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Set 1 Kertas1 Sains Pmr

Set 1 Kertas1 Sains Pmr

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Which apparatus is used to measure volume of liquid to an accurancy of 0.1 cm ³ ? A. D. 2. Diagram 2 Which of the following is the correct reading ? A B C D 37 38 41 43 ml ml ml ml 1 . B. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 1. C. Diagram 1 shows apparatus used in the laboratory.SET 1 . Diagram 2 shows the level of a liquid in a measuring cylinder .

The statements in the table below describe the functions of three organs . P – Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs here during breathing. 4. P . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 3. B. Q and R.SET 1 . Q and R ? P A B C D Stomach Heart Lungs Lungs Q Heart Lungs Stomach Heart R Lungs Stomach Heart Stomach 2 . D. Diesel C Which of the following symbols represents X ? A. Diagram 3 below shows a bottle of a hazardous substances. It digests food R . X is the symbol for the hazardous substance. C.It pumps blood around the body Which organs are P . Q –.

Far apart and can move freely.  Ductile and malleable  Good conductor of electricity  Exists in the solid state at room temperature  Exists naturally as an element in the Earth’s crust Substance X is A B C D Gold Carbon Copper Mercury 3 . A B C D 7 I and IV only I and III only I and II only II and IV only Substance X possesses the following characteristics. Can move in one direction only. IV. 6 Which organs are parts of the excretory system ? I. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 5 Which of the following is true about the particles of iron at room temperature ? A B C D Can move freely in any direction. II. III. Close together and can only vibrate.SET 1 .

Diagram 4 From the observation above . lower its boiling point and lower its freezing point. Diagram 5 A small amount of salt is added to distilled water. Air is made up of many types of gases. lower its boiling point and increase its freezing point. Diagram 5 shows the apparatus set-up to determine the properties of water. 4 .SET 1 . increase its boiling point and lower its freezing point. The presence of salt in water will A B C D increase its boiling point and increase its freezing point. One fifth of the air is oxygen Air occupies space. it can be concluded that A B C D 9 Air has mass. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 8 Diagram 4 shows a boy inflating a balloon.

D.SET 1 . C. 5 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 10 The information in table 1 below shows tests carried out on a gas. 11 helium oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide Diagram 6 shows a process to separate the components in mixture P. B. Diagram 6 Which of the following is likely mixture P? A B C D 12 Petrol and water Water and salt Water and alcohol Coffee drink and carbon powder Which is a method to keep the air clean ? A B C D Use leaded petrol Build more factories Use CFC – free products Increase the use of cars on the road.  Very soluble in sodium hydroxide solution Lime water turns cloudy Blue litmus paper turns red Table 1   The gas is most likely to be A.

Diagram 8 What conclusion can be drawn from the experiment? A B C D 15 Carbon dioxide is produced when fuel is burning. Heat is released when fuel is burning Soot is produced when fuel is burning Carbon element exists in fuel Which of the following is a non-renewable energy source?. A. 6 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 13 Diagram 7 shows the percentage of gases in the atmospheric air . B . Diagram 7 Which of the following gases represented by A . C and D is needed for combustion ? 14 An experiment is set up as shown in Diagram 8. D. B.SET 1 . C. At the end of the experiment the lime water turn chalky.

Diagram 9 The heat from the camp fire reaches Kamal by A B C D 17 radiation convection reflection conduction Which of the situation have kinetic energy ? I. A B C D I and IV only I and II only II and III only III and IV only A car is moving. C and D with different coloured surfaces. A . which tin has the lowest temperature ? A B BLACK C D RED SILVER WHITE 7 . III. After half an hour. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 16 When Kamal sits near a camp fire . An airplane is flying. A boy is singing 18 Diagram below shows four empty tins . II. he feels hot. A television is switched on. The temperature and volume of water in all the tins are the same. IV.SET 1 . B .

Diagram 10 Which part has the lowest pressure? 8 . This is because the tips of the fingers have A B C D more receptors. a thin layer of fat a thin layer of dermis. 21 Diagram 10 shows a boy sucking water using a straw. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 19 Which of the following situations shows the application of the expansion and contraction of matter by heat? A B C D 20 The tips of the fingers are more sensitive to stimuli compared to the palm. a thick layer of epidermis.SET 1 .

LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 22 Diagram 11 shows the structure of a seed. Diagram 12 Which of the following interaction is correct ? A B C D Competition Commensalism Mutualism Prey-predator 9 . Diagram 11 Which of the following plants possesses seeds with the above structure ? A B C D 23 Diagram 12 shows a mynah getting its food on top of a buffalo’s back.SET 1 .

