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What does it take to beat the best

and get into IIT?

Brilliance. Grit. Ambition.
And a course called Elite.
Every year thousands of intelligent, hardworking, ambitious young men
and women burn with the desire to get into IIT. And the determination to
make it happen.
Elite is the one course that shares this determination. That converts it into
a carefully charted out and very real state of preparedness. That turns your
bright potential into a glowing confidence that assures your success in the
Elite is, quite simply, an evolutionary marvel. Created in response to a very
real need for assistance in facing the irrefutably daunting IIT-JEE, the Elite
Course has grown in strength, content and dynamism. To equip you, not
only with the necessary knowledge, but the practised skill in utilising that
knowledge to acquire the problem–solving bent of mind so essential to
succeed in the IIT-JEE.
To begin with, the basic philosophy behind the Elite Course is to put time
firmly on your side. This is why the course is paced over 2 years, using the
less taxing Std. XI year to your greatest advantage.
Comprehensive Postal Lessons build up an unshakeable knowledge base
of the fundamentals. Assignments containing hundreds of problems of
varying complexity gradually sharpen your problem-solving skills. 2 years’
Y.G. FILES challenge you with 3000 super-tough problems. A committed
‘Doubt Letter Scheme’ allows you to clarify doubts with our professors by
post. Periodic Contact Programmes, conducted by Brilliant’s ‘Flying
Faculty’ in 10 cities, offer you the valuable experience of actually meeting
and interacting with our professors.

While building up your foundation, the Elite Course simultaneously works
towards creating in you the calm, quick-thinking temperament needed to
perform in actual test conditions. Ten Progressive Postal Tests, 4 Progressive
National Sit-down Tests and 6 Part Tests covering the full-syllabus of
selected topics all these heighten your level of preparedness.
Finally, you will actually tackle, again and again, question papers, testing
conditions, time factors and competition identical to those you will face in
the IIT-JEE 2012, through B.MAT's 10 Full-syllabus, home-based
IIT-JEE Simulator Tests (with sealed solutions) and 8 Full-Syllabus National
Sit-down Tests held in 44 cities.
Throughout the duration of your Elite Course, hundreds of researchers,
professors and support staff continue to work tirelessly to keep your study
materials up-to-date, your doubts clarified and your progress on a swiftly
moving course.
At the end of 2 years you will have completed the most systematic, scientific
and successful preparation for the IIT-JEE. You will approach it with the
same confidence that has fired thousands of Brilliant students, year after
year. And above all, you will know you have given yourself the best chance
of going out there and making it to the very top.

Admission of Indian and foreign nationals to undergraduate Programmes
like B.Tech/B.Pharm/Integrated M.Sc., and M.Tech Courses in any one
of the IITs at Bhubaneswar, Bombay, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati,
Himachal Pradesh, Hyderabad, Indore, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras,
Patna, Punjab, Rajasthan and Roorkee, is made through the Joint Entrance
Examination conducted by the IIT every year. The Indian School of Mines,
Dhanbad and the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi also admit students from the JEE merit list to their undergraduate
Pattern of Examination
The IIT-JEE now consists of a single examination with two papers (Paper 1
and Paper 2), each of three hours duration. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will
each have three separate sections on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Both the papers will be objective type, designed to test the comprehension
and analytical ability of Candidates.
Eligibility for writing the IIT-JEE 2012
(i) All Indian and foreign nationals seeking admission to the IITs must
write the JEE.
(ii) Students who have passed the 10+2 or equivalent in 2011 and
candidates appearing in the 10+2 or equivalent exam in 2012 must
secure at least 60% marks in aggregate in their respective Board
Examinations. There is a 5% relaxation for SC/ST and PD candidates.
If the respective Boards award letter grades, without providing a
norm for converting them to equivalent percentage marks, the
norms decided by the Joint Implementation Committee of the JEE
will be final.
(iii) A candidate is allowed only two attempts to write the JEE. He/She
will be allowed to write the JEE only in the year in which he/she
passes the qualifying examination and/or in the following year.
Based on the Notification published for IIT-JEE, 2010.
(iv) Candidates who have joined any of the IITs, IT-BHU, Varanasi or
ISM, Dhanbad through the JEE, will not be permitted to appear
for the JEE again.
(v) The date of birth of a candidate intending to write the IIT-JEE in
2012 must fall on or after October 01, 1987. There is a five year
relaxation in the upper age limit for SC/ST/PD candidates whose
date of birth must fall on or after October 01, 1982.
Qualifying Examinations:
Candidates appearing for JEE-2012 should have either completed or shall
be appearing in 2012 in any one of the following qualifying examinations:
(i) The final examination of the 10+2 system, conducted by any
recognized Central/State Board, such as Central Board of Secondary
Education, New Delhi; Council for Indian School Certificate
Examination, New Delhi; etc.
(ii) Intermediate or two-year Pre-University Examination conducted
by a recognized Board/University.
(iii) Final Examination of the two-year course of the Joint Services Wing
of the National Defence Academy.
(iv) General Certificate Education (GCE) Examination (London/
Cambridge/Sri Lanka) at the Advanced (A) level.
(v) High School Certificate Examination of the Cambridge University.
(vi) Any Public School/Board/University Examination in India or in
any foreign country recognized by the Association of Indian
Universities as equivalent to 10+2 system.
(vii) H.S.C. Vocational Examination.
(viii) Senior Secondary School Examination conducted by the National
Open School with a minimum of five subjects.
(ix) 3 or 4-year Diploma recognized by AICTE or a State Board of
Technical Education.
In case the relevant qualifying examination is not a public examination, the
candidate must have passed at least one public (Board or Pre-University)
examination at an earlier level.


