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Game Design Document for the Action Adventure RPG Game DeathWish 1931.

Viral Light Interactive ©





Story and Overview





1.1.1 General Overview


1.1.2 Basic Game Details


1.2 Plot Points:


1.3 Environments



1.3.1 Descriptions


1.3.2 Concept Art



Non-interactive sequences


1.4.1 Descriptions


1.4.2 Storyboard






Playable Character


2.1.1 Base Description


2.1.2 Visual/Concept Depiction


2.1.3 Development


2.1.4 Abilities





2.2.1 Ally NPC Details


2.2.2 Neutral NPC Details


2.2.3 Enemy NPC Details





3.1 Combat-oriented items


3.2 Key event items


3.3 Support-oriented items





4.1 Gameplay Basics


4.2 Gameplay Elements


4.3 Artificial Intelligence


4.4 Pacing



Prototype Details


5.2 Rewards and Easter Eggs


5.3 Marketing/Package Art






Level Descriptions



Level Maps



Front End Flowchart



Game Controller Diagram



1.0 Story and Overview


1.1 Introduction:

1.1.1 General Overview

Deathwish 1931 takes the gamer back to the "good old days" of 1931, a time when mob rule was law and power upheld itself through the barrel of a gun. Our character, Vincent Tonilly, is an Italian office worker that accidently stumbles upon his employer's shady dealings. Fearing the worst, the executives decide to dispose of poor Vincent he is left for dead, bloody and battered in the city outskirts. Barely clinging to life, he swears revenge under his breath.

1.1.2 Basic Game Details


Deathwish 1931 is best classified under "Action/Puzzle."

Platform, Minimum Specs

Deathwish 1931 is set to run on Windows XP/Vista Operating Systems.

Minimum Specs:

Windows XP/Vista

1.2 GHz Intel based processor

256 MB of RAM

DirectX 10.1337f or better

Nvidea GF4 MX440 or better

Target Demographic

Our target audience is between the range of ages 18 32, in the North American and European regions. Besides gamers who enjoy action and puzzle based games, we aim to hook those who regularly engage in story and plotdriven devices (RPG fanatics, for example).


The game is played primarily from a 1st person perspective.

1.2 Plot Points:

The option of 3rdperson is enabled.

Betrayal In a barren field, we see Vincent Tonilly (our game persona) as he is dragged, beaten and shot in cold blood. The unseen assailants retreat the scene, leaving Vincent to die a slow, painful death. He reflects on his betrayal, and manages the strength to pull himself together. Weak and on the verge of death, Vincent

forces onwards, eager to find some help.

Recollection Having helped the farmer and regained his strength, Vincent starts replaying the events of his past, everything leading to his downfall. In a played out flashback, we see as he stumbles across the dirty dealings of his employer, Dante. Before he can so much as blink, he is hit from behind and knocked out cold. The next thing he remembers is waking up in a pool of blood and his oath of revenge.

Home No More When Vincent finally ditches the countryside and makes his way to the city, he finds he no longer has a place to live the house that used belong to him has been taken over by some pretentious aristocrats. And worst yet, Vincent's family has vanished without a trace. Furious, he makes a small scene only to regain his composure once he realizes how safe he is as a "dead man". If Dante knew he was alive, he would've already crushed Vincent like an ant. Without a home, family or penny to his name, Vincent sets off to create a life of vengeance.

New Life After making a few underground connections, Vincent has been able to swing himself a new identity. This new persona (named accordingly by the player) signifies the path of revenge that Vincent must undertake under this alias, he can finally work his way up in the world of crime, and bloody his hands in the process.

An Old Fiend Following a sabotage gone awry, a minor wound lands Vincent in the hospital . Unfortunately, his real identity is readily identified by a fellow doctor. Namely, an associate of Dante Dr. Lawrence Mirch, the one who just so happened to arrange the hit on Vincent's person. He rushes to a private ward, grabs a phone and spins two numbers before he stops cold he hangs up the receiver. The grand realization is, if Dante was told about the botched murder, it'd be Mirch's ass on the line. Dante is, after all, a very unforgiving person. The only thing the doctor can do himself now is quietly dispose of the patient on his own.

Medical Mistake Dr. Lawrence Mirch fails in his efforts, and is effortlessly killed by Vincent in his home. News of the doctor's death spreads like wildfire, which (unsurprisingly) reaches Dante's ears. Taking the matter personally, but knowing not the target nor the reason, he dispatches his goons to tackle the darkest depths of the city. Within time, the entire underground and its minions are under assault.