Food test Iodine solution Millon’s reagent Benedict’s solution Table 1 The test shows that distilled water contains A B C D 25 glucose protein fats starch Observation Remains brown Remain colourless A brick red precipitate is formed Diagram 14 shows the human digestive system A D B C Diagram 14 In which organs does the digestion of proteins take place ? 10 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 24 Diagram 13 shows the set-up of an experiment to study the absorption of digested food. The result obtained is shown in Table 1. food test are carried out on the distilled water.SET 1 . Diagram 13 After 40 minutes .

SET 1 . C or D clears suspended materials and reduces acidity of water ? 27 Diagram 16 shows the process of electrolysis of water Diagram 16 What is the characteristics of gas R ? A B C D Turns lime water chalky. 11 . Ignites a glowing splinter. B . Diagram 15 Which of the following tanks labelled A . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 26 Diagram 15 shows part of the water treatment’s process. Produces ‘ pop ’ sound when tested with a lighted wooden splinter. Bleaches the colour of acidified Potassium Manganate ( VII ) solution .

The water in the glass is heavier than the cardboard. The water in the glass does not exert any pressure on the cardboard. Force can change the position of objects. It is observed that the cardboard remains in place and the water does not spill out. 12 . A balloon expands when blown up. Force can change the shape of objects. 29 The following shows a list of observation. The cardboard has got stuck to the rim of the glass. A rubber band becomes longer when stretched What conclusion can you make from the observation? A B C D Force is a push or a pull . What conclusion can be made based on the observation ? A B C D The atmospheric pressure that acts equally in all directions presses the cardboard onto the glass.    A glass breaks when dropped. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 28 Diagram 17 shows an experiment. Force has a direction and magnitude.SET 1 . Diagram 17 The mouth of a glass full of water is covered with a cardboard and held in various positions.

Diagram 18 What inference can you make from your observations? A B C D 31 The seedlings are supported by the turgidity of their cells. Diagram 19 shows examples of the adapted plant parts which support land plants. The seedlings moving away from the sun. The seedlings require the buoyancy of water to support themselves. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 30 Diagram 18 shows the state of some seedlings after two hours. Diagram 19 Which of the following adapted plant parts below match with the correct plants? Tendrils A B C D Cucumber Mangrove Flame of the forest Cucumber Buttress root Mangrove Flame of the forest Cucumber Flame of the forest Breathing root Flame of the forest Cucumber Mangrove Mangrove 13 .SET 1 . The seedlings do not have any support systems.

SET 1 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 32 Diagram 20 shows a balanced lever system 0.4 m 0.8 m 20 N J Fulcrum Diagram 20 What is the load of J ? A 8N B 10 N C 20 N D 80 N 33 Diagram 21 shows an alveolus and blood capillary on its surface. Alveolus P Q Direction of blood flow Capillary Diagram 21 Which of the following shows the correct concentration of oxygen at P and Q ? P A B C D High High Low Low Q High Low Low High 14 .

III. Which of the following is this chamber ? A B C D 35 Right atrium Left atrium Right ventricle Left ventricle What are the excretory products removed by kidney? I. A B C D Blood Urea Water Glucose II only III only IV only IV only I and II and I and III and 36 Diagram 22 shows the male reproductive system Which part if cut and tied will enable married couples to prevent pregnancy ? Diagram 22 15 .  Oxygenated blood flows through it  It has thick muscular wall  Pumps blood to all parts of the body. IV.SET 1 . II. LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 34 The following information describes on of the chambers in the human heart.

 Gives off its own light. Gas R produced shows positive effect towards solution P . Which of the following is object S ? A B C D Black hole The Moon Neutron star A star 38 Diagram 23 is the apparatus set – up to show the effect of heat on copper sulphide.  Produces energy by nuclear reaction. Copper sulphide powder Solution P Diagram 23 Which of the following represents gas R and solution P ? Gas R A B Carbon dioxide Sulphur dioxide Solution P Lime water Acidified Potassium Manganate ( VII ) solution C Carbon dioxide Acidified Potassium Manganate ( VII ) solution D Sulphur dioxide Lime water 16 .SET 1 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 37 The following information is about an object S in the Universe.  A ball of hot gases.

Diagram 25 Table 2 shows the rate of electric charged by the electrical power supplier. A B C D RM 60.28 RM 65. II and III Diagram 25 shows readings of electric meter for a household. Charge First Consecutive Unit 200 500 Table 2 Calculate the cost of electrical energy used by the household. II.down transformer. The transformer can be used to lower the voltage of an alternating current. Diagram 24 Which of the following statements correctly describe the transformer shown in Diagram 24 I.46 Rate ( cent ) 0.29 17 . LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 39 Diagram 24 shows a type of transformer.SET 1 .22 0.46 RM 72. The secondary coil of the transformer has more turns than the primary coil. A B C D 40 I and II only I and III only II and III only I .28 RM 79. The transformer is a step. III.

LATIHTUBI PMR 2009 55/1 18 .SET 1 .

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