IIT-JEE 2012
Syllabus and Medium of Instruction
Our course material for IIT-JEE, 2012 will be based on the syllabus issued
for IIT-JEE, 2010. We do not anticipate any change in syllabus; should
there be any, however, our material will be suitably supplemented at the
appropriate time.
The course material is in the English medium, and only students who can
follow our lessons in English should apply for enrolment.
Course Highlights
The ELITE course teaches the subjects from fundamentals, drills students
with graded exercises, guides them with Progressive Evaluation Tests and
Simulator Test Papers with solutions, raises their morale with Contact
Programmes for interaction with our faculty and evaluates them, periodically,
with B.MAT (Brilliant’s Mock All-India Tests), the most rigorous, real and
result-oriented testing process under exact IIT-JEE conditions.
Course Content and Despatch
The course material in each of the three subjects, Mathematics, Chemistry
and Physics will be in 14 Sets, 7 of which will be sent during the first year,
commencing April 2010, and the remaining 7 during the second year
commencing April 2011.
The theory notes are elaborate with topics fully explained and with a number
of illustrations. Each lesson is followed by Proficiency Tests and exercises
in the form of objective questions.

Besides these 14 Sets, Y.G. Files for 2011 and 2012 are also included
in the course. Details of the Y.G. File are given on pages 12 & 13.
Y.G. File 2011 (Parts I & II) with Solutions will be sent in one lot in
January 2011; Y.G. File 2012, Part I will be sent in September/October
2011 and Y.G. File 2012, Part II, in December 2011/January 2012.
Our course material is normally sent by Parcel Post, or by private Courier
Services at roughly monthly intervals.
Progressive Evaluation Tests
Progressive Evaluation Tests – Postal
There will be five Postal Tests in each of the three subjects; these will be
all Objective Papers modelled on the IIT-JEE, and will be sent with Sets
3, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and will include topics covered in the preceding Sets.
Students should self-administer the Tests strictly under examination
conditions, and finish each paper in one sitting within the specified
time limit, without referring to the study materials.
Complete solutions to each of the papers will be sent with the
subsequent Set for self-evaluation.
Progressive Evaluation Tests – National Sit-down
There will be a total of four Progressive Evaluation Tests, each consisting
of Papers I & II, with questions in the three subjects, Chemistry, Physics
and Mathematics to provide our students with feedback on their progress
in preparing for the IIT-JEE. All of them will be National Sit-down Tests
conducted at 44 cities across the country; the answer papers of all the Tests
will be evaluated and all students who appear for the Test will be given their
individual percentile score so that they know their relative performance
against the national competition.
No. of students who scored
equal to or less than you
Note: Percentile Score = x 100
Total No. of students who appeared in the Test

Progressive Evaluation Tests (National Sit-down)
Exam Month
PET 1 August 2010
PET 2 February 2011
PET 3 April 2011
PET 4 August 2011

Doubt-Letter Scheme
Our Professors’ services will be available to clear student’s difficulties
while studying our course material. Students are welcome to send to us,
in writing, their doubts, even though the despatch of course material
would have been completed much earlier.
Doubts / Problems must be restricted to not more than 5 per letter and
within the examination syllabus. The source from which problems have
been taken MUST BE SPECIFIED and the student’s working
sheets enclosed. Problems/questions given in magazines for awards
will not be replied to, if sent to us as doubt letters.
Doubt Letters which do not meet these specific conditions will not
be answered.
Note: In order to facilitate and speed up processing, please write Doubt
Letter - Attn: Academic Section clearly on the cover of the Doubt
Letter. Please DO NOT combine Doubt Letters with other types of
Doubt Letters through e-mail:



Six National Sit-down Part Tests
Eighteen Full-Syllabus Tests

B.MAT National Sit-down Tests

B.MAT – Part Tests

There will be six B.MAT Part Tests conducted in 44 cities across the
country. Each of these six Tests will cover selected topics in Physics, Maths
and Chemistry to enable the student to thoroughly assess his/her level of
preparation, topic-wise.

The first two B.MAT Part Tests are scheduled for September 2011, the
third and the fourth for October 2011, and the last two tests for
November 2011. Answer papers will be evaluated and every student who
appears for these Tests, will be given his/her individual Percentile Score.

B.MAT – 18 Full Syllabus Tests (8 National Sit-down and 10 Home-Based

Simulator Tests)
To help students prepare thoroughly for the IIT-JEE, eight B.MAT
Full-Syllabus Tests will be conducted in 44 cities under exact IIT-JEE
conditions. The first two Tests are scheduled for December 2011 and the
next two for January 2012. Two more Tests will be in February 2012 and
the last two are scheduled for March 2012, after the Std. XII Board Exams.
At each Test, students will be administered two 3-hour Objective-type
Test Papers. Both Papers will have three sections i.e. Physics, Chemistry and
Mathematics, and will test the comprehension and analytical ability of the
students to give them valuable practice to face the IIT-JEE 2012 in April
2012. Answer papers will be evaluated and returned, and the student will
be given his/her individual percentile score so that they know their relative
performance against the national competition.
The Question Papers of these Tests will not be sent by Post to
students who do not appear in these Tests.
Full-Syllabus Home-based Simulator Tests
Ten Full-Syllabus IIT-JEE Simulator Papers, with sealed solutions, will be
sent to our postal students. Students should self-administer each of these
Simulator Test Papers under strict examination conditions, closely following
the instructions in the papers, and then evaluate their performance by
comparing their answers with the solutions provided in the accompanying
sealed envelopes.
This home-based Simulator Series, plus the B.MAT Full-Syllabus
Sit-down Tests (which will be conducted in 44 cities between December
2011 and March 2012) will give students the cumulative experience of
having sat through 18 IIT-JEE Tests before appearing for the actual
IIT-JEE 2012. This experience will build up speed, precision and a
test-taking mind-set to help students face the IIT-JEE with supreme
The first 2 home-based IIT-JEE Simulator Test Papers will be sent in
December 2011. The next five Test Papers will be sent in January 2012
ONLY after we receive a photocopy of the student's IIT-JEE 2012
Application Form showing the Application Number. The last
three Test Papers will be sent ONLY on our receiving a photocopy of the
student’s Hall Ticket for the IIT-JEE 2012 clearly showing the Registration
Number and with the photograph visible.
B.MAT Part Tests
Exam Type Month
Part Test 1 Sit-down September 2011
Part Test 2 Sit-down September 2011
Part Test 3 Sit-down October 2011
Part Test 4 Sit-down October 2011
Part Test 5 Sit-down November 2011
Part Test 6 Sit-down November 2011

