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Undertaken at
Chinar Syntex Ltd.s, Bhiwani
Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the
award of the degree of

Bachelor of Business Administration

Session : 2008-2011

Under the Supervision of : Submitted by :

Chinar Syntex Ltd. B.B.A.Vth Sem.
Roll No. ………………

Rajiv Gandhi Govt. College for Women, Bhiwani

Affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak i . ex e

I, SAVITA, student of B.B.A. Rajiv Gandhi Govt. College for

Women, Bhiwani hereby declare that the project entitled “Recruitment &
Retention Process of Chinar” work and same has not been submitted to any
other institution for the award of any other degree. The feasible suggestions
have been duly incorporated in consultation with the guide.


I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who made it

possible for me to complete this work.

I am also thankful to Mr Pardeep Tanwar. Isha Bhutani (Lecturer) for

providing me necessary guidance to prepare the report.

Last but not the least, I would like to thanks all of them, who helped
me directly or indirectly in completion of my work.

I am also very thankful to Mr. Naresh (Industrial Guide) who granted

me the permission to conduct my research in their organization.



1. Profile of the Organization 1-8
2. Introduction to Topic 9-23
3. Objectives of the Study 24-25
4. Limitation of Study 26
5. Research Methodology 27
6 Research Design 28-29
7. Observations & Recommendation 30-31
8. Conclusions 32-33
9. Suggestions 34

i) Questionnaire 35-37
ii) Abbreviations 38
iii) Data Analysis 39-47

There are many textile industry in India, one of the largest in

the world. It is largest organized industry in India. It employs over 12 lakh
workers. The total sales income of 61 major companies in the industry
aggregates to Rs. 10, 000 crore. The industry presents an interesting picture
of coexistence of four sectors, which are khadi handlooms, power looms and
organized mills, and cotton textiles, is the source of raw material for all
these industrial firms. Presently the value of cotton textile made in the
country I more than Rs. 3,500 crore per annum. the consumption has been
shifting consistently towards modern blended dyed and printed goods. In
general there has an upward shift in clothing taste and consumers now prefer
good quality and durable products. This has promoted several entrepreneurs
in textile industry to change their product mix.
In the exports & imports textile constitutes an important role.
Textile and garments are the single largest category of products exported
from garment export industry in particular is showing penman growth year
after year. Realizing its export significance and employment potential, the
government delicenced the cotton textile industry including power looms.
Encouragement to export of cotton textile and garments became an
important part of the new policy. Under the new policy sophistated garment
manufacturing machines, which are not manufactured in India, are now
allowed to be important under the open general license (OGL). Moreover,
the new policy has allowed large firms to setup garment-manufacturing
units, provided they export 50% of their production.
Chinar Syntex Ltd.

The Chinar Syntex Ltd. is most popular company in Haryana. Chinar

Syntex Limited was incorporated on23 September 1992 with the company
number 5-3-1791. The company is registered under the Indian Companies
Act 1913 (Act.VII of 1913) and companies Act 1956 (Act 1 of 1956). The
authorized share capital of the company is 250 lacs which is divided into 25
equity shares of Rs. 10/- each.

Chinar Syntex Ltd. was commenced with 16 looms and a workforce

of 15 people. It is situated in the Industrial Area in Bhiwani and its Head
Office is also in Bhiwani.

Earlier they work for Graviera Suiting on Job basis at they

manufactured fabric for them but after some time in 1994, they
manufactured own suiting named Chinar Suiting with the same processing
and yarn.

This mill is known for its suiting, its produces polyesterviscose

blended fabric under the brand name of chinar suiting, the fabric is amongst
the most popular name in the country. This company makes various types of
suitings i.e. Denim, Twill, Matty, Plane which are made through different
danier. It does not make yarn but take supply from Rajasthan Spinning Mill,
Bhilwara, Elegant Spinners, Bhiwani, East India Syntex, Dharuwal and like
other Chinar Syntex Ltd. is a growing industry. It has started just before 8
years and making extra ordinary reputation. In such a short-time it has
achieved fantastic success in their field. It is very difficult to maintain their
goodwill in such type of market with tough competition.

