a few engines under steam, and supervision ef German civilians by members of tne company, the jeb began of restoring a terminal that had, in normal times, eperated ene thousand trains in a 24 hour period. @nough track- age was replaced in remarkable tine te accomodate the essential supply depots for the army. ds the rail lines were repaired the organizations territory fanned out so that it now includes the supervision of lines of the Munich Terminal, Augsburg, Imsbruck and Salzburg districts. ‘The unit was net spensered by any specific railroad, but was composed ef men who had helped te form sponsered units. Their pride in their organi- zation coues fro the brotherhood of all Anerican Rsilroads. Railroad No. of Men Railread No. of Men Southern RR 20 Pennsylvania BR 30 Now York Central FR 17 Reading Railroad 8 Grand Trunk Western 1. Southern Pacific 10 Chicage Burlington & Q. 8 Texas and S.W. RR a Baltimore and Chie @ Texas and Pacific 1 Canadian National H Wabash Radiroad 3 Northern Pacific 3 Tilinois Central RR 5 Unien Pacific RR 2 DP. & W. BR i Great Northern 3 CRI. & P. RR L New Jersey Central RR Seaboard ER 4 Elgin Jeliet Eestern BR 1 Duluth South Shore im Chic-St Paul Minn & 0. Seaboard Airlines 2 Missippi Central 1 Chicage Northwestern 9 Nickel Prate 1 Westinghouse 1 St Louis & San Francisco 1 Kelly's Island ai Green Bay & Western RR 1 Delaware Lacka & W. ER 2 Lehigh & New England = 1 Chicago Great Western 1 Western Maryland RR 2 Minn St Paul S Ste ilarie 1 Peoria & Eastern 1 Brie Railroad 3 New York City Transit 1 Ny NH & HBR 3 Ujssouri Pacific RR 2 Tennessee RR i ABC RR 1 Indiana Harbor Belt RR 2 Long Island Railroad 3 Chicago Rapid Transit 1 Pere Warquetie ER i Soo Line (over) Raprocce tt aera his River Terminal ER 1 Bosten & Maine 2 Frisco RR aise Chie-Tii-ilidiana RR“ “1 Union RR Zast Pittsburg 1 Chicago West este an & Reposues ate Natonat Aches | | | | ° CONFIDENTIAL e HEADQUARTERS 1ST MILITARY RATLWAY SERVICE Office. of General Manager 4P0 326 : 8 May 19L5 SECRE2 : SPECIAL ORDERS) NOBR 128) EXTRACT 9. The 761st Ry Transportation Co, WP fr Kaiserslautern and Saar- brucken, Germany to Augsburg, Germany at once. ‘BA and orgn equip will accompany the move. ‘Travel by Govt MT and rail is atad. Mat in kind will be furnished. PCS. TDN. - 60-1) P 431-02 A 212/50425. auth: Ltr GHQ, 11 Ry Serv, US, COMZONE BIOUSA, (Prov), 22 Feb 1945, file 210.462 ‘BY ORDER OF COLOWML STODDARD: JAMES MATHS Captain, 1 Adjutant. OFFICIAL: /s/ Janes Vathors JAMES MATHEWS Captain, TC ‘Adjutant | DISTRIBUTION "BY CERTIFIED TRUE COPY fe Gey lst lt., 1.¢., Commanding. ‘76lst Ry Transp Co. (SHIBIT WO. ) )QUAR: 1ST MOLETARY RATLWAY SERVICE Office of General Manager A.P.O. 772 23 May 19h5 5h CRs GENERAL ORDER) 2 NUR 21) EXTRACT ASSIGNMENT OF UNITS....... bey eli TIL. ASSIGNMEN? OF WITS i. This General Order supersedes all former General Orders on assign- mont of units to Railway Grand Divisions and to this headquarters. 411 com- ponent units of Railway Grand Divisions will report through the Commanding Officer of the Railway Grand Division to which they are assigned, and all units assigned directlg to this headquarters will report direct to the General ite ager, Headquarters, Ist Military Railway Service. The following assignnents are effective at once: HEADQUARTERS 703RD RATLMAY GRAND DIVISION Component: Units: He em ‘76lst Railway Transportation Company weeean | BY ORDER OF COLONEL STODDARD: JaileS MATHISNS Captain, T.C. OFFICLAL: : Adjutant /s/ James Matnens JAMES MATES Captain, T.c. Adjutant DISTRIBUTION: "a" CRRITRLED TRUE fa Ist lt., 7.0. Commanding . Tolst Ry ‘rasnp Co OAMINENTIAL WUE (SKHIEIT WO. IT) epooied & Me Neonates POFDENTAL = 1ST MULITARY RATLWAY SERVICE Headquarters 703rd Railway Grand Division Office of Commanding Officer APO 772 26 May 1945 OBR 5 asstcwuoain of THE 761ST RATIWAY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY 1, The 76lst Railway ‘Transportation Company is placed under the jurisdiction of the 728th Railway Operating Battalion and command channels will be through Commanding Officer, 728th Railway Operating Battalion. 