Borrowing some eggs After a number of goon encounters in the back corners of the city, Vincent muscles his manpower and (finally) breaks into Dante's estate completely massacring everybody there. Unfortunately, there's absolutely no sign of Dante anywhere. Depending on how you progressed during the game, Vincent may or may not find out the whereabouts of his missing family, according to a stashed away memo of Dantes.

Burial at Sea From the estate, Vincent figures that Dante must have escaped on his private yacht. In a climactic battle to the death, Vincent finally succeeds and kills his nemesis. He Weighs the body down and throws it overboard, watching as it sinks out of sight.

Ending Circumstances Depending on the circumstances, Vincent will either blow up with a bomb that Dante set on the ship (last ditch effort), or he'll leave alive and skip town, as he heads off to retrieve his family from a distant relative.

1.3 Environments 1.3.1 Descriptions

Fields Time of day: Late afternoon evening


The fields you start out in act like an endless desert, stretching out far beyond your field of view. Much of the field is deserted and consists of general waste, such as weeds, mud, stones and holes. The crops that remain have either gone bad or become bug infested, leaving no source of nourishment. Nonetheless, this needless growth swallows your waistline as You slowly trudge your way around. A few trees remain, slightly twisted out of shape due to improper growth the branches hang over awkwardly, nestling and intertwining in an uncomfortable manner. Splitting the endless field is a desolate dirt road, of which you have not heard or seen a vehicle ever since you were last deserted. On the field across the road, you faintly spot a small red house and wooden barn, with what looks like smoke emitting from the chimney. Above, night is closing in and clouds are gathering, amounting to what looks like a late night storm.

The Farm Time of day: Night time – moon light

You see a lit farm house with a light in the distance. Between you and the house is a field with

a driveway. Surrounding what seems to be a farm are small patches of trees, with a field of

wheat behind the house. Above you there is a star filled sky with some cloud cover. In the field are wild chickens, and you hear various animals clucking, mooing, scratching and snorting.

With time (as you grow closer), the clouds grow thicker and it begins to rain.

By the barn is a small wooden shed. The door on the front is unwieldy, showing signs of age and barely held in place by its rusted padlock. Though worn and torn, the structure of the shed itself

is solid.

By the house, there are many branching fences, used to house the various animals. Between the fences are small pathways to navigate through, just large enough for a small group of people to pass by. The gates themselves are wooden, though certain areas are reinforced with additional material (wire, steel posts, etc).

The City The city itself is quite large, comparable somewhat to an actual city. It has many different stores, landmarks and attractions, including candy stores, post offices, parks, arcades of course, many of these locations serve as decor, as you can't actively enter every single place you visit. It would be impossible to highlight the entirety of the city in this version of the document, so this portion only signifies the most crucial of points and areas:

First and foremost, the city is more or less divided by the wealthy and poverty stricken, by a margin of 20% to 80%. Key points of land belonging to the wealthy are the centraleast portions of town (Market District), south western portion (Port and Luxury district) and northern most point of town (Scenic District). Everywhere else falls into the category of middle class or lower the crummiest portion being the district behind (east of) the Market District. This is the commonly dubbed "Beggar's District", the place where you'll make most of your underground connections.

Breaking down the city zones briefly:

Market District:

Most of the attractions you'll come across are here, and while it's hardly the ritziest part of town, it has its fair share of eye candy. Usually crowded with upper class citizens, you'll encounter various line ups and occupied benches. Police will shoo away the beggars, often forcing them back into the Beggar District. Streets are relatively clean and flashy, with stores hanging obnoxiously large signs and display posters to catch their customer's eye. It is (more or less) based on your typical 1930 American town, with perhaps a little more visual pizazz than you would normally see during that era. Almost any American town serves as reference, but be mindful of the little details: telephone poles, street lights, speakers, exhibit windows, rotating signs, gas pumps, tire marks anything that makes the district come alive.

Port and Luxury District:

Though a very important part of the city, only a small portion of it is accessible to your character. The luxury portion of the town is characterized by fat lots of land with fancy gates and huge elaborate mansions, excessive by even today's standards. Think of a town filled with unnecessary flashy luxuries private fountains, private golf ranges, multiple pools, decorative bushes, excessively sized parking garages and lump them together in a big fat sum. Further down the stretch of fat cat property lanes is the waterfront/port, where many of the moneymakers sail their private yachts and other various water boats. This district is significant as it encompasses both Dante's Estate and his yacht, both crucial areas in the story (See Plot Points 1.2).