It has spread mostly part of India. It’s agent are allover North India,
Punjab, U.P., Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, M.P., Gujrat, West Bengal & Part of

Modernisation, Technical, upgradation and computerisation is an

ongoing process at Chinar. Only through it has made a extraordinary
success. In 1997 the production was 35,000 per mtrs. in month but only due
to this process, hardwork, efficient management their production presently
reached 3,50,000 per month. There can be few company which can get such
type of success in such a short period of time.

The mill has well qualified team of technical experts with their
constant research and development activities made it possible to produce
high class suiting. The success of Chinar Suiting in such a short period is
because of selecting high standards of fibre and yarn and of using perfect

In order to have an aggressive presence in customer’s mind Chinar

frequently organise fabric shows, dealer conferences and ont one contact
with retailers.

A big reason for success of Chinar Suiting is that all departments

follow the objectives of “World Class Manufacturing” (WCM) which aims
to promote excellence in manufacturing as a means of delighting to
customers and employee and other share holders on a sustainable basis.
Responding to the market needs, Chinar alwasys keeps the customer’s
psychology in mind and develop the product not only to satisfy them but to
delight the customer. So Chinar Suiting always put the emphasis on quality
that is prime objective of whole unit.

Its main objective is customer satisfaction and maximum

profit. Objective establishes the goals and the aims of business and
determine its shape of future event. Objective are they way of achieving
motives for profit or self service. Objective represent a clear picture of
activities which are sought to be achieved. Main objectives of Chinar Syntex
Ltd. as given in its Memorandum of association are as follows :-

1. Customer service and Customer satisfaction.

2. To ensure that large proportion of sales is directed to wards the rural
sectors and urban sectors.
3. Increasing work culture among the employees.
4. Capitalising on company strengths and use of corporate assets.
5. To introduce new products and create new markets.
6. Increasing productivity of work force.
7. Increase quality products and service.
8. Continuous innovation.
9. To provide a growth rate of about 10% per annum.
10. Improve the advertising effectiveness.

1.Helpful in to hire the right number of people of the right type of fill the
jobs and for Making the policies which are helpful for the
company to retaining them in the company which will be helpful
for growth of company.
2.Helpful to determine the present and future requirement of the
company In conjunction with its future requirements of the
company In conjunction with its personnel planning and job
analysis activities.
3.Helpful for reducing the probability that job applicants, once recruited
and selected with leave the organization only after a short period of
4.Helpful for company in cost Reduction.
5.Helpful in setting a healthy environment and culture in the company
by recruiting and retaining suitable employees by giving suitable
compensation to the employees.
6.Helpful in retaining qualified and motivated employees.
7.Helpful to establishing a fair and equitable remuneration.

Once the problem is formulated a brief summary of it should be

written down. At this stage the researcher should undertake extensive
literature survey connected with problem. How some basic knowledge was
collected with problem?
Existing literature related to the recruitment and retention Strategies
of the CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani that is available in the company. Journal
and magazines of CHINAR Suiting and information collected from the
interview, questionnaire filled up by the employees of the company, books
in the area of human Resource Management and Personnel Management and
Journals Vikalpa, Harwar Business Review Management Review, etc.
Which are available in the library.

Recruitment and Retention are viewed as the process of finding and

attracting capable applicants for employment. The process being when new
application are submitted, the result is a pool of applicants from which new
employees are selected and then retaining them in to the company by giving
them healthy working environment in the company, attractive job promotion
opportunities in future for employees, attractive compensation policies of the
company better maintenance facilities provide by the company so that they
will be motivated and company will grow.

