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hye see eee ee Margret was bom at Eur om West Wwanaa te gear w2ro- She moved © Busia at tne age % ninieen (id) and married at Emaseno to My- Mubweea Ddunqaw thay were blessed wen a wep boy + Later he husband ced leaving her wih Only One chu’ Per the death of hey huskand, Margret got ASeCond Marvlaqe ak eae past Enya in Ane year 1457 he was only biested with dhe daughter. Hey Second marriage did not last long, Aver noe @) gears, she decided to go bak ak her fret mapystaqge whert She barwied her, hethband = wy Me yeay 19166- a Margret 18 actong chititan who Studied Yekqron at Mundaka and later baptised at Munda Catholic church. Me Aolal Number og rand chudren ty eteven (it). Dre grand davghtey _ Shays wu her end Schools ak Bugenge primary * Margret is stvesied wrth ASSUUKS and accusarons fvom hex Son Soseph odor The son afer downy ateohol (cheenga't abuses her and even tats her to 40 here he was born - a)