B.MAT Full-Syllabus Tests

Exam Type Month
Test 1 Home-based (STS 1) November/December 2011
Test 2 Home-based (STS 2) November/December 2011
Test 3 Sit-down December 2011
Test 4 Sit-down December 2011
Test 5 Home-based (STS 3) Dec.2011/January 2012
Test 6 Home-based (STS 4) Dec.2011/January 2012
Test 7 Home-based (STS 5) Dec.2011/January 2012
Test 8 Home-based (STS 6) Dec.2011/January 2012
Test 9 Home-based (STS 7) Dec.2011/January 2012
Test 10 Sit-down January 2012
Test 11 Sit-down January 2012
Test 12 Sit-down February 2012
Test 13 Sit-down February 2012
Test 14 Home-based (STS 8) February/March 2012
Test 15 Home-based (STS 9) February/March 2012
Test 16 Home-based (STS 10) February/March 2012
Test 17 Sit-down March 2012
Test 18 Sit-down March 2012
TEST CENTRES: Agra, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Amritsar, Bangalore,
Bhilai, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Bokaro Steel City, Calicut, Chandigarh,
Chennai, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Dhanbad, Gaya, Guwahati, Hyderabad,
Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jammu, Jamshedpur, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata,
Kota, Kurukshetra, Lucknow, Madurai, Margao, Mathura, Meerut,
Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, New Delhi, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Rourkela,
Thiruvananthapuram, Varanasi and Visakhapatnam.
The 'ANYWHERE' Convenience in taking the National Sit-down Tests
Brilliant is pleased to present its students the OPTION of taking the Tests
in the ONLINE mode – bringing the power and immense value of the
Tests to students who can’t travel to any of Brilliant’s National Sit-down
Test Centres – at no extra cost!
These Tests will be available online at the same time as the sit-down Tests
at the Test Centres. The keys, solutions and score will be available
immediately – the percentile score will be sent after the papers of all
students who took the Test at the Centres have been valued.
Students who opt to take the Tests online will be sent a login id and
password, as well as detailed instructions or how to access the Tests.
Students should think and decide carefully whether they would like to take
the Tests online or at the Test Centres. They will not be allowed to change
this option once they have selected the Test mode.
Members of our Faculty will visit several cities in the country to provide
our Postal Students with occasions to directly discuss their doubts and
difficulties. Students of the ELITE 2012 Course will have three such
valuable opportunities to meet our faculty. Details of these programmes
will be sent to our students in advance.
Contact Programme Centres: Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata,
Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Patna and Pune.
Choice of Centres for Contact Programmes and the B.MAT Test
Students should indicate their choice of Centre separately for the Contact
Programmes and the B.MAT Sit-down Tests, on the Enrolment Form.

No change in the Centre will normally be allowed. Any subsequent change
in the Centre of choice will be considered only in exceptional cases and
where the student applies to us in writing and receives our approval.
Students who enrol late may miss some of the Tests and/or Contact
Programmes, depending on their date of enrolment.
Students will be eligible to appear for the Sit-down Tests only thirty
days from the date of enrolment.
A Special Additional Package particulary oriented to the AIEEE
Pattern - At no extra cost to our students
In our constant effort to always bring the best services to our students, we
offer this Special Additional Package in the second year, which could
be of significant assistance to the students in their preparation to face
CBSE’s All-India Engineering Entrance Examination, the AIEEE, 2012.
The Salient Features of this Package:
1. Question Bank of 1000 questions (covering Maths, Physics and
Chemistry) on the AIEEE and BITSAT patterns with detailed
worked-out solutions.
2. Ready Reference Compendium – a valuable comprehensive
collection of important formulae, equations and data in all the
subjects to help in problem-solving.
3. National Sit-Down Test Series – comprising 3 Progressive Tests
(in August, October and December of 2011) and 6 Full-Syllabus
Tests, (in January, February and April of 2012), conducted in 30
cities. The test papers will be evaluated and percentile scores will be
sent to help students assess their performance against the national
This AIEEE Test Series can be taken either as Sit-down Tests or as Online
Tests. The student must choose one of these two modes at the time of
enrolment and this cannot be changed subsequently.

No preparation for IIT-JEE can be considered complete without
Brilliant's legendary Y.G. File
Preparation for the IIT-JEE involves intensive training in answering
objective type questions, and solving tough problems, both short and
long, combining speed with accuracy.
Whatever be the degree of preparation of the student, there is always an
element of surprise in the actual IIT-JEE Question Paper. This element of
surprise will stimulate, but not demoralise, if the student has had sufficient
experience in tackling problems of the JEE standard. It is precisely this
experience that our Y.G. File aims to provide.
The Compendium
The Y.G. File does not contain any detailed theory but it has hundreds
of problems of the brain teasing type. To help solve Y.G. File
problems, we provide a Ready Reference Compendium, a collection
of important formulae, equations and data in Physics, Mathematics
and Chemistry.
All New Problems
Each year, Brilliant’s Y.G. File offers you a collection of 1500 tough
problems to tackle in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Y.G. File
comprises Y.G.File – Part I and Y.G.File – Part II, each consisting of
objective questions in each of the three subjects.The objective questions
step-by-step will be presented topic-wise, so that the student can attempt
the problems in any topic as and when he/she feels comfortable with his/
her level of preparedness in that particular topic. Questions and problems
that cover more than a single topic will be given together, at the end of each
In Y.G. File - Part I, there will be a total of 750 Questions
(250 Questions in each of the three subjects – Mathematics, Chemistry
and Physics). Y.G.File - Part II will have another 750 Problems on a
similar pattern.
The solutions to all the questions will be sent with the respective questions.
We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the FIRST
COMPREHENSIVE set of student-centric services:

1. A "Live Chat Support" service on our website. Instead of

going through the laborious process of sending an email or
calling for any clarifications that students or parents may need,
all they now need to do is log on to our website - - and get their questions answered
without any delay. It’s that easy!

