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CITY OF HARTFORD [ANG MEE See Ord TO: NEVILLE A, BROOKS COMMANDER, INTERNAL AFFAIRS DIVISION FROM: SERGEANT MICHAEL 8, MANSON INVESTIGATOR, INTERNAL AFFLARS. DATE AUGUST 2, 2010 SUBJECT: INTERNAL FILE INVESTIGATION 09-12 t On September 21, 2009, the Lartford Police Department intemal A ffeizs Division was directed by Chicf Daryl K, Robetls to investigate apparent irwpropor documentation in Weekly Time Cards, and contlict between the Regular Work Schedule, Prvute Duty Job (PJ) and Overtinoe (OT) hours for Officer Hector Robles. This complaint steamed fiom a review of the HARTBEAT dispatch log system conducted by Captain Paul Ciesinsisi, Commmder of the Southeast District. The HARTBEAT system indicates officers and their assigned unit doaignation for each shilt worked and (he calls for service and aclivities that they engaged in during their shifts. became apparent during this review (hut Officer Robles was not placing, bhimsel on-line with the Hartford Police Dispatch Cenler during his shifts and that his activities during the shilis that he was signed on failed ta reflect his response to calls for service or self nifiated activities. This matter was then brought to the attention of Deputy Chief Pani Hammick, Deputy Chief of the South End. 1 was furthor identified that Weekly Time Cards which documented the shifts worked by Ollicer Robles conflicied with Private Jobs and Overtime shiits picked al randem for review that Officer Robles was hired for 2. On September 29, 2009, I was assigued this internal complaint for investigation. On October 15, 2009, T queried the Hartford Police in-house computer system, specifically the LARTDRAT syston. Lprinted a copy af the reaulta for the period of August 1, 2008 to Ccichor 4, 2009, The [IARTREAT record indicated that on a majotity of the dates, Officer Toblea failed to notify dispatch to place him on line and remove him at the end af his, assigned shifts, and indicated few calls for service or self-initiated activities lor a period of over one year. For the pariod of August L, 2008 to October 4, 20009, Officer Robles should have worked a total of 285 days. Therc is only activity shown on 59 of those dates. For 26 of those dates, the HARTBEAT system indicales that Olficer Robles was working ia an overtime or private job espacity, mosily working the downtown detail on wockonds, leaving only 33 dates of the 2&5 to indicate he worked his regular assignment. Tneluded ia the Investigative Plan labeled enclosure A-1 is a copy of the HARTBEAT. prinsout for Officer Robles fr the period beginning August 1, 2008 ts October 4, 2009. ‘A review was conducted of Officer Rubles! regular Weekly ‘Time Cards, Private Job Slips, Overtime Cards and Sheets for the period of timc fron August 9, 2008 through October 10, 2009, This included the compilation of phato-copica of each Weekly Time Card, Private Job Stips, Overtime Cards and Sheets reflecting the times that Officer Robles worked. “included in the investigative Plan labeled enclosure B-f is the completed compilation of copics of Officer Robles!’ Weokly Time Cards, Overtime Sheets or Overtime Cards, Private Job Shezts or PY Slips (in reverse chronological order). Bayed on the information compiled ahove, a spreadshest was created outlining each of the dates that conesponds to tho Weekly Time Card for the weeks worked. ‘The first column delineates the day ancl the second column the date for cach day- The third column onttines the times Officer Robics listed as his regular work shift times and regular days off (RDO) as indicated on his completed Weekly Time Card. ‘Vhe Courth cohumn indicates the overtime times worked by Officer Robles for the dates reflected on the cotupleted Overtinae Cards or Sheets. “Phe fifth column indicates scheduled private job times as completed by the officers in the ‘Auxillary Scrvives Office on the PS Slip (HPD Vorm #100) (upper portion) when hing Officer Robles for that Pl. ‘The sixth colamm notes the actual Limes worked for the Private Job on the PJ slips by Officer Robles, For those dates that Officer Robles did not fl! out that section of the PJ slip, (None) yas listed. The times noted on the lower scetion of the PJ Slip should indicate the actual hours worked, not just whal was originally identified by Auxiliary Services officers who {illed out the initial PJ slips, when Officer Robles was hired. ‘The seventh column indicalss any conflict in times worked by Officer Rables betweea his rogular