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Tikka with Rice $6.99 Flaverfully marinated pieces of tikka served with Hee and garnished wrth a mix of sauteed Hp iasDy Sy illegal ald hd Kabab $5.50 ous Four skewers of Lamb kabob & Beef labob Charbtoiled ground meat mbsed mith chopped onion, tomato & special spices. Served with giilled tomatoes ey all pelea ae ple OLS Tikka $5.50 Lamb & beef chunks marinated sauce and grilled to perfection wit Spal pL Jaa a pike 9 yp pall Tikka& Kabab $850 Plate'of mixed kabab & tikka Served with guilled fonratoes BAD y AD a ate ey Ne at Milag $5.50 Dae 3 skewers of lamb liver served with grilled tomatoes BLM y peak Leal gs asks egal Gall gilt Kubba $5.50 fe < Bungle stuffed with meat, onion and spices served with pickles ize jess Soules 55) ae dase LS Falafel $4.50. Jaa Patties of ground chick peas, Havered with natural seasonings and fried in oll. Served with hummous, salad & pita bread gil Sey Hab 5 acai! go pole SEU | ENTREES gubi All entrees are served with salad, soup and pita bread Aaj pill y Aaah y peklb ae nat he lh te Lamb & Rice $6.99 529! «bs 8 pal Tender pieces of lamb served with rice and garnished with 4 mix of vegetables. see 9 STE ba sh pal Ga pd Fish & Rice $7.99 SoM) qe lew Spiced fish served with Hee and garnished with a mix of vegetables shally 38) gs pie see che Chicken & Rice $6.99 32% aegis Matinated chicken garnished with a mix of vegetables on a bed of Jhemally 537 iets» sae cle? Kabob & Rice $6.99 SOY! a abs Succulent Kabob served with rice and gainished with a mix of sauteed vegetables A ee pale 5 see GS Kabob & Rice $5.50 aaale — wicculent Kabob setved with rice and garnished with a tix of sjartecd vegetables. Seedy 5M ge ple y wu ts All sandwiches are served in pita bread with vegetables and tahini sauce Js $2.50 Kabab sandwich 4-3 $3.00 Tikka sandwich 4s $3.00 Shawarma as $3.00 - off SIDE ORDERS ca Hummeus {250 Uses A blend of mashed chick peas, tahini paste (sesame sced). olive oil, garlic and lemon jules Babaganoush $250 0E = 4 Mashed charbotled eggplant blended with tahini, yogurt, garlic, lemon & olive oil Pickles $1.00