Scenic District:

The Scenic District is mentioned, but rarely seen. It's prime significance is that it houses the hospital, a key location that Vincent may visit. The Scenic District, in a nutshell, is characterized by sweeping hills and rich vegetation, parks with small ponds and massive public golf ranges.

Beggar's District:

Take what you've seen for the Market District and turn it on its ear as if it was hit by a disastrous hurricane or earthquake. Broken and looted buildings, wrecked architecture, dirty

u nkempt stre e ts (horribly l i ttered and p lastered with shards of gla ss, graffiti)

m uch dictate n accurate r epresentatio n of slum life , a grim repre sentation of the Great

D epression.

it should pre tty

T h e key point s are in the b a ck alleys, w h ere (while d a ngerous), y o u'll meet peo ple who can a s sist you. Th e bums are r e latively har m less, though annoying (th ey'll bother y ou for chang e, a n d persisten t ly at that). Y o u may find a few hoodlu ms looking to mug you, so keep your d efenses up.

The Hospital T h e hospital s h ould repres ent the look a nd style of t h e era. It is m oderately si z ed, with 3 flo ors a n d all the ne c essities a ho s pital should have, within reason (wait ing room, m o rgue, surger y d epartment, p atient room s , supply roo m, receiption area, etc). Th e first floor d eals primaril y w ith visitors a n d non termi nal patients, while the se cond floor de als with surg ery, checkup s and r egular hospit a l operations . The third fl o or should b e dedicated t o sick patient s, and will be w here Vincen t ends up. Pa tient rooms a re plain whit e and decor a ted with a ba sic hospital b ed, s mall TV situa t ed on a tabl e, window wi th closed wh i te curtains, medium size d trashcan an d a f o otstool, amo ng other me dical tools a n d items of th e level desig n er/concept a rtist's desir e .

Lawrenc e Mirch's Hom e Estate T h e layout is u p to the leve l designer's d iscretion, bu t it overall sh ould invoke a sense of

e ccentricity (o ff color, drab paintings, s t rangely shap ed architectu re, spiraling banisters, pu rple r u gs, stained g lass window s , etc). The la yout does (s h ould not) su g gest the po s sibility of de a d

e n ds, we wan t the doctor t o be able to f lee freely th r ough his ho u se when he i s

n o t trap hims e lf like a rat. T he house sh o uld be quite large in term s of width/b readth, but o nly c o ntains a bas e and upper f loor, no bas ements. The b ackyard sho uld be round ed like a half ci rcle, with lar ge bushes o b structing the sides (as to n ot provide i mmediate es cape from th e p remises).

attacked and

Dante's Estate M uch larger t h an Lawrenc e 's estate (30 % larger hori z ontally, and it contains 3 floors and a l arge p o ol and huge hedge maze on its back a creage). Unli ke Dr. Lawre n ce, Dante h a s a fashion s ense m ore akin to w hat was po p ular at the ti mes, includin g a huge clo s et of clothes , long hallwa y s fi lled with larg e, grandiose paintings, in d oor pools, tr ophy rooms, small theatr e room, mult iple m aster bedro o ms and gue s t rooms, ma s sive library, grandfather c locks, etc.

T h e trophy ro o m is Dante's favorite roo m, and the la st room you' l l have to visi t. It's situate d on t h e top floor, a fter you gra b the key off of one of his goons. It's po sh and comp lete with be a r r u gs, deer ma n tles, a displ a y table with critter skelet o ns and a lar ge expensive oak desk, c o mplete wit h a tall, royalt y inspired th r one (with je w el engravin gs and red fa b ric padding) . B ehind the bo o kshelf is a s ecret passag e , where Dan te appears to have escap e d.

Dante's Yacht It should v ery closely replicate the R.N.R Shamr o ck V:

Dan te appears to have escap e d. Dante's Yacht It should v ery closely replicate
Dan te appears to have escap e d. Dante's Yacht It should v ery closely replicate

You'll end up finding (and fighting) Dante in the Master Cabin (or its equivalent).

1.3.2 Concept Art

Farm Replication

(or its equivalent). 1.3.2 Concept Art Farm Replication 1.4 Non-interactive sequences 1.4.1 Descriptions Betrayal

1.4 Non-interactive sequences

1.4.1 Descriptions

Betrayal Opening Sequence The scene pans to the open field described in 1.3 Environments Fields. Vincent enters the Scene south from our perspective, entering from and away from the camera. We spy a red blindfold over his eyes the scene changes to a side view of his feet, following him as he paces away much of this view is hidden by the undesirable vegetation growth, but it should indicate a sense of him moving. The camera pans suddenly to the front of his feet, and slowly pans upwards, revealing his face we see a group of men in the far distance, but cannot clearly distinguish their faces. The scene then changes to the perspective of one of the men we see him draw a weapon and point it in Vincent's general direction. We hear murmurs, the screen flashes black and we hear the inevitable gunshot sound. Cue the Flashback sequence.

