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Officer Robles was then asked questions regarding HPD Policy 8-17, Private Police Services Officer Roble: ied again he woulé not sign on of sign off with dispatch. When asked again he stated simply that he just didn’t, When asked if he completed the hows worked section of the HPD form #100 he responded “Yes.” He then stated that there was # memo That was sent outa few years ago regarding the completion of the actual hours worked boxes. He stated he did nol nave the memo or remember who wrote it or why, but felt that it superseded the oxdcr telling officers fo fil in dic actual hours wouked aud instead Gill in the boxes with the same hours as those listed by the PY Office. Officer Rebles then slated thal he thought he alveys filled out the actual hours section of the HPD Form #109. Olficer Robles waa then acked more directly about the hours that he worked his regular shifls, and the conflict with his Private Jobs and Overtime. He stated that he alwaye filled out the hours actaally worked portion of the elip, He immediately stated he felt that the hours he put down om his time cards were the issue. When askedl why he had over forty PY Shps for which he Allect out no time, Officer Robles bad no response, When asked why he then had roughly sixteon PI slips where he correctly filled out the actual hours worked section of the #3 Slip he again had no answer. When asked why he had muttipie dates for over a year and a balf period where he worked Private Jobs which overlayped with his regular time, lie had oo answer. Ollicer Robles agreed (hal for the last few years while assigned as a CSO, hichad the ability to come and go as he saw fit, to not have to ask for time off or to change his reguler shifls hous, to not complete any paperwork for those shifls and that during that period he waa solely responsible for the hours that he gave to Licutenant Daily to be filled out on his Wookly Time Card. Whea the statement was made to Officer Rebles that on multiple cocasions if was clear thal he worked Private jobs while simultaneously working hig regular shift, Officer Robles responded by nodding in agrecment and did not refute the statement, but remained silent. When the statement was made to Officer Rebles that he was aware that he worked Private Police Jobs and that the homs he gave Lt. Dailey wore incorrect, Officer Robles responded ~yes" in agreernent with thet statement. Officer Robles als agreed thal the hours he gave Tt Dailey were not the correct hours that he worked his regular shift. Officer Robles also agreed that it was uot possibic to have thar many Private Police Road Jobs for which lie was released by 1000 hours, Officer Rebles did state al one point that he thought iLmight appear as thous he did-not work his regular shift becausc if he were to got released carly fiom a job, he would then start his regular shift. That if released at 1100 or 1300 hours be would then work 1300 40 1960 (appeared that he meent 21001) hours. Based on the lack of activity within the HARTBEAT, filtle supervision and having no apparent diecet involvement with any othor officars, it would be difficult to support euch a statement. When Officer Robles was informed that many of the personnel that he worked (or had heen contacted and (hat (hey stafod that they and the officer who worked that jo® thet day (Officer Robles) were there the entire day and that the officer was not refeased early, Officer Robles responced in agreement, When I further stated thal. the people Te”mtactod told me they were there imtil the endl «the shill as stated on the PA Slip and that he was there as well till the cud of the time listed on the 21 Slip, Officer Robles agreed. When T siated to Officer Robles a that he was aware that he worked a given Road Job and thal the times that he pave fo Lt Dailey were incorrect he stated yes. When I stated that there were dates where he worked a Private Joby and there was a 5 hour overlap, and he told Lt Dailey the wrong times he said that be did. Olficcr Robics thea stated that it was probably because he did not keep accurate records and ‘was busy with the legistalure and his family and so forth, and shat he did give Lt. Dailey inaccurate times each week. Whoa asked specidically if be gave TA. Dailey accurate hours Officer Robles slated “No.” Officer Robles staid he knew the hours wore incorrect but that he just gave thom fo the Tiicutenant to recosd on the weokly time cards. When asked if going over specific datos might helo, Officer Robles stated he had no way of knowing whai he worked for any of the dates When asked iT he knew he was giving Lt. Dailey incarreol times, Officer Robles stated yes. Officer Robles again stated that he knowingly gave Lt. Dailey the wrong limes for the hours that he worked, When asked speeitfeally about the time card for September 15, 2009 he indicated that he did. work his regular Shift from 1000-1800, He was then asked ifhe worked an Overtime Private