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[STE 7a Setting of the other tools \When you fnish making the layout, next step is setting of appliance. Correct setting up is vary Important for making the aquarium clean, Connection pars shoul be arranged neatly very apace wh ie aceay fer COP sutra. Evry are can vee ns prot sa spp ope CO2 ‘Checking the CO2 density 20 eat ey Cc rnd fH A A rear rie Pe Drop boumgon Coe Surety Co hac, and you cous + fndtbe COs deray tom the clr eng of ie reser HOWTO LAYOUT-Making Proving the light for the plants LUght isthe most important factor in growing aquatic plants, and providing sufficient light encourages more active photosynthesis, For beginners, a fluorescent lighting system is ‘generally easier to manage. Q U0 ws dtp stat bp sts prs anaes aD pcr Ppa ‘re waren. is gr tia owe ce ‘arp was ald 8 can be aroed ot he serene & Purifying the water and maintaining the environment within the aquarium. - “Tho for plays the role of purfying tho water, ‘0 one with a high tation capacity is very Important. Om mccanmannesey Promoting the photosynthesis, of aquatic plants. ‘C02 supplementation is necessary to promote ! photosynthesis. Active photosyrhesis makes | _ the plants grow much better. Placing the POLLEN GLASS dlftuser ata mide height in the aquarium helps ensure a good COZ ‘supp ‘Washing the glass products, ‘Aig grow dora om rice appearance end proper function fas products. A perc coonng wn SUPERGE roves sony | lg - Se