2. Mhis change in assignnent is effective 0001B Hours, 27 May 1945. BY ORDER OF COLONEL COVIN: LEE F. BROWN | Captain IC Adjutant ORFIGLAL: /s/ lee F. Brom TRE F. BROW Captain, TC Adjutant DISTRIBUTION "BH Télst Ry Transp Co. (EXHIBIT NO. IIL) = epoca tthe Naor tives CLASSIn}EL . IOWF See. CONFIDENTIAL HRADQUAR TERS: 1ST MULETARY RATOAY SmevroE t Office of Ceneral Ianager APO 772 20 May 19h5 SPECTAL ORDERS) NUMBER jo) © EBITRaG? P pars” Hugh 3 Widaman, Jr., W-2115911, USA, 761st Ry Transportation Sete aris, France, for the purpose of attending Infornavion amy Bannon Officers! Staff School for the term of one (1) week commencing 28 May 1945. cemubt Register st the school on 27 May 19). Travel by Govt auto et zat, ie shade at ia kind will be fun. MN. 60-114 P 432-02 4 212/S0L25,” dacks Mer, GHQ, Mil Ry Serv, US, COMZOwE ZIGUSA (Prov) 22 Feb 19d, Pte 210.482. ‘BY ORDER OF COLONEL stonpaRD: JAMES MATHERS Captain, f.¢. Adjutant: OFFICLAL: /s/ Janes Mathews JAMES UATHENS Captain, 1.c., Adjutant DISTRIBUTION "BY CHRISTE RUE copy ee Lidep- Ist te, 2.0., Commanding. 7élst Railway Transp Co. ponies (SKEIETT No. IV) _ AST MELTUARY RATLWAY SERVICE 6lst Railway Transportation Comany j Office of Commanding Officer ‘APO 772 HESTORIGAL RUCORD FoR JUNE Ls Le GENRRAD: “Table of Organization 55-229 dated 28 October 1943 as amended by a and War Dopartment Circular No. 201, I9ij, and Augmentation of Mess ff Siof Table of Organization 55-500 dated 17 August 1943, as amended oy Changes 1,2, and 3; authorizing 5 Officers and 299 Enlisted wen. be Strength of organization: Assigned Attached pee one As of 1 June 1945... 5 - te 9h ole 286 ° a As of 30." Ipb5.. 2. BA a 257 o 3. c. Changes in assigned personnel for the month of June took place as follows: 4, EM were trfd to 15th Reinforcement Depot (Over 42 years of age). 26 EMwere Girfd ito 16th Reinforcement Depot (EM with 85 and wore points). 1 EM was assigned from AU Det 50th GFRO, 306th Reiaforcement company. Lgrticer yas assigned frou 726th Railnay Operating Battalion (See Sih-bic janber I). d. Ghanges in attached personnel for the month of June took place as follows: 2 Bit placed on DS with this organization from 303th M41 Police Ratvalion. e+ Company headquarters are still at lunichs Germany, with a large detachment of approximately 100 EM and 2 Officers at Augsburg; and smaller detachments of men at Garmish, Weilheim, Rosenheim, Innsbruck, Salaburg and Erding (ail in Germany). £. The organization was awarded two Bronze Service Stars for participation dn the Rhineland Campaign (See Bchivit No. IZ) per 2nd Ind Hg BTOUSA, file AG 200.6 Op to Ltr Hq let Wal Ry Sv did 13 June 1945, and for participation in the Central Europe Campaign (See Exhibit No. ITE) 2nd Ind Hq ELOUBA, file AG 200.6 Op to Lir Hg Ist M1 Ry Sv, dtd 13 June 1915. g+ The 76lst Railway Transportation Company has been placed in Catagory IV, under the Redeployment Plan. 2. RATLROAD OPHRAGTON a. Yardnasters, clerks and checkers have been placed at the following stations during the month: Innsbruck, Srding and Salzburg. ‘hese men were so placed in order to assist, suservise and expedite the aovenent of rail traffic over territory assigned to this organization. Remtccetteraina vies | Feat aa nin Aes, | ®, That part of the German railroads assigned to this unit has almost ‘all been completely put back into operation through the employment of German workers. Trains are now running South through Imsbruck and the Brenner Pass and on.doim into Italy and East through Salzburg