2. We will send timely information by email or sms alerts to our

students about despatch of their course material, notification
about our online and sit-down tests, test result availability etc.
It is imperative therefore that all students give us their email ids
and cell phone numbers.

And coming soon

3. An exhaustive student and parent portal to allow the student

and the Parent to get all pertinent information like cumulative
test scores, dispatch details etc.

As always, Brilliant Tutorials leads the way in the service of

the youth of this country.

Enrolment for Elite, 2012 opens on January 01, 2010.
The fee for the Elite Course with AIEEE Test Series is Rs. 14,100/- + Service
Tax Rs. 1452/-. Total: Rs. 15,552/-.


In special recognition of their achievement, Brilliant Tutorials is
pleased to offer a special concession of 20% (Rs. 2820/-) of the Elite
course fee to those students who stand first, second or third in their
schools in the Std. X Board Exam, provided they have also secured
a minimum of Grade A2 of the CBSE Board or 80% or above of
the average of the percentage of marks in Maths and Science in the Std.
X Public Exam of the ICSE or 85% or above of the average of the
percentage of marks in Maths and Science in the Std.X Exam of other
Boards. The fee for these students will be Rs. 11,280/- + Service Tax
Rs. 1162/-. Total: Rs. 12,442/-.

To claim this special concession, either at the time of enrolment or

later after the results are announced, the student must send us:
(a) a copy of his/her Std. X. Board Exam marksheet attested by a
gazetted officer.

If the mark sheet is in a language other than English, a certified

translation in English should also be attached.
(b) an original letter on school letterhead from the Principal
of the school from which the student appeared for the Board
Exam stating the student’s school rank in the Board Exam. This
letter must be signed only by the Principal (no other signature will
be accepted) and must be in the original (photostat copies will
not be accepted).
In all cases, the decision of Brilliant Tutorials Pvt. Ltd., shall be final.


A concession of 30% (Rs. 4230/-) of the Elite Course fee will be

awarded to students who secure Grade A1 of the CBSE Board or
95.0% or above, of the average of percentage of marks obtained in
Maths and Science in the Std.X Exam of any Board. The fee for
these students will be Rs. 9870/- + Service Tax Rs. 1017/-. Total:
Rs. 10,887/-.

A concession of 15% (Rs. 2115/-) of the Elite Course fee will be

awarded to students who secure Grade B1 or A2 of the CBSE Board
or 80% or above of the average of the percentage of marks in Maths
and Science in the Std. X Public Exam of the ICSE or 85% or above
of the average of percentage of marks in Maths and Science in the
Std. X Exam of other Boards. The fee for these students will be
Rs. 11,985/- + Service Tax Rs. 1234/-. Total: Rs. 13,219/-.

If the Science subjects are mentioned individually, the percentage of

marks obtained in Physics and Chemistry alone will be added to the
percentage of marks in Maths.

If the mark sheet is in a language other than English, a certified translation in

English should also be attached.

Note: The concessions detailed above are not additive i.e. a student will
be eligible only for one concession and will be awarded the highest
concession that he/she qualifies for.


The student should send us:

1. The Enrolment Form, completed and signed on both sides,

and with a passport size photograph pasted in the space

2. Two additional signed copies of the photograph (preferably

colour) with the Enrolment Form.

Note: Enrolment Forms without the three photographs will not

be accepted.

3. Payment can be made by:

a. A crossed Demand Draft, drawn in favour of Brilliant

Tutorials Pvt. Ltd, payable at Chennai.

or b. Money Order - please include the student's full postal address

and course in the coupon.

or c. Net Banking / Online Credit Card / Bank Transfer (Bank

Routing Details on Enrolment Form).

Log on to and follow instructions

for online enrolment.

or d. Cash or Credit Card at any of our Centres. (See Page 24 for

list of Centres)

Personal cheques will not be accepted.

Note: Students resident outside India must follow the remittance

instructions given on the Enrolment Form they receive.

Note: When calling to enquire about the status of your application, please
have the following information ready:

• A copy of your application form

• D/D Number and Date or Money Order Receipt

Number and Date

• Issuing Bank / Post Office

• For Net Banking / Credit Card or Online Bank Payment:

Reference Number / Transaction Confirmation Number and

• Mode of Despatch of Application (Courier, Registered Post,

Speed Post, Ordinary Post)

• Date of Despatch

Please wait at least 15 days after date of despatch before calling.


Students should watch for publication of the IIT-JEE 2012 Notification

in newsmedia in November/December 2011 and arrange to obtain and
complete the application forms.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all

conditions for writing the IIT-JEE.

Brilliant Tutorials takes great pleasure in announcing the Prize Scheme for our
students writing the IIT Joint Entrance Examination in 2012. Brilliant’s student
enrolled in any of our Postal or Classroom Courses towards IIT-JEE,
winning the ALL INDIA
First Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs.1,00,000
Second Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 75,000
Third Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 50,000
Fourth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 30,000
Fifth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 20,000
Sixth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 15,000
Seventh Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 10,000
Eighth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 9,000
Ninth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 8,000
Tenth Rank will receive a cash prize of Rs. 7,000

Brilliant’s Students securing the 11th to the 100th Rank, will receive a cash
award of Rs.2,500/- each.
Brilliant’s Students securing the 101st to the 500th Rank will receive a cash
award of Rs.1,000/- each.
Note: Students who are enrolled in more than one Course will be
entitled ONLY to a single prize based on their rank as
detailed above.
Students enrolled only in our Target-IIT Course are not eligible for this
Prize Scheme.
This Prize Scheme is applicable only to the All India Ranks of General
Category and not to the Ranks under any reserved category such as SC, ST,
Defence, etc.

