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1- Strategic HRM

1- Strategic HRM

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management is the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance µIf a global company is to function successfully, strategies at different levels need to inter-relate¶ µAn organizations HRM policies and practices must fit with its strategy in its competitive environment and with the immediate business condition it faces

Strategic Human Resource Management
Objectives The objective of the course is to develop the perspective of Strategic human resource management. Specifically the course has the following objectives: Distinguish the strategic approach to human resource from the traditional function 
Understand the relationship of HR strategy with overall Corporate strategy Understand the strategic role of specific HR system

± Alignment between business and human resource management strategies

‡ Skills in
± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Aligning HR strategies with business strategies; Talent management; Job and organization design; Performance management; Designing development programs; Succession planning and career development; Strategic reward Systems; Labor-management relations; Diagnosing organizations Identifying appropriate behavioral interventions

Strategic Human Resource Management
Topics 1.Introduction to Strategic HR 2.Definition need and importance-Introduction to business and Corporate strategies-Integrating HR strategies with business strategies ±Developing HR Plans and Policies 3. Human Resource Environment Technology and organizational Structure ±Broad influences of Technology-Influences of HRIS-workforce diversity- Demographic changes-Temporary contract labour-Global environment-Global competition-Global sourcing of labour-WTO and labour standards

Strategic Human Resource Management
4.Recruitment and retention strategies e-Selection and Recruitment-Organizational Cultures Emphasing Interpersonal Relationship values-effective selection procedures-job enrichment and job satisfaction-practices providing work life balance-other practices in facilitating retention-employee involvement-Autonomous work team 5.Training and development strategies Creating learning organizations-Virtual learning organisation- Developing competency model(competency mapping)- Investment in Employability multiskilling and succession planning-Cross cultural training

Strategic Human Resource Management
6.Performance management Strategies Defining Key result areas(KRA)-Result based performance-Linking performance to pay ±Merit based promotion-e performance management 7.Reward and compensation Strategies-Strategically oriented Compensation Systems-Skill based pay-Broadbanding-Team based pay-profit sharingVariable pay-Executive compensation 8.Retrenchment Strategies Downsizing-VRS-HR outsourcing-Early retirement plans ±Project based employment

Strategic Human Resource Management
9.Human aspects of Strategy implementation-Behavioral issues in strategic implementation-matching culture with strategy-Human side merger and acquisition-Leadership power and politics-Employee morale-Personal values and Business ethics 10.Global HR Strategies Introduction to global HR strategies-Developing HR as a value adding function 11.Evaluating Strategic contributions of Traditional Areas-HRP-StaffingTraining-Performance evaluation systems-Compensation systems-Labour and employee relations

Additional research
‡ The Emerging Roles of HR ‡ Read: A New Mandate for Human Resources, by Dave Ulrich, ‡ Aligning HR to the Business ‡ Read: Aligning Business and HR Strategies, by Linda Holbeche Organizational Alignment: The 7S Model ‡ ‡ Having Trouble with your Strategy? Then Map It Developing a Competency Model Read: The Core Competence of the Corporation Definition of a Competency ` Designing Competency Studies

‡ Organization Analysis and Job Design Read: Designing Dynamic Organizations The Building Blocks of Organization Principles of Design Job Design and Employee Selection

‡ Talent Management: Some Considerations ‡ Read: The War for Talent, by Michaels, Handfield-Jones, and xelrod, The Talent Myth, by

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Employee Relations Organization Culture and Change Organization Culture Diagnosis Structuring the HR Function Managing Organization Culture Change Stabilizing Organization Culture Evaluating Organization Culture Change

‡ Group Project:

‡ The purpose of the Group Project is to give you all a chance to apply what you have learned from SHROD on the concrete realities of a specific business organization. You will do this as a team of not more than 3 people.

‡ ‡ The paper should cover the following areas: ± Brief description of the company¶s business strategy(ies) or corporate objectives; ± Description of the desired human organization that will ensure the delivery of the business strategy(ies) or achieve corporate objectives. You can use the 7 S or Balance Scorecard frameworks, or a combination of the 2 frameworks in doing this; ± Analysis of the existing organization and identification of gaps between # 2 and 3; ± Recommendations on HR strategies, policies, programs and practices that will create the desired human organization. Note that all the topics we will be exploring in class are directed towards creating a human organization that will support the business strategies and goals of business organizations. ‡

Books Recommended
1.Strategic HRM-Jeffrey Mello,Thomson Publiation New Delhi 2. Strategic HRM-Charles R.Greer,Pearson education Asia,New Delhi 3.Strategic HRM-Michael Armstrong,Kogan Page London 4.Strategic HRM-Agarwal,Oxford University Press,New Delhi 5.Human Resource Management ±Gary Dessler,PHI,New Delhi 6.Strategic and Development-Richard Regis-Excel books,New Delhi

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