and dustria on into Russia. The electric lines have been put back into operation all the way to Salzburg “making possible the use of electric power over our entire division. | 3. ‘TRANSPORLATION: _@. the organization has one jeep } ton, one C&R 3/k ton, two weapons Carriers 3/4 ton and one CWC 24 ton truck. ‘These vehicles are used to carry ee to draw ravions and supplies at Munich and Augsburg and outlying ON: @. The organization ran an Excursion train to give the men a chance to See Some of the beautiful scenery dom through Southern Germany and the Alps. The train ran fron ifunich through the Brenner Pass to Bolaano, Italy and was @ great success. Everyone really enjoyed himself. It is che company commander's law to run two more such trains to give all the nen who care to do so, an opportunity to see this beatiful scenery. d. ‘Three EM mere given furloughs to the US army Riviera Recreational Area during the month. Pre William E. Bgan and Pfe Billy D. Starnes were the first to go, and Sergeant Karl C, Giebel went later in the aonth. 5. TMPROVENEWTS: 5 a, German civilians have been employed to wait on tables and to help in | ‘the kitchen. ‘There are also Germans working on and cleaning the building in | order to provide the best possible living quarters for the wen of the unit. | b. For the month of June there were no Courts-lartials or Casualities. For the Comuanding Orficer: heok, EtUidherans ‘&. WiDAMAN Baers | adjutant - TF ara vere 3/Ofa / WRADQUAR TERS - 1S? WILETARY RATLNAY SERVICE Office of General anager APO 772 : 21 June 19h5 SPECIAL ORDERS) Pak 3 NUMBER 172) 2 oe 3. VO00, 6 June 1945, directing that 1ST LT LYLE J BOYER, o49678:, 1, be veld fr asgnt and dy with the 720th Ry Opn Ba and agga to the 76lst Ry trans Go for dy as Aast to Trainnaster, is hereby confirmed and made of record, the exigencies of the serv having been such as to prevent the issuance of orders in adv. Travel by Govt auto or rail was atad. Rat in kind were furn. DN. 60- 1, P 431-02 A 212/S0425. Auth: Lir, GHQ Mal Ry Serv, COMZONE EPOUSA, 22 Feb 19h5, file 210.482. BY ORDER OF COLONEL STODDARD: JAMES MATHEWS Captain, 7.0. ‘Adjutant OFFICLAL: /s/ Janes athens JAMES MATHEWS Captain, T.C. Adjutant DISTREBULLON: Adjutant, 761st Ry Transp Co. (HKHIBIT UO. I) Repose alto Nana chines tt oe DECLASSItED epee le Neto Aces {ey 7 NARA EDD silicates e HEADQUARTERS @ 1ST MILITARY RATLWAY SEVIOR Office of General Usnager * ‘APO 772 13 dune 1945 220.5 eS j Subjects Battle Participation dard (Rhineland). _ Direotor General, ilitary ‘Railway Service, coueni Browsa, APO 81, U8 - ‘In couplkance with letter your insurers dated 2, llay 1945, subject: " Battle Participation dwards, as amended by letter 23 Nay 5, the following units of this comiand are qualified for battle participation credit am."Rhineland™ | campaign, Umiting dates 15 Sep hi) to 21 lar 45: RRR ERR RRR 76lst Railway Transportation Company RR ee /s/ Janes Wathews JAMES ATHENS Captain, 7.C. Adjutant Ist ind. . GHQ, MRS COM Z HTOUSA, APO 887, U.S. army 1h June 1915. To: OG, CONZONE BTOUSA, APO 087, U.S. gray. | FOR THE COMMANDING ORFLOSR: } Aoproved. | I FOR THE COMMANDING BENMRAL: /s/ 8.8. Boges j S.R. BWGGS Li Colonel ‘dajutant | | | ae | (over) | | Repucad alte Natal Aces i 2nd Ind © HUUOPLA THAT OF OPERANTONS, APO 807 S16 Juno 1918 “Mb? Director General, Wilitary Railway Service, COMZONE i0USA 1, Approved for award of battle participation credit for the "Rhineland" ‘ 2. Attenbion is invited to paragraph Tb, Section 1, Ciroular 195, War De- partment, 18 May 19h, regarding eligibility of individuals to wear a bronze star on the theater ribbon. us 3. “In compliance with paragraph 8, Circular 62, War Department, LI Feb 19h), _ Girendar 111, this headquarters, 15 lNoveaber 19\h, as amended by Circular 30, 22 larch 1945, and letter , this headquarters, file AX 200.6 OpGa, subject: “individu % als Entitled to Battle Participation Credit® 28 April 19L5, necessary cntries 2 will be mado on page 6, “Uedals, Decorations, and Citations® in Service Records of enlisted personnel and in Iten 31 on qualification cards of officers, whose eligibility bo wear a bronze service star on the theater ribbon is established. Ui. “Tris indorsenent is your authority to take necessary action as indicated above, and this will be confirmed in letter-crders of this headquarters to be published at a later date. BY COMIAND OF GHVRAL EISENHOTIR: (s/ Robert iontana j ROBERT WONTANA Major, ASD Asst Adjutant General 3rd Ind CHQ, URS, COMZ EYOUSA APO 887, US ARMY 16 Jyne 1945. To: General Wanager, Ist itlitary Ry Serv, APO 772, U.S. arny BY COMMAND OF BRIGADIMR GENSRAL GRAY: (s/ 8.8. Beggs | S.R. BEGGS | Ti. Colonel, 1 | Adjutant | 220.5 kth Ind. HQ 1ST MEL RY SV, APO 772, US ARMY, 20 JUNE 19k5. ¢ To: Commanding Officers, All Unite, Ist Military Railway Service | For compliance with 2nd indorsenent. “BY ORDER OF COLONEL STODDARD: Js/ James Mavinews JAMES MALHEWS Captain, Adjutant ‘Sa, | nsp Co. BUT NO. remem) Reprod athe Kans AIS e 6 HEADQUARTERS 1ST MILITARY RALLIIAY SuRVECE Office of General anager ABO 772 13 dune 1945 220.5 Subject: Battle Participation award (Central Europe). To Director General, Wilitary Railway Service, COMZONE ELOUSA, APO 687, U.S. arny. In compliance with letter your headquarters, dated 2h lay 19l5, subject: Battle Participation dvards, as amended by letter 28 Way 1945, the following units of this command are qualified for battle participation credit in "Central Burope" campaign, Limiting dates 22 Mar 1945 to final date as yet n¢ announced: RRR EEE 76lst Ry ‘Transportation Co RREH RHEE RK FOR THE COMMAND OFFICER: ist Ind. GHQ, URS, COMZ BYOUSA, APO 887, U.S. ARMY, 1b JUNE 19k5 @ COMMANDING Gk Jf Sele Boggs 8. (over) Reposued ome Natal Aches Award, "Central Burope", dated 13 June 195) 0026 Op. © ond Ind Headquarters, Guropean Theater of Operations, US army, APO 887 - 18 June LS Commanding General, viilitary Railway Service, Gonmucications’ Zone, 1 Approved for award of battle partichpation credit for. the "Central Gnrope™ campaign. _ + Attention is invited to paragraph 7b, Section I, Circular 199, War De- artment, 16 May 19ll, regarding eligibility of individuals to wear a bronze jervies star von the theater riboon. “3. In compliance with paragraph 8, Circular 62, War Department, 11 Feb lik, Circular 111, ‘this headquarters, “15 Nov ll, as amended by Cir 30, 22 Mar 1915, and letter, this headquarters, file AS 200.6 OpGa, sudjecti “Individuals inuitled vo Battle Participation Credit", 26 April 1945, necessary entries will be made on page 6, Medsls and Decorations, and"Citations, in Service Revords of enlisted personnel aad in Iven 31 on qualification cards of officers, whose oligicility to Weab @ bronze service star on the theater ribbon is established. 4 ‘This indorsement is your authority to take necessary actiion’as "indicated abéve, ahd this vill be confirmed in letter-orders of this headquarters to lished at a later date. ‘BY COMMAND OF GENMRAL DEVERS: /s/ Revert Montana HOBERT MONTANA “ajer, 46d sat Adjutant General 3rd Ind GQ, MES, COM Z BTOUSA, APO 387 US aray 20 vune 19L5. To: General Manager, 1st 11 Ry Serv APO 772, U.S. arny. BY CO IAMD OF ARIGADIER GENERAL GRAY: 220.5 Ath Ind ¥Q 187 MOL RY SHV, APO 772, US army, 22 June 19h To: Gonsanding Officers, Units listed in basic letier, 1st Mii Ry Serv. 1. For compliance with and indorsenent. r /s/ Janes iiatnens BY ORDER OF COLOHEL sTomDARD: dias HATES Saptain, 7.0. STD ORUR COPY Adjutant ‘Sr wana, “CHO: tant, Télet Ry Tr (aunut7 vo x12) e@ Daas @ : | | | (Basie: Ltr Hg Ist Military Railway Service, subj: Battle Participation |