SC/ST Candidates:
SC and ST candidates’ results are announced separately by IIT.
In view of this and the fact that the prize scheme announced
above will be applicable only for the All India Ranks of General
Category, Brilliant is pleased to announce the following special
scheme for SC/ST candidates:
SC and ST category students of Brilliant Tutorials securing between
the First and the Tenth Ranks in IIT-JEE 2012 will receive a cash
award of Rs. 2,000/- each, those between the 11th and the 100th
Ranks, Rs. 1,000/- each, and those between the 101st and the 500th
Ranks, Rs. 500/- each.
This prize scheme for SC/ST candidates shall be in force only as long
as the results for SC/ST candidates are published separately by IIT
as at present. In the event of any change in the pattern of result
announcement by IIT, this scheme will be treated as invalid.
All students should send us a photo copy of their Hall Ticket for the
IIT-JEE 2012 immediately upon receipt, along with a copy of their
Brilliant Admit Card with the photograph visible. Students who do not
send us this copy before the exam will not be eligible to claim the prize.
The prize amount will be paid in Indian Rupees.
In case of a tie, the prize amount will be divided.
In all cases, the decision of the Management of Brilliant Tutorials
Pvt. Ltd., shall be final.

* Make the best use of the facilities offered to you.
* Read to understand, with pencil and paper in hand.
* Attempt all assignment problems and Test Papers, before referring to
the solutions.
* Do not miss the Contact Programmes or the National Sit-down Tests.
* Make use of the Doubt Letter Scheme whenever necessary, but do not
rush to the Professors, when a little more effort on your own could help
* Merely reading through worked-out solutions is not the way to
* You should not need any external prodding, since you have your own
goal to reach.
Note: It is imperative that all students enrolling in this course provide us
with their email addresses and cell phone number and also check
their email often. All communication for the course will be sent to
our students by email.


Normally we do not accept any advice for stoppage of despatch

of study material. Change of address, or, in exceptional cases,
stoppage or resumption of despatch etc. will be implemented only if
requested by a letter signed by the student. A photocopy of the Admit
Card (with the photograph visible) must be enclosed with the letter.
Telephone requests will not be honoured unless confirmed in writing.
This policy is designed to prevent fraud and to safeguard the interests
of our genuine students.
Please allow 15 days from the date of receipt, for implementation
of the change
All matters are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai only.

FIRST YEAR (Commencing April, 2010)

Set 1 Set 5
Lessons and Exercises Solutions to Exercises of Set 4
Lessons and Exercises
Set 2 Set 6
Solutions to Exercises of Set 1 Solutions to Exercises of Set 5
Lessons and Exercises Lessons and Exercises
Set 3 Test Paper 2
Solutions to Exercises of Set 2
Lessons and Exercises
Test Paper 1
Set 4 Set 7
Solutions to Exercises of Set 3 Solutions to Exercises of Set 6
Lessons and Exercises Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Test Paper 1 Solutions to Test Paper 2
Solutions to Exercises of Set 7

January 2011:
Y.G. File 2011 - Part I with solutions
Y.G. File 2011 - Part II with solutions
Ready Reference Compendium

(Commencing April 2011)
Set 8 Set 11
Lessons and Exercises Solutions to Exercises of Set 10
Test Paper 3 Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Test Paper 4

Set 12
Solutions to Exercises of Set 11
Set 9 Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Exercises of Set 8 Test Paper 5
Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Test Paper 3 September/October 2011
Y.G. File 2012 - Part I
Set 10 Problems with Solutions
Solutions to Exercises of Set 9
Lessons and Exercises Set 13
Test Paper 4 Solutions to Exercises of Set 12
Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Test Paper 5

Set 14
Solutions to Exercises of Set 13
Lessons and Exercises
Solutions to Exercises of Set 14

December 2011/January 2012

Y.G. File 2012 - Part II
Problems with Solutions

December 2011 IIT-JEE Simulator Test Series

Papers I & II with solutions

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June 20, 2009
The YG Files and sample papers were good for practice. The course did
help a lot overall because of the ample practice material. The Mock Tests
1-20 given in the end were of a good quality. I would recommend it pretty
strongly. The YG-File and MSPs were specially helpful in my preparations.
I strongly recommend Brilliant’s correspondence course to all IIT-JEE
aspirants. (A.I.R – 2)
Shubam Tulsiani, EELP09 – 00615
June 11, 2009
The questions at the end of each topic and also extra questions in YG Files
provided good practice. The practice provided through exercises was also
helpful. Brilliant’s online tests gave good practice. The problems given in
the material were of superb quality and provided excellent practice during
my preparation. (A.I.R – 4)
Pararth Paresh Shah, EELB09 – 00469
June 15, 2009
The course helped me better in the areas where I was weak. It helped me
get an idea of where I stand in the country. The quality of the tests were
very good. The questions were of IIT-JEE level. (A.I.R – 11)
Aditya Venkat Ayyar, EBFS08 – 00063
June 13, 2009
Brilliant Course may be better than the other options. The sit-down
tests especially were confidence building and were useful at the last
stage. (A.I.R – 14)
Abhishek Padmanabhan, EELP09 – 01736
June 21, 2009
The YG File helped in revising basic concepts and developing problem
solving skills. The Test Series helped in developing a strategy to tackle the
IIT-JEE paper. The Brilliant Tutorial course in IX, X XI, and XII helped
a lot in the preparation for IITJEE. In IX & X, the course helped in
developing a basic foundation for further years. In XI and XII the course
helped in developing basic concepts and problem solving skills. Elite
course material is good. The YG files are very good for revision and
developing problem solving skills. The material for IX and X is very good.
I have been a student of Brilliant Tutorials for the past 4 years. The IX and
X course helped me in developing a basic foundation, while the XI and XII
course helped in developing concepts, problem solving skills and also in
developing a strategy to appear in the IITJEE. (A.I.R – 25)
Priyank Gupta, EYGP09 – 00067
June 09, 2009
Chemistry study material was fantastic and self sufficient. Test series helped
in systematic and speedy undertaking of final revision. Course material was
good, esp. chemistry. Tests were also up to the mark at JEE level. A must
for JEE preparation. (A.I.R – 34)
Avradeep Bhowmik, EELP09 – 03614
June 10, 2009
The Test-series was useful to increase my problem solving speed. The
course helped me to a great extent in my overall success. The various tests
were very important as they gave me a lot of practice & confidence. The
Brilliant’s course is really very good. So, I recommend it very strongly to
others. My experience with Brilliant Tutorials was excellent; I had joined
the Elite course in 11th standard. I am really very happy that I joined
Brilliant Tutorials & I will strongly recommend it to my juniors.
(A.I.R – 37)
Namit Lalit Rawal, EELB09 – 00214
June 26, 2009
The problems given in YG-File were very apt. for JEE preparation.
Compendium helped a lot in the last days of preparation to revise. Test
series helped a lot in my success. It helped me to rate myself at an All-India
India level. Sit down tests were best among all. Course material was good.

