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MEMBRANE SWITCHES, FECOM, OVERLAYS & NAMEPLATES INTRODUCTION FECOM Corporation, a sistercompany of FEMA Electronics, wasestablished in 1998 to better serve it's OEM customers on their requirement in peripheral components surrounding the display products that FEMA supplies. Products such as Silicone Rubber Keypads, Front Panels, PCBs Flexible PCBs and Enclosures ete. are provided by FECOM, Membrane Switches, Overlays & Nameplates wereintroducedin 1998. Our Products are water and humidity resistant. Nameplate materials include aluminum, PVC, PCand Mylar. We have acquired the skills and technology necessary to produce top-quality, durable, reliable products that are suitable foruse in computers, instruments, electronic and electric goods. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT Membrane Switch - Embossed overlay (for tactile feel) Mylar domes and metal domes (for tactile feel) - UV hard coat flat key on surface - EMI, RFl and ESD shielding Any shape of keys - Transparent and abrasion resistant windows - Multi-color, reverse side printing - LED under diffused windows - Solder pin female connector attachment - Wide variety of textured overlays including matte gloss overlays - Material of overlay: PE(Polyester) or PC (Polycarbonate) Overlays Graphic overlays with clear windows, color and texture matching - 3Madhesives Anti-glare and UV Hardcoat available Accepting various types of electronic digital files for graphic surface printing Class A Tooling, Shear Cut & Laser Steel Rule Dies Fabrication Processes on demands Nameplates - Materials available - aluminum, PVC, PC, Kapton and Mylar - 3Madhesives - Class A Tooling, Shear Cut & Laser Stee! Rule Dies Fabrication Processes on demands - Serialization by Steel Stamped, Hot Stamped MEMBRANE SWITCH CONSTRUCTION * Switch Tail - Custom designed to meet your individual needs *Connectors or Pins - Selected to meet your interface requirements * Adhesives - Selected from a vast of adhesive materials to meet your specific requirements * Panel - Panel materials include aluminum, steel, brass, and hard plastics. * Hardware - We incorporate stand-off's, studs or fasteners which are attached by either press fitting or close tolerance welding PERMACOTE GRAPHICS / OVERLAY cincurrRY SPACER circum SWITCH TAIL CONNECTORS OR PINS ADHESIVE PANEL HARDWARE Electric Specification Contact rating De 15V, DC 5mA. Open circuit resistance De 250v, 100M Ohm Min Reverse voltage 208V/minute Circuit resistance 100m Max. ‘Switch stroke 0.15~0.2mm Operating Temperature 0B C~ +50B C ‘Storage Temperature -258C~ +7580 Humidity 258 C, 96% RH ‘Operating Force 100 ~ 300 grams Life Time 500,000 times