Employee Recruitment & Retention

Employee Recruitment & Retention is committed to providing HR
directors, managers and business owners the information their organizations
need to become employers of choice and retain a high -performance
workforce Recruitment of personal and important function of the personal
management. Recruitment of personal is also an important function in
Chinar Syntax Ltd. Recruitment is a process by which a search of
prospective employee. Is made and they are encouraged to be applicant in
the organizations.
The first stage of recruitment process is the selection process and it
end with the placement of the applicant. The Recruitment process begins
with the preparation of the demand for personal. The first step of industrial
employment is recruitment and the success or failure of the employment
depends to a great extent on the method and the organization thought which
the employees are employed. Employee retention is a process in which the
employees are encouraged to remain with the organization for the maximum
period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee retention is
beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. Employees today are
different. They are not the ones whom don’t have good opportunities in
hand. As soon as they dissatisfied with the current employer or the job, they
switch over to the next job. Each month, Employee Recruitment &
Retention delivers expert advice on attracting and hiring the best candidates,
rewarding workers and keeping them motivated, adapting benefits ideas that
save money, and integrating technology into your training and HR programs.
Recruitment means making search of right type of personnel, informing
them and summoning them, keeping in view the recruitment of the organization
to grading personnel.
Cawin B. Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of searching for
prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs
in an Organization”.
E. B. Flippo, “it is process of searching for prospective employees and
simulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs to increase the hiring ration
i.e. the number of applicant for a jobs, selection of the other hand tends to be
negative because it rejects a good number of those who apply, learning only the
best of be hired.
Employee Retention involves taking measures to encourage employees
to remain in the Organization for the maximum period of time. Corporate is
facing a lot of problems in employee retention these days, Hiring
knowledgeable people for the jobs is essential for an employer. But retention is
even more important than hiring. There is no dearth of opportunities for a
talented person. There are many organizations, which are looking for such
employees. If a person is not satisfied by the job he’s doing, he may switch
over to some other more suitable job. In today’s environment it becomes very
important for Organization to retain their employees.
Dale S. Beach,” Employee Retention is a process in which the
employees are encouraged to remain with Organization for the maximum
period of time or until the completion of the project. Employee Retention is
beneficial for the Organization as well as employee.”


No organization will grow and flourish with wrong people. A right
task in a wrong man's hand bears no fruit. Once you make a wrong choice in
Recruitment and Retention Strategies, that continuous forever and is hard to
reverse. Such choices are like viruses, slowly but definitely bringing about
the collapse of the business policies and practices with regard to recruitment
and retention of personnel are provided fertile ground for favoritism and
prevents qualified and efficient people joining organization. Recruitment
and Retention are viewed as the process and finding and attracting capable
applicants for employment. The process begins when new application are
submitted, the result is a pool of applications from which new employees are
selected and then retaining them into the company by giving them healthy
working environment in the company, attractive job promotion opportunities
in future for employees, attractive compensation policies of the company
better maintenance facilities provided by the company so that then will be
motivated and company will grow.
In CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani main sources of recruitment is external.
Fresh candidates are invited. Proper training is given them to familiarize the
present environment. The major sources of Recruitment CHINAR Suiting
Bhiwani are :-
Through Advertisement:-
Advertisement in newspapers and journals is a widely source of
recruitment. This method is used for technical and management jobs.
Considerable details about the job and qualification required is given
in the advertisement. Through this source company choose best people out
of the available.

Educations Training Institutes :-

Various institutes like IIMS, IIts, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic
and ITI are used to recruit candidates with technical education and
qualification. Camps interview are conducted by the recruitment officer of
the company.

Recruitment Agencies:-
Several consultancy firm like ABC consultants and websites like
Naukri. com and employment exchanges are used by CHINAR suiting.
These organizations charges fee for their service. Company prefer this
sources to recruit executives and experienced personnel's.

Friends and Relatives of the Employees :-

Sometimes to initiate and motivate the employees company like to
recruit the workers by the recommendation of old and experienced
employees. Friends and relatives are also considered.

Similar Organization :-
Experienced employees are recruited by the recommendation of old
and experienced employees. Friends and relatives are also considered.
similar Organization :-
Experienced employees are recruited by offering better services to the
people working in similar business.

Special Privileges :-
CHHINAR Bhiwani mostly adopt Internal sources of recruitment
further 95% employee are Recruit from Internal sources.

Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable candidates out

of all the applicants. It is a process of rejecting unsuitable candidates.
Selection Procedure :-
CHINAR Suiting invite the applications forms and then collect till the
last date of receiving application. After that screening is done on the basis of
following information :
Identifying information: Name, Address Telephones nos.
Personal information: Marital Status, Age, Sex, Date of Birth.
Physical Characteristics: Educational qualification, Height, weight, Eyesight
Birth Certificate/Experience Certificate:
Family background
Enclosing 3 passport size photographs.

Selection Test :-
A test is a sample aspect of an individuals attitudes, behaviour and
performance. Test based on the assumption that individual differ in their job.
Test help to reduce bias in selection.
A)Personality Test
B)Achievements Test
C)Aptitude Test
Interview :-
A formal interview is conducted to collect information about the
candidate relating his/her background, education, training, interest,
awareness etc. It is an important and critical pare of the selection.

Medial Examination :-
Medical examination is done by medical officer to determine whether
candidate is physically fit to perform job. It prevents the employment of
people suffering from contagious diseases. Medical examination has also
their own importance is the steel company.

Reference Check:-
The applicant is asked to mention the names and address of 2 or 3
persons who know him closely, in the application form.

Final Approval
When an application passes through above-mentioned process, he is
given appointment letter mentoring the post, rank, salary, grade and date by
which the candidate should joint. Appointment is made on a probation of 6
months in CHINAR Bhiwani.

Once an employee is selected and placed on an appropriate job then

he is familiarize with the job. Supervisors tell the history and operation of
the company, location of the department, rules and regulation. Candidate has
to fill joining report,
Salary, form.
Nomination form for:-
Pf deduction :-
Pf nomination form:
Superannuation nomination form:-
Nomination under gratuity act :-
He has to fill self assessment-tax deduction form:-


Promotion is the upward movement of an employee to a higher post

carrying greater responsibilities, higher status and better salary. Promotion
can be temporary or permanent. In CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani promotion is
given to employees according to their per performance based and time
bound generally.
If employee have experience of 8 or 10 years is able to get promotion.
But a fresh candidate 4e is given chances of promotion also so that he may
not get demotivated. Besides CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani always want to
encourage their employee more and more and more for performing better


Training is the process of increasing knowledge and skill of an
employee for doing a particular job. Training is a continuous process. It
increases the performance of an employee.

Benefits of training is CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani :-

Certified employees, better quality of work, high productivity cost
reduction low accident rate, high morale etc.
Process of training in company :-
1.Identify the training need by doing task and manpower analysis.
2.Setting training objective and policy.
3.Design training programme.
4.Conduct the training.
5.Evaluation and feedback.
Methods :-
On the job training, internship training, refresher training are adopted
by the company.

For New Employee :

CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani adopt 6 months of Special training in order
to make on self aware of every department.
Executive Development:-
It is an education process through which executive learn conceptual
and theoretical knowledge and managerial skills in an organized manner.
Executive development is very much important because they are strategic
thinker and root cause of the company. Case studies business games, project
assignment, coaching is given so that they may not get bored, Company
provide various developmental programmes and all facilities to their

Career Planning:-
Career is a sequence of positions hold by a person during the course
of his working life. An individual join a firm not for a job put for career. In
company, area officer can have the chance of getting vice president's job and
VP can get president's job, clerk can get senior officer's rank. So CHINAR
suiting Bhiwani gives its employees every chance for their development
with in the company.

Wage and Salary Administration:-

In CHINAR suiting salary structure differ from job to job. There is
hierarchy in pay scales of the company. But minimum pay for staff is Rs.
5000.00 p/m.

Sr. Manager

Sr. Engineer/Dy. Manager/Asst. Manager

Executive/Jr. Officer/Engineer

If an employee is so competent, company has made provision to
motivate them by revising pay after 1 year. Employees have better prospect
regarding pay. With this provision company is able to retain efficient people.
Bonus :-
Company gives bonus as per profits of the company. Minimum rate of
bonus 10% prescribed by law is implemented. Due to better prospect in
CHINAR Suiting its best to give additional bonus to its employees.
Provided Fund :-
Company gives provident fund, which is 10% of the salary. Company
also ready to bear other expenses of its staff's behalf.

