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American Ramp Transit, Inc. 06/29/07 Information pertaining to the performance review of Rick Meldrum Responsibilities Load plan and dispatch nursery account Load entry in Dispatch Sofware Verify McCorkle load board Nursery Payeoll Off shift nursery driver support Daily driver Qualcomm eheck (on time) Document driver performance related issues (i.e lates, tide) Nursery Paperwotk-receipt, ipput receipt into software, Follow-up on missing paperwork (Lynn in peak season) Maintain daily rack information including voice mail rack quantities (Lynn in peak season) Nursery tractor and qailer monthly mileage This past year was the first year of you being responsible for the daily operations of the nursery account, Listed above are the responsibilities that were given fo you last year. I am very pleased with the way you handled the day to day operations, from driver assignments to load entry. The accuracy was quite good accounting for all the changes that happened each week. You were able to assign loads in such a way (0 insure that company drivers consistently had more miles than owner operators and 3° party carriers. This is extremely important especially during the transition from peak fo the summer, Right now we are extremely vulnerable for excessive cost if we don’t utilize our equipment effectively. Your support of off shift problems was very good. It is not an easy thing to handle, but you were there to address any problems that occurred and notify MeCorkle if the problem would impact the delivery. It extremely important that we document driver performance issues because they are used for employee evaluations and annual bonuses. Upon reviewing the performance information I notice that there are no late deliveries identified. 1s this correct? Tam surprised that we had no late deliveries with company drivers? I do not receive the ‘Qualcomm report consistently. It is important that we review this each morning to insure that we know that on time deliveries are being made. Performance Rating: Satisfactory Payroll Change Current Pay $866/week New Pay $883/week Robert Ferrara Rick Meldrum