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Writing Task-2 Topics

1. The 21st century is believed to herald drastic changes.
Which areas do you think will be influenced most by this
wave of changes?
2. The fast paced lifestyle is unique to cities,the world over
.What are the reasons for this inclination?
3. Discuss the merits and demerits of studying in a foreign
4. Telecommuting and flexible working hours are changing
the concept of the conventional working atmosphere.
Discuss and give your views.
5. In future natural resources such as coal and oil will be
used up. How can we save on resources? What
alternative sources of energy are available?
6. Tourism is flourishing everywhere. Discuss the pros
and cons of this industry.
7. Popular hobbies and interests keep on changing. They
are more a reflection of the current trends of what
individuals really want to do at their leisure time.
8. Do you agree or disagree to the view that children
leisure activities must entirely be educational?
9. Fathers and mothers have equally important roles to
play in rearing up their children. What is your opinion
about this view?
10. Many of the problems young people now
experience like juvenile delinquency arise from the fact
that many married women work and are not at home to
look after their children.
11. Many young people get involved in serious
relationships. Do you think that this trend is good in
long run?
12. Women will play an increasingly important role in
the work place in the future. This might disturb their
family life.
13. A large proportion of the country’s health budget
should be diverted from treatment to spending on
health education and preventive measures.
14. Since technology is applicable in every field,
traditional skills need not to be revived.
15. The mass media have a great influence in shaping
people’s views and concepts. Do you agree to the
statement? Substantiate your view with examples.
16. Greater use of public transport reduces congestion
and pollution. Discuss.
17. Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare.
Has this change improved the way people live?
18. What are the problems faced by the disabled
19. What are the problems faced by the old people in
your society?
20. What responsibility does society have towards
21. Feminism is gaining ground in India. Is it better or
the worse?
22. Describe the major cultural and traditional values
prevalent in Indian society.
23. How relevant is charity in this age of individualism
and profit oriented life?
24. The education system is undergoing changes
everywhere. What changes do you propose to the
education system in your country?
25. Traffic congestion in our cities is on our rise. What
reasons can we attribute to it, and what preventive
measures can be taken to mitigate this problem?
26. Should governments spend money on art, when
they have so many other important issues and
27. In the fight against crime, police forces and
governments are increasingly using security cameras in
public places. Some people are opposed to this, saying
that it invades our privacy. What do you think?
28. Do the media treat famous people unfairly? Is the
publicity about their private lives the price VIP’s must
pay for fame?
29. Should animals be used for testing new drugs
and procedures?
30. As computers are being used more and more in
education ,there will be soon no role for teachers in the
31. Improvements in health, education and trade are
essential for the development of poorer nations.
However, the governments of richer nations should take
more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in
such areas
32. Some say that the internet is making the world
smaller by bringing people together. To what extent do
you agree that the internet is making it easier for people
to communicate with one another.
33. The student who study from the school to
university get benefit less and contribute less too, than
those of the student who go to travel or job and get
skills and experience before going high. Do you agree
or disagree?
34. With all the troubles in the world today, money
spent on space exploration is a complete waste. The
money could be better spent on other things.
35. Some people believe that internet access create
problems. Discuss.
36. In some countries children have very strict rules
of behavior, in other countries they are allowed to do
almost anything they want. To what extent should
children have to follow rules?
37. Advertising is all around us; it is an unavoidable
part of everyone’s life. Some people say that
advertising is a positive part of our lives while others
say it is negative. Discuss both views and give your
opinion. Give reason to your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge or your
experience. You should write at least 250 words.
38. “Without Capital punishment (the dead penalty)
our lives are less secure and crime of violence
increase. Capital punishment is essential to control
violence in society.” To what extent do you agree or
39. Nowadays environmental problems are too big to
be managed by individual countries. In other words, it is
an international problem. To what extent do you agree
or disagree?
40. In many countries children are engaged in some
kind of paid work. Some regard this as completely
wrong while others consider it as valuable work
experience, important for learning and taking
responsibility. What is your opinion on this?
41. Many people believe that the next world war will
happen as a result of conflicts over water. Is this fear
justified? Give reasons for your answer.
42. Success is more often than not elusive. What
factors help to make an individual successful?
43. Some people think that it would be better if there
were only one language in the world. Others are of the
opinion that if this occurred it would it would cause
more problems than it solved. Discuss that might arise
if, in fact, there were only one language in the world
and give your opinion.
44. Some people believe that the influence that
television exerts over society is largely detrimental and
are calling for it to be more strictly controlled. Should
television be more tightly controlled to protect society
and, if so, how? Or should it have even fewer
restrictions placed on it?
45. Noise Pollution is most certainly increasing at an
alarming rate in many industrialized countries. In what
ways can this problem be overcome?
46. People generally believe that knowledge is power,
but rather it is the ability to manipulate knowledge not
knowledge itself, which bestows power. How far do you
47. Prisons are basically universities of crime,
fostering the kind of behavior they aim to eradicate. In
what ways can prisons help criminals to function
normally when they return to society? Do you think
such attempts at rehabilitating criminals are effective?
48. In recent years life has become more stressful
than it has ever been .As a consequence, more and
more people are suffering from stress related problems.
What factors are contributing to this increase and what
do you think can be done to overcome the current
49. Some people think that information should be
obtained from the written book; other thinks that it
should be obtained from TV and internet. Discuss both
of the views. Which do you agree with?
50. A growing number of people feel animals should
have the same rights as humans. Others feel that
humans must always came first and accuse animal
rights activists of being overly sentimental. How far do
you agree or disagree?
51. Universities should accept equal numbers of male
and female students in every subject. To what extent
you agree or disagree?
52. A jury in a criminal case has no access to
information about the defendants past record. Some
lawyers have suggested it changed and a jury should
be given all past facts before reach a decision. Do you
agree or disagree? Give reasons.
53. “Professional sportsmen and women give millions
of people a great deal of pleasure and fully deserve the
extremely high salaries they earn.” Do you agree or
disagree with this statement?
54. Some people believe they should keep all the
money they earned and should not pay tax to the state.
Do you agree or disagree?
55. Some people think that information should best be
obtained from the written book; other thinks that it
should best be obtained from TV and the internet.
Discuss both of the views. Which do you agree with?

