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The Environmental Education Association of New Mexico is a nonprofit organization which provides, promotes, and enhances quality environmental education by offering New Mexicans opportunities for professional development, communication, and partnership. Our Goals é To encourage and support implementation of high quality environmental education curricula that leads to an environmentally literate citizenry. Determine needs of New Mexico educators for environmental education. é To provide and increase awareness of EEANM programs and resources to New Mexico environmental edueators, Serve as a resource network to share information among people involved in environmental education in New Mexico. . é To serve existing niembers through mailings, membership directory, newsletter, conferences, regional meetings, and workshops. 4 To develop in-house funding to support environmental education in New Mexico. @ To foster and support participation by members of diverse groups within New Mexico. Member Information é@& Membership in the EEANM is open to any individual or organization with an interest in environmental education in New Mexico, including but not limited to, teachers, parents, students, professionals, businesses, government agencies, community leaders, and organizations. #& Membership Levels: Limited Income/Student Membership... ones 28 Individual Membership = $30 Organizational Membership (allows for two voting members) “855 | | (505) 859-3366 ea Garrity, Executive Director P.O. Box 36958 | Albuque: M 87176-6'