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MALL PUSINESSE Minimum Operation and Mainiencnce Cost Stardalore system wih no moving paris No fuel requirement Localiser! and reliable service ot your doorstep Individual Houses Small Businesses Shope Hotele Religious Insitutions Hospitals Boni Branches Police Stetion: No Blackouts Reliable power when required Eosy financing PPECTFICATIONN Selco customises home lighting systems as per eneray requirement of the client Irelso hes stanclard home lighting sclutions sterting frem 1-10 lights and fans. SELCO, since its beginning in 1994 has provided reliable solar and electricity senvices in the rural areas of South India. At the very core of SELCO’s philosephyisits mission to link: those who lack access to energy services with appropriate technology, finencing, and efficient service. Since inception, SELCO has buill on this holistic package to provide reliable energy services not only to rural homes but also to small-scale business, street vendors, micro enterprises and inslifuicns, SELCO provides service through its own dedicoted service centres and staff Tech Museum Averd SELCO has been recognised! for iis service thraugh several Indian and international ‘awards such os the Ashden Awards in 2005 & 2007, as a TECH Museum Loureate in 2008 andthe Social Enireareneur cf the Yeor Award. However, our greatest achieve ent has been the smile.on the faces cf our 85,000 customers. ] ‘Ashen Avr 742, 18h Crate, éth Phese, JP Nagar, Bangalore - 550.078 Indhe @ Tel +91-80.2665 4507, 2665 4510 Fox 2244 0529 SELCO Eneit: seleo@selox india com Web site: www zclas-indha corn