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The Spirit of Christ Versus the Spirit of the World

“There must be no competition among you” Phil 2:2, Jerusalem Bible

1. Humility Versus Pride

The gospel teaches us to be humble and place
the needs and interests of others above our own.
Phil 2:4. A competitive spirit seeks to place its
needs above others and to glorify self. You
cannot be competitive and serve others.

2. Value in Christ Versus Value in

Our Own Performance.
This is the key to the gospel. Looking to and trusting in
the performance of Jesus and believing that it is given
to us. Competition is exactly the opposite. It trains us to
look to and develop our performance within ourselves.

3. Peace Versus Aggression

When we are justified by faith, trusting in the
righteousness (performance of Jesus) we have
peace. Rom 5:1. Competition is the source of
violence and aggression because we must prove
ourselves at the expense of others. James 4:1-4.

4. Serving Others Versus Serving Self

Jesus constantly lived to serve others. Mark
10:44,45. When we are performing against others
we are forced to serve and focus on ourselves.
Instead of helping family with daily duties we are
“working on our game”.

5. Internal Eternal Focus Versus

Temporal External Focus
The gospel focus is on the eternal world. The
competitive focus is on the temporal world. The
Christian works on character through Christ, the
competitor on image through self.

6. All Winners Versus One Winner

and Many Losers
All who accept Christ are winners. There are no losers.
All receive the prize. Sadly with competition there is
only one winner. 1 Cor 9:24. The losers face the shame
and fear of worthlessness or the fire of getting even.

7. True Worship Versus Idolatry

© Adrian Ebens 2000

The gospel teaches us to abide in Christ and keep our

thoughts always on Him. 2 Cor 10:5. Anything that takes
a higher priority in our thinking than worshipping God, is
idolatry. The spirit of competition makes self the centre
of thought and action rather than God.