The YG-File is quite good and there’s an excellent compendium as a
helping hand. (A.I.R – 38)
Abhishek Kabra, EYGP09 – 50020
June 09, 2009
It helped me a lot. I was able to understand my potential and my
weaknesses. I was able to work upon myself. The course is perfect for any
student preparing for IIT-JEE. I strongly recommend that students
planning to undertake IIT-JEE should attend this course. (A.I.R – 41)
Yudhister Satija, EYGP09 – 01437
June 15, 2009
The course was very helpful it provided a good way to revise the chapters
and the YG File also was quite helpful. The course material, particularly the
chemistry part, was very good and good for revision. The tests were good.
I have already advised many of my juniors to join the course. It is a must
for every JEE aspirant. It had a great share in my success. (A.I.R – 42)
Raunak Kudesia, EELP09 – 02431
May 27, 2009
I managed to get All India Rank 45, thanks to Brilliant’s superb material.
I learnt all my theory only from Brilliant’s modules and it helped me in
becoming an expert in Maths and Physics. All the Tests were top quality
and strictly according to the IIT-JEE level. I owe my success to all the
problems and tests of Brilliant. (A.I.R – 45)
Celestine Preetham, EELP09 – 00709
June 09, 2009
Course was well designed, laid emphasis on concepts and was a great help
in preparing for IIT-JEE. The home-based full tests helped a lot in
revision. Course material was quite good. Tests were very well designed.
Your course helped me a great deal in achieving AIR-50 in the IIT-JEE
2009. The course was well designed laid right emphasis on concepts, gave
you the right kind of exposure to different types of questions. (A.I.R – 50)
Vakul Jindal, EEYG09 – 00369
June 08, 2009
Course helped in the finishing days of preparation. Full tests were of very
good quality. Very helpful in getting me to know how well I was prepared
compared against the best students in India. YG File had very good
revision questions. I would suggest all should join the Brilliant Test Series
just to get an idea of All-India standing. The YG-File questions were good
practice just before the JEE and helped me revise the large syllabus
effectively. (A.I.R – 51)
Alankrit Chona, EYGP09 – 01217
June 09, 2009
It served as an additional set of problems and solved examples to go
through. So it added variety. I read Chemistry comprehensively from
Brilliant booklets. It provided me good insight into problem solving.
(A.I.R – 66)
Nitant Vaidya Nikhil Kumar, EELP09 – 00587
June 09, 2009
The booklets were quite useful. Especially, the chemistry theory notes
helped me quite a lot. It has certainly made some crucial contribution to
my success. The course material was quite good. The contact programme
was also helpful. If I have to recommend a correspondence course, I will
surely recommend Brilliant Tutorials. (A.I.R – 70)
Siddesh Prashant Chaubal, EELP08 – 03398
June 07, 2009
This was my ONLY course and I utilized it to ensure that I was on the right
track.. The course helped me a lot and taught me how to tackle the JEE.
It guided me throughout the two-year period and laid the road to my
success. (A.I.R – 72)
Govindaraju Pavan Bharadwaj, EELP09 – 03663
June 19, 2009
The modules were great. They had lucid explanation of the concept and
were just of the JEE level. Especially the modules of chemistry helped a
lot. The quality of the course material was simply superb. The questions
and exercises provided were great. YG Files were outstanding. The
National level tests simulated the real JEE and helped develop the
temperament to sit for 6 hrs. I would definitely recommend your course.
Your course was simply superb and has a lion’s share in my success.
(A.I.R – 73)
Gaurav Singh Chauhan, EELP08 – 02134
June 10, 2009
The material of Brilliant Tutorials is what I find the best among existing
materials, since each topic is dealt in sufficient depth with no topic being
left out. Proficiency tests are good indicator for your understanding of that
topic. The material served a good source of problems accompanied with
solutions. The course helped me in my overall success to a good extent.
Provided good problems and served as reference for theory. Tests of
Brilliant are comparable to JEE tests in terms of difficulty and so help in
preparing for JEE. For reference material. Brilliant is best covering each
aspect required for JEE. YG File is good revising material for problem
solving. YG File is an excellent source of problems. (A.I.R – 82)
Sagar Sanjay Chordia, EELP09 – 02784
June 13, 2009
The course was very helpful. Mainly, the modules and the question papers.
Modules gave me a few more points which were not taught in my institute.
The question papers allowed me to face new kind of questions, each of
which was a new challenge. All the course material and the tests very very
helpful in my success. They were the heart of my preparation on the road
to my success. I found the doubt letter scheme very useful, the postal tests
helped to strengthen the topics which I had been just introduced to. I
would recommend students to opt for Brilliant’s Correspondence Course.
(A.I.R – 84)
Sai Sravan Kumar. G, EELB09 – 00142
June 09, 2009
The course helped me in planning my studies. The content of books sent
was very good. The course really helped me in getting a rank under 100
in IIT-JEE. Most of the questions of Chemistry were from the packages
sent. The quality of the course material was very good. The various tests
provided were similar to the one I had to face in IIT-JEE. I will strongly
recommend the correspondence course to all those students who aspire
to get a good rank in IIT-JEE. I was a student of 2-Yr. Correspondence
course for IIT-JEE. I am really thankful to Brilliant Tutorials for providing
such an extraordinary course material which really helped me in getting a
good rank in IIT-JEE. (A.I.R – 85)
Shashank Gupta, EELP09 – 00751
June 10, 2009
I used the YG Files for solving problems. The tests were of IIT-JEE
level and helped me to practice. The tests were of a difficulty level very
similar to that of the JEE, and almost all other Test Series are much
tougher. Hence, the Brilliant Tests provide very good practice. I would
strongly recommend the Brilliant’s Correspondence course to all
serious IIT-JEE aspirants. It has played an important role in my
success in the IIT-JEE (AIR 90). (AIR – 90)
Atal Vineet Vilas, EELP09 – 04060
June 19, 2009
The 2-Yr. Elite Correspondence Course was the base of my JEE
preparation. The Elite program was up to date with JEE pattern. The
theory part was thorough and complete in all respects. The problems in
YG Files were difficult and tested the minute concepts of each topic. The
regular B.MAT helped me in giving exam temperament and the results
updated my positions with respect to All India position. The Elite course
was the base of my entire IIT-JEE preparation. It built my fundamental
concepts of the subjects. It would not be wrong to assert that study
material provided by you is one of the best in India. If one has to choose
a correspondence course for IIT-JEE, I would recommend them 2-Yr.
Elite course. It is complete in all aspects of JEE preparation and is a
sufficient tool for success in IIT-JEE. Your correspondence was the