Police Job fram D800-1500 as he tecorded ia the hours worked. When asked about the overlapping bours, Offieer Robles only responded ia agrocment, When the statement was mae tha: he was “Double Dipping”, taking fiom both sides, OfRecr Roblos responded "Uh- hub’ in agrcoment that he was. Lis only explnation for the double dipping wss thst “when he (LL. Dailey) would eall en Thursday or Friday and ask for the bours, [ would just give him the hours.” When asked if the hours he gave Lt. Dailey were true and correct, Dfficer Robles stated “No” ‘When the statement was made that the overlapping of hows appeared that he was committing larceny, Officer Robles nodded his head in agreement and did not argue the point, remaining silent, Ofticor Robles stated agnin that he knew the hours he gave Lt. Dailey were false and thet he gave them to hira anyway. Officer Robles was informed that as this wes an ongoing investigation, he wes ordered not to talk about this matter with other officers with tho cxcoption of a union official or an attorney. ‘The interview was then terminated at OO08 hours. Tncluded in the Investigative Plan labeled G-2is a vopy of the digitally recorded mterview with Officer Hestor Robles Investigative Findings and Summary: a On Septernber 29, 2009, 1 was directed to invesligale gpparent improper documentation in. Weekly Time Cards, and conflief between the Regular Work Schedules, Private Duly Jobs (P}) and Overtime (GT) hours for Officer Hector Robles, ‘fitis investigalion revealed that ‘Officer Robles was deocitful and lied on numerous occasions when he documented and reported his work times and howts his direct seperviser, Licutcnant Dailey. lwthemore, he conceded that he gave Lieutenant Dailey incorrect hours and indicated that if we reviewed all of the dates that showed discrepaneies it would be useless because hs had a0 way of koowing ifhe worked on any of those daies. Officer Robles admitted that he know he was getting paid twice for working one assignment while receiving pay for another at the same time period, “double dipping,” Officer Robles was intentionally working Privalc Police Fobs during the same hours he was reporting to Lt. Dailey to be working his regular shift. The MARUGEAT system indicated that of the 285 days ding that period of time that, Officer Hector Robles was scheduled to work, there were only HARTBEAT entrics on SO differen: dates. Vor 26 of those HARTBEAT entries were not for regular shifts but mostly for overtime woriced! while assignod to the downtown detail on weekends, and when working, a job for which there was a supervisor assigned who monitored his activity. By his own admission during his ilerview it was clear that Offiecr Robles intentionally did not notify the ‘Hartford Police Dispatcher to place him on line, to show him out for calls for service or self initiated activitics or to remove him from the syslem when his shift was over. Based on Officer Robles own statement that he “just didn’t notify the dispatchers” when he ‘was working or go on ling, itis clear that Officer Robles did nol want any record of the tists he started or finished the regular hours thal he worked. Based on Ofliecr Robles own statonsat that kc did not notify dispatchers (o put him on line whon working his Private Duty Jobs it is agein clear that Olfieor Robles did not want any record of the times he started or Smished the Private Duty hours that he worked. When a review of the Weekly Time Cards was conducted, the hours which were recorded on those time cards routinoly reflected the hours that Officer Robles gave verbally to Lieutenant Dailey to be written in as the aciual hours which he worked. Further that occasionally the Weekly Time Cards were filled out by Officer Robles himself and then returned to Tt. Dailey fo sign and turn in as a comect representation of those hours work, Based on his own admissions that he knew these hours wers not an accurate reflection of the hours that were worked indicates again that Officer Robles did not want bis actual Limes of work recorded. Officer Robles stated during bis iatcrvicw that he always fillsd out the actual hours worked portion of the Hariford Police Form #100 (Private Duty Slip} due to a memo he could not produce, Yet on 49 of the 104 Private duly jobs he worked, Ollicer Robles did not in fact {11 out any time in the actval hours worked arca, Officer Robles did though fill im that area on six of those slips indicating that ho was released from that Road Job early. On $8 of those daies Officer Robles simply wrote the same tires that the officers in Auxiliary Servieas wrote in the top scotion of the PJ Slip. Again il is clear that Officer Robles did not want the acmal hours worked indicated. iis now clear that Officer Robles iid nol want am aecimale rellection of the hones he actually worked so that it would not be apparent that he was working beth his Regular Shift and Private Duly Johs during the same or overfapping hours, Whes the hours for his Regular a