Flashback Sequence

Note: This is played out from the 1stperson gameplay perspective. You do not have control over your player at this given time.

Cuts in during the sequence where Vincent makes his way to Dante's office. As Vincent enters the area just outside the office, we see the black silouette of two figures through the glass of the door. We hear Dante's voice, he appears to be arguing with somebody about 'due payment'. Just then, we see Dante walk over to his desk, retrieve a pistol and shoots the patron in the kneecap. The guest shrieks in pain, and Dante mentions something about a ride. Vincent, sensing the danger, turns to flee just in time to encounter a patiently waiting goon. He knocks Vincent unconscious the screen fades to black, once again. It reopens in the field, with Vincent lying in a pool of his blood the player takes control of Vincent from this point onwards (cue 1.3.1 Plot Points, Fields).

Lost Home Sequence

Vincent arrives home and finds his home overtaken by an obnoxious rich couple. When he confronts them, they order him to vacate their property. Vincent engages in a heated argument until the couple threatens to call the police a situation Vincent cannot chance, as he stands a better chance against Dante with a lost identity (see 1.2 Plot Points, Home No More). He wanders off without a word, wondering just what he should do next he decides on the need for a new alias, something to mark his newfound life of vengeance.

Encountering Dr. Lawrence We catch a glimpse of the camera as it travels down the halls of the hospital, tailing the tall doctor from behind. The gap closes, and he reaches the end of the 3rd floor hall where Vincent's room is. We hear a horrified sound as he peers through the door window and spots Vincent a flashback occurs to the Betrayal sequence, showing that Dr. Lawrence was the one who fired upon Vincent. Cut to a private room, which Dr. Lawrence bursts through in a panic. He grabs the phone, but hangs up the receiver before finishing. Reflecting on the situation, he realizes he is most likely to be killed for botching the job (see 1.2 Plot Points, An Old Fiend). He decides to take care of it himself, as the screen fades to black.

Dante's Reaction A brief scene in which we catch Dante infuriated over his fellow doctor's death (see 1.2 Plot Points, Medical Mistake and 6.1 Level Descriptions, Lawrence Mirch's Estate for details). After a minute of ranting, he calmly sits and lights up a cigarette. Blowing a puff of smoke, he mentions there's no place for an urchin to hide besides the shadows the scene fades to black.

Dante's Escape Having invaded Dante's estate and made your way to his trophy room (6.1 Level Descriptions, Dante's Estate), the cut scene kicks in. From a firstperson perspective, Vincent stands in front of the door. You'll hear sounds of shuffling as he opens it, and a final clatter as it opens. The room is bare, and all sound (and music) fades to nothing.

Ending Sequence #1 Bad End After defeating Dante, the camera pans to the outside of the yacht the camera spots a large bundle of TNT strapped against the back end. The fuse gives, the camera pans out and everything on the yacht is blown to smithereens, Vincent included. The screen fades to black amongst the wreckage, and the credits start to roll.

Ending Sequence #2 Good End This sequence follows the bad end exactly (minus the credits), but then pans to the port and hows Vincent standing there. The camera pans to his face, then shortly to his back as he looks onwards towards the wreckage. He puts a hand in his pocket and retrieves something. The camera focuses in, showing a picture of him and his family. Having not completely lost himself in his motive for revenge, he walks away the camera fades to black. The camera pans to a distance shot of a dirt road, where we see someone driving. Zooming in, we see it to be Vincent. The camera circles to his back and suddenly stops dead, as we see him drive away in the distance. Panning left, we see a sign pointing to Arizona, the place where his family was revealed to be staying (see 1.2 Plot Points, Borrowing some eggs). The screen finally fades to black after a long pause, and the credits roll.