architect of my JEE preparation. The course materials, YG files and
B.MAT tests were all very helpful in preparing me for the ultimate test.
(A.I.R – 102)
Tuhin Sarkar, EELP09 – 00098
June 15, 2009
Whenever I had any doubts, I could look them up in the study material and
some of the questions were very similar to IIT-JEE. The course contributed
quite a bit in my success. I strongly recommend this course to others as it
would lead them on the right path to prepare for JEE. (A.I.R – 105)
Mannat Singh, EELP09 – 04076
June 09, 2009
The solvable material provided by the course kept me informed about the
various types of questions which could possibly appear in the JEE. The
compendiums provided helped in quick revisions of all the necessary
formulae before the Exam. The Test Series helped me in familiarizing
myself with the JEE pattern. The YG File course kept me in a constant state
of preparedness through the system of solvable materials and postal tests.
This helped me to a considerable extent in my overall success in the JEE.
The YG File course material is well constructed and it gives ample
weightage to each and every component of the JEE syllabus. The postal
tests in the form of part tests or full tests, the simulator tests and sit-down
tests were very useful as they individually test each of the different aspects
of the syllabus and in addition to this the varying difficulty levels helped me
to gauge where I stand. Therefore I conclude that the quality of the course
material and the various tests was highly satisfactory. I would strongly
recommend the course to any aspirant. I would also strongly recommend
others to opt for the Brilliant Tutorials sit-down test series as a lot of
people appear for it and the percentile rank obtained in the test help you
to gauge your National Rank approximately. I had enrolled for the One
Year YG File course with Brilliant Tutorials and it played a great role in the
success I have enjoyed in the JEE 2009. The study material provided in the

course helped in getting my concepts right and also in getting rid of
misconceptions. The sit-down tests helped me to gauge my position in the
National level. I would like to recommend the YG File course to everyone
who wishes to complete a sound preparation for the IIT-JEE.
(A.I.R – 126)
Gautam S. Iyengar, EYGB09 – 00036
June 09, 2009
The study materials were superb. They covered matters beyond the syllabi
which helps a student to know and understand the subject very well. The
course no doubt is a great help for me to do a good result. It’s really
outstanding. The various tests helped me a lot to know the type of IIT
questions and to be more skilled in time management. Your course is really
outstanding as I have pointed out earlier. So naturally I shall recommend
your course to all the students who seek suggestions from me. I am highly
grateful to you for your help and outstanding study materials. It has helped
me a lot and enhanced my thoughts and techniques to solve problems. It
has helped me to know the subject very well. It cleared my doubts and
made me fit to appear in the IIT-JEE with full confidence. (A.I.R – 133)
Abhishek Roy, EEELB09 – 00389
June 09, 2009
I am thankful to Brilliant Tutorials for helping me through their 2-Yr. Elite
Postal course. It really helped to master topics I was not confident in. I will
definitely recommend it to my other friends preparing for IIT-JEE. The
study material prepared covers most of the important topics included in
JEE. (A.I.R – 137)
Gururaj Saileshwar, EELP09 – 02064
June 18, 2009
The course helped a lot. Indeed the IITJEE paper 2009 was similar to the
one I gave in Brilliant Tutorials. The level was same and so it was just
another day for me when I gave JEE 2009. The course improved my
speed, accuracy and also I came to know about some rare formulas
and concepts. YG File was a treat for me. In the last 10 days I did only
YG-File and solved Brilliant Tutorials’ Home-based Tests. The sit-down
tests gave a full scenario before JEE. I had recommended a lot of juniors
on taking BT course and I will tell others who ask me. BT is a more focused
institute offering quality courses. I express my thanks to Brilliant Tutorials
for their support and their material which helped me in securing 156 rank
in JEE 2009 in my first attempt. (A.I.R – 156)
Dipendra Kumar Mishra, BMFS09 – 00062
June 13, 2009
The course did help me a lot in my overall success especially in chemistry.
The tests of the course also helped me estimate my position on a regular
basis. The course material was really good especially the theory. The
problems were also sufficient and the maths problems were very good.
The postal tests, simulator tests and sit-down tests were plenty in number
and gave us a lot of practice. I would certainly recommend the courses for
anyone who is looking for a good correspondence course. The course
material is rich in information and is very useful. (A.I.R – 161)
Girish Ramakrishnan, EELP09 – 00155
June 08, 2009
The course material in chemistry was excellent. My studies in Chemistry
revolved around it. Timely tests helped regulate my performance. YG File
provided the necessary challenge towards the end. Course material was
fairly good. The quality of the course material is nice and thorough. The
study material was quite good especially of Chemistry. It helped me
understand various concepts. The Test Series was also competent and
probing. The YG File and the Simulator Series at the end helped both build
my confidence and gave me the necessary challenge. In all, it was a fairly
good course. (A.I.R – 183)
Devadatta S. Patankar, EELP09 – 02342
June 11, 2009
The B.MAT test series was very useful and it gave me an experience of
IIT-JEE. The timing of the exams (about once in a fortnight) was apt and
it helped me remain in touch with different topics. The B.MAT test series
acted as a morale boost to me and helped me prepare better. The various
tests like postal tests, simulator tests, Sit-down tests were very useful but
difficulty level is less than what is expected by IIT-JEE aspirant. I
recommend students to take the BMAT test series so that they get an
experience of what IITJEE is like. The B.MAT Test Series was a real boost
to my morale. It helped me know where I stood and helped me to prepare
better. (A.I.R – 191)
Vimal. M, EYGP09 – 00137
June 09, 2009
The course material design (starting from distribution of syllabus throughout
the two years, part-syllabus tests etc.) was extremely helpful to maintain the
pace of learning as well as to study to get the required depth of knowledge.
I would owe a large part of my success to B.MAT National Test- Series.
The tests are very similar to the actual JEE exams nowadays. The course
materials gave me a deep insightful approach and adjust to the requirement
& orientation of JEE. The sit-down tests, as I said earlier are extremely
helpful and give a taste of the JEE before the real one. I would strongly
recommend the Elite, YG Files, B.MAT Test Series to all serious IIT-JEE
aspirants as they are really helpful in the preparations. Without this help, I
doubt whether I would have cracked IIT-JEE. (A.I.R – 192)
Prachetos Sadhukhan, EELP09 – 01331
June 09, 2009
The course was very helpful in my preparation. It helped me to clear my
concepts and also provided good questions for practice the problems of
the YG File and Simulator question bank were simply fabulous and made
me learn how to apply multiple concepts in single problem and how to
use shorter methods to solve problems to save time. I think the course
played a major role in my overall success in IIT-JEE. I think the quality of