Motivation and job Satisfaction:

The primary task of a manager is that of maintaining an organization
that functions effectively. To do so he must see that his subordinates work
efficiently and procedure better results. To work them efficiently
organization provides certain benefits or incentives. These are as:-
Employee wedding scheme :-
There is neither particular rules and regulations for employee wedding
Residential Phone
Managers will be given phone facility.
Credit Card:-
DGM & above officers
One card on employee name, reimbursement on entrance fee, annual
charges & renewal charges for subsequent your maximum Rs. 2500.00 Area
Manager -> reimbursement of any card subject to a limit of Rs. 1000.00 p.a.
Driver Salary:-
VP & above Rs. 4000 p.m. GM/AVP - Rs. 3500 P.M.
Visiting card entitlements.
Officers & above are entitled for visiting cards.
Intercity travel:-
Birthday greeting:-
Discipline/Code of conduct:-
It is essential to promote and maintain employee discipline for higher
productivity and industrial growth A disciplined work force can meet the
challenge of competition and can achieve organization objectives in a better
way. Discipline improve morale and relations and promote cooperation
among employees.
To maintain discipline CHINAR Suiting Bhiwani has made a code of
conduct for the organization so that industrial peace and harmony can be
maintained. There may be changes from time in keeping with changes in
legislation, business environment and policies of the company. All
employees are expected to strictly adhere to the code for the time being
in force.
1.Furnishing of information
All employees should furnish the information namely details of
close relatives working in any CHINAR suiting group.
2.Disclosure of Information
The employees should make disclosures of any interest of
self/close relatives in any a business, which is in competition to
Bhiwani CHINAR suiting
3.Use of confidential information :The employee has to maintain
secrecy regarding co work and agreements.
4. All supporting vouchers must accompany claims for
5.Honoring the agreement made by company.
6.Compliance with laws.
7.No employees shall either directly or indirectly accept gifts either
in cash or kind from suppliers.
Health :-
To retain its competent personnel medical benefits are provided at all
levels by the company.
Medical Policy :-
1.8.33% of basic reimbursement on monthly/quarterly basis on
production of actual bills.
2.Amount to be collected from accounts department can be accumulated
upto a maximum of 3 months basic salary.
Hospitalization :-
It is given to each, Provision is made as mediclaim policy under GIC,
Employee eligible for Rs. 50000 (M07-M13) Rs. 100000 (M-01-M05) for
self & each dependent per year.
Retirement :-
A person who has completed 58 years of his service can get these
benefits. The retirement would take place at the end of the months.
Provident Fund :-
10% basic pay deducted from employee salary as well as contributed
by employer. Employee can take loan from PF authority.
Eligibility on account of completion of 5 years of completed service
with the company payable amount equal to 15 days of basic salary. It is fully
financed by the company.

Employee State Insurance :-

The ESI scheme is a social welfare scheme by Central Govt. and it
provides for certain benefits to employee in case of sickness, maternity and
for certain matters.
This facility is available to the employee who is on salaries below Rs.
6500 p.m. The ESI act is mandatory and a deduction of 1.75% has to be
made by the employee from the monthly salary of an employee and also
employer has to contribute @ 4.75% of the Salary earned by an employee
during their month. The obligation is statutory upon the employee benefit is
free medical benefits.
Maternity Leave Benefit :
Every female employee of the company shall be entitled to maternity
leave. Maternity leave with full salary will be allowed upon maximum of 12
To avail this facility the employee will apply at least 8 weeks before
the expected date of delivery along with a certificate of registered
Gynecologist + Obstetrician stating the expected date of delivery.

1.Recruiting right number of people of the right to fill the jobs.

2.Retaining the efficient employee in the company so that the company
will reach at its highest level.