1.4.2 Storyboard

1.4.2 Storyboard Two Excerpts from the starting cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the
1.4.2 Storyboard Two Excerpts from the starting cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the
1.4.2 Storyboard Two Excerpts from the starting cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the
1.4.2 Storyboard Two Excerpts from the starting cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the

Two Excerpts from the starting cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the player’s character and giving background to the players motives.

cinematics of the game. Showing the fall of the player’s character and giving background to the

------------------------ ------------ ---------------------

2.0 C haract ers

--------- ---------- --------- ----------------

2.1 Pla yable Ch aracter

2.1.1 B a se Descri ption

------ 2.1 Pl a yable Ch aracter 2.1.1 B a se Descri ption Vince nt Tonilly

Vince nt Tonilly ( M ain Char acter)



Natio nality:

A m erican/Italia


Blood Type:


Eye C olour:

Br o wn

Heigh t:


Weig ht:

18 0 lbs


Re d Meat, Blue s Music

Dislik e s:

Da nte, Corrupti o n, Opera

Personali ty:

Before he was betraye d and left to die, Vincent w as best des cribed as a le vel headed a nd optimisti c individua l , a rare type in heed of th e Great Depr ession. Neith er the kind t o stick his no s e in other people’s b usiness, nor the kind to c are, Vincent was more or less a family man. Busine s s was just a p lace to make a living, he re c koned But once betraye d, broken a n d left witho u t a home or f amily, Vince n t's mindset w arps his u s ual passive s elf becomes explosive an d he develop s a far more c ynical view o f the world ar o und him onc e he's seen it in this new l i ght. Vincent' s morals, on the other ha n d, are left to the discretio n of the playe r and their a c tions.

2.1.2 V i sual/Conc ept Depic tion

their a c tions. 2.1.2 V i sual/Conc ept Depic tion Vin cent is chara c

Vin cent is chara cterized prim arily through his protrudi n g cleft chin, thick sw e eping eyebr o ws and curl y jet black ha i r. His ears ar e large and ova l shaped, wh ile his nose is long and ho oks downwa r d near the b ase. Vin cent maintai n s a shifty, sl eepy look wit h his eyes an d his lips con nect tigh tly to his che eks. His com p etition and composure a re somewhat grit ty and he exh ibits a soft t a n on his face and arms. H e's basically a ma n who looks l ike he's work ed hard his e ntire life.

His clothes vary o ver the cou r se of the ga me (accordin g to the choi c es of the player). He s tarts with a w hite busine s s suit and a l o ose brown tre n ch coat, soa ked in blood a nd dirt with grey pants a nd tan shoes foll o wing the ga me's introdu ction.



Though Vincent doesn't grow the way an RPG character would, he is able to scrounge, develop and combine resources from his surroundings, thus increasing his overall chances of survival. A bottle, fuel and rag aren't so useful on their own, but they make a potent projectile in the form of a Molotov cocktail even an abandoned shotgun with a single shot can make the difference between life and death. See Support Items (Entry 3.3) for more information and examples.

2.1.4 Abilities

Vincent can also learn a few moves to ensure his survival, the majority of which require either cold hard cash or a few odd jobs

NoteThat abilities are selected in the same nature as items using the HUD screen

NERVE PINCH When approaching a foe from behind, Vincent can subdue a foe by applying pressure to specific portions of the body.

DISARM MANEUVER When in close confrontation with an armed opponent, use this ability to counter your foe and steal his/her weapon in the process.

STOMACH TURNER Vincent turns to his side and thrusts his foot out straight out, socking his foe in the stomach. This is good as a stunning move as well as crowd control, as any surrounding opponents will be pushed back from the force of the kick.

2.2 NPCs

(Note that NPCs do not have a manner of development or self imp rovement th eir attributes a re set in ston e).

2.2.1 Ally NPC D etails

a re set in ston e). 2.2.1 Ally NPC D etails Farm er (Actual name ne

Farm er (Actual name nev er given)



Natio nality:

A m


Blood Type:


Eye C olour:

Br o


Heigh t:


Weig ht:

21 2 lbs


Mo rning Hours, Hunting

Dislik e s:

Sla ckers, Mooc h ers, Stray An imals, Nonse nce.

Descripti o n:

He is you r savior, if yo u don't mind getting your hands dirty. The farmer h as a number of odd jobs f o r you to pe rform, the p e rfect opport u nity to learn more about your surrou n dings and h o w you may interact w ith it. The pa y is chicken f eed, literally , but you hav e to start so mewhere.

Personali ty:

The farm er is a no BS kind of guy, t h e kind who w on't give yo u handouts f or half ass j o bs. You'd exp ect

some kin d of military b

However, he isn't com pletely emot ion less, as h e's willing to help any str u ggling soul in need so lo ng as they are w illing to wo r k for it.

ackground . he's the last kind of pers o n you'd eve r expect to cr ack a smile.

