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BONNETS HAVE HAD TREIR DAY IN THAT THORCUGHF ARE, Published: May 17, 1896 Advantages of izs as Henddressce Appreciated on the East Side— They Are Made of Chinese Wo-~ men’s Hair and Titinn Red Is the Mont Fashionable Shade—Age Does Not Impair Their Usefulness—tThey, Are Cheap and Always in Style, They have solved the bonnet question on the lower east side ‘ There are few unhappy husbands there who, at the beginning of the fear sea- s0ns—Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter—are besieged for new bonnets. %t is manifestly an extravagance to cast aside one’s headgear and Invest In new, at cer- tain times in the year, simply because the almanac implies that at that time there should be a change vi weather. Whether there is a change is very uncertain. If bonnets were changed every time the weather made a jump from zere to Summer, then the milliners would be millionaires and the rest of the world too poor to pay their bills. That is evidently the way the east side women looked at the question. A bonnet and the trouble taken to select it was un- doubtedly a waste of money and brain- power; hence they gave up bonnets and they wear—wigs. . Whether it really was the wife who de- eided the momentous question of wigs versus bonnets, or whether the husbands gathered in solemn conclave, such as In a sister State relegated the threatre hat to oblivion, and set the fashion, will never be known. One thing is certain, wigs are in and bonnets are out. ‘The place where Wigs can De seen Co the best advantage Is on Hester Street. One reason for that is that there are about twice as many people on Hester Street as on the other down-town streets, and an- other, that there business, shopping. and such household duties as can be brought out are performed on the sidewalks. The point about wigs on Hester Street, and the one which makes it evident that they are worn in lieu of bonnets, {s the self- evident fact that they are not worn for the Purpose wigs are usually supposed to serve. There is no lack of hirsute adornment to the heads of Hester.Street women, and at the same time there-is hardly a woman of thirty-five years there who doesn't wear a& wig. This point of age might make it seem that it was the mature judgment of the wife which had discriminated In favor of the wig, but on the other hand, it might be the decision of the husband who, after indulging his wife in the frivolities of youth, draws the line at youthful vanities with tha development of the family and family expenses. Whichever way it is, there is an air of guiet contentment among the men, and women under their wigs of various styles chatter vivaciously. There is as wide a range in the styles of wigs as In the style of bonnets. The great advantage of the one over the other is that the former do not change in style, and a wig is warranted to last from five to ten years. The color which seems to prevail Is some- thing on the shade of a Titlan red and the tints that lead up to it. The older the woman wearing the wig the more likely it is to be of the more pronounced red. That is not a falling with Titian beauties, and it taxes philosopny rather than art to ex- plain tf Tne former comes from an east side hairdresser. "Red? Oh, yes," she said, talking to a customer who was inquiring into the possi- bilities and probabilities of wigs yesterday. “ They ow red because they are made from Chinese hair. “ Yes,. hair imported from China and that originally grew on the head of a Chinese” woman. It is the coarser kind of hair, and is used for the cheaper wigs. Almost all of the hair used for any kind of a wig or false hair is imported. We have poor hair here, and there is very little of it used. “You, have never seen a Chinaman with red hair? “No; and I did not mean to say that it would grow red in its natural con- dition. When it is prepared it is done in as cheap a way a5 possible, and the dyeing and fixing make it change color, when it comes to be made up igto wigs.” That accounts for the brighter colored hair for, the older women. Their false tresses have been cxposed to sO Many sea- sons of sunlight and shadow, cold and heat, that they show the effect. There is na knowing how long a wig may be worn if one is careful or not overparticular. A great advantage that the wig has over the bonnet is that it does not make the slightest difference to the wearer whether it is'on straight or not. The wide white perting which marks the darkest and most smoothly brushed wig may have shifted to a most coquettish angle over one eye, and the wearer and al] her friends are entirely oblivious to the change. s The bonnet effect is emphasized when the wis slips back on the head an inch or two. Perhaps when that occurrence likely to take place, the straight effect becomes more necessary. A,pretty young woman was ladling out pickies at one of the Hester Street side- walk emporiums yesterday, with a dark brown wig half way back on her head, but with its accentuated parting as exactly in line with her own less plainly marked parting of equally dark brown hair as if put on with square and compass.