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UCT Am aril g “The poisonous weed, being in shape but little different from our English ivie; but being touched Re LLL a and lastly blysters, the CUT Te Oa while they pass away of themselves without further harme; yet because for the time they are somewhat painefull, and in aspect dangerous, it hath gotten Fad ee LLL questionless of noe very Ae — Captain John Smith, 1609 That's 401 years of IDENTIFICATION: Poison ivy is one of a group of plants which carry a fatty compound aggravation, for those called urushiol — and urushiol causes the dreaded runny red rash. Is sping leaves open in shiny red teltale trios, which have generally faded to a sometimes bumpy green who are counting. by August The plant can appear as a vine or bush, and thrives on the semi-sunny edges So the thought that of wooded areas. increased levels of PREVENTION: it's best to wear gloves, long sleeves and pants, and/or boots when carbon dioxide you work or hike in wooded areas. Afterwards, treat with isopropy! alcohol swabs or wash associated with climate exposed skin well with soap and water as soon as possible, In the frst 15 to 30 minutes, change might make ‘a soapy wash with Zanfel or Fels Naptha, can stop an outbreak. Clean your clothing, pets and equipment, as well. Urushiol compound does not fade, and can still be found poison ivy both more ‘on overalls, golf clubs, or dog collars months later. Those who are particularly susceptible prevalent and more might consider poison ivy prevention methods available at compounding pharm: potent is abit daunting. hich build up immunity before exposure, or lyBlock lotion, which works by creating Here’s a quick primer a physical barrier between your skin and the plant's oil. on howto recognize and TREATMENT: tt you find itchy blisters on reddened skin, you can try over-the-counter remedies such as Cortizone-10 cream, Benadryl or calamine lotion. That's best done avoid it, as well as some within 24 to 48 hours. If your rash gets worse anyway, or you have trouble breathing, suggestions on what to — get to a doctor immediately, particulary if itis on your face or near your eyes. You may do if you get it anyway. need a steroid shot. OURCE: Proctor Fist Care, A Journal, sey MICHAEL ANTHONY NOEL/JOURNAL STAR