He's relat ively quiet a n d gruff, and only speaks w hen spoken to. His vaca n t stare is rela tive to that o f a

Cold blo o ded killer, bu t you need n ot worry unl ess you open ly assault hi m hell of a f i ght.

and bewa re, he puts u p one

Visual de s cription:

His rough edged comp lectition (wo rn for wear, w ith various cuts and brui ses) reflects i n his clothin g, as he is usu a lly covered w ith grime an d grit from h i s daily chore s. His blue je a ns, for exa m ple, are wor n with hole s and grass s t ains, his whi te cotton shi r t typically dr enched in di r t and sweat, his grey wor k shoes cra cked and coa ted with mu d , etc.

His black s uspenders manage to wi thhold the gr ime quite we ll, however. H e sports a g rey mustach e in contrast t o his fading r ed hair, both of which are trimmed to be short and tidy. He is ra rely seen wi t hout his grey d erby hat, exc ept for meal s and periods of sleep. His daily work c o ntributes to his stocky fo rm his face is characterize d primarily t h rough thin s weeping eye brows, narro w ed eyes, a w ide grimacin g mouth, li n es under his eyes, thin pa le lips and pi nched celest ial nose.

Offensiv e Behavior:

Should the farmer be a ssaulted, thi s is what the assailing par ty can expec t:

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Melee (Cl ose Engage m ent) ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Haymake r:

A close e n counter atta ck that send s the oppon e nt He'll p u ll out this w e apon if the t wo of you ar e

on their a ss, or (worst case scenari o ) knocked o u t complete ly. It has a sli ght windup, b ut is very difficult t o dodge or bl ock once exe cuted. The farmer is slightly vulne rable after it s execution, giving yo u time to cou nterattack.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Ranged (Medium En gagement) ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ .357 M agnum (6 sh o ts before re loading):

spread far apart. If t hat happens , quickly run f or cover! Just one sho t from this w e apon is just a bout enoug h to kill you, o r at least bri n g you close to death. Your only op tions are to fi nd a way to c lose the ga p , or to assau l t him while h e reloads his weapo n . Reloading time is slow, thankfully, b u t tread w ith absolute caution!

A pproxim a te damage: 2 0 % of your hea lth.

Punch co m bo:

A series o f forward ja b s followed b y a hook or a punch to the stomach . It executes q uickly, so th e player wi l l want to be o ut of range f or this attac k or be abl e to block/av o id the blow s .

Approxim a te damage:

12% of he a lth

(3 hits: 2%, 2%, 8%)

The w e apon tends t o be less acc u rate (and damagi ng) the farth er away you are, however .

Approxi mate damage (depending w here hit):

Arm/Le g :


2 5%



4 5%




2.2.2 N e utral NP Details

‐ 4 5% Head: 80 % 2.2.2 N e utral NP Details Chick en In an

Chick en

In an a ge such as th e Great Depr ession, even a lowly b arn animal c a n be an unw avering thre a t. Speed, size and num bers put yo u at an all tim e disadv a ntage. Chick ens have a fo ndness for y o ur invento ry –specially the shiniest items. Chicke ns are ver y likely to ru n off with one of your priz ed posses s ions. Will yo u be able to catch it?

Personality Types:


Will run from you and every other NPC it comes across, often 'bawking' aloud when it is encountered or found. It makes a lot of noise as it runs off as well. Holds the 'key' key item (see [3.2: Key Items] of the document). For more specific details, see ‘cowardly chicken’ under Game AI types (portion 4.3, AI).


Will actively seek out the cowardly chicken and attack it at every given opportunity, until its health is completely depleted. Makes a loud 'BAWK' sound as it attacks. For more specific details, see 'aggressive chicken' under Game AI types (portion 4.3, AI).


Motions around almost aimlessly, relatively brain dead. Clucks as it walks, in a seamlessly random manner.

Appearance Types:

Brown chicken.

Brown chicken with white spots.

White chicken.

White chicken with tan spots.

Tan chicken.

Red chicken.

Red chicken with white spots.

Black chicken.

Offensive Behavior:

Size Variance: 12 16 inches. Weight Variance: 5 8 lbs.

If a chicken should be prompted to attack, you can expect the following:


An attacking chicken will 'bawk' loudly as it lunges forward with its beak and spreads its wings, sharply pecking at your legs. While damage is low, the attack itself is quick and you may find your health diminishing quickly with several successive hits. As well, there is a slim chance of the chicken knocking you over with this.

Approximate damage: 2 4% of health.

Chance of knock over:


Bull An agg r essive, territ orial bull. He has no qual ms about s


An agg r essive, territ orial bull. He has no qual ms about s talking and c harging you i f you come n ear. Its shee r strength d e ems hand to hand weap o ns useles s , so Dante sh ould go out o f his way to f ind someth ing a little m ore powerful . Just watch o ut if you tic k it off

Personali ty Types:

TERRITORI AL BEAST (S e ek/Arrive A I type) If you sho u ld enter its t erritory, it wi ll actively pu r sue you unti l it loses sigh t of your prese nce. Afterwa rds, it will ret urn to its ori gin point.