Every organization has some objectives and every part of it should

contribute directly or indirectly to the attainment of objectives. In order
to achieve organizational objectives integration of employer's interest and
employee interest is necessary. To integrate them right form of
recruitment and retention strategies are implemented i.e. recruitment.
Selection, motivation, compensation, health etc. managers have to study
the behaviour and attitude of employees and how they can retain the
motivated employees in the organization. In my study I have tried to
know the recruitment and retention strategies in Chinar. The objectives
which have been kept in mind are as follows :
1.To enable an organization to maintain an inventory of the quality
employees by the best sources of recruitment and retention
strategies in the organization.
2.To examine the recruitment and retention process of employees in
the related unit.
3.To find the draw backs in the retention strategy of company.
4.To suggest the measures for establishing and better Recruitment
and Retention Strategy.

I have tried to study the topic with efficiency. Analysis is being made
properly but during collection of data there were some limitations :

1.Owing to paucity of time, the data could not be analyzed through

developed tools.
2.Adequate literature was not available in the Chinar.
3.Lack of full cooperation from employees because when I demanded
more information about the company they refused and said it is
against their code of conduct.
4.The study has been conducted with a sample size of 50 respondents.
The size of sample is small, the accuracy of the analysis of data
could be vague and ambiguous.

Research methodology is a way to solve the research problem in a

systematic manner. It may understand as a science of studying how the
research is done significantly. The methodology may differ from problem to
problem, yet the basic approach towards the research remains the same. The
sequence or steps followed have been explained as under :

Universe and Survey Population

The universe is all the employees of the Chinar Syntex and population
is all the employees working at Chinar Suitings. I have selected 50 form.

This research is of descriptive. In descriptive research, we have

sufficient data on the concept and research material. Because many
researchers have been done the same concept. Therefore, there is nothing
new this concept, which I am going to study. I have used the questionnaire
method for collecting the data. I have formed same questionnaires for the
workers and staff members.

Sample Size & Techniques :

I have selected the sample for survey randomly means it is a random
sampling. I have selected 50 employees from the staff category.

Data Collection :
The data are both primary and secondary, which I have been collected
the primary data with the help of questionnaire. I have prepared a
questionnaire on the basis of the factors affecting the recruitment and
retention strategies of an organization. I have met personally with some of
employees to collect the date and the secondary data are collected from the
published literature in concerned field that are available in the company,
books in the area of Human Resources Management and Personnel
Management and Journals Vikalpa, Harward Business Review, Management
Revise etc. which are available in the college library.

Independent Variables :
The variables are those variables, which are very free from the effect
of the other variables. Here, the factors related to Recruitment and Retention
are the independent variables.

Dependent Variables :
Those variables, which depend on or affected by some other factors
are dependent variables. Here employees retention is dependent variables,
which depends on different factors explained earlier.

After conducting the survey in company, I observed that main source

of recruitment in the Chinar Syntex. Selection procedure adopted by the
company is satisfactory. Company has effective training programme for the
development of their employees. Company has good performance appraisal
schemes to note down performance of employees and the most of employees
are satisfied with the incentives provided by the company to their
employees. There is attractive job promotion opportunities in future for
employees in the Chinar. There is healthy working environment in the

 Company should include more internal source like promotion in its

recruitment policy, internal sources are cheaper than external source
and it increases the moral employees.
 Selection procedure should be more transparent to all so that biasness
can be avoided.
 For new employee, supervisor's attitude should be liberal, and helping
so that healthy relationship can be maintained and new employee can
feel belongingness.
 The result of the performance appraisal particularly in negative case
should be communicated to the employees so that they can improve
their performance.
 Executive should be transferred to another job so that they can learn
more about job.
 Personnel department need to find out new sources for motivating the
employees so that they can consider themselves as the part of the
organization and try to retaining in the company.
 Employees should be encouraged to discuss their problems and
difficulties to their superiors regarding job.
 Company should conduct revised training programme not only for
technical but also for all employees.