hours as indicated oa bis Weekly Time Card and the times indicated on completed Overtime Cards or the PJ Slip (HPI) Porn #190). ‘The last coltann indicates the total hours and monetary amount that Officer Robles was paid by the City of Hlartfatd for hie reguler shift during the itnes he was working @ Private Job. Based on the infomation gathered, my dates with times which indicated discrepancies and overlaps were then highlighted to be usther investigated. Included in the Investigative Plan labeled enclosure C-1 is a copy of the sprcadshect outlining the days, dates and times worked hy Officer Robles and dates and times where conflicts were identified. Once dates were identified as having times in conflict, the dates and locations of each job in question were inofided in a mem to file titled “Private Tob Companios Zor Specified Dates.” "The dates and locations for cach job were amanged based on the vendor companies that hired the Private Duty Officer. 2 Tnehided in the Investigative Plau labeled enclosure D-t is a copy of that memo outlining the dates and locations for cach job by vendor. Once those companies were identified [or cach of the specified dates, I contacted euch of thera, Back company was thea ntilied of the dates ard locations in. question md asked for documentation or slatification of the times that the PJ officer ettived, but more importantly the timethe officor was dismiased from the job site on that date. ‘The companies were also sited to identily the thes that their respoctive construction crew was af that location in the. event they did not have the actual limes for the officer. Rach of the dates with conflicting times were noted, with fie number of hours in conflict and 4 monetary value was derived for those hours based on the salary OlGicer Robles was earning at thal Lime, Vor dates from July 1, 2008 lo December 31, 2008, Officer Robles was carning wenty eight collars and nincty one cents ($28.91) am hour, For dates from January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009, Officer Robles was caming twenly ning dollars and tweaty cents ($29.20) an hour. Forthe dates from July 1, 2009 w Oslober 4, 2009, Olfiser Robles was carning Thirty dollars and eight ceats ($30.08) an hour. A. On January 6, 2010, | conteoled Me, Frank Gallagher of the MJ Bleetrie Company. Mr. Gallagher was asked to idontify the times that Officer Robles showed up at his job site and was released for the dates of September f4, 2009, Jume 30, 29, 23, and ‘une §, 2009 and locations indicated on the meme listed above. Mr. Gallagher stated, during a recorded phone conversation, tha! m genoral he was not adie to release officers early in Hartford with the possible exception of a ficavy rainstorm. Wher asked specifically about cach of the dates, times and locations that Officer Robles was released he replied that on exch of the 5 occasions he was released at 1530 hours On the Weekly ime Card submitted in 10 the Hartford Police Fiscal Unit for the week onding September 19, 2009, which incluled September 14, 2009, Officer Robles had his rogular hiours listed 1000-1800, Ou the Private Job Slip for September 14, 2009, the times for his hire were listed by Auniliary Services as 0800- 1500. Ta the sections of the PY Slip to be filled cut by Officer Robles, he completed the hows actually worked as 0800-1600. During the hours between 1000 and 1530 hours while Officer Robles worked his Private Joh, hig Weekly Time Card indicated that he worked his teguiar shill. Ile did not work those regular shift hours buat reocived his rogular pay for that Give and one half (5.5) hour block. For his regular hours slone, Officer Robles wus paid by the City of Hartford a tolal of one hundred fifly nine dollars and one cent ($159.01), while also receiving onc hundred fify nine doliars and one cent ($159.01) for that Private Police Job. This is one of nine dates which have sctivily on the HARTBEAT system indicating that Officer Robles did have some activity as his regular unit muniher. On the Weekly Time Card submitted to the Lartford Police Fiscal Unit for the week ending July 04, 2009, which included Monday, June 22, 2009, Officer Robles hast his regular hours listed as 1000-1800, On the Private Job Slip for [une 29, 2009, the times for his hite were listed by Auxiliary Services ax 0800-1600. In the blocks to be filled out by Officer Robles, he did not indicate the hours actually workod anc fe" those spaces blank. During the hours belween LOOD aod 1530 hours while Officer 3