It will snor t and stomp i ts feet mena cingly should it suddenly d etect your presence.

For more s pecific perso nality details , see 'bull' un der Game AI types (porti o n 4.3, AI).

Appeara n ce Types:

This charco al color bull is well fit an d toned phys i cally well, th ough it suffe r s a series of s c ar marks on the back of it s legs. It has moderate siz ed horns for a bull

of its

1600 kgs. T he bull walk s at approxi m ately half yo ur character' s speed, so it can be easily a v oided its c harge, on th e other

size . the bull itse lf is approxi m ately 172 c m (5.6 feet) ta ll and weighs

Size Varian c e:

5.6 fe et (172cm)

Weight Vari ance: 1660 k gs.

Offensiv e Behavior:

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Melee (Cl ose Engage m ent) ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Horn Lift:

When clo se, the bull w ill rear its he ad to the sid e and follo w up with a d eadly horn lu nge, which i s guarante e d to knock y ou down and inflict heav y

damage. D efending a n d/or hand to hand weap o ns charge if it has a cle a r line of sigh t (ie. there a re no

will fail to cancel this a ttack, so bew are. Deadly should y o u find yours e lf cornered.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Ranged (Short Enga gement) ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Charge :

The bu l l will snort lo udly and kic k dirt with its one of its fr ont paws mo mentarily, b efore it charg es forwar d in your gen eral directio n . It will only

obstacl es between i t and the pla y er) . Furthe r details are listed un d er Game AI types (portio n 4.3, bull ca t egory). Getti ng struck by t his attack re sults in seve re knockback and damag e .

A pproxim a te damage: 2 0 33% of healt h. Chance of knockover: 10 0 %.

A pproxi m ate damage : 50 80% of he alth. Chance of knockover: 100%.

2.2.3 E n emy NPC Details Regular E nemies Bosses Bosses

Hen c hmen (Va rious)

Note: D ue to the d o cument size limit and thi s character's irrelev ance to the p roposed dem o, this entry will be withh eld until v ersion 2.0 of the docume n t.

Dr. L a wrence M irch

Note: D ue to the d o cument size limit and thi s character's irrelev ance to the p roposed dem o, this entry will be withh eld until v ersion 2.0 of the docume n t.

Dant e Moers Age: 33 Natio nality: Ita l ian Blood Type: O Eye C

Dant e Moers



Natio nality:

Ita l ian

Blood Type:


Eye C olour:

Gr ey

Heigh t:

5’ 7

Weig ht:

17 4 lbs


Po w er, Cigarett es, Fine Art,

Dislik e s:

Lit erature Co mpetition, Fi s h, Televisio n

Dante Mo ers, Vincent' s former bos s and sworn target, is the founder of S q uid Inc., a r e nowned law and protectio n agency. It l o oks like a re putable firm on the surfac e, but in real ity it has ties to some of t h e darkest a n d more des p icable corne rs of the city .

e darkest a n d more des p icable corne rs of the city . Pers

Pers o nality:

Like many villains, Dante is the cocky type w ho acts like h e has t h e whole wo r ld in his han d , like some s ort of demi God. He do esn't hesitat e to call the s hots or conf r ont his oppo n ents no m atter how po werful an o p position. He espe c ially despise s those who s tand in the w ay of his gra nd plans , and his pro c laimed 'solu tions' are any thing less th a n


le as Vince n t can much a ttest to.

Appe arance:

Dant e demonstra t es his vain si d e through a variety of expe n sive suits an d accessories . He typicall y prefers blac k and grey p attern attir e , and his dre s s shoes are a lmost alway s black . Dante is a h eavy smoker , so it's rare t o spot him with o ut a lit cigare tte or cigar. A s for physic a l appearanc e, he has t h e brow of a hawk and col d, piercing g r ey eyes. His mout h is particula rly widespre a d, especially when he gri n s diabo lically. Dant e sports a sha rp aquiline n o se, like that of an arro w . His hair is a pale yellow, carefully gro omed aroun d the conto urs of his fa c e and head.

Offensiv e Measures:

Note: Due to the docum ent size limit a nd this portio n 's irrelevance to the propos ed demo, this entry will be withheld u ntil version 2. 0 of the docu m ent.

