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ADAMS STATE COLLEGE EXTENDE) MATH 104 FINITE MATHEMATICS Exam 11 Teeny thatthe student named on this exam did not recive aststance and did nos have unauthrized access 6 ‘books or note. Ihave retured this exam to the instructor en (cates | Proctor Name: Signature Instructor: Dr. Smith Student Name: 1, Maximize z= 4x=2y subject to x-y < 10 2. Graph y 22x = 3 3. Graph 2y ~ 3x >7 4, Graph x= 3y 26 4x 3y S12 x20 y 20 on one graph. . Graph > Son one graph, 6. Caiculate the payment for a $10,000 car loan at 7% interest compounded annually for 5 years. 7. Find the compound interest and compound amount for the foliowing investments 2. $3.000 ai 5% compounded annually for 6 years. b. $3.000 a: $% compounded semiannually for 6 years. ¢. $3,000 at $% compounded quarteriy for 6 years. . $3,000 at 5% compounded monthly for 6 years. 8, Find the present value of $7.000 due in 4 years if the money is worth 2. 6% compounded semi-annually. b. 6% compounded annually. ¢. 6% compounded quanerly. 9. Find the amount of the annual annui 2. R= $100. i= 6%.n= 10 b. R= $1,000. i= 8%, n= 12 es if the interest is compounded annually for 10. Juan is to receive $1000 at the end of each vear for 5 years. If ne invests each year’s payment at 8% compounded annually. how much will he have at the end of 5 years? Adams Sate Col tended Swudiest Page |of 41302008, 4. Smith ADAMS STATE COLLEGE EXTENDED STUDIE! MATH 104 FINITE MATHEMATICS Exam I 11. John makes monthly deposits which pay 3% interest compounded monthly. What size deposit must he make in order to have $10,000 in 3 years? 2. Find the future value of $600 for invested for 5 years at 8% interest compounded semiannually 13. Asacolleg $1.40 in divi spend and want raduation gift, your Aunt plans to buy shares of two stocks for you. The first costs $23 and pays ids per share. The second costs $32 and pay’s $1.20 per share in dividends, If she has $10.100 t0 ‘ou to earn $540 in dividends. how many’ of each stock should she buy? 14, Given an economy based on 2 products. X and Y’ and the following data: Intakes 2°3 of a unit of X to produce | unit of Y. It takes % unit of Y 10 make X. a, write the input-output matrix b. find the production required to satisfy a demand of 400 units of Y and 800 units of X Adams State College-Extendied Studies Page? of 6 41302008, 1. Smith ADAMS STATE C MATH 104 FINITE MATHEMATIC! Fi m1 | | certify thatthe student named on this exam did not receive assistance and did not have unauthorized access to books or tes. Ihave rem this exam to the instructor on (date. | |, Proctor Name: ae Signature: | Instructor: Dr. Smith Student Name: L. Graph 4y-3y=8 2. Graph x<-3. y>4, x+y >3 on one graph. 3. There are 40 dogs in a kennel. 15 are lab. 16 are bulldog. 7 are terrier. 4 are unknown type. There are also collies. There are 3 lab/bulldog. 2 terrier/lab. 0 bulldogiterrier. There are 2 lab/collie. 1 bulldogicollie. and no terrier/collie mixes. The unknowns are unknown so they cannot be classified as lab, bulldo: 4. Find the simple interest For $42,368 at 5.25% annually for 5 months. 3. Find the amount of interest earned for a deposit of $24,677.23 at 9.72% compounded monthly for 32 months. 6, Find the present value of $2.00 in year 4 at 7 % compounded monthly 7. Find the future value of $233.00 deposited at the end of the month for 4 years at 12% compounded monthly. 8. Find the payment for a loan of $51,607.00 at 13.6% compounded monthly for 32 payments 9, Given regular die (6 sides). a, How many possible outcomes are there? b. List the possible outcomes ¢. Assuming this is a fair die (all have the same probabilit 10. In a standard deck of cards. b, What is the probability of getting a club c. What is the probability of getting a red queen? 11, Find the mean, median, mode. and standard deviation for 32.1. 14.2. 336.0, 48.57, 38.2. 68.4 12. List 2 examples of a normal distribution and draw a normal distribution. labeling important aspects of this graph. 13. If fair dice (6 sides) are rolled. what is the probability of the sum being at least 102 14, Evaluate P(12.3) 15, Ina deck of 52 cards, in how many ways can a hand of $ hearts be chosen? 16. A bus has 7 stops and 4 passengers. Given that is passenger is equally likely to g probability that 2 will get offat the same stop? orterrier. Draw a Venn diagram, ). what is the probability of tossing a 5 off at any stop. what is the 17. What is the probability of getting at least 3 tails when tossing a coin six times? ‘Adams State College- Extended Staias Poge 1 of 4502008 4. Smith