your course material as well as the tests were pretty good. The problems
were well grouped and smartly arranged which made sure that its difficulty
level increases stepwise. I would strongly recommend the Brilliant Tutorials
course to every IIT aspirant as it has definitely helped me improve my rank.
This course has definitely helped me in achieving my dream. I would
strongly recommend this course to every IIT-JEE aspirant. (A.I.R – 197)
Yatish Turakhia, EELB09 – 00537

June 23, 2009

Regular reading of the materials, good level problems for solving, and
different mock papers were the highlight of this course. The correspondence
course is the need of the hour for the aspirants of AIEEE. I am thankful
to you for providing me with the wonderful correspondence course, in
the deciding year of my life. (A.I.R – 160), (State Rank– 3),
State: Gujarat
Harmin F Shah, EE1B09 – 00230

June 22, 2009

Brilliant’s study material, with its excellent presentation and great coverage
of all the topics included in JEE syllabus, helped me to prepare for both
IIT-JEE and AIEEE simultaneously. The tests that I gave online and at the
centre were excellent mocks and gave me real feelings of what I would
encounter in the exams. Brilliant’s Elite (for IIT-JEE 2009) and course
material for AIEEE had a major role to play in my success in both the
exams. Without these study materials, I would’ve had a hard time facing
these exams. The quality of the study material is extra-ordinary. The tests
helped me get a real feel of what the real tests would be like. I would
strongly recommend the course because it is very good for a basic
understanding of the concepts, which is what matters the most in any
exam. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me such

excellent correspondence courses that made my fundamentals clear and
made me confident of being able to face any competition that I face.
(A.I.R – 76), (State Rank – 8), State: Uttar Pradesh

Prakhar Banga, EELB09 – 00244

June 20, 2009

Concepts in every subject was elaborately explained. It was easy to

comprehend. Question papers sent by them gave good exposure to
various types of questions. YG File gave a good collection for higher order
thinking problems. Also, back exercises in every module was step-wise
improving us for every level of problem solving. It was a complete
package for overall success. Quality of course material is extremely good.
YG File, Compendium and Question Bank was really an excellent package
for me. It improved my level so much each day. I strongly recommend
all AIEEE aspirants to enroll in Brilliant Tutorials for AIEEE preparation.
If one needs to excel, there is no better package. But for your guidance,
I would not have got any rank. Course materials, YG-File, Compendium,
Question Bank and the Question papers were really helpful. I am blessed
to enroll in such a good course. (A.I.R – 226), (State Rank – 8), State:
Tamil Nadu

Prakruthi, EELB09 – 00280

June 07, 2009

The course played an important role in giving me the whole

JEE + AIEEE syllabus. So I could cover the whole syllabus in right time
and right methodology. I give my whole hearted thanks to Brilliant for my
success. The study materials are of best quality. Infact it’s the best in the
country in my opinion. The doubt letter helped me to clear all my doubts
whether concepts or numerical. If you want to crack IIT and AIEEE,
Brilliant Tutorials is a must for you in my opinion. I advice all JEE and
AIEEE aspirants to join Brilliant Tutorials’ Correspondence Course and
seek help of their Classroom Coaching too. The Correspondence Course
of yours is superb. The all India Mock tests also proved extremely
beneficial. (A.I.R – 1770), (State Rank – 29), State: Kerala

Jagan Jacob, EELB09 – 00498

June 23, 2009

It gave a huge variety of questions. A significant portion of my success is

contributed by this course. It started providing the real feel of JEE and
AIEEE from Class IX. Course material – excellent; Contact Programme –
good; Doubt Letter Scheme – good. Brilliants’ AIEEE course should be
taken by all. (A.I.R – 9239), (State Rank – 20), State:
(Himachal Pradesh)

Pranay Kumar Bansal, EELB09 - 00488

“IIT. That’s where I long to belong.’’
You dream of belonging on an IIT Campus. A member of that
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of problems in varying grades of complexity. There are also
Postal Tests to help you evaluate the progress of your
preparation, a Doubt Letter Scheme to help clear your doubts
at any point during the course, Faculty Contact Programmes
which give you the chance to meet your professors face to face,
and the new B. MAT - Brilliant's Mock All-India Test Series to
evaluate you against thousands of contestants all over India for the
A formidable arsenal of study material and support services to
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