After interviewing these Head of Department (HODs), I have reached

the following conclusions :
 Different departments have strong application towards the
belongingness of mill from 'Chinar Suitings'. Departments take it as
their strengths and this is a moral booster for them.
 HODs are satisfied with the behaviour of their employees. This shows
that harmonious relationship are prevailing in the organization.
 Chinar has very low cost of production because of in-plant facility of
fibre dying supply is always made exactly corresponding to the
requisite quantity but at times a supply is delayed. This causes delay
in their product and working of whole system get abrupted. Though
delivery is mostly in full but sometimes variations occur here also e.g.
from product planning deptt. system is affected the untimely, quality
of product suffer.
 The company has adopted the high technology for information system
by connecting all department through LAN (Local Area Network).
This result in better communication. But this facility is not fully used
in Chinar.
 There is communication gap among the departments and timely
information to different department is not reached.
 Daily coordination meeting is conducted in Chinar. This meeting aims
at listening to the problems of different departments. This single
meeting is not sufficient for good co-ordination among departments.
Moreover, meetings or discussions are conducted only when problem
is there. This situation should be avoided and departments should try
to anticipate the problems that may occur in the course of production.
 SQC (Statistical Quality Control) department of Chinar is providing
its invaluable service to all the departments of the organization but
most of the departments are not satisfied with the working of this
department. This department of Chinar needs to be teams formed in to
QA department.
 The exit rates of employees are high whereas entry rate of employees
is low. It means employees turnover rate is high. This result in bad for
 The cost of employees is low because of high exit rate so, there is
shortage of employees in every department.
From the above points it is clear that through organization is aware
about recruitment concept but till how it is not fully implemented in Chinar
the company has a long way ahead to move.

1In the whole system of recruitment transparency must be there.

Transparency means they should have access to information. Each
employee of company must know what is being done and why.
2There are various effective method of recruitment but in Chinar HR
department is used only interview method. It should also use another
effective methods.
3Complaint should be treated as opportunity and not as complaint.
Complaints should be duly recorded. There can be register or
complaint box through which complaints can come in to picture.
4Inter-department strike is bad for efficiency but special workshops can
enable team members to air problems and find mutual respect meeting
and discussion should be held between different to listen their
problems and try to solve them.
5Everyone in the organization must be responsible for their own actions and
works. The mistakes and differenced should be accepted and remedial
measures are to be taken for that.
6The problem that can be aroused in the course of action should be detected
and resolved before its become very serious and incurable.
7Organization raise managerial, departmental and technical ability through
TQM (Total Quality Management).

Name : Designation :
Age : Department :

1. Do you feel that Better Recruitment and Retention Strategies are

helpful for the growth of organization ?
Yes No
If yes to what extent :
Little Somewhat Large
2. What source of recruitment is adopted by the company?
Internal \External
Not Specific
3. What are the external sources of Recruitment which are generally
adopted by the company?
1.Through Media Advertisement.
2.Through campus Recruitment.
3.Through Employment Exchanges.
4.Through Recommendations.
4. What are the causes of retention of employees in the organization ?
Please give rank 1, 2, 3, 4.
1.Attractive Compensation policies of the company.
2.Healthy working environment in the company.
3.Attractive job promotion opportunities in future for employees.
4.Better maintenance (health & safety, employee welfare, social
securities) facilities provided by the company.
5. Does the company provides you adequate training ?
Yes No
6. The promotion in your company ?
Time Bound Performance based
7. Do you think that promotion schemes increase the moral of the
employees ?
Little Extent Somewhat Extent
Large Extent
8. Is the performance appraisal actually beneficial for the employees as
well as organization ?
Yes No
9. Does the company include the workers in management decision?
Yes No
If yes to what level :
Top Level Middle Level Lower Level
10. Please tick the following regarding retention according to your
perception & experience at Chinar Syntex Limited.
S.N Statement Strongly Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly
agree disagree
1. Our organization goes out of its
way to make sure that employees
enjoy their work work as well as
their life.
2. Weakness of employees is
communicated to them in a non-
threatening way.
3. I have full freedom to experiment
with new ideas in my company.
4. I would not like to change from
this organization only for the sake
to higher remuneration.
5. Employees in our organization
are encouraged to take initative
do things their own.
6. Employee’s returning from
training programs are given
opportunities to try out what they
have learnt.
7. In our organization job rotation is
used as an important tool of
employee development.
8. There is lot of conflict between
department / divisions.

9. My job is not challenging.

10. Employees in our organization in
our organization are helpful to
each other.
If, there is any other suggestion that you would like to give to Chinar Syntex
Limited, please specify.


