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LIFE HIsToRY OF JOHN OKO bo KOLL John Okodo Kol, was born in 1981, at Place knows as Nakhomake - He underwent hey reli He schooled upto a grous tea things 10 Uganda: Class Gtardard) iy. Yanger (Vgerss} He also worked in Mbale® , Uganda vo the nate Company . HO married clementina Anyangd , in the year 1956. despite having pad dowry og he wesnot blessed with any Chil He married his second wige Lydia were blessed with 4 childron, and Four davghters - His Wige Lydia passed away (died) . ; Both ier sons and davakters are alive with De Grand child ren He is althmatic and on Franol tablets HU Stays alone at the mement- He drinks Loced brew re Changan |busaa 12 Cows and 7 goats, d wrth her(clementiry Akengo and they Comp rising og & sons daly basis. depends on