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». SERVICE RATES sep Packaging R&D Center GDF stsma trvotorosacmenr mene Zee MO Sena oF CENT OMELET Package Development 18,050 Inclusive of shelf-life testing, label design {and productspackege compatiblity test Shelf-life Testing (Category 4. Low acid canned foods 19.683, | 5. Frozen 14,50 ‘Additional fee for package development & shelf life testing 1. Retortable Products ', Low acis with high fats & oi 1. Frozen and Chilled 8,360 ML, Dried Products 5,940 1. Sauces and Condiments, Fruit Products 5,940 ‘Technical Supervision/Evaluation for In-Plant Production 4,349, above service fees are subject to change without prior notice ‘THE PACKAGING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER Dost Compas, Geral Santos Avene, Siewan,Tagulg, Meta Manila 1631 tel: (632) 837.20.71 local 2271 teletax: (632) 837.75.30 web: hitp://mis\ email: packaging adost gov. ph Label Design ‘wrthout Concept Development 2,100 TIL Label Design for Box | ‘Category 2 (custom design) 6,080 ‘'Shortrun Production (boxes & git packs) 404 ‘Short-cun Printing (mockup labels 1.95/sqinc 8 ent Transport Packaging Eemreh amas Psst Nutrition Labeling 1, Aralysis Depends on Product Ingredient 5,000 25,000 Use of Facilities per hour Fom-Fil-Seal for Solde | ‘udding Machine | lorzontal Virping Machine. Sacheting Machine Testing ‘Seal Strength / Leak Testi a fe | cient of Friction Test at 2.109 hae 8 Poo Test Using UTM 2275