------------------------- ------------ ---------------------

3.0 I nvento ry

--------- ---------- --------- ----------------

(Note : Though the game feature s a variety of items, docum ent constrain ts limit us to an exhibition of demons tration-only it ems)

3.1 Co mbat-ori ented ite ms

t ration-only it ems) 3.1 Co mbat-ori e nted ite ms Scythe Description: A long, two


Description: A long, twohan ded farming s cythe. Typicall y u sed to mow d own long pat c hes of grass, y ou'll be using it to reap the blood of your enem ies.

Appearance: T he dull brown wooden hand le has slight c racks a nd splinters, the metallic bl ade is scratch e d up and stain ed with grass resi d ue.

F ound where: In the tool sh e d, once you g a in access. Eit h er steal the tool s hed key in th e house or gain the farmer's p ermission.

Attack Type: M ediumclose range, strikes t argets about 3 p aces or close r to yourself. W ith both hand s, Vincent hol ds the S cythe to his ri ght side and s wipes it horiz o ntally toward s his l eft, in a sharp arc. Note the attack is relati vely slow to execute.

Approximate Damage: 5% fo r a graze, 15% 20% from a p roper h it. Deals som e knockback.

Shov el

Descrip t ion: A dented , but readily u seable shovel. Can be utiliz ed for both c o mbat and for d igging holes i n the ground (highlight a sp ot to dig with it selected).

ground (highlight a sp ot to dig with it selected). Appear ance: The wo o den
ground (highlight a sp ot to dig with it selected). Appear ance: The wo o den

Appear ance: The woo den handle ha s rippled inde nts followi n g it all the wa y up to the sh o vel end, the m etal spade is loosely attac h ed, shifting in and out of pla ce. It's hea v ily rusted and somewhat dis torted in shap e.

Found where: Behind the barn, para llel to the fen c e. You'll fi n d it leaning a gainst a broke n wheelbarro w .

Attack T ype: Close ra n ge, Vincent h a s two alterati ons in

his atta c k he'll eithe r swing it viole ntly like a bas eball bat, or s wing it overh e ad like a ham mer. Damage

differs it'll

remain s the same, th o ugh the knoc k back

knock t he opponent e ither backwar d (baseball edi tion) or flat o ver (hammer edition).

Approx i mate Damage : 8%14% fro m a clean hit.

3.2 Ke y event i tems

House Key

Tool Shed Key

D escription: A s mall rounded edge brass ke y.

Description: A small round ed edge brass key.

A ppearance: Lo oks like your t ypically key, w ith

a flat right angl e prong and se condary lip. H as

a small circular o pening on th e bow end.

F o und where: G otten from th e runaway

c h icken (see6.1 Level Descript ions, farm).

P u rpose: Grant s access to the farmer's hous e.

Appearance: Exactly like th e house key, e xcept it has the en g raved numbe rs '661'.

Found where : In the farme r's house, loo k in the dresser i n the farmer's room to find t his item.

Purpose: Op ens the farmer 's toolshed.


3.3 G ears Descri p tion: Miniatu re ‐ size gears. Appea r ance: Browni sh

G ears

Descri p tion: Miniatu resize gears.

Appea rance: Browni sh grey, very p olished and cl ean. Gives a slight reflecti o n. Edges are s mooth, looks brand n ew comes with one large 8 prong gears and two sm all 4 prong ge a rs (shaped lik e plus signs).

Found where: Given t o you by the f armer after you co mplete a set a mount of odd chores.

Purpo s e: Used as pa r ts for horseles s carriages an d other mechanical obj ects.

Support-ori ented items

an d other mechanical obj ects. Su pport-ori ented ite ms T op Hat D escription:

Top Hat

Description: A stylized bla ck hat.

Appe arance: Blac k with a whit e ribbon, in n ear mint condition. A p ortion of th e hat's back l i p is ben t out of sha p e.

Foun d where: Ha n ging on a fen ce post on the f a r east end o f the farm.

Purp ose: Combine this with s m all objects (s uch as ke y s) to hide th em. Used to conceal stol e n good s and keep yo u out of tro u ble.

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4.0 G amepl ay

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Ga meplay B asics

The Play e r seeks to fin d out what h as happened to him and make his way back to tow n to seek his vengeanc e. The player must naviga te the 1931 w orld in orde r to survive a nd find a me a ns to get to the next area . Sometimes the player w i ll have to kill , steal and s o metimes us e ingenuity a n d combine objects to make tools.

The play e r is faced wit h obstacles t hat he must o vercome us i ng his probl e m solving ski lls as well as the tools he f inds and pur c hases throu g hout the ga me. Ultima t ely