1.HRD - Human Resource Development.

2.HOD's - Head of Departments.
3.TQM - Total Quality Management.
4.SQC - Statistical of Quality Control.
5.WCM - World Class Manufacturing.
6.OGL - Open General License.
1. Do you feel that Better Recruitment and Retention Strategies are helpful for the
growth of organization ?

Response No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Yes 50 100
No 0 0
Total 50 100

As we know that both are helpful for generate better environment in the organization for
full fill their objectives.
2. What source of recruitment is adopted by the company ?

Sources No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Internal 13 25
External 37 75
Not Specific 0 0
Total 50 100



%age of Respondents


40% External
Not Specific



Internal External Not Specific

25% respondents said that internal recruitment is adopted by the company and other 75%
respondents said that external recruitment is adopted by the company. Due to the fact that
external sources have more skills & experience for the specific job. That why 75%
respondents choose external recruitment.
3. What are the external sources of Recruitment which are generally adopted by the
company ?
Sources No. of %age of
Respondents Respondents
Through Media Advertisement 12 25
Through campus Recruitment 0 0
Through Employment Exchanges 25 50
Through Recommendations 13 25
Total 50 100



%age of Respondents

Through Media Advertisement

Through campus Recruitment
Through Employment Exchanges
25% 25%
Through Recommendations



Through Media Through campus Through Through
Advertisement Recruitment Employment Recommendations

External sources work as factor of better recruitment through employment exchange 50%
of the recruit, 25% through recommendations & through media as an external source of
4. What are the causes of retention of employees in the organization ?
1Attractive Compensation policies of the company.
2Healthy working environment in the company.
3Attractive job promotion opportunities in future for employees.
4Better maintenance (health & safety, employee welfare, social securities)
facilities provided by the company.
Sr. No. No. of Respondents %age
1 5 10%
2 15 30%
3 20 40%
4 10 20%
Total 50 100%

%age of Respondents

70% 1
50% 40%
40% 10% 30% 4
1 2 3 4

40% employees retention for job promotion opportunities as better future in organization.
30% work for healthy working environment. 20% prefer better maintance and only 5%
work for attractive compensation polices.
5. Does the company provides you adequate training ?

Response No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Yes 50 100
No 0 0
Total 50 100



%age of Respondents




Yes No

All the respondents said company provides adequate training for employees. As the result
we specify that company maintains a high level of training for the employees and a high
level of environment for better work experiences.
6. The promotion in your company ?

Response No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Time Bound 25 50
Performance based 25 50
Both 0 0
Total 40 100


50% 50%
%age of Respondents


Time Bound
30% Performance based



Time Bound Performance based Both

50% respondents said that employees promotion in the company is time bound and other
50% said that in company is performance based. Company has the both strategy for
promotion as after specified time or according to their work as performance in the
7. Do you think that promotion schemes increase the moral of the employees ?
Response No. of %age of
Respondents Respondents
Little Extent 13 25
Somewhat Extent 12 25
Large Extent 25 50
Total 50 100


%age of Respondents


Little Extent
30% Somewhat Extent
25% 25% Large Extent



Little Extent Somewhat Extent Large Extent

25% respondents said that promotion schemes increase the moral of the employees is
little extent, 25% said that is somewhat extent and other 50% employees said large extent
increase the moral of the employees. It is very common that promotion schemes always
increase the moral of the employees as it is specific as a gift for the employees.
8. Is the performance appraisal actually beneficial for the employees as well as
organization ?

Response No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Yes 50 100
No 0 0
Total 50 100



%age of Respondents




Yes No

All the respondents said performance appraisal actually beneficial for the
employees as well as organization. Due to the fact that appraised employees work
more efficiently and effectively as others and gain more profits.
9. Does the company include the workers in management decision?

Response No. of %age of

Respondents Respondents
Yes 25 37
No 25 63
Total 50 100




%age of Respondents





Yes No


37% respondents said Yes company include the workers in management decision and
other 63% respondents said No company include the workers in management decision. It
is very useful for a company to gain high profits because their strategy related to workers,
Who work on them.

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