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ZM104% S S | sf E | e 7 Le. . 5 2 | oe Ps Z : z i fan | | Walon ait § TOTEM 1986 “The Fiftieth Totem” LENOX, MASS. 01240 ‘isociateg with Camp 0 Danny and Nancy Metzger, Directors 190 Linden Ave., Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 (201) 429-8522 1936-1986 “FIFTY YEARS OF TOTEMS” Fifty Years of the Totem It is always good to observe milestone years and Special events here at Mah-Kee-Nac, so we want to take special note that 1986 marks the 50th year of publication of the Totem. This 1986 Year Book consists, as every year, of all the weekly issues of the summer's Totem. Added to these weekly issues are the Bunk photographs and the full Camp Roster. It was the second year of Mah-Kee-Nac's arrival here on Stockbridge Bowl, after six summers on a rented site in nearby Becket, when it was decided to start a weekly publication, and a Year Book. The first thing was to have a contest for a name, and many interesting suggestions were submitted by our campers. The judges finally released "The Totem" as appropriate for a camp with an Indian name, and Indian Tribes as program units. J Levy of Elizabeth, N.J. was the camper who suggested this name. The early Totems were all printedd by the mimeograph process, run off right in our office. This process did not permit photographs so we used many illustrations contributed by campers and staff members. It was in 1961, when off-set printing began to replace the mimeograph, that The Totem took on a more professional appearance in type selection and page layout and off-set printing. We began to use a Pittsfield printer, and photographs now became an added feature. Gradually, the Year Book cover began to change, from plain covers, to covers with photographs, and then with color photographs. The binding, too, underwent change, from the use of plastic binding to the regular book binding we now use. We want to give special mention to Brave Ken Bloom who noted this anniversary of the Totem and suggested the idea for the cover of this Yearbook.