Speaking Topics

1. Place
2. Food/Diet
3. Cloth
4. Ornament
5. Actor/Actress
6. T.V. artist
7. Movie
8. T.V. serial/Channel
9. Singer
22.Old person


1. Importance of education and comp education.

2. Importance of book and favorite book.
3. Importance of music.
4. Importance of movie n favorite movie.
5. Fad. TV. Serial.
6. Tour and Travels
7. Means of transport and fav. vehicle.
8. Importance of sports n ur fav. Game.
9. Memorable place and event.
10. Your first day in your school.
11. Hostel life.
12. Your fav. Colour.
13. Imp. Of museum.
14. Visit of historical place/building.
15. Your fav. Room in your house.
16. About your best friend.
17. Your ideal person.
18. Fast food and fav. Food.
19. About fashion.
20. About your qualities.
21. Joining a club.
22. Any marriage party you have attended.
23. Imp. Of media.
24. Photography(your fav photograph)
25. Your relation to your neighbors.
26. Means of communication.
27. A gift.(you received, gift)
28. Resent website visited.
29. Any social activity.
30. Any adventures person.
31. Your fav. River.
32. Resent advertisement to have seen.
33. Describe any traditional folk dance
34. Describe any public and cultural event.
35. Describe any funny/comic situation.
36. Describe your home town.
37. About your fav. Resturant.
38. Describe any incident when you helped somebody.
39. Your fav. TV artist.
40. Any piece of art and antique.
41. Globalization
42. Any famous person u admires.
43. Any place which is special to u.
44. Your fav. Furniture.
45. Method of relaxation.
46. Imp. Of walk & exercise.
47. Any art gallery u visited
48. About clothes,your fav dress
49. Your fav. Shop.
50. Your lucky number.
51. About technology.
52. Any toy u like most.
53. Any childhood character.
54. Time management.
55. Any skill u have learn successfully.
56. Describe a thing u lost.
57. Imp of Nature(any object u like most)
58. Animal or birds communication.
59. Art or museum gallery.
60. Environmental problem for your locality or society complex.
61. Describe any thing u did while taking any initiative.
62. Describe a piece of equipment you often use at home or at work.
63. Describe a well known person.
64. Describe a friend in your school time you like most.
65. Describe a kind of extreme weather.
66. Describe the way of getting news.
67. Describe an important letter you received.
68. Describe an advertisement you have seen.
69. Describe a children’s game(sports not suggested)
70. Describe any incidence when you received any advice.