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Appetizers Wa Goat Cheese ond Cramelized Orion Tart 10, Charcuterie Plate of Meats ond Cheeses. 13 Chile Artichoke, Leman Dipping Souce 8 Box Capacco, Pameson& Argo 14 of Firs, Sun Died Tomato Cream 11 Fried Colamar, Sweet and Spicy Peppers & Tomato Sauce 9 Roasted Summer Com Ravi, Fiperade Fondue. 8 Soup ofthe Day. & = Salads ined Letves with Hose Vinigette 7 Romine Caesar Salad. 8 Roasted Bel Peppers, Fresh Mozzarla 9 Local Vegetable Solad, Beet Balsamic Syup 8 Heilom Tomatoes, ie and Pepered Walnuts 10 Frise wit Bacon, Shall Vinaigrette and Poached Egg. 11 (A Solas ore valle wih Gil Chicken, ‘Ship or Fish, plese ask your server for details) ~ Fish of the Day Simgl repo, ether Stomed or Sautéed wih Seasonal Vegetables, or Mixed Green Salad > Main Courses Beef Short Ris, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Bacon & GreenBeans 22 Chicken Aanese, 7 Spices, Saffron Kil Cram 15 ‘Steomed Mussels in White Wine, Leeks, Tomato & Bosil Butter 14 Potato Grow, Gat Butter & Baby Vogotobles 12 Café Bo Filet, Gatic Fes & Herb Butler 27 Cod Steok, Vegetable Provencal 19 Bacon Wrapped Brok Tout, Port Wine Reduction 18 Spinach Quiche, Mived Geen Sold 13 Grogue Madame, Gorlic French Fries 11 Sides Asparagus Hallandcise 7 Macaroni and Chowse. 5 Green Beons, Toosted Almonds 6 Mashed Potatoes Finished with Butter and Qlive Oil & Homme Made Gat French Fes. & Sautéed Spinach, Roasted Garlic Cloves 6 DINNER Cocktails Rocks $10 Fresh Berry Mojito -DonQ Rum, fesh muddled season bers, mint, ie, damerr sugar a Va Southern Confort, Von Gogh in, chery brn, ineapl, ime Bon Voyage - Four Roses Bourbon Cynar, maraschino, celery bites Fresco Jose Cuervo Silver, St Germain, sce of cucumber, mint, sgroperut Martinis $10 Peach Sidecar - Hennessey black, white peach puree, gomme Paris Manhattan Fu: uses Buber, St ema, it ge & sls of gos its Casino Rayale«Sninef Vio, Bandy Coie, ine White Chocolate Martini - Dunant Live, Yon ogh Dutch Cac Yak, Yan Gogh ail Yok, Cm rsh FLUTES $9 La Passion - Covo, But KY sparkling wine Bubbles By The Glass & Bottle Segura Vidas “Ai Pint Hoi Rose But $7-$25 Piper Sonama Blanc De Blanc 59-530 Piper Heidsick Brut 515-54 Wines WHITES REDS luna Nuda Pinot Grigio € Portl ina Nir Finca El Origen Torontes Santa Rta Resera Maat lngham Chenin Blanc Montes Classic Malbec New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc Penfo’s Kopnungo il Shiraz Ruffino Libaio Chardonnay Seaton Fin is les $8 Caaf $1 Bol $24 Fountain Ble Rising ValdubonCosecha Rica Honig Savignon Blanc Rufino Azan Chan Cassio Gono Fener Chardonnoy Hayman And Hl Coberet Ser Da Estella Abarino Steting Met Jean Luc Colombo Cote Blu Rose Tierra Secreta Malbec loss $10 Corafe $131 Bote 34 King Estte Pinot Gis Domaine Crandon Prot Nexis olsteam tls Sauvignon Blac BezigrCoberet Lboure Roi Puy uisse Wild Howse Paso Robles Cobemet Glass $12 | Carafe $16 | Bote $40 Treats Lambert Bridge Viognier BV. Rutherford Cobemet Jordan Chardonnay ‘Montes “Alpha” Syrah Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc Frog's Leap Zinfondel loss $16 | Bote $65 Beers DOMESTIC IMPORTS Budweiser $5 Heineken $6 Bud Light $5 Heineken ight $6 Willer Light $5 Stella $6 ‘Michelob Ultra Light $5 Grolsch 96 Samuel Adams $5 Carlsberg 96 Siena Nevada $5 Newcastle $6 Sweetwater 420 $5 Guinness 37 Blue Moon % Duvel 58 Pabst Bho Ribbon $3 Delirium $8 Corona 5 = Sa Se